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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT


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The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of theiowa
When no Post Office follows a name the Post Office is Barnet.
ABBOTT JERRY, farmer, h Anderson
AchiUes Albert F (Eva), farmer, r W Barnet
Adams John, h W Barnet 
Aiken Charles (Thelma), farmer, r John F Aiken Jr 
" Harold L (Frances), farmer, h Barnet 
" John F Jr, farm r, h Mclndoe Falls
" Waldo (Hazel), h P O W Barnet
Alnsley Press (Mabel), lab, h
Albee Ira J (Emily M), retired, h
Aldrich Jessie Mrs, hskpr.F E Demag, r do
Alger Albert D (Gertrude), famer; h Passumpsic
Allen James L, farmer, h  
Amell David H (Emily), farmer, h E Barnet
" Edward J  (Pauline), h Passumpsic
" Oliver, h E Barnet
Amidon Bros, George H Amidon prop, druggists
" Clara (Mr   Wilfred J), tel opr, h
" George H (Theresa), prop Armdon Bros, h. Mclndoe Falls
" Howard, farm r, h Barnet,
" Tirzah Mrs, hskpr H Amidon, r do
" Wilfred J (Clara), farmer, h
Anderson Karl, emp C H Goss Co, St J, b. Passumpsic
Andrews Fred" (Blanche), farmer, h McIndoe Falls
Annis John F, h Passumpsic 
Arthur Andrew J (Glenna), lab, h  
" James (Fannie E), lab, h Anderson
Ashton Donald C (Helen), asst opr C R P Co, h E Branet
" John B, opr C R P Go, r E Barnet
Austin Cleveland J (Alice C), lab, h Anderson 
Ayer Blanche Mrs, phone opr, h
BADGER CLARENCE E, gas and oils Passumpsic, r W O Badger
" Willie O, farmer, h Passumpsic
Bailey Charles A (Elizabeth), farmer, h. E Barnet
" Charles H (Ida M), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Elmer S, farmer, r W Barnet
Bailey Prank L, mail carrier St J, r E Barnet
" George A (Dorothy H), prop Stuart's Garage, h Mclndoe Falls
" Henry (Maude), farmhand, r E S Bailey, W Barnet
" Ora W (Margaret), farmer, h E Barnet
Bandy Alvin M (Daisy M), emp Roy Bros, h Anderson
" Frank D, woodchopper, r Anderson
" Louise, wid Charles V, h Passumpsic
Banks William E. (Jennie J), farmer, h Passumpsic
Barber Ann, r G R Garvin, E Barnet
Barker Willis (Ila), farmer, h Passumpsic
Barnet Center Presbyterian Church, Barnet Center
" Congregational Church, Sunday School 12 m, services 10:45 a m, Christian Endeavor 7:30 p m
" Garage (Charles A Kimball and Edward Robinson), auto repairing
" Library, open Sat p m, Main
" town of, auditors, J G Roy, Alexander H Gilchrest, Elmer S Bailey
" town of, constable and collector, Clarence F Chase
" town of, health officer, Henry B Gilfillan
" town of, listers, Mrs Ora Bailey, John A Roy
" town of, moderator, Rev Francis H Lard
" town of, overseer of poor, John A Roy
" town of, road commissioner, Daniel W Fulford
" town of, school directors, George Amidon, Ernest F Skinner, Edward Strobridge
" town of, selectmen, Albert F Achilles, John L Gilehrest, E M Randall
" town of, town agent, John G Roy
" town of, town clerk and treasurer, James J Ritchie
" town of, Town Hall
Beal Stanley W (Georgia T), mgr L H Thornton Estate, h West Barnet
Bennett George (Annie), farmer, h Mclndoe Falls
" John W (Bertha), emp E & T F & Co, h Passumpsic
Besaw Delos, h Roy dist
Best Dayton H (Ida), gas & oils St Johnsbury, h Passumpsic
Bishop Ernest (Dorothy), farmer, h Barnet
Blain Dudley A (Maude), farmer, h W Bamet, R D 2
" Frank F, r W Barnet
" George S (Zulpha), lab, h W Barnet
" James (Ella), farmer, h W Barnet
" Marion, student, r D A Blain, W Barnet
" Nelson W (Vera), h W Barnet, R D 2
" Ruby, teacher Lyndonville, r D A Blain, W Barnet
Blake Belle, hskpr H GammeH, E Barnet, r do
" Fred M (Grace), teamster Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Paul, r Fred M Blake
" Philip C, emp Roy Bros, r E Barnet
Bluett James (Earla), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Bole Marion, sum res West Barnet
Borch Richard (Nanny), laborer, h Passumpsic
Bovee Eric (Ada), emp C R D Co, h Passumpsic
Briggs James, laborer, r Mclndoe Falls
Brock  Alice,  student,  r  L  Brock
" Hamilton,  lab,  r L Brock
" Herbert J (Myrtie S), prop Brock's Inn, h do
" Leonard J (Agnes), bus St Johnsbury, h W Barnet
Brock's Inn, Herbert J Brock prop, Main
Brooks P D, opr C R P Co, res Munroe, N H
Brookside Lodge, John A Roy prop, West Barnet
Brown Carroll A (Florence), emp Roy Bros, h Barnet
" Clarence J Mrs, emp Roy Bros, h E Bamet
" Ernest P, h Joe's Brook rd
" George I (Lula C), carpenter, h
" Floyd F, opr C R P Co, r E Barnet
Bruce Mark K (Jennie), sta opr T S G &.E Co, h Passumpsic
Buffum Lucy, h Mclndoe Falls
Bushway Allen, student, r W Callahan, W Barnet
" Colin, student, r W Callahan, W Barnet
CADE HELEN, wid Joseph, h Barnet
Cady F M, carp Roy Bros, r Mountain Inn
" Fred (Ethel M), prop Mountain Inn, r do
Caldwell Clarence (Hattie M), farmer, h Barnet
" Clarence H, r Clarence Caldwell
" Richard, r Clarence Galdwell
Caledonia County Co-operative Assn Inc, Earl Wedge mgr, W Barnet
Callahan William J (Viva), sales mgr T S G & E Co, h West Barnet
Canadian Pacific Railroad, Passiampsic
" Pacific Railroad, Barney Egbert S Kendall, station agent (Inwood), E Barnet, William Dow station agent Mclndoes
Capron Joseph E (Bessie), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Carbee Charles (Margaret), retired, h Mclndoes Falls
" Donald, emp C R D Co, r Mclndoes Falls 
Carns William M (Alice), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Carpenter Burleigh N, plumber Mclndoes Falls, h do
Carrick Frederick P Mrs, farmer, h Bamet, R D 1
Carriveau Carrie, wid Lyman, h Passumpsic
" Lyman (Mary), farmer, r Carrie Carriveau, Passumpsic
" Walter, emp C R D Co, r Carrie Carriveau, Passumpsic
Carroll Doris M (Mrs Eugene E), (Barnet Inn), h do
Carter Austin E (Elizabeth), cattle buyer, h Barnet
Champany John S (Marjorie), cont and builder, h Passumpsic
" Robert C, r J S Champany, Passumpsic
Chandler Clarence (Ruth), civil eng, h Passumpsic
Chapman Warren S (Maude), rural carrier No 1, h
Chase Bernice, r C F Chase, Mclndoe Falls
" Blanche (Mrs Clifford A), clk Chase Bros, h Mclndoe Falls
" Bros, Clifford A Chase prop, meats and provisions Mclndoe Falls
" C Bernard (Muriel B), meats Wells River, Vt, h Mclndoe Falls
" Charles F, h Mclndoe Falls 
" Clarence F, deputy sheriff and farmer, h Mclndoe Falls
" Clifford A (Blanche), prop Chase Bros, h Mclndoe Falls
" Velma A, dom, r Mclndoe Falls
Checkerboard Grain Warehouse (Inc), Barrnet
Cheney Frank (Emma), farmer, h
" Louis (Flora), poultryman, h,
Choate Charles Jr, farmhand, r W Barnet
" Paul, student, r W Barnet
" Pearl, wid Charles A, h W Bamet
Colbeth David (Alice), emp E & T F & Co, h Passumpsic
" George A, r D Colbeth
" Hattie, wid Sidney, h Passumpsic
Colby K Kenneth, emp N Y City, r Mclndoe Falls
" Malcohn H, farmhand, r Mclndoe Falls
" Melvin, student, r Mclndoe Falls
" N Evelyn, r Mclndoe Falls
" Rose, wid Fred, r Mclndoe Falls
Collins Harold M, opr C R F Co, r E Barnet
Conant Clyde, lab, r W Bamet
" Harold B, laborer, r A B Thornton 
" Herbert C, laborer, r W Barnet
" L Thornton (Cecile M), clk Chase Bros, h Melndoe Falls
" Theodore R, r W B Conant, W Barnet.
" William B (Alice M), barber, h W Barnet
Connecticut River Power Co, Mclndoe Falls, R C Whicher plant supt, E Barnet
Cooper Arthur (Evelyn), packer Roy Bros, h E Bamet
Corbin Charles, emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Corriveau Carrie, wid Samuel, r E Barnet
" Lyman (Mary), farmer, h E Bamet
" Mary (Mrs Lyman), teacher Primary School, h E Bamet
" Walter, lab, r E Barnet
Cote Urbain, lab, h W Bamet
Cowan Ivan A, sub statiori eipr C H P Go, h E Barnet
" Nelson, farmer,, r D M Crane
" Roger  Mrs,  h  Barnet 
Cross William (Ella), emp E & T P & Co, h Passumpsic
Crowe William, clk Roy H Warden, h W Barnet
Crowley George E (Gertrude), chief opr C R P Co, h E Barnet
Crown William W (Elsie), farmer, r E A Somers, W Barnet
DAVIS DAWSON E MRS, lab, C R P Co, h Passumpsic
" Pierce, elec mech C R P Co, h Passumpsic
Denio Frederick G, r S A Denio, Passumpsic
" Henry, emp St Johnsbury, r S A Denio, Passumpsic
" S Arthur (Luellewella J), farmer, h Passumpsic
Dow Lillie, wid Beverly S, h Passumpsic
" William W, C P R R sta and Ry ex agt, W U agt Mclndoe Falls, r do
Dublois   Merle   (June),   h   Passumpsic
Duncan Charles B, emp St Johnsbury, r Mrs Effie A Johnson
" Joanna, wid Charles L, h Mclndoe Falls
" Winnie J Mrs, r Mrs Effie A Johnson
Dustin Forrest (Lena), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Henry E, teamster Roy Bros, h E Barnet
EAST BARNET CHAPEL Sunday School 10 a m May 1st to Nov 1st, services May 1st to Nov 1st 9 a m, Nov to April 2 p m and 3 p m. Christian Endeavor Tuesday 7:30 p m
" Barnet Congregational Church, E Barnet
Eastman Ethel H, r W A Eastman, Passumpsic
" William A (Nellie), sealer E & T F & Co, h Passumpsic
Edgerton C Duncan (Marjorie), r Mclndoe Falls
" Inez, wid Carroll B, piano teacher Mclndoe Falls, h do
Edney Perley, prop Edney's Garage, r Arthur McLaren
Edney's Garage, Perley Edney prop, Barnet
Elliott Harriet E, teacher Northampton, r H A Elliott
" Henry A (Hattie S), physician Barnet, h do
Emery Frank E (Jennie), teamster, h
Estabrooks Helen E, student, r W L Estabrooks, W Barnet
" Warren L (Margaret), lab, h W Barnet
Exley Carliae, student, r W Barnet
" Gratia L, teacher, r W Barnet
" Ollie B (Ida C), foreman, h W Barnet
FARNHAM RUTH MRS, hskpr W C Gilfillan.r do
Farnsworth Mary Z Mrs, domestic, h Main
Farrow Ira D (Clara), h W Barnet
Fisher Albert V, retired, h Mclndoe Falls
" Lila A, teacher, r Mrs Lillie Dow, Passumpsic
Fitzgerald C Dudley (Delia), trucking W Barnet, h do
Flanders Charles, mgr For-All Grain Co, h
Flynn Peter S (Viola A), h
For-All Grain Co (Inc), pres-mgr, Adolph G May. treas, Roy P Sargent, feed flour and grain, Barnet
Foran Irwin, farmhand, r J J Foran, Passumpsic
" James J (Elate), farmer, h Passumpsic
Ford Warner W, clerk W H Ford, Mclndoe Falls, r do
" Winifred H (Florence M), general store Mclndoe Falls, h do
Foster John C (Mrs), farmer, h Passumpsic
Fraser Albert A (Gertrude), farmer, h Passumpsic
" Helen, student, r A A Fraser
Friend Arthur, farmhand, r W Barker, Passumpsic
Fulford Ann J, sten, r E Barnet
" Ai W (Mrs), fanner, h Passumpsic
" Cora, wid Charles, r A W Fulford, Passumpsic
" Daniel W (Myrtie G), road commissioner, h E Barnet
" Thelma P, emp St Johnsbury, r E Barnet 
GADAPEL C FRANCIS, barber, r Mclndoe Falls
Gammell Edwin B, student, r E Barnet
" Helen, wid Robert B, bkpr Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Garfield Frank (Zilda C), h Barnet
Garvin Charles (Evelyn E), emp G R Garvin, r E Barnet
Garvin Guy R (Ruby), general store and postmaster E Barnet, h across st
Gastonguay Philias (Sadie M), gate opr C R D Co, h Melndoe Falls
Gates George (Ida), trackman C P R R, h Mclndoe Falls
" Kenneth,   student,   r   Mclndoe   Falls
" Lester, student, Mclndoe Falls
Gaylord Samuel S Rev, h
Gearwar George, h W Barnet
Gentile Nicholas (Jennie), emp E & T F & Co, h Passumpsic
Gerald James, fanner, h W Barnet
Gibson Robert (Sadie), prop Gibson's Garage, h Mclndoe Falls
Gibson's Garage, Robert Gibson prop, Mclndoe Falls
Gilbert Guy (Emma), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Harold, student, r Guy Gilbert
Gilchrest Alexander H (Gilchrest Bros), h J L Gilchrest
" Bros (John L and Alexander H Gilchrest), general store
" John L (Mamie), (Gilchrest Bros), h
Gilfilian A N, h W Barnet
Gilfillan Claude H (Mary A), r Anderson
" Henry B (Stella M), h Church
" Horace, retired, h Anderson
" Lucius E, sales agent, h Anderson
" May C, r Anderson
" Walter C, blacksmith W Barnet, h do
Gillander John, farmer, h Passumpsic
Gilmour Albert  D  (Marjorie),  cattle buyer,  h
Gleason  Horace,   h  Mclndoes
Gochee Harold E (Eunice E), millhand, h Mclndoe Falls
Goodrich Izetta, wid J H, mgr J H Goodrich Est, Mclndoe Falls, h Mclndoe Falls
" J H Est, hardware, heating & plumbing, Izetta Goodrich mgr, Mclndoe Falls
Goss Burns Mrs, emp W Nelson, h Barnet
" Charles Mrs, farmer, h W Barnet
" Dean A, h Anderson
" Frank, farmer, r C Goss, Barnet
" Lock (Mrs), farmer, r C Goss, Barnet 
Granger Albert C (Eliza J), laborer, h Passumpsic
" Bernice E, student, r P N Granger, Passumpsic
" Ellen Mrs, hskpr P N Granger, Passumpsic, r do
" John A, student, r A Granger 
" Maidene, r P N Granger
" Pliny N, emp C R D Co, h Passumpsic
Gray Merwin L (Esther S), plumbing and heating, h Barnet 
Gregory Harry V (Sarah. N), emp C R D Co, h Passumpsic 
Griffin Arthur (Delia), fanner, h
Gronbeck Christan,mach C R P Co, h E Barnet
Guganig Louis, h E Barnet
" Louis F, gov attd C R P Co, h Mclndoe Falls
Guthrie Andrew L (Carrie), druggist and jeweler Mclndoe Falls, h do
HADLEY HENRY, r Louis Hadley
" Louis (Thelma), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Hale Margaret, wid James, h W Barnet 
Hall Christina, teacher Belmont, Mass, r Mrs J Hall, Main
" Everett E, emp Barnet, r G Hall, Passumpsic
" Eugene G, emp E & T F & Co, r G Hall, Passumpsic 
" George (Myra M), laborer, h Mclndoe Falls
" George Jr, lab, r G E Hall
" George E (Ida M), lab, h Passumpsic
" Johanna, wid James, h Main
" Mildred, teacher Fairhaven, r Main
Hamilton Henry S (Isabelle), postmaster and general store Passumpsic, h do
Hanks Franklin, emp Whiting Milk Co, r Mclndoe Falls
" Leland (Genever), mgr Whiting Milk Co, h Mclndoe Falls
Harris  Bertha  M,  h
Harvey Charles E (Elizabeth), farmer, h Passumpsic
" Edwin M (Mrs), farmer, h W Barnet
Harvey Olin, farmhand,  rC E Harvey
Hastie Dora M, r Mrs Jennie Hastie, W Barnet
" Foster, laborer, r W Barnet
" Jennie M, wid Thomas G, h W Bamet
" Laura Mrs, dom, h W Barnet
" W Glenn, clk Mrs Addie E Winch, r Mclndoes
Hastings Oliver A (Lena B), carpenter, h Mclndoe Falls
Hatch Carl (Glennafard), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Florence, emp Roy Bros, r James Hatch
" James (Flora), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Hazelton Bertha S, h 
" Harriet Mrs, r Bertha Hazelton
Henry George (Olive C), emp C P R R, h E Barnet
" Perley E, truckman, r G Henry
Holbrook Herbert C (Mae T), selectman, h Barnet
Holmes Benjamin, r Barnet
" Clara, h
" Saurien J (Nellie M), retired, h
" Wallace L, emp Roy Bros, res Littleton, N H
Hood H P & Son, Charles Miles mgr, Creamery
Humphrey Guy R (Hattie M), h Mclndoe Falls
Hunt Belfer (Mrs), salesman, h Mclndoe Falls
Hyde Hazen, retired, h Passumpsic 
" William, lab, h Passumpsic
IDE E T & H K flour, feed and grain, Fred H Wright mgr, Passumpsic, Raymond C Locke mgr, W Bamet
I O O F, N G, sec, John Manning; treas, Fenton L Judkins.   Meets Mon 8 p m at Odd Fellows' Hall
Inwood Garage, Charles M Mosher prop,'E Barnet
Irwin Howard W, r W J Irwin, Passumpsic
" Ila, r W J Irwin 
" William J (Lucy), emp Walter Smith, h Passumpsic
JOHNSON EDWARD N (Alice), rural mail carrier Route 2, h Anderson
" Erne A, wid Richard M, h Mclndoe Falls
" Irving (Mrs), lab, h W Baruet
" Walter H (Ella A), farmer, h Anderson
Judkins Earl  S,  student,  r
" Fenton L (Jenne), wheelwright, h Barnet
" Lottie, wid Don L, h
KEITH FRED S, h W Barnet
Kendall Bertram (Leona), woodwkr Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Clarence T, foreman Roy Bros, r E S Kendall
" Egbert S (Mary S), sta agt C P R R and agt Ry Ex Agy, h E Barnet
" Elizabeth   Mrs,   h  E  Barnet
" Emma, wid Eugene, h E Barnet
" Leona (Mr Bertram), painter Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Percy G (Hazel), mill hand, h Mclndoes Falls
" Robert L (Marion), prop West Barnet Garage, h West Barnet
Kerr George M (Mary L), retired, h Passumpsic
Kidder Freeman, r G Hall, Passumpsic
Kimball Adelbert F (Edna), painter Roy Bros, h Barnet
" Charles A (Elsie), (Barnet Garage), h Barnet
King Ida, wid Chester R, r G Quimby, Passumpsic
Kingsbury Nellie Mrs,  h W Bamet
Kittredge Elsie Mrs, hskpr W O Badger, Passumpsic, r do
Kyle Kellog W, gov attd C R P Co, h E Barnet
LAIRD FRANCIS H REV (Elizabeth), pastor Presbyterian Church, h W Barnet
Lakeside Pavilion, Robert M Steele prop, W Barnet
Landry Fred (Mrs), farmer; h Passumpsic
Lane Lawrence, clerk Chase Bros, r C A Chase, Mclndoe Fails
Langevin Fred L (Evelyn M), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Laughlin Julian P (Nellie H), watch repairer Main, h do
Laughlin Robina,  hskpr Horace Gilfillan,  r do
Lawton Floyd M (Margaret H), clk Lowrey Bros, h Passumpsic
Leighton Henry (Carrie), treas Smart Auto Sales Co, h Mclndoe Falls
Levene Jed, r Aitken dist
Lindsay Guy F (Charlotte), farmer, h E Barnet
" Nettie A, wid Fred A, h E Barnet
Little Bessie, wid Murray, h Mclndoe Falls
" Howard R, clerk Chase Bros, r Mclndoe Falls
" Madeline, r Mclndoe Falls
" Norman M, emp C R D Co, h Mclndoe Falls
" R Lee, mgr Mclndoe Cash Grain Store, res Monroe, N H
Locke Raymond C, mgr E T & H K Ide, h W Barnet
Lockwood Lydie Mrs, h Passumpsic
MAC MURRAY D C, opr C R P Co, h Monroe, N H
Madison Daniel, laborer, r W W Dow, Mclndoe Falls
Mahoney Charles, farmer, h W Barnet
Manchester Harry S (Alice H), farmer, h Mclndoe Falls
" Nellie A, teacher St Johnsbury, r Mclndoe Falls
Manning John W (Stella), farmer, h Barnet
Martin Emma Mrs, h W Barnet
" Hannora,  wid John,  h  Mclndoe  Falls
Mason  Harry,   farmer,   h
May Adolph G, pres-mgr For-All Grain Co (Inc), res St Johnsbury
Mayo Roy, laborer, r Mclndoe Falls
McGill Jessie C, r Mrs Mary McGill
" Robert J (Tennie G), blacksmith and farmer, h
" Viola, student, r R J McGill
McGookin Richard, r C J William, Mclndoe Falls
Mclndoe Falls Academy, George Tyler prin, Mclndoe Falls
" Falls Congregational Church, Mclndoe Falls
" Filling Station, John L Murphy prop, Mclndoe Falls
Mclndoes Cash Gain Store, R Lee Little mgr, Mclndoe Falls
" Congregational Church, service Sundays 11:00 a m, 12:00 m and 7:30 p m
McKee Alec, farmer, r A McKee, Passumpsic
" Edgar (May), foreman C R D Co, h Passumpsic
" Edith, wid Andrew, h Passumpsic
" Raymond, r E McKee
" Samuel, carp, r A McKee, Passumpsic  
" Walter, student, r A McKee, Passumpsic
McLam Lynwood (Belle), farmer, h W Bamet
McLaren Arthur R, emp H P Hood & Son,  rW J McLaren
" Hazel   E,   h  W   Barnet
" Neil W, student, r W J McLaren
Merchant E W, elec mech C R P Co, h E Barnet
Merrill Clyde, truck driver, r Mclndoe Falls
" Julian E (Alice), truck driver, h Mclndoe Falls
" Margaret, student, r Mclndoe Falls
Meserve Howard H,  h
Miles Agnes, wid Elmore H, h Passumpsic
" Charles, mgr H P Hood & Son, h Barnet
" Harold E, farmhand, r Mrs Agnes Miles, Passumpsic
Moore Bernice, teacher grade schools, r J R Moore
" Edward (Bertha), farmhand James R Moore, h.E Barnet
" Elmer R (Louise), sub mail carrier St Johnsbury, h E.Barnet
" James R (Fannie), mgr Farm Bureau St Johnsbury, h E Barnet
" Jeane,  r  Mclndoe  Falls    
" Martha S, wid John, h Mclndoe Falls
" Russell E (Mabel), farmer, h E Barnet
Morgan Albert E,  electrician,  r  
" Charles H (Jeanne), blacksmith Passumpsic, h do
" Isabelle B, wid James A, h
Morrill Charles F,  h
" John D (Elsie), farmer, h Passumpsic
Morrison N Elsee, carpenter, h W Barnet
Morse Herbert,  farmer,  h Passumpsic
" Stewart R, line patrolman, h E Barnet
Mosher Charles M (Anna), prop Inwood Garage, h E Barnet
Mountain Inn The, Fred Cady prop, Main
Mulliken Frank, farmer, r Arthur Griffin
Murphy John L (Catherine L), mgr Mclndoes Filling Sta, h Mclndoes Falls
NASON NELLIE, wid W H, hskpr J A Stebbins, r do
Nelson Agnes, wid Wilbur, h Barnet
" Dwight, farmhand, r J G Nelson,  Barnet
" Edwin (Mrs), farmer, r J G Nelson, Barnet
" James G, farmer, h Barnet, R D 2
" Marion, teacher, r J G Nelson, Barnet
" Paul, farmer, r J G Nelson, Barnet
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co, Mrs Laura Ross mgr
Newman P A, h E Barnet
Niblock Edward H, painter Roy Bros, r E Barnet
" Ernest L, emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Nichols  Caroline,   student,  r  Mclndoe  Falls.
" Darwin M, h Mclndoe Falls
" Darwin M Jr, student, r Mclndoe Falls
Nutter George A, h Barnet Ctr
" Raymond,   h  W  Barnet
" William E, h E Barnet
ODD FELLOWS HALL, over Rowe Bros
Old Homestead (Mrs L E Spafford and W K Stoddard), Main
Olsen J (Mrs), emp C R P Co, h Passumpsic.
" O J, lineman C R P Co, h Passumpsic
PASSUMPSIC COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH, pastor supplied. Passumpsic service 10:46 a m, Sunday School 12 m, evening service 7:30 p m
" Garage, Waterman F Scruton prop, Passumpsic
Peake Alfred E (Ella), lab, h Passumpsic
Perkins Vernon B, shift opr C R P Co, h Mclndoes Falls
Peters Philip K, line foreman C R P Co, h E Barnet
Phelps Leonard A, emp W M Phelps, h Mclndoe Falls
" Walter M, live stock dealer Melndoe Falls, h do 
Philbrook W H, opr C R P Co, h Mclndoe Falls
Pierce Edwin R, r W Barnet
" Frederick L, r B M Harris
" Margaret L, wid John E, h W Barnet
Poore W W, sub sta opr C R P Co, h E Barnet
Post Office, Barnet, Hiram E Rowe postmaster; E Barnet, Guy R Garvin postmaster; Mclndoe Falls, Mrs Addie E Winch postmaster; Passumpsic, Henry S Hamilton postmaster; W Barnet, Mrs Agnes B Thornton postmaster
Potter John (Ellen), retired, h E Barnet
Prescott Reed A (Sarah), emp W Barnet Garage, h W Barnet
Price Mark A (Jennie), sta opr T S G & E Co, h Passumpsic
Purdy David E (Mrs), farmhand, h W Barnet
QUIMBY FRED (Hazel), carp, h
" George (M Irma), carp, h Passumpsic
RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, Egbert S Kendall agt, E Barnet; William Dow   agt   Mclndoe. Falls
Ramage Hugh W (Bernice), salesman E T & H K Ide, h Passumpsic
Randall Ernest M (Mrs), farmer, h E Barnet
Rash Peter, retired, h Passumpsic
" Walter E (Ruby), molder E & T F & Co, h Passumpsic
Reeves Walter G, gov attd C R P Co, h E Barnet
Reformed Presbyterian Church, Rev Alvin Smith pastor, W Barnet
Ritchie James J (Lila H), town clerk and treas Barnet, h do
Robinson Edwin J (Mildred), (Barnet Garage), r Mrs Ella M Robinson
" Ella M Mrs, h
Ross Howard (Gladys), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Laura Mrs, mgr N E T & T Co, r Mrs Lottie Judkins
Rowe Bros (Edward L and Hiram E Rowe), general store
" Edward L (Mary E), (Rowe Bros), h Barnet
" Edward L Jr, emp Flushing, L I, r Main
" Harry,   student,   r  Main
" Hiram E (Maude), (Rowe Bros), h Barnet
Roy Arthur F (Iona), emp Roy Lumber Co, P O E Ryegate
" Bros (John G Roy and Wendell P Roy), mfrs wood products and lumber dealers, E Barnet
" Bros Boarding House, Mrs Maude M Diamon mgr, E Barnet
" Camilla I, student, r J A Roy, W Barnet
" Daisie, h W Barnet
" Ernest O, farmer, h W Barnet
" Evelyn, student, r J A Roy, W Barnet
" Henry G (Gladys), farmer, h W Barnet
" John A (Margaret), prop Brookside Lodge, h do
" John G (Ellen), (Roy Bros), h E Barnet
" Lumber Co (Roy Bros), Neil Roy mgr, W Barnet
" Moses A, farmer, h W Barnet
" Ralph A, mech, r J A Roy; W Barnet
" Wendell P (Roy Bros), h   Barnet
Russell Gordon E, student, r Anderson, R D 1
" Jesse (Lena), mason, h Anderson, R D 1
" Pearl M, r Anderson, R D 1
Rutledge Harold (Mertie), h Anderson
SARGENT RAY F, treas For-All Grain Co Inc, res S Ryegate, Vt
" Roscoe E, sta fireman; r Bessie Little, Mclndoe Falls
Saul Harry D (Mary), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Scruton Howard L, mech Passumpsic Garage, r W F Scruton
" Waterman F (Addie), sta opr T S G & E Co, h Passumpsic
Shaw Emma J, h Mclndoe Falls
Sherburne Ida G W, h. Passumpsic
Shields Ellwyn (Mrs), farmer, h Barnet
" James S, farmer, h Barnet
" Virgil (Mrs), farmer, h Barnet
" W  Boyd,   h  Barnet
Skinner Ernest F (Nellie M), farmer, h Passumpsic
" Ruth A, emp St Johnsbury, r E F Skinner, Passumpsic
Slayton Herman R, woodchopper, r P R Slayton
" Perley R (Harriet L), clk Rowe Bros, h
Smith Alvin Rev (Mrs), pastor Reformed Presbyterian Church, h W Barnet
" B S, oil switch insp C R P Co, h E Barnet
" Nellie M, wid Byron R, r W B Smith
" Orin (Mrs), mech, h Passumpsic
" Walter B (Winifred C), farmer, h Passumpsic
Somers Bartholomew G (Mrs), h Passumpsic
" Chester L (Alice), farmer, h Barnet, R D 1
" Elmer A (Elizabeth), farmer, R D 2
" Etta, wid Edward O, h Barnet
" Flora, wid Hezekiah B, r John Somers, W Barnet
" Frank C, farmer, r H Somers, Passumpsic
" Gordan, farmer, r E A Somers, W Barnet
" Harvey (Mrs), fanner, h Passumpsic
" James S (Nettie), farmer, h Passumpsic 
" John E (Gladys), farmer, h W Barnet 
" Kate C, h Passumpsic
" Newell (Grace), emp E & T F & Co, h Passumpsic
" Ralph W, h W Barnet rd
" Richard, farmer, r E A Somers, Barnet
" Willis A, painter, h Passumpsic
Somerville Floyd E (Dorothy N), teacher Bellows Falls, r D W Nechols, Mclndoe Falls
Spafford L E Mrs (The Old Homestead), r do
Stanford James T, h Passumpsic
Stannard Aleatha, emp Roy Bros Boarding House, r E Barnet
" Scott (Ida), teamster Roy Bros, h E Barnet
Stebbins Guy H (Hazel), com trav, h Mclndoe Falls
" Jesse A, sec foreman C R D Co, h Mclndoe Falls
Steele Ida, wid Herbert, h W Barnet
" Robert M (Stella), prop Lakeside Pavilion, h W Barnet
Stevenson Stuart  (Theresa), farmer, h W Barnet
Stoddard Willard K (The Old Homestead), farmer, h do
Strew Claude (Virginia), laborer, h Mclndoe Falls
" Melbourn,   r   Mclndoe   Falls
" William M (L Abigail), laborer, h Mclndoe Falls
Striker Charles, emp C R D Co, r Mclndoe Falls
Strobridge Edgar L (Carlena), farmer, h
" Edward  (Ruth), farmer, h W Barnet
" Henrietta, wid Eben H, h W Barnet
" John H (Bernice), farmer, h Barnet
" Margaret,  student,  r  Barnet
" William, farmer, r J Strobridge, Barnet
Stryker Charles E, mech C R P Co, h Mclndoes Falls
Stuart Creamery Co, W E Alexander Trotter mgr, Passumpsic
Stuart's Garage, George A Bailey, Mclndoe Falls
THEROUX L C, gov attend C R P Co, h Mclndoes Falls
Thornton Agnes B, wid Leslie H, mgr L H Thornton Estate, h W Barnet
" Albert B, clk, r W Barnet
" L H Estate, Mrs Agnes B Thornton mgr, post office and general store W Barnet
Threadwell W A, gov attend C R P Co, h E Barnet
Thurston Edythe, teacher Newton, Mass, r Mclndoe Falls
" Stephen D (Cora J), millhand, h Mclndoe Falls
Tremblay J L A, oil switch helper C R P Co, h E Barnet
Tripp Grant, lab, h Passumpsic
Trotter Alexander, mgr W E Stuart Creamery Co, h Passumpsic
Turner Ernest (Nellie), molder E & T F & Co, h Passumpsic
" Martin E (Lizzie), farmhand, h R D
Twin State Gas & Electric Co, power plant Passumpsic
Tyler George, prin Mclndoes Academy, r C M Way
URIE ARTHUR J (Georgia G), prop Urie's Service Sta, h Passumpsic
Urie's Service Station, Arthur J Urie prop, gen auto repairing Passumpsic
Urwick R A, sub sta opr C R P Co, h E Barnet
VAN DYKE ANNIE J, wid Philo B, sum res Mclndoe Falls
Wallace Edith   H,   h
Warden Rosa J, wid Alex D h E Barnet
" Robert L, h Barnet Ctr
" Roy H (Olga), gen store W Barnet, h do
" Stoddard, student, r R Warden, W Barnet
Warrell  William  C,  h E  Barnet
Warren  Carl  (Mrs),  farmer,  h Passumpsic
Watts Richard G (Josephine M), blacksmith, h Passumpsic
" Robert, emp C R D Co, r Richard Watts
Way C Murray (Alice), sec Stuart Auto Sales Co, h Mclndoe Falls
Wedge Earl, mgr Caledonia County Co-operative Assn, h West Barnet
Welch Arthur (Sadie), emp Roy Bros, h Passumpsic
" George   (Elizabeth),   painter,   h   Passumpsic
" Reginald, emp N Y City, r Arthur Welch ,Passumpsic
Weld H E, opr C R P Co, h E Barnet
West Barnet Garage, Robert L Kendall prop, West Barnet
" Barnet Presbyterian Church, Rev Francis H Laird pastor, W Barnet
" Barnet, village of, clerk, Mrs Gladys Roy
" Barnet,  village of, moderator,  Rev Francis Laird
" Barnet,  village of, treasurer, John A Roy
" Barnet, village of, trustees, Nelson Blain, Ira Farrow, Robert Steele, John Roy, Henry Roy    
Western Union Telegraph Co, William Dow agent, Mclndoe Falls
Whicher R C, plant supt C R P Co, h E Barnet
White Cyril L, emp C P R R, r A Cooper, E Barnet
" Glen L (Dorothy S), farmhand, h
" Howard M (Violet E), millwright, r A L Guthrie, Mclndoes
" Jerry W, h W Barnet
" Maxfield E (Barbara J), woodchopper, h Church
" P J, sub sta opr C R P Co, r E Barnet
" Peter (Mary), lumber dealer Passumpsic, h do
Whitehill Austin (Dorothy), h Barnet
Whiting Milk Co, Leland Hanks mgr,  Mclndoes Falls
Willard Howard, student, r W Willard
" Wiley (Maude), rural mail carrier, h Passumpsic
Williams Carl J (Luella M), salesman, h Mclndoe Falls
" Sarah A, emp Burlington, r Mclndoe Falls
Wimmelman Peter Mrs, lab, h Passumpsic
Winch Addie E, wid George F, general store, postmaster and undertaker, b Mclndoe   Falls
" Flora M, clerk and asst postmaster, r Mclndoe Falls
Winchester Eugene C, mech, h Mclndoe Falls
" George R  (Edna),  laborer,  h Mclndoe Falls
Wormwood Clyde E, student, r E Barnet
" Herbert C (Mae A), emp Roy Bros, h E Barnet
" Howard C, emp Roy Bros, r E Barnet
WRIGHT FRED H mgr E T & H K Ide, r W H Wright, Passumpsic
" Richard (Margaret), electrician, h Passumpsic
" Warren H, retired, h Passumpsic

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