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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of the town.   When no Post
Office follows a name the Post Office is Barnet
ABBOTT JERRY farmer h Barnet
" Mark (Mrs retired h Barnet
Achilles Albert P (Eva) farmer r W Barnet
Adams John h W Barnet
" Katherine Mrs h W Barnet
Aiken   Charles (Thelma) farmer   r John F Aiken Jr
" Harold L farmer h Barnet
" John F Jr farmer h Mclndoe Falls
" Waldo (Hazel) h PO W Barnet
Ainsworth Roy (Ruth) lab h E Barnet
Albee Emily M wid Ira J h Barnet
Aiger Albert D (Gertrude) farmer h Passumpsic
Allen James L farmer h Barnet
Amell David H (Emily) farmer h E Barnet
" Edward J (Pauline) h Passumpsic
" Oliver farmer h E Barnet
Amidon Bros George H Amidon prop druggists Barnet
" Clara (Mrs Wilfred J) phone opr N E T & T Co h Barnet
" George H (Theresa) prop Amidon Bros h Mclndoe Falls
" Howard (Justine) farmer h Barnet
" Tirzah Mrs hskpr H Amidon r do
" Wilfred J (Clara) lab h Anderson
Andrews Ernest I dairyman r Mclndoe Falls
" Fred (Blanche) farmer h Mclndoe Falls
Arthur Andrew J (Glenna) lab h
" James (Fannie E) lab h Anderson
Ash Arnold (Glenna) lab h Barnet
Ashton Donald C {Helen) asst opr CRPCo h E Barnet
Astol Ralph (Tillie) truck driver h W Barnet
Austin Cleveland J (Alice C) lab h Anderson
" Malcolm r Anderson
BADGER  CLARENCE   E   gas  and  oils Passumsic h do
Bailey Charles A farmer h E Barnet
Bailey Charles H (Ida M) emp Roy Bros h E Barnet
" Elmer S farmer h W Barnet
" George A   (Dorothy  H)  prop  Stuart's Garage h Mclndoe Falls
" Henry (Maude) farm hand r E S Bailey W Barnet
" Ora W (Margaret) farmer h E Barnet 
Baker O W mgr Caledonia County Co-operative Assn res Concord
Bandy Alvin M emp Henry Roy W Barnet r do
" Frank D (Mabel C) woodchopper h Anderson
" Louise wid Charles V h Passumpsic
Banks William R (Jennie J) farmer h Passumpsic
Barnet Center Cemetery Barnet Ctr
" Center Presbyterian Church Barnet Ctr
" Congregational Church Rev Reginald A Merrifield pastor
" Garage Charles A Kimball prop auto repairing
" Library open Sat p m and Wed Main
" town of auditors J G Roy, Alexander H Gilchrest, George A Bailey
" town of constable and collector Robert L Kendall
" town of health officer John L Gilchrest
" town of listers J Alaric Crane, John A Roy
" town of moderator John A Roy
" town of overseer of poor John A Roy
" town of road commissioner Daniel W Fulford
" town of school directors Mrs Jean Phelps, Ernest F Skinner,   Edward Strbbridge
" town of selectmen J Carroll McLaren, John L Gilchrest, E M Randall
" town of town agt John G Roy
" town of town clk and treas James J Ritchie
" town of Town Hall Barnet
Bean Richard H (Beatrice M) teamster h Church
Beauregard J Henry emp CRPCo h E Barnet
Bennett George (Annie) farmer h Mclndoe Falls
" John   W   (Bertha)   emp   E & T F & Co   h Passumpsic
" Merle saw mill wkr r Mclndoe Falls
Bimson Clyde (Blanche) lab h Barnet
Bishop Ernest (Bernice)  emp Caledonia County Creamery h W Bamet
Blain Alberton farmer r W Barnet
" Dudley A (Maude) farmer h W Barnet R D 2
" Ella wid James h W Barnet
" Frank F r W Barnet
" George S (Zylpha) lab h W Barnet
" Marion music teacher Public Schools r
D A Blain W Barnet
" Nelson W (Vera) h W Barnet RD2
" Ruby teacher Lyndonville r D A Blain W Barnet
Blair Eleanor student r W Barnet
" Elizabeth student r W Barnet
" Frances emp Boston Mass r W Barnet
Blake Belle hskpr H Gammell E Barnet r do
" Fred M (Grace) lab h E Barnet
" Philip C farm lab r E Barnet
Blanchard George ins agt r Barnet
" Lee emp St Johnsbury r Barnet
Blancher Angie Mrs hskpr William W Dow Mclndoe Falls r do
Boardman Dennis  (Mrs)  auto mech h W Barnet
Borch Richd (Nanny) lab h Barnet
Boulais A Romeo sta agt Inwood h Inwood
Boyee Eric (Ada) emp CRDCo h Passumpsic
Briggs James lab r Mclndoe Falls
Brock Agnes wid Leonard J h W Barnet
" Alice teacher r W Barnet
" Hamilton r W Bamet
" Herbert J (Myrtie S) saw mill Barnet and prop Brock's Inn h do
" Leonard J r W Barnet
Brock's Inn Herbert J Brock prop Main
Broderick Dorcas Mrs r Barnet
Brooks P D opr CRPCo res Munroe N H
Brookside Lodge John A Roy prop W Barnet
Brown Carroll A (Florence) farmer h Barnet
" Douglas  (Mrs) farmer r Arthur Peters Passumpsic
" Grace Mrs r Mclndoe Falls
" Lloyd F opr CRPCo r E Barnet
Bruce Mark K (Jennie) sta opr T S G & E Co h Passumpsic
Buffum Lucy h Mclndoe Falls
Bushway Allen r W Callahan W Barnet
" Colin r W Callahan W Barnet
CADY FRED  (Ethel M)  prop  Mountain Inn h do
Caldwell Clarence (Hattie M) farmer h W Barnet
" Clarence H r Clarence Caldwell
" Richard r Clarence Caldwell
Caledonia  County  Co-operative  Creamery Asso O W Baker mgr W Barnet
Callahan William J (Viva) sales mgr T S G & E Co h W Barnet
Canadian Pacific Railroad Passumpsic
Canadian  Pacific  Railroad   Barnet   Bruno Gervais   sta agt, A Romeo Boulais E Barnet, Wm Dow sta agt Mclndoes Capron Joseph E  (Bessie)  emp St J h E Barnet
" Marshall lab r E Barnet
Carbee Donald emp CRDCo r Mclndoe Falls
" Margaret wid Charles h Mclndoe Falls
Carns William M (Alice) lab h E Barnet
Carpenter  Burleigh  N   plumber   Mclndoe Falls h do
Carrick  Frederick  P   (Nellie  S)   farmer h Barnet R D 1
Carriveau Carrie wid Lyman h Passumpsic
" Lyman (Mary) farmer h Passumpsic
" Walter musician r Passumpsic
Carroll Doris M Mrs h Barnet
Carter Austin E cattle buyer h Barnet
Castonguay Philias (Sadie M) emp C R D Co h Mclndoe Falls
Champany John S (Marjorie)  cont  and builder h Passumpsic
" Robert C r J S Champany Passumpsic
Chase Bernice r C F Chase Mclndoe Falls
" Blanche (Mrs Clifford A) elk Chase Bros h Mclndoe Falls
" Bros Clifford A Chase prop meats and provisions Mclndoe Falls
" C Bernard (Muriel D) meats Wells River Vt h Mclndoe Falls
" Charles F h Mclndoe Falls
" Clifford A  (Blanche) prop Chase Bros h Mclndoe Falls
Cheever Ralph bkpr For All Grain Co r Barnet
Cheney Arthur (Esther) lab r E Barnet
" Frank (Emma) farmer h Barnet
" Lillian r Barnet
" Louis poultryman h Barnet
Choate Charles Jr farm hand r W Barnet
" Paul r W Barnet 
" Pearl wid Charles A h W Barnet
Clarke Howard (Clara) truck driver h McIndoe Falls
Colbeth David emp E&TF&Co h Passumpsic
" George (Mary) h Passumpsic
Colby Celia wid Ira h Mclndoe Falls
" K Kenneth emp N Y City r Mclndoe Falls
" Malcolm H farm hand r Mclndoe Falls
" Melvin farmer r Mclndoe Falls
Cole Henry retired r Ernest Venner Passumpsic
Collins Harold M (Eleanor) opr CRPCo h Passumpsic
Comerford  Station Power Plant Ray C Whicker plant supt E Barnet
Conant Clyde lab r W Barnet
" Harold B lab r W Barnet
" Herbert C lab r W Barnet
" L Thornton (Cecile M) elk Chase Bros h Mclndoe Falls
" Theodore R r W B Conant W Barnet
" William B (Alice M) barber h W Barnet
Connecticut River Power Co Mclndoe Falls Ray C Whicher plant supt E Barnet
Converse Fred  (Maude)  opr TSG&ECo h Passumpsic
Cooper Arthur packer Roy Bros h E Barnet
" Eunice dom Woodsville N H r E Barnet
" Gertrude r E Barnet
Corbin Charles (Evelyn) carp h E Barnet
Corriveau Carrie wid Samuel r E Barnet
" Lyman (Mary) farmer h E Barnet
" Mary (Mrs Lyman)" teacher Primary School Danville h E Barnet
" Walter lab r E Barnet
Cowan Irvin A (Dorothy) sub station opr CRPCo h E Barnet
Crane D Roger (Edna) farmer h Barnet
" J  Alaric   (Margaret)   farmer  and  town lister h Mclndoe Falls
" Nelson farmer r Mclndoe Falls
Cross   William   (Ella)   emp   E & T F & Co   h Passumpsic
Crowe Theresa  H   (Mrs  William)  gas  sta Barnet h do
" William (Theresa H) elk Rowe Bros h Bamet
Crown William W (Elsie) farmer r W Bamet
Curtis Cora r Passumpsic
DANIELS DALE (Clara) sum res W Bamet
Dargie  John  (Caroline) emp  CRPCo h Passumpsic
Delorme Fred M (Jeanne) mgr New England Dairies Assn h Mclndoe Falls
Denio Doris E (Mrs Frederick G) clk Passumpsic PO h Passumpsic
" Frederick G r S A Denio Passumpsic
" Henry emp St Johnsbury r S A Denio Passmpsic
" S Arthur (Luellewella J) farmer h Passumpsic
Dow Lillie wid Beverly S h Passumpsic
" William W CPRR sta and Ry Exp agt WU agt Mclndoe Falls r do
Dresser Elwin E (Lottie) blacksmith Barnet h do
Dublois Merle (June) h Passumpsic
Dunbar Harold J (Aileen M) plumbing heating and hardware Church h do
Duncan Joanna wid Charles L h Mclndoe Falls
" Winnie J Mrs r Mrs Effie A Johnson
" Barnet Congregational Church Rev R A Merrifield pastor E Barnet
Eastman Ethel H r W A Eastman Passumpsic
" Paul J clk Rowe Bros r Barnet
" William A  (Nellie)  sealer E&TF&Co h Passumpsic
Edgerton Inez wid Carroll B piano teacher Mclndoe Falls h do
Edney Perley (Gladys) prop Edney's Garage h Barnet
Edney's Garage Perley Edney prop Barnet
Elliott  Harriet  E  teacher  Northampton r Barnet
" Hattie S wid Henry A h Barnet
Estabrooks Warren L (Margaret) lab h W Barnet
Evans George (Mrs) emp H P Hood & Sons h Barnet
Exley Carline teacher r W Barnet
" Gratia L teacher r W Bamet
" Ollie B (Ida C) foreman h W Bamet
Fisher Albert V retired h Mclndoe Falls
Fisher Lila A teacher r Mrs  Lillie  Dow Passumpsic
Fitzgerald  C   Dudley   (Delia)   trucking  W Barnet h do
Flanders Charles saw mill wkr h Barnet
" Maurice  B   (Myra  E)   auto  mech  W Barnet Garage h W Barnet
" Robert E lab r W Barnet
Flynn Daniel lab r Barnet
" Peter S (Viola A) h Barnet
For-All Grain Co Inc pres-mgr Adolph G May, treas Roy F Sargent feed flour and grain Barnet
Foran Irwin farm hand r J J Foran Passumpsic
" James J (Kate) farmer h Passumpsic
Ford Warner W (Nita) com trav Mclndoe Falls r do
" Winfred H (Florence M) gen store Mclndoe Falls h do
Foster John C (Nellie) farmer h Passumpsic
Fraser Albert A (Gertrude) farmer h Passumpsic
" Helen student r A A Fraser
Friend Arthur farm hand r W Barker Passumpsic
Fulford Ann J sten r E Barnet
" Daniel W (Myrtie G) road commissioner h E Barnet
GADLEY BENJAMIN (Mrs) sum res W Barnet
" Jessie Mrs r Mrs Louise Bandy Passumpsic
Gammell Helen wid Robert B sec-treas Roy Bros Inc h E Barnet
Garfield Frank (Zilda C) h Barnet
Gartshore William Rev pastor Presbyterian Church h W Bamet
Garvin Charles L (Evelyn E) emp G R Garvin r E Barnet
" Guy R (Ruby) gen store and postmaster E Barnet h across st
Gates   George   (Ida)   trackman  CPRR   h Mclndoe Falls
" Ruth r Barnet
Gearwar Eula (Mrs George) emp NET&TCo h W Bamet
" George (Eula) farmer h W Barnet
Gervais Bruno (Germaine) sta agt CPRR Barnet h Barnet
Gibson Robert (Sadie) prop Gibson's Garage h Mclndoe Falls
Gibson's Garage Robert Gibson prop Mclndoe Falls
Gilbert Guy (Emma) emp Roy Bros h E Barnet
Gilchrest Alexander H (Virginia) gen store Main Barnet h do
" John L selectman and health officer h Main   Bamet
" Virginia student r J L Gilchrest
Gilfillan Claude H (Mary A) h Bamet nr PO
" May C r Anderson
Gillander John farmer h Passumpsic
Gilman Leon mgr H P Hood & Son h Barnet
Gilmour Albert D (Marjorie) cattle buyer h Barnet
Gleason Horace (Alice P) farmer h Mclndoe Falls
Glynn Harold lab r Mclndoe Falls
Gochee Francis J mach opr E Ryegate r Mclndoe Falls
" Harold E (Eunice E) mill hand h Mclndoe Falls
Goodrich Izetta wid Jed H h Mclndoe Falls
Goss Burns (Kathryn) h Barnet
" Charles farmer h W Barnet
" Dean A (Delia) emp town h Anderson
" Frank (Clarice) farmer h Barnet
" Lock (Lucy) farmer h Barnet
Gould  Nathaniel  (Edith)  physician Barnet h do
Gove Harry (Margaret) lab h Mclndoe Falls
Granger Albert C (Eliza J) lab h Passumpsic
" John A lab r A Granger
" Martin C lab r Passumpsic
Gray Merwin L (Esther S) plumbing and heating h Barnet
Green Valley Creamery Howard B  Parker prop Passumpsic
Greenwood Avery (Gladys) truck driver h W Barnet
Griffin Arthur (Delia) farmer h Barnet
Gronbeck Christian (Lida) mach CRPCo h E Barnet
" Christian Jr student r E Barnet
" Harriet r E Barnet
Guganig Louis F govt attd  CRRCo h E Barnet
Guthrie Andrew L (Carrie) mail messenger and ins Mclndoe Falls h do
HADLEY LOUIS (Thelma) teamster h Barnet
" Mary Mrs hskpr Oliver Amell E Barnet r do
Hall Christina teacher Belmont Mass r Mrs J  Hall  Main
" Everett E  emp  Barnet r G Hall  Passumpsic
" Eugene G emp E&TF&Co r G Hall Passumpsic
" George Jr lab r G E Hall
" George E (Ida M) lab h Passumpsic
" Johanna wid James h Main
" Mildred teacher Fairhaven r Main
Hamilton Henry S (Isabelle) postmaster and general store Passumpsic h do
Harran Nelson B (Marion M) bus St Johnsbury h  Passumpsic
Harris Bertha M clk Barnet PO h Barnet
Harvey   Charles   E   (Elizabeth)   farmer   h Passumpsic
" Edwin M (Jennie) farmer h W Barnet
" Thelma emp Littleton NH r W Barnet
Hastie Dora M r Mrs Jennie Hastie W Barnet
" Foster lab r W Barnet
" Fred (Elsie) farmer h.W Barnet
" Jennie M wid Thomas G h W Barnet
" Roy farmer r W Barnet
" W Glenn (Gladys) gen store and postmaster W Barnet h do
Hastings Oliver A (Lena B) carpenter h McIndoe Falls
Hazelton Bertha S h Barnet
" Harriet Mrs r Bertha Hazelton
Hedenquist A J  (Hester)  const foreman h Barnet
Henry George (Olive C) emp CPRR h E Barnet
Henry Perley E truckman r G Henry
Holbrook Herbert C (Mae T) retired h Barnet
" Leon librarian r Barnet
Holmes Benjamin r Mclndoe Falls
" Clara h Barnet
" Nellie M wid Saurien J h Barnet
Hood H P & Son Leon Gilman mgr Creamery Howard George (Marjorie) emp H P Hood & Sons h Barnet
Howland Grace G Mrs h Main Barnet
Humphrey Guy R (Hattie M) h Mclndoe Falls
" Ray hotel wkr r Mclndoe Falls
Hyde Hazen (Ellen) retired h Passumpsic
" William (Bertha) lab h Passumpsic
IDE E T & H K flour feed and grain Fred H Wright mgr Passumpsic, Raymond C Locke mgr W Barnet
I O O F N G sec Wendell P Roy meets Mon 8 p m at Odd Fellows' Hall
Inwood Garage Charles M Mosher prop E Barnet
Irwin Howard W emp St J r Passumpsic
" Lucy wid William J h Passumpsic
" Roy r Passumpsic
JENNISON  CHARLES  O   (Mrs)  lumber dealer h.W Barnet
Johnson Edward N (Alice) rural mail carrier Route 2 h Anderson
" Effie A wid Richard M h Mclndoe Falls
" Ella A wid Walter H h Barnet
" Irving lab h Passumpsic
Judkins  Fenton  L   (Jenne)   wheelwright  h Barnet
" Lottie wid Don L h W Barnet rd
KEENAN JOHN (Virginia) farmer h Barnet
Keith Fred S h W Barnet
Kendall Bertram (Leona) gas sta E Barnet h do
" Clarence T foreman Roy Bros Inc r E S Kendall
" Elizabeth Mrs h E Barnet
" Emma wid Eugene h E Barnet
" Mary S wid Egbert S h E Barnet
" Percy G  (Hazel M)  emp Town h McIndoes Falls
" Robert L (Marion) town constable, collector and town representative h West Barnet
Kennerson Clara r W Barnet
Kidder Freeman (Gertrude) h Passumpsic
Kimball Adelbert F (Edna) painter h Barnet
" Charles A (Elsie) prop Barnet Garage h Barnet
" Harold A painter r Barnet
King Ida wid Chester R r G Quimby Passumpsic
Kingsbury Nellie Mrs h E Barnet
Kittredge Elsie Mrs r Passumpsic
LACKEY IRENE tchr West Barnet School r W Barnet
Laird Elizabeth wid Francis H h W Barnet
Lakeside Pavilion Robert M Steele prop W Barnet
Lamb Nancy h Barnet
Lang Maxwell h Barnet
Langevin Fred L (Evelyn M) mill wkr h E Barnet
Laughlin Robina h Barnet
Leighton Henry (Carrie) retired h Melndoe Falls
Levene Jed farmer h Aitken dist
Lewis Merton H (Jeanette) restaurant wkr St Johnsbury h Passumpsic
Lindsay Guy F (Charlotte) farmer h E Barnet
" Paul radio eng r E Barnet
Little Bessie wid Murray h Mclndoe Falls
" Herbert J (Gertrude) truckdriver h Mclndoe Falls
" Howard R r Mclndoe Falls
" Madeline r Mclndoe Falls
LOCKE RAYMOND C (Jeanne) mgr E T & H K Ide h W Barnet
Lord Edward (Helen) emp Providence RI h Main Barnet
MACKAY EDWARD R prop West Barnet Garage res Peacham
Madison Daniel lab r Carl J Williams Mclndoe Falls
Mahoney Charles farmer h W Barnet
Main James (Lora) ins agt h W Barnet
" Mary E bkpr Caledonia County Co-op Assn r W Barnet
Manchester Harry S (Alice H) farmer h Mclndoe Falls
" Nellie A teacher St Johnsbury r Mclndoe Falls
Manning John W (Stella) lab h Barnet
Martin Emma Mrs h W Barnet
Mason Harry clk Bradford h Barnet
May Adolph G pres-mgr For-All Grain Co (Inc) res St Johnsbury
Mayo Ruth maid George R Winchester Mclndoe Falls r do
McGill Jessie C h E Barnet
Mclndoe Cash Grain Store Brock Renfrew mgr Mclndoe Falls
" Cemetery Mclndoe Falls
" Congregational  Church  Rev  Arthur  V Woodworth   pastor   service   Sundays 11:00 a m 12:00 m and 7:30 p m
" Falls  Academy   Chandler   Mosher  prin   Mclndoe  Falls
" Falls Congregational Church Mclndoe Falls
" Filling Station John L Murphy prop Mclndoe Falls
" Power Plant Station Mclndoe Falls
McKee Alec farmer h Passumpsic
" Edith wid Andrew h Passumpsic
" Samuel carp r A McKee Passumpsic
McLam Belle wid Lynwood h W Barnet
McLaren Arthur R (Helen) emp H P Hood & Son h Barnet
" Euphemia wid William J r Barnet
" J Carroll farmer and town selectman h Barnet
" Luvie Mrs r J Carroll McLaren
Merrifield  Reginald  A  Rev   (Amy)  pastor Barnet  and  E  Barnet  Congregational Church h Barnet
Meserve Howard H (Marguerite) h Barnet
Miles Charles (Irene T) mgr H P Hood & Son h Barnet 
Miles Hilda maid Robert Gibson Mclndoe Falls r do
Miller Harold (Margaret) emp For-All Grain Co h Barnet
Moore Edward (Bertha) com trav h Church
" Elmer R  (Louise)  sub mail carrier St  Johnsbury h E Barnet
" James R (Fannie) farmer h E Barnet
" Jeane h Mclndoe Falls
" Russell E (Mabel) farmer h E Barnet
Morgan Charles H (Jeanne) blacksmith Passumpsic h do
Morrill Charles F (Edith) emp G Mt P Co h Barnet
" George B retired r Passumpsic
" John D (Elsie) farmer h Passumpsic
" Joseph A (Esther J) lab h Passumpsic
" Walter (Hester) mill wkr h Main Barnet
Morrison   Alexander   (Irene)   farmer  h  W Barnet
" Christina r W Barnet
" N Elsee carpenter h W Barnet
" Paul (Mrs) farmer h W Barnet
" Ruby hskpr Leonard A Phelps Mclndoe Falls r do
Morse Herbert farmer h Passumpsic
" Stewart R line patrolman h E Barnet
Mosher Chandler (Mrs) prin Mclndoe Academy h Mclndoe Falls
" Charles M (Anna) prop Inwood Garage h E Barnet
Mountain Inn The Fred Cady prop Main
Mulliken Frank farmer r Arthur Griffin
Murphy John L (Catherine L) mgr Mclndoe Filling Sta h Mclndoe Falls
NASON NELLIE wid W H hskpr J A Stebbins r do
Nelson Agnes wid Wilbur h Barnet
" Dwight r Mrs Agnes Nelson Barnet
" Edwin (Mildred) farmer h W Barnet
" Ida Mrs r Barnet
" James G farmer h W Barnet
" Marion  teacher r Mrs  Agnes. Nelson Barnet
" Paul (Eleanor) h Barnet
New England Dairies Assn F N Delorme mgr Mclndoe  Falls
" England Telephone & Telegraph Co Mrs. Laura Ross mgr
Niblock Edward H painter r E Barnet
" Ernest L emp Roy Bros h E Barnet
Nichols Caroline teacher E Barnet r Mclndoe Falls
" Darwin M h Mclndoe Falls
Nutter Geo G (Eliz) farmer h Barnet Ctr
" Raymond farmer h W Barnet
" William E h E Barnet  .
Old Homestead Mrs Lutie E Spafford prop Main
Olsen J (Mrs) emp CRPCo h E Barnet
Orr Nancy r Barnet
PARKER HOWARD :B prop Green Valley Creamery res Cambridge Mass
Passumpsic Cemetery Passumpsic
" Community Baptist Church pastor supplied Passumpsic service 10:45 am Sunday School 12 m evening service 7:30 pm
Passumpsic Garage Waterman P Scruton prop Passumpsic
Perkins Vernon B (Myrtle) shift opr CRPCo  h E Barnet
Peters Arthur (Lillian) tchr St Johnsbury h Passumpsic
" Philip K (Evelyn) line foreman CRPCo h E Barnet
Phelps Harvey (Jean) farmer h Barnet
" Leonard A emp W M Phelps h Mclndoe Falls
Philbrook Walter (Mrs) carp h Mclndoe Falls
Pierce Edwin R r W Barnet
" Frederick L clk PO Barnet r B M Harris
" Margaret L wid John E h W Barnet
Pleasant View Cemetery Main Barnet
Plumadon Eugene (Mrs) retired h Mclndoe Falls
Poore Winfield W (Leah) sta foreman CRP Co h E Barnet
Post Office Barnet Harleigh A Somers postmaster, E Barnet Guy R Garvin postmaster, Mclndoe Falls Mrs Addie E Winch postmaster, Passumpsic Henry S Hamilton postmaster, W Barnet W Glenn Hastie postmaster
Purdy David E (Mrs) farmhand h W Barnet
QUIMBY FRED M (Hazel) carp h Barnet
" Fred H (Mary) carp h E Barnet
" George (M Irma) carp h Passumpsic
" Owen H (Hazel) farmer h E Barnet
RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY A Romeo Boulais agt E Barnet, William Dow agt Mclndoe Falls, Bruno Gervais agt Barnet
Ramage Hugh W (Bernice) clk St J office ET&HK Ide h Passumpsic
Ramsey George farm lab r Barnet
Randall Ernest M (Mrs) farmer h E Barnet
Rash Harry r Mrs Louise Bandy Passumpsic
" Walter E  (Ruby) molder E&TF&Co h Passumpsic
Reformed Presbyterian Church pastor supplied W Bamet
Renfrew Brock mgr Mclndoe Cash Grain Store res Wells River
Ritchie James J  (Lela H) town clerk and treas Barnet h do
" Sarah wid Andrew r W Bamet
Robinson Edwin J (Mildred) mech St Johnsbury r Mrs Ella M Robinson
" Ella M Mrs h Barnet
Ross Laura Mrs mgr NET&TCo h Barnet
Rowe Bros (Edward L and Hiram E Rowe) general store
" Edward   L   (Mary   E)   (Rowe  Bros)   h Barnet
" Harry student r Main
" Hiram E (Maude) (Rowe Bros) h Barnet
" Mary P student r Barnet
Roy Arthur F (Iona) saw mill wkr PO E Ryegate
" Bros Inc mfrs wood products and lumber dealers E Barnet pres John G Roy, sec-treas Mrs Helen Gammell
" Camilla I emp NYCity r J A Roy. W Barnet
" Daisie h W Barnet
Roy Ernest O farmer h W Barnet
" Evelyn sten St Johnsbury r J A Roy W Barnet
" Francis farmer r W Barnet
" Henry G (Gladys) farmer h W Barnet
" John A (Margaret) prop Brookside Lodge h do
" John G (Ellen) pres Roy Bros Inc h E Barnet
" Moses A farmer h W Barnet
" Ralph A clk W Barnet PO r J A Roy W Barnet
" Wendell P (Alice) h E Barnet
Royce Gail (Geraldine) emp CPRR h McIndoes Falls
Russell Byron H (Etta M) farmer h Barnet
" Gordon E r Anderson RD1
" Jesse (Lena) mason h Anderson RD1
" Pearl M r Anderson RD1
Rutledge Harold (Mertie) h Anderson
" Kenneth  clk  Alexander  H   Gilchrest  r Anderson
" Kimball mill wkr r Anderson
SARGENT RAY P treas For-All Grain Co Inc res St Johnsbury
" Roscoe E sta fireman r Bessie Little Mclndoe Falls
Scruton Howard L (Audrey) mech Passumpsic Garage r W F Scruton
" Waterman F (Addie) sta opr TSG&Eco and  prop  Passumpsic  Garage  h  Passumpsic
Shaw Emma J h Mclndoe Falls
Sheltra Elizabeth Mrs r Mclndoe Falls
Sherburne Ida G W h Passumpsic
Shields Ellwyn (Mrs) farmer h Barnet
" James S farmer h Barnet
" Virgil (Annie) farmer h Barnet
" W Boyd h Barnet
Skinner Ernest F (Nellie M) farmer h Passumpsic
" John farmer r John C Foster Passumpsic
" Martha A wid Joseph D r Passumpsic
Slayton Heman R woodchopper r P R Slayton
" Perley R (Harriet L) clk Rowe Bros h Barnet
" Philip R (Nora) const wkr h Barnet
" Stanley (Eileen) const wkr h Barnet
Smith Albert saw mill wkr r Barnet
" Burnie S oil switch insp CRPCo h E Barnet
" Benjamin (Margaret) farmer h Barnet
" Frank saw mill wkr h Barnet
" Joseph (Vera) clk h W Barnet
" Nellie M wid Byron R r W B Smith
" Orin (Mrs) mech h Passumpsic
" Robert (Marie) h W Barnet
" Walter B   (Winifred C)  farmer h Passumpsic
Somers Bartholomew G (Mrs) h Passumpsic
" Chester L (Alice) farmer h Barnet RD1
" Elizabeth wid Elmer A r R Somers
" Etta wid Edward O h Barnet
" Flora wid Hezekiah B r John Somers W Barnet
" Frank C farmer r H Somers Passumpsic
" Harleigh A postmaster Barnet h Barnet
" Harold bus East Ryegate r Barnet
" Harvey (Mrs) farmer h Passumpsic
" James S (Nettie) farmer h Passumpsic
Somers John E (Gladys) farmer h W Barnet
" Kate C h Passumpsic
" Lincoln retired h Passumpsic
" Newell (Grace) emp FM&Co h Passumpsic
" Ralph W h W Barnet rd
" Richard farmer h Barnet
Somerville Floyd E   (Dorothy  N)  teacher Boston r D W Nechols Mclndoe Falls
Spafford Lutie E Mrs prop The Old Homestead r do
Stanford James T h Passumpsic
Stebbins Guy H (Hazel) com trav h Mclndoe Falls
" Jesse A sec foreman CRDCo h Barnet
Steele Madeline maid Roy H Warden W Barnet r do
" Robert M (Stella) prop Lakeside Pavilion h W Barnet
Stevens Cemetery Barnet
Stevenson  Stuart   (Theresa)   farmer  h  W Barnet
Stoddard Willard K farmer and emp The Old Homestead h do
Strew Claude lab h Mclndoe Falls
" L Abigail wid William  M h  Mclndoe Falls
Strobridge Dorothy tchr Peacham r W Barnet
" Edgar L (Carlena) farmer h W Barnet
" Edward (Ruth) farmer h W Barnet
" Elmer lab r W Barnet
" Frances student r W Barnet
" John H (Bernice) farmer h Barnet
" Margaret musician r Barnet
" Norton chauffeur r W Barnet
" William farmer r J Strobridge Barnet
Stryker Charles E mech CRDCo h Mclndoe Falls
Stuart's Garage George A Bailey prop Mclndoe Falls
Sund Helen Mrs hskpr Nelson Crane Mclndoe Falls r do
TAYLOR ORANGE W (Violet) woodwkr h E Barnet
Theroux L C gov attend CRPCo h Mclndoe Falls
Thornton Agnes B wid Leslie H h W Barnet
" Albert B clk r W Barnet
Threadwell Warren A (Marie) sub sta opr CRPCo h E Barnet
Thurston Cora J wid Stephen D h Mclndoe Falls
" Edith tchr r Mclndoe Falls
Tremblay J L Alex (Mary) oil switch helper CRPCo h E Barnet
Trotter Alexander mgr Green Valley Creamery h Passumpsic
Turner Martin E  (Lizzie) livestock dealer Barnet h do
Twin State Gas & Electric Co power plant Passumpsic
URIE ARTHUR J (Georgia G) prop Urie's Service Sta h Passumpsic
Urie's Service Station Arthur J Urie prop gen auto repairing Passumpsic
Urwick Richard A (Lida) sub sta opr CRPCo h E Barnet
VENNER ERNEST (Margaret) lab h Passumpsic
Walter Harvey Cemetery W Barnet
Warden Alexander student r W Bamet
" Robert L (Mariorie) h Barnet Ctr
" Roy H (Olga) gen store W Barnet h do
" Stoddard clk r R Warden W Barnet
Warrell William C (Mary) farmer h E Barnet
Watson Carl (Jessie) lab h W Barnet
Watts Josephine M wid Richard G h Passumpsic
Way C Murray (Alice) h Mclndoe Falls
Welch Arthur (Sadie) cook h Passumpsic
" Reginald emp N Y City r Arthur Welch Passumpsic
Weld Hugh E (Helen) opr CRPCo h E Barnet
Wemmelman Peter (Karen) emp CRDCo h Passumpsic
West Barnet Garage Edward R Mackay prop West Barnet
" Barnet Presbyterian Church Rev William Gartshore pastor W Barnet
" Barnet village of clerk John A Roy
" Barnet village of treasurer John A Roy
Western Union Telegraph Co William Dow agent Mclndoe Falls
Wheelock Russell (Ruth) adv mgr Caledonia-Record St J r Ernest F Skinner Passumpsic
Whicher Ray C (Ruth) plant supt CRPCo h E Barnet
White Abbot truck driver h W Barnet
" Glen L (Dorothy S) farmhand h W Barnet
" Howard M (Violet E) millwright r A L Guthrie Mclndoe
" Jerry W (Sadie) h W Barnet
" Maxfield E (Barbara J) woodchopper h Church
" Peter (Mary) lumber dealer Passumpsic h do
Whitehill Austin (Dorothy) h Passumpsic
" Linwood janitor r  Nelson  Crane  Mclndoe Falls
Willard Wiley (Maude) rural mail carrier h Passumpsic
Williams Carl J (Luella M) saw mill Mclndoe Falls h do
" Carl J Jr saw mill wkr r Mclndoe Falls
" Sarah A emp Burlington r Mclndoe Falls
Williamson   Thomas   (Blanche)   gen   store Passumpsic h do
Wilson Herbert (Katharine) barber Northfield h W Barnet
" Russell   (Louise)   emp  CRPCo  h  Passumpsic
Winch Addie E wid George F gen store, postmaster and undertaker h Mclndoe Falls
" Flora M clerk and asst postmaster r Mclndoe Falls
Winchester Eugene C mech h Mclndoe Falls
Winchester George R (Edna) lab h Mclndoe Falls
Woodworth Arthur V (Mrs) pastor Mclndoe Falls Congregational Church h Mclndoe Falls
Wormwood Clyde E salesman Rutland r E Barnet
Wormwood Herbert C [Mae A) h E Barnet
" Howard C power plant opr Wilder r E Barnet
WRIGHT FRED H (Doris) mgr E T & H K Ide b. Passumpsic
" Richard (Margaret) elec h Passumpsic

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