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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Post Offices and Postmasters
Barnet, W. H. Burbank; 
East Barnet, R, B. Gammell;
Mclndoe Falls, Mrs. George S. Winch;
Passumpsic, S. P. Pinney;
West Barnet, L. H. Thornton.
Academy - 'Mclndoe Academy, Mclndoe Falls.
Express - American Express Company.
Hall - Town Hall. 
Churches - Congregational, Presbyterian, Barnet, Baptist, Passumpsic. Congregational, Melndoe Falls; Two Presbyterian, West Barnet and Barnet. Center.
Town Clerk andn Treasurer - W. H. Burbank. 
Selectmen - S. J. Holmes, Charles W. Somers,  George A. Warden.  
Overseer of Poor - A. M. Gilfflin.  
Listers - B. S. Dow, Martin E. Turner, Alexander D.  Warden. 
Auditors - Leslie H. Thornton, John G. Roy. 
Road Commissioner - D. A. Blaine. 
Town Agent - Frank C. McGill.
School Directors - H. J. Park, John M. Gibson,  Daniel L. Aiken.
Health Officer - H. A. Elliott. 
Constable and Collector - George F. Wineh.
All parties in business are designated by an asterisk [*]. The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of the town. When no Post Office follows a name the Post Office is Barnet.
ABBOTT John W., farmer, Four Corners, p o Barnet, R. F. D., 2 Darling
Sarah G., widow J. 
David H., farmer, h Anderson st
Glenn A., emp Roy Bros., East Barnet
John F., farmer, ..h East Barnet
Phillip L., emp Roy Bros., p o East Barnet
Aike Daniel L., farmer, school director, near Peehan line, p o Barnet, R. F. D. 1
John F., farmer, p o Barnet, R. F. D. 2
John J., farmer, R. F. D. 2
*Albee Ira J., general store n depot
Allard Arthur G.,'clerk, Passumpsic Fibre Co.
Edward, farmer, Passumpsic 
Allen George W., emp fibre mill, h Passumpsic
James L., farmer, R. F. D. 1
Amell Albert J., laborer, p o East Barnet
Albert S., section foreman R. R., h East Barnet
David H., R. R. section hand, h East Barnet
Nelson, farmer, p o East Barnet
Oliver, farmer, h East Barnet
*American Express Co., H. 'C. Holbrook agt depot, E. G. Kendall agt  East Barnet
Annis Almira, widow C. A., farmer p o Passumpsic
*John P.; mason, h and p o Passumpsic
Appleton William D., farmer, Groton R. F. D.
Arlen Bert, laborer
Atwood Henry EL, farmer, East Barnet
Ayer Lewis ,C, emp fibre mill, Passumpsic, h do
Perley, laborer, Passumpsic
William H., laborer, Passumpsic
BADGER E. H., farmer, Passumpsic
W.  0.,  laborer, Passumpsic
Bailey Charles A., farmer, h East Barnet
Elmer E., laborer, West Barnet
*Bandy John S., market gardener, p o East Barnet
Barker Ralph W., laborer
*Barnet Creamery Association, John A. Buffum, mgr, butter mfrs
BARNET  ELECTRIC  LIGHT  AND  POWER  PLANT Don L. Judkins, prop, (see add above)
M'fg Co., incp., manufacturers wagons, sleds, etc.
Record Co., pub Barnet Record, and printers
BARNET RECORD   (Wm.   S.   Rathburn, editor), weekly newspaper (see page 19)
Bates Edward, farmer, R. F. D. 1
Bedard Albert, blacksmith
Bedell Oren N., farmer, Melndoe Falls
Belgrove. Fred, farmer, R. F. D. 2
Bell Charles F., laborer, Melndoe Falls
Henry, laborer, h Melndoe Falls
Bennett George K, laborer, R. F. D. 2
Berry Byron, harness maker
Bishop James, laborer, h Melndoe Falls
John, laborer, p o Melndoe Falls
*Ora, auctioneer and farmer, h Melndoe Falls
Blaine  Dudley A., farmer and road commissioner,  West Barnet, R. F. D. 2
George S., laborer, West Barnet
James W., farmer, h West Barnet, R. F. D. 2
Blair Alexander, farmer, northeast part, h East Barnet
Gilbert, farmer, h West Barnet, R. F. D. 2
James G., farmer, East Barnet
Jane Miss, lives at Gilbert Blair, R. F. D. 2
John N., farm hand, R. F. D. 2
Joseph W., retired, R. F. D. 2
Blandin Alvah C., farmer, h East Barnet, R. F. D. 2
Blewett Albert W., farmer, West Barnet
Blodgett Sylvester, laborer, p 6 East Barnet
Bonnette Clarence C, aeronaut, Passumpsic
Eliza Mrs., Passumpsic
Henry, retired farmer, Passumpsic
Brock Herbert J., salesman, R. F. D. 1
Josephine Miss, farmer, h West Barnet, R. F. D. 2
*Lueius S., farmer and agt dairy machines, R F D 1
Leonard J. ("Walker & Brock), farmer, West Barnet
Brown Barron Moulton, mfr horse medicines .and stable, h East Barnet
*BR0WN GEORGE I., mfr. Wood Boxes and Novelties of all kinds, Enterprise Milking Stool, House Finish, Cabinet Work, Turning, etc., Mill st opp hotel, both telephones (see page 227)
Joseph, farmer, West Barnet, BPD2
Oscar, retired farmer
Brownell Stephen P., Presbyterian minister, West Barnet
Bruce Martin K. emp fibre mill, h Passumpsic
Bruso Moses W., laborer
Buffam John A., retired farmer, pres. Creamery Asso., p o Mclndoe Falls
*Burbank William H., postmaster, town clerk and treasurer, also (W. H. Burbank & Co.)
*W. H. & CO. (W. H. Burbank and T. P. Robie), general store
Bushby Sarah Miss, h Church st
Butson James M., farmer 5 miles northwest SFD1
CADE James A., laborer
Lewie W., farmer
Caldwell William J., farmer, p o West Barnet
Capron Joseph J., laborer, East Barnet
Carr Addie M. Miss, Mclndoe Falls
Carrick Frederick P., farmer, h 2 miles out EFD1
Carruth Sarah, wid David, p o Passumpsic
*Carter Charles S., saw mill West Barnet
Cassidy Levi L., farmer, South Peaeham
Chamberlin Charles, farmer, R F D 1
Herman, butter maker, Mclndoe Falls
Champagne John, laborer
John S., carpenter, Passumpsic
Chase Charles F., farm hand, h Mclndoe Falls
Stephen, emp fibre mill, h Passumpsic
Theodore W., 'bookkeeper Passumpsic Fibre Leather Co., Passumpsic
Cheney Frank, farmer
Joseph, farmer
Lewis, farmer, East Barnet, R F D 2
Choate  Charks A., farmer, West Barnet
Cilley Josiah E., laborer, R F D 1
Will D., laborer
Clement Frank L., carriage and house painter, h Mclndoe Falls
Clifford George P., laborer, h East Barnet
Clough Willis B., laborer
Coburn W. Royal, retired
*Colby Fred H., farmer, Mclndoe Kails
Ira B., emp Conn River Mfg. Co., p o Mclndoe Falls
Conant William B., teamster, h West Barnet
*Conn. River Mfg Co., P. B. Van Dyke mgr, lumber mfrs Mclndoe Falls
Connor M. C, farmer, Passumpsic
Coohey F. E., farmer, R F D 2
Corriveau Samuel, farmer, East Barnet
Crane Denzil M., farmer, p o Mclndoe Falls D. Roger, Mclndoe Falls
Creaser Samuel H., R. R. engineer
Curtis Agnes Mrs.
Cushing Frank Jr., laborer
DAVIDSON JOHN L., wheelwright, mill near depot, h Anderson
Davis Alma M., Passumpsic
Dean James G., carpenter
*Dewey Emily J., music teacher, Melndoe Falls
Dickinson Curtis E., emp Roy Bros,, h East Barnet
Ezra, farmer, R F D 2
Luella, East Barnet
Doloff John E., farmer, p o Passumpsic
Douse Plyna, clerk
Dow Beverly S., Passumpsic
Will A., p o Passumpsic
Drew G. Harvey, laborer, p o Passumpsic
Dunbar Justus A., farmer, East Barnet
Duncan Charles L. station and exp agt Mclndoe Falls
*East Barnet Creamery Co., inc., J. R. Moore
Eastman William A., laborer
Eggleston Henry A., laborerj West Barnet
Myron, laborer
Charles A., laborer, East Barnet
Henry A., physician and health officer'
ENTERPRISE MILKING STOOL   (Geo. I. Brown mfrs), (see page 227)
Eden L. Earl, laborer, p o Passumpsic
FARNHAM GEORGE, laborer, R F D 2
Farnsworth Amanda, Mclndoe Falls
Eben G., emp Roy Bros, East Barnet
Farris Daniel C, Presbyterian minister, West Barnet, Groton, R F D 2
J. R,, farmer, West Barmet, Groton-R F D 2
William R., farmer, West Barnet, Groton R F D 2
Feleh Charles, farmer, p o Passumpsic
Fenoff Frank O.,  laborer, Melndoe Falls
Ferrin Carl 0., laborer, Passumpsic
Fibre Mill, see Passumpsic Fibre Leather Co.
Finley Azro J.. farmer Melndoe Falls
W. John, farmer, Mclndoe Falls
Fitzgerald Dudley, laborer, West Barnet
* William, job team West Barnet
Foster John C, farmer, h Passumpsic
Fournier Alphonse, laborer, Passumpsic
Friend  Daniel $.,  laborer,  Passumpsic
*Fulford Daniel W., contractor, East Barnet
Edwin, farmer, East Barnet
Gammell Horace M., farmer,. R F D 1
Marion M. Mrs., bds W. B. Gammell
Robert Burns, auctioneer, gen'l store and postmaster, East Barnet
Ward B., farmer
Gates David, farmer, R F D 2
Gauthier John  T.,  butcher,  Melndoe Falls
Peter R., farmer and wagon mfr
Gee George E., farmer East Barnet
George Avery, retired, R F D 2
Gibson Daniel, laborer, East Barnet
John M., physician and school director, Melndoe Falls
Martin D., farmer
William. M., farmer
Gilbraith Albert E., carpenter, h East Barnet
George, R R postal clerk
James R., farmer, p o Passumpsic
*Gilchrist W. Henry, ins agt and farmer Melndoe Falls
Gilfillan Alberto N., farmer and overseer of the poor
Fannie, widow. Robert, West Barnet
Fred B., farmer, R F D 1
Horace, emp Roy Bros., p o East Barnet
*Lucius E., retired, East Barnet
Mark M., retired, 3 miles south, p o Barnet, R F D 2
Moses, retired, h West Barnet
*Walter C, blacksmith, West Barnet
William J.,  retired,  West Barnet
Gillander John, farmer, Passumpsic
Gleason Horace W., farmer R F D 2
Margaret, widow John C, h Melndoe Falls
Goochee, see Gauthier
*Goodrich Jed H., hardware and stoves, Melndoe Falls
Goss Charles W., farmer, R F D 1
F. L., laborer
*Gould J. Dwight, trader and speculator, p o Passumpsic
Granger Albert  C,  laborer,  Passumpsic
Grant George A., mechanic, h Mclndoe Falls
Gravett Albert A., laborer p o East Barnet
Gray Lewis B., blacksmith
Greenback Charles T., stable
*Guthrie Andrew L.  (Guthrie & Peck), h Melndoe Falls
William J., barber
& Peck (Andrew L. Guthrie and Arthur Peck), apothecaries, Melndoe Falls
HALL FRED E., farmer, Passumpsic
James B., laborer
Hanson Wallace, farmer, R F D 1
Harvey Abbie J., widow William H..
Claud, farmer, p o West Barnet
Daniel,  farmer,  R F D  2
Edwin M., laborer, bds Daniel Harvey, R F D 2
Walter B., bds Claud Harvey
Hastie Henry, farmer, West Barnet
Joseph G., farmer, h West Barnet, R F D 1
William F.     farmer.  West Barnet
Hastings John, farmer, East Barnet
Hatch J. W., laborer, East Barnet
Hayward William B., laborer, West Barnet
*Hazelton Hiram J., physician
George H., laborer, Mclndoe Falls
Higgins Samuel R., laborer, R. F. D. 1
William EL, laborer, Barnet, R F D 1
Hill Edson K., emp E. Barnet Creamery, East Barnet
Holbrook Herbert C, station and express agent
Holmes Saurien J., farmer and selectman
Hooper Stephen W., farmer, Groton R F D
Hoyt Russell H., farmer, East Barnet
Hunt Chester L., h Mclndoe Falls
Morris D., section foreman R R, h Mclndoe Falls
* Hunter James R., cider jelly mfr, West Barnet
Thomas M., laborer
Huse  David  R.,  farmer,  East Barnet
Hyde Hazen, farmer, Passumpsic
*IDE E. T. & H. K., flour, feed and grain, Passumpsic p, o St. Johnsbury  (see page 5)
Irwin William J., laborer, Passumpsic
Johnson Julia S., housekeeper R. M. Johnson
*Richar,d M., shoemaker
Walter H., farmer
JUDKINS DON L., Contracting Electrician and Prop Barnet Electric light and Power Plant (see over Barnet E L & P P page 235)
Fenton L., wheelwright
Harvey D.,  laborer
John M., farmer, p o Passumpsic
KEITH TIMOTHY M.. farmer, h Passumpsic
Kelley Robert S., laborer, h Mclndoe Falls
William, retired, p o .Passumpsic
Kendall Clarence T., wood turner Roy Bros., h East Barnet
*Egbert S., station and American Exp .agt East Barnet
Eugene S., wood turner Roy Bros., h East Barnet
Robert A., carpenter, h Mclndoe Falls
Kidder Benjamin F., laborer, East Barnet
Kimball Albert F., painter
King Chester R., sta and exp agt Passumpsic
Kinnie Fred W., farmer, R F D 1 
Kate, wid William C, farmer, R F D 2
Milo J., rural carrier and farmer
LABBY DAVID D. laborer, Passumpsic
Lackie Frank J., farmer, R F D 2
Milo, farmer, p o Passumpsic
Lakeside Hotel, (W. F. Hastings, prop), West Barnet
Lamb Arthur R., R R section hand
Landry  Fred,  farmer,  Passumpsic
John, farmer, R F D 2 
Lang Carl W. farm hand, Passumpsic
John Q. A., carpenter
Merton N.,  farm hand,  Passumpsic
William G., farmer, h Passumpsic
Lapoinit Frank, laborer, h Passumpsic
Larrivie John, laborer, h Mclndoe Falls
*Laughlin Andrew S., watch repairer
Julian P., optician
*Robina L. Miss, nurse
Lawler Edward  W.,  bookkeeper  Conn River  Mfg  Co.,  h Mclndoe Falls
Lent R. M., farmer, East Barnet
Lenton George J., farmer, Passumpsic
James, farmer, Passumpsic
Levine Jedediah, farmer, R F D 2
Jedediah Jr.,  carpenter
Liberty Fred, laborer, Passumpsic
Lindsay Fred A., farmer, East Barnet
William, farmer, h East Barnet
*Lowrey George M. & Son, grocers
Lowry Russell E. (G. Lowry & Son )
*MANCHESTER CHARLES H., farmer, h Mclndoe Falls
Edward S., farmer, p o West Barnet
Manning Bertie W., farmer, R F D 1
John, laborer
Robert W., farmer, h 2 miles northwest, R F D 1
Martin Jane Mrs., h Church st
John,  laborer,  h Mclndoe  Falls
Mason Philip A., laborer, R F D 2
Mayo George, farmer, Mclndoe Falls
Simon J., laborer
*McFarland Charles, grist mill, h Mclndod Falls
MeGill Frank C, farmer and town agent, h Passumpsic
*William J., farmer, h East Barnet
*McKinley Duncan M., Rev., Pres. minister, h 2 miles out R F D 1
McLaren E. Eliza Mrs., h 2 miles north, R F D 1
H. Alfred, farmer, home Eliza McLaren, R F D 1
Margaret B., wid James, home Milo S. McLaren
Milo S., farmer
William J., farmer, East Barnet
McMillan Fred J., retired, West Barnet
Sarah J., wid William J., West Barnet
Miles Fred E., stone cutter, h Passumpsic
*Hiram, tinsmith, h n depot
Miller Jackson P., retired, West Barnet
*Montgomery Charles L., grocer, h Mclndoe Falls
Moore Bert P., East Barnet
Henry A., farmer, p o East Barnet
Isaac S., retired, h Mclndoe Falls
James R., mgr E. Barnet Creamery, E, Barnet
*Sherburn, cattle dealer, farmer
*Morgan  Charles H,  blacksmith,  Passumpsic
*Edwin A., farmer
James A., retired
Parker, laborer, Passumpsic
Morrill Calvin F., bds J. D. Morrill
George B., farm hand, h Passumpsic
I. Alden, laborer, h West Barnet
John D., farmer Passumpsic
Joseph A., farmer Passumpsic
Orin L., laborer, Mclndoe Falls
Morrison Gilmore, farmer, West Barnet
*William,  grain  and feed store n depot,  bds  W. S. Brock
Morse John P. farmer, p o East Barnet
*Mountain View Creamery, inc., butter mfrs, West Barnet
NELSON GEORGE A., farmer, p o East Barnet
Irving, farmer, p o West Barnet, R F D 2
James B., farmer, h West Barnet, R F D 2
Meroa A., widow John W.
Peter I., farmer West Barnet R F D 2
Wilbur, farmer, h 2 1-2 miles out
NEW ENGLAND TEL. & TEL CO.   (see Passumpsic Tel Co.),  (see page 329)
Newman Elbridge G., box maker Roy Bros, p 6 East Barnet
Perley A., farmer, p o East Barnet
Nichols D. M., clerk, Mclndoe Falls
Nutter George G., farmer, h 2 1/2 miles out, R F D 1
John D., farmer West Barnet 
ORE WILLIAM, farmer, Mclndoe Falls
PADELFORD  OPHELIA MRS.,  dressmaker, h Mclndoe Falls
Page Albert, mason
Parker Charles, clerk Ira J. Albee R F D 2
James, farmer, p o R F D 2
Parks Henry J., farmer and school director, Passumpsic
*Passumpsic Creamery inc., butter mire, Passumpsic
*Fibre Leather Co., leather board mfrs Passumpsic
Peek.Emily Mrs., h Mclndoe Falls
Perry M.   Anna Miss, boarding house
Pettis Charles, laborer, p o East Barnet
Phaneuf Joseph, laborer
Phelps Harvey J.W., farm hand, bds W. M. Phelps
L. Perley, bds Walter M. Phelps, Mclndoe Falls
Leonard, bds Walter M. Phelps, Melndoe Falls
Walter M., farmer, p o Mclndoe Falls
*Pinney A. A. Mrs., general store, Passumpsic
Jabez M., clerk Passumpsic
O. N., clerk Passumpsic
Summer P.,  agt A. A. Pinney and postmaster, Passumpsic
Potter John, laborer
QUIMBY FRED H., carpenter p o East Barnet
RACICOT J. T., farmer East Barnet
Ramsey William, farmer R F D 1
Randall Chas J., farm hand John Randall
Ernest, R R brakeman, p o Passumpsic
*Frank J.,  grocer, Passumpsic
*John M., farmer and saw mill, East Barnet
Rash Frank, laborer, h Passumpsic
George, laborer, h Passumpsic
Nelson J., foreman R R bridge gang, h Passumpsic
*Peter. plasterer and mason, h Passumpsic
RATHBURN WILLIAM S., editor Barnet Record, bds A. A. Shaw (see page 19)
Ray John L., laborer Passumpsic
Raymond Peter, woodworker
Renfrew Lewis, farmer, p o R F D 2
Nelson H., pattern maker
Richards Edward, farmer 3 1/2 m N E, p o East Barnet
Richardson George A., farmer, h East Barnet
*Ritchie Andrew C (Ritchie & Warden), h West Barnet
* & Warden (A. C. Ritchie and A. D. Warden), general store, West Barnet
*Theron P. (W. H. Burbank & Co.) h Christian st
*Robinson John W., plasterer
Rogers John, laborer, Passumpsic
M. C, retired, Mclndoe Falls
Roy Alexander, emp Roy Lumber Co, bds E.  J.  Roy
Arthur, emp Roy Lumber Co, bds E. J. Roy
*R0Y BEOS. (J. G. and Elmer E.) wooden ware and croquet sets  and  lumber dealers. East Barnet   (see  front cover) tel New Eng. 17-21, Citizens T 1-K
Charles M., laborer rfd 2
ROY ELMER E.   (Roy Bros.), h East Barnet   (see front cover)
Ernest O., farmer West Barnet
Ezra J., retired; rfd 2
Herbert H., mgr Roy Lumber Co, bds E. J. Roy, rfd 2
John A., clerk, West Barnet
*R0Y JOHN G. (Roy Bros.), h East Barnet (see front cover).
Joseph W., farmer, rfd 2
Leonard L., emp Roy Lumber Co, bds E. J. Roy, rfd 2
Lumber Co, H. H. Roy mgr, hard and soft lumber, etc, West Barnet
Moses A., farmer, West Barnet
*Nathaniel H., job teamster, rfd 2.
Robert J., emp Roy Lumber Co, rfd 2
William, farmer, rfd 2 
William J., farmer
SHACKPORD LUTHER L., harness maker
Shampany, see Champagne
Shantee Joseph, farmer, h Mclndoe Falls
Peter, retired
St. Johnsbury Electric Light Co, Passiumpsic
Shaw Ardie A., rfd carrier
Emma J., Mclndoe Falls
R. M., farmer, rfd 1
Shields James S., farmer, West Barnet
Skinner Walter, laborer, Mclndoe Falls
Smiley William C, emp Roy Bros, East Barnet
Smith Anna Miss, h West Barnet
*Eliab J., teamster and farmer
Ellis G., farmer, rfd 2
Ira, teamster, h Passumpsic
James E., mechanic, h West Barnet
Julia, W., wid Isaac M., h Mclndoe Falls
Loren A.,  RR section hand
Somers Amos K., farmer, h Passumpsic
Bartholomew G., farmer, West Barnet
Charles C, laborer, East Barnet
Charles. W., farmer and selectman, West Barnet, Groton rfd
Claudius W., farmer, West Barnet
Elmer A., farmer, rfd 2
Prank H., farm hand, West Barnet
Prank C., farmer, po Passumpsic
Harleigh A., farmer
Harvey, retired blacksmith, p  o Passumpsic
Henry J., farmer, h   2 miles west, rfd 1
Hezekiah B., farmer, h West Barnet
James. S., rfd carrier, Passumpsic
*Ralph H., carpenter, bds H. J. Somers, rfd 1
Samuel G., laborer, h East Barnet
Willis A., laborer, p o Passumpsic
Stanford James T., grocer, h Passumpsic
Stevenson Henry M., p o Mclndoe Falls
Jane Miss, lives with R. A. Stevenson
Robert A., farmer
Thomas, farmer, h Mclndoe Falls
Stewart Hannah N., West Barnet
Stoddard Samuel S.,
William K., laborer
Strew Walter, bds William Strew, McIndoe Falls
William M.,  farmer, Mclndoe Falls
Strobridge Eben H., farmer, Four Corners, W Barnet, rfd 1
Francis G., farmer, h West Barnet, rfd 1
Stuart George H., farmer,  h West Barnet
* James B., butter box mfr, West Barnet
J. Hamilton, automobiles. Mclndoe Falls
Sutherland Jane Miss, h Mclndoe Falls
Thomas M., laborer, h Mclndoe Falls 
Symes James R., farmer
J. Robinson, clerk
TAYLOR AUBURN H., farmer Passumpsic
Thomas Leslie M. (St. Johnsbury), h Passumpsic
Thornton  Hannah  Mrs.
*Leslie H., gen store and town auditor, po West Barnet
Thurston A. R., farmer, h East Barnet
William M., farmer, h Passumpsic
Thyng. J. D.,  contractor, Passumpsic
Martin E., farmer and lister, rfd .2
VAN DYKE PHILO B., agt Conn River Mfg Co, h Mclndoe Falls
Vitty John P., laborer, h Passumpsic
Lueien H,. conductor B & M RR, Passumpsic
WALKER & BROCK  (Geo. A. Walker and Leonard J. Brock), grist mill and grain dealers, West Barnet
George A. (Walker & Brock), grain dealer, W Barnet
Edith H., bds J. S. T. Wallace
John S.  T., stove dealer and tinsmith
Warden Alex D. (Richie & Warden), and lister, h W Barnet
George A., selectman, lives with Mrs. Andrew Warden.
Horace J., farmer 4 miles out, rfd 1
Lydia, wid Andrew, p o East Barnet
Janet Miss, h West Barnet
Milo J., RR laborer, lives at Andrew Warden
Wark  Joseph  H.,  farmer,  Passumpsic
Webster Fred L., emp Roy Bros.
Welch Arthur, laborer, Mclndoe Falls
John C., farmer
William, farmer
Wells Emma F., nurse, Passumpsic
Whitcher John, Passumpsic
White Jerry W., farmer, h Barnet, rfd 2
Whitehill Calvin E., butter mkr, creamery, rfd 2
*Whitney Chandler B., carriage dealer and deputy sheriff
*Willey Eiber A., retired
*Winch George F., gen store, postmaster, undertaker, constable and collector, h Mclndoe Falls
Winslow Flora E. Mrs., housekpr, Main st
George G., retired, h Passumpsic
Woods Olifer A., farmer, Passumpsic
Owen E., laborer, h Passumpsic
Woodward Albert E. retired
Wormwood Charles L., laborer, East Barnet
Wright George, farmer, h Passumpsic
W. Henry, laborer, h Passumpsic

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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