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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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St. Johnsbury
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Census Page VT.3-29-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-30-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-31-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-32-1 (map)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village) East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Droning, Ralph   Ruiter, Charles   Fifield, Eugene F.   White, Alphonse  
Courtney, Charles   Abbptt, Wallace   Murphy, Charles E.   Savage, Hiram G.  
Badger, Fred C.   Abbott, Dora M.   Cleary, Prissilla M. S- daughter Montgomery, William K.  
Perngard, William J.   Bemis, Wm A.   Morin, Henry R.   Cole, Winnie V. Mother-in-law
Carruthers, Robert Lodger Jones, G. Wm   Clouatre, Hormidas G.   Stevens, John  
Perngard, Theodore F.   Cramton, Gertrude    Couture, Theodore J.   Deos, Mildred  
Moore, Sam A.   Cyr, Rosilda   Contu, Raymond   Johnson, Harley F.  
Clarke, Archie L.   Farr, Wilbur J.   Emery, Charles E.   Drown, Arthur E.  
McGinnis, Authur E.   McCutcheon, Sally A. G-dau Rose, Clayton L.   Dodge, Ralph Hired man
Guible, Etta R. House kpr Chalmers, E. Mildred House kpr Boivin, Joseph F.   Buxton, Raymond W.  
Burke, Robert H.   Farr, Collins   Peters, Mary E.   Daniels, Earl F.  
Richards, Dorothy A. Domestic Cary, Annie M.   Census Page VT.3-31-2 (map) Census Page VT.3-32-2 (map)
Bailey, Roy L.   Partridge, Emma F.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Mehler, Elsa S.   Ellingwood, Eugene   Peters, Philip W.   Daniels, Esther A. Wife
Brigham, Shirley K.   Hodgdon, Bertha M.   Hall, Thomas A.   Birch, Perley D.  
Blodgett, Clara B. Lodger Hawkinson, Arthur   Davis, Clarence N. Son-in-law Murphy, George F-in-law
White, Bertha K. Lodger McQuown, Gerteude A.   Hall, Shirley A. G-daughter Morris, Clayton S.  
Sleams, Frieda B. Lodger Census Page VT.3-30-2 (map) Fournier, Alfred J.   Tatro, Fred H.  
St. John, Emma L. Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) Bigelow, Ralph T.   Morris, Louis S.  
Ely, Caroline   Fitch, Willis B.   McGowan, Harold J.   Williamson, Herman W.  
Hawley, Lida A. House kpr Moore, Andrews B. B-in-law Swan, Aelene Foster child Simpson, Hattie House kpr
Census Page VT.3-29-2 (map) Brownlow, Florence Maid Wilson, Williams Lodger Morse, Cecil F.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Chesley, Wm Howard   Smith, Ellen A. Aunt Goss, Winnie B.  
Hawley, Paul A. House kpr son Chesley, Katherine F. Wife Woods, Elmina L.   Simpson, George W.  
Wotton, Albert E.   Nelson, Mary J.   Downs, Edward R.   Prescott, John R.  
Watson, Lawrence A.   Hicks, Lillian Maid Taft, Frank H.   Burroughs, Frank E. Father-in-law
Gingras, Beatrice M. Lodger Marshall, Fred   Pope, Mildred E. House kpr Beck, Harry W.  
McPherson, Lester A.   Hackett, Ruth   Drown, Lloyd E.   Powers, Winnie M. House kpr
Wells, Lucius H.   Peters, Carl H. Lodger Census Page VT.3-31-3 (map) Smith, Arthur R. L. Hse Kpr Uncle
Gelman, Daniel T.   Hanks, Joel    Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-32-3 (map)
Wright, Laura Lodger Brown, Vera M.   Morse, Vernon K. S-son East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Brodien, John B.   McLeod, Joseph D. Lodger Massie, Benjamin J.   Wells, Clara Minnie  
Henderson, Melvin P.   Clifford, Katherine   Dubuque, Dell   Gero, Joseph S-father
St. Laurent, Albert N.   Leavitt, Dana A.   Marcotte, Alfred G.   Lemilux, Joseph J.  
Jones, Stanley P.   Follensby, Fred L. (Follansbee?)   Belanger, Camille A.   Gardner, Bert L.  
Barrows, Walter K.   Ellis, Winifred Lodger Lessard, Edgar W.   Steenbergen, Anna  
Scott, Lindol   Ransom, Philip R.   Fournier, Joseph B.   Laurence, Harold K.  
Census Page VT.3-29-3 (map) Higgins, Gertrude   Aiken, Verne C.   Sands, William L.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Bingham, Katherine   Dwyer, Leslie I.   Coates, Herbert G.  
Scott, Margaret Daughter Gorham, John   Morse, Robert C. G-son Lemonie, Fred A.  
Brannon, Charles A. Lodger Census Page VT.3-30-3 (map) Nichols, Richard   Perkins, John W.  
Steele, Charles W.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Downer, Jean House kpr Watta, Robert W.  
Thistle, Helen S. Daughter Gorham, Sarah Mother Drew, Charles C.   Hovey, ? ? S-daughter
McKee, Alfred L.   Barrett, Agnes G. Sister Wright, Guy C.   Trefren, Robert P.  
Hovey, Carl D.   Conant, David S.   King, Grover   Witter, Robert C. Lodger
French, Robert   Ross, Edward A.   Census Page VT.3-31-4 (map) Kittell, Philip J.  
Donahue, Henry T.   French, Edward R.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-32-4 (map)
Hartshorn, Bell C.   Gray, Julia Maid King, Ruth D. Wife East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Blodgett, Martha C. Sister Melrose, Lucina   Beck, August   Kittell, Elaine J. Daughter
Mullally, Frank J.   French, George J.   Shurtleff, Mary A.   Roberto, Harley C.  
Lahar, Leo N.   Smith, L. Erwin   Steeves, Hollis P.   Clifford, Anne L. S-daughter
Brough, Edward N.   Barnes, Merrick   Bean, Ralph E.   Gray, Russel C.  
Moore, Frank P.   Palmer, Huntley Lodger Blake, Leon S.   Allard, Emma G.  
Warner, Bessie W.   May, Julia   Cyr, Batholomew L.   LeBlanc, William A.  
Hebert, Edna C. Lodger Allen, James   Corfield, Valerie M-in-law Knowlton, Calvin H.  
Butler, Bertha Lodger Sheffield, Dorrance E.   Pederson, Gustav   Blodgett, Harley M.  
Census Page VT.3-29-4 (map) May, Adolph G.   Cuthbertson, Henry B.   Brewer, Ida L. H. Mother-in-law
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Farmer, Frank E.   Papiniau, Fred Lodger Stancliffe, Reginald E. Son-in-law
Fry, Clinton   Warner, Doris Maid Emmons, Arthur F.   Brewer, Truman W.  
Kenne, Melinda J. Domestic Census Page VT.3-30-4 (map) Census Page VT.3-31-5 (map) Mooney, Joseph  
Franklin, Earl H.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-32-5 (map)
Richardson, Samuel E.   Donaghy, Ernest E.   Emmons, Barbara V. Daughter East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Bliss, Howard S.   Ward, Osborne B-in-law Antle, George   Hall, Walter C.  
Chickering, Solomon B.   Sykis, Violetts Maid Knight, Allen K.   Turner, Harold C.  
Randall, Harry W.   Hall, Frank Roomer Albiser, John B.   Gosselin, Donald R.  
Ford, Blanche W.   Hall, George Roomer Johnston, Andrew   Morse, Howard A.  
Cowan, Amedine   Giknan, A. J. Roomer Rodgers, Walter E.   Lineham, Daniel F. Half Brother
LaBlans, John E.   Suitor, Howard Roomer High, William   Somers, Henry F.  
Guyer, Gustave A.   Dillon, Jack Roomer Bennett, Gordon H.   Peavy, Albion G. (Peavey)  
Guyer, Aimee   Dwyer, Dorothy Roomer Oliver, Herbert F.   Wallace, Henry J.  
Fortin, Rene A.   Jenness, Marion Roomer Metevier, Charles A.   Thurber, Harley J.  
Pancroft, James L.   Rid, Phillip W, Roomer Weymouth, Percy H.   Colbath, Archie B.  
Palmer, Royce R.   Buckley, Henry W. Roomer Census Page VT.3-31-6 (map) Smith, Thomas Step father
Census Page VT.3-29-5 (map) Morse, Chas Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-32-6 (map)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Eaton, A. M. Lodger McKee, Edgar E.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Guyette, Isadore    Dion, L. J. Lodger Sanborn, Jennie L.   Montgomery, True W.  
Pinard, Ernest R.   Balgonelle, Joseph Lodger Ward, Isabella H.   Simpson, Richard D.  
Lachance, Raymond J.   Roberts, Elsie Lodger Gibson, Etta   Cormier, Thaddeus A.  
Lachance, Charles C.   Carson, Walter Lodger Bailey, Ronald   Cormier, Clara B. Mother 
Martin, Roger R.   Darling, Sarah G.   Young, Ezra C.   Davis, Susan N.  
Granville, Arthur L. (Rainville?)   McLaughlin, Bert   Blodgett, Herbert W.   Campbell, Gladys D. Daughter
Sicard, Albert J.   Forsythe, Wm M. B-in-law Courtney, Leontine G. House kpr Barker, Lula M. House kpr
Rash, Floyd H.   Sanborn, A, Clifton   Blodgett, Donald F.   Lee, Floyd A.  
Bancroft, Roy W.   Lyon, Christie Roomer Moore, Royal A.   Judd, Albert J.  
Edwards, Ethel K.   Clifford, Ray S.   Moore, Mabel H.   Learned, Ezra G.  
Stearns, Ernest R.   McCormick, James   Hudson, Ella H. Mother Webster, Lena M. Lodger
Census Page VT.3-29-6 (map) Taplin, W. Arthur   Tinker, Ernest F.   Graves, Helen  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Hubbard, Elizabeth Sister-in-law Smith, Jeanette Sister-in-law Mooney, Ernest T.  
Heath, Lynn G.   Stanton, Harry   Silloway, Lyle C.   Johnson, Lena  
Simpson, Francis W.   Census Page VT.3-30-5 (map) Marchesseault, Henry D.   Census Page VT.3-32-7 (map)
Suiter, Irving E. (Suitor?)   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-31-7 (map) East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Perry, Ora W.   Hunt, Stanley E.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Mooney, Marion E. Daughter
Rumald, Joseph A.   Harvey, Floyd C. B-in-law Sleeper, Clyde A.   Clifford, Guy D.  
Bedard, Eugene F/   MacDonald, Kenneth J.   Williams, Harrison F.   Moyles, Leslie G. Son-in-law
Bundy, Clarence G.   Greenwood, Francis   Abbott, Lillian   Piper, Glenn W.  
Rash, John E.   Southard, Rupert B.   Furbush, Gertrude S. Lodger Salmon, Bertha M.  
Laferriere, Joseph A.   Astbury, Clifford Lodger Eastman, E. Belle   Drown, George H.  
Laferriere, Adeodate T.   Loard, Ralph   Shields, Charles C.   Humphrey, Cedric W.  
Census Page VT.3-29-7 (map) Walker, Mary M-in-law Fairbanks, Cornelia T.   Plumbley, William R.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ranney, Nelson C.   Wakefield, Nellie Lodger Goss, Leonard C.  
Laberty, Henry J.   Severange, George    Jewett, Mary L.   Stiles, Elizabeth D. M-in-law
Deforge, Lawrence E.   Willey, Ernest   Newell, George G.   Seymour, Leonard A.  
Lovery, Alfred P.   Bovee, Ernest   Graves, Helen Cousin Seymour, Nelson J. Father 
Legault, Rosario H.   McCrillis, Allie L. (Addie?) M-in-law Powell, Harold G. Son-in-law Chase, Elmore H.  
Bedor, Aimee R.   Smith, Wm T. Lodger Gray, Katherine J.   Douglas Ruth I. Foster child
Lafevere, Geneive   McCrillis, Fred C. Lodger Gates, Mary Ida   Hurbert, Hattie F.  
Watkins, William Lodger Morse, Walter W.   Shaw, Ethel   Robinson, Fred L.  
Johnston, Francis T.   Census Page VT.3-30-6 (map) Steele, Charles Wesley   Batchelder, Joseph S.  
Dustin, Charles R.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Buckley, Frank W.   Census Page VT.3-32-8 (map)
Granger, Frank B.   Cole, Henry G.   Hevey, Eugene   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Census Page VT.3-29-8 (map) Fleming, Samuel Bert   Sargent, John H.   Mongeon, Leo E.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Prescott, Arthur   Census Page VT.3-31-8 (map) Mongeon, Ector A.  
Granger, Frank H. Son Heywood, Myrtle   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Bonnett, Charlie O.  
Greenwood, Frank W.   Goodall, Charles F.   Impey, James A.   Comstock, Edgar C.  
Bolduc, Hormidas J.   Lucas, Alonzo R.   Wilcomb, Archibald D.   Drown, Shirley J. G-daughter
Greenwood, Joseph   Kellogg, Harrett   King, Phillips B.   Twombly, Dennis B.   
Bressette, Wilfred J.   Menut, Maude G.   Skinner, Edgar L.   Wark, William J.  
Burdick, Charles F.   Parsons, Gertrude P. Sister  Fyles. Kathlyn S.   Stone, George E. Lodger
Higgins, Luciena M-in-law Frisbee, Franklin S.   Randall, Mary D.   Cross, Glen E.  
Desilets, Edmund J,   Clark, Wm   Toussaint, Mary   Bennett, Charlie I.  
Census Page VT.3-29-9 (map) Staples, Ward   Bennett, Annie B.   Boyce, Wyman H. Lodger
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ingersoll, Robert Son  Montgomery, Carroll M.   Butler, Harry A.  
Desilets, Priscilla Daughter Burden, John   Brown, Richard J.   Hill, Elizabeth A. Sister-in-law
Hall, George   Hooker, Elmer E.   Corey, Raymond W.   Hall, Dean A.  
Green, Nellie   Peattie, Nelson   Moore, Elmer R.   Grant, Perley H.  
McKelvey, Helen E. Niece Bellmger, Walter   Hoernle, Charles L.   Burke, William C.  
Berryman, Donald   Census Page VT.3-30-7 (map) Warner, Alice   Burke, Albert E.  
Damm, Charles A.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Fairbanks, Hugh W.   Census Page VT.3-32-9 (map)
Macomver, Nellie S. M-in-law Swanson, Carl Lodger Ford, Sophronia   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Harris, William E.   Norris, Marshall   Wood, Alexander Douglas   Noyes, Edith L. Maid
Hall, Velma L.   Byle, Frederick   Census Page VT.3-31-9 (map) Morrill, Ernest L.  
Landry, Dan   Blake, Robert   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Wheeler, Harry C.  
Gobar, Daisy M. Domestic Ramsey, Albert   Stetson, Henry C.   McReynolds, Walter J.  
Mulliken, Merle K.   Addy, Julia M-in-law Woods, Margaret E.   Putman, Rev. Raymond  
Stearns, Prescott   Burbank, Bertha L.   Burrows, Clayton   Chaffee, Mabel P.  
Hale, O. Dean   Rayne, Ida L.   Fahy, Kathleen H. Lodger Prescott, Allen C.  
McFarland, Raymond   McLeod, Jerome Roomer Turner, Reginald W.   Astle, Roy R.  
Census Page VT.3-29-10 (map) Waterman, Sterry   Dyer, George R.   Powers, Henry C.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ricker, Nathan   Connor, Fred G.   Colby, Clarence F.  
McFarland, Mildred E. Wife Brown, H. P.   Burrows, Ronald P.   Whitney, Milton R. Neohew
Hardy, Arthur S.   Goss, Chas H.   Bucka, Andrew W.   Holmes, Etta A. M-in-law
Placey, Ernest L.   Fox, Genevie Maid Porter, Alexander H.   Watts, Benjamin G.  
Hovey, Alice M.   McGregor, Donald   Parkhurst, Charles L.   McKee, Walter G.  
Brownlow, Charles   Balch, Ellen Maid Gleason, Agnes H. Sister-in-law Gray, Edwin  
Powers, - - -   Census Page VT.3-30-8 (map) Canning, Grace M.   Census Page VT.3-32-10 (map)
Maurice, Gaston   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Smith, Fred Lodger East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Leclerc, Phillip L.   Stone, Arthur F.   Robillard, Wilfred Lodger Wood, Richard P.  
Palmer, Cecil E.   Beck, John A.   Gray, Jasper A. Lodger Carroll, Marguerite M. Lodger
Palmer, C. Ellery   Colburn, Susie  House kpr Economou, Nicholas Nephew Donaghy, Addison A.  
Blodgett, Harry C.   Horton, Chas Lodger Census Page VT.3-31-10 (map) Corliss, Hormer F.  
Martin, Elden H.   Census Page VT.3-30-9 (map) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Taylor, Fred E.  
Lachance, Peter E.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Fleming, Matthew O. Lodger Brooks, Carlyle R.  
Census Page VT.3-29-11 (map) Dana, Chas H.   Johnson, Ada M.   Dunn, John P. Lodger
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Grey, Effie Maid Johnson, Arthur L.   Lackie, Elmer H.  
Cramton, Edward A.   Dana, Beatrice C.   Malam, William F.   Balch, William W. Lodger
Gardner, Aris Maid West, Alice Maid Webber, William Boarder Mayhew, Charles F.  
Hayes, Jerrymiah (Jeremiah?)   Moore, Jas A.   Stevens, Fred B.   Wallace, Gordon R.  
Braley, Charles J.   Kearni, Susan A.   Allison, Arthur I.   Jones, Cecile Marie Step daughter
Hedrick, Charles W.   Campbell, James B.   Ranger, Carl see pg 31-27 Burke, Alex Lodger
Davis, May Y. Domestic Badger E E.   Henderson, Ada I.   Petty, Harry F.  
Brooks, Jones H.   Packard, Carrie Sister-in-law MacDonald, James L.   Census Page VT.3-32-11 (map)
Harris, Myra L.   Hoyt, Marjorie Lodger Pye, Alice Lodger East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Pierce, Olive E.   Caruth, Beatruce M. Maid Shattuck, Florance P. Lodger Petty, Jo Ann M. Daughter
Randall, Pauline    Smith, Homer   Hoskins, Beryl G.   Learmonth, James  
Fitch, Wilmer H.   Wilson, Emily   Donovan, Nellie M.   Lynaugh, Allan Hired man
Mayette, Arlene Maid Haywood Lodger Bennett, Lambert L.   Carreau, Alcide H.  
Levasseur, Richard A.   Whitchill, Fred   Fleming, Martha   Marois, Wilfred F-in-law
Pope, Mabel J. Aunt Cheever, Arthur S.   Downs, Meloin James   Lavature, Edward J.  
Paine, Edith Maid Walker, Laura   Randall, Raymond   Marcotte, Leonard M.  
Stahl, Rudolph M.   West, Doris   Hughes, Arthur   Smith, Effie M-in-law
Pearl, William D.   Franceschi, Aldo G.   Ranney, George O.   Spaulding, Lyle B.  
Census Page VT.3-29-12 (map) Mooney, Agnes   Census Page VT.3-31-11 (map) Census Page VT.3-32-12 (map)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Clase, Mary L. Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Packard, Ray   Darrah, Mary L. Lodger Mason, Arthur B.   blank  
Short, Kate A.   Gaboriault, Lucy Ann Lodger Moore, Leon A.   Census Page VT.3-32-13 (map)
Bill, Lrster A.   Census Page VT.3-30-10 (map) Whitney, Emmett L.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Caplin, Joseph L.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Silsby, Charles E.   Wark, Carl B.  
Jenks, Zenas C.   Miller, Harriet Lodger Suitor, Marion E. Niece Wark,Charles J.  
Dolloff, Fred H.   Gelinas, Juliette Lodger Lewis, Ethel   Goodwin, George W.  
Flynn, John F.   May, Florence   Calderwood, Clarence Ray   Smith, Abbie E.  
Wesley, Walter   Poole, John   Kerr, Gladys B.   Lowell, Perry H.  
Scott, Walter A.   Davis, Esther S. Lodger Choquette, Henry J.   Grant, Arthur E.  
Canning, Joseph G.   Jewett, Harold G.   Priest, Alfretta Step-dau Shores, Lizzie M.  
Wesley, John W.   Hanks, Maynard B-in-law McLellan, Aularie J.   Penny, Harry Son
Brown, Cora I.   Miller, George   Christie, Mabel F.   Shastany, Ralph T.  
Walker, Stanley A.   Hansen, Milo    Kiser, Harley E. Lodger Beck, Lloyd G-son
Rattigan, Charles L.   Young, Bertha C.   Fox, Eva C.   Howe, Inez S.  
Census Page VT.3-29-13 (map) Meserve, Chas W.   Sears, Burtrand R. Son  Ford, McKoy P. (McCoy ?)  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Steward, Mary Weston   Sears, Ronald J. Son  Rudd Anne E.  
Spare, Bertha L. Lodger Drew, Chas W.   Sears, Reny Son  Rivers, Lottie W.  
Ward, Willard H.   Suitor, David   Borden, Priscilla B. Lodger Wilkinson, Ernest F.  
Marrow, George M.   Baldwin, James H.   Brunelle, E. N. Lodger Census Page VT.3-32-14 (map)
McCarty, Francis E.   Peck, Kate Lodger Emmons, Susie   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Chandler, Janice Sister-in-law Wells, Neil   Smith, Francis   Synaugh, Flossie M. G-daughter
Davenport, Clyde A.   Lawton, Floyd M.   Albright, Stanley   Johnson, Ellen  
Atwood, Simon D.   Parker, Frederic   Leslie, Alma M-in-law McCurdy, Dr. Sidney  
Bowman, Hazel P. Maid Census Page VT.3-30-11 (map) Widger, Fred   Dye, Paul  
Jenks, Jennie B.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Harbaugh, Calvin A.   Gannon, Lewis A.  
McLean, Richard Lodger Parker, Elizabeth S. Wife Census Page VT.3-31-12 (map) Shores, William E.  
Hawley, Walter (Healey?)   Willey, Ernest   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Clark, Lila House-kpr
Lampher, Vaile W.   Willard, Martha   Gleason, Emma L.   Wood, George B.  
Fink, Louis A.   Laird, Ella H. Maid Peabody, Nancy   Colby, Ambrose E.  
Willard, Howard S.   Thompson, Maurice E.   Houghton, Jesse   Dingman, Alvin H.   
Leithead, George R.   Calderwood, May P.   Cemire, Jeanne Maid Keys, Arthur B.  
Murphy, James P.   Ross, Eliza Lodger Somers, Edith G.   Griswold, Flora R.  
Tripp, Sadie A.   Blossom, Frank Lodger Pease, Henry T.   McGinnis, Mary Lodger
Census Page VT.3-29-14 (map) Nobert, Alfred Lodger Bowen, Frances J.   Brown, Al  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Burbank, Florence Lodger Cogley, Clarence E.   Knapp, Frank  
Dean, Evelyn A.   Lemear, Sara Lodger Bambuger, Pearl M. House kpr McGinnis, Ellery M.  
Harrington, Nellie Sister O'Keefe, Phlysis Lodger Towle, Charles E.   Census Page VT.3-32-15 (map)
Deyer, Bert E.   Tarplin Lodger Nolan, Martha J.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Brooks, Stanwood   Roy, Louise Lodger Fisher, Albert V   McGinnis, Phebe C. Daughter
Whaley, Harold P.   Spencer, Mary Lodger Wilkie, Frank Harold   Guyer, Lucy M-in-law
Skerry, William T.   Rodd, William   Bandy, Eloise Lillian Maid Prue, Clara M. Niece
Murphy, Albert W.   Wallace, George B-in-law Sterling, Anita V. Maid Danforth, Irving O.  
Plant, Lorraine T.   Mooney, Agnes M.   Harris, Fred William Lodger Grant, Edwin E.  
Summer, Charles E.   Morrison, Loraine B. Mother Stanton, Raymond A. Lodger Balcock, Charles H.  
Valentine, Milton   Moffett, Clyde   Duclos, Abraham Hector Lodger Heath, Pearl D.  
Placey, George F.   Ashworth, James P.   Robie, William Thomas Lodger Ford, Clarence Hired-man
Choinere, Napoleon, A.   Stearns, Constance B.   Taylor, Harry Albert Lodger Simond, Charles H.  
Gervais, Mary M-in-law Belden, Henry C.   Wilkie, Ronald Russell Son Lee, Bertha E.  
Gervais, Edward J.   Calhoun, Isa Mary   Parsons, Gertrude Evelyn Lodger Stanton, Benjamin C.  
Census Page VT.3-29-15 (map) Harri, Robert Lodger Cutting, Paul Lester Lodger Ramage, Helen L.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Quanby, Phoebe Lodger Roy, Filix Albert Lodger Census Page VT.3-32-16 (map)
Jenks, Raymond O.   Census Page VT.3-30-12 (map) Burdette, Gertrude R.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Coleman, Rose   Saint Johnsbury (Village) LaRoche, Philips H.   Chase, Ralph H.  
Bennett, Howard L.   Ainsworth, Clarence   Pelow, Mark T.   Chase, Caroline H.  
Bessette, Arthur M.   Carrigan, Alfred   Census Page VT.3-31-13 (map) Wood, Clarence G.  
Twombly, Ellsworth E.   Ward, Bertha   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ely, Luther  
Redington, Dana S.   Murphy, William   Willey, William A.   Crockett, Rev. David  
Cheever, Glenn A.   MacKay, Ivan   Leonard, Edward Lodger McRae, Mary A.  
Fitzpatrick, Leile L. (Lyle?)   Julian, Milton   Robbins, Harold Lodger Delworth, Frank E.  
Burns, Nelson A.   O'Donell, Herbert   Ladd, Robert B.   Census Page VT.3-32-17 (map)
Atwell, Wallace A.   Moore, Lester   Briggs, Harry W.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Macey, Bernard   Ticehurst, Vernon   Fournier, Charles O.   Cardinal, Alma  
Johnson, Fred G.   Rushford, Geo E.   Roy, Emma D.   Trombley, Carol C.  
Burrage, William Lodger Frost, Harriett E.   Weeks, James S.   Currier, Burton B.  
Census Page VT.3-29-16 (map) Converse, Frances Lodger Sawyer, Harold F. Lodger Oclair, William  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Devenger, Mamie   Blaney, Barbara M. Lodger Warren, James C,  
Clifford, Hugh   Goodrich, Walter   Cole, Leo H   Priest, Fred L.  
White, Annie M-in-law Census Page VT.3-30-13 (map) Howard, Edith M. House kpr Hevy, Arthur J.  
Anderson, Horace   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Cole, Sharon M. Daughter Blair, Elsie M.  
Worthen, Orange A.   Simons, George   Coburn, Leda H.   Census Page VT.3-32-18 (map)
Pratt, Arunah G.   McFarland, Blanche B. Lodger Wilsons, Gordon E.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Sumerville, Paul   Smith, Hazel Lodger Frye, James D.   Wallace, Edward J.  
Reynolds, Albert I Lodger Rowell, Carrie Lodger Gagne, Rene O.   Colby, Jerry J.  
Barrows, Fred W.   Hill, Benjamin   Woods, Raymond M.   Piper, Harold I.  
Waite, Edward C.   Thurston, Wm   Census Page VT.3-31-14 (map) Parks, Mary O.  
Hall, Henry H.   Gibson, Mary   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Webster, Harry L.  
Moulton, Hattie Domestic Bates, Ruth Lodger Malshuk, Mary A. Lodger Skinner, Ray I.  
Nagle, Minnie   Greenwood, Clifford   Coe, Carlie R.   Mooney, Clifton L.  
Bennett, Robert   Shields, Mabel   Reed, Harold S.   Drown, Roscoe J.  
Wheeler, Louise M.   McNiell, Abbie M. (MacNiell?)   Nadeau, Marie House kpr Kidder, Martha D. Niece
Farnham, John W.   Burleigh, Roscoe C.   Fair, David W. (Faire?)   Camire, Arthur J.  
Census Page VT.3-29-17 (map) Thompson, Helen C.   Tegu, John   Pike, John Earle  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Carpenter, Lottie L. Niece Veilleux, George Edgar   Census Page VT.3-32-19 (map)
LaFond, Albert J.   Cowles, Ernest H.   LaMere, Rita C. Foster dau. East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Mead, Fred Lodger Sherburne, Maw Maid Farnham, L. Dow   Stiles, Orrin A.  
Duffy, Clifford A.   Oakes, Frank B.   Leclerc, Clemet C. Step-son Brown, Claude C. Hired-man
Davis, George J.   Spencer, Alice C.   Farnham, L. Dow Jr. Son Stiles, Jennie S. Mother
McDonald, Jennie M.   Spaulding, Ora E.   Platt, Orville L.   Olcutt, Harold E.  
Clark, Leslie B.   Brunelle, Alphee   Pollock, Earl D.   Elliott, George D. Brother-in-law
Makor, Marylin (Marilyn?) Maid Simons, Lapearl Maid Longmoore, Duncan   Barnett, William G.  
Heyer, Charles A.   Batchelder, Webb S.   Barr, Glenda M. M. Lodger Jewett, Ada S. Maid
Parks, Peter   Reed, Morton   Gorham, William Lodger Beck, Theron, E. Hired-man
Rhodes, Emma J.   Census Page VT.3-30-14 (map) Roy, George V.   McGaffery  
Heyer, Albert S.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-31-15 (map) Stell, Wayne C.  
Sargent, Ray F.   Reed, Ethel M. Wife Saint Johnsbury (Village) Langmaid, Walter  
Pearsons, Duncan W.   Pillsbury, Avis   Roy, Florence K Wife Lamothe, Pete J.  
Creighton, David F.   Harvey, Wm E.   Barquin, Emelio C.   Langmaid, Carleton D. Son
Garfield, Stanley F.   Lemmire Alfred (Lemire?)   Dauphin, Eugene Lodger Hovey, Harry C.  
Townsend, Ferdinand E.   Houghton, Donald   Brown, James P. Lodger Whitehead, Fred G.  
Gracey, Mary B.   Hawley, Richard P.   Sulham, George H. Lodger Census Page VT.3-32-20 (map)
Census Page VT.3-29-18 (map) Boynton, Chas F.   Kelly, Hugh S. Lodger East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Flint, Mabel S.   Long, Elroy H.   Whitehead, Donald E. Son
Lee, Jennie Lodger Hackett, Wm E.   Laughlin, Edward J.   Nichols, Sarah, A. Mother-in-law
Carr, Martin T.   Drown, Jedd E.   Russell, James S.   Wood, Donald K. G-son
Reed, Taye S.   Balch, Gladys Nurse Rock, Madge K.   Benedict, Charles D.  
Morrison, Samuel J.   Bundy, Nellie F.   Gallup, Harold A.   Fortin, Angelbert J.  
Parker, Harold B.   Folsom, Jim J. Brother Murray, Eva M.   Gray, Howard E.  
Hackett, George   Richardson, Vivian Maid Morrill, Kenneth   Bugbee, Frederick R.S.  
Nickerson, Herbert W.   Waterman, Zeno S.   Drew, Cora L.   Dwinell, Edward S.  
McCrillis, Myra F.   Barritt, Maud M. (Brrett?) Maid Richards, Florence   Adams, Jennie Mother-in-law
Burrows, Alfred A.   Olliver, Nellie K.   Turner, Marion Lodger Smith, Ernest H.  
Blodgett, Winthrop W.   Tripp, Ralph C.   Cummings, William Lodger Census Page VT.3-32-21 (map)
Woodbury, Charles E.   Census Page VT.3-30-15 (map) Hudon, Edgar J. Lodger East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Blodgett, Edmund W.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Boisvert, James F.   Murray, William  
Sounders, Elinor Lodger Tripp, Helen M. Wife Barry, Elmer O.   Dow, Susie M. Partner
Frechette, David S.   Clark, Harry W.   Lamere, Michael   Evans, Moody H. Lodger
LaMouria, Henry J.   Scott, John W.   Cassidy, Walter M.   Chaffee, William B.  
Perngo, Madge Lodger Bean, Mable Maid Census Page VT.3-31-16 (map) Irwin, Frank Hired-man
Smith, Herbert   Brown, Ernest P.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Johnston, Minnie L.  
Turner, Mildred M. Maid Atwood, Dale S.   Smith, Gladys R.   Irwin, Joseph Hired-man
Census Page VT.3-29-19 (map) Taylor, Kenneth   Austin, Charles H.   Newell, Lynn M.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Stuart, Homer H. Son  Darling, Mary E.   Newell, Wayne W.  
Towle, Narcia M.   Holmes, Floyd W.   Hanks, Julian   Pasbly, Belle C. Mother-in-law
Wood, Julian H.   Census Page VT.3-30-16 (map) Sanborn, John W.   Sylvain, Philibert  
Blair, Wayne R.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Guyer, Adelard M.   Veilleux, Henry Brother-in-law
Buck, Gladys A.   blank   Bedell, Calvin E.   Verge, Melvine  
Wright, George A.   Census Page VT.3-30-17 (map) Greenwood, J. Albert   Berthume, Simon  
Drown, Damon W.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Lockwood, Merton W.   Cyr, Lyda J.  
Hardy, Wendell W.   Duchburn, Shirley M.   Tice, George C.   Raymond, Joseph Hired-man
Hanks, Ralph K.   Leys, Bella   Census Page VT.3-31-17 (map) Census Page VT.3-32-22 (map)
Berry, Dale V. Lodger Beane, Lydia   Saint Johnsbury (Village) East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Hanks, Ethel L. Maid Lathrop, Elizabeth   Roberts, Martha M. Aunt Greenwood, Hazel  
Harvey, Bert   Ford, Mabel   Calderwood. Alvi   Cushman, Charles F.  
Hall, Florien G.   Collins, Jms M.   Cummings, John W.   Raymond, Arthur G. Hired-man
West, Paul A.   Anderson, Pearl   Sillaman, Richard Lodger Brill, Kermit E.  
Page, Gordon S.   Downer, Ola   Cushman, Paul J,   Brill, Ellwood  
Census Page VT.3-29-20 (map) Anderson, Evelyn Daughter Hayden, Eugene W.   Wells, Harlo  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-30-18 (map) Wright, Burton S.   Hallett, Henry E.  
Bennett, George A.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Lewis, Paul   Mooney, Louis A. N.  
Donahue, Eva N.   blank   Taylor, Harry Albert Lodger Gagnon, Louis T. Ralph  
Beck, Henry J.   Census Page VT.3-30-19 (map) Stoddard, Wayne   Fenoff, Joseph R.  
Beck, Oscar   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Mathews, Luther C.   Castonguay, Joseph  
Dennis, Eugene N.   Halcrow, Guy   Nichols, Barbara A. R. Lodger Ball, Millard E.  
Merrill, Carter J.   Nichols, Robert   Brock,Mary Elizabeth Lodger Beattie, Margaret M. Step-G-daug
Goldberg, Israel   Stillman, Marcus   Caswell, Harold R.   Census Page VT.3-32-23 (map)
Murenberg, Harry A. B-in-law Grant, Lawrence   Woodward, George A.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Chase, Julia   Knowlton, David   Moore, Harry Lodger Eggyleston, James A. Hired-man
Fadden, Eugene D.   Goslant, Harold   Gadapee, Kenneth E.   Meilleux, Joseph R.  
Blackner, Grace M. Mother Chapman, Francis   Mills, Bertram C.   Welcome, George Brother-in-law
Clark, Hattie M. Aunt Lynch, Miller Lodger Census Page VT.3-31-18 (map) Brown, Durght B.  
Dalton, Sarah B. Lodger Fitzsimons, Norton   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Morrison, Elmore J. S-son
Witters, Harry W.   Cosgrove, Jas M. (James)   Lanctot, Archie E.   Didier, Blouly Hired-man
Census Page VT.3-29-21 (map) Gage, Carrie   Ferlazo, Dorothy E.   Boutette, Fortuna Frank  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Bell, Marion   Howe, Charles H.   Swift, Rodney R. Lodger
Perowne James J.   Smith, Adelbert   Norris, Blanche C.   Conly, John E.  
Longmoore, Jutten A.   Cohen, Henry   Gibson, Daniel J.   Donna, Leo  
Bassett, John E. F-in-law Wheeler, Mary   Norris, Samuel E.   Daniell, Leslie I.  
Scott, Katherine G.   Strobridge, Francis   Montgomery, Sadie P.   Phillips, Isaac Boarder
Arnold, Lyndon H.   Corriveau, Cora   Caron, Peter G. Lodger McPhee, Laura T.  
Skinner, Roy D.   Trefren, Clara   Russlow, Carrie   Census Page VT.3-32-24 (map)
Kelly, Fred W.   Hickox, Alice Gray   Hallett, Erastus H.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Hebert, Lionel   Morrell, Sarah   Cramer, Grace H.   Jafte, Roy A. Father
Healey, Herman A.   Fisk, Mabel   Grimes, Edwin F.   Morrison,Catherine Nurse
Lemos, Frank E. F-in-law Manchester, Nellie A.   Graham, Bertha O.   Farman, Osmer Hired-man
Galbraith, John T.   Lillicrap, Paul   Town, Percy W. (Towne?)   Aiken, Leonard Hired-man
Moore, Jennie G Sister Sullivan, John D.   Laurencelle, Osias W.   Marshall, Arthur L.  
Galbraith, Elizabeth Sister Census Page VT.3-30-20 (map) Picard, Ronald R. G-son Wheeler, Merl E.  
Service, William A. Uncle Saint Johnsbury (Village) Amidon, Frank W.   Boardman, Elizabeth S-daughter
Jenness, Martha A.   Withers, M. D.   Gero, William H.   Badger, Pearly  
Miles, Agnes M. Domestic Hall, Everett   Census Page VT.3-31-19 (map) Wright, Harriet E.  
Lyster, Alfred H.   O'Neil, Augusta   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Larma, Ralph W. Son-in-law
Spaulding, Blanche Lodger Lynch, Elbert J.   Gero, Pearl A. Wife Lawson, George I.  
Peters, Wesley C.   Cuthbert, Catherine   Wilkie, Hortense Lodger Wright, Fred  
Fuller, Clyde E.   Bean, Abbie B.   Reed, Flora Lodger Newcomb, Mary Boarder
Census Page VT.3-29-22 (map) Noyes, Alvin   MacDonald, Colin E.   Mooney, John  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Baker, Anna   Letourneau, Arthur W.   Roy, Jack  
Banks, Dolly F. Lodger Ricker, Carrie E.   Moller, Clifford A.   Lambert, Archie Lodger
Holman, Ruby E. Lodger Conlin, Augustus   Harvey, Lyman K.   Jewell, Mary Lodger
Peck, Josephline M. Lodger Baldwin, Harry   Williams, Arthur   Census Page VT.3-32-25 (map)
Grath, Joan A. Niece Collins, Carroll G.   Morency, Lorenzo A.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Carter, George A,   Woods, Fred B.   Willey, Charles E.   Garvin, Austin A,  
Stevens, George A.   Barney, Albert   Blake, Alfred G.   Lewis, Elmer H.  
Barton, Mary A.   Bailey, Ethel   Blake, Austin K.   Hodge, Lorraine G S-daughter
Burrows, Edwin G.   Wood, Framn G   Census Page VT.3-31-20 (map) Lyons, Murray E.  
Currier, Emilie (Emily ?) M-in-law Jacobus, Dale P.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ladd, Walter A. S-son
Cummings, Amy L. Aunt Arthur, Alexander C.   Best, Dayton H.   Carr, Robert R.  
Smart, Meldrum S.   Gulbrandsen, Gulband (George?)   Gadapee, William   Morris, Carl M.  
Canty, John M.   Duncan, Chas F.  Jr.   Lamont, Franklin H. G-son Gammell, John L.  
Rousseau, Bernadette Maid Loveitt, Clinton T.   Ladd, Milo E.   Martell, Sadie  
Dean, Chauncey W.   Stillman, Chas F.   Johnson, Charles H.   Dyke, Charles Lodger
Amidon, Cyril H.   Census Page VT.3-30-21 (map) Hall, Albert M.   Gammell, Frank  
Hart, Edward J.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Marden, Harry J.   Deos, Harvey  
Census Page VT.3-29-23 (map) McCarthy, Esther   Hickey, George S.   LaMontagne, Lavina House-kpr
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Batvhelder, C. C.   Clark, Ina P. House kpr McKinnon, Andrews  
Lurchin, Verner E.   Bousefield, Florence   Harvey, Wilford C.   Nault, Augustus B-in-law
Ward, Robert T.   Jewett, Nellie   Lawrence, Frank R.   Vancouri, William F-in-law
Whaley, Charles D.   Piper, Genevieve L. Lodger Lynaugh, Elsie E.   Census Page VT.3-32-26 (map)
Woods, James H.   Grace, Teresa   Kilburn, J. Elsmore   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Lackie, May B. M-in-law Overmyer, Dwight   Catharin, Forrest R.   Lee, Laurence  
Kennison, Fred E.   Noyes, John Son LaPoint, Elton F.   Dahlbergh, Oscar  
Scott, John F.   Cowles, Ernest Hamond   Faye, Stanley R.   Taylor, Floyd  
Eastman, Howard C.   Census Page VT.3-30-22 (map) Delamater, Emily J. M-in-law Wright, William H.  
Fisher, Edward D.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Eager, Ernest H.   Lawrence, William Hired-man
Beck, Aloysius J.   blank   Census Page VT.3-31-21 (map) Widger, George W.  
Beck, Sigmond E.   Census Page VT.3-30-23 (map) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Cote, Oliver A.  
Lawrence, Reta Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) Brown, William J.   Ware, Sadie R.  
Knapp, Clara   Moore, Joseph H. B-in-law Andrews, Fred.   Peck, John Boarder
Corliss, E. Sears   Seymour, Harry R.   Rouleau, Henry J.   Wentgell, William Hired-man
Walters, Ethel   Butterfield, Foster   Cutting, William B.   Howland, Herman  
Lang, Arthur M.   Gray, Martha Mother Goss, Leonard F.   Whiting, Gerald A.  
Piper, Scott E.   Smith, Lester Lodger Menard, Leo E.   Peavey, Lawrence L.  
Worthen, Raymond   Morran, Susie Lodger Lacroix, Ludger G. F-in-law Census Page VT.3-33-10 (map)
White, Lorna   Gray, Adella Lodger Corbin, Alfred D.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Census Page VT.3-29-24 (map) Gard, Mabel Lodger Carreau, Rudolph W.   Greenwood, James H.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Childs, Alice Lodger Costello, William B. Lodger Heath, Forrest Lodger
Foster, Lyford W.   Ashworth, Margaret   Dansereau, Fred J.   Hall, Joe  
Goudreau, Victor   Cullin, Herbert Servant Delaney, Frank E.   Bennett, Wilfred H.  
Files, Richard A.   Gross, Frank Lodger Census Page VT.3-31-22 (map) Mosher, Alice  
Cannon, James A.   Delaney, George  Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) Mosher, Cassious I.  
Brigham, Merle S.   Lloyd, Donald Lodger Delaney, Sara C. Wife Laperle, Roland T  
Preston, Ira A.   Lynch, Glen   Silver, Martha A.   Fortin, Lydia M.  
Willey, Edna E.   Burns, T. R. Rev.    Healey, Alexander J. Brother Prue, Frank E.  
Paine, Albert P.   Hinman, Carrie   Robertson, Della M.   Cole, Robert G-son
Glover, Bennett   Perry, Glenn   Meilleur, Gerard   Adams, Nila Servent
Counsell, Merrick M.   Simpson, Doris Maid Woods, Mary   Chandler, Samuel C.  
Peterson, Raymond W.   Hudon, Joseph Lodger Caplan, Abraham J.   Census Page VT.3-33-11 (map)
Atwood, Bessie S.   Bradley, Walter C. Lodger Gagnon, Emilia House kpr East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Census Page VT.3-29-25 (map) Census Page VT.3-30-24 (map) Newell, George F.   Penniman, Homer N.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ellis, Theodore M.   Bushey, George W.  
Counsell, Merrick   Ruggles, Duane   Kellogg, Guy T.   Hawkins, Charles W.  
Merritt, Earl H. (Merrtt?)   Boutain, Albert   Calderwood, Wesley R.   Miles, Ruth L. House kpr
Taylor, William H.   Densmore, Leon   Daniels, Clara B.   Bristol, Dorothy L. House kpr dau
Nickols, Lee P.   Barber, Clyde   Simpson, Dean E.   Laperle, Leo R.  
Christiansen, Tygve   Stanton, Anna Lodger Cunavelis, John D.   Caufhin, Everett A. B-in-law
Larson, Fred C.   Clifford, Edith Lodger Tegu, Andrew J.   Davis, William C.  
Carpenter, Walter   James, Jesobel Lodger Holbrook, Max R.   Denison, Charles S. S-son
Colburn, Gladys   Roberts, Ethel Lodger Census Page VT.3-31-23 (map) Lyster, Carl T.  
Crosby, Fred M.   Herman, Leland W.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Truell, Edna L. Lodger
Beauregard, Louis J.   Day, Harry   Belanger, George H.   Whitney, Charles N.  
Cox, Walter H.   Hill, Archer   Rousseau (Brooks) Edward G.   Sharrow, Alfred R.  
Carr, Theodore A.   Furse, Herbert W.   Royer, Gideon   Sharrow, William E. G.  
Gadley, Benjamin L.   Noyes, John S. Son Fleming, Isaac J.   Vance, Scott Lodger
Census Page VT.3-29-26 (map) Baraw, Stanley   Heath, Floyd C.   Bean, Leslie H.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Trafton, Maynard   Sevigny, Walter W.   Petty, Nelson R.  
Beck, Frederick C.   Derusha, William   Wright, Guy Carroll   Warren, Clarissa Lodger
Brand, Harold   Stuart, Ethel M. Maid Tubman, John P.   Robinson. Thomas H.  
Tann, John A.   Census Page VT.3-30-25 (map) Wright, Wendell B   Census Page VT.3-33-12 (map)
Gauthier, Alphonse E.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Cox, George W.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Cady, Jason M.   McKee, Lloyd   Reynolds, Martha M.   Paine, Ralph N.  
Carter, Mary A.   Trainor, Frances   Ranney, George C. Lodger McCaffrey, Mary E.  
Bonett, Percy S.   Brooks, Mrs. Abby P.   Maurice, Arsene N.   Lawrence, Carl B.  
Morrison, Everett A.   Farr, Wilbur J.   Boutwell, Frank L.   Maurice, Robert Lodger
Chalmers, John A.   McCutchen, Sally M. G-daughter Census Page VT.3-31-24 (map) Lawrence, Frank A.  
Kinball, Lewis E.   Galbraith, John S.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Page, Eugene C.  
Puffer, John   Census Page VT.3-30-26 (map) Boutwell, Newell D.   Cyr, Catherine  
Delaney, Charles   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Taylor, Barbara A. Step-dau Thompson, William F.  
Census Page VT.3-29-27 (map) blank   Hill, Alise S.   Brigham, Joseph W. F-in-law
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-30-27 (map) Dutton, Doreen A. G-dau Fleming, Jessie R.  
Fassett, Carrie F.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Dubois, Alfred P. Lodger Fleming, Gordon E.  
Pearl Lillian W.   Costrllo, Edmond T.   MacKay, Wallace W.   Reynolds, Emille H.  
Burrows, Ernest E.   Reid, Jones Jr.   Meigs, Virginia M.   Census Page VT.3-33-13 (map)
Dimick, William A.   Grant, Neller   Weston, Carlyle E. Son East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Wetherell, Winston   Grant, Henry R.   Meigs, Richard H. Son Nelson, William J.  
Johnston, Enos A.   Farnham, Percy E.   Gardner, George Lodger Nicholas, Robert Lodger
Stoddard, Curtis W.   Drew, John B.   Abbott, June Lodger Cook, Henry W.  
Lucas, Jerry G.   Louis, William J.   Rickard, Anna S.   Armstrong, George W. F-in-law
Boylan, Edward   Amback, Edward H.   King, Ernest A. G-son Gagnon, Alfred L.  
Barton, Mary C. Lodger Cooker, John Henry   Preman, George   Caldwell, Eber  
Logan, Andrew J.   Angelaker, John W.   Morron, Virgil G.   Conly, Mary E.  
Paradis, Floribert R. Son Tinker, Allan M.   Drummond, James B.   Beck, Fannie Sister
Logan, Louis L. Son Strand, Russell   Census Page VT.3-31-25 (map) Albiser, John A.  
Chaloux, Fred A.   Hickox, Frank E.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Grant, John H.  
Census Page VT.3-29-28 (map) Cadet, Thomas R. Guest Irwin, David   Magill, Joseph G.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-30-28 (map) Badger, George W.   Census Page VT.3-33-14 (map)
Verge, Napoleon A.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Sherman, Agnes Daughter East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Burns, Frances A.   blank   Cox, William J.   Mathers, Rachel L. Lodger
McLean, Hugh B.   Census Page VT.3-33-5 (map) Cox, Mary E. Wife Armstrong, Robert  
Gray, William H.   Saint Johnsbury  (Town) Guain, Helena M-in-law Prue, Celia  
Fisk, Robert P.   Rogers, Ernest R.   Royer, L. Arthur   Cade, Hurd R.  
Cook, Clinton D.   Prevost Joseph A. (Arthur ?)   Wilkie, Edward J.   Martin, Jennie House kpr
Rosselott, Eugene A.   Frizzell, Fred L.   Cross, Barbara E. Step-dau Hubbard, Harry E.  
Coburn, Donald   Machell, Maude V. House kpr Davis, William A.   Hawkins, Azro A.  
Clark, Benjamin F.   Cowling, George C.   Darling, Roderick E.   Koefra, Edward E.  
Mackay, Edwin R.   Belanger, Millard H.   Fairbanks, Lona M-in-law Roy, Cuegust L. Lodger
Gonneville, George A.   Porter, Albert W.   Morrison, Mervyn E.   Keneson, George H.  
Clifford, Fred R.   Gosley, Erlon Lodger Begbie, Montague Charles   James, Rimaldo E. Lodger
Root, Leonard J.   Dana, Jennie M.   Census Page VT.3-31-26 (map) Gray, Edwin A.  
Census Page VT.3-29-29 (map) Mann, Russell J.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ingall, Hollis Lodger
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Rapp, Karl W. (Carl ?)   Dinsmore, Francis L.   Moulton, Melville R.  
Fisk, Jennie   Lowery, Walter Lodger Bedell, Julia B.   Whitney, S. B. F-in-law
Census Page VT.3-29-30 (map) Cheever, Clinton F.   Dinsmore, Albert H. Father Laperle, William  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Pierce, Leon F.   Edney, George L.   Census Page VT.3-33-15 (map)
blank   Census Page VT.3-33-6 (map) Annis, Lena E.   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Census Page VT.3-33-1 (map) Saint Johnsbury  (Town) Abbott, Lewis B.   Bryant, James, W.  
Saint Johnsbury  (Town) King, Craig L. Son-in-law Underhill, William Nephew Carter, Althea E. S-daughter
Henderson, Stanley A.   McElreavy, Hugh W.   Toussaint, Alcide   Whitney, Raymond C.  
Courtney, Frank C.   Tilton, Walter H   Wilder, Lyle J. (Lisle?)   Smith, Walter E.  
Copp, Wendell L.   Drummond, David H.   Fontaine, Joseph O.   Roberts, Joel A.  
Copp, Samuel A.   Lynaugh, Marion O. Servent Messier, Viola F. Daughter Roberts, Orange S.  
Collins, Fredick G. Lodger Church, William C.   Barrett, Alberton    Kimball, John A.  
Walsh, Thomas J.   McLean, Daniel F.   Pierce, Gladys Daughter Remick, Carl C.  
Christie, Thomas J.   Simpson,Howard   Keneson, Mary E.   Elliott, John A.  
Barrett, Leon F.   Houghton, Darwin    Census Page VT.3-31-27 (map) Kimball, Clifford C.  
Trembley, Joseph A.   Carpenter, Clara Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-33-16 (map)
Christie, Thomas   Powers, Raymond L.   Keneson, Agnes D. Daughter East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Bean, Fredick E.   Bennett, Sefton   Smith, Morris B.   Woodmansee, Max S.  
Sanborn, Mabel E.   Curtis, Charles W.   Oldham, Stanley R. St.J.Academy Ovitt, Howard C.  
Census Page VT.3-33-2 (map) McLean, Christine   Ranger, Carl Herman St.J.Academy Howard, Myra D.  
Saint Johnsbury  (Town) Blair, Gilbert G.   Clark, Dorothy St.J.Academy Mooney, Daniel  
Miles, Charles L.   Henderson, Pearl V.   Grover, Hector St.J.Academy Lillie, Edwin G.  
Piper, Roy N.   Census Page VT.3-33-7 (map) Stevenson, Annie P. St.J.Academy Putnam, George M.  
Jones, Margaret Servent Saint Johnsbury  (Town) Valentine, Mamie Alice St.J.Academy Mosher, James H. Lodger
Pierce, Fred F.   Cole, Perley H.   Alexanfer, Beverly G. St.J.Academy Brown, Luther B.  
Bonett, Percy A.   Cole, Eliza W.   Root, Mary C. St.J.Academy Messier, Lucien J.  
Jordan, Ida M.   Moulton, Max D.   Snow, Harry W. St.J.Academy Doucette, Mary M-in-law
Fontaine, Homer J.   Dean, Andrew W.   Bailey, Mary H. St.J.Academy Davis, James A.  
Wilfoot, Claud C.   Gilman, Lindol H.   Stilson, Bertha O. St.J.Academy Burgess, Charles H.  
Bean, Howard F.   Robinson, Florence Servent Yeranian, Rosa C. St.J.Academy Burgess, Ralph S.  
Farr, Walter G.   Ayer, Arthur H.   Lundgren, Elmore D. St.J.Academy Burgess, Arthur J.  
Kendall, John S.   Rolfe, Henery G.   Kalijarvi, Gustav B. St.J.Academy Lessard, Edmund Lodger
Shaw, Ina M-in-law Tull, Maurice E.   Durham, Roland P. St.J.Academy Bedor, Joseph  
Grady, Allen A.   Reid, Frederick   Johnston, Pearl W. St.J.Academy Census Page VT.3-33-17 (map)
Mudgett, Claude W.   Gentile, Nicholas E.   Census Page VT.3-31-28 (map) East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Mudgett, Claud Jr.   Aubin, Gerald C.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Bowen, Warren  
Census Page VT.3-33-3 (map) Davis, Jesse J.   blank   Williams, Austin C.  
Saint Johnsbury  (Town) Census Page VT.3-33-8 (map) Census Page VT.3-31-29 (map) Aldridge, Perley Lodger
Wightman, Albia   Saint Johnsbury  (Town) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Gray, Edward A.  
Nelson, George A.   Page, Leo E.   Durham, William   Bassett, Dean Lodger
Grant, Blanche P.  Housekpr Hubbard, Maurice E.   Cutting, Murray C.   Boardman, Gerald Lodger
Rpbinson, Sarah J.   Heath, Robert L.   Beck, Joseph K.   Shattuck, Homer C.  
Swasey, Winona L.   Weeks, Clarence B.   Schulty, Walter J.   McFarland, Windel Lodger
Lyster, Morton D.   Laferriere, Lucille Servent Darling, Clyde A. Son Kittredge, Harry E.  
King, Kathleen Step daug. Blodgett, Elbert H.   Stone, Frank L. Lodger Vance, Olyn F.  
Robinson, Fred S.   Cheney, Charles F.   Johnson, Dorilla G Daughter Patterson, Florence Servent
Grady, Gardiner   Spooner, Ernest N.   McPherson, Charles   Hinton, Alfred Lodger
Bean, Roy M.   Crepeault, William   Constantinos, Angelaker Lodger Mucham, Mark  
Bean, Lisle H.   Sizen, Earle N.   Oldham, Catherine Wife McFarland, James A.  
Morley, William H.   Lucas, Aldrich R.   Johnston, Harvey E.   Census Page VT.3-33-18 (map)
Jarry, Pierre E.   Sears, Alden Step-Son Kalijarvi, Mary E. Wife East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Ward, Elmer G.   Nknowlton, Fred W.   Hoskins, Barbara R. Daughter Hall, Gaylon Lodger
Holloway, John H.   Plouffe, Alidore   Lundgren, Lotta T.  (wife) St.J.Academy Bedor, William  
Census Page VT.3-33-4 (map) Marcotte, George A.   Colburn, Bernard H.   Gravit, Pauline Daughter
Saint Johnsbury  (Town) Census Page VT.3-33-9 (map) Wilcomb, Barbara Daughter Lamille, Juluis J.  
Bradley, Grace Z.   Saint Johnsbury  (Town) Guyer, Melvena E.   Potter, Frank A.  
Heath, Benjamin F. Lodger Perkins, Everette S.   Pinard, Marcel G-son McRae, George S.  
Colbeth, George A.   Beford, Delphine L.   Harvey, Evelyn B. Wife Newell, William A.  
Mack, Ernest M.   Bundy, William G.   Carpenter, Helen M. House kpr Heath, Plrylene House kpr
Routier, Mitchell S.   Berube, Alexander N.   Howe, George E. Son Bresse, Gene  
Sage, Elizabeth Daughter Mooney, Clarence J.   Boyce, Richard F. Lodger Rivers, Moses  
Here ends RFD-2 - Starting RFD-3   Tripp, Isabelle E. House kpr Chesbrough, Chester Wayne Lodger Census Page VT.3-33-19 (map)
Emmons, Horace F.   Simpson, Jess E.   Cox, Joseph W. Son East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
Brickett, William A.   Stone, Clifton E.   Crowdy, Albert   Roberts, Bernard A.  
Johnston, John B.   Sargent, Ernest R.   Census Page VT.3-31-30 (map) Bonett, Earl C.  
Brown, John H. Lodger Farr, William W.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Bradley, Freeman G.  
Green George R.   Best, Burton J.   Abbott, William   Abbott, Mildred Boarder
Hatch, Charles E. Lodger Prescott, Prentice P.   Taylor, Jess. E.   Census Page VT.3-33-20 (map)
Bean, Maitland C.   Batchelder, Clyde H.   Donahue, Kenneth   East Saint Johnsbury  (Town)
McLean, Florence Lodger Litchfield, Ruby M-in-law Conles, Kate E.   blank  
McCallum, Beatrice M.              
Cross, Ruth Lodger            
Cobb, Franklin O.              
Plummer, Elizabeth A, Servent            
Chapman, Nelson R.              

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