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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Census Page VT.3-22-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-23-19 (map) Census Page VT.3-34-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-39-1 (map)
So. Ryegate (Village) Ryegate (Town) Sheffield (Town) Waterford
Darling, Ruth G.   Wilson, Pearl Wife Basford, William   Mathewsm Ossian  
Currl, Louis G.   McKinley, William A.   Paquin, Joseph   Lee, Bertha M.  
Goodine, Henry W.   Marshall, Catherine C. House kpr Paquin, Roland   Bugbe, Bell W.  
Mason, Carroll P.   Kerwin, John Lodger Ash, Statire   Eager, Edwin  
Darling, Jeanie H.   Sheltry, Frank   Jackson, Mallon G-son Boulay, Avila R.  
Patterson, George W.   Lampher, Howard   McOwen, Oliver   Hill, Lottie E.  
Hamel, Bernard B.   Bowley, Norman S-in-law Perry, Charles Lodger Whiton, Ross  
MacDonald, George N.   Mayo, Wendell Adopted son Simpson, John   Moulton, Merman  
Geblois, Howard L.   Flint, Jeanette Lodger Simpson, W. Orice   Surridge, William  
Brock, Lee E.   Lelond, Mary A.   Wells, Myrtle Lodger Morrill, Susie  
Hendry, Darwin B. G-son Simmons, Ralph E.   Masure, Lewis   Lawrence, Abbott V.  
Census Page VT.3-22-2 (map) Census Page VT.3-23-20 (map) Census Page VT.3-34-2 (map) Lawrence, Fred C.  
So. Ryegate (Village) Ryegate (Town) Sheffield (Town) Robinson, Alfred  
Stearns, Marjorie W. Wife blank   Masure, Donald Son Martel, Romeo  
Rizzi, Stephen F.   Census Page VT.3-23-21 (map) Paquin, Leo   Census Page VT.3-39-2 (map)
Morrill, Arthur W.   Ryegate (Town) Calderwood, Orie   Waterford
Bailey, Merton   Stanley, William   Fanner, Harold   Martel, Yvonne Wife
Gould, Howard M.   Drown, Horace   Wright, Francis S-son Lewis, Peter C.  
Renfrew, John C.   Kimball, George J.   Emery, Loyd S-son-in-law Bean, Irving  
Gibson, Paul M.   Slayton, Evelyn House kpr Johnson, Page N.   Batcheler, Jermie Hired hand
Whitehill, Letimer E.   Somers, Harold D.   Smith, Howard Laborer Wright, Rolla  
Gasperini, Reno Lodger McLarn, William L.   Egleston, Abner Laborer Dennett, Carrie Lodger
Terry, Mary A. G-mother Sokol, Michael   Brnon, Hague   McQueen, Robert F.  
Kaiser, Paul R.   Pope, Ella   Martin, Leon Laborer Scranton,Lewis E. Lodger
Ransey, Myrtie V.   Census Page VT.3-23-22 (map) Conley, Cyril   Roberts, Frank  
Andreoletti, Libro   Ryegate (Town) Census Page VT.3-34-3 (map) Spink, Elsie House kpr
Dow, Walter Lodger blank   Sheffield (Town) Grant, Donald Hired hand
McClellan, Johnana     Conly, Jessie Son Powers, Glen G.  
Census Page VT.3-22-3 (map) Census Page VT.3-21-1 (map) Berneitt, Gordon B-in-law Crapault, Joseph  
So. Ryegate (Village) Peacham (Town) Miles, Ethel   Craw, Walter  
Rosa, Chester   Woods, Frank T.   McDowell, Archie A.   Bisson, Kenneth  
Smith, Lewis C.   Thresher, John S Lodger Newland, George S-in-law Census Page VT.3-39-3 (map)
Gibson, Charles E.   Nunn, Oliver   Gray, Kenneth Help Waterford
Davidson, Clyde R.   Nunn, William E.   Gray, Roy S.   Janson, Gerald Hired hand
Lee, Wellington N.   Welsh, Arthur Lodger Chase, Shirley Boarder Welson, Ray L.  
Campbell, James F.   Woodard, Lawrence   Day, Lovina V.   Gittander, Allan  
Rosa, Angelo L.   Dubray, Murtie Lodger Conn, Harold Lodger Bennet, Merton  
Mills, Samuel Boarder Chamdler, John G.   Brooks, Freeman   Hastings, Frank  
Sanderson, George F.   McBride, Carroll R.   Brooks, Horace   Banks, Nathan  
Zimmerman, Fred W.   Barret, Joseph Lodger Lower, Emily   Cushing, Charles Hired hand
Murray, James G.   Robinson, Philo S.   Ranney, Ellsworth   Ingalls, Homer  
Zambon,Severino G.   Berard, Elsid Lodger Census Page VT.3-34-4 (map) Belnap, Perley H. Grandson
Hatch, Clifford L.   Quimby, James M.   Sheffield (Town) Allard, Henry Hired hand
Census Page VT.3-22-4 (map) Census Page VT.3-21-2 (map) Blair, Mary E.   Banks, William  
So. Ryegate (Village) Peacham (Town) Dopp, Ralph G-son Eastman, Howard Son
Hatch, Clara C. Daughter Quimby, Richard M. Son Barber, Arland   Simpson, Janice Lodger
Gandin, Louis   Thresher, Albert T.   Wilbur, John A.   Jones, Irving L.  
Barpieri Delto Boarder Kinerson, Philip   Walker, Fred Laborer Phibrisk, Berton Hired hand
Zambon, Peter G.   Adams, Gordon   Dwyer, Kenneth   Smith, William T.  
Durcharme, William L.   Bulson, Robert A   Shedd, Harold   Hisbery, Bertha Daughter
Garbati, Secondoa   Lackey, Frances   Holbrook, Maurice A.   Vigeaut, Cordelia  
Doe, Fred J.   Maynerd, Elizabeth House kpr Dopp, David   Bagley, Charles Hired hand
Doe, Bernard E.   Schoolcraft, Clifton   Dwyer, George   Census Page VT.3-39-4 (map)
Caldwell, Wayne A. Boarder Randall, Gilbert   Dopp, James L.   Waterford
Zampieri, Giovanni G.   Jennison, Perly M.   Norway, Floyd   Chouinard, Gustave  
Chiaradia, Eugenio   Kelly, William G. B-in-law Newland, Augustus   Willson, Samuel G.  
Craigie, Leola M.   Martin, Moses W.   Calderwood, Fred   Willson, Dean H.  
Bailey, Jessie R.   Pollard, Kenneth M.   Census Page VT.3-34-5 (map) Willson, Donald D.  
McAllister, Harriet M. House kpr Munger, Ashley F.   Sheffield (Town) Willson, Linsaln W.  
Beaton, George R.   Census Page VT.3-21-3 (map) Calderwood, David Son Persons, Milo P.  
Olioso, Giusto   Peacham (Town) Williams, Harry G.   Persons, Mary E.  
Gray, Bathia S.   Pollard, Frank B.   Dane, Richard Lodger Nutter, Francis  
Patterson, John H. G-son Bradley, Albert Lodger Day, Lyle   Stuart, Richard  
Census Page VT.3-22-5 (map) Smart, Nellie   Ladd, William   Stuart, Robert J.  
So. Ryegate (Village) Randall, Nila G-niece Richardson, Charlie    Census Page VT.3-39-5 (map)
Needham, Ida A.   Somers, Ned A.   Paquin, Norman B-in-law Waterford
Martin, Clarence Boarder Craig, Agnes A.   Ash, Warren   Howard, Rita Daughter
Sulham, Perley A.   Perkins, Gordon Hired hand Allbee, Mabala M-in-law Stuart, Robert J.  
Henderson, Henry W. F-in-law Smith, Horace Hired hand LaCass, Lawrence   Harvey, Huy W.  
Tinker, Lloyd C.   Searles, Fern Servant Miles, Dora   Morrill, Ora E. Hired hand
Bailey, Livermore T.   Craig, James H.   Randall, Edward S-in-law Cushman, Charles W.  
Bailey, Leroy F.   Achilles, Greta Lodger Ash, Clerance   Denton, Frank J.  
Park, Nelson A.   Douglas, Herman   Census Page VT.3-34-6 (map) Blodgett, Carl H.  
Nelson, Frederick   Hebblethwaite, Howard   Sheffield (Town) Remick, Harry E.  
Exley, Eugenim   Harvey, Eva   Noyes, George   Parsons, Fred  
Tewksbury, Frederick J.   Craig, Robert S.   Eastman, Alder R.   Norton, Albins R. Lodger
Census Page VT.3-22-6 (map) Hidden, Arabella   Jackson, Herbert J.   Eastman, Nelson E. Lodger
So. Ryegate (Village) Weed, Nellie Servant Simpson, Alonzo Lodger Lamontague, Lewis H.  
Sargent, Marie P. M-in-law Byington, Marsh   LaClair, Francis   Rivers, Mary M. Sister
Plummer, Nelson S.   Tharn, Walter   Ash, Eda M-in-law Riopel, Adrian G.  
Darling, Sarah I.   Census Page VT.3-21-4 (map) Palmer, Perley   Richards, Aina House kpr
Stearns, Lloyd W.   Peacham (Town) Hood, Floyd S-son Census Page VT.3-39-6 (map)
Garvin, Jay S.   Somers, Francis   Mont????, Joseph   Waterford
Gibson, Gloria C. Niece Hobort, Ervin    Blake, Maurice   Hastings, Elbridge G.  
McKinnon, John M.   Smith, Edith M. Servant Hudson, Emma   Simpson, Clarence R.  
Stephen, William F-in-law Scambler, Arthur G.   Walker, John Son Robinson, William G. Hired hand
Adreoletti, Carlo   Brown, Ernest L.   Smith, Evelyn   Kenney, Peter  
Beckley, Gerald H.   Hutchinson, Kate    Scott, Myron   Prue, Fred  
Plummer, Russell J.   MacKay, Edward   Census Page VT.3-34-7 (map) Houley, Henry  
Doe, Louise M. S-daug Welch, Gordon G.   Sheffield (Town) Risk, David Hired hand
Stearns, Ray E.   Hight, Phillip S.   Scott, Gordon Son Robitaill, Anthony  
Willard, Ruby B. Boarder Farrington, Warren A.   Miles, Elmer   McLean, Anthony Lodger
Census Page VT.3-22-7 (map) Farrow, Frances S-daughter Wheeler, Bert   Prescott, James W. Lodger
So. Ryegate (Village) Gibson, Scott H. Lodger Berry, Ray   Sherman, Sandra Lee Lodger
Rose, Louisa G.   White, Frank C.   Soucy, Laurence   Rabitaill, Larengo Lodger
Welch, Austin A.   Harvey, Nellie M.   Peak, George   West, Herbert W.  
Brown, Frank C.   Gaslaut, Loui   Flanders, Vernita S-daug Daniels, Benjamin E.  
Buchanan, Walter W.   Census Page VT.3-21-5 (map) Peak, Melvin Son Census Page VT.3-39-7 (map)
White, Lawrence J.   Peacham (Town) Berry, George   Waterford
Wright, Marjorie I. Maid Gaslaut, Kenneth Jr G-son Lyon, Roy   Gallagher, Daniel T. Cousin
Gouthier, Lucien J.   Patridge, George C.   Census Page VT.3-34-8 (map) Ladd, Orange  
Rouwan, Helen   Astle, Rodney B.   Sheffield (Town) Hibbard, Elizabeth M-in-law
MacKenzie, Mamie E. Daughter Hunter, Joseph W.   Lyon, Virginia Daughter Blodgett, Clarence Hired hand
Rabaioli, Gustavus F.   Schoolcraft, Gaylard W.   Bandy, Arthur   Briggs, Trudell M.  
Heartz, George E.   White, Charles S.   Barber, Hannah   Gingue, Rasario  
Smith, Alexander J   Sanborn, William   Sanborn, Carl Lodger Boulay, Henry Hired hand
Smith, Willian F.   Blair, Norman    Giffin, Jennie   Johnson, Leon  
Phelps, Clarence E.   Morse, Charles    Keniston, Harley   Wright, Jennie House kpr
Census Page VT.3-22-8 (map) Powers, Wallace M.   Drown, Hiram Lodger Pike, Harley E.  
So. Ryegate (Village) Lawsen, Dennis W.   Walker, Eddie   Stone, Majorie  
Phelps, Durward A. Son Roberson, Franklyn Lodger Goodell, Albert Lodger Stone, Eugene  
Lee, Percy N.   Allen, Edith   Gilman, Della   Cushing, William M.  
Wright, Sidney J.   Jackson, Ernest R.   Thompson, Charlie   Prist, Charles L.  
Zambon, Oswald O.   Taylor, Fred E.   Masure, Alfred   Streeter, David W.  
Armstrong, William A.   Shatney, Clarence S-in-law Census Page VT.3-34-9 (map) Census Page VT.3-39-8 (map)
Roberts, Harris A.   Census Page VT.3-21-6 (map) Sheffield (Town) Waterford
Drowne, Ernest S-son Peacham (Town) Masure, Thelma G-daug Streeter, William J. Son
Berton, James F.   Shatney, Bertha E. Daughter Frezell, Lottie   Barrett, Clarence H.  
Whitehill, Ralph   Shatney, Elton Lodger Walker, Myra Lodger Powers, Ernest W.  
Goodine, Albert S.   Asken, Arthur O.   Snellings, Fred   Carran, Mitchell T.  
Frost, Bernie W.   Penningtonm Jessie M.   Randall, Truman   Carran, Gertrude B. Wife
Rosa, John   Stoddard, Fred    Dopp, Ernest   Peters, Joseph A.  
Census Page VT.3-22-9 (map) Weaver, Harriet L. Sister  Wright, Edward   Brown, Douglas R.  
So. Ryegate (Village) Stoddard, Louise Niece Clusby, Barbara Servant Barker, Willis H.  
Rosa, Irene E. Daughter Kinerson, Russell Hired hand Hubbard, Grace   Friend, Daniel S. Hired hand
Zempieri, Margaret V.   Jewel, Mansil C.   Ross, Clara Lodger Friend, Arthur S. Hired hand
Welch, Lester G.   Wright, Hazel Niece Newell, Charles   Bowen, Hiram R.  
Caravatti, Giuseppe L.   Wright, Frank F-in-law McDowell, Dean   Trotter, Alexander  
Ralston, Amos G.   Wright, Woodrow P.   Census Page VT.3-34-10 (map) ? ? ?, Morton B.  
Crowe, Rodney L.   Johnson, Carl O.   Sheffield (Town) Porter, Ester S. Mother
Smith, Della S-daug Simonds, Alice Lodger McDowell, Helen Wife Drew, Ray F.  
Bozzini, Dialmo   Cooley, Earl O.   Brown, Foster   Phillips, Sadie Mother
Taplin, Edgar   Bradley, Henry W.   Robert, Wallace   Census Page VT.3-39-9 (map)
Samuelson, Anna Mother Census Page VT.3-21-7 (map) ??wick, Richard   Waterford
Hall, Marion J.   Peacham (Town) Sheldon, Charlie   Drew, Carol E. Daughter
Davidson, Alexandvia   Bradley, Carl Nephew Flood, Howard   Whitehill, David L.  
Census Page VT.3-22-10 (map) Somers, Robert Lodger Miles, Will   Carpenter, Truman C.  
So. Ryegate (Village) Somers, Harold L.   Barber, Fayett   Powers, Addie Lodger
blank   Wheeler, Arella Lodger Sanborn, William   Dennis, Grace Niece
Census Page VT.3-23-1 (map) DuBray, Delbert Hired hand Switser, Jennie Help Salt, Rupert J.  
Ryegate (Town) Douse, Lewis G.   Hawea, George   Kipp, Clayton C.  
Mc????, Joseph E.   Bradley, Ralph A.   Peck, Milton   Romicla, Homer  
McDonald, George R.   Varnum, Myrtie S.   Barber, Flora   Busher, Beverly Daughter
Moulton, Leon L.   Brown, Howard L.   Dane, Eri   Bean, Harold J.  
Murray, Kenneth   Clark, Martin S.   Howard, Sarah Lodger Pepin, Ernest A.  
Hatley, James E.   Kinerson, Charles   Census Page VT.3-34-11 (map) Paquin, Roger  
Duncan, Albert A.   Burbank, Lee A. Lodger Sheffield (Town) Bullock, Frank  
McLacklin, Ralph   Somers, Karl W.   Brooks, Lester   Census Page VT.3-39-10 (map)
Whitehill, Oenzil   Cooley, Chester R.   Neldon, Herman   Waterford
Clark, Rudolph Hired man Metcalf, Drg F. Hired hand Bowseth, Nettie Lodger Bullock, Lola Wife
Sond, Tuly Hired hand Palmer, Martha House kpr Woods, George   Kirkpatrict Roland A. Brother
Cassidy, Allen   Stevenson, David S.   Bishop, Harley   Wallace, Frank N.  
Gibson, Herbert   Blaine, Ella E. M-in-law Bishop, Ralph   Bullock, Lizzie J.  
Darling, Newton   Census Page VT.3-21-8 (map) Brown, Irwin   Hemingway, Roy C.  
Census Page VT.3-23-2 (map) Peacham (Town) Woodson, Idellea   Lamont Marrgaret M. Lodger
Ryegate (Town) Somers, Howard Lodger Bates, Jessie A.   Hemingway, Charles L. Father
Whitehill, William   Berwick, Benjamin   Ash, Fern   Fitchett, Ernest A. Hired hand
Nelson, Hassall   Welsh, Robert A.   Chesley, May   Morrison, Raymond  
McNulty, Jessie Sister-in-law Hill, Minnie S. Lodger Davis, Harvey   Morrison, William J.  
Williams, Harry Hired man Morrison, Alexander S.   Smith, Cecil Lodger Parker, Albert E.  
Carbee, William   Farrow, Theadore G.   Wilson, Edward   Carpenter, Ernest M.  
McDonald, Colin   Adams, Eugene W. Hired hand LeClair, Andrew   Davies, Marion F.  
McLam, Milligan   Chaput, Alfred Hired hand Friend, George   Fitchett, May Cook
McLam, Mary Sister Welsh, Elizebeth Servant Martin, John   Jones, Dana E. Compainon 
McLam, Carlyle S.   Munger, Stanley F.   Switzer, Nelson   Gagne, Exerine  
Nelson, Anette   Murphy, James   Census Page VT.3-34-12 (map) Census Page VT.3-39-11 (map)
Reid, Charles G.   Livingstone, Asa S.   Sheffield (Town) Waterford
Eastman, Lloyd Hired man Livingstone, Hazen A.   Switzer, Raymond Son Therrien, Marie A. Daughter
Hall, Leslie F.   Twombly, Wayne G.   Blake, Forest   Ramry, Hubert Hired hand
Mitchell, Bernard B-in-law Wilson, Renwick   Brickford, Harland   Nickols, George  
Davidson, Martha L.   Berwick, Leo Lodger Dwyer, Oliver   Jameson, Pardon D.  
McHam, Jessie M. Cousin Census Page VT.3-21-9 (map) Sheldon, Edward   Clark, Dorene Daughter
Census Page VT.3-23-3 (map) Peacham (Town) Bishop, Eugene   Marshall, John  
Ryegate (Town) Barnes, Claude E.   Sherburne, Harry   Lewis, Joseph  
Hodgon, Eston Hired man Chapman,Margaret E. S-in-law Flury, Alice Lodger Coughin, Floyd Lodger
Renfrew, Edwin B.   Allen, Edward W.   Sanborn, Cifford   Bowman, Charles  
Haskell, Guy Hired man Wilson, Wilfred   Simpson, Mabel D.   Doyon, Leon  
Brock, Perley   Wilson, Burt   James, Samuel A.   Begin, Antoine Son
Threston, Frank   Ashford, John M.   Kelly, Bernice   Begin, Paul Son
Paige, Clinton   Winchester, George R.   Dane, Effie House kpr Labrie, Roland Hired hand
Millican, Robert Hired man Petrie, Archie A.     Doyon, Rosa T. Daughter
Dopp, William   Abbott, Edward B.   Census Page VT.3-20-1 (map) Williams, Leo D.  
Farrow, Ira Son-in-law Orr, Abbe   Newark (Town) Quimby, Martha M. Lodger
Gould, Austin Hired man Munger, Laring C.   Allard, Olin W.   Hudson, Harold H. Hired hand
Whitehill, Alex   Dodge, Edgar R.   Camber, Ellery A.   Pease, Dorothy M. Boarder
Barnett, Raymond Hired man Shaw, Frank G.   Aldrich, Percy E.   Young, Clarence  
Chamberline, Harley   Blair, Mary E. M-in-law Sebastin, Peter   Census Page VT.3-39-12 (map)
Brock, Avis House kpr Carpenter, Sherman W.   Ball, James C.   Waterford
Milk, John P.   Allen, Keith M. Step son Magill, Franklin Hired hand Young, Lee E. Son
Davis, Essal   Census Page VT.3-21-10 (map) Cutting, Harold W.   Reed, Frank E.  
Renfrew, Lewis   Peacham (Town) Wallace, Porter   Coldwell, Hosea Hired hand
LaMothe, Frank   Abbot, Anna W.   Monahan, Mary D.   Bennett, Joseph S.  
Census Page VT.3-23-4 (map) Dunbar, Kenneth Lodger Census Page VT.3-20-2 (map) Park, June Lodger
Ryegate (Town) Patridge, Blanche   Newark (Town) Voyer, Joseph T.  
LaMothe, Edith Wife Paye, Kenneth E.   Damon, Finton A.   Miler, Carroll H. Hired hand
Clark, Catherine Niece Paye, Terrence E.   Rise, Raymont J.(Raymond?)   Pierce, Florence E.  
McCullock, Freda   Moore, Edward M.   Deline, Ernest L.   Lillicrap, Ruth N. Daughter
Moore, Alfred   Fitzgerald, Gordon W.   Molton, Ray F.   McGinnis, Sherman Boarder
Govey, Gilbert Hired man Achilles, Albert N.   Varney, Charles F   Fissette, Bertram  
Fanelt, Elaine Hired man G-dau Darling, Garfield W.   Brooks, George W. Lodger Cushman, Wilbur E.  
Graves, Andrew W. Hired man Needham, James H.   Higgins, Fred R. Lodger Cushman, Edgar R.  
Dickson, John   Stewart, Robert C.   Jinkins, Clarance H. Lodger Rogers, William Boarder
Bailey, Sadie House kpr Stoddard, Dwight B.   Gould, Samual J.   Guyer, Wilfred Hired hand
Chamberlin, Horace F.   Rushford, Charles H. Lodger Molton, Leon H.   Bombard, Lee A.  
Corey, Winifred House kpr McPhee, Kenneth E.   Clark, Bernice V. Daughter Bolton, Henry S.  
Chamberlin, Scott   Fields, Benjamin F.   Molton, Henry L. Son Census Page VT.3-39-13 (map)
Corey, Roil Hired man Census Page VT.3-21-11 (map) Austin, Edger H.   Waterford
Freemon, Lucin S.   Peacham (Town) Gray, Norman V.   Bolton, Raymond Son
Chamberlin, Elmer W. S-son Somers, Lee   Magill, Freeman Lodger Pelletier, Maurice  
Stebbins, Hazen   Morrison, Ethel V. S-in-law Hall, John D.   Lavature, Albertine M.  
Pearl, Glenn W.   Somers, Dwight L.   Census Page VT.3-20-3 (map) Gareis, Andrew  
Hibbey, Fred L   Johnson, Lillian M. House kpr Newark (Town) Forest, Arnold E. Lodger
Gibson, George   Hussey, Elmer E. Lodger Hall, Reginald J. Son Persons, Wilbur M.  
Warren, Gerald   Somers, F. Herbert   Morrill, George B.   Census Page VT.3-39-14 (map)
Dargie, Fred   Brock, Jean W.   Currier, Chester D.   Waterford
Census Page VT.3-23-5 (map) Robinson, Forest D.   Legacy, Herman E.   blank  
East Ryegate (Town) Hunter, Knox Lodger Lane, Jesse E.    
Dargie, Lydia Daughter Collins, John A.   Legacy, Clbridge D.   Census Page VT.3-36-1 (map)
Frost, Stephen   Payette, William A.   Hartwell, Carl E. Hired hand Sutton (Town)
Deblois, Amos   Heath, Raloh L.   Cole, Stanley C. Son ??yers, Ray J.  
Deblois, Lowis Wife Census Page VT.3-21-12 (map) French, Fred J.   Bergeon, Antoine J.  
Menill, Clyde S-in-law Peacham (Town) Graves, Silas H.   Mosher, Phillip E.  
Roberts, John J.   Robinson, Houghton F.   Smith, Irene M. G-daug Brill, Alyin F.  
Jenkins, William   Petrie, Robert   Molton, Carl A. Hired hand Kettles, Phyllis G. G-daug
Powers,Frank   Fields, Claude C.   Cross, George L.   Powland, John W.  
Roberts, Harry   Higgins, Lena W. House kpr Lee, Raymont H. (Raymond?) Hired hand Kincaid, Leon E.  
Wilson, Charles   Watson, Glen   Chappell, Harley S.   Buskey, Adner H.  
Taylor, Lanchlin   Ochilles, Bernard  Lodger Libby, Howard C.   Howkins, Annie House kpr
Judd, Harold C.   Miller, Richard C.   Census Page VT.3-20-4 (map) Jessemd, N. Aso G. W.  
Jones, Cecil   Kinerson, Kenneth Lodger Newark (Town) Morey, Geo. S.  
Osborne, Mark   Randall, Roy L.   Libby, Evelyn S. Daughter Williamson, John E.   
Blais, Harold   Miller, Frank A.   Corliss, Merton G.   Heath, Max V.  
Census Page VT.3-23-6 (map) Thresher, Wesley   Rosebrook, Proctor E. Hired hand Sonborn, Gertie E.  
East Ryegate (Town) Welsh, Ira L. Lodger Wallace, Dorothy E. Lodger Flynn, James E.  
Blais, Anne Daughter Hooker, Orman   Jenkins, Ralph C.   Gray, Sylvester S.  
Spear, Frank   Pollard, Hayden W, Hired hand McBrine, Joseph T.   Chapman, Sylvester  
Bullard, George A.   Churchill, Robert K.   Bailey, Jesse A.   Chi, Lucy F.  
Hudson, Edward J.   Abbot, Lewis E.   Bean, Mable G.   Census Page VT.3-36-2 (map)
Ventirini, Danti   Lamb, John W.   Bennet, Albert Hired hand Sutton (Town)
Parker, Marion   Noble, Orbert I. Lodger Lee, Frank C.   Martin,Vivian M. Maid
Willis, Floyd   Corliss, Lizzie   MacFarland, Richard O. son Norris, Claud A.  
Golliffe, David H.   Census Page VT.3-21-13 (map) Buck, Wesley E.   Wark, Sadie E.  
Heartwell, Floyd Lodger Peacham (Town) Gobley, Thomas J.   Aldrich, Delmore C.  
Hale, Warren   Percy, George   Cass, Osman H.   Derenger, Ezra H.  
Chamberlin, Dale   Mackay, Alvin W.   Lee, Charles F.   Jackmon, William  
Plamondon, Ernest   Wheeler, Warren D. Lodger Daniels, Clarence M.   Campbell, William  
Census Page VT.3-23-7 (map) Bean, Venan H.   Hosford, Francis M.   Jesseman, Lula B.  
East Ryegate (Town) Dutter, Charles S. F-in-law Camber, Frank R.   Blake, Bert. L.  
Maynes, Carl   Hurley, Robert Hired hand Census Page VT.3-20-5 (map) Robinson, Percy  
Heywood, Samuel   Jewitt, George   Newark (Town) Ward, Earl G.  
Goslin, Bernard S-son Rockwell, Walter Nephew Camber, Richard F.  Son Thaper, Alice E.  
Blood, Clement   Young, Harry A.   Hudson, Ruth U.   Collins, Parker Lodger
Farnsworth, Frank E.   Armstrong, Gladys E. Lodger Standish, Harry A.   Gould, Richard Lodger
Wallace, Mary R.   Kelley, Fred J. Lodger Howard, James B.   Nason, Arthur W. Lodger
Chamberlin, Jay   Woodard, Hasjen Lodger Shepard, Willie F.   ???key, Kenneth G-son
Devins, Joseph F.   Census Page VT.3-21-14 (map) Raynolds, Gilson S.   Reck, Charles  
Willis, Mary   Peacham (Town) Molton, William F.   Counter, Lewis  
Wallace, Helen H.   blank   Camber, Benjamin S.   LaPoint, Dona Daughter
Census Page VT.3-23-8 (map) Census Page VT.3-21-15 (map) McBrin, Peter E.   Census Page VT.3-36-3 (map)
East Ryegate (Town) Peacham (Town) Martin, Henry J.   Sutton (Town)
Wallace, Jean Daughter Dupris, Albert Lodger Bryant, Charles C.   Copeland, Charles A. Wife father ?
Vaine, Wallace G-son Tharn, Carrie B.   Sanborn, Grace A. Daughter Laclair, Keneth E.  
Humphry, George   Farrow, Elmer H.   Beck, Herbert W.   Gale, Curtis H.  
Reed, Walden   Livingston, Charles H. Lodger McBrine, Herbert O. Lodger Leath, William  
Dovse, Pliny F-in-law Foley, Donald W. Lodger Swett, Carl L.   Mason, Emmy Son-in-law ?
Wilson, Harvey H.   Harris, Grace E. Lodger Census Page VT.3-20-6 (map) Muellins, Ronold Son 
Franklin, Rupert   Watson, Mabel V. Sister  Newark (Town) Mason, Sally Daughter
Torner, William   Craig, Mary E.   Rice, Daniel H.   Vance, Carrol R.  
Callins, John   Choate, Elsie A.    Cahill, James W.   Devereoux, Edwin  
Choate, Frank Lodger Farrow, Harry E.   Dube, Ovila J.   Houstin, Kate F. Lodger
Ventirini, Grido   Taylor, Qallace S.   Silver, Mason E.   Devereaux, Gertrude Mother
???mier, Silas   Eaden, Clarence R.   Hill, William J.   Bryant, Lawrance Lodger
Cole, Esther Daughter Goss, Frank A.   Ham, Alston F. C.   Bsgoods, Guy W.  
Sharteleenes, Wilbur G-son McLellan, Violet House kpr Larabee, Kenneth S. Hired hand Jenkins, Rebecca Lodger
Cinnamond, George A.   Tompson, Luther C.   Baird, Lorance A. Hired hand Sylvester, Clarance  
Judd, Forrest   Milligan, Ernest W.   Murrey, Luther G.   Tonner, Orene D. Daughter
Judd, Malinda Mother Cowles, George   Carr, Geroge C.   Gray, Archie R.  
Judd, Ansil   Randall, A. Clive Hired hand Carr, Lolia M.   Census Page VT.3-36-4 (map)
Census Page VT.3-23-9 (map) Hawkins, Kate   Springer, Joseph E.   Sutton (Town)
East Ryegate (Town) Vannum, John H.   Eastman, Burton C. Hired hand Gray, Dale F. Son
Judd, George Son  Handy, Lawrence B.   Begin, Oliver L.   Gray, Fred A.  
Adams, Harry   Census Page VT.3-21-16 (map) Goodwin, Walter A.   Hacket, Nellie S-in-law
Dovse, George B-in-law Peacham (Town) Census Page VT.3-20-7 (map) Masure, Geo Lodger
Roberts, Henry L.   Handy, Richard P.  son Newark (Town) Honfield, Oliver Lodger
Plamondon, Napoleon   Only one name   Smith, Herbert   Lariggue, Donald  
Pike, Agnes Daughter   Only one name   Dawson, Harriett B. Lodger
Little, Kenneth   Census Page VT.3-35-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-20-8 (map) Hanscom, Harry E.  
Robinson, Fred   Stannard (Town) Newark (Town) Tonner, Gerald H.  
Pilotte, John   Hutchins, Frank   blank   Masure Joe C.  
Stuart, Abbie House kpr ? ? ? Jason     Census Page VT.3-36-5 (map)
Ashcroft, Edward   ? ? ?, Arthur   Census Page VT.3-40-1 (map) Sutton (Town)
Pecor, Leon   Hemel, Nelson   Wheelock (Town) Pelow, Geo L.  
Warren, Clyde   Marshall, Ernest   Deos, Harley   Green, Bert W.  
Hatch, James Hired man Silow, Floyd   Piper, Myron Lodger Drown, Sheridan Lodger
Russell, Stanley Hired man Willey, Henry   Sterns, Walter   LaPlante,Morice Lodger
Census Page VT.3-23-10 (map) Fuller, Mont   Bean, Harry   Bundy, Byron M. Lodger
Ryegate (Town) Hall, George   Baily, Arthur R.   Reed, Bernie C.  
Wilson, George F.   Trottier, Alphonce Hired hand Hudson, Raymond M. Hired help Townsend, Henry R.  
Kendall, Alfred   Hall, Eddie   Buckley, Timothy   Townsend, Jessie  
Whitshaw, Earnest   Census Page VT.3-35-2 (map) Little, Charlotte Hired help Buskey, Ora P.  
Wills, Oliver   Stannard (Town) Miles, Earl B.   Buskey, Arthur F.  
Renfrew, Walter A.   Danforth, Ray   Miles, Madeline E. Wife Jesseman, Gilbert  
Rowden, Ada M.   McGaffy, Margaret   Blodgett, Earl F.   Blake, Carl L.  
Amadon, Clifford C.   Peterson, Edward   Blodgett, Harry A.   Shaffey, Mildred Lodger
Rowden, Henry   Shepard, Elmer   Blodgett, Rose M.   Census Page VT.3-36-6 (map)
Lian, Raymond Hired man Richardson, Reuben   Hitchcock, Lisim J.   Sutton (Town)
Flonders, Lee M.   Gauthier, Roland   Hutchinson, Donovin E.   Lynaugh, Hebert  
Gibson, John   Winchester, Effir   Census Page VT.3-40-2 (map) Chapman, Ralph W.  
Grant, Ida   Dayes, Stuart S-son Wheelock (Town) Peck, Elmer W.  
Buchanan, E. Jane Mother Syler, Dorothy G-daug Hutchinson, Easter L. Wife Hodge, Ercil H.  
Ingraham, Francis   Tucker, Clyde   McDonald, Geo E. Lodger Fox, Warren D. Lodger
Hearty, John L.   Steanburg, Arthur   Smith, Ella S.   Bennett, Charles  
Anderson, John Lodger Gonyean, Louis   Nichols, Havelock   Gray, James F.  
Clark, Stephen Lodger Samphear, Charles   Berry, Maynard C.   Allard, Wayne A.  
Page, Edward   Census Page VT.3-35-3 (map) Willey, Norman M.   Corrow, John  
Census Page VT.3-23-11 (map) Stannard (Town) Staylas, Herbert H.   Drown, Herald G-son
Ryegate (Town) Robildoux, Philippe   Grady, Fred C.   Philbro, Fred A. Lodger
Page, Norma Daughter King, Willard   Bickford Roy C.   Derone, Wilfred  
Fargerharson, Benside   Chouinard, Joseph   Batchelder, Harold R. S-son Derone, John Nephew
Sngram, Stanly   Gonyean, Sam   Bickford, Ernatt M. Son Drown, Mae Lodger
Marrin, Thomas   Smith, Mathilda   Batchelder, Marion E. S-daug Census Page VT.3-36-7 (map)
Drost, Ray   DeGreenia, Marcelina   Powers, Fransis N. S-son-in-law Sutton (Town)
Beckley, Perley   Gonyean, Dulphus   Smith, Gordon E.   Andrews, Herbert  
James, Horace   DeGeenia, Forest  ? ? Park, Bertha E.   Goodwin, Leo D.  
Brown, Harry   Degan, Gertrud   Berry, Maurice J.   Degreenio, Lola N.  
Bergess, Minnie   Smith, Richard Hired hand Census Page VT.3-40-3 (map) Meade, Henry L.  
Brown, Willis   Seaielt, Sumner   Wheelock (Town) King, Grace Lodger
Meyette, John Hired man Brown, Edith S-daug Berry, Edwin M. Son Rossier, Harvey E.  
Byron, Harvey   King. Francis   Simpson, Guy O.   Morey, Leon Lodger
Plummer, Nellie   Census Page VT.3-35-4 (map) Miles, Eliza M Lodger Cleverley, James Lodger
Census Page VT.3-23-12 (map) Stannard (Town) Dwyer, Alexander   Weber, Gertrude H. Lodger
Ryegate (Town) King, Roy   Welch, Alminir E.   Laclair, Ray F.  
Barr, Claude   Winchester, Forest   Drown, Walter Brother Dally, Vivian V. Lodger
Williams, Robert S-son Hill, ? ?   Laythe, Frank A.   Kelsey, Francis P. Lodger
Winchester, Harry   Seaielt, Roy   LaFlam, Arthur   Merritt, Mather J. Lodger
Beckley, Orrin   Fuller, Fred   Berry, Fred G.   Craig, Walter L.  
Meyette, Alexander Hired man Brown, Addie   Libby, William J.   Plant, Roy S. Lodger
Hooper, Charles E.   Gauthier, Vern S-son Jones, Margarite L. S-daug Jesseman, George Lodger
Crown, Harry W.   Greenway   Jones, Richard E. S-son Census Page VT.3-36-8 (map)
Bailey, Edward A.     Libby, Anita R. Daughter Sutton (Town)
Whitehill, Nelson C.   Census Page VT.3-15-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-40-4 (map) Moore, Frank G.  
Gates, Hosley M. Hired man Kirby (Town) Wheelock (Town) Robinson, Winfred N.  
McRae, Martin   Madeau, Albert J.   Cree, Stephen C.   Dean, Basil Lodger
Census Page VT.3-23-13 (map) Connors, Fred Hiredhand James, Earl P.   Lafoe, Ernest A.  
Ryegate (Town) Lamond, James   Mathewson, Mattie House kpr Stevens, Wellington C.  
Darling, Wilson S-son Whitehill, Bernard A. S-son Hoffman, Harley H.   Butterfield, Arthur Lodger
Page, Burns F.   Russell, Eugene L. Lodger Schuander, Catherine B. Sister Deblois, Melvin  
Gray, Raymond S-in-law Baird, Milo E.   Mitchem, Lawrance G.   Cleverley, George H.  
Page, Frank W. Father Cox, Virginia M. G-dau Norton, Charley H.   Moore, Vvill A.  
Gilson, John C.   Hoffman, Karl W.   Deos, Dewey O.   Belveal, Joseph H.  
Gambly, Arlene Daughter Amidon, Charles H. Hiredhand Stone, Fred C.   Norris, Frank B.  
Mitchell, Leonard G.   Webber, Clarence E.   Moore, Gordon W. Lodger Laclair, Dana F.  
Bone, Norman A.   McCanfy, John T.   Davison, Charley E.   Bullock, Bean N. Lodger
McGill, Sheldon Hired man Gorham, Densmore F.   Dwyer, William J.   Census Page VT.3-36-9 (map)
Welch, Dick   Cassidy, Elwin F Hiredhand Hutchinson W. J.   Sutton (Town)
Census Page VT.3-23-14 (map) Rudd, Jasfrer L.   Census Page VT.3-40-5 (map) Laclair, Roy J.  
Ryegate (Town) Walker, John Jr Hiredhand Wheelock (Town) Stevens, Harland F.  
Welch, Verman Son Powers, Roy F.   Hutchinson, E. G. Wife Stevens, Fred R.  
Rhodes, Lettie Sister-in-law Census Page VT.3-15-2 (map) Peak, Albert E.   Noyes, Earl B.  
Welch, Lee Brother Kirby (Town) Hall, Robert Lodger Brooks, William T.  
Mason, Leon   Shelbra, George Hiredhand Bernier, William   Norris, Earl G.  
Gray, Wallace   Eley, Marion E. Servant Castongway, Louise Sister-in-law King, Maynard A.  
Young, Percy C.   Moose, Harold E.   Heath, Justin H.   Dunn,Lloyd E.  
Frost, Lee   Jenkins, Roger F.   Chamberlin, Clyde   Stewart, William T.  
Page, Ronald Lodger Kelly, Emily J. Mother DeGreenia, Walter W. Son-in-law Cota, John F.  
Welch, George S.   Graves, Elizabeth B.   Cheolie, Vrtucleon P.   Census Page VT.3-36-10 (map)
Hutchins, Minnie M-in-law Tweed, Ralph B. Hiredhand Leavett, Eri F.   Sutton (Town)
Steele, George B.   Leach, Clyde E.   Lurvey, Lucian W.   Cota, Arthur J. Son
Keenan, Frank Lyle Hired man Houghton, Fred A.   Waters, Emma J.   Miles, Herald W.  
Boardway, Perley C. Hired man Blood, George Hiredhand Berry, Gerold A.   Friend, Francis  
Nelson, Clyde   Davis, Allyn   Folsom, Arthur V.   Garfield, Leon J.  
Census Page VT.3-23-15 (map) Talbot, Louis A.   Census Page VT.3-40-6 (map) Fogg, Eddie J.  
Ryegate (Town) Blood, Dale Hiredhand Wheelock (Town) Reed, Nellie G. Mother
Nelson, Esteline Mother McNally, Edmond C.   Sinon, Martin A.   Reed, Arnald D. Son
Gibson, Charles Uncle Brill, Lucille Servant Clark, Wilber A. Hired help Coe, Borton E.  
Emery, Harry Hired man Ausbin, Lawrence Hiredhand Clark, Leona Maid Simpson, Theodore Lodger
Wright, Woodrow Hired man Wood, William Hiredhand Buskey, Alphie A. Hired help Durgin, Earl G.  
Granger, Mary House kpr Brooks, Raymond Hiredhand Meserve, Geo C.   Cross, Clarance J. Lodger
Hall,Albert E.   Mutch, Ronald   John, Geo. W.   Gee, Charles L.  
Wright, John Hired man Mutch, James  Son King, Joseph F.   Laclair, Della C. Mother
Ralston, Robert H.   Census Page VT.3-15-3 (map) Skinner, Lynn S.   Albert, Verna M.  
Stowell, Olin S-son Kirby (Town) Welton, Ann L. Lodger Jenness, Richard E. S-in-law
Vance, John Lodger Mutch, Ronalda E. Daughter Playfel, Clyde S.   Census Page VT.3-36-11 (map)
Wright, Charles Hired man White, Herbert E. Hiredhand Butlar, Geo. M. Lodger Sutton (Town)
Gebbic, George   Gorham, Flora B.   Hannett, Dana A.   Durden, Lillian V. Daughter
Wright, Olive Niece Philipes, Harold E.   Hall, Tomas   Lafoe, Ruth E. Lodger
Gebbic, Arabelle Mother Jenkins, Willie L.   Hall, Treff   Reed, Wayne E. Lodger
Cockram, Nelson G.   Davis, Robert Hiredhand Census Page VT.3-40-7 (map) McCox, Raymond A.  
Clark, Herman Hired man Foster, Jessie C.   Wheelock (Town) Parment, Walter Lodger
Holmes, Maud   Hosford, Lawrence H. Hiredhand Hall, Earl Son Noyes, Hermon H.  
Lowe, Norman Son Wood, Hiram E.   Blake, Clayton M.   Morey, Earl V. S-son
Longmoore, Duncan Hired man Wood, Herbert J.   Burdess, Elizabeth S-grand-dau McClellan, Dora D.  
Gibson, Frank J.   Warren, Mabelle H.   Rock, James P.   Flstahey, Myrtl Y. Maid
Hatley, Charles   Woodbury, Edmond Hiredhand Ganyaw, Fred R.   Lafoe, Will  
Taylor, William J. F-in-law Frechette, Edward S. Hiredhand Clogeston, Ernest Hired help Cleveland, Gladys Daughter
Clark, Wendell   Wood, Maurice F.   Brown, Harold A.   Holtham, Will F.  
McClive, Lester Hired man Page, Henny L.   Shurburn, Geo. R.   Switser, Carroll B.  
McLam, Martha   Census Page VT.3-15-4 (map) Meserve, Harry B.   Hamel, Euguene  
McLam, Clarence   Kirby (Town) Ingalls, Harry C.   Lefarr, Cleon G.  
Crowe, Marion S-daug Messier, James P.   Bartlett, Elnora C.   Stevens, Merrick G.  
Census Page VT.3-23-16 (map) Burns, Douglass J. Lodger Dillingham, Fay G-son Berry, Albert E.  
Ryegate (Town) Ranney, Frank   Robinson, Alex E.   Olcott, Arthur H.  
Smith, Jennie E.   Douglass, Walker L.   Scarls, John B. F-in-law Census Page VT.3-36-12 (map)
White, William B.   Placey, Harvey H.   Smith, Cicil L.   Sutton (Town)
Douglas, James   Shattuck, Paul H.   Census Page VT.3-40-8 (map) Ford, Frank W.  
Crowe, Frank   Taylor, Charles W.   Wheelock (Town) Proof, Fay L.A.  
Smith, Elizabeth   Ranney, Mary L. Sister-in-law Smith, Robert Son Clark, Clifton A.  
Giffin, W. Rodney   Fredette, Frank Hiredhand Degan, Homer   Clark, Erwin F.  
Stowell, Olin   Quimby, Ernest M.   Census Page VT.3-40-9 (map) Campling, John W.  
Nelson, William H.   Fredette, Hope N. Daughter Wheelock (Town) Curtis, Avery R.  
Gilson, Gladys House kpr Quimby, Catherine M. Daughter Cree, Dorothy M.   Allard, George A.  
Nelson, Phillip   Frechette, Louise M. G-dau Dras, Rosie V.   Laplant, Glenna  
Driscoll, George Hired man Census Page VT.3-15-5 (map) Census Page VT.3-40-10 (map) Pond, Ida I.  
Sargent, Roland   Kirby (Town) Wheelock (Town) Weed, George E.  
Brown, Marjorie Maid Quimby, Lorna M. Daughter blank   Census Page VT.3-36-13 (map)
Gutterson, Norman   Lestenance, Alphonson       Sutton (Town)
Census Page VT.3-23-17 (map) Croteau, Anchie J.B. Son     Smith, Herbert H. Lodger
Ryegate (Town) Lestenance, Flossie Daughter     Densmor, William F.  
Gutterson, Norman J. Son Hudson, Emiline P. Lodger     Duttan, Mark E.  
Elder, Jean Niece Surridge, George W.       Bergeon, Marry B. Lodger
Townsend, Norman Hired man McGinnis, Rupert       Curtis, Harley M.  
Nelson, Leroy   Bugbee, Clara A. G-mother     Burns, Thomas R.  
McLam, J. Dales   Aldrich, Harry L.       Eastman, Charles F.  
McLure, Frank   Tyler, Francis R. S-son     Foster, Kathlerne H. Lodger
Fiefield, Lee Hired man Alcott, Clarence F.       Deroser, Walter F.  
Chatney, Ralph   Croteau, Paul J. Lodger     Legasy, John H.  
Baker, Wilfred B.   Steele, Albert D.       Hopkins, George W.  
Smith, Arthur Lodger Morse, Leslie Lodger     Parker, Sam C. Lodger
Nelson, James F.   Rivers, Will       Page, Henry C.  
Wilch, Stanley Hired man Mantineau, Terrisa S-dau     Cass, Neal L. Lodger
Sargent, Richard   Rivers, Theodore W. Son     McFarland, Owen E.  
McLeod, Edmond Hired man Demeres, Ed Hiredhand     Cross, Elsie M. Lodger
Murray, Kenneth Hired man Cross, Lathem J.       Census Page VT.3-36-14 (map)
Sargent, Ida May   Census Page VT.3-15-6 (map) Census Page VT.3-15-7 (map) Sutton (Town)
White, Robert   Kirby (Town) Kirby (Town) Hart, Fred D  
Emary, Harry E. Hired man Cross, Bertha L. Wife Gorham, Carrol E.   Hartwell, Lois Maid
Russell, Leonard   Williams, James A.   Brill, Lewis E.   Brickey, Guy G.  
Census Page VT.3-23-18 (map) Stuart, Reginald H. G-son Park, Julia M. Servant Joslin, Hermd N. Lodger
Ryegate (Town) Williams, Raymond A. G-son Census Page VT.3-15-8 (map) Milley, Theron E.  
Russell, Alydia May Wife Williams, Richard   Kirby (Town) Carr, Elmer C.  
Wood, Novil   Williams, Charlie E.   blank   King, Ebenzer B.  
Nelson, William E.   Hutchinson, Earl F. Hiredhand     Murray, Charles L.  
Chamberlin, Rueben Hired man Chicoine, Rosario H.       Cook, John W.  
Emery, Lincoln   Croteau, Robert Hiredhand     Nickols, Kite M.  
Corless, Edward M.   Ducharme, Philiras L.       Little, Roscoe M. S-in-law
Ring, Edna E. Aunt Scott, Edward J. F-in-law     Ward, Thea R. G-daug
Briggs, Pauline Lodger Robilard, Lambert Hiredhand     Silver, Raymond L.  
McLore, Warren   Demeres, Eugene J.       Menard, Lenoard J.  
Whitelaw, S. Agnes House kpr Emery, J. Stilman F.       Choyvette, Terebd Sister
Knighton, Arthur Perley   McGinnis, Clyde B.   Census Page VT.3-37-1 (map) Smith, Ray M.  
Adams, Edgan W.   Bailey, James Lodger Sutton (CCC Camp) Allen, Raymond Lodger
Wilson, Robert   Watters, Scott   blank   Hilliard, Jennie Lodger
    Ahean, Emma J. House kpr Census Page VT.3-37-2 (map) Census Page VT.3-36-15 (map)
    Ahean, James House kpr son Sutton (CCC Camp) Sutton (Town)
        blank   Tannrs, Shrill B. G-son
            Census Page VT.3-36-16 (map)
            Sutton (Town)

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