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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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St. Johnsbury
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Census Page  VT.3-1-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-3-11 (map) Census Page VT.3-7-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-7-14 (map)
West Barnet (Village) Barnet (Town) Danville (Town) Danville (Town)
Blain, George   White, Leta Wife Fellows, George   Jamieson, Walter Hired man
Watson,Carl   Harvey, Edwin M.   Webster, Arthur   McReynolds, Earl Son
Bishop, Nickolas   Morrison, Paul K.   Bessett, Wilson   Pierce, Raymond  
Hastie, Andrew   Bourtelle, Calvin Hired Hand Oderkirk, Fred (Samuel)   Gadapee, Merle  
Moore, Malon Lodger Strobridge, F. Edwin   Lowrey, Raymond G-son Vallier,  Frank  
Dubray, John   Randall. Elbert Hired Hand Rodger, Merton   McElreavy, (?Dijon?)  
Landry, Louger   Someys, John   Wright, Jesse   Stanton, Walter  
Price, Margaret   Stevens, Ida Aunt Vondle, Peter   Drew, Nellie  
Smith, Martha Lodger McLam, Lilla Belle   Kelley, Ransome G-son Langmaid, Arnold G-son
Achilles, Albert   Milley, Harry Hired Hand Vondle, Leslie   Bullock,Laura  
Roy, John A.   Peayson, Everett   Somers, Evelyn House kpr Sanborn, Allen  
Hastie, W. Glen   Roberts, George Hired Hand Carson, Fred   Peck, Martha  
Flanders, Maurice   Choate, Charles   Spencer, Guy L.   Gardner, Kenneth G-son
Census Page VT.3-1-2 (map) Jennison, Charles   Fellows, Maurice   Blodgett, Harley  
West Barnet (Village) Strobridge, Edgar   Morse, Kathryn Daughter Blodgett, Walter  
Fitzgerald, Dudley   Census Page VT.3-3-12 (map) Clifford, Bert   Kirker, John  
Wilson, Herbert   Barnet (Town) Bundy, Milton G-son Census Page VT.3-7-15 (map)
Bailey, Clyde   Strobridge, Norman Son Morey, Robert Step-G-son Danville (Town)
Steele, Carter   Carter, Wallace Lodger Census Page VT.3-7-2 (map) Kirker, Luella Wife
Trigilio, Joseph   Aiken, Harold   Danville (Town) Hubbard, Clarence  
Ealey, Ollie   Allen, Leslie G.   Metcalfe, Cecil Boarder Sanborn, Arthur  
Nelson, James   Broderick, Stanley Emerson S-in-law Couture, Gaston   Pierce, Willis  
Census Page VT.3-1-3 (map) Nelson, Addie M. Daughter Cochran, Daniel   Kelly, Frank  
West Barnet (Village) Giffillan, May   Ruggles, Max   Duclos, Napoleon  
Roy, Richard   Baker, Samuel S. Cousin Paquin, Augustus   Roscoe, Edward G-F-in-law
Drew, Cecil Lodger Shafford, Lutie E.   Paquin, Edmond   Merchant, Shirley  
Mugford, Isabel Lodger Nichols, Maud B.   Hudson, Josephine Sister Hubbard, Irene  
Gerald, Ira Hired Hand Census Page VT.3-4-1 (map) Sawyer, George Hired man Locke, Raymond  
Laird, Elizabeth   Barnet (Town) Fellows, Martha   Hubbard, Rufus  
Danils, Clara   Crane, Alaric   Page, Alonzo   Ward, Benjamin  
Callahan, William   Sund, James Nephew Woods, Aryhur   Cilley, William  
Convant, William   Hooken, Allen   Leighton, Fred   Hall, Merton  
Morroe, Eddie   Cheney, Bunal   Barnet, Ruby (Barnett?)   Census Page VT.3-7-16 (map)
Thornton, Agnes   Colbeth, Raymond Hired Hand Leighton, Paul   Danville (Town)
Brock, Agnes   Bogie, Selbie   Bigelow, Morris   Hall, Eliza Wife
Hastie, Jennie   Annis, Herbert Hired Hand Census Page VT.3-7-3 (map) Bailey, Margaret Sister-in-law
Kendall, Robert   Briggs, James Lodger Danville (Town) Church, Mattie  
Steele, Stella   Blair, Joseph   Bigelow, Robert Son Robinson, William  
Blain, Nelson   Bennett, Edna Servant Green, James   Gadapee, John  
Warden, Roy   Strew, Walter   Page, Newton B.   Peak, Irvin  
Census Page VT.3-1-4 (map) Whitney, Priscilla House kpr Gray, Wilfred   Stanton, Hormer  
West Barnet (Village) Strew, Frank   Gray, Frank   Devenger, Raymond Hired man
Martin, Emma   Census Page VT.3-4-2 (map) Porter, Charles   Powers, Eugenia Boarder
Hastie, Foster   Barnet (Town) Porter, Francis Brother Marshall, Eloise Boarder
Henerson, Clara Aunt Murray, George   Porter, Alvah   Gasapee, Leonard  
Thomton, Albert Lodger LaClair, Frank   Cole, Frank Brother Nason, Dora  
Estabrooks, Warren   Somes, Chester   Kittredge, Harold   Bonzey, Charles  
Ritchie, Sarah M-in-law McLaren, Carrol   Barnett, Harvey   Hubbard, Walter  
Census Page VT.3-2-1 (map) McLaren, Luvia   Woods, Carl   Ward, Albert  
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Somers, Ida Lodger Douse, Hazel House kpr Lapan, Fabian  
Cole, Wm H.   McLaren, Duncan G-son Switzer, John   Fuller, William W.  
Venner, Delia E. Daughter Roy, Ernest   Census Page VT.3-7-4 (map) Shattuck, Beaman  
Somers, Abraham L.   Judkins, Lottie Sister Danville (Town) Bond, John Hired man
Niskee, Edith M.   Roy, Francis   Gilbert, Victor   Bowman, Agnes  
Hubbard, Howard A.   McRae, Donald Hired Hand McCosco, Fred   Census Page VT.3-7-17 (map)
Blair, Riley R.   Blain, Maude   Hawkins, Frank    Danville (Town)
Baird, Leonard L.   Staples, George Lodger Hazen, Mary   Edgerton, Duncan Son-in-law
Lamothe, Napoleon   Remick, Iola   Miller, Margaret   McKinstry, John Boarder
Berwick, Harley   Ricker, Earl Lodger Peck, Fred   Houston, Gerald Boarder
Wilson, Beatrice House kpr Blain, Abertan   Sykes, Harold   Blewett, James  
Stearns, Herbert A.   Kingsbury, Nellie M-in-law Blake, Vanaida   Reed, Michael Boarder
Burden, Douglas J. Lodger Roy, Leonard J.   Lee, William L.   Placy, Bertha  
Warren, Arthur J.   Henderson, Eli Lodger Smith, Orville   Shonpany, Frank Brother
McGinnis, Clyde Lodger Roy, Charles   Brown, Gerald   Blewett, Albert  
Lenton, John J.   Mahoney, Charles Hired Hand Badger, Philip   Austin, Harlow  
Johnson, Irvin A.   Census Page VT.3-4-3 (map) Carr, Harry   Couture, Joseph  
Laylamme, Paul L.   Barnet (Town) Census Page VT.3-7-5 (map) Joyce, Beulah House kpr
Jalbert, Victor   Kittredge, Myrtie Servant Danville (Town) Gadapee, Fred  
Census Page VT.3-2-2 (map) Bailey, Henry   Lang, Carl   Colebeth, Ernest G-son
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Dusten, Warren Hired Hand Lance, Mary Boarder Jensen, Karl Hired man
Jalbert, Clarida Wife DeFreenia, George   Day, Ruth Boarder Vance, Charles  
Lynaugh, Harland   Roy, Daisy   Davis, Bliss N.   May, Everett Hired man
Hall, Austin C.   Berry, Clifton   Perry, Winifred   Joyce, Paul  
Wright, Versal F. ? ? Davignon, Henry   Mays, M. Clark   Toussaint, Benjamin  
Foran, James   Morrison, Elza   Dole, Durant   McGill, Clara S-daughter
Rutledgs, Perley A.   Goodnow, Phoebe Sister Perkins, Forest Boarder Census Page VT.3-7-18 (map)
Ramsey, Leond P.   Purdy, David   Dole, Alice   Danville (Town)
Welch, Herman C. Hired Hand Horton, Maurice   Blair, Bessie   LaClair, Albert  
Guyer, Alfred A.   Cassady, Robert Lodger Smith, Austin   Heath, Benj  
Prevost, Alcide J.   Wilson, J. Paul   Cahoon, Clara   Tellier, Augustus  
Yakubee, Mike   Nelson, Marjorie   Taylor, Gertrude Daughter Morrison, Gordon  
Rooster, T.   Faris, Elmer   Peck, Henry   Bellville, William  
Webb, Wendall A.   Shields, Virgil   Peck, Everett   Crosby, Dorothy Daughter
Sawyer, Gertrude Sister-in-law Census Page VT.3-4-4 (map) Santaw, Richard   Roy, Ernest  
Sawyer, Mary L.V. Niece Barnet (Town) Census Page VT.3-7-6 (map) Bonnett, Herbert  
Census Page VT.3-2-3 (map) Shields, Keneth Son Danville (Town) Machell, Carl T.  
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Shields, Elrvyn   Santaw, Frances Daughter Gagnon, Moise  
Conrad, Arthur S.   Shields, Ellsworth   Sevigny, William   Census Page VT.3-7-19 (map)
Corrow, Max   Page, Ralph   Peck, Harvey   Danville (Town)
Hyde, Wm D.   Davidson, Nelson   Currier, Samuel   Davison,Karl  
Hunter, Leonard J.   Whitehill, Isabel Niece Willey, Ernest   Burke, Mildred Hired maid
Alger, Albert D.   Vyskup, Joseph Hired Hand Langmaid, Fred   Jamieson, Mahlon  
Stetson, Leo D.   Dupont, Austin Hired Hand Osgood, Ralph   Massey, Bert (George)  
Kidder, Freeman E.   Thresher, Benjamen Hired Hand Gates, Clinton   Shephard, Memie House kpr
Amell, Edward J.   Achilles, Windell   Nunn, Wallace   Mathews, Milo  
Hamilton, Henry S.   Faris, Paul   Warden, Luther   Laundry, Fred M.  
Irwin, Lucy   Aiken, Waldo   Lee, Carl   Stevens, Albert (mental charge ?)
Champny, Marjerie E.   Caldwell, Clarence   Lovkett, Alonzo F-in-law Cole, Ralph  
Census Page VT.3-2-4 (map) Hutton, Jerry   Burbank, Lillian T.   Robinson, Levi  
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Levine, Jed   Rodger, Oscar   Richards, Harley  
Champny, Robert C. Son Census Page VT.3-4-5 (map) Mugford, Cleverdor Boarder Clark, Harley  
Watts, Josephine M.   Barnet (Town) Vance, Laine C.   Drake, Samuel Cousin
Sherburne, Ida W.   Aikin, Charles   Census Page VT.3-7-7 (map) Hastings, Gilbert  
Smith, Mattle A. House kpr Dinrick, Henry Hired Hand Danville (Town) Ayer, Oscar  
Samers, Kate C.   Clark, Douglas Hired Hand Vance, Richard Son Census Page VT.3-7-20 (map)
Harram, Nelson B.   Emery, Thomas   Peck, Clarence   Danville (Town)
Bovee, Eric A.   Cloutier, Edgar   Paulson, Martin J.   Ayer, Sylvia Daughter
Somers, Bartholomew G.   Ulilliaiur, Carl   Hartshorn, Ernest   Rodger, Earl  
Magoon, Elzina M. Aunt Madison, Dan Lodger Paine. Alon   Coolbeth, Charles  
Smith, Walter B.   Phelps, Leonard   Plant, Lizime (Lizum?)   Goss, Nellie  
Grady, Ferdinand W.   Moore, Jean E.   Steady, Jane House kpr Harris, Hattie Daughter
Willard, Wylie S.   Crane, Nelson   Ailes, George   Badger, Edward  
Rasson, Cathleen E. G-daughter Sund, Helen Sister Steady, Frank   Smith, Warick  
Wright, Richard   Whitehill, Linwood B-in-law Page, Ellen   Griggs, Wallace  
Granger, Albert C.   Colburn, Oscar   Page, Charles   Gates, David  
Scruton, Watterman F.   Kimball, Alice S-daughter Cox, Olive   Ainsworth, Wallace  
Census Page VT.3-2-5 (map) Plamandon, Eugene   Clegg, Charles   Ayer, Otis  
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Chase, Bernice Lodger Census Page VT.3-7-8 (map) Taylor, Harold  
Scruton, Howard L.   Johnson, Pearl Servant Danville (Town) Census Page VT.3-7-21 (map)
Wright, Fred H.   Census Page VT.3-4-6 (map) Clegg, Nellie Wife Danville (Town)
Bruce, Mark K.   Barnet (McIndoes Village) (Town) Collins, Wallace Son Taylor, Floyd Son
Harpin, Robert C.   Little, Herbert   Kittredge, Ernest   Ainsworth. Martin  
Clark, S. Noble   Kendall, Percy   Rodger, Ernest   Ayer, Alice  
Barnett, Lucille E. S-daughter Phelps, Harvey   Johnson, Bert   Gross, Ronald  
Wilson, Russell   Gleason, Horcas   Webb, Sadie   Blackadar, Archibald  
Morgan, Charles H.   Shaw, Emma   Rodger, Emily   McLacklin, Margaret  
Collins, Harold M.   Manchester, Harry   Boyle, Frances G-daughter Dickinson, John Guest
Hyde, Ellen   Castonguay, Philias   Holbrook, Walter   Census Page VT.3-7-22 (map)
Mason, Grace House kpr Guthrie, Andrew   Bowen, Clarabelle Boarder Danville (Town)
Blodgett, Wilbur L.   White, Violet Daughter Pelow, Frank   blank  
Friend, Walter   Fisher, Albert   Morse, Fenton   Census Page VT.3-7-23 (map)
Wemmelmann, Peter   Theroux, Leonard   Pressey, Perley   Danville (Town)
Welch, Sadie   Uluy, C. Murray   Farrington, Clayton   Correction & Addition page  
Welch, George P. Son Smith, Elmer Lodger Smith, Sadie   Barnett, Earl Boarder
Marsh, Martha Sister  Greene, Cyrus Lodger Census Page VT.3-7-9 (map) Muzzey, John  
Urie, Arthur J.   Holmes, Ben Lodger Danville (Town) Morrill, Lyman  
Census Page VT.3-2-6 (map) MacKeil, Janace Lodger Holden, A. John Jr.   Barker, Raeburn Hired man
Barnet (Town) Gates, George   Morrison, Doris Hired girl Ramsdell, Urban  
Urie, Georgia G. Wife Cowdrey, Chas   Crane, Carroll   Stanton, Elizabeth Daughter
Badger, Clarence E. Head Census Page VT.3-4-7 (map) Copeland, Ruth Boarder Austin, Euphemia Boarder
Gibson Alice B. Sister Barnet (McIndoes Village) (Town) Gilman, Paul   Hubbard, William Husband
Lindsay, Guy F.   Magoon, Agnes Daughter Hatch, Harold   Shephard, Robert House kpr son
Harvey, Charles E.   Pelletier, Anthony Lodger Smith, Byron Boarder Shompany, Frank J.  
Elbridge, Russell E.   Cross, Leonard   Johnson, August Boarder Census Page VT.3-7-24 (map)
Moore, James R.   Tripp, Grant S-son Johnson, Andrew Boarder Danville (Town)
Moore, Fannie F. Wife Cross, Doreen Daughter Belknap, Gordon Boarder blank  
Henry, George   Wilkins, Geraldine Daughter Wight, Eugene Boarder Census Page VT.3-7-25 (map)
Roy, Ellen   Cross, Perlene Daughter Philips, Newton Boarder Danville (Town)
Langevin, Fred L.   Cross, Melton Son Metcalfe, Orlo Boarder Gorman, Walter  
Blake, Fred M.   Fortune, Ernest   Emmons, Ralph   Only one name  
Lasnier, Arthur   Paye, Clifton   Morse, George D.   Census Page VT.3-7-26 (map)
Kendall, Emma C.   Robichuad, Theodore Hired Hand Reed, Ira D. F-in-law Danville (Town)
Morse, Kate C.   Clark, Maynard   Emmons, Timothy   blank  
Kendall, Clarence T. Brother Bell, Arthur Lodger Sleeper, Dale   Census Page VT.3-8-1 (map)
Fulford, Dan W.   Somers, Claude   Census Page VT.3-7-10 (map) Danville (Town)
Niblock, Ernest L.   Hatley, Duncan   Danville (Town) Marceau, Joseph  
Cairns Wm M. S-in-law Census Page VT.3-4-8 (map) Sleeper, Norman Son Mitchell, William J.  
Census Page VT.3-2-7 (map) Barnet (McIndoes Village) (Town) Calkins, Rena   Roy, Lea Hired hand
Barnet (Town) Hatley, Reginald Son Wakefield, Erwin   Guertin, Joseph  
Cairns, Alice M. Daughter Carpenter, Burliegh   Wesson, Asa   Roy, Adolf Son-in-law
Kendall, Hattie   Buffum, Lucy Aunt Page, Gertrude House kpr Lemiux, Adlard Lodger
Fountain, Adlrdo G.   Strew, Claude   Smith, Mary   Tute, Alice Lodger
Gaganig, Louis A.   Woodward, Alice Servant Crane, Glenn   Hammell, Carrie Lodger
Urwick, Richard A.   Wooster, Adviada   McDonald, Plynn   LaMont, Bertha Lodger
Freadwell, Warren A.   Bailey, George A.   Carr, Jean Boarder Domey, Howard Lodger
Hallock, Margarite A. Lodger Leighton, Henry   Hawkins, Daniel Hired man Domey, Elsie Lodger
Cowan, Erving A.   Stebbins, Guy   LaBree, Ernest Hired man Legendre, Throdou   
Gronbeck, Christian   Ford, Warner   Warren, Carl R.   Grassett, Mark Lodger
Gronbeck, Lida L. Wife Ford, Winfred   Dole, George   Ward, Wisley  
Blake, Wyman W.   Tyler, Arlene   Moore, Florence   Guyer, Dennis  
Poore, Winfield W.   Woodworth, Arthur   Census Page VT.3-7-11 (map) Forbe, William A. (Forbes?)  
Smith, Bernie S.   Gochee, Harold   Danville (Town) Census Page VT.3-8-2 (map)
Ashton, Donald C.   Bagley, Raymond Lodger Moore, Joll (Joe?) Son Danville (Town)
Weld, Hugh E.   Census Page VT.3-4-9 (map) Smith, Carl E.   Cobb, Howard  
Perkins, Vernon B.   Barnet (McIndoes Village) (Town) Parker, C. Arthur   Allen, Richard   
Census Page VT.3-2-8 (map) Duncan, Joanna   Myhill, Horace Hired man Allen, Gordon Son
Barnet (Town) Edgerton, Inez Daughter Walker, Fred   Gadapee, Harold  
Beauregard, Joseph H.   Johnson, Effie   Picard, Barthelmew   Parrent, Jesse M.  
Whitcher, Raymond C.   Duncan, Winnie Daughter Stewart, Florence Hired man Morrill, Calvin Lodger
Dent, Walter A.   Royce, Gale   Perkins, Harvey   Emery, Jerry Hired hand
Peters, Philip K.   Dow,  William   Knapp, Warren   Ovitt, Clyde  
Quimby, Fred H.   Blanchard, Angie House kpr Gorman, Elsie Sister-in-law McDonald, Martin  
Corbin, Selene   Dow, Flora Niece Bolduc, Joe H.   Cahoon, Ralph  
Corbin, Charles A.   Delorme, Fred   Langmaid, Berl   Census Page VT.3-8-3 (map)
Conway, Simond J.   Goodrich, Izerra   Williams, John (Jack) Hired man Danville (Town)
Olsen, Otto J.   Winchester, Jean   Census Page VT.3-7-12 (map) Cahoon, Lucy Wife
Brown, Lloyd F.   Mayo, Ruth House kpr Danville (Town) Utton, Glenov  
Corrow, William E.   Winch, Adilie   Priest, Sherm Hired man Holder, Stanley Lodger
Census Page VT.3-2-9 (map) Murphy, John   Hutchins, Harley   Devenger, Ernest  
Barnet (Town) Nichols, Darwin   Hubbard, Carl   Kittredge, Anna Maid
Corrow, Bernard C. Son Sommerville, Dorothy Daughter Hudson, Kenneth Boarder Robinson, Gifford  
Jaylor, Orange W.   Sheltra, Elizabeth Daughter Clifford, William H.   Steward, Elsie G-mother
Roy, Wendall P.   Sheltra, Carol Ann G-daughter Hall, Elgin   Batchelder, William  
Gilbert, Guy H.   Colby, Melvin   Swett, Frank   Bailey, Harriett Sister 
Dustin, Gordon W. Lodger Perry, William   McDonald, Frank   Beldnap, Moody Lodger
Capron, Joseph E.   Johnson, George F-in-law Hodges, Grant   Morrison, Williams  
Warrell, William C.   Hastings, Oliver   Dresser, Harold   Brickett, Otis  
Wild, Edwin B.   Phillips, Joseph Hired Hand Emery, Stedman   Heath, W. Chandler Uncle
Corbin, Lenao Maid Thurston, Cora   Olcott, Glen   Roy, Charles Lodger
Roberts, William J. Hired Hand Conant, Thorntan   Swett, George   Hadley, John Lodger
Cady, Fred M.   Census Page VT.3-4-10 (map) Census Page VT.3-7-13 (map) McFarland, Cleo D. Lodger
Gilfillan, Claud H.   Barnet (McIndoes Village) (Town) Danville (Town) Currier, Kate  
Abbott, Jerry B-in-law Conant, Cecille Wife Bettr, Evered Partner Bickford, Flora  
Edney, Perley J.   Gove, Harry   Stanton, Isaac   Green, Forrest  
Census Page VT.3-2-10 (map) Chase, Bernard   Barker, Eber Hired man Rogers, Philly  
Barnet (Town) Mosher, Chandler   Pierce, Arthur   Danforth, Albert H.  
Edney, Robert A. Son Gibson, Robert   Clifford, George   Census Page VT.3-8-4 (map)
Brock, Herbert J.   Miles, Hilda Hired Hand Beers, James A.   Danville (Town)
Brock, Myrtie E. Wife Simpson, Dorothy Lodger Ward, Harold Boarder Gillis, Mary  
Walker, Lloyd Nephew Philbrook, Walter   Champagne. Archie   Morrill, Hamilton  
Thompson, Zylda Maid Carbee, Margaret   Hubbard, Annette M-in-law Fisher, Jennette  
Cote, Armand Hired Hand Pierce, Katie Daughter Perkins, James H. Boarder Bashaw, Theodore  
Ritchie, James J.   Little, Bessie   Dodge, Oliver   Way, Frank  
Howland, Grace D.   Sargent, Roscoe Lodger Cross, Ralph   Osgood, Jennie  
Carroll, Maryln G-daughter Dupoint, Dona Lodger Labbay, David   Osgood, Corilla  
Gray, Merwin L.   Stone, Merrell Lodger Lamere, Gilbert Boarder Leighton, Albert Lodger
Gilman, Leon Lodger Palmer, William Lodger Williams, R. Clifford   Cahoon, Walter  
Howard, George T,   Chase, Clifton   Clifford, Benjamin L.   Hebb, Allen J.  
Rhodes, Gordon S.   Brown, Grace S-in-law Gadapee, Inez House kpr Beaton, Murdo J. Lodger
Quimby, Owen H.   Clark, Howard C.   Sykes, Dana   Davis, Carrold (Carol?)  
Trottier, Edgar J.   Stryker, Charles   Chickering, Carl   Fecteau, Leon  
Buchino, Vincenzo J.   Census Page VT.3-4-11 (map) McReynolds, Henry   McNaughton, Howard Lodger
Carter, Austin E.   Barnet (McIndoes Village) (Town)   Peavey, Ernest  
Gilchrist, John L.   Stryker, Grace Wife Census Page VT.3-9-8 (map) Ranney, Fannie  
Flinn, Peter S.   Humphrey, Guy   Groton (Village) Drown, Winfred  
Morrill, Charles M.   Carbee, Don   Benzie, Jauqlyn Helen Daughter Cormier, Martin Lodger
Cheney, Ernest   Turner, Lizzie   Benzie, Charlotte J. Daughter Knowles, Elwin  
Census Page VT.3-2-11 (map) Nelson, Ida M. Sister Welch, ?? G.   Census Page VT.3-8-5 (map)
Barnet (Town) Chamberlain, Chas   McAllister, Reta W. Daughter Danville (Town)
Cheney, Lucille G. Daughter Smith, Frank   Foley, William C. Lodger LaBree, Henry  
Holbrook, Herbert C.   Mulligan, Frank   Edwards, Harley W.   Daniel, Alfred  
Miles, Charles E.   Griffin, Della Mother Taylor, Raymond E.   Pillsbury, Charles  
Derick, Josephine   McLaren, Arthur   Tomlinson, Selden U. Father-in-law Morse, George C.  
Gerrals, Bruno   McBride, George Step-son Williams, Hermam E.   Utley, Myrle (Merle?)  
Kimball, Adelbert F.   McLuren, Jean Daughter Smith, Preston A.   Houghton, Seldon  
Ross, Laurd P.   Bimson, Clyde   Green, Phoebe D. House kpr Smith, Delmer O.  
Borch, Richard H.   Robinson, William   Davis, Mildred J.   Williams, John    
Davis, Dawson E.   Robie, Mary Lodger Puffer, Lorimes S.   Punt, Nelson  
Wild, Florence Mae   Stebbins, Jessie   Fortin, Morise Lodger Emmons, Herman  
Census Page VT.3-2-12 (map) Nason, Nellie House kpr Census Page VT.3-9-9 (map) Calkins, Howard  
Barnet (Town) Slayton, Perley   Groton (Village) Census Page VT.3-8-6 (map)
blank   Morill, Walter   Welch, Carlos E.   Danville (Town)
Census Page VT.3-3-1 (map) Miller, Harold E.   Caldwell, John G.   Calkins, Roy Son
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Blanchand, Lee F-in-law Steele, Burton   Moore, Rathryn Maid
Skinnry, Eynest F.   Census Page VT.3-4-12 (map) Hosmer, Rufus A.   Smith, Howard  
Wheelock,Russell S-in-law Barnet (Village) Welch, Delia M. Mother-in-law Morse, Irving  
Skinney, Martha Mother Flanders   Frost, Vern H.   Peck, Leonard  
Desrochey, Emma   Legacy, Ora Lodger Hosmer, Harry A.   Rodger, Peter  
Quatrine, Pietro   Howe, William   Darling, Willie F.   Fisher, Earle H.  
Patneaude, Joseph   Kimball, Charles   Bixby, Edward Step-son Smith, Leland D.  
Woods, Perley   Cheever, Ralph   Darling, Gerald Son Hook, Evie Maid
Vernon, Margaret House kpr Dunbar, Harold   Lang, Minnie A.   Dow, Martin V. B.  
Morrill, John   Moore, Edward   Corruth, Charles E.   Spaulding, Mary Maid
Curtis, Cora S-in-law White, Manfield   Knox, Minnie H.   Page, Stanley  
Holbrook, Harley   Bean, Richard   Hood, Herbert E. Brother Watt, Lillian  
Whitehill, Austin   Slayton, Phillip   Hood, Arthur D. Brother Roberts, Gordon  
Hall, Howard Hired Hand Holmer, Clara   Moulton, Rynold T.   Hamilton, William  
Kimball, Alice Maid Cote, Wilfred   Hanchett, Roy F.   Census Page VT.3-8-7 (map)
Census Page VT.3-3-2 (map) Garfield, Franklin   Bailey, Charles J.   Danville (Town)
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Census Page VT.3-4-13 (map) Foster, Ralph B.   Hamilton, Frances Wife
Morse, Herbert L.   Barnet (Village) Census Page VT.3-9-10 (map) Steele, Rose  
Laperle, Joseph   Garfield, Zilda Wife Groton (Village) Ganblin, Elizabeth (Gamlin?) Sister
Johnson,Carl Hired Hand Abee, Emily Lodger Frost, Elmer C.   Shaw, Elva Hired hand
Kitchel, Douglas B.   Harris, Bertha   Bailey, Horace E.   Manning, Phillip  
Foster, John C.   Pierce, Frederick Lodger Crown, Wendell J. Brother-in-law Clement, William  
Skinner, John A. Hired Hand Hedenquist, Arcel   Balch, Martha C. Lodger Dana, Laura Lodger
Somers, Harvey   Goss, Muriel Daughter Morrison, Frank M.   Gray, Joseph Hired hand
Garfield, Dana   Marsh, Doris Daughter Narea, Lee R.   MacCormick, Virginia Lodger
Hatch, Kate   Bomhower, Howard   Page, Leslie   Hale, Clarence  
Randall, Ernest   Allen, James   Ingrain, George J.   Sargent, Neal  
Moore, Bert P.   Laughlin, Robina   Lund, Georgiana   Stacker, Mary G-mother
Adams, Glenn   Lamb, Nacy Lodger Beck, Harold E.   Beaton, Franklyn (Franklin?)  
Archambault, Ledelbert   Somers, Henretta   Census Page VT.3-9-11 (map) Sly, Nelson  
Messiey, Philip N.   Merrifield, Reginald   Groton (Village) Census Page VT.3-8-8 (map)
Davis, Ora M.   Robinson, Edwin   Eastman, Roger   Danville (Town)
Miles, John W.   Elloit, Hattie   Sentorina,Corina   Thomas, Veda Lodger
Chamberlin, Clarence   Hazelton, Harriet   Beckley, Merton E.   Gilman, Irene Lodger
Census Page VT.3-3-3 (map) Wallace, Edith   Dimick, George E.   Eastman, Clifford Lodger
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Holmes, Nellie   Fitzgerald, Eleanor T.   Lamson, Frank  
Chamberlin, William Son Gates, Ruth Sister Galvin, David Hired Hand Coolbeth, Winthrop  
Welch, Mary Mother Gilmoer, Albert   Freer, Linnie J.   Houghton, Edgar  
Dustin, Henry Hired Hand Jennison, Florence Maid Cassady, William L.   Chamberlin, George  
Roystan, Byron J.   McLaren, Euphemia   Lowe, Grace C.   Page, Dorothy G-daughter
Brasley, Francis Hired Hand Meserve, Howard   Tatro, Harry A.   Dexter, Carl Hired hand
Corriveau, Lyman   Census Page VT.3-4-14 (map) Kenakeo, Bertha G. Sister  Bolton, Arra (Orra?)  
Corriveau, Walter   Barnet (Village) Census Page VT.3-9-12 (map) Stratton, Arthur  
Corriveau, Carrie Wife Meserve, Arthur Son Groton (Village) Chamberlin, Irving Lodger
Amidon, Theodore   McLaren, Neil B-in-law blank   Pope, Stella Lodger
Lameye, Clarence   Gould, Nathaniel   Census Page VT.3-10-1 (map) Dansereau, Edward  
Newman, Reginald   Bowen, Loren   Groton (Town) Robertson, Paul  
Blandin, Alvah   Desrosiers, Jean S-in-law French, John W.   Way, Hollis  
Cote, Florien   Arthur, Andrew   Frovost, Joseph   Chandler, Harry  
Census Page VT.3-3-4 (map) Lang, Maxfield   Hayes,Fred E.   Phillips, Rose  
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Quimby, Fred Jr.   Welch, Hosea N.   Census Page VT.3-8-9 (map)
Cote, Fred   Sargent, Anna M-in-law Cleveland, Bert Hired Hand Danville (Town)
Ramsey, George Son Russell, Byron   Frost, Allie C.   Phillips, Walter Jr. G-son
McIntyre, Richard G-son Ashe, Glenna Daughter Webster, Bernie A. Lodger Cota, Albert  
Cheney, Arthur   Amadon, Howard   Ashford, Henry A.   Davenport, Guy  
Brown, Glyde Hired Hand Slaytas, Stanley   Brown, Robert N.   Coolbeth, Daniel  
Amell, David   Cheney, Frank   Evans, Ralph E.   Millingam, Fleming  
Nutter, William   Dresser, Elwin   Hatch, Fred O.   Brown, Harry  
McGennis, Robert Hired Hand Census Page VT.3-4-15 (map) Census Page VT.3-10-2 (map) Swasey, Charles  
Bennett, George   Barnet (Village) Groton (Town) Gilbert, Federick Hired hand
Thrasher, Earl   Dresser, Marjorie Daughter Hatch, Mertie M. Wife Daniell, Fred  
Amell, Oliver   Goss, Burns   Frost, Mattie   Johnson, Lawrence Son-in-law
Hadley, Mary House kpr Somers, Edith   Labounty, Charles Lodger Sevigny, Robert Lodger
Baird, George Lodger Gearwar, Geo   Williams, Vina F.   Osgood, Raymond Son-in-law
Fraser, Albert   Heath, Harry Hired Hand Morton, Wentworth B.   Randall, Albert  
Taylor, Paul M. Hired Hand Griner, Louis Hired Hand Ricker, Samuel P.   McNaughton, Donald  
Banks, William   Sawyer, Roger Hired Hand Crown, Leonard W.   Smith, Harold Hired hand
Gillander, John   Flynn, Carlene Servant Hart, Ernest A.   Census Page VT.3-8-10 (map)
Somers, James S.   Nutter, Raymond   Whitehill, Ernest F.   Danville (Town)
Bennett, John W.   Judkins, Futon   Ricker, Herman P.   Sicard, Alma  
Elmote, Louie Father Hanson, Lucinda M-in-law Shepherd, Alberta L. (Shepard) Lodger Perkins, Kenneth  
Kerr, Mary   Nelson, Paul   Brown, Burton L.   Bryer, Clanence  
Achilles, Carlton   Hastie, J. Roy   Welch, Jacob H.   Nacey, Wallace  
Census Page VT.3-3-5 (map) Hastie, Fred   Welch, Herman A.   Davis, Lillian Maid
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Astle, Ralph   Census Page VT.3-10-3 (map) Davis, Caroline Daughter
Achilles, David Son Somers, Ralph   Groton (Town) Davis, Homer Daughter (?)
Neil, Walter J.   Kelly, Geo T.   Darling, Perley O.   Perkins, Stanley  
Cole, William Brother Skinneres, Otto P.   Emery, Abbie   Duford, Charles Hired Hand
Hall, George E.   Census Page VT.3-4-16 (map) (Dane or Dana), William B. Son Badger, Levi  
Rash, Walter   Barnet (Village) Dunn, Arvilla W.   Peavey, Laurence Son-in-law
Williamson, Thomas   blank   Tinkham, Paul R. G-son Daniell, Clarence G-son
Lewis, Merton     Darling Calvin L.   Winn, Frank  
Soloman, Orilla   Census Page VT.3-9-1 (map) Goodwin, George E.   Bowin, Evangeline S-daughter
Denio, Arthur   Groton (Village) Lamothe, Isador   Gilbert, Carl  
Denio, Frederick   Giarvin, Ida   Main, James W.   Census Page VT.3-8-11 (map)
Quimby, George M.   Clark, George N.   Thruston, Isabel Mother-in-law Danville (Town)
King, Ida M.   Jones, Jackson   Annis, Sylvanus L.   Albiser, Louis  
Dow, Lillie   Renfrew, James Berton   Emery, William R.   Sizen, Norman  
Fisher, Lila Lodger Olson, John P.   Census Page VT.3-10-4 (map) Church, Warren  
Dargie, John   Main, Walter G.   Groton (Town) Bolton, Everett Hired Hand
Census Page VT.3-3-6 (map) Morre, Gerald   Emery, Grant   Swett, Walter  
Barnet (Passumpsic) (Town) Legare, Ulric L.   Peck, Merton G.   Robinson, Kenneth Hired Hand
Bandy, Louise   Hood, Cleveland   Darling Harold T.   Simpson, Louise  
Gadley, Jessie Sister Welch, William G.   Ricker, Raymond A.   Spencer, Manette Mother 
Rash, Harry Lodger Emery, Franklin J. Boarder Fleet, Clifford L. Lodger Kinsey, Fred Lodger
Champany, John Lodger Eastman, Harold   Boomhower, Marvin G.   Jacoles, Allen Hired Hand
Stanford, James Lodger Nickerson, Emery H.   Dean, Abertine B. Daughter Davis, Edward  
Ramage, Hugh   Hood, Ernest   Boomhower, Ellis J. Son Hussey, Elmer Lodger
Mottill, Joseph   Boright, Charles P.   Thruston, Walter F.   McEwan, John  
Converse, Fred   Census Page VT.3-9-2 (map) Ricker,Harry M.   Ingalls, George  
Cross, William   Groton (Village) Lund, Florence M. Hired Hand McGill, Patrick  
Johnson, Glenn Nephew Boright, Arthur L. Son Young, Joseph W.   Moore, Ernest  
Morgan, Julia   Haynes, Herbert G.   Goodine, Albert   Census Page VT.3-8-12 (map)
Judkins, Helen   Achilles, Norman E.   Palmer, Ray   Danville (Town)
Eastman, William   Millis, George H.   Emery, Alfred A.   Moore, Earl  
Somers, Newell   McLam, George R.   Census Page VT.3-10-5 (map) Barnett, Nelson  
Brown, Clarence   Rouham, James   Groton (Town) Peck, Edith Sister
Johnson, Arthur   Willey, Everett B.   Sanders, James E.   Bartlett, Allen  
Ennor, Lewis Lodger Smith, Roy W.   Willey, Forest B.   Borland, James  
Mosher, Charles   Williams, Clarence L.   Gilman, Roger F.   Dunn, William  
Garvin, Guy   Brown, Frank W.   Corruth, George   Whitcher, Clifton  
Census Page VT.3-3-7 (map) French, Lewis L.   Rock, Evelyn M.   Damon, George  
East Barnet (Town) Legare, Wendell F. Lodger Whitehill, Nelson W.   Wightman, John  
Garvin, Ruby Wife Sprague, John L.   Orr, Albert F. Hired Hand Kittridge, Catherine Hired Hand
Dube, Albert   Chase, John A.   Ricker, Joseph   Huntoon, Horace Hired Hand
McGill, Jessie C.   Census Page VT.3-9-3 (map) Eggleston. James H. Head man Vance, Alden  
Bristol, Leonard   Groton (Village) Cassady, Henry W.   Wheeler, Geneva Maid
Bailey, Charles H.   Goodine, Henry A.   Welch Steven N.   Sahlin, Arvid  
Gammell, Helen   Lord, Charles C.   Darling, Marshall J.   Pope, Archie Hired Hand
Blake, Belle House kpr Vance, George H.   Census Page VT.3-10-6 (map) Grimes, Raymond Hired Hand
Wormwood, Herbert   Ricker, Edward D.   Groton (Town) Calhoun, Charles (Calhoon?)  
Bailey, Ora   Hendry, Cadmun H.   Kretzman, George Son-in-law Census Page VT.3-8-13 (map)
Kendall, Bertram   Kitteridge, Edward Father-in-law Beede, Barbara L. G-daughter Danville (Town)
Brown, Carroll   Pillsbury, Wilson W.   Bailey, Ralph P.   Berard, Joseph  
Cheney, Lewis Lodger Fiske, David B.   Page, Delvan   Roy, Arthur  
Gilchrist, Alexander   Pillsbury, George R.   Moulton, Perley L.   Walbridge, Everett  
Rowe, Edward   Darling, Ellsworth E.   Richardson, Hazel C. House kpr Hastings, Ruben  
Eastman, Paul G-son White, Helen J.   Moulton, Charles E. Uncle Bigelow, Walter  
Rowe, Hiriam E   Pillsbury, Ralph   Welch, Orange H.   Griggs, Floyd  
Cady, Albert   Jeffrey, Wellie T.   McDonald, Eben M.   Bryer, Joseph  
Somers, Harley   Hanson, Sugame D. Partner Fifield, Elwin I.   Woodward, William  
Crane, Roger   Haskell, George S.   Hart, Anthony C.   Rock, Jennie Lodger
Census Page VT.3-3-8 (map) Carpenter, Fred E.   Goodwin, John H.   Eastman, Allen Lodger
Barnet (Town) Parker, Ernest M.   MacDonald, Effie A.   Census Page VT.3-8-14 (map)
Crane, Edna Wife Scott, Harlan N.   Williams, Perley E.   Danville (Town)
Smith, Benjamin   Census Page VT.3-9-4 (map) Dana, Frederick R. S-son Currier, Fred  
Hatch, Flora   Groton (Village) Census Page VT.3-10-7 (map) Bacon, Beverly  
Manning, John   Scott, Donald A. Son Groton (Town) Barnett, Louis  
Rutledge, Harold   Eastman, Alice G.   Beck, Orrin R.   Hutchinson, Seymore  
Thompson, Emma   Keenan, Vina K.   Randall, Moses H.   Parks, Howard Lodger
Nelson, Florence Maid Robinson, Emma H.   Bourdman Thomas T. Lodger Placey, Henry  
Netson, Albert Lodger Dennis, Newton J.   Frost, Issiah B.   Placey, Hattie Wife
Arthur, James   Cross, Maurice W.   Bullard, John R. Hired Hand Frye, George  
Bandy, Frank   Bixby, Leslie P.   Carter, Myrtland   Page, Myrtie Maid
Johnson, Edward   Page, Anna E.   Page, Malcom V.   Flint, Clayton Hired Hand
Amidon, Wolfred   Haskell, Glenn G.   Drown, Alice B. House kpr McGill, John  
Hadley, Lewis   Dennis, Mary L.   Daniels, Hiram W.   Bean, Perley  
Russell, Lena   Taisey, Ernest G.   Moquin, Joseph L.   Hatch, Samuel  
Potter, Ellen Mother Carpenter, Ralph N.   Frost, Moses   Census Page VT.3-8-15 (map)
Orr, Nancy Lodger White, Phillip T.   Eggleston, Ernest L. S-son Danville (Town)
Goss, Dean   Evans, Harley E.   Hatch, John F.   Hatch, Margie D-in-law
Census Page VT.3-3-9 (map) Wilson, Francis   Orr, Marshall C.   Ainsworth, Howard  
Barnet (Town) Smith, Emma J.   Census Page VT.3-10-8 (map) Bradley, Mary  
Goss, Irene Daughter Census Page VT.3-9-5 (map) Groton (Town) Bradley, Louis  
Dwyer, Dale   Groton (Village) Orr, Herbert L. Son Hale, Clyde  
Coutu, Armand   Page, Hosea   Darling, Calvin V.   Robertson, John  
Keenan, Ernest   Evans, John H.   Vance, Carl H.   Ailes, Charles  
Keenan, John   Donald, Williams    Bailey, Benton L. B-in-law Campbell, Mary Lodger
Faynsworth, Mary Mother Vance, Grant M.   Lancto, Clifford H.   King, William Lodger
Warden, Robert   Heath, Waldo H.   Newell, Charles Lodger Ailes, Homer Son
Placey, Gordon Hired Hand Pierce, Benjamin   Durkee, Charles J.   Bradley, Louis Hired Hand
Carrayo, Dante   Dennis, Richard W.   Page, Horace A.   Walsh, Harry  
Broderick, Doreas Daughter Moulton, Irvin O.   Pomeroy, William Lodger McQueen, Hazel Lodger
Goss, Frank   Blanchard, Ira B.   Hood, Bert H.   LaValley, Leon  
Chamberlin, Joyce Maid Page, Raymond J.   Graham, Malcom R.   Census Page VT.3-8-16 (map)
Meigs, Robert Hired Hand Census Page VT.3-9-6 (map) Egglestom, Willard Hired Hand Danville (Town)
Goss, Charles   Groton (Village) Welch, Minnie V.   LaValley, Lillian Daughter
Douglas, Ralph Hired Hand Page, Phyllis J.   Goodwin, Issac H.   Thompson, Edwin  
Perkins, Lawrence Hired Hand MacWillams, Harry A.   Achilles, Freeland J.   Clapper, Ruben Hired Hand
Census Page VT.3-3-10 (map) Frost, Aaron H.   Flanders, Georgina   Thurston, Russell  
Barnet (Town) St. John, Lizzie Lodger Census Page VT.3-10-9 (map) Danforth, Alvin  
Goss, Locke   Coldwal, Henry Lodger Groton (Town) Lang, Merton  
Nutting, Ronald Hired Hand Gandin, Aristide A.   Somers, Gilman   Burroughs, Floyd  
Kincaid, Ruby Maid Frost, Virginia E.   Morrison, Carrie   Dunbar, Ned Hired Hand
Nuttey, George   Crown, Rosa J. Lodger Phrmmer, Martha J. Sister-in-law Gomes, Herbert Hired Hand
Nuttey, Walter   Blanchard, Lymon   Morrison, Wesley H. G-son Pettengill, Guy  
McLayen, Hazen Sr.   Renfrew, Eugene E.   Emery, Clinton O.   Taylor, Marcia M-in-law
Adams, Hazen Hired Hand Harris, Fred B.   Fellows, Joseph   Moore, David  
Nelson, Agnes   Lindsey, Ned B.   Hood, Elwin R.   Wwscott, Arlene Lodger
Gibson, Nettie Sister McLrillis, Carrie E.   Sayers, Fred H.   Kelsey, Irene Lodger
Drew, Harold   Ricker, Carrol E.   Phillips, Benoni T.   Deming, James Lodger
Somey, Richard   Tillotson, Nora R. Sister-in-law Stenquist, John   Marceau, Ovila  
White, Glen   Russell, Howard H. Lodger Census Page VT.3-10-10 (map) O'Brien, Thomas F-in-law
Adams, John   Welch, Gordon L.   Groton (Town) Jones, Glenn  
Strobridge, John   Census Page VT.3-9-7 (map) blank   Census Page VT.3-8-17 (map)
Crown, William   Groton (Village) Census Page VT.3-11-1 (map) Danville (Town)
White, Howard Adopted son Baner, Philip J.   Groton (CCC camp S-51) Howe, J. Gilman  
White, Abbott   Page, Ellery C.   Sirdis,Raymond   Albisser, Joseph F. Brother
    Stevenson, Francis H.   Kessler, Allan J.   Census Page VT.3-8-18 (map)
    Smith, James   Hickman, Joseph A.   Danville (Town)
    Smith, Gerald E.   Giardina, Salvatore   blank  
    Hatch, John F.   Census Page VT.3-11-2 (map)    
    White, Fred D.   Groton (CCC camp S-51)    
    Corbee, Wilbur R.   blank      
    Coffrin, Martha Mother-in-law        
    Putnan, Mattie E.          
    Garvin, Kenneth W.          
    Morrison, Orange E.          
    Benzie, James J.          

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