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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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St. Johnsbury
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Census Page VT.3-24-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-25-7 (map) Census Page VT.3-26-18 (map) Census Page VT.3-27-23 (map)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Turgeon, Ernest I.   Robbins, George W.   Faufaw, Clinton   Correction & Addition page cont.
Morill, Marion   Miller, Wendell D.   Census Page VT.3-26-19 (map) Bailey, Henrietta H.  
Prue, Eugene   Barrett, Dicea P.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Currier, Emily B.  
Bijolle. Francis P.   Porter, Lucretia M. Partner Correction & Addition page   Green, Katherine Daughter
Mstcalf, Theodore C.   Leonard, Mabel A.   Merrier, Edna   Blake, Fred G.  
Ledoux, Beatrice House kpr Lynch, Frank T.  Brother Johnston, Rupert   Hovey, Franklin G.  
Ledoux, Shirley E. House kpr dau Clouatre, Alexis E.   Paino, James   Rickaby, Jane  
Ledoux, Joan T. House kpr dau Boudreau, Lea (Leah) M-in-law Mollica, Mary Elizabeth Niece Census Page VT.3-27-24 (map)
Ledoux, June P. House kpr dau Montgomeny, Milton E.   Moffett, Herbert   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Bijolle, Joseph   Gilson, Fred C.   Darby, Ruth Daughter blank  
Lee, William A.   Coakley, William P.   Wakefield, Alonzo F-in-law Census Page VT.3-28-1 (map)
Albright, Chesley H.   Longley, Carlyle E. Step G-son Willand, Keith   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Guyer, Joseph A.   Dussault, Walter F.   Flint, Bernard   Liberty, Philip  
Census Page VT.3-24-2 (map) Berube, Leo N.   McDowell, Abbie Sister-in-law O'Hern, Patrick F-in-law
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Walker, Dwight H.   Begin, Charles   Liberty, Mary Rose Daughter
Langevin, Lena Daughter Hoye, Thomas   Lapoint, Floyd   Perry, Augusta Daughter
Langevin, Kathleen M. G-dau Census Page VT.3-25-8 (map) Cyr, Arsene   Perry, Bert  
Vaillancourt, William J.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Powers, Martha Boader Aiken, Herbert Lodger
Tetreault, Robert G.   Hoye, Katherine L. Wife Toussaint, Roland   Fenoff, Dorothy  
Clark, William H.   Crowe, Elmer E.   Census Page VT.3-26-20 (map) Blair, Amelia Mother
White, Elsie E.   Trombley, Nelson E.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Chamberlin, Floyd Lodger
Reid, Charles H.   Thibodeau, Eli G.   blank   Lemere, Mabel  
Dutil, Jules A.   Perkins, Perley N.   Census Page VT.3-27-1 (map) Robidoux, Ernest Son
Crockett, Benjamin S.   Woodward, Fred W. F-in-law Saint Johnsbury (Village) Burke, May Wife
Census Page VT.3-24-3 (map) Dubois, Demerise    Graham, Henry M.   Burke, Alex  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Jay, Albert A.   Behsle, William J.   Brown, Roy  
Lafoe, Carole E. Superintendent Forcier, Roland J.   Burrill, Virginia Niece Montgomery, Sara Jane House kpr
West, Harry Inmate Delosa, Onofrio   Hurley, Bertha M.   Cox, William George  
Morey, Frank Inmate Morency, Jean d'Arc Lodger McFarlin, William H.   Wedge, Glenn R.  
O'Connell, William Inmate Gosselin, George A.   Stoddard, Nellie   Census Page VT.3-28-2 (map)
Willcot, John Inmate Holmes, George E.   Berry, ? ?   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Guilmette, Peter Inmate Widger, Charles   Duffy, Anis   Handy, Richard  
Powers, Carl Inmate Lemere, Philip J.   Smith, Arlene   Benette, Samuel  
Powers, Fred Inmate Census Page VT.3-25-9 (map) Pena, Della   Tillstson, Harold  
Whorf, Edward J. Inmate Saint Johnsbury (Village) Cleary, Maude   Hoyt, Herman  
LaBranche, Joseph Inmate Lemere, Winona M. Daughter Ror, Alberta   Smith, Clarence A.  
Wikkiams, Charles Inmate Brown, Royce A.   Gaudette, Joseph   Murphy, Edgan  
Pocock, William A. Inmate Drolet, Noel O.   Foursant, Arlene Step daug. Hull, Robert H. Jr.  
Mercier, Joseph Inmate McKinstry, Henry F.   Delano, Francis Step son Rolfe, Arthur  
Sawyer, William Inmate Silsby, John T.   Geerts, Josephine   Tillatson, Willie M.  
Laferriere, Felix Inmate Taplin, Carl H.   Gochie, Sarah Mother Gilbert, Allen  
Brooks, Harry Inmate Goodrich, Julia E.   Blais, Clara   Farmworth, Charlette Maid
Blower, Frank Inmate Rattigan, Fred   Lavature, Elizabeth Sister Lowe, Fred J.  
Morgan, Edgar Inmate Smith, Carl R.   Cone, Donald   Census Page VT.3-28-3 (map)
Martel, Ceylon Inmate Gadapee, C. Francis   Geno, Scott   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Burt, Charles Inmate Berry, Emma Sister-in-law Vault, Dorthy   Langdeau, Les  
Bancroft, Warner Inmate Miller, Harry A.   Vancour, William Brother Guy, William  
Gibbs, Ethyl Inmate Campbell, Archie N.   Census Page VT.3-27-2 (map) Morse, Walter J.  
Rickard, Mildred Inmate Census Page VT.3-25-10 (map) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Johnson, Rossie House kpr
Smith, Marion Inmate Saint Johnsbury (Village) Duguay, Morris   Blodgett, William J.  
Goodreau, Victoria Inmate Same as page 25-9   Duguay, Hebert   Gagner, Rose  
Burnette, Celina Inmate Census Page VT.3-25-11 (map) Lavagne, Stella   Gagner, Norman  
Syeare, Hattie J. Inmate Saint Johnsbury (Village) Lavature, Josephine   Davis, Reginald  
Vailleaux, Rosanna Inmate Gilman, Cecil F.   Roderick, Joseph   Gauthier, Albert  
McCloud, Louise Inmate Beck, Miller   Tubman, Florance House kpr Bilodeau, Desire J.  
Blake, Abbie Inmate Bartlett, Gary   Bond, Frederick A.   Provencal, Caroline M-in-law
Boomer, Elizabeth Inmate Abbott, Varnum   McFarlin, George E. Lodger Lavigne, Henry  
Harriman, Helen Inmate O'Neil, Charles J.   Emery, Annie   Garon, Arsene  
Taylor, Ida Inmate Hill, Benjamin C.   Foster, Exelia   Census Page VT.3-28-4 (map)
Douglas, Eugene W.   Wood, Harold   Cole, Alice   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Census Page VT.3-24-4 (map) Goodsell, Archie   Dow, Edwin J. Lodger Boucher, Rose  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Corriveau, Joseph G.   Nichols, Darwin   Biledaux, Ovila Brother
Mayo, Francis F.   Lapoint, Clifford   Withers, Thomas C.   Boucher, Rosanna Sister-in-law
Skinner, Bessie M.   Johnson, B. Clark   Reynolds, Mary B. Mother-in-law Lavigne, Alfred  
Delosa, Richard Lodger Passut, Fred A.   Traynor, James G.   Demers, Fedora  
Delosa, Ralph Lodger Rann, Richard   Blodgett, Edwina   Lawrence, Carl  
LaBounty, Delphis D.   Census Page VT.3-25-12 (map) Morse, Ralph H.   Dumas, O. J. (Onesime)  
Smith, Kenneth D.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Nadeau, Fernand H.   Carrier, Mary Louise M-in-law
Rich, Margaret House kpr Rann, Ruth M. Daughter Perry, Florence   Couture, Adelard  
Barrett, Katherine Lodger Meade, Leda   Archer, Lillian Daughter Prevost, David  
McIver, Donald D.   Blair, Ludgier Son Census Page VT.3-27-3 (map) Greenwood, Homer  
Tony, Joseph   Dubois, Joseph Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) Lessard, Lionel  
Barrett, Joseph A.   Scott, Adams   Welcome, Clayton    Roy, Alcide  
Census Page VT.3-24-5 (map) Ash, Robert W.   Lachance, Ernest V.   Prevost, Thomas  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Sousa, Julia   Gauganig, Horward   Census Page VT.3-28-5 (map)
Barrett, Philemon A.   Cross, Myrtle Mother Willard, Clark   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Parker, George W.   Mathews, William B.   Clifford, Doris   Couture, Achille  
Fitzgerald, Florence M.   Simpson, Myron Farther Foye, Esther   Bickford, Earl  
Parker, Francis F. G-son Moffett, Perley   Drouin, Alphonse   Prevost, Charles L.  
Tilletson, Henry A.   Ranney, Minnie M-in-law Washburn, Paul   Robillard, Alex  
Hull, Rosamond N. Mother Olson, Eric N.   Duke, Charlotte   Drew, Ray Emerson  
Hull, Marquerite E. Half sister Chapman, Maude G. House kpr Cote, Gervais   Russell, Merton  
Denonville, Earl R.   O'Keefe, Mary   Sterns, John Adopted son Snelling, Donald Nephew
Mooney, Albert J.   Campbell, Annie Sister Corriveau, Adelard Lodger Rancour, Phillip  
Kaiser, Eldora May Daughter Berry, Herbert N.   Rundle, Lillie   Benoit, Ladrie  
Wright, Addie L.   Census Page VT.3-25-13 (map) Filgate, Annette Niece Census Page VT.3-28-6 (map)
Moran, Joseph W.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Mitchell, Earl   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Poliquin, Maurice S-son Berry, Herbert E. Son Dumas, Exelia   Perrier, Joseph  
Poliquin, Albert S-son Guyer, Walter   Couillard, Arthur   Brigham, Allen  
Dodge, Ralph S.   Cole, Herbert F-in-law Murphy, George A.   Boivin, Charles  
Census Page VT.3-24-6 (map) Leavitt, Philip   Johnston, Edith V. Step-daugh Lachance, Mary M-in-law
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ash, Albert   St. Peters, Francella    Boutain, Zephrine  
Fay, Auther G.   Sturgeon, Edward   Norris, Linouf   McGill, Gertrude  
Bailey, Dean A. Lodger Provencher, Rose House kpr Census Page VT.3-27-4 (map) Vear, William  
Fay, Gerald L.   Ash, Marshall L.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Gilman, Saddie  
Fay, Verna H. Wife Knapp, Burley Lodger Destroismaisons Roland   Clark, Helen Sister 
Stevens, Henry E.   McLaughlin, William Lodger Heon, Clara J.   Willey, Carl T. Brother-in-law
Keene, Gerald E.   Guyer, Felix   Webb, Guy   Reynolds, Carl Nephew
Hurley, Paul C.   Houston, Claude   Desilets, Fabiola   Belanger, Alfred E  
Flint, Isaak B.   Balch, Harry E.   O'Neil, Lawrence B.   Madore, Regis  
Butterfield, Charles D.   Blodgett, Emma L.   Piper, Arthur L.   Orcutt, Earl H.  
Long, Earle F. S-son Census Page VT.3-25-14 (map) McClure, Derwood E.   Majewicy, Edward F.  
Hoyt, Lora V.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Dumas, Edmond J.   Cassidy, Josephine A.  
Kaiser, Kenneth K.   Cummings, Walter G-son Burns, Simon   Census Page VT.3-28-7 (map)
Philips, Hellips A.   Burke, Napoleon   Hayes, Maude   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
McLean, John   Gauthier, Anna Helper Flynn, James E.   Messery, Samuiel Lodger
Clothey, Flora C.   Boisvert, Alener   Poliquin, Rosaire M.   Hennigar, Lewis A.  
Census Page VT.3-24-7 (map) Simonds, Lee W. Lodger Census Page VT.3-27-5 (map) Henault, Marie  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Belanger, Emma   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Murphy, Mildred Lodger
Jennie, Carol S.   Lemere, Josephine Lodger Brunelle, Joseph   Peck, Ira C.  
Sargent, Elizabeth M. Aunt Deforge, Alfred   Ingram, Alexander   Hevey, Arthur  
Buskey, Alphonse G.   Bennett, Paul Foster son Carrier, Arthur J.   Shore, Alfred N.  
Rue, James L.   Currier. Fred   Clark, Patrick   Dunbar, H. Guy  
Beck, Rennie B.   Deforge, William   Hayes, George   Hill, Lillian House kpr
Cutting, Erwin T.   Drolet, Darcla   Stone, Ethel F.   Proctor, Mildred  
Eastman, Eli Wife's father Finn, Ellis   Ainsworth, Bevelry M. Niece Rack, Leo  
Ramsdall, Clara Lodger Wakeham, John E.   Destroismaisons, Armand   Walsh, Frank M.  
Ham, Lois Lodger Thompson, Joseph W.   Destroismaisons, Eli   Tremblay, Joseph E.  
Jacques, Aurther D.   Gibson, Joseph   Pelkey, Leon   Noods, Harold F.  
Census Page VT.3-24-8 (map) Louis, William Step son Whalen, Thomas   Census Page VT.3-28-8 (map)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-25-15 (map) Hill, William M.   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Prolman, Joseph   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Robbins, Florra E.   Laferniere, Antoinette Maid
Cassidy, Raymond G.   Louis, Betty S-daughter Palmer, Nellie M. Sister Caron, Maurice  
Blake, Albert J.   Lamontagne, Alfred   Ouellette, Fernand P.   Staples, Don A.  
Flanders, Sarah J.   Ash, Henry   Elliot, Clarance   Juneau, Mary  
Dickerman, Paul H. G-son Conley, Arthur   Census Page VT.3-27-6 (map) Belanger, Henry Son-in-law
Guyer, Archie J.   Farr, Stuart   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Smith, Lester Clyde  
Davidson, Henry M.   Potter,Glenn   Beck, James W.   Palmer, Janafera  
Douglas, William E.   Kidder, Benjamin Brother-in-law Merchant, Mildred B. Daughter Bouffard, Eugene J.  
Rollins, Carlton E.   LePage, James   Merchant, Mildred E. G-daughter Pilotte, Rose  
Remick, Howard R.   Racine, Gedeon   Radford, Myrtle   Joyce, Harry E.  
Ayer, Willis L.   Picard, Leonard   Blake, Harold   Deforge, Ephraim  
Jones, Candace I. Sister Beaulieu, John   Greenwood, Leo W.   Leclerc, Lucien  
Chapman, Paul S.   Bedard, Raymond S-son Lanthier, Felix   Laferrier, Alfred  
Higgins, Florence M.   Shaw, Lena   Mello, George Son-in-law Lemoine, Louis Lodger
Cunavelis, Peter D.   Holder, Warren Uncle Lanthier, Carlene   Laferriere, Denise Daughter
Census Page VT.3-24-9 (map) Kittredge, Mary   Darrell, Clarence   Desrochers, Mary  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Willey, Ella Lodger Bailey, Edward Brother-in-law Smith, Arthur  
Humphrey, Wendell A.   Census Page VT.3-25-16 (map) Guyer, Eva   Census Page VT.3-28-9 (map)
Smith, Marguerite J. Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) Powell, Raymond Adopted son Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Smith, Gary R. Lodger Kittredge, Enos   Eastman, Sidney Lodger Boyd, John  
Butler, Rudolph R.   Moffett, Charles H.   Leclerc, Homer Lodger Menut, Arthur  
Ward, Irving H.   Watson, Andrew   Legendre, John B.   Kingsbury, Nellie House kpr
Barkyoumb, John M.   Silver, Robert T. House kpr Dumas, Bella   Henderson, David A.  
Waite, Grace A.   Lunnie, John Lodger Thorley, Peter   Racicot, Virginia M.  
Lyford, Annie M. Lodger Morse, William   Fields, Lena   Cormier, Yvonne R. Daughter
Burrows, Alzada T. Lodger Wheeler, Marilyn G-daughter Census Page VT.3-27-7 (map) Cormier, Harvey J.  
Lowrey, Maude E.   Gervaris, Herbert   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Landry, Frank  
Thomas, Howard F.   Collins, Roy   Demens, Edgar   Prevost, Edward Uncle
Arkley, William H.   Stanhope, Lindsey   Noel, Laura   Smythe, Louis N.  
Southard, Will B.   Sherry, Henry   Isham, Florence  ? Gagner, Laurent  
Glazier, Minnie Sister-in-law Barney, Franklyn R.   Blodgett, Mary   Landry, Marie  
Adams, Frank R.   Census Page VT.3-25-17 (map) Miles, Mabel   Census Page VT.3-28-10 (map)
Grenier, Alphonse P.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Ennis, Avi   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Prevost, Margaret M. Daughter Haeley, Guy D.   Clark, Ila Lodger Flood, Alvin  
Merrill, Carl A.   Conly, Herbert   Blais, Napoleon   Mulford, Doris  
Census Page VT.3-24-10 (map) Swift, William   Weiner, Sarah   Beck, James  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Laughlin, Raymond R.   Brody, Max   Barton, Gladys House kpr
Spaulding, Gerald K.   Welcome, Albert J.   Leoux, Charles (Ledoux ?)   Flanders, Adelbert  
Graves, Aurther L.   Whitcomb, Elmer T.   McDonald, Anges   Douglas, Victor  
Cole, Goldie Maid Moffett, Ralph A.   Elloitt, Harold   Paro, William  
Baldwin, Frederick G.   Collins, Elbert H.   Boucher, Lucille House kpr Hastings, Loren V.  
Cornish, Frederick C. B-in-law Serfoss, Gordon E. S-son Hughes, Ernest   Bacon, Violet House kpr
Cornish, Vivian M. M-in-law Hudon, Arthur   Berry, Genevieve House kpr Duval, Davit  
Natz, Charles H.   Davio, Fred M.   Irwin, Howard Lodger Carroll, Leo  
Hagan, James B.   Toussaint, Philemon J.   Elloitt, Eva   Carroll, Celenere  
Lord, Lawrence A. Nephew Gesaint, Jeanette Maid Grant, Richard Lodger Census Page VT.3-28-11 (map)
Vitty, Clarence L.   Newcity, Benjamin C.   Liberty, Katherine   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Leonard, Paul M.   Moyles, Gilbert J.   Leclerc, Adlerd   Taylor, Leo  
Kellogg, Walter G.   Census Page VT.3-25-18 (map) Poland, James   Goyet, Edwin  
Campion, Bernhard W.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Skinner, Gertrude   Patch, Leon  
Humphrey, Frank E.   Parker, Oscar W.   Blanchard, George   Widger, Albert  
Wheeler, Willard C.   ?arher, Roy S.   Bennett, Alice   Webb, Charles  
Census Page VT.3-24-11 (map) Smith, Lafe F.   Census Page VT.3-27-8 (map) Cole, Emily Mother-in-law
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Adams, Morris C. Nephew Saint Johnsbury (Village) Whitman, Joseph  
Wheeler, Beatrice A. Wife Adams, Howard   Fournier, Joseph   Frizzell, Clifford  
Boothby, Lloyd M.   LeBlanc, Howard J.   Bennett, Benjamin   Dern, Jacob  
Day, Edna   Dubuc, William J.   Gregorie, Eva   Henault, John B.  
Day, Florence   Clarke, Stanley   Bedard, Pearl   Flaherty, Michael H.  
Lowrey, Russell E.   Dolgin, Harry   Dole, Edna F.   Dow. Archie B.  
Blow, Thomas H.   Eastman, Earl O.   Sanbora, Ruby M. Lodger Census Page VT.3-28-12 (map)
Lougee, Herbert A.   Carr, Mark   Fitch, Perry   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Shedd, Mary Lodger Census Page VT.3-25-19 (map) Town, Raymond   Delworth, Theda Maid
Gray, Leland F.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Bennett, Nellie B.   Demers, Donet  
Knapp, Geraldus A.   Carr, Amah L. (Amy?) Wife Gravlin, Fred   Jarry, Henry  
Daniels, J. Everett   Hunt, Gordon W.   Tremblay, Norman   Gingras, Isaac  
Daniels, Clayton E.   Townsend, George F-in-law Barney, William H.   Ross, Guy E.  
Carpenter, Willie N.   Goss, Horace P.   Currier, Walter   Castonguay, Fernando  
Houston, Nettie M. Sister Goldstein, Barney   Wood, George L.   Lecroix, Donet  
Laclerc, Ernest C.   Chadwick, Robert    Census Page VT.3-27-9 (map) Stafford, Cyrus  
Census Page VT.3-24-12 (map) Tucker, June Lodger Saint Johnsbury (Village) Elliot, Fred N.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Boardman, Alfred Lodger Flint, Frederick   Powers, Charles H.  
Laclerc, Charles M. Son McGill, Louise   Miller, Frederick   Census Page VT.3-28-13 (map)
Druin, George J.   James. Thomas G.   Cushing, Madeline Sister-in-law Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Johnson, Merrill C.   Beer, Owen F.   Buswell, Elizabeth   St. Thomas, Joseph  
Beeman, Earl C.   Daniels Fred S. F-in-law Ward, Agnes R.   Amell, Delor  
Johnson, Edith R. M-in-law Lenton, Edwin G. Son-in-law Palmer George H.   Lecroix, Emile  
Johnson, Doris H. Sister-in-law Carter, William   Holland, Gladys   Seymour, Etta  
Johnson, Harols E. B-in-law Holbrook, Robert   Gamblin, Lottie Lodger Demers, Alcid  
Johnson, Zelma M. Sister-in-law Census Page VT.3-25-20 (map) Page, Clay C.   Stenson, Robert F.  
Johnson, Richard A. Nephew Saint Johnsbury (Village) Keach, Elizabeth G-daughter Hill, Bertha  
Johnson, Betty Ann Niece Holbrook, Lois Daughter Duffett, Harriet   Simpson, Guy L.  
Merrill, L. Gardiner   Smith, Mahlon Lodger Rothera, Ellen   Blanchard, Joe  
Spaulding, Lakin B.   Bean, Lea   Arnold, Claude   Lamontagne, H. (Hermenegilde)  
Douglas, Hubert C.   Census Page VT.3-25-21 (map) Horsley, Walter Lodger Howland, Wilbur  
Spencer, Conrad M.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Pience, Ralph Lodger Census Page VT.3-28-14 (map)
Buckbee, William R.   blank   Underwood, Myrtle   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Gale, Bessie B.   Census Page VT.3-25-22 (map) Green, Ola House kpr Ross, Irene Daughter
Munkittrick, Lawrence T.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Moone, Hartwell   Rousseau, Delphis  
Census Page VT.3-24-13 (map) Correction & Addition page   Carr, Frank L.   Johnson, Donald  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Gadapee, Charles   Harriman, Belulah   Lamontagne, Barth  
Munkittrick, Arnold P. Son Lee, Brigham V. Lodger Blood, Lona Mother Dumont, Theodule  
Munkittrick, Allan L.   Bailey, Merrill Son Corrick, Fred G.   Asselin, Gustave J.  
Hunter, Donald J.   Lamontagne, Celia Daughter Lane, Cleora E. Sister Polaski, Leila   
Thomas, Horace S.   Brown, Walter R.   McKenzie, Williams   Wood, Charles Paul Lodger
Lumbra, Daniel F.   Sannille, Dorothy J. Helper Census Page VT.3-27-10 (map) Lumbra, Bernard  
Dana, Clarence H.   Friend, Arthur L.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Penniman, Howard  
Freeman, Elsworth T.   Barrett, G. Arthur   Garfield, Perley   LeBlanc, Valmore  
Wilkins, George E.   Leach, Lawrence P.   Sicard, Aime   Fierney, John R.  
Eastman, (looks crossed out)   Leach, Anna M.   Scott, Leslie E. Lodger Cordeau, Sheila  Niece
Coburn, Gerry W.   Census Page VT.3-25-23 (map) Wayman, William Lodger Hall, Marion Maid
Census Page VT.3-24-14 (map) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Greenwood, George   Census Page VT.3-28-15 (map)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) blank   Harvey, Elizabeth   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Lumbra, Herbert J.   Census Page VT.3-26-1 (map) McSweeney, Emma   Gauvin, Ernest  
Moulton, George C.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Sherrer, Harold   Yake, Phillip B.  
McKee, Ronals L.   Carrier, Henry   Reeves, Walter G.   Emery, Charles  
Grady, James A.   Fournier, Alphonse Boarder Sicard, Napeleon   McLaughlin, Iona Daughter
White, Wilmont D.   Charther, Emilie   Massey, Chauncey   Spencer, Roland E.  
Johnson, Jennie H. M-in-law Guyer, Ernest   Stanton, Marion H. Niece Drew, Lawrence  
Wheelock, Almond M.   Descoteaux, Napolean   Roy, Edgar J.   Couture, Henry  
Eastman, Seth N.   Beritin, Nary   Pepin, John C.   Joyce, Charles A.  
Gage, William A.   Turner, Ernest E.   Corriveau, Antionette Sister-in-law Clark, Alice G.  
Kibby, Elgin V.   West, Irrving   Asselin, Petronilla   Stark, Mary A. House kpr
Census Page VT.3-24-15 (map) Daniel, Aime   Randall, George H.   Lynch, Mary C.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Elliott, Rosa   James, Gordon Son-in-law Couchene, Joseph  
Clough, Dean S.   Durand, Esther   Marten, Hugh   Greenwood, Elmer J.  
Ingram, Walter J.   Legendre, Therma   Lowell, Nora   Census Page VT.3-28-16 (map)
Keniston, Ivers N.   Census Page VT.3-26-2 (map) Census Page VT.3-27-11 (map) Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Williams, Thomas H.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Dowse, Walter S-father
Lapoint, Authur A.   Legendre, Marie Mother Priest, Herbert W.   Fisher, Helen House kpr
Weeks, Earl L.   Durand, Joseph   Densmore, Floyd   Platt, Edward C.  
Corbett, Chandler J.   Pond, Grace   Pepin, George   Morency, Gertrude  
Chesley, Gertie M-in-law Boisvert, Celia   Wyman, Isabel   Lavigne, Oscar J.  
Pigula, Herman   Morency, Lionel   Garand, Samuel A.   Willey, John  
Goldberg, - - -   Doris, Norman   Courteau, Alcide   Bailey, Nellie  
Higgins, Harold H.   Buzzell, Louise Aunt Lachapille, Joseph F-in-law Priest, Almon Lodger
Kumpf, Milton F.   Doris, Ralph   Clifford, Elizabeth   Healey, Perley  
Shiaro, Harold I.   Belisla, Leopold   Rexford, Homer   Tubman, Mildred  
Thurston, Charles Q.   White, David   Landry, Rose I.   Richardsm Edward  
Census Page VT.3-24-16 (map) Ainsworth, Doreen Housekpr Cashman, George W.   Cooney, Robert  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Nutting Chester   Sparrow, Ruth   Gaughon, Alton  
Anderson, William E.   Landry, Ida C.   Hall, Edwin L.   Carter, Winifred Sister
Macey, Claude C.   Landry, Julia Mother Census Page VT.3-27-12 (map) Desilets, Napoleon  
Safford, Ernest W.   Census Page VT.3-26-3 (map) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Moriarty, Francis  
Hallett, Robert G.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Miltimore Cleona T.   Census Page VT.3-28-17 (map)
Knapp, Harry E.   Landry, John   Ferrin, Anna   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Borne, Clyve K. (Bourne, Clive?)   Lanctot, Clara   Hafner, Arthur H.   McGovern, Charles F-in-law
Baschand, Guston C. (Bachand?)   Smith, Herman   Puffer, Marion F.   Castonguay, Arlene Maid
Nash, Harry B.   Faucher, Amanda   Bailey, Cono M. Lodger Richardson, Herbert A.  
Paradis, William C, S-son Roy, Alfred   Ladd, Ellen M.   Richard, Mona Daughter
Paradis, James F. S-son Houde, Clement   Higgins, Ellie B.   Lang, Verna  
Paradis, Ronald A. S-son Johnson, Ronald B.   Neild, Avery   Aldrich, Katherine Mother
Jordan, Carmen M.   Johnson, Homer Father Amey, J.Clark   Willard, Harold  
Census Page VT.3-24-17 (map) Faucher, Joseph   Perkins, Jennie W.   Drake, Lewis W.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Morency, Anthony   Hooker, Sadie A. Lodger Powers, Margaret  
Jordan, Beulah M. Wife McGuire, Thomas   Fox, Carroll H.   Heath, Kate Sister
Welch, Laura M.   Census Page VT.3-26-4 (map) Gilman, Myles   Pierce, Robert R.  
Eastman, Harold D.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Perham, John M.   Strauch, Donald  
Laferriere, Agnes M.   McGuire, Thomas C. Son Radcliff, Frederick H.   Chandler, Lottie  
Rivers, ?urore M.   Couture, Albert   Summer, Charles S.   Streeter, Caroline Aunt
Bundy, Michael G.   Webster, Gordon   Ford, Wendell B.   Smith, Susan H.  
Carr. Margaret E. G-dau Hopper, Oscar   Ford, Harry W.   Woods, Jennie House kpr
Aiken, Philemon A.   McKee, Ernest   Census Page VT.3-27-13 (map) Cole, Sanford  
Guyer, William H.   Morency, August   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Fletcher, Philip A.  
Hagan, John O.   Wilkie, Irwin   Dickerson, Joseph   Census Page VT.3-28-18 (map)
Burke, Herbert D. Lodger Wilkie, Theodore   Murphy, Carl   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Farnsworth, George F.   Smith, Elmore   Gaffney, Arthur B.   Brown, Calvin  
Washburn, Luther I.   Warrell, Benjamin   Gosselin, Frank   Stetson, Hattie Mother-in-law
Census Page VT.3-24-18 (map) Shepard, Burton   Drown, Elizabeth   Richmond, Claude  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Jacques, Alderic   Donley, John   Stevens, Grace  
Fairbanks, Donald F.   Nichola, Harvy   Lamonsia, Oliver   McGowan, Elizabeth Maid
Cummings, Elmer F.   Thruston, Frank   Gosselin, Agatha   Connett, Anna  
Rivers, Clyde W.   Census Page VT.3-26-5 (map) Fournier, Emma   Cosgrove, Jane  
Hoar, Edward W.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Shepard, Emma   Caldbeck, Emma Sister-in-law
Morse, Raymond C.   Thruston, Alda Wife Grant, Donald G-son Cosgrove, Dermit Son 
McGill, John C.   Vitty, Lucian   Demon, Fred W.   Drew, Eliza Maid
Hoar, Raymond D.   Jogan, James   Garfield, Edson   Searls, Charles A.  
Russell, James A.   Stevensen, Martha   Dauphin, Eugene P.   Ellis, Helen Lodger
Chaffee, Carol C.   Wilkie, Jennie Daughter Winn, Estell M.   Goslant, John B.  
Marshall, William J. Lodger Wilkie, Ira N.   Wilkinson, Clarence   Hurd, Lidia House kpr
Walker, William J. Lodger True, Lewis   Brown, Hibbard   Sprague, Arthur  
Glines, Lee R. (Leo?)   Wakefield, Robert   Labounty, Bertha M.   Ide, Richard E.  
Hemingway, Glenn E. (Hemmingway?) Chickering, Ira   Census Page VT.3-27-14 (map) Ide, William A.  
Tisdale, Frank E.   Marcotte, Fred Father-in-law Saint Johnsbury (Village) Heon, Rosilda  
Census Page VT.3-24-19 (map) Weeks, Carl   Densmore, Perley   Census Page VT.3-28-19 (map)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Dauron, James   Emerson, Delia   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Tisdale, Ruth B. Wife Jennion, Alice   Powers, Caroline Daughter Gero, Harold  
Hoar, Charles E.   Carr. Moris   Rash, Florance   Wilkins, Harold  
French, Etta W.   Carr, Margaret Sister Demers, Raymond Boarder Garfield, Lucius  
Wright. Alfred W.   Collins, Bertha   Duclos, Albert   Boucher, Aime  
Wright, Aurthur S.   Cote, Alcidas   Garand, Herman Lodger Nadeau, Marie Louise  
Brown, Waldo E.   Census Page VT.3-26-6 (map) Sevigny, Alphonse   Benoit, Louis C.  
Wright, Alfred W. Jr.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Countryman, Anna   Beer, Richard F.  
Laclair, Harold T.   Cote, Armanda Wife Somerville, Samuel J.   St. Cyr, Napoleon  
Tolman, Harlan A.   Niblock, Edward   Gibbs, Dorothy   Davidson, George N.  
Rich, Horace T.   Casey, Martin   White, Austin F.   Bates, Harold  
Russell, Thomas A.   Madore, Telephore   Filgate, Norman S-son Brown, Annie M.  
Chadbourne, Frank H.   Ciattoni, Angeline   White, Joan Daughter White, Peter  
Laclair, Charles W.   Giguere, Leo   White, Amelia Mother Census Page VT.3-28-20 (map)
Blair, Robert I.   Coombs, William   Meigs, Robert   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Poole, Della M.   Norrin, Charles   Dana, Harry E.   Desrochers, Felix  
Census Page VT.3-24-20 (map) Rogers, Frank   Perry, Charles H.   Miles, Ernest J.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Powers, Bernie Step-son Marcotte, Minola   Barrel, Ernest  
Bedard, William G. Lodger Beford, Fred   Lowrey, Joseph   Mignault, Peter  
Bedard, Richard W. Lodger Allen, Irving Boarder Census Page VT.3-27-15 (map) Gagne, Roland  
Bedard, Walter G. Lodger Schoppe, Arthur   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Hazelton, Henry L.  
Bedard, Alice M. Lodger Dunne, Claire Daughter Kittredge, Frank   Lillian, Allen  
Bailey, Frank L.   Census Page VT.3-26-7 (map) Chabot, Clovis G.   Lefond, William  
Richardson, Kate E. House kpr Saint Johnsbury (Village) Sunbury, Arthur   Bourque, Clarice House kpr
Heath, Myra M.   Dunne, Richard Son-in-law Godin, Joseph   Bean, Ina  
Bailey, May A.   Costa, William   Paino, Bartolo   Census Page VT.3-28-21 (map)
Lacasse, Maude J. Daughter Brodley, Charles   Gilbert, Harold   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Laclair, Eugene A.   Peters, Allie   Stewart, Maude C.   Joyce, Lea Daughter
Austin, Arnon D.   Gibbons, Norman   Widger, Eldon   Dewey, Elsie Mother
Ward, Nina F. M-in-law Aiken, Ruth Niece Lowrey, Bessie   Cormier, Telesphore  
Wright, Gilbert A.   Aiken, Elizabeth Niece White, Jesse L.   Duperron, Isaac  
Lindsley, George W.   Oliver, Hiram   Kennison, Clarence   Cormier, Alfred  
Giguere, Raymond C. Son-in-law Fleming, Lettia Mother-in-law Wallace, Roberta   Lecass, William  
Census Page VT.3-24-21 (map) Fales, Glenn   McCuen, Charles A.   Cormier, Henry Lodger
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Coombs, Howard   Alland, Viola B.   Moore, Donald Lodger
Rivard, Norman T. Son-in-law James, George Father-in-law Exampton, Barbara M. Lodger Vermette, Emma  
Teehan, Thomas B.   Fitzgerald, Arthur   Black, Donald   Collins, Mary E. G-daughter
McGinnis, Elizabeth A. M-in-law Lowell, William   Census Page VT.3-27-16 (map) Heon, Arthur  
Lyster, Merton E.   Schoppe, Morris (Maurice ?)   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Beaudry, Ovila  
Paquin, Francis L.   Lapoint, Frank   Taylor, Florance Mother Bedard, Alfred  
Cleary, Lester G.   Morrison, Alfred   Carr, Rupert Q.   Census Page VT.3-28-22 (map)
Donaghy, Marguerite E. Niece Census Page VT.3-26-8 (map) Remick, Raymond M.   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Traynor, William C.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) White, Lee   Wheelock, Edelbert  
Labounty, Selby L.   Morrison, Margaret   Gregoie, Florance Lodger Villeneuve, Philip  
Devereaux, Sherman R.   Jackson, Elmer   Safford, Horace H.   Ingerson, Harold  
Baily, William S.   Cook, Mary   Merchant, James   Ross, Coriene  
Laliberte, Theodore   Lowery, Francis Daughter Pickett, William A.   Fisher, Leon  
Census Page VT.3-24-22 (map) Fields, Delor Boarder Tousaint, Albert Lodger Pelkey, Tellesphore  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Piper, George   Elloitt, James L. (Elliott?)   Toussant, Della M-in-law
Laliberte, Nancy E. Wife Hovey, Carl P.   Merchant, Carl C.   Pelkey, Lawrence Son
Lumbra, Horace J.   Conner, Virginia Daughter Mumford, Walter   Fortin, Alphonsine  
Sahlin, Eric J.   Bocash, Elma   Gray, Gloria Lodger Gagner, Rose  
Bedard, Ernest H.   Ferris, Clarence   Mumford, Frederick   Pepin, Annie  
Gilfillan, Henry B.   Blay, Raymond Son-in-law Fisher, Theophilus   Dubois, Rose  
Hawkins, Curtis T.   Mosher, Charles E. Grand-son Gingras, Marie   Heath, Robert W.  
Padham, Clyde A.   Smith, Orin   Bona, Angelo   Auby, Edgar  
Peniman, Harold L.   Call, Claude   Christie, James W.   Drew, Floyd  
Morse, Kenneth   Annis, Mildred   Census Page VT.3-27-17 (map) Census Page VT.3-28-23 (map)
Mitchell, Charles F.   Little, Fred   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Brock, William J.   Easter, Floyd   Lovejoy, Laura   Morin, Marie A. House kpr
Safford, Grant I.   Page, Harlie   Letourneau, Alfred J.   Eastman, Welcome  
Census Page VT.3-24-23 (map) MacDonald, Jennie (McDonald ?) Mother-in-law Hinman, Isabell   Crowe, George H.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-26-9 (map) Cox, James   Johnson, Clarence L. U.  
Safford, Alice L. Wife Saint Johnsbury (Village) Green, Leon G-son Labounty, Yvonne  
Roberts, Richard L.   Ashton, Merle   Nelson, George H.   Provencher, Lionel  
Moore, Leon J.   Underwood, Harry   Hill, Vincent   Labounty, Elphige (Elphage ?)  
Rice, Reynold D.   Chamberlain, George   Hendenson, Bessie House kpr Phibeault, Josephine House kpr
Kittredge, Romeo H.   Fournier, Albert   Germond, Edward Lodger Dutil, Rose  
Gaffney, Raymond E.   Taylor, Paul L.   Ruggles. Neil   Wright, Wayland Nephew
Wilkins, Joyce C. S-dau Brickett, Lewis   Emmons, Clara   Darling, Basil Lodger
Rickaby, Theophilus   Brown, Harry   Bouffard, George   Merrill, Herbert Lodger
Millard, Walter M.   Bartlett, Gertrude   Daniels, Exilda   LeMay, Robert Lodger
Noyes, Norman L.   Fields, Fred L.   Crepeauet, Phillip   Gagetta, Ermando  
Weston, Lyle D.   Bernier, Ralph   Census Page VT.3-27-18 (map) Bounelle, Reno A. (Ryno ?)  
Census Page VT.3-24-24 (map) Macomber, Gerald   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-28-24 (map)
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Fletcher, Lizzie   Shampany, Eleonor (Champany?) Sister-in-law Saint Johnsbury (Village)
LaRose, Osias J.   Dubey, John   Gustin, Homer   Vallier, Ivan  
Moffett, Harold R.   Blair, Alcide   Constant, Joseph   Dutil, Archie J.  
McEwan, George L.   Moran, Joseph   Nelson, George N.   Nolin, J. Alphonse Son-in-law
Labrecque, Paul G.   Census Page VT.3-26-10 (map) Carr, Ernest W. S-son Prevost, John G. Son-in-law
Juneau, Lawrence A.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Palese, Vincent   Nolin, Jules A. G-son
Harvey, Clyde F.   Moran, Annie Wife Merchant, Walter   Mathews, Donald  
Wilkins, Aurthur A.   McDonald, Hugh S-son McClure, Charles J.   Nolin, Joseph G.  
Lauature, Clarence R.   Lowell, Daniel   Ducharme, Ulyses (Euliss?)   Reynolds, Paul  
Lyod, Helen M. S-dau Albee, Richard (Allbee ?) Grand-son Neil, Charles   Caswell, Mabel House kpr
Daigneault, William D.   Lowell, William Grand-son Labilerty, Joseph A. (Laliberte?)   Annsley, Pressbury  
Page, Stephen P.   Brodien, Collins   Farr, Charles L.   Hall, James  
Census Page VT.3-24-25 (map) Batchelder, Sylvia Mother-in-law Sawyer, Myrtie Lodger Pye, Willis  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Chesley, Harry   Fuller, Cora J.   Mayette, Walter W.  
Page, Earl S. Son Kelsey, Ralph   Baird, Elizabeth Mother Vancour, George  
Morron, Carl A.   Lapoint, Frank   Bernier, John   Connor, Russell  
Emery, Hiram S.   Blodgett, Pearl   Census Page VT.3-27-19 (map) Census Page VT.3-28-25 (map)
Aldrich, Gerard T.   Jackman, Herbert   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Langlois, George M.   Cutting, George   Ash, Charlotte   St.Louis, Charles  
Matherson, Angus P.   Kelly, William   Farland, Louis   Fournier, Richard T.  
Bailey, Kenneth E.   Dudley, Carl   Flanders, Harry   Cole, Fred T.  
Census Page VT.3-24-26 (map) Miller, Joseph   Proia, Loreto (Proya?)   Giguere, Joseph H.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Census Page VT.3-26-11 (map) H?????  Carroll   Toussant, Edmour  
blank   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Wright, Irwin   Cowens, Andrew B.  
Census Page VT.3-24-27 (map) Miller, Anita Daughter Cruickshank, James   Provost, Leo  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Handy, Gabriel   Renaud, Ralph E.   Simpson, Frank J.  
Sternberg, Celon C.   Lyster, Ida   Weeks, Henry   Cray, Charles S.  
Census Page VT.3-24-28 (map) Barr, Eddio   Dutchbum, ???   Tremblay, Alex  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Hunt, Margaret   Couture, Oscar   Heman, Paul (Hemond ?)  
blank   Ranney, Clyde   Hudson, Raymond   Juneau, Henry J.  
Census Page VT.3-24-29 (map) Waldo, Maurice   Varelli, Philip   Martin, Raymond  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Simons, John   Wyman, Leona   Census Page VT.3-28-26 (map)
Taylor, Michael   Farmham, Bert   Batchm, Ardell   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Humphrey, Russell   Buck, Chester   Sibley, Minnie Mother Marcotte, Albert  
Brunnelle, Edmund   Presby, Wilber   Revere, Beatrice   St.Marie, Valmore B-in-law
Census Page VT.3-24-30 (map) Stanley, Maude   McCue, Joseph Lodger Rash, Ernest  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Robertson, Olivine   Tabor, Lawrence   Desrochers, Leo B-in-law
blank   Brodley, Curtis   Census Page VT.3-27-20 (map) Desrochers, Raymond  
Census Page VT.3-25-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-26-12 (map) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Sweet, Virgil  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Smith, Bernie   Pierce, Edewy F-in-law
Fields, Albert E.   Brodley, Erton Son Boucher, Arthur J.   Henderson, Etta  
Roy, Joseph P.   Guyer, Ernest D.   Picard, Ludger   Rennie, Harry Lodger
Cormier, William J.   Brickett, Arthur   Roy, Alyre J.   Piche, Alphonse  
Dubey, Henry A.   Merchant, Theron   Horsfield, Thomas W.   Gagner, George  
Clark, Romens Helper Chamberlain, Herman   Shapiro, Samuel   Estabrooks, Maude  
Sargent, Isabelle M.   Richards, Everett   Daggett, Dorothy C.   Racette, William E.  
Clifford, Benjamin   McGill, Patrick   Perry, Rubie (Ruby?) Lodger Demers, Arlene Niece
Bedard, Eva D.   Dunn, Howard   Spencer, Albert   Montmiy, Maurice Lodger
Drew, Fred S.   Garfield, Elizabeth   Sargent, Jackson   Desrochers, Francis Lodger
Wheelock, Frank E.   Forcier, Delphis   Dunn, Marcel   Russell, Perley  
Morency, Alcide R.   Piper, Theron   Prevost, Robertine Mother Gafney, Jeanette (Gaffney ?) Daughter
Bean, Charles R.   Buck, Clarence   Ouellette, Adellard   Lynch, Florence  
Simpson, Eber J.   Williamson, James   Census Page VT.3-27-21 (map) Morse, Lucretia Sister
Stearns, George H.   Census Page VT.3-26-13 (map) Saint Johnsbury (Village) Caldbeck, Agnes E.  
Thibault, Beatrice   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Correction & Addition page   Canning, Albert T.  
Census Page VT.3-25-2 (map) Williamson, Avis Wife Racette, Rose   Lachance, Albert A.  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Cota, Homer (Cote) F-in-law Massicotte, Gertrude   Census Page VT.3-28-27 (map)
Thibault, Odiana C. Sister Oser, Gerhard   Blain, Monie   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Lunnie, Neal C.   Collins, Gordon   Masse, Thomas   Zabarsky, Harry  
Leith, John H.   Amidon, Merton   Blain, Emile   Estabrooks, Ray H.  
Cote, Ernest J.   Howard, Richard   Nadon, Addee   Dauphin, Henry  
Gadley, David O.   Sinclair, Bertha S-sister Morin, Salone   Census Page VT.3-28-28 (map)
Mooney, Alton V. G-son Comstock, William   Martel, Theresa   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Conley, Harold F.   Rich, Arthur   Gowett, Dominic   blank  
Shute, Gladys M.   Smith, Clifford   Bourasse, Mori   Census Page VT.3-28-29 (map)
Wilkie, Carroll Lodger Census Page VT.3-26-14 (map) Fortien, Audre   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Plouffe, Adrien F.    Saint Johnsbury (Village) Racicot, Claire   Correction & Addition page  
Cassidy, Philip S.   Leavitt. Ernest   Laze-----, Margaret   Wedge, Donne Lee Son
Moore, John H.   Bassett, Frederick   Calderona, Theresa   Murphy, Mina Mother
Allan, M. Frances Daughter Elliott, Charles   St.Denis, Arinee   Drew, Morris Jr. G-son
Higgins, Pearl Lodger Osgood, Israel   Vincent, Vincent   Landry, Georgette Daughter
Lapanne, Louise   Gillanders, Robert   Cortier, Adelard   Dingle, Norman Lodger
Tisdale, Eldon A.   Renfrew, Rosco   Blais, Cecilia   Pomerleau, Antonio Lodger
Census Page VT.3-25-3 (map) Moulton, George H.   Brosseau, Ester L.   Cahill, Thomas Lodger
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Colby, Joseph   Frost, Adelard   Flanders, David R. Son
Tisdale, Helen S. Wife Benoit, George   Raymond, Carolyn   Ross, Bonnie Lou Mae G-daughter
Smythe, Edward B-in-law Dearborn, Ray   Greenwood, ---- A. Lodger Sprague, Richard  Son
Hill, Wilbur C.   Pierce, Kate Mother-in-law Vent??ine, Fousta Lodger Berry, Diana Sister
Valliere Eugene   Tibbett, Lucinda   King, Ivan T. Lodger Connor, Irving Son
Leach Fred J.   Census Page VT.3-26-15 (map) Heath, Dolly  Lodger Gagne, Fernand R.  
Morse, Florence H.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Gooy, Unice Lodger Dionne, Eugene  
Abbott, Arthur H.   Cloutier, Octavie   McFarlin, Mildred Lodger Gilman, Paul  
Delano, Harold J.   Roy, Josephine Sister Randall, Bonfona Lodger Bachand, Joseph D.  
Toussaint, Althea L. Sister-in-law Roy, Grace Niece Broza, Catherine M. Lodger Silsby, Clayton  
Adams, Charles C.   Potter, Roy   Brown,Fracie T. Lodger Brunelle, Jeanette Sister-in-law
Miller, Atwell S-son Lovering, Jennie   Dame, Rev. Joseph   Granger, Adelaide  
Giroux, Rosalia   Cutting, Clifford   Fortin, Rev. Armand Lodger Wilfore, Clinton  
Brown, Oscar C.   Legare, Wilfred   Lesage, Zelia Lodger Grenier, Arthur  
Dubois, Arthur J.   Rix, Donald   Laperle, Blanche Lodger Census Page VT.3-28-30 (map)
Swenson, Ernest   Allen, Richard   Phillips, Thomas   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Paradis, Beatrice House kpr Simons, Julliet   Gavoni, Ivy Mother-in-law Correction & Addition page cont.
Census Page VT.3-25-4 (map) Griswold, Margery   Devereaux, Richard H. Lodger Pinaud, Edward  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Jewett, Frank   Bailey, Kenneth R. Lodger Goslant, Mitchell  
Brochu, Edward   MacNeill, William   Ailes, Menton O. Lodger Courcheine, Henry  
Byelle, Joseph   Sherburne, Frank   Census Page VT.3-27-22 (map) Barnard, Grace  
Daignault, Alma   Radford, Alfred   Saint Johnsbury (Co. Jail) (Village) Stygles, Leslie  
Campbell, Leroy   Smith, Lowell   Correction & Addition page cont. Nolin, Alice  
Vallier, Celina   Thoresen, Ida   Smith, George E. Head Holland, Roy C.  
Poliquin, Pauline Wife Bernier, Paul   Rainey, Leslie E.   Flynn, Katherine E.  
Marlowe, Cornelia J.   Census Page VT.3-26-16 (map) Belanger, Emile E.   Gagne, Phillip  
Russell, Hazen J.   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Stewart, William   Bruso, Albert P.  
Coombs, John   Bernier, Bernardine Wife Beland, William A.   Burke, Fred  
Cross, Kenneth R.   Lanctot, Lester   Anyalone, Ansils   Bundy, Hilda  
Caldbeck, Lillian M.   Therrien, Eva   Maxwell, Pontrice   Weeks, Henry R.  
Gravlin, Elmer   Bradley, Chancey   Tenney, Warren   Census Page VT.3-28-30 (map)
Donovan, Leona House kpr Gonyaw, Curtis   Lord, Oxa B.   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Lapanne, Raymond   Morency, John   Hill, Clarance R.   Correction & Addition page cont.
Lapanne, Alphonse J.   Morency, Exelia   Dohesty, Aben   Reed, Carlyle  
Census Page VT.3-25-5 (map) Stewart, Edwin   Wellitks, John   Alston, Elmer  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Whiting, Mary   Wolk, Michial   Plummer, Reginald G-son
DeForge, Germaine M.   White, Helen Daughter Hurley, Michial   Blake, Raymond  
Brady, Ida M.   Richards, Clarence   Dwyer, James   Henderson, Alva S.  
Bonett, Bernie M.   Sholan, Paul   Bronning, Joseph   Goslant, Mitchell Jr. Son
Derosia, Leo H.   Olcott, Judson   Weathes, Alberta   Hastings, Frank H. Son
Gorham, Roy A.   Carter, Warren   Letneault, Adolf   Gilman, Daniel L. Son
Holland, Donald S.   Cole, Charles   Perotti, William   Census Page VT.3-28-32 (map)
Gray, Harry E.   Scribner, Benjamin   Costello, Patrick   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Holloway, Edith S.   Kamp, Horace (Camp?)   Dion, Louis   blank  
Benoit, Regenald P.   Census Page VT.3-26-17 (map) Minor, Joseph   Census Page VT.3-28-33 (map)
Daniels, A. Joseph   Saint Johnsbury (Village) Bennett, George   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Chamberlain, Ralph A.   Cutting, Earl   Fortune, Daniel   Dangan, William H.  
Drown, Emily A.   Smith, Albert   Cheney, Haltie E. Head Riga, Joseph  
Woods, Herbert T.   Skinner, Ray   Buffum, Jennie   Magnuson, Arthur B.  
Smith, George   Canning, Charles   Heath, May E.   Census Page VT.3-28-34 (map)
Sherry, Ralph D.   Morgan, Martin   Chandler, May L.   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Census Page VT.3-25-6 (map) Field, Edgar   Blair, Margaret J.   blank  
Saint Johnsbury (Village) Brown, Edwin Brother-in-law Champagne, Maxia School Sup. Census Page VT.3-27-25 (map)
Young, Jennie M. Lodger Parks, W. Thomas   Soney, Alphonsine   Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Racette, Josephine L.   Charette, Clyde   Arsenault, Lena   Murphy, Thomas J.  
Demers, Julian G. Nephew Mullally, (Julian?) Daughter Fortier, Marie Anna   Cuntis, Linwood L. Guest
Davison, Walter   Merrier, Leo   Renond, Jeannett   Toitel, Louis Guest
Ronan, William B.   Johnson, Bernard   Picard, Florence   Monet, Anthony E. Guest
Thompson, James A,   Baldwin, Richard   Ualade, Jeanne   Williams, Robert  
Goss, Frank H       Cantin, Germaine   Hall, Menton E. Lodger
Warrell, George T.       Labenge, Georgiana   Williams, Marion Lodger
Fales, David W.       Doulet, Marie Anna   Clifford, Wallace L. Lodger
Dussault, Emile N.       Laferrine, Arthur Janitor Williams, Angeline Lodger
LeBrun, Hermildas F-in-law         Census Page VT.3-27-26 (map)
Montgomery, Lyndol            Saint Johnsbury (Village)
Player, Donald Lodger         blank  

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