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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Census Page VT.3-6-5 (map) Census Page VT.3-16-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-17-21 (map) Census Page VT.3-18-9 (map)
Burke (Town) Lyndon (Village) Lyndon (Village) Lyndon (Village)
Spencer,Charles A.   Parker, Joseph E.   Bennett, Ross F.   Lamoureux, Oscar P.  
Bowen, Carrie Maid Angell, John T. Nephew Hathrell, Ralph H. Lodger Taylor, Arthur C.  
McFarlin, John H.   Angell, Mark T.   Adams, Arunah W.   Thresher, Ann M.  
Magill, John A.   Angell, Lela T. Wife Eaton, Julius L.   McShane, Durward U.  
Orcutt, Reginald F.   Hubbard, Clayton A.   Wheeler, Easton   Duval, Frank G.  
Magill, Herman A.   Bennett, Homer   Martelle, George E.   Wilmarth, Clara H. Boarder
Seymour, Ralph H.   Scott, Harold   Martelle, George W. Son Greenwood, Eugene E.  
Morse, Flora M.   Beane, Kenneth B.   Wilson, Jack Nephew Nadeau, Francis X.  
Dodge, Alvin   Edmunds, Elmer W.   Daigle, Lucien C.   Walter, Hosea F.  
Byerus, Thomas Hired hand Jaques, George E.   Horrigan, William A.   Pierce, Robert K.  
John, Mary J.   Black, G. Harry   Grapes, David I.   Wheeler, Willis C.  
Draper, Edward H. G-son Hopkins, Leon E.   Smith, Roy E.   Dickerman, Clayton  
Coburn, Roy W.   Census Page VT.3-16-2 (map) Dahlbeck, William E.   Census Page VT.3-18-10 (map)
Field, June R. Boarder Lyndon (Village) Dawson, Alfreda M.   Lyndon (Village)
John, Harry L.   Woods, Shirley Step-dau Domey, Abner E.   Dickerman, Doris M. Daughter
Cheney, Adrian C.   Plummer, Arthur L.   Census Page VT.3-17-22 (map) Taylor, Irving  
Countes, Nelson C.   Emerson, Edna A.   Lyndon (Village) Miles, Emma T. M-in-law
Gray, Harlow H.   Richardson, Millicent Lodger Domey, Joyce Daughter Johnson, Noel W.  
Census Page VT.3-6-10 (map) Lewis, Robert K.   Myhill, George   Colby, Lolyd Boarder
Burke  (Town) Rogers, Jennie   Cochrane, John   Libby, Ezra E.  
Sanderson, Haley M. Boarder Hardy, Elvira J. Lodger Wakefield, Sherman R.   Farnum, Scott M.  
McNally, John   Forbes, Merwin    Carnelli, Geine A.   Davis, Ralph E.  
Archambault, Bert R. Hired man Moulthrop, Wendell S.   Hughes, Walter J.   Davis, Flora A. Wife
Farmer, Fred A.   Collins, Harold C.   Dexter, James D.   Austin, James  
Cox, Elmer G. Hired man Blanchard, Richard D. Lodger Roberts, Beulah H.   Morrison, Mabel M. House kpr
Bailey, Clarence A. Hired man Mathewson, Phillip H.   John, William Roomer Hawkes, Albert J.  
Lund, Helen J. Hired girl Buzzell, Dorothea T.   Philbrick, Bertha M.   Burns, Leonard A.  
Farmer, Harold F.   Dinsmore, Marion Lodger Chayer, Bertha G-daugh LaClare, Beatrice M. Daughter
Leach, Harry J.   Cicerale, Mari0n Lodger Hayes, James R.   Maynard, Clement T.  
Isham, Cora A. Mother-in-law Wright, Charles W.   Lang, Thresa Daughter Pierce, Leslie A.  
Walter, Herman Hired man Census Page VT.3-16-3 (map) Kenerson, Warren W.   Folsom, Jessie E.  
Daigle, Albert J. Hired man Lyndon (Village) Amidon, Garland H.   Carr, Frank B.  
Leach, Delmer B. Cousin Pride, Helen E. Lodger Cournoyer, Emile P.   Census Page VT.3-18-11 (map)
Leach, Steren B.   Cutting, Orris   Tetreault, Rose M-in-law Lyndon (Village)
Bell, Mary A.   McHarg, Mae (May?)   Grant, Kermit E.   Carr, Angie H. Wife
McHarg, James A.   Blake, Elwin, N.   Census Page VT.3-17-23 (map) Stone, Henry R.  
Verge, Georhe A.   Blaine, Ruby   Lyndon (Village) Chester, Eric L.  
Census Page VT.3-6-11 (map) Miles, Mildred M.   Grant, Ruth Wife Wilson, Augustus  
Burke  (Town) Lawson, Luther T.   Baker, Gertrude M-in-law Merriam Luther W.  
Temple, Ernest A.   Libby, Hiram G.   Gregory, Daniels   Rich, Alma J. M-in-law
Revoir, Frank A.   Peck, William   Darling, Charles M.   White, Richard H. Boader
Lund, Walter C. Boarder Mortensen, Marten (Morton?)   Williams, Regina Servant Bedard, Fred L.  
Lavely, John J.   Corey, Raymond A.   LaPoint, Homer A.   Bedard, Archie A.  
Magill, James E. Hired man Phillips, Elsie O.   Kerr, Milton J.   Census Page VT.3-18-12 (map)
Rexford, Harry A.   Goodwin, Raymond F. Son McGennis, Lowise Sister-in-law Lyndon (Village)
Rexford, Clarence W.   Phillips, Thelma C. Daughter Sherman, Ray C.   blank  
Rice, Albion J.   Davis, William E.   Campbell, Raymond E.   Census Page VT.3-18-13 (map)
Hartwell, Norris G.   Nichols, Steven Daniel   Saunders, William H.   Lyndon (Village)
Humphrey, Wesley   Census Page VT.3-16-4 (map) Hebert, Aime E.   Nutting, Milburn F.  
Census Page VT.3-6-12 (map) Lyndon (Village) Wilkie, Clifton A.   Boardman, Phyllis B. Hired girl
Burke  (Town) Cowing, Hazel D. G-daughter Harris, Lulu  Sister Stone, Edward E.  
Humphrey, George W.   Somers, Thomas F.   Chase, Charles G-nephew Smith, Vera House kpr
Gero, Charles H.   Little, Edward P.   Copeland, Regina   Stone, Beatrice  
McCaffery, Patrick J. Hired man Barnett, Etta House kpr Farmer, Belle S. Lodger Somers, Charles C.  
Lund, Floyd W.   Dodge, Charles H.   Houghton, Annie B.   Daniels, George D.  
Rexford, Wilbur H.   Fay, Elizabeth L.   Markey, Alba M.   Rexford, Maurice P.  
Aldrich, Lyman G.   Fuller, Evelyn Lodger Census Page VT.3-17-24 (map) Garron, Pete G.  
Burrington, Elmer A.   Forbes, Lydia A.   Lyndon (Village) Baily, Wim. E.  
Fields, Henry C Hired man Greenwood, Lula F. Daughter Markey, Flora Wife Paris, Murray K.  
Rice, Clayton D. Hired man Cowles, Harley R.   Fowler, Annie L.   Learmouth, Emma A.  
Brooks, Emile F. Hired man Hale, Franklin D. F-in-law Eaton, Albert E.   Sharon, Gladys E. Daughter
Pickett, Arthur A. Hired man Hill, William D.   Emerson, Wesley O.   Flynn, Edward E. Nephew
Magill, Maude F. Maid Hill, Eunice Wife Griswold, Palmer R.   Williamson, Guy B.  
Daigneault, William T. Hired man Spencer, Doris Lodger Litchfield, Mary E.   Smith, Fred W.  
Couture, Alva H. Hired man Baker, Theta H.   Bigelow, Reginald A.   Census Page VT.3-18-14 (map)
Daigle, Lucien Hired man Eastman, Clara A. Partner Pope, Jermie F.   Lyndon (Village)
Smith, Roy A.   Greenslade, Anne House kpr Spencer, Ethel W.   Carpenter, Bertha A.  
Bernard, Irene M. Boarder Matherson, Ozias D.   Annis, Fred L.   Mullaney, Esther C.  
Hamel, Cyril J. Son-in-law Prescott, Laura   Lang, Charles B.   Fleming, Howard R. Patient
Gardner, John B.   Amidon, Julia C.   Stevens, Charles D.   Pierce, Carlton E.  
Census Page VT.3-6-13 (map) Amidon, Gordon J.   Welch, Lawrence S.   Duclois F-in-law
Burke  (Town) Census Page VT.3-16-5 (map) Pierce, Ila   Haskins, Augustus S.  
Duval, John L.   Lyndon (Village) Lafranse, Alice M.   Dana, Charles E.  
Gaskell, Mabel G.   Carter, Jackson D.   Simpson, Morton E.   Cleary, Edward L.  
Gaskell, Fred G.   Donaldson, Janette House kpr Allen, Harris O.   Drew, Arthur S.  
Irwin, Lillian M. House kpr Rivers, Denis W.   Drew, Clifton L.   Darrell, Clarence O.  
Findley, Herbert W.   Nadeau, Eugene   Morrill, William H.   Smith, Carl H.  
Burpee,Jennie B.   Blake, Namia House kpr Wilson, Homer C.   Matherson, Martha Lodger
Kelly, Ruby J.   Drew, Florence   Census Page VT.3-17-25 (map) Ford, Harry F.  
Dunklee, Charles M. Brother Ferriow, Alice Lodger Lyndon (Village) Census Page VT.3-18-15 (map)
Wood, William L.   Smith, Elsie   Wilson, Mary H. Wife Lyndon (Village)
Davis, Harley N.   Gilman, Elinor Lodger Jenne, Raymond L.   Aldrich, Kate  
Rood, Herbert J.   Robbins, Lena A. Lodger Aldrich, Rufus P.   Grant, Dexter R.  
Ball, Clayton O.   Cornelius, Susan I.   Gaylor, Percy L.   Thomas, Louis  
Cheney, Dwight C.   Harris, William S.   Erskine, Warren O.   Woodard, Herbert F.  
Neagle, James C.   Pierce, Marshall A.   Butterfield, Herman H.   Davis, Edward  
Blake, William J.   Allard, James E.   Walkey, Leslie R. (Wilkie?)   Grant, William A.  
Bean, Eudora G. Maid Rudd, Edith M. Lodger Barber, Everett   Grant, Frank I.  
Coe, Eddie A.   Batchelder, Gerald H.   Gilman, Osmore A.   Pierce, Edward A.  
Woodward, Lydia P. House kpr Chapman, Fred C.   Lang, Edwards   Ayer, Alberta S.  
Census Page VT.3-6-14 (map) Clement, Alice House kpr Tripp, Grayden   Ewens, Roderick D.  
Burke  (Town) Guy, Lewis M.   Butterfield, Emma   Census Page VT.3-18-16 (map)
King, Wilbur H.   Census Page VT.3-16-6 (map) Rondeau, Joseph   Lyndon (Village)
Howland, Sherman I.   Lyndon (Village) Nickolson, William F.   Morse, Frank A.  
Wilkie, Maynard O.   Harris, Alice D.   Daigle, Louise J. House kpr Shene, Hersie M.  
Spencer, Earl C.   Woods, Ray E.   McDowell, Scott S.   Sanderson, Dan P.  
Duval, Lydia M.   Carpenter, Haines   Census Page VT.3-17-26 (map) Census Page VT.3-18-17 (map)
Bean, Lawrence E.   Libbey, Harvey P.   Lyndon (Village) Lyndon (Village)
Gaskell, Tyler D.   Kendall, Byron S.   McDowell, Emily Mother Clapper, Judson Hired man
Kennison, Garmard J. Step-son Smith, Walter J.   LeBlanch, J. Eldridge (LeBlanc?) Son-in-law Barney, Lynwood Hired man
Adams, Fred E.   Woodworth, Allan W.   Lepper, Watson W.   Miles, Harold E.  
Baldwin, Wilmer J.   Woodworth, Blanche Mother Fleming, C. Lance   Chamberlain, Sidney W. Step son
Dolloff, Loren H. Nephew-in-law Noyes, Oscar   Rice, Mildred E. Lodger Miles, Joyce E. Daughter
Cloutier, Joseph N.   Census Page VT.3-16-7 (map) Scribner, Warner B.   Fisher, Oliver L.  
Deblois, Mahlon T.   Lyndon (Village) Weinmann, Anna W. Servant Goodrow, William J. Nephew
Percy, Arnold E.   Lemere, Earl S.   Brown, Irwin   Miles, Alice C.  
Census Page VT.3-6-15 (map) Bandy, William J.   Eaton, Lorenzo Q.   Eggleston, Lula H.  
Burke  (Town) Biglow, Avery A.   Pinard, Horace E.   Lahue, Benjamin  
Colby, Carl   Flanders, Clara B. House kpr Drew, Nelson (Melvin?)   Faufaw, Dale E.  
Fogg, Harold A.   Powers, Gerald L.   Glidden, Harold   Little, Reginald A.  
Bowman, Harry   Wright, John W.   Ganitt, Mildred Step-daug Chamberlain, James D.  
Frasier, Carl   Wright, Inez A. Mother Grapes, Clarence   Little, Howard R.  
Dashney, Fred E.   Greenwood, Aston H.   Vancour, Jeddie (Jeddy?)   Barton, Esther M. Boarder
Quimby, Harry A.   Greenwood, Bertha W. Wife Bradley, Albro M.   Census Page VT.3-18-18 (map)
Parks, Hazel A. House kpr Hapgood, Charles G.   Sylce, G. Blanch Daughter Lyndon (Village)
Leach, Delmer L.   Chester, Calvin C.   Census Page VT.3-17-27 (map) Bishop, Earl G.  
Phillips, Harry W.   Pierce, Kenneth G.   Lyndon (Village) Dwyer, Clarence R.  
Cain, Marjorie M. Niece Census Page VT.3-16-8 (map) Sylce, Harry G-son Wheeler, Alfred G.  
Lyon, Doris M. Niece Lyndon (Village) Houston, Nellie   Bishop, Augustus E.  
Cain, Robert C. Niece blank   McNamara, Harold Lodger Lavoye, Annette M. (Lavoie?) House kpr
Freeto, Charles E.   Census Page VT.3-16-9 (map) Berwick, Mary   Drown, Charlie F.  
Harris, Eunice A. Cook Lyndon (Village) Stone, Francis Nephew Selby, Howard W.  
Drew, Harriet E. Waitress Bole, Rita L.   Whitcomb, Merton Lodger Tower, William J.  
Smith, Rose L. House kpr Campbell, Mary Anne Lodger Leonhardt, John (Lepnhart?)   McLeod, George R.  
Brooks, L. Dean   Chappell Fred S.   Beattie, Albert E.   McLeod, Nina N. Wife
Worth, Mary E, Friend Brooks, W. Earl Lodger Norris, John L. Jr.   Norcross, Amy B. M-in-law
Darling, Margaret   Somers, Melvin F. Son Ladd, William J.   Burns, Homer L.  
McDonald, Lilla A. Sister  Woodman, George E.   McShane, George   Moffatt, Edna M. Maid
Hazard, Ira G.   Keniston, Marion R. Lodger Deyett, George   Burns, Corinna J.  
Census Page VT.3-6-16 (map) Noyes, Ethel M.   Batchelder, Garald B.   Goodwin, Martin I.  
Burke  (Town) Noyes, Maude A. Daughter Trefren, George S.   Goodwin, Perley  
Heath, Charles R.   Merriam, Ruth I. Lodger Croft, Henry G.   Census Page VT.3-18-19 (map)
Kimball, Best I. Hired man Hoffman, Elizabeth   Eastman, Lucy M. M-in-law Lyndon (Village)
Nedow, David Hired man Census Page VT.3-16-10 (map) Wells, Clifford M.   Goodwin, Emma R. Daughter
Cole, William A. Hired man Lyndon (Village) Meighan, Orssa M-in-law Smith, Jesse E.  
Mathers, Harriet Maid blank   Webster, Norman C.   Powers, Dora E. Sister
Messier, Josephine M. Maid Census Page VT.3-17-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-17-28 (map) Harvey, Carrie G. Aunt
Currier, Charles A.   Lyndon (Village) Lyndon (Village) LaChance, Sheridan  
Walters, William J.   Shonyo, Howard G.   Webster, Norman D.   Davey, Joseph I. Hired man
Burbank, George M.   Ingersoll, Dora Servant Cheney, Albertus A.   Hazard, Jay G.  
Joslin, Hazen E.   Shonyo, Lewis D.   Gildea, J. Fred   Dickerman, Curtis W.  
McDonald, James    Robie, Harry A.   Graper, Forrest I.   Gaskin, Dora E.  
Duval, Eli J.   Paris, Murray F.   Ross, Joseph C.   Lavoye, Marie  
Bugbee, Leroy E.   Stimson, Dwight S.   Larry, Veleda (Larray?)   Sheltra, Clarence J.  
Lahue, Helen M. Maid Sherrer, Howard T.   Charland, Raymond J.   Delworth, George R.  
Census Page VT.3-6-17 (map) Sherrer, Cedric E.   Watson, Homer G.   Tobin, Clarence G.  
Burke  (Town) Bull, Frank W.   Clark, Ellie Sister Learmouth, Robert  
Foster, Charles R.   Cloutier, Rita Servant Stearns, Clara Servant Eggebrecht, William Lodger
Rexford, Forest H.   Goodall, Leslie D.   Leonard, Archie L.   Granger, Earle C. Lodger
Calkins, Fayette B.   Daniels, Edwin A.   Stuart, Sumner C.   Fields, Fred L. Lodger
Purcell, Ella B. House kpr Batchelder, Daisy Mrs.   Sherburne, Wilbur H.   Census Page VT.3-18-20 (map)
Mathews, Ernest R. Hired man Census Page VT.3-17-2 (map) Wood, Sarah   Lyndon (Village)
Parks, Orlo Hired man Lyndon (Village) Norris, John L.     Rogers, Theodore R. Lodger
Rosebrooks, Ray R.   Leach, Bertha   Roy, Hattie  House kpr Nedow, Joseph J. Hired man
Fletcher, William M.   LeBoetif, Hessie Lodger Burns, Cecil A.   Randall, Gordon T. Hired man
Little, Ernrst C.   Cable, John B.   Allen, Katherine H. M-in-law Gendron, Joseph  Hired man
Pelow, Reginald F. Hired man Wood, Alice L.   Harris, Perley S.   Williams, Harry N.  
Hilliard, Raloh N.   Leach, Charles W.   Census Page VT.3-17-29 (map) Kent, William B.  
Sanderson, Gertrude H. Maid Leach, Ronello R. Brother Lyndon (Village) Ball, Leonard M.  
Delorme, Delore Lodger Brown, Leo M.   Harris, Bessie Wife Census Page VT.3-18-21 (map)
Daigle, Ernest J.   Gilman, Raymond F.   Stimson, Irene   Lyndon (Village)
Morin, Leo J. Nephew Green, N. C. Earl Lodger McDowell, Edith M.   Libby, Ienza Mother
Burrington, Daisy L. M-in-law Kerr, William T.   Whitney, May (Mae?) Roomer Lbor, Howard B. (Labor?) Boarder
LaBay, Guy L.   Larray, Arthur A.   Pierce, Robert F.   Goslant, Kenneth L.  
Coe, Elmer H. Hired man Prefontaine, Arthur J.   Hubbard, Herbert J.   Cheney, Morton S.  
Census Page VT.3-6-18 (map) Hebert, Jesoup G.   Moore, Pearl Daughter Noyes, Flossie M.  
Burke  (Town) Gale, Clinton H.   Sherrer, Robert H.   Walter, Dorothy C.  
blank   Census Page VT.3-17-3 (map) Forsyth, Emma A.   Guay, Joseph  
Census Page VT.3-6-19 (map) Lyndon (Village) Russell, Raymond Son-in-law Davis, Robert N. Lodger
Burke  (Town) Gale, Charles Son Norton, Viola R.   Roberts, Harold G.  
Boulrisse, Amor   McLane, James C.   Cleary, Louise   Maure, Conover G. Step son
Tower, Effie B. House kpr Gero, Clara House kpr Watson, Claud   Roberts, Vivian L. Adopted daug
McDonald, John L.   McLane, Alexander D.   Burpee, Heman P.   Hyett, Allen T.  
Laycroft, May Nurse Carr, Josephine W.   Wright, Will S.   Anderson, Mable Lodger
Smith, Jennie G. Lodger Beatie, T. Charles   Garfield, Elizabeth   Judd, Hildred Lodger
Keet, Mrs. Emma M.   Susinliti, Florence E. D-in-law Staffeld, John D.   Census Page VT.3-18-22 (map)
Census Page VT.3-6-20 (map) Davis, Nelson H. F-in-law Jardine, Ralph R.   Lyndon (Village)
Burke  (Town) Fisher, George E.   Census Page VT.3-17-30 (map) blank  
blank   Goozy, Agnes M. Sister-in-law Lyndon (Village) Census Page VT.3-19-1 (map)
Census Page VT.3-6-21 (map) Shonyo, Fred C.   Jardine, David R.   Lyndon (Village)
Burke  (Town) Anderson, Gordon Lodger Larig, Mabel B.   Henderson, John W.  
Bayard, Henry   Jones, Leslie E.   Burr, Warren H.   McGennis, Frank  
Census Page VT.3-6-22 (map) Blackey, Lawrence L.   Wood, Lawrence B.   Webster, Albert A.  
Burke  (Town) Chester, Clayton H.   Prinn, Dorothy M.   Bishop, Ellsworth E. Hired help
blank   Davis, Wilfred E.   Hill, Reginald L.   Mitchell, William F. G-son
Census Page VT.3-5-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-17-4 (map) Allard, Seth   Powers, Earl   
West Burke  (Village) Lyndon (Village) Hunter, Howard C.   Mitchell, William F.  
Mason, Joseph G.   Davis, Winfred Daughter Willoughby, Charles   Mitchell, Walter E.  
Bushaw, Annie House kpr Charron, Lorenzo J.   Webber, W. Sharron   Geer, Harry G.  
Scott, Goldie E. Hse kpr dau Gallup, Ambrose E.   Chase, Lillian   MacMillian, John  
Beard, Gayle O. Hse kpr dau Gregoire, Nina B-in-law (?) Charland, Hattie   Charland, Edward S.  
Leclerc, Lillian G.   St Onge, Lee H.   Wilkie, Eva Sister Frost, Alvin M.  
Keet, Emma M.   Smith, Ray F.   Gaudette, Harry Nephew Census Page VT.3-19-2 (map)
Chabot, Louis R.   Maynard, Clarence L.   Deyette, Moses S.   Lyndon (Village)
Regan, Harley M. Lodger Edmunds, Lucy Niece Webb, Obie W.   Wheeler, Clayton W.  
Davis, Harry C.   Maynard, Lucille Daughter Morrison, Byron G.   Drew, Fred M. Uncle
Flood, Edward F.   Ronan, Micheal P.   Census Page VT.3-17-31 (map) Whipple, Majorie T. Servant
Powers, Ida M.   Parker, Raymond E.   Lyndon (Village) Goodsell, John C.  
Lavely, Mary M. House kpr Beauchesne, Gerard J.   Coulombe, Leonide J. "Leo"   Lord, Nattie J.  
Button, Frank S.   Wetherbee, Revillo A.   Cowan, John L.   Colby, Harley R.  
Larabee, Virginia H. Niece Census Page VT.3-17-5 (map) Mullaney, John   Masten, Wendall N.  
Monahan, Alfred P. Lodger Lyndon (Village) Hall, Burnice C.   Moulton, H. H.  
Chabot, John F. Hired man Wetherbee, Gertude Wife Jackman, Clyde H.   Johnson, Isabel Boarder
Duval, Claude C.   Pierce, Charlotte Dau-in-law Lang, Philo S.   Moulton, Pearl A. Niece
Hall, Myrtie M. M-in-law Wetherbee, Ann Daughter Harris, Carl E.   Austin, William C.  
Colvin, Selena Nurse Mathews, Ernestine Servant Bailey, Carl S.   Albright, Allen H. Son of wife
Graves, George A.   Constantine, Frank A.   Woods, Lillian House kpr Austin, Emily J. Daughter
Berry, Arthur O.   Gray, Charles H. Lodger Hovey, Ralph K.   Paquette, John W.  
Fairbrother, Hattie M. M-in-law Baraw, Perle F.   Pond, Katie M-in-law Davis, Elbridge A.  
King, May S.   Stockwell, Robert P.   Trefren, Harvey C.   Census Page VT.3-19-3 (map)
Census Page VT.3-5-2 (map) Grenier, Hervey J.   Christopher, Aldo F.   Lyndon (Village)
West Burke  (Village) Charron, Francis    Despres, Oscar H.   Edmunds, Alva W.  
Walter, Lilla B.   Blodgett, Harry L.   Parker, William H.   Holcomb, Thaddeus W.  
Fairbrother, Maurice E.   Parker, Ray O.   McKenny, Rosa   Carpenter, Leonard Hired help
Crandall, Inez A. Step-brother Smith, Jennie   Ramsdell, James A.   Caswell, Maurice J.  
Mosher, Winfield   Smith, Fred E.   Census Page VT.3-17-32 (map) Berry, Harold A.  
John, Napoleon A.   Berube, Napoleon   Lyndon (Village) Hoyt, Charles H.  
Gray, Burton S.   Nadeau, Ovid   Smith, Percy S. Nephew Chaplain, Zella H. Sister
Russell, Rhoda L. M-in-law Census Page VT.3-17-6 (map) Gordon, Carol J.   Gilman, Harry M. Hired help
Burton, Aureliua H.   Lyndon (Village) Flanders, Gerald W.   Allen, Howard M.  
Gray, Ray L.   Duford, Elmina   Andross, Walter C.   Allen, Ralph A.  
Sweat, Marian M.   Ouellette, Alfred   Conner, Willis C.   Flood, Kenneth C.  
Ellis, Ada L.   Aubin, Alphonse   Grover, J. Madison   Hovey, Richard L.  
Moulton, Mianda Mother Sevigny, Louis I.   Leonard, Ella   McLellan, Frank  
Watson, Eber L.   Masson, Elenana House kpr McCann, Arthur J.   Hubbard, Fred A.  
Bryant, Grace F. Lodger Grady, Raymond E.   Tower, Grace Sister-in-law Roundy, Dale L.  
Goding, Arthur H.   Nuhwa, Clyde   Emerson, Clara H.   Census Page VT.3-19-4 (map)
Humphrey, Alva D.   Brooks, Charles R.   Grady, Irene Sister-in-law Lyndon (Village)
Nichols, Merritt A.   Ward, Ivan F.   Whipple, George A.   Robbinette, Dorothy J. Niece
Way, Arthur C.   Ronan, Robert H.   Eastman, Laura Daughter Harrington, Ernest B. Hired help
George, Ernest M.   Akley, George   Shorey, Erton A.   Emery, Ernest G. Hired help
Census Page VT.3-5-3 (map) Census Page VT.3-17-7 (map) Webber, James F.   Simpson, Nathan G.  
West Burke  (Village) Lyndon (Village) Tripp, Hiram A. W.   Pierce, John R.  
Coburn, Charles H.   Davis, Earl M.   Census Page VT.3-17-33 (map) Gilman, Edson L.  
Ham, Clayton S.   Mullaney, Joseph   Lyndon (Village) Gilman, Edwin R.  
Buck, Jennie M.   Garceau, Charles V.   Tripp, Genevieve Wife Clifford, Flora M.  
Cargill, Elsie M. Maid Chamberlin, Chapman H.   Moore, Etta M-in-law Goddard, Mary J. Servant
Nott, Bruce H.   Lachance, George J.   Daniels, Martin E.   Liggett, John J.  
Drew, Gordon E.   Blodgett, Rosemary Niece Sleep, Majorie Lodger Smith, Thomas H.  
LaBay, Curtis W. Step-son Ladd, Jermie   Edmunds, Arnold W.   Trefren, Emily M.  
Drew, Douglas A. Son  Brooks, Ronald   Riley, W. Edward   St Peter, Moses Hired help
Howe, Alton C.   Mitchell, Kingsley Lodger Coleman, James H.   Kennedy, William H. Hired help
Forbes, Elmer I.   Sheldon, Goldie   Ruggles, Agness   Donaldson, Ruth C.  
McFarland, Lilla L.   Bassett, Albert Lodger Chase, Sarah S.   Census Page VT.3-19-5 (map)
Facteau, Hubert E. Son-in-law Demerais, Albert   Sampson, Emma S. Sister Lyndon (Village)
Naskell, Frank E.   Charland, Albert J.   Chamberlain, Harvey O.   Fitzpatrick, Thomas  
Ash, Chester G.   Hough, J. Edwin   Dilley, Ethel M.   Shute, Lilla A. Boarder
Dopp, Alberta M. House Maid Farrington, Bertha I.   Facteau, Allen P.   Rexford, Moses R. Boarder
Smith, Daisy E.   Blaisdell, Traver V.   Wilkie, Harland F.   Aldrich, William J.  
White, Louis W. Boarder Randall, Mary L.   Sisco, George E.   Johnson, Homer C.  
Abar, Peter A.   Pilgrim, George W.   Shattuck, Milo A.   Lang, Amy J. G-m-in-law
Donahue, Micheal Brother Decelle, Anna   Census Page VT.3-17-34 (map) Lawson, Edwin A.  
Greenwood, Beverly M. Boarder Bouhisce, Edith   Lyndon (Village) Gravlin, Edmund C.  
Donahue, Sylvia S.   Census Page VT.3-17-8 (map) Shattuck, Marguerete E. Daug-in-law Lahue, Herbert L.  
Cole, Gordon D.   Lyndon (Village) Buckley, Kate M.   Sheltra, Katherine E. G-daug
Friend, Frederick R.   Novlander, Leranee W.   Richardson, A. Lee   Learmouth, Bernard E. Boarder
Census Page VT.3-5-4 (map) Robinson, Wallace J.   Conner, Blanche M.   Frayer, Gardner S.  
West Burke  (Village) Davis, Homer   Hinds, Abel Elbert   Aldrich, Darwin L.  
Fletcher, Richard E. Step-son Boulrisse, Natalie Daughter Folsom, Fred S.   Heath, Albert E.  
Gates, Frank P.   Davis, Lorraine Wife of son Jackson, Oliver M.   Hartwell, Rose L. Boarder
Black, Jane M.  Daughter Boulrisse, Lyle Son-in-law Gilman, Elroy S.   Bishop, William A.  
Jacques, Hector G.   Stafford, John J.   Parker, Prudence Daughter Watson, Francis S.  
Blake, Bernard F.   Hamel, Antonio J.   Beauchesne, Joseph A.   Gilman, John E.  
Melcher, Forest W.   Charland, Cyrell S.   Paquette, Wilfred   Census Page VT.3-19-6 (map)
Woodruff, Emma D.   Bennett, Earl R.   Pillsbury, Nelson C.   Lyndon (Village)
Sargent, Wilma P. Hired maid Duchan, Ronald E.   Charron, Zodique N.   Gilman, Joyce E. Daughter
LaClair, Eldon M.   Hunter, Eugene W.   Paquette, Octave   Gordon, Harry B.  
Fyler, John L.   Darling, S. Wallace   Census Page VT.3-17-35 (map) Smith Gordon L. G-son
Burke, Edwin, L.   Allard, Rene R.   Lyndon (Village) Allard, Ernest F.  
Randall, George R.   Berube, Alfred J.   Faufaw, Ray W.   Heath, Theron R.  
Wilson, Lloyd E. Step son Census Page VT.3-17-9 (map) Lowell, George N.   Simpson, Delma G.  
Randall, Steven G. Son  Lyndon (Village) Meyette, Edward   Mason, Harold F.  
King, Russell W.   Pinkham, Paul E.   Rodgers, Edward G-son Lang, Ina J. Servant
Mosher, Howard W.   Metivier, Ellis H.   Welch, Roland D. Lodger McGoff, Owen J.  
Melcher, Corrinne Maid Gange, Clara   Smith, Earland S-son Squires, Herman A.  
Gentley, Eugene   Gage, Roy R.   Smith, Madeline Servant Allard, Burton A.  
Census Page VT.3-5-5 (map) Day, Clifton B.   Steady, Mary J.   Gokey, Homer J.  
West Burke  (Village) Drown, Gilman P.   Bowlais, A. Romeo   Ruggles, Fred H.  
Moulton, Alvah Lodger Devereaux, Hazel G.   Knight, Lilla   Census Page VT.3-19-7 (map)
Gray, Harold W.   Goodwin, Jennie A.   Shaw, Ethel Daughter Lyndon (Village)
Watchie, Frances M.   Pelkey, Duane A.   Emmons, Albert   Ruggles, G. Thayer  
McBurney, Lizzie L. Nurse Duke, Elizabeth   Coulombe, Urban H.   Noyes, Maurice Hired help
Ford, Gilman W. Hired man Forrest, Dora Niece Seguin, Ralph J. Roomer Noyes, John Hired help
Colby, Caroline V.   Grondin, Bertha Servant Hutchins, Paul W.   Kincaid, Arthur Hired help
Knight, Grace E. Boarder Gallager, Susan S.   Smith, Harry J.   Camber, Charles E. Hired help
Blake, Gardner G.   Brown, Elizabeth   Stevenson, Harry M. Jr.   Ruggles, Harry T.  
Cobleigh, Rose Ann   Harris, Ralia Theio Niece Hutchins, Herbert O.   Noble, William J. Hired help
Day, Katherine A. Daughter Keniston, Percy   Morse, Ethel L.   Easterbrooks, Don E.  
Walker, George Brother Bedard, Eugene J.   Hartwell, Kermet   Bundy, Forrest H.  
Mecham, Mark   Perrault, Alphonse J.   Census Page VT.3-17-36 (map) Lynaugh, Fred  
McFarland, Reginald E.   Riley, Agnes M.   Lyndon (Village) Berry, David Hired help
Randall, Arthur C.   Census Page VT.3-17-10 (map) Whipple, Alice A.   Lynaugh, Percy F. Son  
Coe, Maynard J.   Lyndon (Village) Jesseman, Goldie   Simpson, George W.  
Silver, Lena A. Boarder Libby, Clayton H.   Pelkey, Leon A.   Austin, Raymond W.  
Quimby, Ruth E.   Morrison, T. Fred   Gagnon, Gilbert   Census Page VT.3-19-8 (map)
Moore, Bessie J. Nurse McBribe, Headley A.   Myhill, Frederick E.   Lyndon (Village)
Gaskell, Celia L.   Porter, Walter M.   Cutting, Irene N.   Austin, Harlow R. Son
Melcher, Susan J.   Chase, Wendell B.   Smith, Agatha Lodger Ruggles, Samuel A.  
Jenkins, Ralph R.   Boardman, Delmar A.   Teachout, Philetus H.   Hudson, Vern N.  
Brigham, Sidney L.   Lyon, Wilmer A.   Homer, Kate A.   Rice, John  
Census Page VT.3-5-6 (map) Olson, William O.   Stevens, Dennis E.   Lynaugh, John J.  
West Burke  (Village) Hubley, Nettie   Baldwin, Daisy C.   Simpson, Oscar W.  
Taylor, Ernest A.   Huntoon, Orrin   Denonville, Omer O.   Lepine, Albert L.  
Hopkins, Charles H.   Gould, Veda House kpr Census Page VT.3-17-37 (map) Rainey, Percy M.  
Day, Frank P.   Lizotte, Emile   Lyndon (Village) Willey, Charles C.  
Lane, Henry H.   Lizotte, Edward   Learmonth, Murray I.   Sanger, Arvilla F.  
Sargent, Curtis L.   Headly, Notman L.   Hudson, Inez Lodger Priest, Leonard S. Hired help
Watson, Nellie S.   Smith, Eddie J. F-in-law Gage, William C. Roomer Quimby, Walter H.  
Twombly, Bertrand W.   Census Page VT.3-17-11 (map) Hartwell, Kermit F. Jr. Son Smith, Arthur E.  
Roundy, Adeline G.   Lyndon (Village) Nutting, Patience M.   Ahern, Clara D. (Ahearn?) M-in-law
Tassed, Rose B. Nurse Leonard, Ernest E.   Allyn, George B.   Giuld, Cora B. (Guild?)  
Bean, Nellie F.   Gaffney, Carl J.   LeBaron, Herbert H.   Census Page VT.3-19-9 (map)
Larabee, Robert W.   Myott, Delia   Greenwood, Eugene E.   Lyndon (Village)
Porter, Robert P.   Lapoint, Done Son-in-law Dufort, Jeniade   Hannett, Clarence R.  
Wheeler, Truman E.   Lambert, Irving Lodger Learmonth, Isabelle   Norcross, Clarence E.  
Ring, John A.   Wood, Milo Roomer Census Page VT.3-17-38 (map) Gilbert, Maurice C.  
Piper, Lester A. Step son Theriault J. George   Lyndon (Village) Lynaugh, Russell A. Nephew
King, Dorothy I. Daughter Maurer, Laura G-daughter blank   Locklin, Dennis E.  
Census Page VT.3-5-7 (map) Theriault, Solomon   Census Page VT.3-17-39 (map) Rodger, Fred E.  
West Burke  (Village) Mitchell, James L.   Lyndon (Village) Phillips, John W.  
Chamberlain, Cora Boarder McClure, Caroline   Davis, Willie H.   Wilmarth, Clarence M.  
Allard, William E.   McClure, Wilfred L.   Phillips, Leighton H.   Stearns, George L.  
Spencer, Mary E.   Census Page VT.3-17-12 (map) Horne, John J.   Hall, Walter R.  
Jenkins, Mary E.   Lyndon (Village) Milio, Ehsig   Locklin, Elmer J.  
McFarland, Raymond J.   McClure, Leo Son Pyer, Harold J.   Farrer, Dona C. G-daug
Young, George R.   Allard, Hermidas P.   Center, Charles H.   Locklin, Leo J.  
Gadapee, Carrie   Degree, Roland Son-in-law Mansfield, Stanley E.   Census Page VT.3-19-10 (map)
Bennett, Emma M.   Allard, Jeannie D'arc Daughter Johnson, A. Albert   Lyndon (Village)
Robinson, Kathrine   Guyer, Aldophsonse (Adolphus?)   Hosford, Herman W.   Locklin, Duane D. Son
Fontain, John A.   Laber, Arthur W.   LaPoint, George   Gray, Burnes A.  
Piper, Arthur H.   Jewell, Herman L.   Neagle, G. Peter   Beach, Richard J.  
Andrews, Mary E.   Fisk, Clifton R.   Census Page VT.3-17-40 (map) Drown, Almon   
Jenness, Bert E.   Bussiere, John A.   Lyndon (Village) Carter, Hattie M.  
Warren, Alice M.   Grisoni, Albertine   blank   Carter, Harriett E. House kpr dau
Drown, Frank W.   Wilkie, Secina (Selina?)   Census Page VT.3-18-1 (map) Brown, Frank Lodger
Howard, Dwight C.   Day, Doris Daughter Lyndon (Village) Gray, Charlie E. Lodger
Rexford, Benjamin   Day, Walter Lodger Chase, Harold E.   Brown, Frank H.  
Census Page VT.3-5-8 (map) Census Page VT.3-17-13 (map) Chase, Emma J. Mother Brown, Howard H.  
West Burke  (Village) Lyndon (Village) Rathbun, Charles B.   Hoyt, George L.  
Cole, Alfred C.   Sheltra, Ralph L.   Page, John R.   Bessette, Phillis (Phileas?)  
Craig, Albia L.   Couture, Joseph F.   Walter, Jessie W.   Davis, Perley D.  
Blodgett, Floyd K.   Ailard, Maurill J.   Brooks, Adolphus J.   Mitchell, Cecil S-son
Whipp;e, Mary J.   Vaughn, Mary A.   Wetherbee, Mary E.   Leraerina, Carrie Lodger
Walter, Raymond C.   Grenier, Joseph A.   Wakefield, Maude W. Daughter Crosier, John A.  
Leonard, Raymond J.   Charron, Nelson M.   Sheltra, Peter J.   Census Page VT.3-19-11 (map)
Ainger, Mary E.   Fogg, Ellen (Helen?) House kpr Hoffman, Clayton R.   Lyndon (Village)
Chase, Rolland L.   Preason, Joseph M.   Ashe, William M. Hired hand Parks, Hiram A.  
Census Page VT.3-5-9 (map) Daigle, Delphine   Flanders, Clayton E.   LaCasse, Fabion  
West Burke  (Village) Gibson, Thomas M.   Teachout, Robert E.   Lacasse, Clarence J.  
Silver, Charles L.   Hartwell, Melvin C.   Cox, Iva R.   Alger, Glenn A.  
Hudson, Merill J.   Powers, Luna House kpr Bailey, Williams E.   Gilman, George M.  
Donahue, Wayne L. Son Census Page VT.3-17-14 (map) Ford, Viola M. House kpr Berry, Paul H. G-son
Cheeley, Joel S.   Lyndon (Village) Bristol, Charles J. Lodger Cady, Clayton R. Son-in-law
Knightm Hazel M.   Brousseau, Joseph E.   Census Page VT.3-18-2 (map) Gilman, Wilbur C. Hired help
Attin, Luther R.   Drown, Louise   Lyndon (Village) Sutton, Walter E.  
Newland, Clinton D.   Johnson, Harold H.   Hovey, Eldsworth E.   Paquin, Mary J. House-kpr
Townsend, Alice M.   Aubin, Antoinette   Watkins, Robert T   Gilman, Wallace G.  
Gallager, William W.   LaRoele, Clovis L.   Davis, Melvin G.   Hayward, Frank A.  
Gallager, R. Lucina Wife LaRoele, June Wife   Menut, Alice J.   Young, Fay A.  
Census Page VT.3-5-10 (map) Vancourt, Louis A.   Watkins, John G.   Garfield, Raymond A. Hired help
West Burke  (Village) Sheltra, Lena A.   Wade, Ruth W. Boader Bradshaw, Earl B.  
blank   Sinclair, Wayland R.   Coburn, Veron D.   Dowlan. Nellie L. M-in-law
Census Page VT.3-6-1 (map) Ellsworth, Rebecca M-in-law Amadon, Wilman S.   Grady, James H.  
East Burke (Village) Census Page VT.3-17-15 (map) Celley, Charles A.   Census Page VT.3-19-12 (map)
Davis, Crawford E.   Lyndon (Village) Jones, Horace H.   Lyndon (Village)
Batchelder, Arlene E. Maid Ellsworth, Ruby Niece Houghton, S. Milo   Grady, Abbie J. Wife
James, Vernon L.   Daigle, Eugene J.   John, David I.   Farmer, Fred Hired help
Colby, Katherine E.   Dufour, Richard   Census Page VT.3-18-3 (map) Cooper, Miles W.  
Rosebrook, John P.   Smith, Harris   Lyndon (Village) Thompson, Mary A. M-in-law
Davis, Murray B.   Humphrey, Richard G-son Deos, Harry A.   Randall, Edward J.  
Counter, Frank W.   Lamoureaux, Charles J.   Burrington, Constance P. S-daug in-law Hutchins, Merton L.  
Wheeler, Arlene P. Adopted daug. Miller, Harold D.   Chesley, Fred H.   Smith, Raymond A.  
Gibson, Florence E.   Ouellette, Oliver J.   Woodard, Frank S.   Chester, Clifford J.  
Webster, Flora A. Aunt Colby, May   Patten, Gordon J.   Charland, Archie Hired help
Sanderson, Bert J.   Cole, Totie Servant Corelle, Manuel Lodger Williams, Wendall S.  
Beard, Hoel   Berry, Harry A.   Sherburne, John W.   Bourtell, Ernest C. S-son
Washburn, Bruce E.   Cassady, David H.   Heath, Dora M. Step daug Randall, Joseph W.  
Leach, Helen N. Cousin Cassady, Marjorey Wife Sherburne, Johnny Son Walker, Clyde R.  
Streeter, Rena B.   Census Page VT.3-17-16 (map) Beattie, John T.   Ranney, Harry A.  
Spencer, Marhetta E. Mother Lyndon (Village) Houghton, Paul A.   Aldrich, Paul Temp resident
Stott, Addison R. Boarder Cross, John   Robinson, Robert J.   Allen, Elizabeth L. G-daug
Stoddard, Frank B.   Camtrion, George   Houghton, Wallace W.   Census Page VT.3-19-13 (map)
Morse, Theron G.   Brooks, Fred J.   Johnson, Howard R. Son-in-law Lyndon (Village)
Welch, Jefferson   Drouin, Joyce G-daughter Dresser, Louise H. Hired lady Burns, Austin C.  
Census Page VT.3-6-2 (map) Duquette, Arthur J.   Marshall, Luirlla E. Sister  Bruce, Frank A. S-in-law
East Burke (Village) Lynch, Jack P.   Simpson, W. Arthur   Clary, Jed A.  
Welch, Martha J. Wife White, Seely F.   Census Page VT.3-18-4 (map) Libby, John J.  
Davis, Elroy Hired hand Rich, Alvah   Lyndon (Village) Powers, Luvia A. House kpr
Morton, Jotham   Player, Frank   Simpson, Mabel L. Daughter Hone, Agnes L. House kpr dau
Cole, George E.   LaFlamme, Gedeon   Randall, Clinton H.   Mayes, Charles H.  
Poissant, Gaiten J.   Hogge, Sliza M.   Jewell, Will H.   Weatherby, Howard W.  
Brockway, Lottie   Bailey, Maria G. Daughter Dgell, Ann D. House kpr Nurennberg, Morris  
Baird, Walter H.   Drown, Emma Daughter Randall, Frank    Lenton, George R.  
Donaldson, Benjamin A.   Drown, George G-son Beattie, Ruby P. House kpr Census Page VT.3-19-14 (map)
Page, Josephine E.   Player, Thomas H.   Smith, Clarence J. Boader Lyndon (Village)
Page, Archie L.   Weymouth, O. Leroy   Mitchem, Will C. Hired man Lenton, George F.  
Bowman, Laurence R.   Brill, Etta   Foster, Howard E.   Johnson, Sylvia E.  
Stafford, Lorengo W.   Deos, Mae House kpr Simpson, Perley J.   Woodard, Herbert C.  
Wright,Bessie L.   Johnson, Raymond H.   Newman, Addie M.   Fuller, Harry W.  
Moulton, Francis E.   Whitney, Frank E.   Blood, George M.   Phelps, Bernis A.  
Census Page VT.3-6-3 (map) Census Page VT.3-17-17 (map) Nickerson, Charles H.   Howell, Clayton  
East Burke (Village) Lyndon (Village) Smith, Dana M.   Stowell, Emroy B. (Emery?)  
Moulton, Joyce E. Daughter Whitney, Nellie M. Wife Davis, Shirley A.   Stetson, Frank C. Boarder
Rexford, Claude B.   Cusson, R. Joseph   Smith, Eva J.   King, Joe  
Smith, Linda C.   Wheeler, Gordon A.   Simpson, Howard K.   Duke, George L.  
Lund, Fred W.   Stone, Clinton B.   Stanhope, Thomas H.   Carpenter, Lizzie A.  
Simpson, John F. B-in-law Dussault, Lucien J.   Lord, Roy   Rodliff, Walter C.  
Phillips, Oscar C.   Gilman, Leon H.   Census Page VT.3-18-5 (map) Chase, John B.  
Fitspatrick, Samuel   Wood, Carroll F.   Lyndon (Village) Census Page VT.3-19-15 (map)
Simpson, Anna House kpr Bassett, Jessie   Clifford, G. Walter   Lyndon (Village)
Simpson, Martin L. Hse kpr Son Mills, Charles Nephew Henderson, Bruce C.   Young, Edward F.  
Little, Howard R.   Bassett, Percy A.   Henderson, Grace P. Wife Minor, Avon H.  
Wing, Bernie R.   Bixby, Mildred Niece Davey, Joseph I. Hired man Kettles, William  
Grenier, Florian J. Boarder Handy, Willims   Fontaine, Joseph A.   Basnar, Clarence W.  
Warner, Florence M.   Clothey, Everett W.   Beattie, Harold W.   Dopp, Fred B.  
Washburn, Myrle A.   Currier, David P.   Hodge, Margaret H. House kpr Dustin, Verna I. S-daug
Basnar, Carlton H.   Census Page VT.3-17-18 (map) Goss, William A.   Hovey, Blanche M.  
Sullivan, Micheal   Lyndon (Village) Mitchem, Lena M. House kpr Bristol, Jefferson D.  
Mathers, Henry A.   Currier, Geraldine E. Wife Whipple, Henry S.   Peak, Ella M.  
Census Page VT.3-6-4 (map) Coe, Estella G.   Peck, John R. Hired man Tisdale, Edwin E.  
East Burke (Village) Simpson, Perley J.   Bishop, Etta A.   Cox, Florence M. G-daug
Moulton, Ronald J.   Stone, Albert J.   Brill, Oscar O.   Towne, Elmer E.  
Powell, Charles W.   Egelston, Liewellyn J.   Salls, Archie B.   Masten, Ernest A.  
Dodge, Fayette B.   Mayo, Roy L.   Dwyer, May M. Mother Smith, Gerald H.  
Freeto, Alvah H.   Hunter, Clyde H.   Census Page VT.3-18-6 (map) Census Page VT.3-19-16 (map)
Switser, Minnie B M-in-law Perkins, Albert N.   Lyndon (Village) Lyndon (Village)
Humphrey, Bion F.   Kelley, Ernest L.   Fletcher, Earl H.   Smith, Gerald H. Jr. Son
Moye, Durrell J. Boarder Bassett, Alcide   Drown, Warren E.   Craig, Rosa M. M-in-law
Godding, Robert H.   Donahue, Archie E.   Masure, Harriet H. Hired girl Smith, James S.  
Drew, Noah H.   Daniels, Everlyn Daughter Stanhope, Richard M. Hired man Stone, Harold H.  
Sherburne, Daisy N.   Learmonth, Murray I.   Hutchinson, Hiriam H.   Kennedy, Arthur P.  
Phelps, Alfred Boarder Emerson, Robert A.   Chaffee, Charles E.   Sprague, Milo H.  
Magill, Alexander Lodger Bentley, Lawrence H.   Robinson, J. Earl   Ulston, Regniald M.  
Sherbuene, Arthur H.   Census Page VT.3-17-19 (map) Hutchinson, Freddie W.   Cragg, Laura M. Servant
Jenkins, Harris E.   Lyndon (Village) Parks, Phoebe Boader Fontaine, Leslie O.  
Phillips, George L.   Bentley, Merlyn Daughter Spencer, George P. Boader Kirwin, John F-in-law
Census Page VT.3-6-6 (map) Courser, Roger Lodger Anthony, James H. Hired man Pearce, George R.  
Burke Hollow (Town) Wheeler, C. Lee   Sherburne, Carrol F.   Gilbault, Edward S.  
Drew, Charles A.   Currier, Bessie M-in-law Burrington, Winford L.   Census Page VT.3-19-17 (map)
Pauquette, Henry N.   Shorey, Pliny J.   Smith, Ernest J. F-in-law Lyndon (Village)
Furgeon, Arthur   Laffo, Ellen (died 4-4-40) M-in-law Census Page VT.3-18-7 (map) Gilbault, Richard F. Son
Furgeon, Nelson C. Son Mitchell, Bernard   Lyndon (Village) Colbath. Katherine B. Daughter
Batchelder, Clyde C.   Albert, Vile J.   Daigneault, Shirley L. Boader Hill, Maurice I.  
Martin, Harold S. Nephew Burden, William   Burrington, Maynard R.   Gray, Clifton W.  
Murray, Almond A.   Emery, William J.   Davis, Home W. Jr. Hired man McGovern, William T.  
White, Thelma Boarder Kelloway W. Edgar   Burrington, Clarence A.   Colby, Clifford R.  
Hosford, Ralph J. Boarder Hemtley, Loyin T.   Woods, Robert  Hired man Grant, Perley E.  
Doyon, Leopold J.   Enderle, Sibyl (Sybil?) S-daugh Bishop, Tennyson L.   Cole, Mylene D. Servant
Moulton, Herman O.   Graves, Henry   Fisher, Lorenzo H.   Darling, Fred P.  
Austin, John G.   Harrison, Allan W.   Gardner, Louisa B. Boader Mooney, William J.  
Wood, George Hired hand Knowlton, Sophia M-in-law Burrington, Julia A.   Learmouth, Harold G.  
Langmaid, Elroy A.   Wishart, Robert G.   Davis, Dennis   Morse, Stephen F.  
LeBay, Peter A.   Sleep, Devilla E.   Hartwell, Reta I. Hired girl Baird, Earl L.  
Batchelder, Harold E.   Census Page VT.3-17-20 (map) Gilson, George A.   Census Page VT.3-19-18 (map)
Census Page VT.3-6-7 (map) Lyndon (Village) Simpson, Julia A.   Lyndon (Village)
Burke Hollow (Town) Lapoint, John C.   Kittredge, Albert H Boarder Baird, Virgenia R. Daughter
Villeneuve, Wilford   Norvis, Ernest D.   Webber, Archie L.   Steele, Elizabeth E.  
Carr, Frank B.   Jarrosak, (unreadable) Daughter Census Page VT.3-18-8 (map) Smith, Elizabeth E.  
Duval, Fred J.   Norvis, (unreadable) Son Lyndon (Village) White, Howard H.  
Bissell, Lena M. House kpr Poulin, Raymond S-son Fields, Louis J.   Allard, Arthur C.  
Roy, William H.   Jarrosak, Philph W. G-son Austin, Elivgn J.   Elliott, Phillip O.  
Watson, Robert A.   Brooks, Clyde T.   Caswell Arthur S.   Bixby, Herbert A.  
Donaldson, William H.   Gonlding, Henry A.   Tarris, Floyd L.   Hubbard, Wallace N. Boarder
Fowler, Harrison   Saunders, Effie House kpr Ames, Charles W.   Grant, Ulysess S.  
Aiken, Kenneth A.   Morse, Clarence E.   Ames, Issac W. Father Corey, Arthur E.  
Nelson, Walter A.   Hansen, Peter F-in-law Hunter, Asa W.   Hubbard, Bessie L. Niece
Walter, Dorothy C. Sister-in-law Demey, Isteal L.   Masure, Stephen W. Hired man Moore, Leon A.  
Orcutt, Frank H.   Leith, Roger H.   Boulrisse, Clayton C.   Bradley, Ruby L. Boarder
Census Page VT.3-6-8 (map) Butterfield, Harvey H. F-in-law Lavely, Joseph   Moore, Bessie J. Mother
Burke Hollow (Town) Facteau, Eva   Waterman, Lila L. Sister-in-law Waterman, Leon A.  
Orcutt, Myrtie L. Wife Chapman, Leslie H.   McCue, Thomas I.   Stuart, Mina H. Mother
Gilfillan, Fred E.   Miller, Clare E.   Roberts, Victor E.   Williams, Rosa H.  
Gilfillan, Luman W. Adopted son Carroll, Thomas J.   Harris, Howard   Flanders, Raymond Boarder
Cheney, Fred S.   Wark, Thomas   Wheeler, Alfred G.   Pinkham, Clarence D.  
Carpenter, Ernest K. Son-in-law Blodgett, Annie E.       Census Page VT.3-19-19 (map)
Brevoort, John A.   Gaffney, Ida       Lyndon (Village)
Derosier, Eli   Bell, Ronald       Walker, Howard C.  
Deth, Rupert W.           Rivard, Dorilla A.  
Little, Wilbur H.           Davis, Rachel H. Boarder
Rice, Dennis H.           Smith, Ethel V. Aunt
Brown, Alburn O.           Census Page VT.3-19-20 (map)
Census Page VT.3-6-9 (map)         Lyndon (Village)
Burke Hollow (Town)         blank  
Carter, Napoleon H.              
Hackett, Wesley C.              
Brown, Clarence O.              
Dolloff, Roy E.              
Bean, Winfred E.              
Wentworth, John A.              
Smith, Harris A.              
Hubbard, George B.              
Ellsworth, Ella House kpr            
Blair, Alfred J.              
Beckwith, Nora G. Mother-in-law            
Ball, Charles W.              
Nodgdom, Earl W.              
Bailey, Bertha B. Daughter            
Coe, Edith L.              

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