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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Census Page VT.3-12-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-12-22 (map) Census Page VT.3-13-1 (map) Census Page VT.3-38-1 (map)
Hardwick (Village) Hardwick (Village) Hardwick (Town) Walden (Town)
Shattuck, Perley A.   Traverso, Clara M. Daughter Chabot, Edward   Bell, Adine  
Appalt, J. Edward Lodger Downing, Sherley   Chabot, Edward Jr.   Barnett, John Hired hand
Lyford, Harvey R.   Thayer, Lorenzo   Thurston, Perley   Maynard, Alton  
Michard, Alsid   Gogluete, Druno Son-in-law LeBlanc, Servan   Michuad, Albert  
Anais, Louise Sister Cauts, Jose   Lecoure, Eloi   Bellavance, Aime  
Cobb, Roscoe   Peters, Arthur   Renaud, Albert   Pearsons, Carroll  
Mitchell, Nellie M. M-in-law Zachinelle, Laura   Census Page VT.3-13-2 (map) Paronto, Hardy  
Dunn, Carrie   Bardelli, Rosa Mother Hardwick (Town) Blaisdell, Raymond C.  
Jenkins, George R.   Foutain, Ovila   Brochn, Odias   Census Page VT.3-38-2 (map)
Courad, Leroy M.   Sola, Frank   Renaud, Leon   Walden (Town)
Brochu, Joseph E.   Mucus, Aonnce   Renaud, Rosaire   Blaisdell, Bernice Daughter
Granelle, Maklon J.   Fabrigio, Antonio   Gaboriault, Rita Servant Sargent, Jay Hired hand
Hooker, Laural S.   Caletti, Tony B-in-law Ruel, George Hired man St Hilaire, Alfred  
Lajoy, Joseph O.   Atkins, Allan   Lecoure, Odilan   Labbe, Adelard B-in-law
Ward, George H.   Census Page VT.3-12-23 (map) Morin, Lucien Hired man Celley, George  
Wheeler, Lynn   Hardwick (Village) Earl, Sidney   Palmer, William Hired hand
Census Page VT.3-12-2 (map) Atkins, Allen Jr. Son-in-law Nelson, Maude M-in-law Marchia, Tony  
Hardwick (Village) Lucier, Leo   Census Page VT.3-13-3 (map) Snow, Arthur Hired hand
Wheeler, Martha J. Wife Wrisley, Milo Lodger Hardwick (Town) Cross, Sam  
Jerome, Harry E.   Chaffie, Harry   Smith, Charles Cousin Ward, Arthur  
Campbell, William Lodger Stearns, Abbie Mother Ferland, Danila   Watson, Harley  
Jerome, Mar E   Pearson, Henry   Renaud, Gerard   Hatch, Brewster  
Chickering, Belle Lodger Besaw, John   Richarson, Henry   Gallup, Harry  
Downe, Frank T.   Jones, Wabel Daughter Couture, Ernest   Farmer, Mary House kpr
Taylor, Frank T.   Marco, Annie M-in-law Bellavance, Therese Servant Cockrane, Orlin  
Martin, Leo J.   Conger, Viola   Leblance, Gerard Hired man Census Page VT.3-38-3 (map)
Doughy, Glams Niece Holmes, Lillian   Montgomery, Nield   Walden (Town)
Allen, Sarah   Prenio, Pearl Daughter Fournier, Edward   Cockrane, Olive Daughter
Hastings, Donald   Fisher, Raymond Lodger Norbert, Andre Adopted child Ainsworth, Ernest  
Hoadley, Leua   Anair, Perley Lodger Robida, Philipe Nephew McCormick, Frank F-in-law
Lewis, Henry Brother Randall, Charles   Beaucage, Joseph   Chase, Leon  
Gilbert, Ernest W.   Hovey, Shirley G-daug Ruel, James   Kittridge, Walter  
Census Page VT.3-12-3 (map) Swift, Paul G-son Census Page VT.3-13-4 (map) Patterson, Hattie  
Hardwick (Village) Henry, Louis   Hardwick (Town) Cole, Charles Father
Gilbert, Ernest Roy Son Nelson, Fred   Ruel, Lumina Wife Shaw, Orois  
McAdam, Alice M.   Census Page VT.3-12-24 (map) Porter, James   Hale, Ethel House kpr
Cross, George   Hardwick (Village) Adams, Charles   Allen, Roscoe  
Brodier, Louis L.   Drown, Jerry   Aimsworth, Warren Hired man Bennett, Meda  
Gray, Minnie   Smith, Roy   Cliché, Victor   Kittredge, Charles  
Goss, Carrie   Calbeth, Herbert   Martineau, Gerard Nephew Patnode, Philipp  
Shute, Alvah   Crowder, James   Marshall, Guy   Brown, Marshall  
Brunelle, Napolean F-in-law Rathbone, Howard   Menard, Joseph   Census Page VT.3-38-4 (map)
Shipman, Hattie   Smith, Eliza Lodger Shannon, Roy   Walden (Town)
Dannells, William   Stevens, Alruoah C.   Shepard, Eva Servant Brown, Erlene Wife
Whaleir, Theadore Lodger Smith, Howard   Goodrich, Henry L.   Thurston, Lelia  
Foss, Furn E.   Sawyer, Lulie   Neveu, Frank   Rodger, Ralph  
Laue, Clyde C.   Brown, Conoy   Lavoie, Aristide   Davidson, Merton  
Ouderkirk, Nellie E.   Peas, Joseph Lodger Brocher, Davila   Mailhot, Henry  
Lane, Ethel   Leys, Beatrice   Census Page VT.3-13-5 (map) Hale, Winfred S-son
Niles. Margaret   Lunisdar, Lilla   Hardwick (Town) Donse, Elson  
Hevey, Mary Sister Jones, John   Brocher, Edward Son Shires, Ella Aunt
Stewart, John R.   Auan, Carrie   Squires, Luchins   Griggs, Homer  
Duirnet, Edward G.   Census Page VT.3-12-25 (map) Morin, Hilaire Hired man Clifford, Emory  
Gallager, Margaret   Hardwick (Village) Ferland, Didace   Boucher, A. J.  
Census Page VT.3-12-4 (map) Hovey, Wallace   Allen, Robert   Green, Thomas  
Hardwick (Village) Warco, Gertrude M-in-law Carrier, Augustine   Rowell, Percy  
Gallager, William Brother Michaud, Robert   Lepine, Irene   Lamora, Joseph  
Feeley, Margaret Servant Michaud, Oliva   Willis, Charles   Farr, George  
Banington, John   Robertson, Arthur   Hovey, John   Census Page VT.3-38-5 (map)
Lavora, George E.   Chaffee, Leon   Spencer, Louisa   Walden (Town)
Spur, Carl   Massey, Frank   Massey, Paul   Burroughs, Howard  
Trembley, Rene   Sherbins, Rallin   Hogaboom, Charles F.   Cole, Howard Hired hand
Vaillancourt, Rodger Brother-in-law Smith, Andrew   Hall, Eva L. Servant Smith, Homer  
Titus, Karl J.   Brocher, Emanuel   Guillet, George   Greaves, Phillip  
Sherbino, Roland E.   Census Page VT.3-12-26 (map) Census Page VT.3-13-6 (map) Grant, M. J.  
Sullivan, Michael J.   Hardwick (Village) Hardwick (Town) Burroughs, Virgina House kpr
Miller, Alfred G.   Brocher, Lucas Father Guilet, Rene   Greaves, Gerald  
Bridgway, Everett H.   Michard, Leo   Picard, Exilia M-in-law Gimble, Mary House kpr
Parker, Minnie   Previa, Alfred   Normandean, Louis   Gilman, Stanley Hired hand
Crandall, Ted   Auair, Carroll   Sheeky, James Partner Tetreault, Noel Hired hand
Grisworld, Ernest   Roborge, Cecil   Jeffords, William   LaBrecque, Arthur  
Collins, Lyle   Emery, Niel   Peck, Laura M.   Spicer, Marion S-child
Census Page VT.3-12-5 (map) Smith, Thomas   Dupuis, Napoleon   Hememingway, Elmer S-child
Hardwick (Village) Larrabee, Guy W.   Cliché, Antonio   Hememingway, Barbara S-child
McBride, Charlotte S-daughter Wheatley, Williams   Rheaume, Napoleon Lodger Hememingway, Jacquelin S-child
Beauprie, Bernard T.   Manley, Winfred   Lamonda, Leon   Bulet, Andrew S-child
Stowe, Elizabeth Aunt Carpenter, Ben   Brocha, Frank   Vigeant, Edward S-child
Mougeon, Flora M-in-law Fuller, Fred   Census Page VT.3-13-7 (map) Walters, Oscar  
Parizo, Clara Aunt Larrabee, Albert   Hardwick (Town) Burbank, Charles  
Cobb, Bert E.   Marcele, Frances E.   Cliché, Ernest   Burbank, Leo  
Batchelder, Etta   Bell, Dana J. Lodger Gilbert, Fay B-in-law Census Page VT.3-38-6 (map)
Slayton, George D.   Census Page VT.3-12-27 (map) Dunbar, George   Walden (Town)
Brown, Allen   Hardwick (Village) Hooker, Jennie Mother Burbank, Lee Son
Cobb, William S. Brother Fournier, Emile   Couture, Joseph   Story, Carl  
Smith, J. Chester   Carter, Alcide   Brocher, Lucas Oncle (Uncle) Story, Myrtle Wife
Shattuck, Fred L.   Reneud, Robert Lodger Batten, Fred   Laird, Edma  
Heocuson, Pearl   Hoyt, Bernie L.   Stewart, Edwin Hired man Hawes, Isabelle Mother
Thomas, Myrtie   Ladd, Gerald M.   Goodrich, Elmer   Ashton, Harold Boarder
Rioch, James   Alexander, Alonzo   Selee, Irene Servant Salls, Reginald Boarder
Cockran, Leo P.   Brink, Edwin F. F-in-law Gonthier, Hilaire   Salls, Raymond Boarder
Beenis, Waldo   Augel, Timothy   St Hilaire, Xavier B-in-law Greaves, Frank  
Merrill, William E.   Blackhall, Elizabeth   Guay, Arthur   Lawson, Marvin G-son
Powell, Harland E.   Mackie, Elizabeth Daughter Peake, Elwyn   Gamble, Ellen House kpr
Hall, John   Halcome, Harold   Census Page VT.3-13-8 (map) King, Willie Hired hand
Census Page VT.3-12-6 (map) Stewns, Charles F-in-law Hardwick (Town) Marshall, Ersula  
Hardwick (Village) Colby, Nathanel H.   Brocher, Godias   Fuller, Elsie Daughter
Hall, John B. Jr. Son Hill, Arthur   Bailey, Clarence   Smith, Charles  
Warren, Arthur B.   Morrison, Arlington   Underwood, Ned   Cookson, Violette House kpr
Campbell, Everett H.   Census Page VT.3-12-28 (map) Eastman, Howard   Hines, Clifton G-son
Havilaud, Ida B. Lodger Hardwick (Village) Noel, Alphonse   Lawson, Young Hired hand
Libby, Delilah   Morrison, Walter Son  Brocher, Marie   Gingue, Hiliare  
Norcross, Dean Son Sowes, Andrew   Salls, Clara   Couture, Albert S-son
Wallace, Addie Aunt Roy, Arther   Whither, Kenneth Lodger Pearsons, Jennie  
Nelson, Harold J.   Rodriguez, Mabel   Hartson, George   Degan, Josephine Daughter
Leach, Harry S.   Hogsdon, Nellie Mother Nicholson, James   Census Page VT.3-38-7 (map)
Lewis, Mary A. M-in-law Young, Alex   Massey, Damas   Walden (Town)
Hale, Ruth C.   Dreschles, Robert G-son Census Page VT.3-13-9 (map) Degan, Albert S-in-law
Townsend, Gerry C.   Potter, Fletcher   Hardwick (Town) Pearson, Irving Jr. G-son
Schoolcraft, Florence   Morrow, Lewis B-in-law Hancock, John E.   Cote, Marcelle  
Collier, William B. Brother Parks, Lewellegn   Millar, Ida D. M-in-law Carr, Ray  
Noyes, Sarah S.   Wheeler, Alton   Philbrook, Earl Hired man Taylor, Frank  
Cox, Mathew L.   Hayford, Robert G-son Roy, Leopold   Rowell, Eva Sister-in-law
Aimsworth, Claud   Stevens, Ella Aunt Dufreane, Armand Hired man Griggs, Arnold  
Clark, Philip H.   Riach, James S   Rogers, Arthur   Goddard, William  
Census Page VT.3-12-7 (map) Jones, Merle   Taylor, Howard   Robert, George  
Hardwick (Village) Royer, Philip   Demars, Eugene   Pearsons, Carlton G-son
Clark, Bruce E. Son Census Page VT.3-12-29 (map) Willey, Harry   Fogg, Benjamin  
Aimsworth, Edgar M.   Hardwick (Village) Silver, John   Godin, Levi  
Cross, Eddie W. S-son O'Malley,    Patch, Laban   Badcock, Clyde  
Paul, Gordon H.   Bailey, Enoch   Allen, George   Census Page VT.3-38-8 (map)
Cox, Albert E.   Devenger, Ralph Nephew King, Norman   Walden (Town)
Kimball, Harlan R.   Coal, Seth Wenthrop   Willey, Ervin   Farrington, Eliza  
Morse, Philabelle   Gravelle, John   Russell, Clarence   Barnett, Arch  
Stanford, C. A.   Pilbin, Gertrude   Cote, Harriet   Dudley, Catherine  
Spier, Allan   Hastings, William   Census Page VT.3-13-10 (map) Watson, George Nephew
McPherson, Katherine Lodger Hastings, Clark   Hardwick (Town) Maren, Joseph  
Hall, Barbra Lodger Pilbin, Addie   Hovey, Mary Lodger Charland, Wilfred S-in-law
Darling, Simon E.   McCourbie, Eddie Mother Richarson, Horatio Lodger LeCours, Aime  
Grow, J. Blanine   Farr, Fred   Montgomery, Carroll   Strong, Archie  
Barcomb, David   Fadden, Ida   Corrow, Arthur   Strong, Frank  
Anair, Robert   Sassi, Maxine Daughter Laura, Carl   Rowell, Adelia M-in-law
Census Page VT.3-12-8 (map) McLarmick, Elizabeth   Lang, Joseph Hired man Gendron, Claire House kpr
Hardwick (Village) Fletcher, Eunice Lodger Alexander, Fred   Shelan, Albert  
Anair, Jennie Daughter Scott, Nathaniel   Gaboriault, Alfred   Gendraw, W. J.  
Brown, Herbert   ? ? ?, Evalyn S-daug Bessette, Leon   Toolland, Antone  
LaBree, Fred   Hastings, George   Gaboriault, Adelard   Carr, Laura G-Aunt
MaDonald, Robert C.   Coudon, Clifford   Census Page VT.3-13-11 (map) Census Page VT.3-38-9 (map)
Daniel, Samuel   Census Page VT.3-12-30 (map) Hardwick (Town) Walden (Town)
Warner, Lawrence Lodger Hardwick (Village) Chapin, Merle   Newton, Lewis  
Daniels, Ezra Daughter Coudon, Lorena Wife Fay, George   Smith, Murdo  
Daniels, Gordon   Beau, Clarence   Martin, Gerald   Demers, Dominna  
Goodwin, Edwin   Powers, William   Webb, Gertrude Servant Kennison, P. Murl Hired hand
Poff, Eva   Gilcris, Lester   Martin, Myrtle   Fontains, Arthur  
Robertson, Harold Lodger Wheeler, Ernest Lodger Gomez, Bernard   Rebitaille, Henry Hired hand
Fuller, Harold Lodger May, Myrtle   Boisclair, Armand Hired man Hamell, Hector  
Williams, Edwin W.   Philbrook, Frank Son Gelineau, David   Rivet, Nelson  
Thompson, Lottie   Leach, Ernest   Trudeau, David   Demers, Phillipp S-in-law
Libby, Harvey C.   Duby, Raymond   Tanguay, Emeric   Proux, Octave Brother
Duby, Mildreth   Hebert, Isbella   Grigg, Loys   Baril, Joseph  
Duby, Betty F. Daughter White, Nellie   Census Page VT.3-13-12 (map) Onley, Emery  
Peck, John F.   McGoff, Owen   Hardwick (Town) Census Page VT.3-38-10 (map)
Census Page VT.3-12-9 (map) Gilbert, Lewis Son-in-law Leblanc, Zephir Hired man Walden (Town)
Hardwick (Village) Census Page VT.3-12-31 (map) Millard, Collies   Onley, Janet Daughter
Hill, William S.   Hardwick (Village) Strong, Wallace   Vincent, Charlie Half-brother
LaDuke, Fred   Morgany, Harry    Dyke, Ernest Hired man Lamphere, Albert  
Carr, Frank T.   Lambert, Katherine  Lodger Flander, Floyd   Newton, Herbert  
Carrier, Herve   Beuware, Carroll  Lodger Houghton, Marion Servant Huston, Joseph  
Eastman, Gwendlyn O.   Litch, Clyde  Clerk Loura, Fredley   Lamphere, Richard Hired hand
Ives, Harry Son Rybak, Connie  Lodger Carr, Irving   Stevens, William Hired hand
Carr, Lawrence   Jackson, Fred   Clark, William   Paloine, Henry  
Haster, Mary A.   John Mcwilliam   Hogaboom, Harry   Huston, Joseph Jr.  
Carpenter, Leslie   Goodwin, Frederick G-son Ives, Peter Lodger Barnett, Harold Hired hand
Smith, Edwin S-in-law Amsworth, Orlu F.   Noe, Rose   Census Page VT.3-38-11 (map)
Fogg, George W.   Webber, Mary R.   Weeks, Charles   Walden (Town)
Proper, Gordon   Ferris, Lelia Daughter Census Page VT.3-13-13 (map) Bosclaire, Alfred  
Rogers, Marjory   Thomas, Florence   Hardwick (Town) Goodenough, Roy  
Hoxie, Irvin H.   Aiken, Lillian   Downing, Lyle Hired man Page, Elizabeth Lodger
Census Page VT.3-12-10 (map) Hersey, Nellie   Sweeney, Alfred   Cockrane, Wilfred  
Hardwick (Village) Shepard, Dora   Stannard, Floyd   Provencher, Edward  
Hoxie, Agnes Wife Christy, Cora   Alston, Nelson   LaPerle, Phillip  
Wagner, Leon E.   Childs, Harold   Bridges, Wilmer   LaBreoque, Elmer  
Larrobee, Vern F.   White, Alice   Tuthill, Vermon   Barnett, Harry  
Robbins, Raymond   Morse, Charles A.   Robbin, Mahon   Tibbetts, Lloyd S-son
Dunott, Lelau Lodger Gilbert, Eugene   Farr, Wayne   Ranney, Francese G-son
Lawbert, Darrell   Graves, Don   Villeneuve, Bamabe   Kennett, Charles  
Debloise, Harold   Newton, Sim   Grandey, Truman   Hatch, Walter  
Curnier, Henry   Darling, Glen   Census Page VT.3-13-14 (map) Census Page VT.3-38-12 (map)
Hooper, J. Bert   Anair, Raymond   Hardwick (Town) Walden (Town)
Bridges, Chas   Story, Richard   Kibbee, Valda   Hatch, Geneva Wife
Sheldon, Chasity   Census Page VT.3-12-32 (map) Dunn, Ernest   Lemay, Olvida  
Heath, Harlan L. Son Hardwick (Village) Downing, Elsie Daughter Richards, Edward  
Heath, Priscilla A. Daughter Sawtell, Mildred   Anair, Leona Daughter Rebitaille, Henry Hired hand
Morse, Melvin   Bushey, Harold Lodger Downing, Pricilla Daughter Dixon, Robert  
Fisher, Abial   Babcock, Minnie   Smith, Harriet   Allen, Perley  
Williams, John   Cummings, Addie   Dixon, Susie Daughter Vixby, Carolyn Lodger
Census Page VT.3-12-11 (map) Eaton, Everett   Racine, William Son-in-law Pike, Harry  
Hardwick (Village) Jordan, Mary   Blodgett, Robert   Rock, George  
Williams, Judith Daughter Pauquette, Gertrude   Gebbie, Hugh   Bennett, Leland G-son
Beede, William   Bacon, Arthur   Dimick, Ernest   Thompson,William  
Aimsworth, Alice   Kinney, John   Allen, Fred   Woodard, Lenoard  
Beede, Robert   Ferris, Anne   Dunbar, Forest   Woodard, Herbert  
Norcross, Irvin H.   Wright, Beverly Niece Allen, Nelson D. G-son Census Page VT.3-38-13 (map)
Laverter, Joseph   Pope, Frank E. B-in-law Census Page VT.3-13-15 (map) Walden (Town)
Page, Earl Lodger Jones, May   Hardwick (Town) Woodard, Julia Wife
Schoolcraft, Weston J.   Mann, Wallace   Demars, William Son-in-law Rock, John  
Potter, Bert E.   Thomas, Cecil   Dresser, Myron   Fournier, Gustave  
Bullock, Armanda   Hall, Earl F.   Hill, Elmer   Brossean, Leo  
Sloytor, Elwin H.   Brown, William   Luther, George   Bashaw, Howard  
Shepard, Oscar L.   Stratton, Alfred   Lamb, Cora   Farron, Israel  
Niles, Merton N.   Traynor, Dorothy M-in-law Bixby, Charles   Ainsworth, Cornelius  
Dobson, Henuie   Tamburri, Cousolina   Rich, Harold   Kittridge, Elmer  
Golden, Bernie   Census Page VT.3-12-33 (map) Saint Sauveur, Armand   Cahoon, George  
Census Page VT.3-12-12 (map) Hardwick (Village) Fuller, Lynn   Census Page VT.3-38-14 (map)
Hardwick (Village) Gilcris, Waldo   Magoon, Van Henry   Walden (Town)
Golden, Edith Wife Calcagni, Carlo   Bird, Perley   Cahoon, Paul Son
Bailey, Chester O.   Ainsworth, Myron   Census Page VT.3-13-16 (map) Porter, Cora M-in-law
Jones, Fred Lodger Cross, Edward F-in-law Hardwick (Town) Bissell, Ralph  
Fournier, Sarah   Ainsworth, Harry Cousin Silver, Philip   Russell, Frank  
Colbeth, John   Chase, William   Joslyn, Henry A.   Burbank, Jack Hired hand
Houghton, Ralph   Davidson, Violet G-daug Montgomery, Arthur   Hatch, Lee Hired hand
Fanand, Rufus M.   Merchant, Richard   Gadgcome, Harry   Brown, Herbert Hired hand
Stewart, Sonestra M. Sister Ahonen, Maria M-in-law Eastman, Philip   Dumbar, Harvey  
Rowell, Orrie S.   Ahonen, Edward Nephew Norcross, Kate M-in-law Burnhan, Rosie M-in-law
Lewis, Mabel Servant Muchaw, Sarah   Hines, Carroll Lodger Jones, Lore Daughter
Schlarman, Oscar   Martin, Roy   Fisher, Charles   Census Page VT.3-38-15 (map)
Michard, Norman T.   Sylvester, Henry E.   Porter, Nellie Servant Walden (Town)
Hathaway, Lenora   White, Clifton H.   Domey, Henry   Cahoon, Nancy Daughter
Olhiver, Chas W. Lodger Bradford, John   Cross, Harvey   Taylor, Charlie Hired hand
Hooper, Richard   Census Page VT.3-12-34 (map) Allen, Hattie E.   Census Page VT.3-38-16 (map)
Houghton, Frances J.   Hardwick (Village) Kennett, William   Walden (Town)
Cockram, Mary   Dale, Anne   Lapierre, Louis W. S-son blank  
Lewis, Addis   Jenne, Robert Son-in-law Cote, John D.      
Census Page VT.3-12-13 (map) Williams, Cecil   Dunning, Abram      
Hardwick (Village) Forest, Walter   Philbrooks, Clara      
Calkins, Homer   Smith, Arthur   Derosenberg De La Marre, George P.      
Hutchinson, Ioda M-in-law Heath, William F-in-law Census Page VT.3-14-1 (map)    
Ackins, Harold R.   Ashley, Howard   Hardwick (Town)    
Dutton, Wayne Lodger Carey, Mary M-in-law Farr, Glenn      
Bedell, Always Lodger Carey, Thomas F. B-in-law Farr, Wavey      
Ainsworth, Gerald   Colbeth, Sherman   Anair, Alfred      
Grayeou, Ethel Mother Loomis, Frances   Montague, Clarence      
Troynor, Thomas   Clark, Arba Son Powers, Delbert S.      
Joulaine, Phil   Vancour, Albert   Clow, Melvin K.      
Goodno, Martha   O'Malley, Edward   George, William      
Allen, Leslie G-son Montague, William   Badger, Alden      
Smith, Gertrude E.   Census Page VT.3-12-35 (map) Brown, Allan Bro-in-law    
Sias, Leslie Lodger Hardwick (Village) Swenson, Carl      
Dodge, Howard   Crandall, Charles   Hayford, Mabel Hse kpr    
Pearsons, Albert S-in-law Frasier, William   Chaffee, Clay W.      
Aimsworth, Vern   Merrill, Howard   Perry, Raymond      
Flemings, Glen   Hay, John   Cochran, Clarence Lodger    
Dupree, Hector Lodger Gerow, Gordon   Knopp, Ellen      
Hall, ??? H.   Hill, Clyde   Census Page VT.3-14-2 (map)    
MaKie, Ethel Maid Shattuck, Lewis   Hardwick (Town)    
McDonald, Robert   Renaud, Albert   Thomas, Ezra      
Census Page VT.3-12-14 (map) Pinard, Marie Wife Currier, Samuel Lodger    
Hardwick (Village) Russell, Bert R.   Terry, Thomas Lodger    
Mercier, Emil   Jones, Lina   Carpenter, Laura Lodger    
Gray, Joseph   Clark, Henry   Bailey, Catherine S-daug    
Dodge, Henry   LaMunda, Bertha   Utton, Rose      
Carey, George A.   Preman, Herbert   Whitcomb, Anne M. Daughter    
Colbeth, Lewis   Census Page VT.3-12-36 (map) Benjamin, Forest      
Bushey, Orville   Hardwick (Village) Bailey, Frank Bro-in-law    
Census Page VT.3-12-15 (map) Canterbury, Clive Lodger Atkins, Leonard      
Hardwick (Village) Graham, Carmi   Duke, George      
Bushey, Alfred Son Spaulding, Charles   Rowell, Cora      
Gilman, James F-in-law Carter, Myrtie L.   Emery, George      
Kilgarland, Edward Lodger Bailey, Auldey   White, Richard S-son    
Downing, Adim Lodger Stratton, James F-in-law Bailey, Charles S-son    
Flanders, Alfred   Dumatt, John   Atkins, Jerry M.      
Richardson, Olin   Tinnatt, Mabel Wife Lumsden, Willis      
Ytlin, Susan   Heaney, John Son-in-law Cross, Harry      
Jenne, Howard Son Whitney, Nellie M-in-law Census Page VT.3-14-3 (map)    
Caleoqni, Louise   Farrington, Elvey   Hardwick (Town)    
Donahey, George   Sheldon, Chauncy   Cross, Sadie Wife    
Sinnott, Wallace   Gawey, Winfred   Hoyt, Ben      
Law, Agnes M-in-law Bombard, Loren   Billado, Warren Lodger    
Sinnott, Wim Jr.   Ceruti, Alues   Badger, Gerald      
Tobum, Fred   Moquin, Anthony   Blodgett, Howard      
Jackson, Adine Lodger Gusha, Edward   Rodger, George      
Russell, Walter Lodger Pierce, Mike Lodger Chanquette, Ernest      
Sinnott, William   Census Page VT.3-12-37 (map) Hopkins, Reed      
Census Page VT.3-12-16 (map) Hardwick (Village) Carrville, John B.      
Hardwick (Village) Monihan, Timothy   Census Page VT.3-14-4 (map)    
Smith, A. Lee   Houston, Effie   Hardwick (Town)    
Drew, Sadie M-in-law Fling, Ephram Brother Carrville, Marc Son     
Barrett, Edna Lodger Lee, Claire Lodger Bailey, George      
Mcarthur, Gaylon   Booth, Lizzie   Fuller, Walter      
Green, T. William   Goodwin, Beverly G-daug Farrand, Carleton      
Gomez, Jose Lodger Robie, Louis S.   Ralph, George      
Osuna, Louisa   Stratton, Douglas   Scott, Archie      
Mier, John   Kinney, Albert C.   Barcomb, Laura      
Belmont, Kenneth   Mitchell, George A.   Gates, Albert G-son    
Williams, Earl E.   Nunn, Elizabeth   LeMudge, Joseph Lodger    
Wakefield, Phil A.   Davis, Harold   Jakobson, August E.      
Robb, William   Allen, Lola M-in-law Sweeney, William      
Doyton, Glen   Jackson, Gertrude   Palmer, Albert      
Waterman, Clara   Rosette, Eugene Son-in-law Census Page VT.3-14-5 (map)    
Census Page VT.3-12-17 (map) Henry, Frances Lodger Hardwick (Town)    
Hardwick (Village) Jackson, Hattie   Rathbone, Ira      
Carrow, Clayton D.   Davis, Charles F.   Houle, Oliva      
Bullock, Raymond   Census Page VT.3-12-38 (map) Wright, Luther      
Stratton, Wesley   Hardwick (Village) Reynolds, Christabel Sister    
Carey, Nancy S-in-law Murch, Everitt   Noe, Fred      
Paul, James F.   Smith, Celia   Atkins, Sadie      
Batchelder, Orris G.   Archer, Elvie   Cochran, Stella      
Gilbert, Erwin H.   Carr, Addie   Thornton, Lewis      
Buchanan, Norman   Gallow, William   Menard, George      
Bailey, Melvin Lodger Michaud, Christina Daughter Green, Charles      
Toutant, Fannie   Beddie, William   Census Page VT.3-14-6 (map)    
Harvey, Dora Lodger Farr, Guy W.   Hardwick (Town)    
Ambrosini, Mario   Ross, Joseph   Thomas, Walice      
Pescionti, Albert Lodger Wilmerson, Ruth Lodger Smith, Ellis      
Gates, Elmer   Barr, Eddio   Mugford, Walter      
Hall, Guy   Doulas, Lawrence   Swett, Bert W.      
Haskell, William   Suitor, James   Davidson, William      
Colbeth, Edson L.   Nyman, Sona   Lahores, Gladys Daughter    
Census Page VT.3-12-18 (map) Young, Clark   Aldrich, Guy      
Hardwick (Village) Census Page VT.3-12-39 (map) Dickey, Collen Lodger    
Colbeth, Annabelle Daughter Hardwick (Village) Ponce, George      
Devenger, Hazel Lodger Nolan, George   Dimmick, Harry      
Colbeth, Sidney   Michard, Alfred   Green, Thomas S-in-low    
Davis, Edward   Boulais, Cyrl   Dimmick, Robert Son    
Waterhouse, John   Leveer, Arthur J.   Green, David G-son    
Brown, Alice   Lovejoy, Inez   Eldredge, Fred      
Weeks, William   Perrin, Florence   Syrene, Arthur      
Corron, Sylvia   Larrabee, Earl   Jennings, Jennie      
Hartson, Mildred   Darling, Gertrude   Census Page VT.3-14-7 (map)    
Williams, Max Lodger Colbeth, Lester   Hardwick (Town)    
Davis, Theresa   Richardson, Wilbert G-son Fay, Ezra B.      
Davidson, Albert   Lewis, Wayne Son-in-law Hazelton, James      
Utley, Charles H.   Hall, Thomas   Wilmerson, Ella Hse kpr    
Lamorey, Myron   Emery, Fred   Boudean, Emery      
Census Page VT.3-12-19 (map) Pickett, Matilda   Judkins, Harry      
Hardwick (Village) Census Page VT.3-12-40 (map) Emery, Lillian M-in-law    
Austin, Arthur D. Lodger Hardwick (Village) King, Everett      
Camp, Gerald Lodger Pickett, Raymond Son Albee, Bella      
Clark, Chauncy   Suitor, Thomas   Hancock, Frances      
Gauthier, Joseph   Demars, Fred   Massey, Ernest      
Story, Edmund   Bacon, Lorraine Daughter Roy, Fernando      
Coburn, Nelson   Nyman, Anders Lodger Lacroix, Lionel Lodger    
Tatro, Harlan   Miles, Carl Lodger Dufressne, Emil Hired man    
Boulais, Heli   McCarthy, John Lodger Gindrou, Napoleon Hired man    
Jackson, Ai   Chapman, Fred E. Lodger Stewart, Leon      
Parker, Kate   Lemere, Eugene   Census Page VT.3-14-8 (map)    
Neeland, Joyce Lodger Bridgman, Edward G.   Hardwick (Town)    
Atkins, Avon   Bingham, Ford R.   Ward, Kenneth      
Gilman,Herbert   Census Page VT.3-12-41 (map) Philbrook, Harrison      
Salls, Myron   Hardwick (Village) Allen, Nettie S-mother    
Kendall, Orvis H.   Page, Gladys   Philbrook, Betty Daughter    
Census Page VT.3-12-20 (map) Underwood, Elsie Nurse Battey, Carleton      
Hardwick (Village) Racine, Leah   Lemay, Alphege      
Calderwood, Fred T.   Demars, Edith   Hutchinson, Windel P.      
Galli, Purina   Holton, ? ? Patient Anges, Charlie      
Atkins, Owen H.   Crane, Edward M. Patient Domey, Sidney R.      
Smith, Robert   Census Page VT.3-12-42 (map) Guedrou, Henry      
Story, Paul   Hardwick (Village) Hood, Curtis      
Ambrosini, Foscola   blank   Neil, Edward      
Johnson, William T.   Census Page VT.3-12-43 (map) Census Page VT.3-14-9 (map)    
Traverse, Rosa   Hardwick (Village) Hardwick (Town)    
Benway, Frank O.   Dreschter, Catherine Daughter Neil, Esther Wife    
Battlis, Gertrude   Percey, Donald Son-in-law Perry, Peter      
Stuart, Victor   Michard, Alice Dau-in-law Harvey, Elbridge      
Cass, Carleton   Ferland, Leon Lodger Gray, Ernest      
Stevens, Glen   Heaney, Jennie Sister Beede, Robert S-son    
Census Page VT.3-12-21 (map) Mercier, Gloria Daughter Woodbury, Grace      
Hardwick (Village) Angel, Fred Brother Bedell, Carroll      
Estel, Guy   Sibley, John Lodger Dufresne, Esdras      
Shepard, Guy   Bedford, Bernice Lodger Dutton, Elwin      
Drown, Arthur   Pilbin, Inez Daughter Census Page VT.3-14-10 (map)    
Hill, Lillian   Duby, Rosalie Daughter Hardwick (Town)    
Smith, Samuel   Olearry, Alfred Lodger blank      
Smith, Harold   Leavitt, Fred Lodger Census Page VT.3-14-11 (map)    
Fisher, Lewis A.   Hendry, Cordelia Lodger Hardwick (Town)    
Mcwilliam, Alex   Panelati, Marino Lodger Nellie Ward Daughter    
Fearon, Robert   Cochran, Thomas Lodger Blanche Peters Servant    
Arnold, Harold   Smith, Ray   Census Page VT.3-14-12 (map)    
Nichols, Stella   Gifford, Perley N. Bro-in-law Hardwick (Town)    
Shepard, Wilbert   Mccarthy, Patrick, Joey   blank      
Traverse, Caesar   Stone, Frank H.          
    Reed, Minnie E. Lodger        
    Census Page VT.3-12-44 (map)        
    Hardwick (Village)        

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