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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Resident Profession Residence Wife & children at home
Abbot, Walter clerk b 13 Second  
Abbott, Charles clerk b 13 Second  
Adams, Willard O. clerk 35 Main Mrs. Winifred E.
Akin, John R. hardware 38 Main Mrs. Bessie A.
Akin, Walter clerk b 42 Main  
Alain, Joseph stone cutter 35 Coventry Mrs. Adeline, Joseph
Alchurch, Charles clerk b 42 Main  
Alfred, F. E. lawyer 11 School Mrs. Mary Loise
Allen, Mrs. E. E.   108 Main  
Aller, Ernest hostler b 13 1/2 Coventry  
Allison, Mrs. Lizzie   8 Lake  
Allison, Jennie domestic 12 Pleasant  
Alton, Actor laborer b 8 Lake  
Anderson, Mrs. Josie domestic cor. Pleasant & Third  
Andrews, William stone cutter b Lake House  
Archambault, Adelie domestic 46 Main  
Astell, Alex. teamster 15 Bay  
Avery, W. J. gent's furnishing goods 45 Main Mrs. Flora
Badger, Arlo S. farmer 11 Central Mrs. Lucy J., Ruth E.
Bailey, Mrs. Sarah D.   5 Second  
Bailey, Charles M. deputy collector of customs 5 Second Mrs. Addie A., Clara J.
Bailey, John bell boy Memphremagog House  
Bailey, Edward carpenter 33 Bay Mrs. Addie, Walter, Gladys
Bailey, Edward laborer 33 Bay  
Baker, Edward laborer 101 Main Mrs. Mary Ann, Nellie F., Mamie G., Gertrude B., Alice M., Lillian
Baker, W. H. laborer b 15 Central  
Baker, Mrs. A.   30 Third  
Baker, P. H. laborer 2 Middle Mrs. Rose
Baker, Philip laborer 7 Cross Mrs. Arthura, Herbert, Ethel, Sammy
Barbin, Eugene baker 1 Hill Mrs. E.
Barnard, Mrs. C. J.   14 Third  
Barnes, Egbert conductor 15 Bay Mrs. Anita M., Emma A.
Barr, Mrs. Elizabeth   115 Main  
Batchelder, Charles farmer 11 South Mrs. Abigail
Batchelder, W. M. commercial traveler 9 Coventry Marjore Ann, Charles K.
Bean, Mrs. S. J.   39 Main  
Bean, R. A. post office clerk b 71 Main  
Bean, Milton B. farmer 25 Bay Mrs. Nellie, Gertrude, Carrie, Elwin
Bean, Charles T. conductor cor 2d & Eastern Ave Mrs. Lillian R., William S., Alice L., Lucy R.
Beattie, Alex stone cutter b Lake House  
Beaulier, Augustin laborer 18 Coventry Mrs. Almire, Aleceina, Fred
Bedell, Frank H.   Court House Square  
Bedoir, Walter artist b 8 Raymond Ave.  
Beebe, F. A. clerk Memphremagog House Mrs. Lizzie A.
Beebe, Albert clerk b 23 Second  
Bemis, F. C. clerk 14 Second  
Bennett, O. L. sawyer 45 Coventry Mrs. Romana A.
Benjamin, A. F. agent Swift Bros. off Main Mrs. Agnes M., Laura J.
Benoit, Joseph laborer 2 Hill Mrs. Florence, Herbert
Benoit, Edward laborer 2 Farrant Mrs. Agnes L.
Benoit, Joslyn laborer 2 Hill Mrs. Julia, Alfred, Edwin, Arthur
Bernard, Mrs. L.   7 Lake  
Bernard, Rose domestic Memphremagog House  
Bernard, Moses laborer 7 Lake Mrs. Louise
Bertrand, J. S. tailor 23 Third Mrs. Effie, Claire, Louise
Bickford, Mrs. Eunice   27 Third  
Bigelow, C. F. druggist 30 Main Mrs. Mabel H., Beatrice Amy
Billedeau, Fred painter b 64 Lake  
Billings, Herbert S. engineer 19 Central Mrs. Corintha S., Winnie J., Evelyn E.
Bislieu, John retired 4 Lake Mrs. Susan M.
Blair, M. J. foreman veneer mill 25 Third Mrs. Jennie L.
Blair, John retired 25 Third Mrs. Evelyn
Blake, Henry painter 38 Bay Mrs. Stella M.
Blake, N. T. restaurant Railroad Square Mrs. Elizabeth B.
Blake, Herbert C. butcher 9 1/2 Coventry Mrs. Bessie, Hazel
Blanchard, H. T. photographer 32 Coventry Mrs. Helen E.
Blanchard, J. F. physician 5 Third Mrs. Carrie, Maurice L.
Blanchard, Frank clerk 6 Summer Mrs. Viola
Blanchard, E. C. hardware 12 Second Mrs. Mary J., Philip, Doris
Blanchard, Mrs. D. W.   12 Second  
Blanchard, H. G. commercial traveler 12 Second Mrs. Marie C.
Blanchard, W. H. retired 12 Second  
Blodgett, Will clerk 13 Second  
Blunt, F. O. freight clerk 18 Pleasant Mrs. Mary A., Helen L., Berta W., Fred A.
Boesvat, J. L. carpenter 103 Main Mrs. Mary B., Albert
Bonneau, Henry machinist 30 Pleasant Mrs. Lucina, Lucina, Joseph
Bouchen, Delphers laborer 39 Coventry Mrs. Olive, Ellery, Arthur, Harry
Bourke, Joseph laborer 97 Main Mrs. Minnie
Bowker, Claud fireman b 14 Lake  
Bowker, Archie fireman b 32 Coventry  
Bowen, Maria M. cook Newport House  
Bowley, Clarence baggage master 9 Prospect Mrs. Minnie B.
Bowley, E. clerk 8 Coventry Mrs. Bessie
Bowley, Mrs. Samantha L.   15 Coventry  
Bowley, Riley   114 Main  
Boynton, Mrs. Mary domestic 5 Third  
Boynton, Nellie domestic 5 Third  
Brady, Charles N. postmaster, flour, feed, etc   Mrs. May Fields, Maud Fields
Bradshaw, George teamster 9 South  
Brigham, Joseph teamster 1 Cross Mrs. Delia
Brigham, Alex. sawyer b 1 Cross  
Brigham, John clerk b 23 Second  
Brigham, John   r 11 Coventry Mrs. Mary
Brooks, C. E. laborer 93 Main Mrs. Louise, Nellie G., Lottie S.
Brooks, George S.   r 53 Main, b Newport House  
Brooks, A. C. & Son carriages, harnesses 10 Coventry  
Brooks, A. C. carriages, harnesses 2 Summer Mrs. Laura E.
Broulette, Joseph mason 9 Bay Mrs. Delenie, Wilfred, Willie
Brown, F. A. jeweler 2 Summer Mrs. Laura E.
Brown, Willard M.   3 Bay  
Brown, Mahlon H. bookkeeper 85 Main  
Browley, W. J. commercial traveler 8 Pleasant Mrs. Kate J., Ethel J.
Brunelle, Frank laborer 46 Main Mrs. Emma, Myrtie
Bryant, Rev. Augustus A.   Memphremagog House  
Bryant, H. H. mechanic 3 Bay Mrs. Saddie, Mabel
Buchanan, George teamster b 1 South  
Bugbee, Clarence clerk b 6 Summer Mrs. Mary
Buckley, A. O. hotel clerk Newport House  
Bullock, W. B. foreman printer 1 South Mrs. Nellie, Mary Esther
Bullock, Mrs. Mary Jane   1 South  
Bunker, S. W. laborer 131 Main Mrs. May Nounan
Burbank, George W. painter 5 Pleasant Annie E., Edgar H.
Burbank, Samuel laborer 4 Young  
Burbank, Sarah   4 Young  
Burne, Patrick hostler b 26 Coventry  
Burnett, M. C. foreman Tuck & Moore b 14 Lake Mrs. Annie
Burrage, Mrs. Jane   5 Bay View  
Buzzell, Belle waitress Memphremagog House  
Cameron, W. S. express agent 3 Central Mrs. Halley S.
Cameron, Cora waitress Memphremagog House  
Camp, D. M. insurance 15 Second Mrs. Adeliza, Thomas C.
Campbell, F. J. butcher 13 Second Mrs. Ina M., Winifred M.
Cannavan, Harry brakeman b Drew's Block  
Carey, J. F. railway postal clerk 4 Summer Mrs. Alice L.
Carney, Mary waitress Memphremagog House  
Carpenter, Ray machinist r 53 Main  
Carpenter, Raymond laborer b Newport House  
Carroll, John laborer 2 West Mrs. Ellen, Mary C.
Carroll, Kate domestic 6 South  
Carter, John stone cutter b 32 Coventry  
Carter, Charles laborer 3 Farrant Mrs. Mary, Lizzie, Joseph, Charles
Cass, S. laborer 105 Main Mrs. E. A.
Cattanach, J. C. teacher 43 Third Mrs. Georgia, Mabel O., John C., McKenzie N., Frederick W., Marietta C.
Chamberlain, A. Burton   8 South  
Chamberlain, Henry retired 19 Second Mrs. Lizzie
Chandler, Bernice M.   12 Second  
Chapman, Mrs. domestic Lake House  
Chase, Daniel laborer 11 South  
Cheney, Eli stone cutter 10 Lake Mrs. Mary A.
Cherby, Alex. wheelwright 34 Bay Mrs. Alice, Rena
Chillson, A. H. farmer 5 Eastern Ave. Mary F., Emma L., Elviria A., Nellie J.
Clapper, George mechanic 6 Bay Mrs. Carrie, Jennie, May
Clark, F. H. deputy collector of customs 9 School Mrs. Rose, Catherine
Clark, E. M. cook, Memphremagog House r Root's Block Mrs. Margaret
Clark, Gertrude domestic 13 Second  
Clement, W. H. lumber surveyor 91 Main Mrs. Eliza C., Mattie M., Robert H.
Clermont, Rev. Fr. priest 11 Pleasant  
Coburn, Rodney laborer 12 Prospect Mrs. Frances T.
Colbeth, Vinnie domestic 75 Main  
Cole, Mrs. A. J. boarding house, Drew's Block Main Wallace C., Ethel M.
Cole, H. G. porter Newport House  
Coleman, Frank laborer 5 Bay Mrs. Laura, Maud
Collins, O. E. laborer 49 Coventry Mrs. Ellen M., John H.
Cooke, Oscar J. druggist b Newport House, r 25 Main  
Cooke, E. A. lawyer 11 Prospect Carrie A., Harold A.
Cooney, Mrs. E. M.   6 Farrant  
Corey, William boat builder 6 Prospect Mrs. Frances T.
Counter, Ed fireman 106 Main Mrs. Viola
Cousen, Charles teamster b 9 South  
Cowan, John L.   1 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Nellie, Walter, Gerald, George
Cowles, A. R. music dealer 2 Green Place Mrs. Hattie E., Percy W.
Craig, E. E. express messenger 11 Bay View Mrs. M. Della, H. Earl
Crane, W. D. lawyer 40 Main  
Crawford, S. B. carpenter 21 Third Mrs. Charlotte B., Mattie M.
Crawford, Charles laborer 3 High Mrs. Abbie, Effie, Freddie
Crawford, Chas. J. laborer 4 Highland Ave. Mrs. Abbie
Cummings, T. S. milk dealer Hillside Farm, 144 Main Mrs. M. H., Susie, Loretta, Lorenzo
Cummings, Lorenzo   144 Main Mrs. Esther
Cummings, Minnie domestic 4 Second  
Currier, Mrs. Gertrude   35 Bay Mabel
Currier, John N. physician 15 Third Mrs. Susan
Curtis, W. H. carpenter & joiner 2 Bay Mrs. Helen
Cushman, H. B. clerk of court 7 Pleasant Mrs. Addie, Cornelia
Cushman, Mrs. Sarah   7 Pleasant  
Cushman, Minnie domestic 85 Main  
Cutts, F. C. clerk b Newport House  
Dagenais, Telesphore fireman b Railroad Square  
Daggett, Mrs. Esther   2 Second  
Dane, O. S. station agent 4 Pleasant Mrs. May, Walter A., Marion A., Harry R.
Darling, C. J. livery stable b Newport House  
Darrah, W. R. laborer 19 Bay Mrs. Jane, Frank H.
Davenport, H. C. mechanic 12 Lake Mrs. Jennie Y., Frank (mechanic)
Davidson, David conductor b Lake House  
Davis, F. P. job team, coal, wood, etc 9 South Mrs. Lucia, Robert M.
Davis, Mrs. L.   20 Pleasant  
Davis, E. A. clerk 4 Railroad Square Mrs. Susan, Hattie, Bessie, Cora, Riley J., Hugh
Davis, G. C. merchant 17 Second Mrs. Nettie L.
Davis, Chas. S. retired 17 Second  
David & Cook druggist cor Main & Central  
Davis, Charles druggist 18 Third Mrs. Ella E.
Davison, J. C. carpenter 108 Main Mrs. Lon C.
Davison, F. M. architect 108 Main  
Deatte, George hotel clerk Lake House  
Dearborn, George M. deputy collector of customs 9 School Mrs. Mary E., Jesse M., Georgia M.
Decker, Peter laborer 29 Bay Mrs. Alvina M., Emily A., Arthur L., Josephine M., Olive E.
Decker, Mrs. Olive   6 Farrant  
Delarn, Ernest clerk b 4 Prospect  
Dickerman, J. E. lawyer b Memphremagog House  
Dixon, John laborer 59 Main Mrs. Cecilia, Celia
Doane, G. W. fish 26 Main Mrs. G. W., Clarence
Dolloff, D. A. merchant 4 South Mrs. Kate
Doanne, R. C. job team 8 Lake Mrs. Laura, Arthur, Bernice
Donney, Oscar laborer 27 Bay Mrs. Effie, Leon
Doran, Fred laborer 14 Coventry Mrs. Delia G.
Dorian, Joseph laborer b 18 Coventry  
Dorion, Alphonse laborer b 18 Coventry  
Dorman, O. S. retired red 14 Third Mrs. Chloe M., May M., Frances C.
Dorman, Robert retired 17 Central Mrs. Cynthia
Dorman, S. M. bank clerk 14 Third  
Dow, Mrs. Julia A.   25 Main  
Doyen, Charles laborer 18 Farrant Mrs. Edith
Doyle, H. L. proprietor of Newport House   Mrs. Julia, Bert E.
Doyle, H. W. wheelwright 26 Coventry Mrs. Carrie M.
Drew, Edward sawyer 8 Prospect Mrs. Alice E.
Drew, Mrs. Ellen   3 Main Kate
Drew, Frank H. sawyer 14 Prospect Mrs. Ada F., Lulu Belle, Fred E.
Drown, C. L. speculator 8 Pleasant Mrs. Nellie A., Kittie S.
Duhe, Marie   b 18 Coventry  
Duhe, Joseph laborer b 18 Coventry  
Dunn, Adam A. laborer 39 Bay  
Dupy, Annie domestic 25 Main  
Durirage, Mrs. I. M. seamstress 10 Third  
Dwyer, Ernest mechanic Bates Block Mrs. Minnie
Eaton, Charles sewing machine agent 9 Second Mrs. L. E. (stamping embroidery etc)
Edes, Mrs. P. R.   11 School  
Edmonds, Wallace clerk b 13 Second  
Edmondson, Q. R. porter Memphremagog House  
Elkins, Mrs. M. L.   8 South Clayton
Ellsworth, Mrs. Jane   36 Bay Ira B., (laborer)
Emerson, Charles clerk b 20 Third  
Enos, Mrs. Isabel   7 South  
Enos, John laborer 5 South Mrs. Emily, Alice, Charles
Estelle, Alex. teamster b 9 South  
Fairbanks, H. K. carpenter 106 Main Mrs. Abbie M., Ralph (laborer)
Fairbrother & Gale blacksmithing & carriage repair Coventry  
Fairbrother, A. C. blacksmith 11 Coventry Mrs. C. M., Hugh
Farmen, Albert student b 10 Third  
Farr, L. L. blacksmith 33 Coventry Mrs. Harriette
Farr, W. H. deputy collector of customs b Memphremagog House  
Farrell, Mary E. domestic 5 Central  
Farrell, P. J. cashier of Orleans Trust Co. 9 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Sarah M., Mary A., Helen I., Charles H., Charlotte C.
Farrell, J. C. Supt. Union Bobbin Works 11 Bay View  
Farrell & Richard druggists 23 Main  
Farrar, Amanda waitress Newport House  
Farrar, H. E. clerk 3 Bay View Mrs. Hattie A., Lula, Don C.
Farrar, C. G. railway postal clerk 8 Summer Mrs. Emma E., Parke W., Herman W.
Farrant, J. R. florist Farrant St.  
Farrant, Mrs. Jane   Farrant St.  
Farrant, Susan   Farrant St.  
Farrant, Emma   Farrant St.  
Fay, C. E. clergyman b 68 Main Mrs. C. E., M. Elsie
Ferguson, David fireman b Drew's Block  
Ferguson, Emma   41 Bay  
Fifield, James   13 Second Mrs. Edna
Fitzgerald, Edward   b Drew's Block  
Fistette, John   2 Hill Mrs. Olive
Fleming, Thomas laborer 4 Lake Mrs. Mary A., Paul L., Geneva C.
Fletcher, H. F. stone, tinware & plumbing 1 Lake  
Flint, George E. merchant cor. Pleasant & Third Mrs. Lizzie
Flint, Mrs. Nancy   26 Main  
Flint, Frank clerk 26 Main  
Flint, Frank laborer 14 Pleasant Mrs. Cora
Flint, C. M. furniture cor. Main & Central Mrs. Mae A.
Flint, M. A. millinery & fancy goods    
Flower, H. R. merchant b Newport House  
Foster, J. E. clothier 13 Third Mrs. Sarah, Lettie L., Nathan P.
Foster, L. N. clerk 10 Third Mrs. Fannie
French, A. B. pensioner 75 Main Mrs. May E., Lyle M.
French, E. E. baggage master 3 Central Mrs. Alice, Lottie, Mervery
Frasier, Josie M. domestic 27 Second  
Fuller, Mrs. Candace P.   71 Main  
Fuller, Charles laborer 20 Third  
Fuller, Allen   b 9 South  
Gaines, J. H. physician 1 Third Mrs. Abbie E.
Gale, John F. conductor 57 Main Mrs. Rufina
Gale, Thomas   13 Coventry Mrs. Amelia F., Ivah, W., Pearl, Alfred E.
Gallon, Milo laborer b Drew's Block  
Gardner, Carl hostler b 13 1/2 Coventry  
Gardner, Mrs. H. M.   Drew's Block  
Garson, Lucy waitress Memphremagog House  
Garvey, Maria waitress Memphremagog House  
Gates, Frank commercial traveler off Main Mrs. Emma, Lena, Jennie, Dora
Gaughon, T. plumber Railroad Square Mrs. Annie, Winnie, Alton
Gaylor, H. A. carriages, harnesses 15 Coventry Mrs. Helen S., Robie E., Harry A.
Gelley, Amos proprietor of Newport Café 6 Coventry Mrs. Dana, Elsie
Gendron, Nellie S. domestic 8 Lake  
Gendron, Joseph clerk b Drew's Block  
Gero, Bert laborer 5 Cross Mrs. Clara
Gibson, Homer engineer 111 Main Mrs. Cinderella J., Carl, Mabel
Gilbert, Augustin laborer 2 Third Mrs. Mary, Rosie, Louis
Gilbert, Alice waitress Lake House  
Gilbert, W. H. mechanic 3 Prospect Mrs. Martha J., Wallace W.
Gilbert, W. O. laborer 17 Central Mrs. Ella May
Gilman, Mrs. George C.   cor Pleasant & Third  
Gilman, Leander retired 6 School Mrs. Pamelia C.
Goddard, Flora chambermaid Lake House  
Goddard, E. M. brakeman b Lake House  
Goding, Harrison   1 High Mrs. Charlotte
Goding, H. H. carpenter Highland Ave. Mrs. H. H.
Goff, L. L. retired 10 Second Mrs. Arabella
Gokey, Joseph carpenter 27 Coventry Mrs. Mary, John (brakeman), Eugene (stone cutter), Felena
Gold, Thomas stone cutter b Lake House  
Gondreau, Adaline   39 Coventry  
Goode, G. F. proprietor Memphremagog House   Mrs. Lena, Minnie
Goodrich, C. G.   61 Main Mrs. C. G.
Goodwin, A. G. clothier 3 Third Mrs. Helen A.
Gould, O. B. physician 27 Second Mrs. Mary L., Gertrude
Goulet, Napoleon teacher 7 Pleasant  
Gour, George laborer 15 Central Mrs. Delia, Hattie, Ernest
Goyette, Edmund car inspector 41 Bay Mrs. Emma, Harry
Grace, Peter laborer 42 Bay  
Gravelin, Lizzie waitress Newport House  
Gray, Cora domestic 9 1/2 Coventry  
Green, H. S. jeweler 10 Bay View Mrs. Ellen, Hattie E.
Green, Hamilton H.   10 Bay View  
Green, C. H. undertaker 7 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Chastina, William H. (freight clerk)
Green, Annie B. piano teacher 7 Eastern Ave.  
Green, Mrs. G. W.   30 Main  
Green, Peter laborer 41 Coventry Mrs. Mary
Green, Orin carpenter 4 Lane Ave.  
Green, Mary M.   3 Young Hattie E.
Griggs, S. L. conductor 12 Coventry Mrs. Ida M., Lindley
Grondin, J. M. physician 8 Third Mrs. E.
Grout, Theophilus lawyer & editor 7 School Mrs. Ellen A., Charles T., Addie Lou
Grow, O. L. laborer Drew's Block Mrs. Delia
Grow, J. M. nursery salesman 40 Main Mrs. S. E. (housekeeper)
Grow, W. E. painter b 40 Main  
Grow, Archie R. clerk b 40 Main  
Hall, Marshall B. farmer 119 Main Mrs. Clara C.
Hall, Mrs. A. F.   30 Main Fred W. (druggist)
Hall, Charles   b 15 Central  
Hamel, Peter telegraph operator b Newport House  
Hamel, Joseph baggage master 26 Coventry Mrs. Phoebe
Hamilton, M. T. & Son dentists Root's Block, Main  
Hamilton, M. T. dentist 6 South Mrs. Etta L., Harry F., Vinnie F., Samuel F., Emily C., Eliza P.
Hamilton, H. H. retired 6 South Mrs. Rebecca T.
Hamilton, P. J. postal clerk 10 Central Mrs. Bessie L.
Hamilton, B. F. upholsterer Central St. Mrs. Mary J.
Hancock, Hattie waitress Newport House  
Hanson, J. B. stone cutter off Main Mrs. Etta
Hardy, Vernon R. laborer Drew's Block Mrs. Nellie A., Albert R.
Hardy, Olin laborer 8 Prospect  
Harper, John laborer 2 Young Mrs. Angelina, Eddie, William
Harris, Lucius laborer b 15 Central  
Harrison, Olin watchman b Drew's Block  
Hart, W. F. laborer 10 Farrant Mrs. Josephine, Lillian, Gladys
Haslett, George   1 Middle Mrs. Jane S., Effie M., Willie L., James C.
Harvey, John   9 South  
Harvey, Frank engineer 3 Bay Mrs. Lucy, Roy, Alton
Hawes, Wilbur   13 Cross  
Hawes, Charles E. laborer 6 Cross Mrs. Elizabeth
Harris, W. E. freight clerk 58 Main Mrs. Minnie G.
Hayes, Charles L. conductor 5 Central Mrs. Mildred E.
Hazel, John & Co. granite Coventry  
Hazel, John granite dealer b 32 Coventry  
Hazel, Thomas laborer r 36 Coventry  
Hazel, William laborer r 36 Coventry  
Hazel, W. F. stone cutter b Lake House  
Heney, Louis stone cutter r 1 Eastern Ave.  
Heney, H. A. butcher 13 Cross Mrs. Mary E.
Hennesy, Michael stone cutter b Drew's Block  
Herman, James machinist 38 Coventry Mrs. Elizabeth, Arthur J.
Heron, Patrick stone cutter b Drew's Block  
Hibbard, C. J.   6 Second Mrs. A. P., Joel C., Guy C., Lucy A., Grace M., Helen
Hibbard, Charles clerk b 6 Second  
Higgins, Allen laborer 35 Bay Mrs. Nancy
Hight, William jeweler 1 South Mrs. Mary J., Russell
Hildreth, H. J. clerk, B. & M. Railroad Square Mrs. Laura E., Mamie, Harry B., Arthur W.
Hill, Frank O. carpenter 23 Bay Mrs. Ella
Hill, E. J. express messenger 10 Second Mrs. Ada B.
Hines, W. A. clerk 31 Main Mrs. Roxana A.
Hinman, Timothy deputy collector of customs 8 Raymond Ave. Mrs. Ella R., Frederick, Rosebell
Hitchcock, Rodney baker 10 Lake Mrs. Julia
Hitchcock, Eddie laborer 35 Coventry Mrs. Mary J., Freddie H.
Hitchcock, Lewis mason 33 Coventry  
Holbrook, J. W. deputy collector of customs 64 Main Mrs. Kate S.
Holbrook, Oscar laborer 42 Bay  
Holt, P. O. merchant 2 South Mrs. Eunice
Hope, Edward ice dealer 33 Coventry Mrs. Malina
Hopper, P. H. watchman b Memphremagog House  
Horton, S. B. painter 59 Main Mrs. Lizzie H.
House, Minnie clerk b cor Pleasant & Third  
House, Harry freight clerk b Newport House  
Howe, Rev. George O. Methodist parsonage Summer Mrs. Mary E.
Howe, George N. carpenter 22 Third Mrs. Lena B.
Howell, J. D. deputy collector of customs r 10 Summer, b Newport House  
Humphrey, Mrs. Sarah   9 Coventry  
Humphrey, H. C. clerk b 2 Green  
Hunt, Chester W. gardener 1 Farrant Mrs. Betsey F.
Hunter, Walter fireman b Lake House Mrs. Adelle
Hutchins, W. W. jeweler 45 Main Mrs. Selma J.
Hutchinson, A. carpenter 37 Coventry Mrs. Ella
Hutchinson, E. C. Canadian Pacific office 6 Pleasant Mrs. Ina
Huse, J. R. contractor & builder 140 Main Mrs. Sarah J., L. Addella, Charles W.
Hyer, William laborer 24 Pleasant Mrs. Eva J., Mildred B.
Ide, Charles laborer 1 Prospect Mrs. Ellen A., Harry C.
Irwin, Sarah domestic 7 Pleasant  
Jackson, Jonathan laborer b Drew's Block  
Jenks, W. H. photographer 8 Raymond Ave. Mrs. Jennie, Agnes, Jervah
Jenness, D. W. assistant postmaster 71 Main Mrs. Emma E., Winona A.
Johnson, Alice domestic 17 Second  
Jones, Henry clerk b 13 Second  
Joslyn, Mabel   45 Coventry  
Jouber, Frances   2 Second  
Kay, L. F. boots and shoes 25 Main Mrs. Ann
Kayo, Alex. car repairer Railroad Square Mrs. Cener, Annie, Almira
Keating, William engineer b Newport House  
Keith, S. W. carpenter 12 School Mrs. Annie L.
Kelley, George J. carpenter 3 Central Mrs. Louisa R., Agnes R.
Kendall, W. J. livery 7 Railroad Square Mrs. Matilda M., Mahlon, Merton
Kenison, E. A. laborer 25 Bay Mrs. Jennie W., Avis, Ai
Kenison, F. H. laborer 13 Cross Mrs. Mattie P., Mildred E., Harold E.
Kenney, James engineer 12 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Mary, Charlotte M.
Kenyon, W. H. merchant tailor Lane's Block Mrs. Mary
Kimball, Mrs. Sarah   3 1/2 Coventry Lulu May
Kimball, G. G. watchman 13 1/2 Coventry Mrs. Catherine, Iris May
King, Louis   37 Bay  
King, Albert laborer 2 Farrant Mrs. Mary
Kingston, George stone cutter b 32 Coventry  
Kingston, William stone cutter b 32 Coventry  
Kinne, W. N. retired 4 Second Mrs. W. N.
Kinney, E. C.   151 Main Mrs. Florence
Kipp, W. E. tailor 11 Second Mrs. Grace A., John P., Vere L.
Kipp, John retired 11 Second  
Kirkpatrick, J. R. clerk 6 Pleasant Mrs. Hila
Kitchen, Mrs. Julia domestic Drew's Block  
Lable, Leon stone cutter 9 Lake Mrs. Mary E., Cleophas, Inri
LaCote, John laborer 41 Coventry Mrs. Nellie, Charles, Fred
Ladue, Mrs. domestic Lake House  
Lafontaine, Leandre   b 17 off Coventry  
Lahar, Frank laborer 9 Lake Mrs. Louise
Lambert, J. F. baker 6 Bay View Mrs. Gertrude L., Lizzie, Lora, Wallace S.
Lambert, Henry laborer 12 Prospect Mrs. Celaurie, Adgutor, Eugene
Lane, E. & Son merchants Lane's Block, Main  
Lane, Elisha merchant 42 Main  
Lane, Herbert merchant 42 Main Mrs. Charlotte
Lane, Seymour merchant 23 Second Mrs. Ellen E., Ruth
Lapine, Louis engineer b 19 Central  
Laplant, George stone cutter 99 Main Mrs. Mary, George, Alfred
Laplant, Minnie domestic 9 South  
Laurence, Milo retired 27 Second  
Lawrence, Horace laborer 12 Pleasant Mrs. Electa E.
Laxon, Peter stone cutter 5 Central Mrs. Minnie J.
Leavens, Mrs. Hattie   20 Central Harold
Leavitt, Mrs. Ella E.   19 Third Benard C., Gerald C., Drew C.
Legault, Maria   11 Pleasant  
Leonard, Thomas laborer b 12 Coventry  
L'Esterance E. clerk 5 Second Mrs. Abbie M.
Levalle, Nelson laborer 8 Lake Mrs. Mary, Amelia
Lexford, Alva bicycle repairer b 133 Main  
Lexford, Turner laborer 21 Bay Mrs. Delia, Ralph, Ray
Lindsay, W. C. purser r 53 Main  
Little, Thomas fireman b Drew's Block  
Little, Stephen stone cutter b Drew's Block  
Livingston, E. clerk b 38 Main  
Lockhart, Mrs. M. dressmaker 4 Bay View  
Logan, John stone cutter b 36 Coventry  
Logan, W. N.   b Memphremagog House  
Longeway, Herbert stone cutter b 65 Bay  
Longeway, Albert mill foreman 1 Farrant Mrs. Mattie
Loomis, Clara cook Newport House  
Lorimer, J. A. merchant 2 Coventry Mrs. Mary A.
Lorimer, Addie   b 2 Coventry  
Lougee, Miss L. F. domestic 56 Main  
Lougee, Herbert A. engineer 3 Raymond Ave. Mrs. Charlotte, Mary J.
Lovelace, W. C. manager E. A. Smith & Co. b Newport House  
Loveless, F. W. foreman E. A. Smith & Co. b Newport House  
Lunt, Nellie domestic 8 South  
Mackintosh, W. fruit, confectionery etc. 59 Main  
Macleay, K. L. physician - office 73 Main b Newport House  
Macdiarmid, G. P. merchant 8 Coventry Mrs. Ida M.
Magee, Arthur laborer 6 Farrant Mrs. Abbie J.
Magoon, Benjamin express driver 9 South  
Magoon, J. M. baggage master 83 Main Mrs. Hattie A., Hattie A.
Magoon, William mechanic 35 Bay Mrs. Annie, Harry, Norah, Freddie, Margaret
Maher, John laborer r 36 Coventry  
Malone, Michael stone cutter r 36 Coventry  
Maloney, Maud clerk b cor Pleasant & Third  
Majors, H. D. barber 6 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Mary A.
Marcott, P. A. laborer 5 Lake Mrs. Annie
Marcy, Carrie chambermaid Memphremagog House  
Martin, Henry laborer 30 Third Mrs. Effie
Martin, James teamster 9 Prospect Mrs. Ada, Holmer
Mason, Ed. job team 6 Cross Mrs. Hattie, E. Joseph, Ferdna A.
Mason, James laborer 14 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Maria L., Hattie E.
Matherson, Katie domestic 20 Pleasant  
Matt, Elreck brakeman b Railroad Square  
McArthur, George presser b 1 South  
McCarter, Herbert clerk b 13 Second  
McCleary, James stone cutter b Drew's Block  
McDonald, N. F. laborer 79 Main Mrs. Lucinda
McFarland, Mr. teamster b 9 South  
McKee, Ethel waitress Memphremagog House  
Meehan, Miss M. waitress Memphremagog House  
Merrill, George C. clerk 20 Third Mrs. Safina M., Millie A.
Metiger, Evarest shoemaker 17 Coventry Mrs. Annie
Miles, L. D. sheriff Court House Square Mrs. Hattie E., Carrie E., Frank E.
Miles, Edward F. deputy sheriff Court House Square Mrs. Emma
Miller, O. C. general manager International Mill 85 Main Mrs. Elma M., Perley O., Inez E.
Miller, Jennie domestic 69 Main  
Miller, Richard fireman b 32 Coventry  
Miller, Mrs. L. C. boarding house 10 Third Floyd A. (clerk), Maggie B.
Miller, L. W. musician Memphremagog House  
Miller, A. J. laborer 151 Main Mrs. Lovisa
Mills, Nellie   125 Main  
Mitchell, Annie waitress Memphremagog House  
Mitchell, Mrs. Mary E.   3 Scott Place Nelson (laborer)
Mooney, Raymond laborer 115 Main Mrs. Carrie, Gerald, Chester
Moore, B. F. manufacturerer of overalls 6 Green Mrs. M. A., Everett L.
Moore, C. R. stationary engineer 12 Summer Mrs. Tattie R., Walter E., John A.
Moore, Nellie   b 20 Central  
Moran, Frank carpenter 31 Coventry Mrs. Rosie
Moriarity, Mary laundress Memphremagog House  
Morse, Carl bookkeeper 9 1/2 Coventry  
Moulton, Charles farmer 2 Lake Mrs. M. S.
Mulavey, Michael laborer 36 Coventry Mrs. Lila, Katie H., Susie J., Edward M., Joseph T.
Mulcahey, John laborer 2 Lake Mrs. Amanda B.
Mullins, Mrs. laundress Newport House  
Murdock, Thomas laborer b 20 Third  
Murphy, William stone cutter r 36 Coventry  
Murphy, Mr. laborer b 15 Central  
Nadeau, Frank laborer 2 Middle Mrs. Mary M., Frank G., Mary
Nadeau, William laborer b 9 Lake  
Newland, G. H. dentist 28 Coventry Mrs. Florence A., Mariam
Newton, Maud domestic 8 Second  
Newton, W. M. laborer 47 Coventry Mrs. Clara E., Carrie B.
Niles, Smith laborer 77 Main Mrs. Mary
Niles, F. H. barber 14 Lake Mrs. Ella, Helen
Niles, Bernard brakeman b 27 Bay  
Normanden, Agnes M. millinery 10 Lake  
Normandin, Louis laborer 10 Lake Mrs. Mary
Norton, Mark engineer 4 Bay View Mrs. Mary M., Winnie M., Delia A., Henry J.
Norton, Martin H. machinist 8 Cross Mrs. M.
Norton, Patrick sawyer 10 Cross John, Martin, James, Daniel
Norton, Mrs. Kate 10 Cross  
Norton, Thomas laborer 7 Bay Mrs. Margarette, Wilbur, Annie, Agnes, Michael
Noyes, A. H. laborer 18 Second Mrs. Mary A., Charles
Noyes, Clark B. farmer 4 Middle Mrs. Josephine
Noyes, Henry S. laborer 4 Middle Mrs. Rose
Noyes, Elmer E. laborer 4 Middle Mrs. Addie
Noyes, A. I. laborer b 4 Middle  
Nulett, Ephraim blacksmith 27 Coventry Mrs. Mary
Oben, Charles barber 4 Green Mrs. Mabel
O'Brien, William stone cutter b Lake House  
Olds, Rev. R. L.   12 Third Mrs. M. E., Raymond, Edith, Marshall
Olin, May domestic 6 South  
O'Mera, Patrick laborer 77 Main Mrs. Mary, Edwin T.
Parker, W. H. physician 35 Main Mrs. Sarah S.
Parker, Josiah H. quarryman 2 Coventry Mrs. Lizzie
Parker, G. W. painter Coventry  
Parker, Asa J. retired 125 Main Mrs. Mary Ann
Parker, S. A. cook Newport House  
Parker, S. W. retired 28 Coventry Mrs. Harriet E.
Parsons, Mabel E.   b 2 Coventry  
Paul, John moulder 12 Coventry Mrs. Margaret, Gertrude A., Ethel O.
Paris, Eli laborer 43 Coventry Mrs. Julia, Amelia
Pelkey, Fred shoemaker 25 Coventry Mrs. Louise, Nellie, Melia
Pelkey, Edmond laborer 43 Coventry Mrs. Rose, Arthur
Pelteer, J. brakeman b Lake House  
Peters, J. H. clerk 3 Bay View Mrs. A. E.
Phelps, Leslie barber 10 Summer Mrs. Myrtie G., Vera E.
Phillips, C. A. steam laundry 6 Raymond Ave. Mrs. Jennie
Pickle, Hattie clerk b cor Pleasant & Third  
Pinney, Elmer L. clerk b 135 Main Mrs. Clara E.
Pierce, Harry L. clerk 6 Coventry  
Pierce, Mr. foreman brick work Boston & Maine r 53 Main  
Pierce, Carl clerk b 20 Third  
Plante, George laborer b 8 Lake  
Pluffe, Eglanpine teacher 11 Pleasant  
Pond, Joseph laborer 13 Bay Mrs. Blanche
Porter, Peter harness maker 67 Main Mrs. J. A.
Powers, S. W. laborer 10 Middle Mrs. Dora E.
Powers, Mrs. Betsey   Drew's Block, Main  
Pratt, L. R. mason 1 Lake Mrs. Martha M.
Prescott, W. B. engineer b Newport House Mrs. Minnie M.
Preston, Mrs. F. J.   77 Main Bertha M., Walter C., Frank L.
Prouty, Charles A. lawyer & editor 2 Pleasant Mrs. Abbie D., Ward
Prouty, G. H. lumber manufacturer 89 Main Mrs. Nettie A.
Prouty, John A. retired 89 Main  
Prouty, Edgar J. bookkeeper 89 Main  
Prouty, Willard bookkeeper Canadian Pacific RR 89 Main  
Provencher, Lucius laborer 27 Coventry Mrs. Rosa
Prue, Charles laborer 2 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Josephine
Purtell, John laborer 15 1/2 off Coventry Mrs. Maggie, Maggie
Ramsdell, C. A.   27 Third Mrs. Emma A., Ella B.
Ranney, C. F. job printer 56 Main Mrs. Carrie D., William B. (clerk)
Redmond, John W. lawyer 5 Raymond Ave. Mrs. Eva A., Louis
Reed, Mrs. Sarah L.   1 Lake  
Regan, Patrick laborer 5 West Mrs. Mary, James (laborer), Margarett A.
Regan, Walter porter b Newport House  
Revoy, Dennis laborer 3 Hill Mrs. Julia E., Thomas, Theod, Alice, James
Revoy, Mrs. Louise   10 Lake  
Revoy, Joseph retired b 10 Lake  
Revoy, Claud laborer b 10 Lake  
Revoy, Henry laborer 8 Lake Mrs. Susan
Revoir, Joseph saw filer b Lake House  
Richard, T. J. laborer 2 Raymond Ave. Mrs. Jessie
Richard, Will E. druggist 2 Raymond Ave.  
Richards, J. H. retired b Memphremagog House Mrs. J. H.
Riches, John laborer off Main Mrs. Mabel
Richardson, Grace L.   3 Bay View  
Richardson, H. M. clerk Canadian Pacific railroad office   Mrs. Lydia A.
Richmond, Mrs. Eva J.   42 Bay Elizabeth A., Marion E.
Richmond, William milk dealer 42 Bay Mrs. Emma L., Mary L., Clarence W.
Richmond, Kendrick grocer 12 Bay View Mrs. Elizabeth M., Ruth E., Hellen F.
Richmond & Dolloff groceries, provision, etc. 31 Main  
Rivard, Exvie laborer 13 Prospect Mrs. Mary, Frank (laborer), Josephine, Selina, Hattie, Sophia, Joseph, Thomas, Napoleon, Rosa, Delos
Rivard, Hattie domestic 89 Main  
Rixford, Nelson laborer 29 Coventry Mrs. Etta, Archie, Hattie
Robbins, H. T. teller National Bank of Newport b 13 Second  
Robitille, Mrs. Joseph   9 Pleasant Eddie, Annie
Robitille, Andrew druggist 9 Pleasant  
Robinson, W. E. commercial traveler 9 Second Mrs. Grace C., Alice C., Harold W.
Rockin, N. D. laborer 14 Summer Mrs. Mary
Rogers, Frank   b 15 Central  
Rogers, Ritta domestic 12 Second  
Rollins, Frank farmer 75 Main Mrs. Kate J.
Rooney, William stone cutter 11 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Mary A.
Root, H. W. retired 11 Third Mrs. Lucy
Root, H. S. & Son furniture dealers Root's Block, Main  
Root, H. S. furniture dealer 69 Main Mrs. Abbie
Root, George F. furniture 69 Main  
Roscoe, George laborer b 9 Lake  
Rouse, Abel stone cutter 3 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Bridgett
Rouse, John stone cutter 3 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Tracy
Rowe, George W. laborer 4 Middle Mrs. Cora
Rushlow, George brakeman 97 Main Mrs. Alice, Alice
Rushlow, Joseph laborer 1 Bay Mrs. Ann, Joseph, Annie, Lizzie, Thomas, Consaque
Rutherford, J. C. physician 70 Main Helen I.
Ryan, Minnie cook Lake House  
Ryan, N. laborer 34 Coventry Mrs. Mary, Lizzie, Mattie, Richard, Walter
Ryan, John laborer b 15 Central  
Safford, Mrs. E. H.   12 School  
Sanbourin, O. wood worker 26 Pleasant  
Sanford, E. L. clerk 6 Lake Mrs. Malisa T.
Sargent, Edith domestic 28 Third  
Sargent, M. G. retired 22 Pleasant Mrs. Lucy G.
Sargent, Emma domestic Newport House  
Sellars, Miss Belle   b 2 Coventry  
Schoolcraft, Alfie waitress Newport Café  
Schoolcraft, Florence dressmaker b 38 Main  
Scott, E. R. & Son paints, paper, etc 6 Third  
Scott, E. R. painter 5 Pleasant  
Scott, A. F. job team 1 Scott Place Mrs. Minnie W.
Scott, F. G. merchant & livery 10 Central Mrs. Mary A.
Shabby, Dona bell boy Memphremagog House  
Shattuck, E. Mattie domestic 22 Third  
Sheldon, Edward retired 5 Prospect  
Sheldon, J. H. conductor 5 Prospect Mrs. Edna A., Wilma G., Guy H.
Shepherd, Elvie domestic 9 South  
Shepherd, Wellen yard master b Lake House  
Shepley, J. T. pulp maker 10 Eastern Ave. Mrs. H. C., Delwin
Sherman & Brady flour, feed, etc. Railroad Square  
Sherman, F. M. merchant 25 Second Mrs. Mary J., Charles S., Frank R., Alice J.
Shields, Thomas blacksmith b 18 Second  
Shorey, T. P. veterinary 3 Main  
Sisco, Fred H.   5 Central Mrs. Mary M.
Sisco, D. W. proprietor Lake House Railroad Square Mrs. Louisa, Alice, Ralph, Raymond
Skinner, Clara waitress Memphremagog House  
Slee, Sidney painter 29 Second Mrs. Sarah
Sleeper, A. C. overseer poor 87 Main Mrs. H. C., Juna M., Kathaleen
Smith, George laborer 2 Coventry Mrs. Millie
Smith, Henry carpenter 133 Main Mrs. Flora
Smith, J. C. painter 11 Bay Mrs. Emma M.
Smith, Alice waitress Memphremagog House  
Smith, Frank express clerk b 9 South  
Smith, G. W. job team 3 Raymond Ave. Mrs. Etta E., Mary E., Noel W., Alice J., Earl W., Leora L., George E.
Smith, Henry laborer 97 Main  
Snow, F. F. fireman 3 Railroad Square Mrs. Sadie S., Raymond R.
Spaulding, L. A. foreman International Mill 29 Second Mrs. Jennie M.
Spaulding, Bedford O. laborer 14 Pleasant Mrs. Idella L., Ethel Maud, Lena Grace
Spier, R. clerk 22 Third Mrs. Maggie
Spier, M. B. contractor & builder 2 Prospect Mrs. Emma E., Gertrude E., Blanche M.
Spinney, Edward engineer 57 Main Mrs. Jennie
Stark, Robert carpenter 11 Farrant Mrs. Lelia, Myrtle, Agnes, Howard, Herbert, Eva
Stanhope, Charles G. watchman 20 Main Mrs. Ella W.
Stetson, James fireman 52 Coventry Mrs. Clara J., Walter
Stetson, Celia E. dressmaker b 4 Main  
Stetson, D. R. fruit dealer 30 Coventry Mrs. Myrtie M.
Stewart, E. A. lawyer 64 Main Mrs. Jane K.
Story, G. D. & Co. architects    
Story, G. D. architects 16 Pleasant Mrs. C. A., Lucretia B., Larkin K., Luther A.
Streeter, T. P. yard master Boston & Maine 1 Bay View Mrs. Susie M., Claire E.
St Peter, George laborer 99 Main Mrs. Mary, Georgeanna
Swett, Sidney laborer 11 Bay Mrs. Mary, Lona, Ora
Swett, L. W. retired 10 Prospect Mrs. M. J.
Swett, W. E. brakeman 10 Prospect Mrs. Ruth C.
Taft, Mrs. Martha   1 Lake  
Tarlton, Charles A. engineer 25 Main Mrs. Jennie, Natalie
Tatro, Lena domestic 30 Main  
Tatro, Jerry mechanic 3 Cross Mrs. Amelia, Leon (laborer)
Taylor, Felix shoemaker 17 Coventry Mrs. Sarah (tailoress), Jenny, Arthur, Mabel
Taylor, Mrs. Felix tailoress & dressmaker 17 Coventry  
Thayer, L. E. insurance 22 Third Mrs. Julia E.
Theroux, J. H. tailor 23 Third Mrs. Emma
Thomas, Mrs. Lizzie domestic cor Pleasant & Third  
Thompson, Sarah   b 13 Bay  
Thorn, Nellie laundress Memphremagog House  
Thrasher, Homer E. clothier 14 Second Mrs. Josephine O., Edward C.
Thrasher, Lena E.   12 Second  
Thuse, Sarah domestic 6 Summer  
Tinge, Peter laborer 4 Hill Mrs. Annie
Tinkham, F. S. cashier 11 Eastern Ave. Mrs. Margaret A.
Toof, David car repairer 31 Bay Mrs. Flora H., Mary E., Florence E., Henry A. L.
Toof, Mrs. Mara   31 Bay  
Tower, Frank barber 26 Coventry Mrs. Genevieve
Tracy, Edson L. clerk 6 Prospect Mrs. Lizzie F.
Trowbridge, Louise domestic cor Pleasant & Third  
True, W. W. hardware 38 Main Mrs. Lizzie A.
True, E. B.   5 Third Mrs. Mary A.
Trundy, Amos R.   5 Bay Mrs. Annie, Robbie
Turcott, G. L. blacksmith 25 Coventry Katie, Omer, Archie, Clara, Lizzie
Tuck, W. E. commercial traveler 66 Main Mrs. Mattie, Emma, Dwight
Tuck & Moore manufacturerer of overalls Coventry  
Upston, Mrs. M. A.   1 Scott Place  
Upston, Mrs. R.   4 Eastern Ave. Stephen (laborer)
Valle, Henry barber b 3 Cross  
Valle, George watchman 4 Farrant Mrs. Mary, Joseph, William, Alfred
Valyou, O. H. laborer b 15 Central  
Vance, M. T. barber 12 School Mrs. Mabel, Mildred M.
Vignault, T. laborer 5 Lake Mrs. Victoria, Eddie, Alex., John
Vignault, Mary domestic 9 Lake  
Vignault, Joseph car inspector 102 Main Mrs. Rachael, Jennie, Lillian, Annie, Josephine
Villenair, Eugene laborer b 14 Lake  
Walker, Lena waitress Newport Café  
Wallace, Elmer baggage master 2 Coventry Mrs. Ella L. (dressmaker), Hallie L., May C.
Walsh, F. D. express messenger 5 Bay View Mrs. Sidney W.
Warnock, Mary E.   2 Raymond Ave.  
Warren, Charles laborer b Lake House  
Watkins, Benjamin A. laborer 3 Second Mrs. Betsey A., Lon K.
Watson, J. E. painter 15 Central Mrs. Sadie E.
Webb, B. T. engineer 8 Bay View Mrs. Lillian A., Bernice O.
Welch, W. C. laborer 113 Main Mrs. Grace, Arthur, Bernard, Elfreda, Horace, Howard, Clara, Stanley, Mary
Welcom, Joseph gardener 10 Farrant Mrs. Soa
Wells, Arthur R. laborer 42 Bay  
Wells, Archie printer b 56 Main  
West, Mrs. Mabel   4 Eastern Ave.  
West, Mrs. E. E.   68 Main Mrs. L. W.
Wheeler, F. H. livery stable 26 Coventry Mrs. Belle C.
Wheeler, Lemuel teamster 2 Pleasant Mrs. Maggie M., Norman L., Leonard A., Ernest B., Cassie C., Harry
Wheeler, Lemuel teamster b 9 South  
Wheeler, Fred M. hostler 5 Lake Mrs. Estelle
White, Fred M.      
White, Martin laborer 1 South  
White, Susan   1 South  
White, Winnie   1 South  
White, Mrs. Lucy   8 Lake Lewis (stone cutter)
White, E. E. car repairer 32 Coventry Mrs. Lizzie G.
Whitaker, E. E. physician 7 Bay View Mrs. Clara, Harry, Clara
Whitehead, Richard laborer 7 Cross  
Whitney, Mrs. W. C.   7 Coventry  
Wilcomb, Mrs. Lucius   9 Second Mary E., Rufus, Asa L.
Williams & Pelkey grocers 61 Main  
Williams, Charles grocers 4 Prospect Mrs. Mabel
Williamson, James laborer b 20 Third  
Willoughby, Miss B. dressmaker 9 Second  
Wilson, Harvey C. carpenter 2 Pleasant Mrs. Nena
Winslow, F. E. barber 4 Raymond Ave. Mrs. Carrie C., Bernice L.
Witham, Luther laborer 121 Main  
Witham, John   121 Main  
Witham, Flora dressmaker 121 Main  
Woodbridge, F. A. insurance b Memphremagog House  
Woodbury, Frank G. laborer 107 Main Mrs. Hulda
Woodbury, Mrs. Annie M.   107 Main  
Woodrow, Mrs. Carrie   37 Bay  
Woodside, Frank   b 20 Central Mrs. Maud K.
Woodward, Joseph laborer b 5 Cross  
Woodward, Fred laborer b 5 Cross  
Worth, Leonard laborer 6 Third Mrs. Susie H.
Wright, H. A. laborer b 69 Main  
Wright, Andrew blacksmith 13 Coventry  
Wright, Robert J. cashier, Newport National Bank 13 School Mrs. R. J.
Wright, Claud clerk b 4 South  
Wursthorn, Martha   6 Green  
Young, Mrs. F. W.   1 Scott Place Pearl
Young, John lawyer 28 Third Mrs. Augusta A.
Young, Fred laborer Bate's Block Mrs. May
Young, Maynard engineer 1 Young St. Mrs. May A., Lyndell T., Ray A., Burse E., Ralph E., Charles W., Harold F., Nellie B., Volney K., Frank E.

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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