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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Name Residence
Abbott, C. E. (Gertrude) Union
Abbott, Walter (Lucy) 17 Second
Abel, Henry (Mary), Henry Jr., John, Nellie 29 Cottage
Adams, Mrs. A. E. 19 Third
Adams, Blanche M., R.N. Hospital
Adams, C. C. (Margaret), Helen 72 Young
Adams, Ellen West Main
Addison, Agnes East Main
Addison, David E. East Main
Addison, Gordon East Main
Agnew, Charlotte 20 Outlook
Akin, Ida, Doris, Mary, Madeline Hill
Akin, Mrs. John R. 24 Prospect
Albee, R. T. (Gertrude), Mary 20 Central
Albee, C. B. (Viola) 24 Central
Aberghini, Arnold Glen Road
Aberghini, John, Esther Glen Road
Aberghini, William Glen Road
Anderson, S. E. (Phyllis), Richard, Rosemary, Margaret 72 Lakeview
Aldrich, E. L. (Mary), Mertyle Clyde
Alexander, Maurice (Gladys) Newport Center Road
Alexander, Mrs. Myron, Gordon 49 Main
Alexander, Mrs. Jennie 100 Lakeview
Alexander, G. H. 100 Lakeview
Alger, May 22 Second
Allbee, H. C. (Myrtle) 64 Young
Allbee, L. R. (Elfreda) 42 Northern Ave.
Allen, Andrew (Lenora) Orchard
Allen, Howard (Almeda), Howard Jr. Orchard
Allen, Emily Jane Clyde
Allen, Jessie Pleasant
Allen, R. C. (Lora), Agnes, George, Mabel, David 207 Northern Ave.
Allen, Sherwood 207 Northern Ave.
Allerton, John C. 20 North
Alliston, William Fred North
Ames, Fritz 498 East Main
Anair, Leon (Elizabeth) 16 Pleasant
Andrews, Henrietta 21 Third
Andrews, W. C. (Merdith), Edna, Francis, Walter, Erbert Glen Road
Antetomaso, Sam (Dora), Elizabeth, Olga, Samuel 12 Coventry
Arkin, Abraham (Kathline) 8 School
Arkin, W. (Rachel), Sylvia, Bernard (Hill?)
Arkin, Lillian (Hill?)
Arkin, Moses (Hill?)
Arkin, Sarah (Hill?)
Arkin, Simon (Hill?)
Armstrong, Edgar (Jennie) 124 (Maple or East Main)
Aitken, A. R. (Nellie) 536 East Main
Aitken, Will 536 East Main
Asselin, A. N. (Gertrude) 46 Coventry
Astelle, R. B. (Lou), Ralph, Stephen, Marilyn 110 Spring
Aubin, J. A. (Olivene), Therese, Evelyn 85 Pleasant
Aubin, Beatrice 85 Pleasant
Aubin, Irene 85 Pleasant
Aubin, Laurette 85 Pleasant
Austin, A. A. (Pearl), Rupert McClure 23 Indian Point
Badger, Effie, Kathleen Lyon (stepchild) 3 Eastern Ave.
Badger, Daniel (Fannie M.) Clyde
Badger, Mary H. 3 School
Bailey, G. A. (Minerva) Highland Ave.
Bailey, Emmaline Highland Ave.
Bailey, Kate 14 Bayview Ave
Bailey, S. J. (Bernice), Emera 113 1/2 Main
Bailey, Wilfred (Nellie), Elaine 6 Cross
Baker, Ethel, Winston, Laurence, Betty Ann 4 Central
Baker, Herbert (Mae) 207 West Main
Baker, Leon 207 West Main
Baker, Stanley 207 West Main
Barber, Bernard (Shirley), Dean, Kenneth 6 Middle
Barber, C. S. (Pearl), Mona, Phyla, Cleveland, Regina Glen Road
Barber, C. J. (Eva), Fern, Fay, Reginald Glen Road
Barbin, J. P. (Eva), Fay, Louise, Beatrice, Philip, Wayne, Dorothy Coventry Road
Barbin, J. O. (Zula), Doris 158 Northern Ave.
Barbin, Marion Coventry Road
Barbin, Octive Coventry Road
Barbin, Olivina Coventry Road
Barnard, F. J. (Harriet) 1138 East Main
Barnard, Pauline 1138 East Main
Barnard, Zenas Derby Road
Barnes, Anneta 5 Prospect
Barnett, Roy 11 Bayview Ave.
Barney, Faun 2 Second
Bartlett, E. C. 153 West Main
Bates, R. A. (Elsa), Ralston 17 Second
Bean, Clair 37 Coventry
Bean, Miss Alice L. 25 Eastern Ave.
Bean, Mrs. Lillian R. 25 Eastern Ave.
Bean, C. M. (Wilorie) Glen Road
Bean, George (Elsie), Helen Moody, Maxine Moody, Constance Moody Glen Road
Bean, Florence 26 Pleasant
Bean, Harry 20 Cross
Bean, M. (Nellie) 111 Young St.
Bean, Niles Longview
Bean, Ralph (Mildred) 69 Concord Ave.
Beaton, Jean F., R.N. Hospital
Beaulieu, Alfred (Ellen), Eva, Alfred Jr., Albert 7 Clark
Beaulieu, Laurentine 7 Clark
Beaulieu, F. E. (Isabel), Cecile A. 15 Coventry
Beaulieu, Frank (Edith) 79 Winter
Beaulieu, Homer (Irene), Armand, Roger 38 Prospect
Beauregard, Albert Pleasant
Beauregard, Frank (Hattie) Pleasant
Beck, Elma Clara Hill
Beck, H. W. (Emma), Henry, Howard, Frederick, William Hill
Beebe, Austin (Lena), Elizabeth 224 Elm
Beebe, C. R. (Vera), Frances May 91 Indian Pt.
Bedard, C. A. (Lillian) 28 Central
Bedor, Mrs. J. M. 13 North Ave.
Bedor, Mrs. Julia 20 North Ave.
Bedor, Napoleon 31 Colfax
Before, H. D. (Ethel) Indian Pt.
Before, Aleck (Carrie) 33 Clyde
Before, John L. (Marie), John Jr., Wayne, Richard 33 Clyde
Before, E. H. (Nellie) Mt. Vernon
Before, L. A. (Celia), Maurice, Marieta, Wayne Mt. Vernon
Before, Wilfred L. Mt. Vernon
Beland, Delia 107 Main
Beland, O. L. (Mabel) 109 Main
Belanger, Joseph 24 North Ave.
Bellows, Forrest H. (Marion) 10 School
Bellows, Helen F. 10 School
Benjamin, Mrs. Glen Road
Bennett, Earl (Gladys), Reginald 35 Indian Pt.
Benoite, Edward Coventry Road
Benware, G. J. (Henrietta), Robert T., George Jr. 24 Second
Benware, Dorothy E. 24 Second
Benware, Lillian 24 Second
Benway, Cecil (Nellie), Dorothy, Cecil Jr. 67 (West Main possibly)
Benner, F. M. (Ethel), Emerson 446 East Main
Bereason, Eva 33 Third
Bergeron, Leo C_____
Bernard, Fred 3 Coventry
Bernard, William G. 20 P______
Bernard, Annette 88 Pleasant
Bernard, J. E. (Jane) 38 Pleasant
Bernard, Katherine 38 Pleasant
Bernard, Rena 88 Pleasant
Bernard, Mrs. A. Glen Road
Bernier, Elias (Malvine), Theresa 35 Coventry
Berry, O. L. (Helen), Donna 26 Lake
Besaw, Iva 6 Second
Besaw, Leo (Elva) 12 Prospect
Bessette, Alfred (Blanche), Rita 5 Cross
Bickford, Clark Cl(yde?)
Bigelow, Mabel 90 Main
Bigelow, R. J. (Helen), Charles, Robert 100 M(ain)
Billings, Miss W. J. 21 Third
Bishop, A. A. (Marjorie), Rosamond 20 Prospect
Bishop, A. E. (Kathie), Kendall, Phillippa 22 Prospect
Bishop, Clyde 24 North Ave.
Bishop, William (Cyrena), Roberta, Esther 20 Coventry
Bishop, Audrey 17 Second
Black, Mrs. Jane, Gordon, Gerald, Kenneth Highland Ave.
Blair, Henry (Annie), George Massey (nephew) 12 Scott Ave.
Blair, Oliver (Elsie) 18 S(econd or Summer)
Blair, Ida 1017 East Main
Blaisdell, Frank, Earl, Helen, Gerry 1022 East Main
Blake, Fred Glen Road
Blake, Mollie Glen Road
Blakely, Emma 13 Sumner
Blanchard, C. A. (Gertrude), Agnes 31 Northern Ave.
Blanchard, Archie, Emma, Wayne 11 North Ave
Blanchard, Mrs. E. C. 20 Second
Blanchard, Mrs. H. G. 33 Second
Blanchard, Dr. J. F. (Carrie) 92 Main
Blanchard, Mrs. Mamie, Betty 20 Second
Blanchard, Oliver 11 North Ave.
Blanchard, C. C. (Annie), Merrill, Gwendolyn, Della, Alta, Alden Derby Road
Blanchard, Marjorie Derby Road
Blanchard, W. H. 33 Second
Blay, James (Amy), Annie, Allen 44 Prospect
Blay, Leonard 44 Prospect
Blay, J. F. (Marjorie), Carla Mount Vernon
Blay, Almeda 16 Eastern Ave.
Blodah, E. L. (Lena), Donald 72 Winter
Blodah, Harold 72 Winter
Blodah, Sidney 72 Winter
Blodgett, L. B. (Louise) 26 Eastern Ave.
Blodgett, W. W. (Sarah A.), Margaret, Christine 15 Third
Blodgett, William F. 15 Third
Bly, Joel (Anna), John Bly (nephew) 30 North Ave.
Bly, Ruth 30 North Ave.
Bly, Beach (Heather) Sleeper Place
Bocher, Lawrence Orchard
Boisvert, Joseph (Nellie) 42 Pleasant
Bolduc, Hormidas (Alice), Gerard, Therese 38 Coventry
Bonazzi, Antonio 199 West Main
Bond, W. E. (Doris), Barbara, Sylvia 20 Second
Bonneau, F. J. 55 (Main prob)
Bonneau, Joseph H. (Jeanne) 50 Pleasant
Bonner, Eva 13 Second
Bonner, May 111 Main
Boomer, R. G. Mt. Vernon
Borella, Victor 61 Main
Boright, Eben 103 Northern Ave.
Boright, C. A. (Grace), Francis, Barbara 80 Coventry
Boright, Charles 80 Coventry
Boright, George 80 Coventry
Bosley, George (Ila), Mable 69 _____
Bosquet, Dennis Railroad Square
Bosquet, Louis (Mary) 50 Coventry
Bosquet, Louis, Jr. 50 Coventry
Boucher, Adelard (Emma), Doris, Maurice, Albert Orchard
Boucher, Leo (Alice) 183 West Main
Bouffard, Avisted (Antoinette), Jeannette, Beatrice, Bernadette, George, Fran( ), Edna, Gerard, Rose, Jean, Edward Coventry Road
Bouffard, Louis (Matilda) 79 Pleasant
Boulanger, Hector (Ruth), Paul, Wilfred 34 1/2 Central
Bousquet, Ernest 50 Coventry
Boutwell, Harold Bluff Road
Bowen, Charlie Clyde
Bowen, John 11 School
Bowen, V. H. (Leota) E___
Bowen, Melvin 33 Coventry
Bowen, H. A. (Nellie), Gerald, Mearl, Thelma, Therald, Virginia H____
Bowers, Thad 7 Summer
Bowley, B. E. (Mabelle) 4 Green Place
Bowley, Clarence 22 Bayview Ave
Bowley, Helen 5 Bay
Bowles, Lawrence (Beulah) 43 Silas Ave.
Bowley, Riley (Ida E.) 63 Indian Pt.
Boyen, Ervin N., Derwood, Bernice, Richard Hill
Boyen, S. A. (Abbie) Hill
Boyle, James 4 Pleasant
Boyle, Louise 4 Pleasant
Boyle, Mrs. Mary 4 Pleasant
Boynton, Carrol (Isidore) 35 Coventry
Boynton, Jess 52 Union
Brado, E. J. (Alice) Clyde
Brahana, Hazel 5 Bay
Brainard, A. L. (Ila), Velma 131 Northern Ave.
Brainard, Howard 131 Northern Ave.
Brandon, Lawrence (Evelyn), Phyllis 36 Winter
Brassau, Bertha Hospital
Breault, Mary 5 Bay
Breesee, Oscar 42 Main
Bresseau, Fred (Vangie), Doris, Frederick, Bertha Glen Road
Brien, E. A. (Lena), Irene, Vivian, Lawrence, Elizabeth, Leonard Glen Road
Briggs, C. A. (Annie), Avis 9 Third
Briggs, Charles H. 10 North Ave.
Brigham, J. M. (Mary) Bluff Road
Bingham, Allen C. Bluff Road
Brigham, Alex 62 Bay
Brigham, Bert (Clara) Orchard
Brigham, Lois 19 Orchard
Britch, William (Bertha), Francis, William, Oleta, Christlene, Olin, Roland Clyde
Britch, Stanford Clyde
Brock, Mrs. Addie 49 Main
Brodure, A. (Irma), Jerard, Anita  
Brooks, Charlena Derby Road
Brooks, Clayton (Sadie), Gwendolyn, Marion, Verna, Bernard, Doris Derby Road
Brooks, Claude M. (Annie) 181 West Main
Brooks, Chesney P., Claudia, Dale 181 West Main
Brooks, Henry (Dale) 36 Oak
Brooks, Mrs. Louise 125 Main
Brooks, Nellie G. 125 Main
Brouillette, Fred, (Alice), Clarice 9 Coventry
Brouillette, Arletta 9 Coventry
Brouilette, J. A. (Edith) 446 East Main
Brouilette, John (Alice) East Main
Brouilette, Joseph 41 Second
Brouilette, W. H. (Martha), Eleanor, Archie, William, James 41 Second
Broussa, Frederick Coventry Road
Broussa, Wilfred (Mary) Coventry Road
Brown, C. A. 5 Prospect
Brown, Clarence, Margaret, Charlotte, Ernest, Agnes, Bernadette Highland Ave.
Brown, C. H. (Emma), Harold, Arnold, Muriel 664 East Main
Brown, Roy (Ethel) 686 East Main
Brown, Earl (Leola) Highland Ave.
Brown, Esther 7 Second
Brown, Mrs. F. A. 7 Second
Brown, Francis 42 Central
Brown, Gordon 58 Union
Brown, John Orchard
Brown, John (Myrtle), Nadine 10 Central
Brown, Mary 93 Main
Brown, Ozro (Ethel) 16 North Ave
Brown, Sidney 58 Union
Brown, Wallace (Dorothy) 58 Union
Brown, W. R. (Rita), Wayne 114 Union
Brown, Virginia 5 Prospect
Bryant, A. F. (Alice), Alfred, Minnie, Hilda 30 Hoskins
Bryant, Rev. H. C. (Evelyn C.) 11 Third
Bryant, H. H. 4 Pleasant
Burroughs, Helen Hospital
Buchanan, W. H. (Josephine), Earl, Dick, Shirley 24 Coventry
Buchanan, Charles 24 Coventry
Buchanan, Doris 24 Coventry
Buchanan, Guy 24 Coventry
Buchanan, Irene 24 Coventry
Buchanan, Roy 24 Coventry
Buck, Erastus (Louise) 13 Second
Buckland, Arthur (Emma), Elizabeth, Charles, Lee, Forest 36 Broadview Ave.
Buckland, Pearl 36 Broadview Ave.
Bullet, H. J. (Agnes), Victorine, Theodore, Napoleon, Paul 3 Gardner
Bullett, Joe (Emma) 5 Gardner
Bullis, Albert 5 Main
Bullock, W. B. (Nellie) 9 Green Place
Bunker, S. H. (Gertrude), Sanford 60 Broadview Ave
Burbank, George (Myrtie) 9 Third
Burdette, Leon (Gertrude), Gordon 56 Coventry
Burgess, Ernest (Nettie), Walter, Betty, Kathryn 20 North Ave.
Burgess, J. H. (Hazel), Joyce 1 Third
Burke, Joseph (Mary) 5 1/2 Bayview Ave
Burlton, Arthur (Lydia) Glen Road
Burlton, Albert Glen Road
Burlton, John, Mrs. Glen Road
Burns, Angeline 85 Main
Burns, F. D. 85 Main
Burns, Edgar (Donalda), Paisley 1 Pleasant
Burns, P. E. (Thelma), Louise 42 Third
Burt, Mrs. Earla, Roger, Donald 44 Coventry
Bushaw, A., Ora 60 Broadview
Bussiere, Frances 42 Main
Bussiere, Jean 42 Main
Buteau, O. J. (Bessie), Bernard 208 West Main
Button, Miss Amy Elm
Button, F. S. (Myrtie) 42 Main
Buzzell, Gerald (Shirley), Hall, Sally Highland Ave.
Byers, A. W. (Florence), Howard 38 1/2 Central
Calkins, W. S. (Sylvia) 484 East Main
Callay, Albert (Julia) Indian Point
Camirand, Leo (Blanche) 9 Green Place
Camp, Mrs. Tom 28 Prospect
Campbell, Ovilli (Annie) 27 Outlook
Canning, T. W. 597 East Main
Carbonneau, J. H. (Beatrice), Donald, Lionel, Cecile, Lorraine Clyde
Card, Catherine 5 School
Carder, Norma 48 South Ave.
Carney, Fred (Eva) Indian Point
Carpenter, Ila 62 South Ave.
Carpenter, Bertha 62 South Ave.
Carr, Jay (Gladys) 73 Main
Carr, Lynn (Stella) 8 Bayview Ave.
Carter, Alice Highland
Carter, C. A. (Elizabeth), Ruth Colodney Terrace
Carter, E. G. (Lena M.), Melvin H. Mt. Vernon
Carter, Mrs. Elizabeth 538 East Main
Carter, J. E. Mt. Vernon
Carter, Leonard (Ethel), Wilma 16 Central
Carter, Lewis Clyde
Carter, V. L. (Helen), Victor, Leonard, Frederick, Vivian, Robert, Francis Glen Road
Case, George (Agnes), Thomas 20 Outlook
Casino, Fedele (Mary), Anthony, Mary, John, Jr. Glen Road
Cass, E. A. (Ida), Ila Bluff Road
Cass, Lee Bluff Road
Cass, E. C. (Myrtie) 27 Central
Cass, Oswald 893 East Main
Cassidy, Mrs. Ellen 26 North Ave.
Cavannaugh, James (Emma), Rachel, James, Jr., John, Merritt Highland
Centebar, Josie 12 Coventry
Chabot, E. (Rosie) Glen Road
Chaffee, W. S. (Flora), Helen, Richard, Edward, Edwin, Priscilla 312 Sias Ave.
Chamberlain, Alberta 161 West Main
Chamberlain, Charles A. (Alice) 161 West Main
Chamberlain, Miss Edith 14 Bayview Ave.
Chamberlin, Chauncey 9 Third
Champaigne, Henry (Evelyn), Victorine, Henry, Jr., Agatha, Robert 145 Main
Champagne, Wilfred (Evelyn), Dennis, Georgette, Roger Pleasant
Chaplin, Ernest, Ivy 16 Eastern Ave.
Chapman, C. A. (Emily) 20 Scott Ave.
Chapman, Crystal G. Hospital
Chapman, Guy D. (Bertha) Hospital
Chappell, M. B. (Flora) Clyde
Chaput, Hector (Albertine), Raoul, John, Irene, Rita, Ricard (step-children) Pleasant
Charland, T. A. 108 Union
Cheney, Joseph (Kate) 37 Bay
Cheney, Charles (Annie), Edna, Maynard, Rita, Gertrude Glen Road
Cheney, Earl Glen Road
Cheney, Nelson Glen Road
Chesley, Edith G. 103 Northern Ave.
Chicoine, Rodalbert (Aurore) 50 1/2 Pleasant
Chillson, Emma 9 Eastern Ave.
Choquette, Hector (Edwidge), George, Joseph, Elizabeth, Charles Pleasant Ave.
Choquette, Ozilda Pleasant Ave.
Clapper, Emma 61 Main
Clapper, M. G. (Lena), Leonore, Charles 4 Summer Terrace
Clapper, Susan 12 Cross
Clapper, Virginia 28 Cottage
Clark, A. C. (Martha) 164 West Main
Clark, Frances 164 West Main
Clark, George W. Clyde
Clark, H. M. (Lillia) 44 Central
Clark, Melbourne (Doris) 29 Bay
Clark, Mrs. Nancy 103 Northern Ave.
Clark, W. C. 103 Northern Ave.
Clark, Regis 9 Gardner
Clarke, James 81 Coventry
Clarke, Sarah 9 Prospect
Cleary, Walter H. (Arlene), John, Louise 12 School
Cleland, J. E. (Lucie), Alan 45 Maple
Clement, Howard 123 Main
Clement, Robert (Nina) 123 Main
Cleveland, Walter 11 Bayview
Clewley, G. William (Annie) Pleasant
Clifford, E. D. (Susan) 90 Colfax
Clough, E. L. (Annie) 37 Coventry
Coan, Charles (Grace), Katherine 16 School
Coan, Kendrick 16 School
Coan, Kenneth (Nellie) 12 Bayview Ave.
Coapland, Charles 61 Main
Cobleigh, A. B. (Carrie) 69 Oak
Coburn, Fred (Bernice), Dean, Herbert, Robert 163 West Main
Coburn, Daniel (Viney), Julia, Florence Glen Road
Coe, Ray E. (Leora) Burbank Apts
Colburn, O. F. (Verna), Arline, Maynard, Miriam, Jane 349 Sias Ave.
Colby, Arlene 1018 East Main
Colby, Wilsey (Mininie), Carlton Coventry Road
Cole, A. A. (Esefa) 157 Northern Ave.
Cole, Clifton 157 Northern Ave.
Cole, Duane 157 Northern Ave.
Cole, Miss Valeria 154 West Main
Collins, E. F. (Olive M.), Reginald, Arland, Lucian 10 Longview
Collins, Arthur (Gladys) 37 Coventry
Collins, Catherine 10 Longview
Collins, Dorothy 10 Longview
Collins, Marvin 10 Longview
Collins, Thelma 10 Longview
Collins, Rose Hospital
Comeau, E. Z. (Edna), Homer, Stanley, Frances 6 Pheasant
Conley, Edwin (Iva) 99 Main
Conn, Lemuel (Ella), Rose, Percy 20 North Ave.
Conner, G. C. (Julia), Helen, Robert Glen Road
Conner, Lucy 12 Eastern Ave.
Cook, J. L. (Eva), Irma 399 Sias Ave.
Cook, Harry L. 399 Sias Ave.
Cook, Wesley (Charlotte) 37 Winter
Cooley, W. F. (Lena), Sherwell 101 Maple
Cooley, Elenore 101 Maple
Coomer, Maurice (Beulah), Betty 3 Summer
Copland, Charles 61 Main
Corbeil, Miles (Blanche) 93 Main
Corey, Raymond Newport House, Main
Corkins, Mrs. Mary Clyde
Corkins, A. C. Clyde
Corkins, Earla Clyde
Corkins, Gladys Coventry Road
Corkins, Howard 5 Gardner
Corkins, J. J., Julian, Albert, Rudolph, Harold, Charlotte, Marion Clyde
Carley, Gladys 2 Second
Corley, Ivah 4 Second
Corey, R. T. (Bernice) 294 Union
Corey, Alden 294 Union
Corey, Dane 294 Union
Corey, Eileen (Miss) 294 Union
Corrow, Leon 9 Indian Point
Corrow, Nelson (Ovilla), Wilfred, Ada 155 West Main
Corrow, Ira (Doris) Northern Ave.
Cote, Noe (Eva), Irene, Evarice 36 Prospect
Cote, Ovelina 36 Prospect
Cote, Lawrence (Maria) 195 West Main
Cournoyer, Emile (Priscilla) 10 Prospect
Courser, E. H. (May), Arline R. 73 Spring
Courteau, C. C. (Ruth) 43 Autumn
Courteau, Gordon 43 Autumn
Cousens, Charles (Wilma) 1196 East Main
Cousins, Mrs. Emma 224 Elm
Coutts, Annie Fern
Coutts, Flora T. Fern
Couture, Gerard 52 Main
Cramer, Mrs. Ina 171 Northern Ave.
Cramer, Reginald (Edna), Reginald Jr. 1045 East Main
Crandall, James 37 Coventry
Crandall, Harold (Katharine) Mount Vernon
Crawford, Clarence (Daisy), Gilman, Altha, Dorman, Dennis, Robert 69 Bay
Crawford, S. G. (Bertha) 29 Coventry
Crawford, Vernon 29 Coventry
Crawford, Ellen Bay
Crawford, C. J. (Abbie) 43 Third
Crawford, Dr. F. B. 43 Third
Crawford, Sias (Jeanette) 79 Winter
Creaser, O. W. (Florence) 13 Summer
Creaser, Clyde 13 Summer
Crees, W. H. (Florence) 16 Summer
Cronin, Jeanne 115 Main
Crosby, Mrs. J. A., Ruth Clyde
Crosby, Richard Clyde
Crosby, R. P. (Louise), Jennette Hill
Crosier, Walter 48 Concord Ave.
Crowell, Rev. John Whiting 9 Second
Cummings, C. C. (Gladys), Betty 1192 East Main
Cummings, Frank B. 1192 East Main
Cummings, M. S. 247 West Main
Cunningham, John M. (Annette E.) 77 Main
Cunningham, George 19 North Ave.
Cunningham, Vyvyan (Beulice) 19 North Ave.
Curran, Frank 11 Prospect
Currier, Bertha 50 Main
Currier, Frank 50 Main
Currier, L. (Flora) Mt. Vernon
Currier, Elmer (Olive) 15 Farrant
Currier, Albert 15 Farrant
Currier, Arlene 15 Farrant
Currier, Edward 15 Farrant
Currier, Evelyn 15 Farrant
Currier, Mabel 108 Sias Ave.
Curtis, B. S. (Alice), Murial Hoyt (niece) 5 Bay
Curtis, Justin 5 Bay
Curtis, W. H. 5 Bay
Cushing, A. F. (Alice) 41 Young
Cushing, Arlene 41 Young
Cushing, Catherine 7 Bayview Ave.
Cushing, Emma 7 Bayview Ave.
Cushing, Mrs. Clara, Ruth Wilkie 282 Union
Cushing, Clara 31 North
Cushing, Harry F., Virginia, Edna, Madeline 98 Maple
Cushing, Lyle 41 Young
Cushing, Mary, Patricia, Jean 9 Lane Ave.
Cushing, Silas (Katherine) Union
Cushman, Mrs. H. B. 15 Pleasant
Cusson, Emma 33 Third
Cusson, Grace 40 Central
Cusson, John 40 Central
Cutting, A. J. 61 Main
Cyr, I. L. (Rosie), Ludger, Lorenzo, Pauline, Laurette, Fernand Glen Road
Cyr, Leo Glen Road
Daigle, A. A. (Rose), Blanche, Robert, Raymond 156 West Main
Dailey, H. L. (Sarah) 244 Elm
Dailey, H. W. (Belle) 32 Spring
Dailey, Patsey (Dora), Rudolph, Robert, Pattie 203 West Main
Dailey, Selah (Lucy) 136 Union
Dailey, Reginald 136 Union
Dame, O. P. (Melvina), Laurence, Paul, Raymond, Roland, Irene Pleasant
Dane, Mrs. H. B. 220 West Main
Davails, John (Marie), Irene, Rudolph, Joseph, Pearl, Viola, Florence, Ernest, Violet Glen Road
Davails, Arthur Glen Road
Davails, Liza Glen Road
Davidson, David W. (Alice) 11 Lane Ave.
Davignau, Norma 105 Main
Davignon, Lillian 105 Main
Davio, B. H. (Minnie), Alberta 47 Coventry
Davio, Dave Glen Road
Davio, W. J. (Lydia), Margaret 136 Lake
Davio, Mrs. W. M., Elroy, Elwood, Robert, Alma 243 Elm
Davis, Carroll (Helen) 9 Prospect
Davis, Mrs. F. P. 13 Prospect
Davis, C. C. 22 Second
Davis, Homer (Mamie), Stanley, Natalie, Goldie 700 East Main
Davis, Gardner 700 East Main
Davis, Willie 700 East Main
Davis, J. Riley (Gertrude), Royal, Howard 35 Bay
Davis, Roy 17 North Ave.
Davis, Ray (Lucille) Bay
Davis, R. W. (Irene), Payson 13 Prospect
Davis, S. F. (Josephine) 52 Main
Davis, Will E. (Ella) 17 North Ave.
Davison, I. M. (Hazel), Esther Allen (stepchild) 18 Coventry
Dawson, Mrs. Grace, Ruth Railroad Square
Day, Ora (Isabel), Cyril, Calvin, Lawrence R. D. 4, Hill
Day, Margaret R. D. 4, Hill
Dean, G. A. Glen Road
Dean, Homer (Jennie) 4 Raymond
Dearborn, Mrs. Mary 21 Third
Dearborn, Clara 21 Third
Dearborn, Georgia M. 21 Third
Dubray, Clarence F. (Mabel), Pauline 15 Summer
Decker, Arthur 42 Main
Decker, Arthurine 15 Farrant
Decoteau, Frank (Rose), Lillian Davison (stepchild) Pleasant
Decoteau, Mrs. John 83 Pleasant
Decoteau, Louise 83 Pleasant
Deep, Isaac 1059 East Main
Degenais, Wilfred (Margaret) 17 Bay
Degoosh, Nathaniel Cliff
Demars, A. 468 East Main
DeMars, Joseph (Georgiana), Frances 14 Cottage
DeMars, Cecile 14 Cottage
DeMars, Theresa 14 Cottage
Demontigny, Joseph O. (Angelina) 20 Pond
Demontigny, Helen E. 20 Pond
Demontigny, Joseph C., Jr. 20 Pond
Demontigny, Noel F. 20 Pond
Derick, L. P. (Elsie) 10 Summer
Derusha, Mrs. Verna 98 Maple
Desbiens, Marie 2 Second
Desmarais, Alex (Jennie) 16 Eastern Ave.
Desmarais, J. A. 38 Coventry
Desmarais, Mary 38 Coventry
Desruisseaux, Elise 2 Second
Dexter, L. N. (Lena) Mt. Vernon
Dickinson, E. B. (Madeline) Highland Ave.
Doan, George (Elizabeth) 7 Third
Doane, C. S. (Pearl) 8 Third
Dolloff, Roy (Eva), Robert Clyde
Domina, Ted 5 Main
Donaghy, T. F. (Eva) 101 Young
Doran, Benj. (Ida) 307 Union
Doran, Maye Union
Doran, Stephen A. Union
Dore, Allan 175 West Main
Dore, Noel 175 West Main
Dougherty, John (Alice) 40 South Ave.
Douglas, Richard 36 Pleasant
Dow, Addie M. Highland Ave.
Dow, Alice 95 Main
Dow, Maurice 53 Bay
Dow, Preston (Charlena), Karlene 7 Cross
Doyen, C. D. (Myrtie), Ida, Bergeron, David, Doyen Clyde
Dragon, Leo (Cecelia) 95 Main
Drew, Effie 5 Main
Drew, Forest D. (Vera) East Main
Drew, Kate 4 Summer
Drew, L. L. (Grace) 26 Lake
Drew, Kenneth 26 Lake
Drew, L. O. (Helena) 38 Third
Drew, M. W. (Marjorie), Ruth 26 Sias Ave.
Drown, Mrs. C. L. 96 Main
Drown, Harry (Ida) 176 West Main
Drown, W. B. (Ruth), Warren, Jr., Colin 74 Pleasant
Dubrey, Effie 13 Prospect
Ducharme, Bella 20 Central
Ducharme, Mrs. C. L., Mary Ann Sias Ave.
Duchesneau, Bertha Hospital
Duchesneau, E. C. (Alice) 9 Cottage
Duchesneau, Eglaintine 9 Cottage
Duchesneau, Leon 9 Cottage
Duchesneau, Orien 9 Cottage
Duckless, Clayton (Jennie) 1031 East Main
Duckless, Lester 1031 East Main
Duff, Miss Annie Elm
Duff, Frances 5 Pleasant
Duffy, Frank (Carrie) Donald Pleasant
Dunn, Helen 2 Second
Dunsmore, Andrew (Esther) 35 Bay
Dunsmore, Arthur (Edna), Gordon 165 West Main
Dunsmore, W. W. (Jean) 20 1/2 Pleasant
Duquette, Arthur (Lilla) 35 Sias Ave.
Duso, Myrtie 124 Maple
Duval, Charles, Maude, Lila 54 Central
Duval, Floyd 54 Central
Dwyer, O. E. (Ethel), Gladys 46 Central
Dwyer, Harold 46 Central
Dwyer, Beatrice 46 Central
Dyott, P. A. (Delia) 446 East Main
Eastman, C. G. (Mattie) 59 Autumn
Eastman, E. V. 17 Central
Eaton, George (Amy), Helen 12 Bayview Ave.
Elder, Mrs. J. G. 893 East Main
Eli, A. (Jessie), Doris, Eleanor Hill
Eli, Ernest (Hattie), Mildred, Earl, Dorothy, Frederick East Main
Elie, Lucian (Alma) 30 Third
Ellie, Nelson (Ellen), Gladys Moffett (child living w/family) Route 4, Clyde
Elie, Zelda 10 Coventry
Elliott, Emma 5 Parker
Elliott, Lyle 5 Parker
Elliott, Stanley 5 Parker
Elliott, H. A. (Ava), Florence, Kenneth Wilson
Elliott, George 56 Bay
Elliott, Leslie (Eva), Richard 35 Third
Elliott, Nellie, Hazel, Ethel, Lewis 56 Bay
Elliott, Philip (Verna), Wayne 56 Bay
Ellis, Roy (Bertha) 36 Central
Ellsworth, C. S. (Eunice), Dorothy, Frances Glen Road
Ellsworth, Fred 10 North Ave.
Ellsworth, Victor (Helen), Marguerite, Glen, Lillian 28 Indian Pt.
Ely, Pauline Route 4, Clyde
Embury, C. C. (Rhoda) 974 East Main
Emerson, Lillian 92 Main
Emond, Emaide Farrant
Emonds, H. S. Third
Emery, C. S. (Harriet) 15 Prospect
Enos, John, (Laura), Jennie Storey (granchild) 11 Prospect
Estell, Gerald (Yernage) Second
Fairbanks, R. R. (Grace) 69 Northern Ave.
Fairbrother, A. C. (Cora) 16 Coventry
Fairbrother, Clinton 16 Coventry
Fairbrother, Dale 16 Coventry
Fairbrother, H. W. (Jessie), Frances 16 Coventry
Fairbrother, B. E. (Daisy), Walter, Robert, Donald 149 West Main
Farmer, Mrs. Allen Western Ave.
Farquharson, Nellie 8 Prospect
Farrant, John R. (Hattie A.) Farrant
Farrar, C. O. (Agnes) Derby Road
Farrar, H. W. (Sophia), Donald, Velma, Eunita, Wayne Bluff Road
Farrell, Alvin 43 1/2 Coventry
Farrell, Laura 43 1/2 Coventry
Fauchs, H. W. (Jessie), Marion, Bruce, Henry Orchard
Faufaw, R. C. (Bertha), Roberta, Leatrice, Milford 111 South Ave.
Fee, P. E. (Hazel), Enid, Editha, Doreen Bluff Road
Ferrin, Kate 33 Second
Ficaro, Patsy 14 Pond
Fields, Benjamin Newport House, Main
Fifield, W. E. (Mabel), Mary, Helen 97 Autumn
Fish, B. W. (Mary) 13 North Ave.
Fish, Mrs. G. W. 205 West Main
Fisher, A. W. (Lillian), Gordon 140 Elm
Fisher, Emerson (Mae), Dorothy 10 Clark
Fisher, E. W. (Lydia) 44 Spring
Fisset, Ludger (Olive) Coventry Road
Flanders, A. W. (Edith) 3 Summer
Flanders, Delbert Hill
Flanders, E. E. (Lillian) 890 East Main
Flanders, Dale 890 East Main
Flanders, John (Alice), Richard 7 Gardner
Flanders, L. G. (Lora), Micole, Frederick 154 Union
Flanders, Raymond Clyde
Flanders, W. O. (Idella) Clyde
Flanders, Viola 154 Union
Flint, Charles M. 16 North Ave.
Flint, Gerald (Grace), Katherine, Eleanor 79 Oak
Flint, Kenneth (Grace) 24 North Ave.
Flint, Minnie H. 16 North Ave.
Flint, W. E. (Clarine) 1028 East Main
Flower, H. R. 61 Main
Fogg, C. M. (Hazel), Margaret, Norman 834 East Main
Folsom, J. H. Mount Vernon
Folsom, L. E. (Emma) 7 Exchange Place
Forbes, Mrs. R. M., Harold, Elvin Union
Ford, James (Eva) 3 Bayview Ave.
Ford, Barbara 3 Bayview Ave.
Fordyce, W. J. (Hattie) 1092 East Main
Fordyce, Clarence 1092 East Main
Fordyce, Ruth, Barbara 1092 East Main
Foss, C. J. (Harriette) 4 Second
Foster, Mrs. Agnes, William 4 Second
Foster, Bessie M., Estelle 14 Coventry
Foster, Mildred 14 Coventry
Foster, G. W. (Mable) 20 Eastern Ave.
Foster, N. L. 12 Prospect
Foster, Helen 12 Prospect
Foster, Lindsay D. 20 Eastern Ave.
Foster, N. P. (Hallie), Edna 24 Eastern Ave.
Foster, J. E., Lettie 26 Third
Fountain, Fred (Lucy) 45 Coventry
Fountain, Arthur 45 Coventry
Fountain, Margaret 45 Coventry
Fournier, Ephrens (Diana), Germain Bay
Fournier, Arcade (Alexandria), Robert, Leonard, Richard 10 Prospect
Fox, Everett (Jennie), George, Elizabeth, Lawrence, Reginald, Cora Glen Road
Fox, Mildred Glen Road
Fuller, Donald (Myrtle) 18 Cross
Fuller, Howard Coventry
Fuller, Howard (Doris) 4 Court Sq.
Fuller, L. D. (Effie) Coventry
Gage, Henry (Margaret) Outlook
Gage, Dr. R. E. (Mildred), Edwin, Adele, Thelma 8 Green Place
Gagne, Hattie Glen Road
Gagne, Joseph Glen Road
Gagner, Jos. (Flora), Carl, Ludger Glen Road
Gagner, Jerry (Louisa), Georgiana, Paul, Angelina, Henry, Lucien, Theresa, Irene Glen Road
Gala, Harry (Pauline), Bernard, Theodore, Frederic Clyde
Gale, Amelia 19 Bayview
Gale, Miss Ivah 19 Bayview
Garceau, Charles (Clara) 55 Main
Gardner, Effie E. 85 Northern Ave.
Gardner, Charles (Aurilla) Clyde
Gardner, Eleanor, Ronald 29 Prospect
Gardner, Fred (Grace), Cecil, George Coventry Road
Garrett, Charles (Flora) 8 Central
Gauthier, Laura 22 Pleasant
Gauthier, Reginald 22 Pleasant
Gaylor, Robert 9 Farrant
Goyette, G. O. (Jeanette) Glen Road
Geach, LeRoy F. (Myrtle), Marjorie, Geraldine Mt. Vernon
Geer, A. J. (Bernice) 10 Coventry
Gendron, Anne Hospital
Gendron, Alida 89 Main
Gendron, Eva 89 Main
Gendron, J. A. 89 Main
George, Norris, A. 538 East Main
Gero, B. E. (Clara) Glen Road
Gero, John 68 Bay
Gerry, Bernard (Mary), Lena, Bernard, Jr. 9 North Ave.
Gervais, Robert 38 Prospect
Gervais, S. H. (Lillian) Coventry Road
Gervais, Zenon, Gerald, Leurette, Ernest 38 Prospect
Gibson, F. E. (Elva) 4 Second
Gibson, Mrs. Alice Western Ave.
Gibb, Bertha 62 South Ave.
Gignac, Lola 61 Main
Gilbert, L. H. (Mary) 21 Middle
Gilbert, Ernest 21 Middle
Gilbert, Grace 21 Middle
Gilbert, Lou 21 Middle
Giles, R. L. (Margaret), Robert, Alris, Cary Lou, Maclia East Main
Gilfillan, S. E. (Esther), Eugene, Frank, Betty, Robert Glen Road
Gilman, Earl (Katherine), Luva, Earl Jr. 5 Eastern Ave.
Gilman, Howard 5 Eastern Ave.
Glidden, A. C. 4 Middle
Glidden, Harold (Florence), Mildred 10 Second
Glidden, Herbert (Edna) 10 Second
Goddard, Archie (Emma), Archie Jr., Gerald Clyde
Goddard, E. M. (Louvian) Railroad Square
Goddard, Flora 6 Eastern
Godin, Levi (Mable), Victoria, Lionel, Ralon, Reginald 18 Outlook
Godin, Evonne 18 Outlook
Goodenough, Charles B.(Grace), Wells, Kenneth, Charles Jr. Bluff Road
Godue, W. C. (Constance) 108 Elm
Gokey, John (Anna) Glen Road
Gokey, Homer Glen Road
Gokey, P. A. Glen Road
Golden, William Middle
Goodale, Frances Highland
Goodnough, G. A. West Main
Goodwin, A. G. (Lydia) 6 Second
Gosselin, E. J. (Alice) Glen Road
Gosselin, Henry (Bertha), Therese 51 Coventry
Gosselin, Napoleon (Marion), Louise, Frances 41 1/2 Pleasant
Gosselin, Wilfred (Natalie), Bertha, Helen, Alexander, Beatrice, Jeanette, Lucienne, Alphonse, Roger, Paul 8 Pleasant
Gosselin, Alfred 8 Pleasant
Gould, C. S. (Grace) 20 Central
Grant, Arthur (Ethel), James, Lena, Arthur, Roy, Lafaun Glen Road
Graupner, Ernest (Lillian), Virginia 31 North Ave
Graveline, Albert E. (Hazel R.) 10 North Ave.
Gray, M. S. (Madeline), Shirley 15 Coventry
Green, D. C. (Mary), Hazel, Lillian Clyde
Green, Allen J. 30 North Ave
Green, Clara H. 28 North Ave
Green, Gertrude 28 North Ave
Green, Harley, Gladys, Madeline, Gloria, Beverly, Robert 40 Central
Green, Hattie E. 30 North
Green, Stephen (Gladys), Beverly, Shirley 14 Bayview Ave.
Greene, C. E. Northern Ave.
Greenwood, Haunisdas (Albana), Dolan 16 1/2 North Ave.
Greenwood, J. H. (Rose) Pleasant Ave.
Greenwood, L. W. (Estelle) 41 1/2 Prospect
Greenwood, W. (Elizabeth) Glen Road
Greer, John A. (Anna) 6 Orchard
Gregory, Dan (Burle) 3 Green Place
Gregory, Frank (Lula) 169 West Main
Gregory, Lydia J. 3 Summer
Gregory, William H. (Lula), Bernard, Frank 53 Bay
Griffin, Frank (Mary) 35 Bay
Griffin, Mrs. H. 272 Elm
Griggs, Ara (Mary), Frances 9 Exchange Place
Griggs, Annie 90 Main
Griggs, Archie (Beatrice), Isabelle, Madeline, Willis, Florence, Dorothy 68 Bay St.
Griggs, Stuart (Jennie) 9 Pond
Griggs, Clifton 9 Pond
Griggs, Earl (Ida M.) 21 Pond
Griggs, Hayden (Stella), George 191 Northern Ave.
Griggs, Ina 57 Bay
Griggs, Lena Hospital
Griggs, L. O. (Leona), Richard 47 Spring
Griffin, Clarence (Ava), Lawrence 455 Sias Ave.
Griffin, William 893 East Main
Grow, A. R. (Lillian) 57 Bayview Ave.
Guay, Lewis (Violet), Phyllis, Lois, George 205 Elm
Guilbert, Miss Laura 5 Clermont Terrace
Guimond, F. D. (Ethel), Mary, Frances 105 Main
Gustin, Roy A. Lake Road
Gustin, Ralph (Lepha), Celesta, Helena Glen Road
Hackett, Clinton (Alice) 96 Main
Hackett, G. A. (Clara) 34 Autumn
Hackett, H. L. (Dorothy), Dale, Carol 22 Pleasant
Hagan, Miss Elizabeth 27 North Ave.
Hagan, James (Margaret), James Jr. 27 North Ave.
Hager, B. H. (Myrtle) 22 Central
Haire, David (Marjorie) 6 Bayview Ave.
Hall, Ethel 85 Winter
Hall, Mrs. H. E. Lake
Hall, F. D. (Dora), Eleanor 94 Sunset Terrace
Hall, Fred L. Newport House, Main
Hall, F. G. (Altie), Stanley 26 Sias Ave.
Hall, Harry (Mildred), Gertrude, Joshua, Alfred, Collins, Gilbert West Main
Hall, Rotha 94 Sunset Terrace
Hallett, Mrs. Jennie 222 West Main
Hamblett, Ralph F. (Natalie), Tarlton, Robert 73 1/2 Main
Hamel, Dina 88 Pleasant
Hamelin, Aldemand Farrant
Hameline, Charles (Gertrude) Farrant
Hamer, John (Theresa), William, Grant 23 Bay
Hamilton, E. A. (Margaret) 46 Third
Hamilton, Etta 10 Prospect
Hamilton, Harry (Lillian) 5 Pleasant
Hammel, Peter (Bella), Reginald, Desmond Farrant
Hammel, Lorette Farrant
Hammond, Etta M. 31 Bay
Hammond, Ruth M. 31 Bay
Hammond, Margaret 19 Third
Hancock, O. D. (Bertha) Newport Center Rd
Hancock, R. C. (Isadore) 52 Union
Handy, Peter (Mamie), Dorothy, Wene, Thersia 3 Central
Handy, Tom 3 Central
Handy, W. S. (Marion), Charles, Mary, Ned 87 Coventry
Haney, Edward (Doris), Wayne, Charles 23 Bay
Hanson, Charles (Marjorie), Phyllis, Helen, Arline, Madeline, Mary Jane 257 Indian Pt.
Hanson, O. W. (Florence), Marguerite 257 Indian Pt.
Hanson, Harry (Lillian) 191 Northern Ave.
Hardy, Rena, Glenna Middle
Hardy, O. G. (Mabel) 4 Pleasant
Hardy, Muriel 4 Pleasant
Hardy, Roy E. 4 Pleasant
Harlow, George 107 Main
Harper, John (Angeline) 10 Pond
Harrigan, Margaret 16 Second
Harrison, A. W. (Jeanette), Eleanor 43 Northern Ave.
Harrison, C. J. (Drusilla) 1196 East Main
Hart, M. D. (Etta), Leona, Duane, Eula 6 Spring
Hart, Roy (Marian), Helen, Josephine Clyde
Hartley, Elmer (Emma) 44 Maple
Hartley, Allie 44 Maple
Hartley, Henry 44 Maple
Hartley, Lillian 44 Maple
Hartshorn, L. W. (Ida) 7 Orchard
Hartson, G. E. (Helen) Glen Road
Hartson, Leota Glen Road
Harvey, F. E. (Emma) Clyde
Harvey, Miss Nellie M. 871 East Main
Hastings, Florence 25 Third
Hastings, Hattie 25 Third
Hatherell, R. H. (Mary) 96 Elm
Hayes, C. L. (Mildred) 28 Central
Hauver, B. H. (Elizabeth), Raymond East Main
Hauver, H. H. (Adele) 7 Parker
Hauver, Mrs. Mabel, Harold, Ethel, Dorothy, Norma Clyde
Hauver, H. W. East Main
Hawkins, Hattie 320 Union
Hayes, Geneva 32 Outlook
Hayes, George (Rosena) 32 Outlook
Hayward, Frank (Retty) Clyde
Hazeltine, Ruth Sunset Terrace
Hazelton, C. D. (Harriet), Conrad Sunset Terrace
Hazelton, Lyman Sunset Terrace
Heath, Benjamin 20 North Ave.
Heath, George (Ella) Route 4, Hill
Hebert, Eva Hospital
Heeney, George 35 Coventry
Hemle, L. (Emma) 25 Pleasant
Henderson, Bruce 205 Elm
Hendrix, W. A. 73 Spring
Herrick, George (Hattie) Clyde
Hesseltine, Harold (Catherine), Lucille, Russell 10 Bayview Ave.
Heyer, Mrs. Eva J. Lake Road
Heyer, Miss Mildred Lake Road
Hicks, W. S. (Blanche), Eleanor, Pauline, Elwin 195 West Main
Hicks, Nellie F. 195 West Main
Hicks, Roy (Verna), Earl 193 West Main
Hildreth, J. B. (Addie) 125 Maple
Hildreth, Mrs. Laura 3 Spring
Hildreth, Arthur (Mabel), Harry, Homer 9 Gardner
Hight, Dr. H. V. (Jennie) 45 Main
Hill, A. M. (Grace), Irene East Main
Hill, Eleanor East Main
Hill, Mrs. E. J. 27 Second
Hill, E. R. (Winnie) Hill
Hill, Francis 105 Main
Hill, L. J. (Gertrude) 28 South Ave.
Hill, Robert (Claire) 2 Second
Hill, J. E. (Edith), Thelma, Sumner 83 Northern Ave.
Hill, George 219 Elm
Hill, Marion 219 Elm
Hill, Fred (Rita), Marguerite Glen Road
Hill, Frederick Glen Road
Hill, Jerry Glen Road
Hill, Solon Glen Road
Hill, C. E. (Stella), Norma, Madeline Mount Vernon
Hill, F. O. (Ella) 104 Spring
Hills, O. L. (Mildred), Patricia 42 Main
Hinkley, Marjorie 16 North Ave.
Hinkley, Mrs. Nettie 164 West Main
Hinman, B. C. (Ida) Young
Hinman, Carroll (Blanche), Ferol, David, Paul, Maida, John 64 Sunset Terrace
Hinman, Mrs. Ella R. 32 Third
Hinman, Harriet 89 Young
Hunman, Maurice 89 Young
Hinman, Helen B. 2 Court Square
Hinman, W. S. (Gertrude) 49 Sunset Terrace
Hitchcock, W. C. (Ruby) 44 Coventry
Hitchcock, S. E. (Stella) 82 Oak
Hitchcock, Clay S. (Eleanor) 82 Oak
Hitchcock, Alton 82 Oak
Hoag, H. C. F. (Grace) 11 Pleasant
Hodges, Mrs. Mabel Glen Road
Holbrook, F. F. (Jessie) 871 East Main
Holden, E. M. (Marion), Gertrude, Geraldine, Gordon, Douglas 1118 East Main
Holmes, W. G. (Edna) 40 Pleasant
Hope, Edson (Louisa), Leonard 10 Third
Hopkins, W. D. (Luna) 264 Elm
House, Vaughn (Alice) 98 Main
House, William (Harriet) 16 North Ave.
House, Alice 16 North Ave.
Hovey, Marie 2 Second
Hovy, Irene Coventry Road
Howard, Samuel (Margaret), Joseph, Nellie, Samuel, Jr. 52 Bay
Howard, Thomas (Susie), Dorothy, Thomas, Jr. 78 Main
Howe, E. H. 154 West Main
Howe, W. (Vera), Joan Mt. Vernon
Hoyte, Helen, Muriel Middle
Hudon, Emile (Eva) 45 Prospect
Hudon, J. A. (Laura) 2 Second
Hudon, J. M. 37 Coventry
Humphrey, Eber (Hilda) 15 Bayview Ave.
Humphrey, E. C. (Gladys) Sleeper Place
Humphrey, Sarah M. 28 North Ave
Hunt, E. M. (Lillian) 12 Summer
Hunt, Franz (Edith), Kenneth, Robert, Helen 17 Northern Ave.
Hunt, Henrietta J. 15 Prospect
Hunt, Henry 12 Summer
Hunt, Winton S. 12 Summer
Hunter, C. D. 150 West Main
Hunter, Ethel 11 Bayview Ave.
Hunter, G. C. (Margaret) 46 Autumn
Hunter, W. D. (Eva), Clayton Mount Vernon
Huntington, Dean 16 Pleasant
Huntington, E. C. (Ina) 16 Pleasant
Huntington, Carroll (Edith) Derby Road
Hurley, William 11 Bayview Ave.
Hurst, Richard (Alice) 13 School
Hutchins, H. H. (Blanche) Clyde
Hutchinson, C. (Clara), Willy, Ross Hill
Hutchison, G. R. (Erema), Frances 19 Third
Idam, E. I. 11 Prospect
Ireland, Prof. E. F. (Frances), Robert, Leslie, Elwood, Jr. Mount Vernon
Ives, Mrs. Annie C. 42 Central
Ives, Esther 42 Central
Izor, Dan (Mamie), Annie, Mary, Jeanette 87 Coventry
Jabron, George (Minerva), Elizabeth, Eva 4 Bay
Jenks, Harold B. (Elsie B.), Betty E. Farrant
Jenne, Flora 39 Third
Jervah, Fred (Gertrude) 35 Broadview Ave.
Jewett, Edward (Permiller), Lawrence, Elmond, Dale 155 West Main
Johnson, E. A. (Edith) 9 Summer
Johnson, Edward (Bernadette) 44 Third
Johnson, H. R. (Helen) 28 Third
Johnson, Miss Gladys, Bernard 8 North
Johnson, O. H. (Bessie), Hazen, Robert 10 Orchard
Johnson, Richard (Mary), Beulah, John, Winnia, Viola, Gilbert 8 North Ave.
Johnston, G. R. (Arlene) 18 Second
Johnson, Mrs. A. A. 1092 East Main
Johnson, E. E. 1092 East Main
Johnson, Gertrude 1092 East Main
Johnson, L. F. 1092 East Main
Johnson, W. H. (Nellie) 700 East Main
Johnston, A. H. (Emma), Ernest Miller Mt. Vernon
Jones, A. D. (Hazel), Hazel 25 Third
Jones, Albert E. (Lucy H.) Farrant
Jones, Francis 14 Prospect
Jones, James 207 West Main
Jones, N. V. (Cora) 33 Central
Jones, Mrs. W. B. 14 Prospect
Joseph, Salem (Mamie), Theresa 87 Coventry
Joyal, Mrs. Emma 35 North Ave.
Joyal, Eugene 35 North Ave.
Joyal, Hectorine 35 North Ave.
Joyal, Wilfred 35 North Ave.
Judd, Merle 2 Court Square
Judkins, Dorcas 92 Main
Kaarstad, Olav (Irene) 50 Coventry
Keefe, Maurice (Flora), David Highland
Keirn, Wallace (Dorothy), Louise 47 Oak
Keith, Anne L. 11 School
Keith, John (Eva) 72 Concord Ave.
Kelley, Dermond (Gladys), Geraldine, Ruth, Gordon, Francis, Rosana, Grace 25 Outlook
Kelley, L. I. (Effie), Gertrude, Pearl, Harold, Raymond Hill
Kelley, Alvin (Jennie), Beulah, Melvin, Elwin, Claudine 25 Concord Ave.
Kelley, Fred (Cora) 85 Winter
Kelly, Arthur C. (Myrtle), Wayne, Raymond Hall, Rena Hall Hill
Kendall, J. L. (Pearl), Allen, Kathryn, Barbara 84 Pleasant
Kendall, W. (Wilma), Homer, John, Hawley Hill
Kendall, Bess Hill
Kendall, Milo (Katherine), Marilyn, Virginia 22 Maple
Kendall, W. J. (Matilda) Bluff Road
Kendall, W. M. (Audrey) 868 East Main
Kennerson, F. S. (Ethel M.), Joyce E., Janet L. 23 Central
Kennerson, W. M. (Marion) 37 Coventry
Kennison, A. J. 42 Main
Kennison, E. A. 62 Spring
Kennison, Fred H. (Martha) 17 Cross
Kennison, Harold (Ina) 17 Cross
Kirkner, Lita M. North Ave.
Kilburn, Pauline 99 Main
Kilby, Nellie West Main
Kilby, William West Main
Kimball, W. H. (Charlotte), Geraldine, Wayne, William 84 Spring
Kimball, George, Shirley 82 Indian Pt.
Kimball, Iris 82 Indian Pt.
Kimball, J. F. (Annie) 262 Union
King, H. D. (Alice), Martin 145 Main
King, Clifton 103 Northern Ave.
Kinney, Foster (Yvonne), Foster, Jr., Bernadette, Yvonne 3 Coventry
Kinney, Hammond 3 Coventry
Kinney, Hammond, William F. Clyde
Kipp, J. P. (Madge) 34 Second
Kipp, Frederick 34 Second
Kipp, W. E. (Grace) 8 Summer
Kipp, William 8 Summer
Kirk, H. B. (Madeline), Harold, Frederick Mount Vernon
Kirkpatrick, J. R. (Hila) 16 Pleasant
Kiser, W. S. (Helen), Donald, Ruth, Rodney, Kenneth 1124 East Main
Knowlton, Mrs. S. A. 43 Northern Ave.
Knowlton, Floyd (Mary), Dorothy, Beverly, Carlas 59 Autumn
Kofos, Archie (Theodora) 45 Main
Kofos, Arthur (Fannie), Freda, Nagthalena 14 Scott
Kofos, Nicholas (Polexe N.), Mauthes, Cleo 16 Scott
Kullman, A. E. (Aoyot), Ingrid, Ruth, Gloria, Doris 192 Indian Point
Labare, Mrs. Leah 16 Summer
Labarge, Alfred (Calista), Raymond, Paulita 9 Clark
Labarge, Arthur 9 Clark
LaBarr, Irene 2 Second
Labbe, L. G. (Mary), Irene, Dorothy 76 Coventry
Labbe, Antoinette 76 Coventry
Labbe, Dennis 76 Coventry
Labbe, Jeanette 76 Coventry
Labbe, Leonette 76 Coventry
Labbe, Pauline 76 Coventry
LaBeard, Ernest 14 Pond
Labounty, Adelina 47 1/2 Coventry
Labounty, Arthur 47 1/2 Coventry
Labounty, Marion 47 1/2 Coventry
Labounty, Maurice 47 1/2 Coventry
Labounty, E. H. (Eva) 5 Clyde
Labounty, Julius (Julia), Yonia, Irma, Vera, Agnes Glen Road
Labounty, Hiram (Amanda), Edmond 293 Union
Labounty, Alfred 293 Union
Labounty, Arline 293 Union
LaCass, Alexander (Minnie) Field Ave.
LaCass, Ardath Field Ave.
LaCass, Beatrice Field Ave.
Lachance, Rev. Norbert 5 Clermont Terrace
LaClair, Mary Middle
Ladd, Mrs. Eva 28 Third
LaFountain, M. D. Outlook
LaFountaine, Alexander Glen Road
LaFountaine, Ernest (Clementine) Glen Road
LaFountaine, Ernest, Jr. Glen Road
LaFrance, E. S. 95 Main
LaFrance, William (Mary) 26 North Ave.
LaGass, Joe 50 Coventry
Lagrow, Benjamin 53 Bay
Lague, Aglee Farrant
Lahar, Mrs. Adelia 24 North Ave.
Lahar, Joseph (Anna), Edmond, Emily, Raymond, Audria 65 Bay
Lahar, Austin 65 Bay
Lahar, Doris 65 Bay
Lahar, Lula 65 Bay
Lahar, Muriel 65 Bay
Lahar, L. J. (Alma), Arthur 8 Railroad Sq.
Lahar, Mable 91 Pleasant
Lahar, Nelson 91 Pleasant
Lahar, Phoebe 91 Pleasant
Lahue, Nelson (Mable) 4 Cross
Lalime, Abraham (Annie), Marguerite Glen Road
Lalime, Ed. (Delia), Wendall Glen Road
Lalime, Paul Glen Road
Lambert, J. E. (Marerie Valeda), Cecile, Lomer, Rosette, Lucien, Hermenegilde, Laureanne, Alfred, Marie, Therese Pleasant
Lambert, Jerry (Gertrude) 14 Bayview Ave.
Lambert, Rosis 29 Outlook
Lamontagne, Cecile 10 Prospect
Lamothe, E. J. (Florence), Rodolph, Maurice, Theresa 83 Pleasant
Lamothe, W. L. (Ada), Ulric, Viola 2 Bay
Lamoureux, Charlotte 95 Main
Landry, E. L. (Yvonne), Alice, Roselia, Theodore Highland
Landry, Olivine 24 Outlook
Lane, H. E. (Charlotte) 17 Eastern Ave.
Lang, John 20 Cross
Langeway, Mrs. B. W. 29 Bay
Langeway, Etta Fern
Langeway, Leslie E. Fern
Langeway, F. (Candace) 1028 East Main
Lanpher, Walter 8 1/2 Second
Lanpher, W. W. (Myrtle), Kenneth 8 1/2 Second
Lapiere, Horace (Clara), Anna, Kenneth 148 West Main
Lapiere, Ernest 148 West Main
Lapiere, Francis 148 West Main
Lapiere, Ed., Arthur 48 Coventry
Lapiere, Henry 48 Coventry
Lapiere, William 48 Coventry
Laplant, Frank (Belle), Melba 12 Central
Laplant, Gerald 12 Central
Laplant, Elmer 12 Central
LaPlante, Henry J. (Armina), Marie Rose 98 Pleasant
Laplante, H. J. (Sarah), Henrietta, George, Bernard, Rosana, Blanche, Joyce Clyde
Lapoint, Mrs. Celia Glen Road
Laporte, H. S. (Minnie) 37 Coventry
Larabee, Shirley 42 Main
LaRue, Etta, William, Robert Cliff
LaRue, Leona Cliff
Latangene, Angeline 50 Coventry
Latangene, Yvonne 50 Coventry
Lavoie, Herman Highland
Lawson, P. W. (Grace), Orison 22 Pleasant
Lawson, Barbara 22 Pleasant
Lawson, R. C. (Delight), Dale 12 Pleasant
Lawyer, E. W. (Matilda) 72 Main
Leach, Leon (Alice) 147 Main
Leach, Marion 147 Main
Leach, R. A. (Edith), Robert 19 Middle
Leavitt, Mrs. Agnes A. 1040 East Main
Leavitt, Carl (Avis) Third
Leavitt, Elijah (Mae) RD 3, Union
Leavitt, Dorian RD 3, Union
Leavitt, H. C. (Harriet M.) Clyde
Leavitt, Doris 25 Concord Ave.
Leavitt, John 25 Concord Ave.
LeClair, Anthony 522 Sias Ave.
LeClair, Florence 4 Court Sq.
Leclair, E. E. (Florence), Dennis, Thelma, Erma, Elva 668 East Main
Ledeau, Peter (Mildred) 152 West Main
Lee, Frank (Ethel), Robert E. East Main
Leithead, Maud R.D. 3, Union
Leithead, Otis R.D. 3, Union
Lemer, C. N. (Blanche), Dorothy, Maynard, Irene, Cathelene, Floyd, Rudolph Clyde
Lemer, Winifred Clyde
Leonard, Lawrence 893 East Main
Leroux, Mrs. Malvina, Brunette Glen Road
Leslie, Miss Hannah 16 North Ave.
Lester, Carl (Ruth), Ted, Arvilda, Priscilla 12 Second
Levack, Charles (Ada) Clyde
Levack, Clifford Clyde
Levin, Jesse (Esther) 4 Second
Leavens, Mrs. Attie M. 191 Elm
Leavens, M. O. (Annette), Barbara, Stuart, Beverly, William 191 Elm
Levoy, Archie (May) 8 Eastern Ave.
Levoy, Donald (Lillian) 46 Coventry
Lewis, C. E. (Winsome), Jeane, Carolyn 33 Central
Lewis, J. Harold (Beatrice), Ralph 61 Main
Lewis, Marion 72 Young
Lexford, Helen 43 Bay
Lexford, T. W. 43 Bay
Libby, Miss M. L. 11 Summer
Liberty, Mrs. Annie 40 Central
Liberty, Harry S. 40 Central
Light, John (Elgie), Virginia, Patricia 35 Park Ave.
Lightning, Eagle (Eula) 85 Winter
Lyon, Paul 3 Eastern Ave.
Lyon, Roy 3 Eastern Ave.
Lindsay, Howard 11 Bayview Ave.
Lindsay, W. C. Sunset Terrace
Linquist, J. A. (Clara), Harold 10 Cottage
Linston, J. G. (Hilda M.), Jane 15 Coventry
Lippens, A. L. (Alice) 5 Cross
Lippens, Peter (Anna) 3 Bay
Lister, Charles 10 Prospect
Litchfield, F. J. 69 Concord Ave.
Litchfield, Harold (Jessie), Hazel, May Beth, Mark 200 Sias Ave.
Livingston, A. W. (Minnie) 21 Prospect
Livingston, H. M. (Gertrude), Rudolph, Donald, Allen 187 Elm
Lizotte, Clarence 259 Elm
Lockhart, Mrs. G. W. 108 Sias Ave.
Lodge, George F. (Ida M.) Lake Road
Lodge, Elva M. Lake Road
Lodge, Frederic G. Lake Road
Longeway, Elizabeth Longview
Longley, D. M. Newport House, Main
Lontine, Alice 26 Prospect
Lontine, Joseph 26 Prospect
Lontine, Alexander (Florence), Isabelle, Francis, Melvin, Roland Glen Road
Lontine, J. B. (Eleanor) Glen Road
Lontine, Leo (Mildred) 8 Field Ave.
Lord, Edward 12 Pond
Lord, Hector 12 Pond
Lord, Jean 70 Bay
Lord, L. L. (Emeline), Leonard, Henry 2 Second
Lord, Norbert (Olive), Louis 41 Bay
Lorimer, Archie (Minnie), Marion 45 Bay
Loukx, London (Florence), Smira, Daphne, London, Jr., Evelina, Viola 79 Hoskins Ave.
Loukx, Albert 79 Hoskins Ave.
Loukx, Clayton 79 Hoskins Ave.
Lunderville, H. G. (Doris), Frances, Ruth 20 Central
Luxford, Mrs. Jennie East Main
Luxford, Rose 8 Middle
Lyford, Arlene 22 North Ave.
Lyford, Ned (Grace), George 22 North Ave.
Lyman, Jim 5 Main
Lyman, George (Julia) 31 Colfax
Lynch, T. W. (Pearle), Flora, Edward, Thomas, Donna Orchard
Lyon, Ruth 2 Court Square
Lyotte, Doris, Leonard 259 Elm
Lyotte, Albert (Hattie), Laura, Louise 259 Elm
MacArthur, George (Nellie) Highland
MacDermid, J. L. (Ruth), David 7 Cottage
Macdiarmid, George 7 Pleasant
Machum, Earl 61 Main
Mackenzie, D. L. (Louise), Donald, Robert, Elaine, Marie, Geraldine 33 Spring
Mackie, H. G. (Mae), Gordon, Ruth Glen Road
MacQueen, Cady 17 Central
Magoni, Silvio 61 Main
Macy, C. L. (Alice) 987 East Main
Magoon, Mrs. A. E. 87 Main
Magoon, A. R. (Carrie) 204 West Main
Magoon, Albert 204 West Main
Magoon, Doris 19 Middle
Magoon, Fred (Edith) 35 Prospect
Magoon, Guy (Mildred), Lucille 271 Indian Pt
Magoon, Donald 271 Indian Pt
Magoon, Marjorie 204 West Main
Magoon, Millard (Lendolene) 10 Second
Magoon, Viola 3 School
Magoon, L. A. (Jane) 243 Elm
Magoon, Elaine 243 Elm
Maguire, Belle 52 Union
Maguire, William (Mildred) 17 Cross
Mailloux, Mrs. Dora 466 East Main
Mailloux, Louis 466 East Main
Maloney, Anne 37 Coventry
Manfette, Levy (Eva), Shirley, Evaline, Francis Glen Road
Mansfield, Sarah 15 Bayview Ave.
Marandola, Alex (Mary), Antonio, Eva Glen Road
Marandola, Leo Glen Road
Marquis, A. F. (Mamie) 116 Union
Marquis, Earl 116 Union
Marquis, Gertrude 116 Union
Marsh, Miss Nina 48 Indian Pt.
Martel, Antoinette 42 Coventry
Martin, Annie 9 Prospect
Martin, E. E. (Ila) 2 Exchange Place
Martin, Glenna 2 Exchange Place
Martin, J. H. (Belle) 159 West Main
Martin, Evelyn 159 West Main
Martin, Fred (Marion), Richard 868 East Main
Martin, H. J. (Rose), Evaline, Lillian Glen Road
Martin, Mary B. North Ave.
Martin, Rupert (Florence) 45 South Ave.
Martin, William 11 Prospect
Martineau, Adlard (Georgette), Bertha, Maurice, Blandine, George, Juillett 24 Outlook
Martineau, Beatrice 24 Outlook
Martineau, Loretta 24 Outlook
Marvin, Delos 33 Autumn
Mason, Mrs. Christina 61 Main
Mason, Napoleon, Hazel, Paul Pleasant
Mason, S. A. (Emma), Ruth, Stanley 36 Lakeview
Mason, U. M. 208 West Main
Mayo, Don (Mary) 20 Outlook
Mayo, Charles (Gertrude), Helena, Reginald Outlook
Mayo, Earl Outlook
Mayo, David 104 Spring
Mayo, Napoleon 162 West Main
Mayo, William (Celina) 162 West Main
McAllister, Harriet 16 Summer
McAllister, Lyle 16 Summer
McCaffrey, Rondelle J. Clyde
McCaffrey, W. J. (Sadie) Clyde
McCarten, James E. (Roxanna M.) 36 Pleasant
McCarthy, C. E. (Jennie) 89 Young
McCauley, C. H. 42 Main
McCauley, Reginald (Margaret) Highland
McCauley, Parker (Madeline), Charles, Marguerite 20 Concord Ave.
McClellan, S. G. (Jennie) 83 Northern Ave.
McCuin, May 18 Coventry
McEwen, John G. (Laurie) 9 Lane Ave.
McFarland, E. C. (Marjorie), Marion, Ruth 72 Maple
McFarlane, Henry (Elva) 33 Third
McGee, James (Aura), Leonard Glen Road
McGivern, Joseph (Marion) 22 Central
McIver, Dr. Leo H. (Edna D.), Emily C., Marion L. Lake Road
McIver, Frederick D. Lake Road
McKay, James A. (Edna) 16 North Ave.
McKenney, Addie 12 Eastern Ave.
McKenny, Gordon 57 Bay
McKenzy, Charlie 9 North Ave.
McLean, Donald (Elizabeth) 200 West Main
McLean, Kathryn Newport House, Main
McLean, Rita 200 West Main
McLean, Ruth 200 West Main
McNeal, H. E. (Mayme) 9 Third
Meader, Theron (Marjorie) Elm
Mecham, R. H. (Blanche) Mt. Vernon
Menard, W. E. (Antoinette) 88 Pleasant
Menard, Leonard 88 Pleasant
Menard, Victoria, George Pleasant
Menard, Louise Pleasant
Menard, Peter Pleasant
Menard, Rachel Pleasant
Merrill, E. D. (Leola) 23 Prospect
Merrill, E. N. 23 Prospect
Merrill, E. J. (Adell) 9 Central
Meyer, Rev. Frederick (Mary Adelaide) 82 Main
Mielette, George (Lizzie), Gerard, Maurice, Cecile, Roland 50 Coventry
Miles, Rebecca 19 Pleasant
Miles, R. L. (Bertha) 31 Third
Millard, W. M. (Alice) 10 Eastern Ave.
Miller, Charles Highland
Miller, Lee Highland
Miller, Dr. E. L. (Hallie), Adele Mt. Vernon
Miller, H. L. (Mary), Francis, Maxine 3 Fern
Miller, Inez 111 Main
Miller, P. O. 111 Main
Miller, M. M. (Lena) 22 Prospect
Miller, Max Merrill, Jr. 22 Prospect
Miller, Harriet E. 22 Prospect
Miller, O. A. (Alma), Ruth, Pauline Highland Ave.
Mills, Dr. E. H. (Mamie) Hill
Mills, Russell D. Hill
Minor, Will 686 East Main
Mitchell, Miss Alice 22 Bayview Ave.
Mitchell, John M. (Aurilla) West Main
Mitchell, Ivan West Main
Mitchell, Walter West Main
Mitchell, Mrs. Carrie West Main
Moody, Ethel Glen Road
Moeykens, Theophile (Rosalie) Mt. Vernon
Moffett, Melissa Glen Road
Moffett, William Glen Road
Molander, C. W. (Mary), Mary Cone (grandchild) 26 Eastern Ave.
Montgomery, Robert (Esther) North Ave.
Montgomery, Rev. J. K. (Pearl S.), Walter John, Louise Patricia 18 Summer
Mooney, Ackland 42 Central
Mooney, Arthur (Mildred), Richard, Winston 34 Indian Pt.
Mooney, Glenna 98 Main
Moore, C. I. (Etta) 2 Green Place
Moore, C. R. (Hattie) 30 Second
Moore, Dr. George 30 Second
Moore, Harriet 5 Summer
Moore, J. A. (May), Geraldine, Marion, Roberta, John Jr. 2 Summer Terrace
Moore, Mary 2 Green Place
Moore, W. E. (Rena), Charles, Barbara 1 Summer Terrace
Moore, Porter (Ruth), Barbara, Frank, Jimmie 37 Oak
Moranville, Mrs. Alice 181 Northern Ave.
Moranville, Margaret 1018 East Main
Morin, A. F. (Eva), Edward 1166 East Main
Morin, A. J. (Dora), Hazel, Mildred, Richard Glen Road
Morin, George (Georgiana), Ernest, Janet, Homer Glen Road
Morin, Mrs. Marguerite, Paul Glen Road
Morin, N. J. (Carrie) Glen Road
Morin, R. N. (Doris), Marguerite Glen Road
Morin, Mrs. Rose, Lucille, Laurette, Roland Glen Road
Morin, Philip (Eva), Robert J. 3 Second
Mormandin, Lewis (Marion) 25 Pleasant
Morrill, Adelaide 79 Pleasant
Morrill, C. F. (Lucy) 996 East Main
Morrill, Mrs. Clara M. 10 South Ave.
Morrill, Edward (Rilla), Henry Durocher (stepson) 16 Second
Morrill, L. S. (Louise) 522 Sias Ave.
Morrill, Gertrude 522 Sias Ave.
Morrill, H. B. (Josephine) 11 Autumn
Morrill, Jacob 79 Pleasant
Morrill, Joseph Orchard
Morrill, Lillian, Juliette, Dean Orchard
Morrill, Teresa Orchard
Morrin, Joseph (Blanche), Viola, Elray, Robert, Charles  
Morrow, W. H. (Amy), Cecil, Freda 8 Second
Morrow, Earl 8 Second
Morow, John (Grace) 27 Second
Morse, A. (Ida), Phyllis  
Morse, Amos, Ernest, Janet, Homer 294 Indian Pt.
Morse, E. W. (Cora), Phyllis Glen Road
Morse, Horace Glen Road
Morse, H. T. Union
Mossa, Henry (Doris), Dorothy 73 Main
Mosher, B. H. (Alfreda), Dean, Bruce, Dayton 186 Elm
Mosher, Dora 33 Prospect
Mosher, L. (Georgia) 214 Elm
Mosher, Ralph (Theo) 33 Prospect
Mosher, Richard 33 Prospect
Mossa, Fred (Maude) 87 Pleasant
Mossa, Fred C. 210 West Main
Mossa, J. C. (Delia) 210 West Main
Mossa, Mitchell 210 West Main
Mossa, William (Nellie), William, Jr. Julliette 73 Main
Moulton, F. A. 153 West Main
Mudgett, M. L. (Bertha) 39 Broadview Ave.
Mudgett, Marian 39 Broadview Ave.
Mudgett, Lillian 39 Broadview Ave.
Mudgett, Evelyn 39 Broadview Ave.
Mudgett, Warren 39 Broadview Ave.
Mulcahy, John (Amanda) 3 Lane Ave.
Mullavey, Mrs. M. J. 53 Coventry
Mullavey, Grace 53 Coventry
Mullavey, John 53 Coventry
Mullen, A. C. (Ethelyn), Wayne, Charles Sias Ave.
Murdock, C. A. (Bernice) 99 Main
Murdock, James 99 Main
Murphy, Mrs. Lena, Jimmie, Lena Glen Road
Murray, Mrs. Emma, Doris 546 East Main
Murray, Susan 546 East Main
Mutch, Edward The Gilman
Mutch, Elizabeth The Gilman
Myers, Leon (Marjorie) 4 Second
Neal, William (Pearl) 20 Bayview Ave.
Neal, William 20 Bayview Ave.
Nealy, Ralph E. (Grace), Ruth, Chandler 51 Northern Ave.
Needleman, L. J. (Tilly), Sophia, Helen 15 Summer
Needleman, E. N. (Martha) 66 1/2 Main
Nelson, C. A. (Myrtle), William, Robert, Eleanor 37 Indian Pt.
Nelson, F. C. (Ethel) 168 West Main
Nelson, H. L. (Helen), Ila Mt. Vernon
Neur, Bill 9 North Ave.
Newman, W. (Olive), Andra, Olive, Pauline, Loella 190 Indian Pt.
Newton, George (Gertrude) 49 Bay
Nicholson, Norman (Margaret), Raymond 14 Eastern
Nicholson, Gertrude 14 Eastern Ave.
Niles, Charles B. (Mae) Highland
Niles, Floyd (Bessie) 2 Second
Niles, Gertie 16 Bayview Ave.
Niles, Mrs. Lydia 47 Oak
Niles, Charles 47 Oak
Niles, George 47 Oak
Noe, Eva, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Marjorie, Stella 3 Coventry
Noel, Mary Ann Hill
Noel, W. (Josephine), Theresa, Solange Hill
Nolette, H. J. Glen Road
Nolette, Homer J. (Mary) Glen Road
Nolette, Mrs. Mary Glen Road
Norris, Harold (Ethelwyn) Clyde
Norton, Charles (Goldie), Edith, Robert, Roderick, Beulah 15 Bay
Norton, Helena 16 Cross
Norton, Marguerite 16 Cross
Norton, Martin (Mary) 16 Cross
Norton, Martin, Jr 16 Cross
Norway, Blanche 43 Third
Nutting, Francis 42 Main
Nutting, Homer (Etta) 471 Sias Ave.
Odell, E. K. (Bernice), Kenneth, Francis 108 Sias Ave.
Olson, Arthur H. 46 Central
Osgood, J. O. (Ida) 175 West Main
Ouimet, L. H. (Nora) 44 Pleasant
Ouimet, Reginald 44 Pleasant
Ouimet, Henry (Minnie) Farrant
Overbury, Mrs. L. M. 33 Park Ave.
Overbury, Kenneth 33 Park Ave.
Owen, Clifton 2 Second
Owen, Russell 36 Lakeview
Page, Edward (Adella), Mildred, Marion 14 Second
Page, Gordon (Anna), Patricia 20 Bayview Ave.
Page, R. E. (Della), Duane R. D. 3
Page, Lora R. D. 3
Paine, Harrison (Marguerite), Eleanor, Harrison 336 Union
Palardy, Antonio (Vivianne), Lorraine 16 Second
Palin, Joseph (Anna) 12 Pleasant
Palin, J. L. (Alma) Glen Road
Palin, Eugene Glen Road
Palmer, George W. Clyde
Paquin, Arthur 20 1/2 Pleasant
Paquin, Emma 20 1/2 Pleasant
Paquin, Henry (Mae) 84 Main
Paquin, Dorothy 84 Main
Paquin, H. A. (Nellie), Reginald, Anita, Alfred, Albert, Mary, Alice 1124 East Main
Paquin, Henry P. (Isabel) Glen Road
Paradis, Ida Central
Paradis, P. E. (Claire) 49 Main
Paronto, Clyde (Violet), Fayette, Lewis 30 Indian Pt.
Paris, Simone 4 Pleasant
Parker, Fred (Mary), Alfreda Elie (stepdaughter) Orchard
Parker, Allison Orchard
Parker, Bernard Orchard
Parker, P. N. (Jennie), Hammond Orchard
Parker, Oliver 8 Orchard
Parker, Claude B. (Mary), Viola 249 Union
Parker, Clayton, Frances, Russell, Jessie, George, Gretchen, Phillippa, Charlotte 220 West Main
Parker, Lillian Union
Parker, Robert 33 Third
Parker, R. V. (Lilla), Clarence Bluff Road
Parker, S. D. West Main
Partlow, Natalie Orchard
Patch, O. J. (Anna), Mary Elizabeth 113 1/2 Main
Patten, Gordon (Mary), Frederic, Stuart, Georgie 150 Union
Patterson, Frank (Geneva) 10 Prospect
Payette, Euclide (Sadie), Simone, Roger, Ernest, Reta 87 1/2 Pleasant
Peabody, G. C. (Mary) 98 Spring
Peabody, Dr. H. S. (Lillian), Dorothy, Marguerite Mt. Vernon
Peabody, Sherman Mt. Vernon
Peabody, Vivian Mt. Vernon
Peacock, W. L. (Bernice), Robert 283 Sias Ave.
Pearsons, William (Susie) Hill
Pecor, Lewis 4 Middle
Pelkey, Louis Coventry Road
Pelkey, Mrs. Louis 466 East Main
Pelkey, Mose 466 East Main
Pelkey, Rudolph (Ruth) 16 North Ave.
Pelkey, Joseph (Eva), Gordon, Vivian, Dorothy, John, Oliver, Floyd, Leonard 136 Cliff
Pelkey, Earl 136 Cliff
Pelkey, Edward 136 Cliff
Pelletier, Lucien (Bernice) 85 Winter
Pennison, William (Milia), Mabel Glen Road
Pennison, Henry Glen Road
Pepin, Joseph (Rose), Grace, Eva, Leona, Louis, Alfred, Arthur, Andrew Glen Road
Pepin, Flora Glen Road
Pepin, Joseph, Jr. Glen Road
Percy, Erwin (Helen), Madelene Royce (stepchild) 3 Orchard
Percy, Mrs. Ida 3 Orchard
Percy, Raymond Newport House, Main
Percy, Rufus (May), Ruth, Newell, Edwina, Lorraine 12 Cross
Perkins, W. C. (Helen), Shirley, Marjorie 196 Indian Point
Perry, Fred (Florence) Coventry
Petrie, G. R. (Elizabeth), Charles, Robert, Betty 75 Autumn
Phelps, George (Mollie), Anne 9 Third
Phelps, Leslie J. 9 Third
Phoenix, E. A. (Isola) East Main
Pickel, F. M. (Edna) 78 Elm
Pickel, Henry 78 Elm
Pickel, Max (Florence), Phyllis 34 Concord Ave.
Pierce, Arthur (Ada) 7 Cottage
Pierce, Dorothy 7 Cottage
Pierce, Kenneth (Maude), Kenneth, Jr. Bay
Pierce, Hubert (Marjorie), Mary, Barbara, Rosalie, Hugh 40 Oak
Pierce, Raymond 14 Prospect
Piette, Dorothy Hospital
Piette, Dr. Louis (Lea) 8 Field Ave.
Piette, Genevieve 8 Field Ave.
Piette, Gilbert 8 Field Ave.
Piette, Maurice 8 Field Ave.
Piette, Vernice 8 Field Ave.
Pike, Capt. Al. (Bertha) 7 North Ave.
Pilbro, Freda 171 West Main
Pittcha, Lewis 1020 East Main
Place, Harold (Adeline), Pauline, Lawrence, Charles 3 Bay
Ploof, F. M. (Charlotte), Arthur 6 Coventry
Plouffe, Miss M. E. 45 Prospect
Pocock, H. S. (Katherine) 9 Third
Pocock, Allen (Dorcas) 9 Third
Police, John (Mabel), Gasper, Richard, Eleanor, John, Jr. 63 Main
Pomerleau, Ernest (Alma), Antonio 42 Prospect
Pomerleau, Ida 42 Prospect
Pomerleau, Louis 42 Prospect
Pomeroy, Benjamin (Marjorie), Josie, Louise, Paul, Frances, Robert 6 Summer
Pomeroy, Mildred 4 Summer
Pomeroy, Miss Nellie 6 Second
Pomeroy, Mrs. S. W. 6 Second
Pomeroy, Charles 6 Second
Pond, Joseph (Blanche) 70 Bay
Ponton, Jeanette 30 Outlook
Ponton, Arthur (Louise), Aurore, Roma, Alice, Clarence, Paul 30 Outlook
Ponton, A. E. (Mary) 35 Third
Ponton, Eugene (Evelyne), Paulette, Armand, Gabrielle, Huguette 36 Central
Pope, Mrs. S. E. 18 Pleasant
Pope, Marion 18 Pleasant
Porter, Robert M. (Alice L.), Samuel B. 246 West Main
Porter, M. J. 133 Northern Ave.
Porter, Linus F. (Lou) 34 Clyde
Post, Mrs. A. B. 6 Second
Poulin, C. S. (Simone) 10 Prospect
Power, Katherine 6 Raymond
Power, Richard 6 Raymond
Powers, Beede (Alice), Geraldine, Evelyn 18 Eastern Ave.
Prouty, Abbie D. 32 Pleasant
Prouty, E. J. (Ellen B.) 35 Second
Prouty, Eleanor 35 Second
Prouty, Richard P. 35 Second
Prouty, Mrs. J. A., John, Jr., Elsinore 26 Pleasant
Prouty, W. R. (Margaret) 115 Main
Prouty, Paul 115 Main
Prouty, Winston 115 Main
Provoncher, L. J. (Emma), Bernadette, Philip, Rita Glen Road
Provoncher, L. M. Glen Road
Provisor, Ernest (Mabel) 229 West Main
Provost, Edward L. (Eva), Patricia, Elizabeth 12 North Ave.
Prue, David (Idea), Blanche, Irene, Yvonne, David G., Claire 31 Outlook
Prue, Donia 31 Outlook
Prue, Fedora 31 Outlook
Prue, Wilfred 31 Outlook
Prue, Fred (Olive), Frederick, Vernon, Madeline, Reginald, Doris, Kenneth, Elaine, Marion 30 Cottage
Prue, Genevieve 30 North
Prue, Henry (Ella) 62 Bay
Puffer, Mabel N. Longview
Ramsdell, C. A. 94 Main
Ramsdell, Ella B. 94 Main
Ramsdell, Carroll 169 West Main
Ramsdell, Harold (Nora), Carlton, Kenneth 10 Second
Ramsdell, Dale 10 Second
Ramsdell, Herman 169 West Main
Ramsdell, Stella 169 West Main
Randall, Leola 135 West Main
Rann, James (Jennie) Glen Road
Rann, H. W. (Georgie) Mount Vernon
Rann, W. G. (Annie) Mount Vernon
Rawlins, W. F. (Carrie) 296 Indian Pt.
Ray, Charles W., Mabelle M. Farrant
Reed, W. J. (Henrietta) 40 Third
Redmond, J. W. (Eva) 37 Third
Reece, E. H. (Margaret) 25 Central
Reed, Mrs. Christie 52 Central
Reed, Nancy 52 Central
Reed, E. G. (Ethel), Dorothy, Donald East Main
Reed, Grant, (Mabel), Robert, Beatrice East Main
Reed, M. J. (Rena), Muriel 15 Eastern
Reed, E. C. (Elizabeth) East Main
Reed, Grant, (Mabel), Robert, Betty Lakeview
Regan, Charles 10 Clark
Remick, Lloyd 11 Bayview Ave.
Renihan, J. E. (Kate) 10 Cottage
Renihan, Maynard 10 Cottage
Renny, H. L. (Melina), Milton Glen Road
Revoir, C. E. (Marjorie), James 511 Sias
Rexford, Como (Abbie) 9 Farrant
Rhoades, C. E. (Emily) 98 Spring
Rhoades, Eva 8 Scott Ave.
Rhoades, George 8 Scott Ave.
Rice, Helen 113 1/2 Main
Rice, Nelson (Mary) 8 Cross
Richard, Emanuel L. (Margaret) Highland
Richard, Edmond Highland
Richard, William H. Highland
Richards, J. C. R.D. 3, Union
Richardson, Elmer (Sarah) 82 Maple
Richardson, H. W. (Alice), Norman, Beverly 188 Indian Point
Richardson, Ira (Cora), Norton, Errol, Mary Jean 73 Spring
Richardson, Myrtle 34 Prospect
Riches, Chauncey (Flora), William, Dorothy, Charles, Rosalie, Beverly 26 Indian Pt.
Richmond, Clarence W. (Florence N.) Bay
Richmond, Miss Clara E. Bay
Richmond, Willard N. Bay
Rickaby, Arthur (Cora) 16 Eastern Ave.
Rickaby, E. P. (Ella) 43 Prospect
Rickaby, Ernest (Grace) Mount Vernon
Ricker, Jessie 3 Coventry
Riegel, Wallace (Viola), Dorothy 24 Coventry
Riley, Franklin (Marguerite) 2 Second
Riley, Martin 61 Main
Rioux, Ernest (Gladys) 25 Third
Rivard, Adolph (Annie), Willie, Beatrice, Jane, Leo, Rossire, Roland, Teresa, Audrien 84 Pleasant
Rivard, T. J. (Rose), Emile, Normand, Gerald, Laurand, Claire 63 Highland
Rivard, Annette 63 Highland
Rivard, Claude (Helena) 29 North Ave.
Rivard, Clarence 10 Scott Ave.
Rivard, Elizabeth 10 Scott Ave.
Rivard, Ernest 10 Scott Ave.
Rivard, Frank 63 Highland
Rivard, Onesime (Diana), Norma, Royland 29 North Ave.
Rivard, Stella 29 North Ave.
Rivard, Theodore (Agnes), George 25 Pleasant
Rixford, Wallace (Julia), Eleanor, Marion, Arlene 150 West Main
Roberson, Fred 62 Bay
Roberts, B. R. (Annabelle), Leota, Wayne, Shirley Glen Road
Roberts, George Glen Road
Roberts, Matilda Glen Road
Roberts, Paul (Odeile), Lawrence 542 East Main
Robinson, F. E. (Eleanor) 6 Raymond
Robinson, Grace C. 168 West Main
Robinson, Mrs. Margaret 4 Second
Robinson, Mrs. Flora 22 Prospect
Roby, Arthur (Doris) Glen Road
Rochleau, G. A. (Noelma), Constance, Louis 150 West Main
Rochleau, Joseph 20 Outlook
Rogers, A. T. (Waite B.) Highland
Rogers, C. L. 20 Middle
Rogers, Henry (Jennie), Raymond 35 Central
Rogers, Roy 35 Central
Rogers, Nellie 23 Main
Rogers, Mrs. Julia Western Ave.
Roley, Alice Glen Road
Roley, J. C. (Mary) Glen Road
Rollins, W. S. (Lila), Dorothy 171 West Main
Rollins, B. C. 171 West Main
Rollins, Irene Farrant
Rollins, Miss M. Farrant
Rooney, W. T. (Irene), Thomas, James, John 125 Main
Root, G. F. (Mabel) 22 Third
Root, H. S. 87 Main
Ross, Melvina 1 Eastern Ave.
Rounds, Harold H. (Bessie), Newton Orchard
Rounds, Russell (Mary) 19 North Ave.
Rowe, Martha, Harriet, Russell 28 Cottage
Rowe, Roy 28 Cottage
Rowell, N. L. (Marion), James, Margaret 8 Third
Roy, William (Rose), Dona, Elmer, Mabel, Alice Glen Road
Roy, Alfred Glen Road
Roy, Olive Glen Road
Roy, William Glen Road
Rublee, Dr. Clair (Mildred), Elizabeth, Clair, Jr. 5 School
Rublee, Philip (Ona), Louise 10 Summer
Rush, Edna, Maxwell, John, Jane, Dorcas 12 1/2 Coventry
Rushlow, Mrs. Emma Clyde
Rushlow, David Clyde
Rushlow, Nelson Clyde
Rushlow, Irene Clyde
Rushlow, T. I., Lawrence, Lucille, Dorothy Clyde
Rushlow, Joseph (Elizabeth), Hazel, Evangeline, Anita, Kenneth 15 Outlook
Rushlow, Howard 15 Outlook
Rushlow, Walter 15 Outlook
Russ, Esther Hospital
Russ, W. W. (Hattie), Jackson 51 Lakeview
Russ, Kenneth 51 Lakeview
Russell, Robert (Phyllis) 14 Coventry
Ryan, Elizabeth 51 Coventry
Ryan, Theresa 51 Coventry
Ryther, W. J. (Jennie) 5 Raymond
Sabourin, Elizabeth 26 Outlook
Sabourin, Frank (Anna) 26 Outlook
Sachariat, Henry (Delvena) Field Ave.
Salls, Winston 3 Bay
Sanborn, J. E. (Malvina) 248 Elm
Sanders, Robert (Hazel), Jean, Marilyn, Robert 881 East Main
Santaw, Ernest 53 Bay
Santaw, Florence 53 Bay
Sargent, Connie 61 Main
Sargent, Elizabeth 93 Main
Saucier, H. L. (Louise), Evangeline, Estelle, Lafayette, Lionel Orchard
Savage, B. E. (Ruby), Elizabeth, Bruce 36 Cottage
Savage, Ernest W. (Lucretia), Frances 184 Sias Ave.
Savage, Earl F. 184 Sias Ave.
Sayball, F. E. (Doris), Velma, Woodrow, Evelyn, Doris Clyde
Sawyer, Bernice 33 Second
Sawyer, E. J. 45 Coventry
Sawyer, Guy (Gertrude) 27 Coventry
Sawyer, Wallace (Sue), Richard, Marjorie, Robert 229 West Main
Schoolcraft, Henry A. (Leona M.) 23 Middle
Schoolcraft, Alida E. 23 Middle
Schoolcraft, V. Beryl 23 Middle
Schoolcraft, Mrs. M. J. 996 East Main
Schurman, Dr. C. G. (Beatrice), Charles, May Louise 8 Prospect
Scott, A. F. (Minnie) 109 Main
Scott, E. A. (Anna), Paul 35 Prospect
Scott, Ida O. 158 West Main
Scott, Mrs. Margaret, Walter, Dorothy 20 Pleasant
Scott, Nat W. 20 Pleasant
Scott, Newton (Eva), Robert, Kenneth, Richard Bluff Road
Scott, S. G. (Myrtle) 22 Cottage
Searles, O. S. (Marjorie), Robert, Ruth, Richard 4 Orchard
Seaver, C. W. (Ethel) 11 Bayview Ave.
Seguin, J. E. (Elvira) 53 Broadview Ave.
Seguin, Herbert 53 Broadview Ave.
Sequin, A. J. (Floy), Gordon, Dean, Reginald 25 Spring
Sessions, I. O. (Esther), Katherine, Donald Highland Ave.
Sessions, Ralph Highland Ave.
Shanty, F. C. 103 Northern Ave.
Shanty, Joseph (Eliza) Clyde
Shappy, Woodrow 4 Middle
Sharron, L. M. (Viola) 1040 East Main
Shattuck, R. V. (Emma), Ruth 76 Spring
Shattuck, Mattie 76 Spring
Shaw, T. J. (Winnie E.) Farrant
Sheehan, Lawrence 11 Bayview Ave.
Sheehan, G. R. (Viola), Rae, Robert, James 81 Coventry
Sheehe, H. J. (Gertrude), Donald, Frances 42 Coventry
Sheehe, Gordon 42 Coventry
Sheldon, John (Edna) 29 Prospect
Sheltra, Homer 48 Indian Pt.
Shepard, Ruth, John 597 East Main
Sherman, F. R. (Harriet) 26 Second
Sherwell, Ray (Glenna) 36 Lakeview
Shipley, Ernest 37 Coventry
Shover, H. W. (Jennie), Barbara 7 Third
Shufelt, Gordon (Maggie), Earl 12 Bayview Ave.
Sias, C. W. (Sarah) 225 Sias Ave.
Sias, Leon 43 1/2 Coventry
Sias, Leona Glen Road
Simoneau, Joseph (Donalda), Edgard, Paul 40 Prospect
Simons, R. S. (Thelma) 37 Coventry
Simons, W. J. 37 Coventry
Simpson, Hiram (Lillian), Doris 42 Maple
Sisco, G. E. (Grace) 538 East Main
Sisco, Henry (Ruth), Betty Lou 45 Main
Sisco, Mrs. Louisa 11 Lane Ave.
Sisco, Ralph C. (Lucretia) 9 Central
Sister Agnes de l'Enfant Jesus Clermont
Sister Beatrix de Jesus Clermont
Sister Cecile Therese Clermont
Sister Edmond St. Joseph Clermont
Sister Elizabeth de N. D. Clermont
Sister Honorat Clermont
Sister Isabelle de Jesus Clermont
Sister Liguori du S. C. Clermont
Sister Marie de l'Ange Gardien Clermont
Sister Marie de l'Assumption Clermont
Sister Marie de la Presentation Clermont
Sister Marie Edouard Clermont
Sister Marie Georgette Clermont
Sister Marie-Louise de l'Immaculee Clermont
Sister Marie-Madeleine Clermont
Sister Marie Timothee Clermont
Sister Marie-Wilfred Clermont
Sister Odilon Clermont
Sister Renee St. Joseph Clermont
Sister Rose de St. Joseph Clermont
Sister Seraphine Clermont
Sister St. Bernard de l'Immaculee Clermont
Sister St. Gerard Clermont
Sister St. Jean Baptiste Clermont
Sister Ste. Thecle Clermont
Sister Therese du Mont Carmel Clermont
Sister Therese du St. Esprit Clermont
Skinner, Mary 4 Pleasant
Skinner, Maynard (Gertrude), Robert 38 Central
Skinner, R. P. (Fanny) 634 East Main
Skinner, Beatrice 634 East Main
Skoll, Oscar (Celia), Barrett, Sera Clyde
Slack, Elmer A. (Blanche) 308 Union
Slack, Barbara 308 Union
Slack, Howard 308 Union
Slattery, Robert J. (Helen), Roberta Pleasant
Slee, Sidney (Sarah) 34 Second
Smith, A. D. (Gertrude), Leigh, Edna, William, Robert Derby Road
Smith, Benjamin H. (Maud), Glenna, Ruth, Beverly 8 Clark
Smith, Clifton 53 Bay
Smith, Cortland Railroad Square
Smith, Clifton 167 West Main
Smith, Donald (Jennie), Gloria, Donald, Jr. 153 West Main
Smith, H. O. 205 West Main
Smith, Lawrence 205 West Main
Smith, E. J. (Gertrude), Miriam, Frances 15 Cottage
Smith, Everett Derby Road
Smith, Helen Derby Road
Smith, Walter Derby Road
Smith, G. A. (Carrie) Union
Smith, Harry (Irene), Beulah, Patricia, Harley West End Ave.
Smith, Henry (Mercedes), Anita, Gwendolyn, Charles 46 Colfax
Smith, H. G. (Hazel) 1 Pleasant
Smith, Jack 93 Main
Smith, Lawrence (Evelyn), Lawrence, Jr. North Ave.
Smith, L. K. (Maude), Kenneth 16 Second
Smith, Marshall (Eva L.), Richard M. Upper Clyde
Smith, Mrs. Mary 82 Oak
Smith, Norman 4 Central
Smith, Vernon, Raymond 4 Central
Smith, Ray F. (Annie), Franz, Vivian 48 Indian Pt.
Smith, Mrs. Ruth Young
Smith, Seth J. (Kathleen), Almon 14 Cross
Smith, Shirley 33 Second
Smith, Mrs. W. J. 93 Main
Snay, A. (Celeria) Glen Road
Snay, Joseph (Edith), Robert, Frederick, Richard, Phyllis Glen Road
Snay, Walter Glen Road
Snay, Frederick Fern
Snider, Mamie 1 Third
Sockol, M. (Bessie) 34 Concord Ave.
Sockol, Max (Esther), Dorothy, Maynard, Alton 34 Orchard
Sockol, Saul 34 Concord Ave.
Somers, Dr. H. E. (Dorcas), Joyce, Homer 37 Central
Somerville, G. S. (Carrie S.) 70 Main
Somerville, Edith 70 Main
Somerville, Kenneth 70 Main
Somerville, R. M. (Natalie) 70 Main
Souther, Fern 200 West Main
Spaulding, Mrs. B. O. 22 Pleasant
Spaulding, Jennie M. 49 Main
Spaulding, Ora (Rose) 15 Bayview Ave.
Spaulding, Kenneth 15 Bayview Ave.
Spear, Marion 3 Cottage
Spear, Mrs. M. D. 27 Prospect
Spear, R. W. (Margaret) 3 Cottage
Spencer, Clyde 84 Pleasant
Spencer, G. T. (Nina), George, Gordon Mt. Vernon
Spindler, J. E. (Mary) 170 West Main
Spooner, Blanche 27 Prospect
Spooner, E. A. (Elida), Willard A., Shirley B., Rachel T. 160 Lake
Spurling, William (Mae) 97 Main
Squires, Mae 5 Prospect
Squires, Mrs. Cora Clyde
Squires, Pearl Clyde
Squires, Ruby Clyde
Stark, H. G. (Lulu), George 511 East Main
Stephens, J. L. (Emily) 290 Elm
Stephens, Fred 290 Elm
Stephens, Nellie 290 Elm
Stephens, Norman 290 Elm
Stetson, D. R. (Myrtie) 43 Coventry
Stevens, D. C. (Rose) 46 Young
Stevens, J. B. (Mina), David, Philip, Ruth 216 West Main
Stevens, Theodore A. (Hattie A.), Theodora 1208 East Main
Stevens, Theodore R. 1208 East Main
Stevens, George (Florence), Gordon 22 Maple
Stewart, Everett 10 Clark
Stewart, Mildred 10 Clark
Stinson, Clara 12 Coventry
St. Germain, C. A. (Greta) 1 Pleasant
St. Germain, Evelyn Hospital
St. Germain, Rudolph North Ave.
St. Germain, Theo. North Ave.
St. Martin, Ernest (Connie), Ernest, Donald 46 Coventry
Ste. Marie, Mrs. Germaine 5 Clermont Terrace
St. Peter, Alfred (Alice), Lillian, Ernest Glen Road
St. Peter, Arthur R. 98 Maple
Stone, Mrs. M. M. 1 Pleasant
Story, L. W. (Mae) 95 Main
Story, Mrs. Harriet 55 Main
Story, Edward C. 55 Main
Stratton, Harold (Jessie) 16 North Ave.
Streeter, Eva, Margaret, Robert, Flora 44 Central
Streeter, Evelyn 33 Second
Stowell, Irving 11 Bayview Ave.
Sullivan, Kate 4 Central
Sweat, W. D. 42 Main
Sweeney, S. W. (Mabel), Maurice, June 177 West Main
Sweet, Arthur E., Gerald, Elizabeth, Mary, Beulah, Isabelle Glen Road
Sweetland, Harry (Leona), Madeline 47 Spring
Swett, A. E. (Nora), Mildred Smith (stepchild), Alton, Marion, Florence 6 Central
Sylvester, L. 3 Fern
Talbot, Alma 5 Main, Hurst Block
Talbot, Leon (Jennie), Ila Mae, Kenneth 11 South Ave.
Talbot, R. L. (Jennie), Vernon, Wayne Middle
Talbot, Roxie 37 Coventry
Tarlton, Charles 73 1/2 Main
Tatro, L. J. (Clara) 50 Main
Tatro, Aurora 50 Main
Tatro, Jerry 50 Main
Tatro, Marion 50 Main
Tatro, Olivia 50 Main
Tatro, James (Mary) 3 Cross
Tatro, Linford 16 Eastern
Taylor, Buzzell (Georgiana) 68 Bay
Taylor, Charles (Bernice), Helen 25 Prospect
Taylor, Barbara 25 Prospect
Taylor, Charles (Della) 14 Pond
Taylor, Joseph (Susie) 12 Pond
Taylor, Felix Coventry Road
Taylor, R. A. (Carrie) 15 Coventry
Taylor, Louis Coventry
Tabor, Everett (Harriet), Joyce 455 Sias Ave.
Taylor, Ben (Edith), Beatrice, Paul, Robert Autumn
Taylor, Margaret 1017 East Main
Temple, Fay 38 Third
Tetrault, Henry 23 North Ave
Tetrault, Joe (Osina), Adrienne Paquette (grandchild) 23 North Ave
Tetrault, Thomas (Laurette), Charles 82 Pleasant
Tetrault, Emily 82 Pleasant
Tetrault, Lucy 82 Pleasant
Tetrault, Malvina 82 Pleasant
Tetrault, Martha 82 Pleasant
Thayer, Asa (Florence), Dorothy, Donald 21 Bay
Thayer, Lillian 18 Summer
Thomas, Ida, Robert Glen Road
Thompson, Mrs. Helen 31 Second
Thoresen, Myrtle 37 Indian Pt.
Tibbets, Mrs. Delphy 97 Main
Tiedeman, Walter (Lena), Clyde, Herbert 24 North Ave.
Tiedeman, George (Dora) 72 Indian Pt.
Tinkham, F. S. (Margaret) 19 Eastern Ave.
Tollerton, Dr. H. U. (Mary), Sally Ann 34 Central
Toplitt, Anna 21 Main
Toplitt, Ethel 21 Main
Toplitt, Michael 21 Main
Towne, E. A. (Emma), Edwina, Beverly, Natalie, Priscilla, Phyllis West End Ave.
Traham, H. L. (Louise) 46 Pleasant
Traham, Loretta 46 Pleasant
Tredo, Earl 13 Summer
Tripp, A. E. (Nettie), Mary 4 Court Sq.
Tripp, Roland (Violet), Dale 36 Third
Trudell, Ernest 3 Coventry
Trudell, Nettie 3 Coventry
True, A. E. (Lillian) 20 Central
True, Christine 20 Central
True, W. W. (Elizabeth) 29 Third
Turcotte, Ed. (Jane) 46 Coventry
Turcotte, Fern Hospital
Turcotte, Fredericka 36 Central
Turcotte, Howard 36 Central
Turcotte, Leona 36 Central
Turcotte, Raymond 36 Central
Turcotte, Wilma Fay 36 Central
Turcotte, Ted, Roberta 46 Coventry
Turner, Alice 135 Main
Turner, C. E. (Hazel), Earl, Claire Fern
Turner, Theodore 6 Cross
Turner, W. A. (Lottie), Arlene, Shirley 135 Main
Tyler, Miss Rose 26 Second
Valade, Hector (Mary), Georgette, Leo, Gertrude, Dorothy, Gerard 47 Concord Ave.
Vallancourt, Jeanette 10 Third
Valley, H. G. (Lucy) 16 Hoskins
Valley, Emily T. 16 Hoskins
Valley, Homer 16 Hoskins
Valley, Max 16 Hoskins
Vancour, W. E. (Almeda) 498 East Main
Vance, Earl 10 South Ave.
Vance, U. G. 10 South Ave.
Vance, Walter 10 South Ave.
Vance, Jim Newport Center Rd
Vanier, Dorothy 6 Clark
Vanier, Frank (Katherine) 6 Clark
Vanier, Ovid (Emma), Gilson, Madeline, Anita, Geneva, Thelma, Earl, Lawrence, Beverly 56 Maple
Vanier, Olin 56 Maple
Vanier, Vivian 56 Maple
Vanier, Albert (Yvonne) 108 Maple
Varney, C. S. (Nellie), Dale, Vernon 171 West Main
Venton, Della Hospital
Vickery, C. H. (Mary J.) 336 Union
Vigneault, Edward (Martha) 7 Parker
Vigneau, J. B. (Bessie), Bessie Duchess
Vigneau, Floyd Duchess
Villeneuve, Arline 8 Middle
Villeneuve, Ena 8 Middle
Villeneuve, Eugene 8 Middle
Villeneuve, Vernal 8 Middle
Villeneuve, Margaret, Cecelia Clyde
Vincent, Frank, Francis, Stanley, Thelma, Cecile Clyde
Vinton, H. A. (Marguerite) Glen Road
Walker, Earl (Blanche) 2 Second
Walker, Mrs. F. M. 2 Second
Walker, Walter (Florence), Alma, Walter, Jr. 42 Prospect
Wallace, Harold 11 Bayview Ave.
Wallace, S. K. (Margaret), Malcolm, Barbara 78 Main
Ward, D. G. (Ethel) 209 West Main
Ward, Guy 35 Coventry
Ward, Lillis T., Helen, Lillis, Ralph (grandchildren) Eastern Ave.
Ware, Genevieve 14 Bayview Ave.
Waterman, Mrs. Cora 1022 East Main
Waterman, Roy (Natalie), Ella West Main
Watkins, B. G. (Kittie) 98 Main
Watkins, Charles 98 Main
Watson, Lawrence (Margaret) 8 Bayview
Watts, William (Jennie) 223 West Main
Webb, B. T. 16 Bayview Ave.
Webb, Dorothy 171 West Main
Webb, Obie (Helen), Reginald, Meriday 2 Scott
Webster, Herbert (Agnes) R.D. 3, Union
Webster, Almer (Florence) 36 Winter
Webster, Sarah 283 Sias Ave.
Weeks, Edward (Annie) 124 Maple
Weeks, Walter 124 Maple
Weischaar, Gustave Second
Welch, Alfreida 20 Eastern Ave.
Wellman, L. B. (Jennie) 197 West Main
Wellman, Ferol 197 West Main
Wells, Archie (Hallie), Barbara, Helen, Ruby, Sybil 103 Main
Wells, Hayden 171 Northern Ave.
Wells, Paul 28 North Ave.
Wells, Rosina 36 Pleasant
Wells, Sarah 84 Main
Wells, Wellington Lake Road
West, A. H. (Pearl), Barbara, Frances 7 Third
Whalen, Edward (Elizabeth) 5 Orchard
Whalen, Blanche 5 Orchard
Whalen, Miss Dorothy 5 Orchard
Wheeler, Belle, Francis, Henry 28 South Ave.
Wheeler, Bernard (Beatrice), Dean 16 North Ave.
Wheeler, Jordan (Marion), Rudolph, Florence 29 Gardner
Wheeler, M. G. (Flossie) 152 Elm
Wheeler, Roland C. 153 Elm
Wheeler, Olive 66 Bay
Wheeler, William (Ida), Irene, Geraldine, Irwin, Lorraine, Wilma 66 Bay
Wheeler, William (Mildred), John, Mabel, Howard, Gordon, David, William 13 Gardner
Wheeler, William (Alice) 29 Gardner
Wheeler, James M. (Clemma) 1031 East Main
Whitcomb, Irene Hospital
White, Henry (Goldie) Orchard
Whitehead, Carlton (Bernice), Duane 15 Summer
Whitehead, O. R. (Clara) 41 Coventry
Whitehead, R. N. (Ethel) 9 Cross
Whitehill, Clarence 31 Broadview Ave.
Whitehill, Leonard (Florence) 31 Broadview Ave.
Whittier, Lloyd (Addie), Norman, Garth Clyde
Wilcox, T. S. (Gertrude), Geraldine 6 Cottage
Wilder, Carroll (Elsie), Joyce 881 East Main
Wilder, G. P. (Mary), Robert, Rosalie 7 Summer
Wilder, R. N. (Florence) Highland
Wilkie, Charles 21 Third
Wilkie, Emery (Olive) 99 Main
Wilkie, Mrs. I. M. 89 Main
Wilkie, Lewis 21 Third
Willey, Ernest (Ellen) Mount Vernon
Willey, Carrie A. 56 Bay
Willey, Howard 56 Bay
Willey, Stacey W. (Clara) 16 North Ave.
Willey, Vernon 5 Main
Williams, Charles (Mable) 6 Prospect
Williams, S. C. (Lavinia) 23 Prospect
Williams, Merrill 23 Prospect
Williams, Frank C. (Frances) 1 Pleasant
Williams, O. E. (Mary) 2 Pleasant
Williams, W. M. (Gladys), Charles, John, John Smith (stepchild) 20 Raymond
Williamson, G. J. 49 Coventry
Williamson, Marjorie 49 Coventry
Willis, Clyde West End Ave.
Willis, Earl (Ethel) 223 West Main
Willis, John (Luella), Ellsworth West End
Wills, Mrs. Glenna 61 Main
Wilson, C. E. Wilson
Wilson, Smith Wilson
Winters, Margaret 12 1/2 Coventry
Witham, B. L. (Mary A.) 66 1/2 Main
Wood, C. A. (Josephine), Roger Highland
Wood, Mildred 10 Coventry
Woodard, R. E. (Dorothy), Eveline, Marjorie, Virginia, Edward, Gertrude, Christine 51 Hoskins Ave.
Woodbury, F. G. (Hulda), Edson, Robert Clyde
Woodbury, Clyde Clyde
Woodbury, Doris Clyde
Woodbury, Harold Clyde
Woodbury, Hazel Clyde
Woodbury, Henry Clyde
Woodbury, Howard Clyde
Woodbury, Mildred Clyde
Woods, George (Anne), Luther, Alice 32 Prospect
Woods, L. A. (Addie), Dale 37 Coventry
Woods, Ola, Donald 4 Middle
Woods, Ralph D. 11 School
Worboys, Veda Hospital
Worth, William 511 East Main
Wright, B. F. (Ruby), William, Robert 1176 East Main
Wosko, Casimir A. (Evelyn) 9 Central
Wright, Gladys S. 43 Coventry
Wright, Mrs. J. R. 113 Main
Wright, B. S. (Katherine), Raymond 33 South Ave.
Wyman, J. W. (Alma), Emily C., Wesley, Robert 74 Colfax
Young, Fred (Elizabeth) 16 1/2 North Ave.
Young, G. R. (Vanessa), Barbara, Gerald, Arline, Eunice 317 Sias Ave.
Young, L. T. (Alma) 737 East Main
Young, Lois 737 East Main
Young, Marie 737 East Main
Young, Royal 737 East Main
Young, R. V. (Bessie), Eleanor, James, Maynard, Maurice, Dale Clyde
Young, Lottie, Cecil, Charlie Glen Road

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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