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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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(NOTE these are in original order---not totally in alphabetically order)
Head of household (spouse) Children ( under 16 years of age) those over sixteen years of age will be found listed separately. Address
Abbott, C. E. (Gertrude)   Union
Abbott, Walter (Lucy)   17 Second
Abbott, Alice   17 Second
Adams, Mrs. A. E.   19 Third
Adams, C. C. (Margaret)   72 Young
  Ruth, Helen  
Adams, G. F.   938 East Main
Adams, George   938 East Main
Adams, Irving   938 East Main
Adams, Selina   5 Bay
Addison, David (Agnes)   54 Lakeview
  Agnes, Gordon  
Addison, Miss Ethel   54 Lakeview
Agnew, Charlotte   9 Clark
Agnew, Leo   9 Clark
Aiken, Mrs. Gertrude   Union, R. D. 3
Aitken, James (Mrs. J.)   Winter
Aitken, James (Helen)   244 Elm
Akin, Mrs. Bessie   24 Prospect
Akin, Robert   24 Prospect
Alberghini, Amando (Lucy)   18 Scott Ave.
  Madeline, Roy  
Alberghini, John (Lula)   Glen Road
  Walter, William, Esther  
Aldrich, E. L. (Mary)   2 Clark
Alexander, Mrs. Belle   5 Eastern Ave.
Alexander, Miss Erla H.   5 Eastern Ave.
Alexander, Maurice   5 Eastern Ave.
Alexander, Mrs. Jennie   100 Lakeview
Alger, Roy R. (Florence A.)   32 Main
Albee, C. B. (Viola)   Elizabeth Apts.
Albee, Stanley   89 Main
Allbee, Homer (Myrtle)   64 Young
Allbee, L. R. (Fleda)   42 Northern Ave.
Allbee, Hugh   42 Northern Ave.
Allbee, Charles   42 Northern Ave.
Allbee, Natalie   42 Northern Ave.
Allen, Andrew (Lenora)   18 Cross
Allen, Mrs. Emily H.   18 Cross
Allen, Howard   18 Cross
Allen, Miss Kate 111 Main
Allen, Maurice   22 North Ave.
Allen, Will (Nellie)   Hill
  Lottie, Marian, Alexander  
Ambrose, Mrs. Louise   26 Coventry
Ames, Fritz B.   36 Winter
Anair, Leon (Elizabeth)   16 Pond
Andrews, Wilbur (Myrtie)   Glen Road
  Frank, Edmund, Chestina, Walter  
Angel, Guy W. (Margaret)   60 Coventry
Angel, W. H.   60 Coventry
Annis, Miss E.   183 W. Main
Antetomaso, Sam (Dora)   12 Coventry
  Elizabeth, Olger, Samuel  
Archilles, James   Clyde
Arkin, William (Rachel)   Hill
  Joe, Sammy, Lillian, Silvie, Bernard  
Arkin, Abraham   Hill
Arkin, Moses   Hill
Arkin, Sarah   Hill
Armstrong, Edgar (Jennie)   124 Elm
Armstrong, George (Doris)   Clyde
Armstrong, Mrs. William   Park Ave
Asselin, Alphonse (Gertrude)   46 Coventry
Assaff, Lewis   1057 East Main
Assoff, Joseph (Helen)   Hinman
  Marion, Lewis  
Aubin, J. A. (Olivene)   85 Pleasant
  Laurette, Irene, Beatrice, Therese, Evelyn  
Aubin, Phillip   38 Pleasant
Austin, Clyde G.   61 Main
Austin, A. A. (Ethel)   974 East Main
Austin, H. M. (Eva)   974 East Main
  Max, Pauline, Doris Hannaford, (niece)  
Avery, Mrs. Mary E.   95 Main
Ayers, Fred (Perla)   52 Central
Bachand, Bernadette   6 Exchange Place
Badger, Mrs. Effie   16 Eastern Ave.
  Jay, Paul, Roy, Francis, Katherine  
Badger, Mrs. M. H.   3 School
Bailey, G. A. (Minerva)   Highland Ave
Bailey, Raymond   Highland Ave
Bailey, Sherburne   Highland Ave
Bailey, Wilfred (Nellie)   6 Cross
Baker, Mrs. Allura N.   8 Orchard
Baker, Herbert (Mae)   207 West Main
Baker, Samuel   8 Orchard
Baker, Stanley (Ethel)   207 Main
Balboni, Armando (Martha)   10 Summer
Ball, E. S. (Jeanette)   396 Sias
Baraw, Ernest (Arley)   3 Farrant
  Elsie, Joshua, Orletta, Charles, Ernestine  
Barber, Cleson (Eva)   Glen Road
  Reginald, Fern  
Barber, R. O. (Elnora)   Hinman
  Arline, Nora, Alfreda  
Barbin, Joseph (Laura)   10 Central
Barbin, Octave   Coventry Road
Barbin, Phillippe (Eva)   Coventry Road
  Olivena, Marion, Faye, Louise, Beatrice, Phillippe, Wayne  
Barnard, Fred (Hattie)   1138 East Main
  Pauline, Eleanor  
Barnes, Mrs. Annita   64 Main
Bean, Charles (Lillian)   Hill
Bean, Mrs. Lillian R.   25 Eastern Ave.
Bean, Miss Alice L.   25 Eastern Ave.
Bean, Mrs. Florence   RFD 4
Bean, Claire   RFD 4
Bean, Ralph   RFD 4
Bean, Milton (Nellie)   11 Young
Bean, Percy (Maud)   Western Ave.
Beaton, F. G.   893 East Main
Beaulieu, Elmira   13 Coventry
Beaulieu, Fred E.   13 Coventry
Beaulieu, Frank (Edith)   79 Winter
Beauregard, Frank (Hattie)   Pleasant
  Vivian, Albert  
Beck, H. W. (Emma)   Hill
  Alma, Henry, Howard, Frederick, William  
Bedor, Mrs. Julia   North Ave
Bedor, Napoleon   Colfax
Beebe, Austin J. (Lena W.)   224 Elm
Beebe, C. R. (Vera)   91 Indian Pt.
  Frances May  
Beebe, John   Summer Terrace
Beers, Homer (Leila)   84 Main
Before, Abe (Carrie)   Hill
Before, Albert   Clyde
Before, Alex (Mrs. Alex)   Clyde
Before, Cyrile F. (Rosa)   Glen Road
Before, Herbert (Ethel)   Clyde
Before, John (Mrs. John)   Clyde
Before, L. A. (Celia)   Mt. Vernon
  Maurice, Marita  
Before, Eugene (Nellie)   Mt. Vernon
Belanger, Ed.   147 West Main
Beldin, Mrs. Bessie   19 Third
Benjamin, Mrs. Laura   Glen Road
Bennett, E. R. (Gladys)   35 Indian Pt.
Bennett, Nelson (Shirley)   272 Elm
Benware, Cecil (Nellie)   Maple
Benware, Edward   10 Second
Benware, Joseph   10 Second
Berard, Joe (Mary)   55 Main
Berard, Katherine   55 Main
Bernard, Antoine (Delia)   Glen Road
  Greenwood, Cecil  
Bernard, Dorie (Maria)   Glen Road
Bernard, Fred   53 Bay
Bernard, Fred   61 Maple
Bernard, Henry (Olive)   Glen Road
Bernard, William (Alma)   47 Main
Bernier, D. (Maria)   14 Glen Road
  Blanche, Clarence, Andrew, Albert, Alfred, Bernadette  
Bernier, Leo   14 Glen Road
Bernier, William   14 Glen Road
Bernier, Yvonne   14 Glen Road
Berry, Iva   38 Third
Berthiaume, Ernest (Erlis)   5 Third
Berthiaume, Erlis   5 Third
Bessette, Leo (Roseries)   RFD 1
Bickford, Clark   Hill
Bickford, Clark   RFD 1
Bickford, Helen   44 Third
Bigbee, Charles (Freda)   544 East Main
  James, Francis  
Bigelow, Mrs. Mabel   90 Main
Bigelow, R. J. (Helen)   Sias Ave.
Bisbee, M. J. (Etta C.)   Mt. Vernon
Bisbee, Faye   Mt. Vernon
Bishop, A. A. (Marjorie)   18 Prospect
Bishop, A. E. (Catherine)   22 Prospect
  Kendall, Philippa  
Bishop, Clyde   498 East Main
Bissette, Alfred   43 Third
Black, Mrs. Jennie   Highland Ave
  Raymond, Gordon, Gerald, Kenneth  
Black, Henry   Highland Ave
Blair, Ernest B.   105 Main
Blair, Henry (Annie)   12 Scott Ave
  John, Oliver  
Blair, Mrs. Ida   520 East Main
Blair, Miss Isabel   Main
Blair, Miss Annette   Main
Blair, John E.   14 Scott Ave.
Blair, Lucien (Rose)   Coventry Road
Blaize, Mr.   46 Central
Blais, Jenette   30 Second
Blaisdell, Frank   1022 East Main
Blake, Mrs. Elizabeth   125 Maple
Blake, F. L. (Nettie)   Glen Road
Blake, Miss Mollie   Glen Road
Blake, Zenas (Laura)   257 Indian Pt.
Blakely, Miss Emma   15 Bayview
Blanchard, Miss Adella   89 Main
Blanchard, Archie (Mrs. Archie)   11 North Ave.
  Oliver, Wayne  
Blanchard, C. A. (Gertrude)   33 Spring
Blanchard, C. C. (Annie)   RFD 3
  Marjorie, Muriel, Wendolyn, Delia  
Blanchard, Mrs. Harriet   20 Second
Blanchard, Miss Christine   20 Second
Blanchard, H. G. (Marie)   33 Second
Blanchard, J. F. (Carrie)   92 Main
Blanchard, Mrs. Luna   29 Indian Pt.
Blanchard, Mrs. Mamie   18 Second
  Dorothy Smith, Harriet  
Blanchard, W. H.   33 Second
Blay, J. W.   44 Prospect
  Leonard, Annie E., Allen J.  
Blodah, E. S. (Lena)   Winter
Blodah, Harold   Winter
Blodgett, W. W. (Sarah)   15 Third
  William, Margaret, Christine  
Bly, Joel (Annie)   6 Bayview
Boisvert, Mrs. Louis   27 Pleasant
Boisvert, Miss Amelia   27 Pleasant
Boisvert, Arthur (Sadie)   27 Pleasant
Boisvert, Joseph (Rose)   Aubin
Boisvert, Joseph (Nellie)   42 Pleasant
Bonneau, J. H. (Jane)   50 Pleasant
Boomer, Mrs. Rebecca   Mt. Vernon
Boomhower, Archie (Hazel)   Glen Road
Bond, W. E. (Doris)   20 Second
Borelia, John (Mabel)   63 Main
  Gasper, Richard, Eleanor, John Jr.  
Bosley, George F. (Helen)   Aubin
  Louise, George  
Boright, C. A. (Grace)   Colfax
  Eben, George, Francis, Barbara  
Boright, Charles   Colfax
Boucher, Adelard (Emma)   Orchard
  Antoinette, Lawrence, Doris, Maurice, Bernard  
Bouchard, Tom   4 Field Ave.
Bouffard, Avisted (Antoinette)   Coventry Road
  Jeanette, Beatrice, Bernadette, George, Frances, Edna, Gerard  
Bouffard, Lewis (Mathilda)   79 Pleasant
Boulanger, Hector (Ruth)   34 1/2 Central
Bousquet, Dennis   Newport House
Bowen, A. G. (Annie)   Clyde
Bowen, A. M. (Grace)   37 Coventry
  Roger, Florence, John, Muriel  
Bowen, Ernest (Alice)   150 Union
  Willis, Wallis  
Bowen, Horace (Nellie)   Hill
  Irving, Thelma, Jerry  
Bowen, Melvin (Lena)   33 Coventry
Bowen, Vernal   Hill
Bowley, Mrs.   39 Third
Bowley, B. E. (Mabel)   4 Green Place
Bowley, C. A. (Mamie)   22 Bayview
Bowley, E. A. (Betty)   84 Young
Bowley, Charles (Mabel)   Aubin
Bowley, H. H. (Helen)   2 Sleeper Place
Bowley, Ralph   Orchard
Bowley, Sam   Orchard
Bowley, Riley (Ida)   63 Indian Pt.
Boyle, James (Bridget)   24 North Ave.
Boyle, Miss Louise   24 North Ave.
Boynton, Carrol (Isidore)   10 Summer
Boynton, J. O.   42 Central
Bracey, Olin A. (Mabel)   269 Union
  Myron, Constance, Hollis, Vera, James  
Bracey, Miss Ivah   269 Union
Bradley, John   72 Lakeview
Bradley, William   72 Lakeview
Brainard, A. L. (Ila)   131 Northern Ave.
  Lena May, Howard Irving, Velma Eugenia  
Brandon, L. E. (Blanche)   45 Indian Pt.
Breason, Eva   Elizabeth Apts.
Breason, Irene   Elizabeth Apts.
Breseau, Fred (Vangie)   Glen Road
  Findley, Doris, Frederick  
Breseau, Henry (Victoria)   Glen Road
  Arthur, Peter, Clara, Beatrice  
Briggs, C. A.   9 North Ave.
Briggs, C. H. (Ella)   9 North Ave.
Briggs, Gladys   9 North Ave.
Brigham, Alex   63 Bay
Brigham, B. L. (Clara)   Orchard
Brigham, J. M. (Mary C.)   Bluff Road, RFD 3
Brochue, Adelord (Erma)   9 Cottage
Brock, N. S. (Bertha)   23 Bay
Brooks, Clayton (Sadie)   Derby Road
  Charlena, Gwendolyn, Marion, Verna, Bernard, Doris  
Brooks, C. M. (Annie)   5 Parker
  Claudia, Dale  
Brooks, C. P.   5 Parker
Brooks, Ernest   3 Prospect
Brooks, H. G. (Dale)   36 Oak
Broulette, J. A. (Odelle)   East Main
Brown, J. B.   248 Elm
Brown, Arthur   39 Coventry
Brouillette, John   East Main
Brouillette, Wilfred (Alice)   42 Third
  Arletta, Clarice  
Brouillette, W. H. (Martha)   41 Second
  Susie, Joseph, Eleanor, Archie, William, James  
Brown, A. C.   Bluff Road
Brown, Charles A.   64 Main
Brown, Miss Barbara   64 Main
Brown, Charles (Emma)   668 East Main
Brown, Miss Rena   668 East Main
Brown, E. L. (Leola M.)   Highland Ave
  Clarence S.  
Brown, Edmond   195 West Main
Brown, Mrs. Grace   91 Main
Brown, Mrs. Iva   78 Elm
Brown, James A. (Glee)   17 Second
Brown, John   Y.M.I.C.
Brown, Mrs. Lucia   7 Second
Brown, Miss Esther   7 Second
Brown, Mrs. Mary   93 Main
Brown, Mrs. Pearl   248 Elm
Brown, Miss Alice   248 Elm
Brown, Roy C. (Ethel)   686 East Main
Brown, William   686 East Main
Brown, R. O. (Mabel)   12 Second
Brown, W. H. (Dorothy)   464 East Main
  Raymond, Gordon, Sydney  
Brown, W. J. (Edna)   20 North Ave.
  Reginald, Juanita  
Brown, W. O. (Sally)   35 Coventry
Bronson, F. (Louise)   Field Ave.
Bryant, Abner   157 Northern Ave.
Bryant, Alfred (Dorothy)   East Main
  Dorothy, Hilda, Alfred  
Bryant, Clifford, (Lena)   Glen Road
  Vivian, Margaret  
Bryant, H. H.   4 Pleasant
Bryant, I. C. (Ina)   738 East Main
  Ouida, Janette  
Buchanan, W. H. (Josephine)   24 Coventry
  Viola, Doris, Earl, Richard, Shirley  
Buchanan, Guy   24 Coventry
Buchanan, Irene   24 Coventry
Buchanan, Roy   24 Coventry
Buchanan, Charles   24 Coventry
Buck, Earl (Ruth)   44 Maple
  Hazel, Dorothy  
Buck, Erastus (Louise)   13 Second
Buck, Miss Ruth   13 Second
Buck, Mrs. Mary   23 Middle
Buckland, Arthur (Emma)   Broadview
  Elizabeth, Charles, Lee  
Buckland, Pearl   Broadview
Bullard, William   Glen Road
Bunker, S. H. (Josie)   Broadview
Burbank, George (Myrtie)   7 Third
Burgess, Mrs. Emily   North Ave
Burgess, Edmond   North Ave
Burgess, Colin   North Ave
Burgess, Ernest (Nettie)   819 East Main
  Walter, Elizabeth, Katherine  
Burke, Joe (Minnie)   5 Bayview Ave.
Burgess, John (Hazel)   1 Third
Burlton, Arthur   Glen Road
Burlton, John W. (Elizabeth)   Glen Road
  Nellie, Alfred  
Burns, Abbie   5 Pleasant
Burns, Angeline L.   5 Pleasant
Burns, Frank D.   5 Pleasant
Burns, Edward   61 Main
Burt, J. A. (Erla)   Mt. Vernon
  Roger, Donald  
Buskey, Louis Sr. (Mary)   152 West Main
  Rudolph, Melvina, Ernest  
Buskey, Louis Jr.   52 West Main
Buteau, Rudolph   84 Pleasant
Buteau, Wilfred (Vivian)   Third
  Gertrude, John  
Buzzell, G. A. (Shirley)   Highland Ave
  Halle, Sally  
Buzzell, Reginald   10 Bayview Ave.
Byers, A. W. (Florence)   38 1/2 Central
Calhoun, P. C. (Gladys)   40 Pleasant
  Philip Jr.  
Calkins, Gladys   Clyde
Calkins, Mrs. Hattie   Clyde
Calkins, Junie (Mary)   Clyde
  Erla, Julien, Albert, Charlotte, Marian, Rudolph  
Callaway, G. O. (Doris)   3 Farrant
  Gladys, Blaine, Hector, Louise, John  
Callahan, Mrs. E. D.   165 West Main
Camber, John (Bernice)   38 Coventry
Cameron, Elwin E.   33 Second
Camp, T. C. (Florence)   Bluff Road
Camp, Edwin   Bluff Road
Cantell, N. B. (Mrs. N. B. )   Mt. Vernon
Carbonneau, Francis (Beatrice)   50 Coventry
Carder, Norma   South Ave.
Carney, Mrs. E.   Elizabeth Apts.
Carpenter, C. P. (Henrietta)   3 North Ave.
Carr, Jay (Gladys)   Elizabeth Apts.
Carr, Lynn (Stella)   10 Bayview
Carr, Maud   16 North Ave.
Carter, D. J. (Alice)   West Main
Carter, Edward (Lena)   Mt. Vernon
  John, Melvin  
Carter, Gordon   Hurst's
Carter, Leonard   50 Coventry
Carter, Lewis (Louisa)   Glen Road
Carter, Louis (Elizabeth)   50 Coventry
Carter, C. A. (Lizzie)   44 Prospect
Carter, Victor (Helen)   Glen Road
  Leonard, Buster, Frederick  
Cartier, Louis (Louise)   Glen Road
Case, George (Agnes)   19 Bay
Cass, E. A. (Ida)   Bluff Road
Cass, E. C. (Myrtie)   27 Central
Cass, Lee E.   Bluff Road
Cass, Mrs. Maud A.   30 Indian Point
  Virginia, Frederick  
Cass, O.   30 Indian Point
Cavanaugh, James (Emma)   45 Bay
  Rachael, James  
Centebar, Josie   46 Coventry
Chaffee, W. S. (Flora)   312 Sias
  Helen, Richard  
Chamberlain, C. M.   7 Third
Chamberlain, Edith   14 Bayview Ave.
Champaigne, Henry (Evelyn)   1 Bay
  Victorine, Henry, Agatha  
Champaigne, Wilfred (Evelyn)   42 1/2 Prospect
  Dennis, Georgette  
Chaplin, E. L. (Bessie)   108 Elm
Chapman, C. A. (Emily)   47 Main
Chapman, Guy 893 East Main
Chappell, M. B. (Florence)   14 Coventry
Charland, Thomas   108 Union
Chartier, Henry (Mary)   Glen Road
  Aneta, Homer, Henry, Hector, Willy  
Chase, Moses (Rena)   RFD 4
  Kenneth, Florence, Lyle, Norman, Barbara, Ronald  
Chasteny, Mary   312 Sias Ave
Chasteny, Ruth   312 Sias Ave
Chasteny, Simeon   893 East Main
Cheaver, Lewis A.   Glen Road
Cheney, Charles (Anna)   Glen Road
  Earl, Nelson, Edna, Maynard, Rita, Gertrude  
Cheney, Dana (Brytilene)   Glen Road
  Doris, Maurice, George, Vivian  
Cheney, Joseph (Kate)   37 Bay
Cheney, Leon (Elma)   244 Elm
Cheney, Raymond   Glen Road
Chilson, Appleton   9 Eastern Ave.
Chilson, Emma   9 Eastern Ave.
Chilson, Mary   9 Eastern Ave.
Choquette, Hector P. (Edwidge)   Aubin
  Ozilda, George, Joseph, Elizabeth, Charles  
Choinard, Henry (Lorena)   Coventry Road
  Mary, Yvonne, Henry  
Choquette, Charles   88 Pleasant
Clapper, Myron (Lera)   4 Summer Ter.
Clapper, Pliny (Loura)   56 Bay
Clapper, Roy (Emma)   Glen Road
Clapper, T. M. (Susan)   73 Spring
Clark, A. C. (Martha)   164 West Main
Clark, Beatrice   164 West Main
Clark, C. A. (Harriett)   Mt. Vernon
  Nelda A.  
Clark, Clifton   Northern Ave.
Clark, Elmer (Bertha)   Glen Road
Clark, Flora A.   Mt. Vernon
Clark, George   Clyde
Clark, J. R.   81 Coventry
Clark, Mrs. Margaret   81 Coventry
Clark, W. C. (Mrs. W. C.)   Northern Ave.
Clarke, Melborne (Doris)   29 Bay
Clarke, Mrs. Sarah   9 Prospect
Cleary, Walter H. (Arlene)   12 School
  John, Louise  
Clement, Robert H. (Nina)   123 West Main
  Howard R.  
Clermont, Rev. A. P.   45 Prospect
Clifford, E. D. (Mrs. E. D.)   Colfax Ave.
Clough, Edwin (Addie)   Clyde
Coan, C. H. (Grace)   43 Third
Coan, C. Kendrick   43 Third
Coan, Kenneth D.   43 Third
Cobleigh, Mrs. Ada 83 Autumn
Cobleigh, A. B. (Carrie)   69 Oak
Cobleigh, Leota   69 Oak
Coburn, Daniel (Vinnie)   Glen Road
  Ruth, Julia, Florence, Roy  
Coburn, Fred H. (Bernice)   79 Oak
  Dean, Herbert, Robert  
Coburn, Mrs. Jennie   10 North Ave.
Coburn, Gertrude   10 North Ave.
Coburn, Ray (Lena)   Clyde
Coderre, Alidore (Laura)   Coventry
Coffin, Fred P.   Bluff Road
Colburn, O. F. (Verna)   349 Sias Ave.
  Maynard H., Arline E.  
Cole, Daniel (Emily)   349 Sias Ave.
Cole, Miss Valeria   154 West Main
Collins, Arthur   West Main
Collins, Miss Bessie   208 West Main
Collins, Miss Edith   115 Main
Collins, Ernest (Olive)   10 Longview Ave.
  Dorothy, Katherine, Thelma, Marvin, Reginald, Arland, Lucien  
Colodny, L. (Sarah)   16 School Ave.
Colodny, Miriam   16 School Ave.
Colodny, Raymond   16 School Ave.
Comeau, Eusebe (Edna)   Glen Road
  Homer Stanley  
Como, Isadore   Union
Conley, Edward (Iva)   9 Summer
Conn, L. (Ella)   7 Bay
  Rose, Percy, Ila, Lemuel  
Connal, Miss Clemma   Clyde
Connor, Mrs. E. A.   4 Central
Cook, Miss Florence   Bluff Road
Cook, George L. (Eva A.)   116 East Main
  Harry L., Irma A.  
Cook, Napoleon (Kate)   17 North Ave.
Cook, Wesley (Charlotte)   18 Sias Ave.
Cooley, W. F. (Lena S.)   101 Maple
Cooley, Eleanor   101 Maple
Copp, Charles C. (Helen)   8 Scott Ave.
  Robert, Stillman  
Corbeil, Miles A. (Blanche)   44 Pleasant
Corey, R. T. (Bernice)   294 Union
  Dane, Alden  
Corey, Miss Eileen   294 Union
Corley, Miss Ruth   11 Bayview Ave.
Corley, Miss Iva   11 Bayview Ave.
Corliss, Howard (Leota)   Autumn
Corrow, Dennis (Myrtie)   Sias Ave.
  Lawrence, Dorothy, Virginia  
Corteau, Charles (Ruth)   43 Autumn
Cosma, Israel (Abbey)   Aubin
Cossette, Mrs.   15 Coventry
Cote, Charles   Main
Cote, Lawrence (Maria)   195 West Main
Cote, Noe (Eva)   Hill
  Irene, Ernest, Flora, Ovalena  
Cote, Reginald Clement   Hill
Cotman, Lawrence (Ada)   97 Main
  Lawrence Jr.  
Cournoyer, Emile (Priscilla)   6 Central
Cousens, Charles (Wilma)   205 Elm
Cousens, H. K. (Emma)   224 Elm
Couture, Rev. Alfred   Clermont Terrace
Cramer, Mrs. Ina   171 Northern Ave.
Cramer, Reginald H. (Edna)   171 Northern Ave.
Crandall, Harold (Geneva)   Mt. Vernon
Crawford, Charles J. (Abbie)   6 Longview Ave.
Crawford, F. B.   6 Longview Ave.
Crawford, Clarence (Daisy)   69 Bay
  Gilman, Althea, Dorman, Dennis, Robert  
Crawford, S. G. (Bertha)   31 Coventry
Crawford, George   31 Coventry
Crawford, Vernon   31 Coventry
Creaser, O. W. (Florence)   15 Bayview
Creaser, Clyde   15 Bayview
Crawford, John (Ellen)   Bay
Crees, William (Florence)   44 Third
Crosby, Mrs. Florence   Clyde
  Claude, Richard, Ruth  
Crosby, Robert   Clyde
Crosier, Walter   48 Concord
Crowe, Elmer (Hattie)   Sias Ave.
Crowe, John (Sadie)   193 Northern Ave.
Crowe, Harold   193 Northern Ave.
Cummings, Clarence (Gladys)   1124 East Main
  Betty V.  
Cummings, Roland S. (Stella)   1124 East Main
Cummings, Miss Susie   West Main
Cunningham, John (Nettie)   Elizabeth Apts.
Currier, Elmer (Olive)   15 Farrant
  Evelyn, Arline  
Currier, Edward G.   15 Farrant
Currier, Albert   15 Farrant
Currier, Frank   6 Cross
Currier, I. J.   Elizabeth Apts.
Currier, Joseph   153 West Main
Currier, Miss Bertha   153 West Main
Currier, Leo   15 Farrant
Currier, Leonard   12 Eastern Ave.
Currier, Miss Mabel   49 Bay
Currier, Walter (Mary)   4 Eastern Ave.
Curry, Frank   Orchard
Curtis, B. S. (Alice)   5 Bay
Cushing, Alfred F. (Alice)   41 Young
  Lyle A.  
Cushing, Arline J.   41 Young
Cushing, Mrs. C.   1118 East Main
  Katherine, Madeline, Edna  
Cushing, Harry F.   98 Maple
Cushman, Mrs. H. B.   15 Pleasant
Cushman, John   Court Square
Cushing, S. J. (Clara)   282 Union
Cusson, Miss Emma   Railroad Square
Cutting, C. R. (Hattie)   259 Elm
  Zora E., Harold W., Arnold R., Alton  
Dagenais, E. J. (Emilene)   20 North Ave.
Daggett, Miss Bernice   Pleasant
Dagnais, Mrs. Mary A.   16 Outlook
  Marion, Clement, Babe  
Dagnais, Wilfred (Margaret)   17 Bay
Dailey, H. L. (Sarah)   224 Elm
Dailey, H. W. (Mrs. H. W.)   32 Spring
Dailey, Selah (Lucy)   136 Union
Daley, Patsey (Dora)   203 West Main
  Rudolph, Robert  
Dane, E. I.   294 Union
Dane, Ovid (Melvina)   Pleasant
  Pauline, Lawrence, Paul, Raymond  
Dane, Mrs. Hattie   220 West Main
Daniel, John (Marie)   Glen Road
  Malda, Arthur, Elizabeth, Irene, Randolph, Pearl, Viola, Florence  
Darling, Gertrude   64 Young
Dauphin, John (Dinese)   Bay
  Florence, Clarence, Albert, Albertine, Lawrence  
Davidson, D. W. (Alice)   9 Lane Ave.
Davidson, Miss Leona   8 Green Place
Davio, B. H. (Mrs. B. H.)   47 1/2 Coventry
Davio, Mrs. Rose   Glen Road
Davio, Henry (Florence)   Hill
  Christina, Irene, Chester  
Davio, David   Glen Road
Davio, Arthur   Glen Road
Davio, Archie (Mary)   East Main
Davio, Elroy   243 Elm
Davio, William J. (Lydia)   Lake
Davis, Mrs. A.   Glen Road
Davis, Mrs. Annie   46 Central
Davis, C. A. (Helen)   9 Prospect
Davis, C. C. (Nettie)   22 Second
Davis, C. H. (Gertrude)   Sias Ave.
Davis, Otto (Ethel)   3 Summer
Davis, Mrs. Lucia   13 Prospect
Davis, R. W. H. (Irene) 13 Prospect
Davis, J. Riley (Gertrude)   19 Third
  Royal, Howard  
Davis, Sidney F. (Josephine)   52 Main
Davis, W. E. (Ella)   154 West Main
  Roy, Ray  
Davis, W. E. (Myrtie)   Mt. Vernon
  Howard, Hugh  
Dawson, Mrs. Grace   Raymond
Day, Marjorie   511 Sias Ave.
Day, Mrs. M.   16 Scott Ave.
Day, Ora (Isabel)   16 Scott Ave.
  Cyril, Calvin  
Day, Pauline   511 Sias Ave.
Dearborn, Mrs. Mary   8 Second
Dearborn, Georgia   8 Second
Deaette, Mrs. Mary L.   7 North Ave.
Deaette, Miss Edith   7 North Ave.
Deaette, Miss Emily   7 North Ave.
Dean, Homer (Jennie)   4 Raymond
Decker, L. A.   Y.M.I.C.
Decoteau, Alfred   8 Eastern Ave.
  Charles, Elenore, James  
Decoteau, Fred W. (Rose)   Pleasant
Decoteau, John (Ellen)   Pleasant
Decoteau, Miss Louise   Pleasant
Decoteau, Miss Pearl   Pleasant
Decoteau, Robert   Pleasant
Deep, Isaac   1057 East Main
Degoosh, Nat (Mrs. Nat)   Cliff
Degoosh, William   Cliff
Degree, Walker   11 Bayview Ave.
Demars, George (Imogene)   Glen Road
Demars, George (Sadie)   Glen Road
  William, George, Mary  
Demars, J. N. (Georgianna)   14 Cottage
  Bertha, Beatrice, Cecil, Theresa, Francis  
Demars, Joseph (Mabel)   26 1/2 Coventry
  Alice, Lillian, Inez, Ernest, Marion  
Demars, Mary   14 Cottage
Demars, Rachael   14 Cottage
Denonville, Miss Antoinette   42 Prospect
Derusha, Alex   78 Elm
Derusha, Mrs. Verna   98 Maple
Dexter, Lester (Lena)   Mt. Vernon
Doan, Clarence (Pearl)   8 Third
Doan, George (Elizabeth) 8 Third
Docos, George   3 Coventry
Dodge, E. N. (Florence)   10 School
Dodge, William   10 School
Doherty, John (Alice)   South Ave.
Domey, A. E. (Mary)   44 Central
  Richard, Patricia  
Domey, Robert   44 Central
Donaghy, F. E. (Eva)   101 Young
Donaghy, Glenna   101 Young
Doran, Ben R. (Ida N.)   307 Union
Doran, Miss Maye   307 Union
Doran, Stephen A.   307 Union
Dore, Florence   544 East Main
Douglass, Ella   8 Eastern Ave.
Dow, Preston   53 Bay
Doyen, Charles (Myrtie)   Clyde
  Margaret, Leo, David  
Dragon, Miss Lea   17 Eastern Ave.
Drake, David   843 East Main
Drake, Miss Gertrude   843 East Main
  Katherine Healy (adopted child)  
Dresser, Alva W. (Alice)   14 Bayview Ave.
  Ruth E.  
Drew, Miss Kate   4 Summer
Drew, Forrest (Vera)   Clyde
Drew, L. O. (Helena)   38 Third
Drew, Melvin (Mabel)   133 Northern Ave.
  Floyd, Alfred, Ruth Mabel  
Drown, Mrs. Nellie   96 Main
Drown, Asa (Blanche)   9 Highland Ave.
  Nelson, Katherine  
Drown, Harry E. (Ida M.)   176 West Main
Drown, Miss Goldie   176 West Main
Drown, Miss Gladys   176 West Main
Drown, Warren B. (Ruth)   47 Pleasant
  Warren Jr., Colin  
Drury, James (Ellen)   20 Scott Ave.
  Harold, James, Elsie  
Dubois, A. E. (Alberta)   12 Central
  Howard, Kenneth  
Dubray, Mrs. Effie   13 Prospect
Dubuc, Mrs. Albina   46 Pleasant
Duchesneau, E. C. (Alice)   9 Cottage
Duchesneau, Eglantine   9 Cottage
Duchesneau, Leon   9 Cottage
Duchesneau, Orrin   9 Cottage
Duchesneau, Victor   9 Cottage
Ducklass, Clayton E. (Jennie)   Clyde
Duffy, Frank (Carrie)   Pleasant
  Lawrence, Sadie, Donald  
Dunsmore, Allan (Mabel)   28 Prospect
Dunsmore, A. B. (Edna)   4 Sleeper Place
Dunsmore, W. W. (Jean)   20 1/2 Pleasant
Dunsmore, A. S.   20 1/2 Pleasant
Dunsmore, G. E.   20 1/2 Pleasant
Duquette, A. J. (Lilla)   35 Sias Ave.
Duquette, Walter   35 Sias Ave.
Durrel, J. E. (Blanche)   50 Coventry
Dusseau, Joseph   88 Pleasant
Duval, Maude   9 North Ave.
Dwyre, Ernest (May)   East Main
  Clarence, Dorothy, Margarite  
Dwyer, Olin (Mrs. O.)   13 North Ave.
  Beatrice, Gladys  
Dwyer, Harold   13 North Ave.
Dyamond, Miss Zula   8 Summer
Dyott, Arthur (Delia)   East Main
Eastman, Ed.   17 Central
Eastman, C. G. (Mattie J.)   59 Autumn
Eaton, G. J. (Amy)   163 West Main
  Helen, Ruth  
Elder, Mrs. Alma   893 East Main
Elie, Arthur (Jessie)   Clyde
  Doris, Eleanor  
Elie, Ernest (Hattie)   Hill
  Earl, Mildred, Frederick, Dorothy  
Elie, Wilfred (Berna)   Hill
Elie, L. J. (Alma E.)   30 Third
Elie, Nelson (Ellen)   Clyde
Elliot, Herbert (Ara)   2 Union
Elliot, Lillian   207 West Main
Ellis, Guy   22 Cross
Ellis, Mrs. Mary   42 Central
  Reginald, Dorothy, Burton  
Ellis, Roy (Bertha)   Northern Ave.
Ellsworth, Fred   49 Bay
Ellsworth, H. V. (Helen)   38 Central
  Margaret, Glen  
Ellsworth, Henry (Winifred)   Glen Road
Ellsworth, Ethel   Glen Road
Emery, Bessie   Newport House
Emery, C. S. (Harriet)   15 Prospect
Emery, Doris E.   15 Prospect
Emond, Middy   63 Bay
Ennor, Miss Bessie   49 Bay
Enos, John (Laura)   11 Prospect
Fairbanks, Ralph (Grace)   69 Northern Ave.
Fairbanks, Stanley   5 Eastern Ave.
Fairbrother, A. C. (Cora)   16 Coventry
Fairbrother, Hugh (Jessie)   16 Coventry
  Clinton R., Dale, Frances  
Fairbrother, B. E. (Daisy)   149 West Main
Farman, A. W. (Ada B.)   8 Pleasant
  Willard B., Elvira May  
Farman, Beatrice   8 Pleasant
Farmer, Mrs. John C.   Western Ave.
Farnham, W. J. (Maggie)   East Main
  Georgie, Nina, Ladd, Robert  
Farquaharson, Nellie   24 Second
Farrant, Miss Emma   Farrant
Farrant, Miss Susan   Farrant
Farrant, John (Hattie)   Farrant
Farrar, Harry A. (Sophia)   103 Northern Ave.
  Donald, Velma, Ureta  
Farrar, Don C. (Eva)   484 East Main
Farrar, C. O. (Agnes)   RFD 3
Fauchs, H. W. (Jessie)   Orchard
Faufau, Alfred   1176 East Main
Faufau, C. R. (Bertha)   10 South Ave.
  Roberta, Leatrice  
Featherston, W. (Winnie)   99 Main
Fee, Percy (Hazel)   Sias Ave.
Ferguson, Edward (Lizzie)   1 White Place
Ferrin, Miss Kate   33 Second
Fielder, Miss Catherine   24 Prospect
Findlay, H. G. (Goldie)   Elizabeth Apts.
Fisset, Ludger (Olive)   Coventry Road
Fish, George W. (Lillian)   205 West Main
Fisher, Emerson (May)   10 Clark
  Mildred, Everett  
Fisher, E. W. (Lucia)   44 Spring
Fisher, Arthur (Lillian)   140 Elm
Fisher, Mrs. Myrtie   Mt. Vernon
Fitzpatrick, E. J. (Melvina)   7 Bayview Ave.
Fitzpatrick, Bruce   7 Bayview Ave.
Fitzpatrick, Earl   7 Bayview Ave.
Fitzpatrick, Lyle   7 Bayview Ave.
Fitzpatrick, John   Y.M.I.C
Flanders, Arthur Sr. (Edith)   Elizabeth Apts.
Flanders, Arthur Jr.   Elizabeth Apts.
Flanders, Lucius (Laura)   East Main
  Viola, Mirle, Frederick  
Flanders, E. E. (Lillian)   924 East Main
  Arline, Madeline, Dale  
Flanders, W. O. (Idella)   Clyde
Flint, C. M. (May)   90 Main
Flint, Leslie   90 Main
Flint, Kenneth (Grace)   199 West Main
Flint, G. C. (Grace)   1028 East Main
  Katherine, Eleanor  
Flint, Frank D. (Minnie)   16 North Ave.
Flint, Charles   16 North Ave.
Flint, Bernard   26 North Ave.
Flint, Sam (Grace)   W. Main
Flint, Walter 26 North Ave.
Flood, George (Julia)   Glen Road
Flood, Orwell   Glen Road
Flower, H. R.   61 Main
Folsom, G. A. (Jessie)   25 Central
Folsom, J. H.   Y.M.I.C
Folsom, L. E. (Emma)   7 Exchange Place
Ford, James (Eva)   3 Bayview Ave.
  Dorothy, Barbara  
Fordyce, Walter (Hattie)   28 Indian Pt.
Fordyce, Clarence   28 Indian Pt.
Fortin, A.   22 Outlook
Foster, G. W. (Mabel)   20 Eastern Ave.
  Lindsay, Alfreda, Welch  
Foster, Mrs. Bessie   Elizabeth Apts.
  Estelle M., Mildred D., Earl F.  
Foster, J. E.   26 Third
Foster, Lettie L.   26 Third
Foster, N. L. (Fannie M.)   12 Prospect
Foster, Miss Helen J.   12 Prospect
Foster, Percy (Hallie)   24 Eastern Ave.
Foster, William V. (Agnes)   16 Second
Foster, Mrs. Jennie   East Main
Fountain, Fred (Lucy)   18 Coventry
Fountain, Arthur   18 Coventry
Fountain, Archie (Neva)   108 Maple
  Hugh, Leslie, Donald  
Fountain, Hollie   108 Maple
Fountain, Nelson   Glen Road
Fox, Everett (Jennie)   Glen Road
Mildred, George, Elizabeth, Lawrence, Reginald  
Frost, George (Emma)   Bluff Road
Fuller, A. H. (Ruth)   Elizabeth Apts.
Fuller, Lester (Effie)   Mt. Vernon
Fuller, Howard G.   Mt. Vernon
Gage, Dr. R. E. (Mildred)   8 Green Place
  Edwin, Adele, Thelma  
Gage, Henry L. (Margaret)   10 Second
Gagne, Mrs. Hattie   Glen Road
Gagne, Edmond   Glen Road
Gagne, Joseph   Glen Road
Gaines, Dr. J. H. (Abbie)   4 Second
Gale, Mrs. Amelia   19 Bayview Ave.
Gale, Miss Iva   19 Bayview Ave.
Galer, Mrs. Harry   1 Bay
  Bernard, Theodore  
Gallagher, Charles R. (Harriet)   Scott Ave.
  Leo, Charles, Lucille  
Garceau, Charles (Clara)   99 Main
Gard, Arthur (Maude)   511 Sias Ave.
Gardner, Fred (Grace)   Coventry Road
  Cecil, George  
Gardner, J. T. (Calista)   99 Lakeview Ave.
  Lucille, Richard T., Rudolf  
Gardner, Katherine E.   99 Lakeview Ave.
Gardner, Lawrence E.   99 Lakeview Ave.
Garret, Charles (Flora)   8 Central
Garry, B. L. (Mary)   12 North Ave.
  Lena, Bernard  
Gauthier, Mrs. Laura   27 Pleasant
Gauthier, Reginald   27 Pleasant
Gauthier, Nelson   27 Pleasant
Gaylor, Robert   9 Coventry
Geer, A. J. (Bernice)   8 Coventry
Geer, Andrew   8 Coventry
Geer, Miss Doris   8 Coventry
Genack, Arthur   78 Elm
Gendron, Joe   89 Main
Gendron, Miss Eva   89 Main
Gendron, Miss Alida   89 Main
Gero, John   49 Bay
Gero, B. E. (Clara)   Glen Road
Gervais, Zenon   Bay
  Irene, Robert, Leonard, Jerald, Lauretta, Ernest  
Gibb, Mrs. Sarah   South Ave.
Gibb, R. D. (Helen)   South Ave.
Gibb, Miss Maud   South Ave.
Gibb, Miss Bertha   South Ave.
Gibson, Fred (Elva)   Elizabeth Apts.
Gilbert, L. H. (Mary A.)   21 Middle
  Loomina, Grace, Ernest  
Gilchrist, C. S.   Mt. Vernon
Gilchrist, Mrs. G. S.   Mt. Vernon
Gile, Miss Lorey M.   Main
Gilfillan, Safford (Esther)   Hinman
  Eugene, Frank, Betsy, Robert  
Gingras, Mrs. Alice   23 Coventry
Gingras, Miss Beatrice   23 Coventry
Gingras, Paul   23 Coventry
Goddall, Francis   RFD 4
Goddard, E. E. (Elizabeth)   20 Coventry
  Edith, Marjorie, Frances  
Goddard, Archie (Emma)   114 Union
  Archie, Gerald  
Goddard, E. M. (Louvian)   Railroad Square
Goddard, Miss Effie   164 West Main
Goddard, Miss Flora   6 Eastern Ave.
Godding, Mrs. Harrison   East Main
Gokey, John N. (Anna)   Glen Road
  Oliver, Homer, Alice  
Gokey, Seline   Glen Road
Gokey, Mary   Glen Road
Goodale, S. Frances   Clyde
Goodell, Orson (Minnie)   RFD 3
Goodnough, George (Celia)   Highland Ave.
Goodwin, A. G. (Lydia)   13 Scott Ave.
Goss, W. J. (Beulah)   2 Court Sq.
  Harriet, Willard  
Gosselin, Homer (Rosa)   Glen Road
Gosselin, Joseph   Glen Road
Gosselin, Henry   Glen Road
Gosselin, Edward   Glen Road
Gosselin, Alpha   Glen Road
Gosselin, Alfred   Glen Road
Gosselin, Napoleon (Mary)   Prospect
Gosselin, Wilfred (Natalie)   Glen Road
  Alfred, Bertha, Ellen, Alexandre, Jeanette, Lucien  
Gould, Miss Myrtie   108 Union
Gould, Mrs. Jennie   7 Parker
Gould, Clayton   72 Maple
Gower, Alfred (Celia)   43 1/2 Coventry
Goyette, Eugene   18 Outlook
Graham, Mrs. Gladys   East Main
Graham, William   42 Central
Gratton, Joseph (Jennie)   Glen Road
  Viola, Henry, George, James, Theodore, Margaret, Francis, Lawrence  
Gratton, Miss Jeanette   Glen Road
Gratton, Joe Jr. (Irene)   4 Summer
Graveline, Mrs. Josephine   Glen Road
Gray, H. E. (Helen)   35 Prospect
Gray, Donald R.   35 Prospect
Gray, Maurice (Madeline)   72 Lakeview
Green, C. E.   Northern Ave.
Green, H. H. (Clara)   28 North Ave.
Green, Gertrude   28 North Ave.
Gilchrist, George D. (Bernice)   Mt. Vernon
Green, Hattie   30 North Ave.
Green, Mrs. Ellen J.   30 North Ave.
Greenwood, William (Elizabeth)   Glen Road
Greer, John A. (Anna)   6 Orchard
  Beatrice, Bernadette  
Gregory, Frank (Lula)   171 West Main
Gregory, William (Lula)   53 Bay
  Bernard, Frank, Della, Walter  
Griffin, Clarence (Ava)   455 Sias Ave.
Griffin, Clayton (Eunice)   73 Spring
Griffin, F. C. (Mary J.)   35 Bay
Griffin, Miss Hazel   35 Bay
Griffin, Henry (Mary)   272 Elm
Griffin, Ira   Hill
Griffin, William   893 East Main
Griggs, Ara A. (Mary)   6 Exchange Place
Griggs, Anna   Elizabeth Apts.
Griggs, Archie (Beatrice)   East Main
  Frederick, Madeline, Isabelle, Wyllis  
Griggs, Elwin (Victoria)   7 Cottage
Griggs, Hayden (Stella)   92 Indian Pt.
Griggs, John H. (Ina)   57 Bay
Griggs, Leon (Leona)   14 Coventry
Griggs, Stewart (Jennie)   9 Pond
  Earl, Ray, Cliff  
Grise, Leo (Laura)   40 Prospect
  Armond, Anito, Aline, J. Gerid  
Grout, A. H. (Edith)   26 Second
  Eleanor, Nancy  
Grout, Josiah   24 Second
Grout, F. N. (Beulah)   37 Prospect
  Nancy Jean  
Grow, Archie (Lillian)   20 Broadview
Grow, William   20 Broadview
Guerin, Miss Tillie   Pleasant
Guilbert, Laura   Clermont Terrace
Guimond, F. D. (Ethel M.)   Main
  Mary Frances  
Hackett, G. A. (Clara A.)   34 Autumn
Hackett, Clinton   34 Autumn
Hackett, Howard T. (Dorothy)   35 Third
Hackett, Mrs. Mary   71 Young
Hadlock, Basil (Helen)   5 Coventry
Hagan, James (Margaret)   27 North Ave.
Hagan, Miss Elizabeth   27 North Ave.
Haire, Eugene D.   11 Bayview Ave.
Hall, Kenneth   157 Northern Ave.
Hall, Mrs. Julia   Lake
Hall, H. D.   East Main
Hall, Fred (Dora)   94 Sunset Terrace
  Rotha, Eleanor  
Halley, W. H. (Jennie M.)   Glen Road
Halley, Miss Alferdia   Glen Road
Hallett, Mrs. Jennie   222 West Main
Hamblett, R. F. (Natalie)   73 1/2 Main
  Tarlton, Robert  
Hamilton, S. W. F. (Kate)   6 Third
  Samuel Jr., Helen L., Frank  
Hamilton, H. F. (Lillian)   1 Pleasant
Hamilton, Reginald   1 Pleasant
Hamilton, Mrs. Etta   10 Prospect
Hamilton, E. A. (Margaret)   9 Third
Hamilton, C. L.   Hoskins
  Dorothy, Doris, Vivian, Ruth, Leroy, Clarence Jr.  
Hamlin, Charles   Farrant
  Aldemer, Richard  
Hamlin, Vivian    
Hammell, Mrs. Dinah   88 Pleasant
  Archer, Antoinette  
Hammond, Mrs. Etta   31 Bay
Hammond, Miss Ruth   31 Bay
Hammond, Mrs. Margaret   15 Summer
Hammond, Miss Gladys   15 Summer
Hancock, O. D. (Bertha)   RFD 1
Hancock, Cecil   6 Longview
Handy, Mike   Coventry Road
  Annie, Ernest, George, Louise  
Handy, Peter (Norma)   5 Coventry
  Claude, Doherty, Ween  
Handy, W. S. (Mary)   Coventry Road
  Charles, Mary, Ned, Lillian  
Haney, George (Antoinette)   46 Central
Hanley, R. J. (Effie)   98 Spring
Hanson, Walter (Mary)   RFD 3
Hanson, Oscar W. (Florence)   881 East Main
Hanson, Harry (Lillia)   191 Northern Ave.
Hardy, O. G. (Mabel)   4 Pleasant
Hardy, Marshall   4 Pleasant
Hardy, Roy   4 Pleasant
Harper, John (Angeline)   10 Pond
Harriman, Mrs. Carrie   26 Prospect
Harrington, Guy (Mrs. G.)   West Main
Harrison, W. J. (Emma)   1176 East Main
Harrison, Miss Rita   1176 East Main
Harrison, C. J. (Drusilla)   1196 East Main
Harrison, A. W. (Janet)   43 Northern Ave.
Hart, Mrs. Nellie   26 Second
Hart, M. D. (Etta)   Spring
Hart, Mrs. J. B.   Clyde
Hart, Roy   Clyde
Hart, C. R. (Delberta)   South Ave.
  Gertrude, Lawrence, Wayne  
Hartley, Elmer (Emma)   44 Maple
  Alley, Lillian  
Hartshorn, L. W. (Ida)   7 Orchard
Hartson, G. E. (Helen)   Glen Road
  Leota, Francis  
Hartson, Miss Dora   Glen Road
Harvey, Fred (Emma)   1031 East Main
Harvey, John   Railroad Square
Harvey, Miss May   4 Orchard
Harvey, Miss Nellie   37 Winter
Hastings, L. H. (Vivian)   30 Middle
Hastings, Elwin   30 Middle
Hatch, Harold   61 Main
Hatherell, Ralph (Mary)   183 Union
Hauver, Bert (Annie)   East Main
Hauver, Herb   East Main
  Harold (nephew)  
Hauver, H. H. (Mary)   7 Parker
Hauver, Herbert   RFD 4
Hawkins, Henry (Hattie)   320 Union
Hayes, C. L. (Mildred)   28 Central
Hayes, George (Rose)   32 Outlook
  Geneva, Dorothy  
Hayes, Thelma   32 Outlook
Hayward, F. A. (Mary)   RFD 4
Hazelton, Clarence (Harrietta)   36 Lakeview
  Lyman H.  
Hazelton, Harry   36 Lakeview
Hazelton, Ruth   36 Lakeview
Heath, George (Ella)   Hill
Heath, Ben   12 Second
Henderson, George   36 Indian Point
Henrichson, A. F. (Mrs. A. F.)   558 East Main
Henrichson, A. J.   558 East Main
Henrichson, Charlotte   558 East Main
Herrick, A. D. (Pearl)   RFD 1
  Laura, Hazel, James  
Herrick, George (Hattie)   Clyde
Heyer, Mrs. Eva J.   Lake Road
Heyer, Helen   Lake Road
Heyer, Mildred   Lake Road
Heyer, Theodore   Lake Road
Hibbard, Walter M. (Mary)   46 Young
Hicks, Mrs. Nellie   195 West Main
Hicks, Guy   195 West Main
Hicks, Roy H. (Verna)   193 West Main
  Earl S.  
Hickey, Dan   Hurst's
Higgins, Nancy   49 Bay
Hight, Hanson (Jennie)   23 Main
Hight, Mrs. Jennie   35 Second
Hildreth, John B. (Addie)   125 Maple
Hildreth, Mrs. Laura   110 Spring
Hildreth, Miss Dorothy   Spring
Hill, Fred (Reita)   Glen Road
Hill, John (Mary)   Glen Road
Hill, C. E. (Stella)   Mt. Vernon
  Madeline, Norma  
Hill, Edward (Laura)   34 Central
Hill, E. J. (Ada B.)   27 Second
Hill, Vernon   Hill
Hill, Ami (Grace)   Hill
Hill, Leslie (Gertrude)   South Ave.
Hill, Francis   9 Coventry
Hill, George (Mina)   219 Elm
Hill, F. O. (Ella)   110 Spring
Hills, L. J. (Mildred)   46 Central
Hill, Jerry   Glen Road
  Robert, Francis  
Hill, Solon T.   Glen Road
Hinman, Carroll (Blanche)   64 Sunset Terrace
  Ferol, David, Paul, Maida  
Hinman, W. L. (Gertrude)   49 Sunset Terrace
Hinman, Mrs. Ella R.   32 Third
Hinman, Mrs. Helen B.   85 Main
Hinman, Bert C. (Ida)   71 Young
Hitchcock, C. S. (Elenore)   48 Concord
Hitchcock, S. E. (Mrs. S. E.)   82 Oak
Hitchcock, Miss Iva   82 Oak
Hitchcock, Miss Ila   82 Oak
Hoag, Harley C. F. (Grace)   11 Pleasant
Holbrook, Frank (Jessie)   37 Winter
Holt, Mrs. Eunice   6 Prospect
Hommel, P. C. (Belle)   Farrant
  Lorette, Reginald, Desmond  
Hope, Edson (Louise)   10 Third
  Pauline, Leonard  
Horne, Alec E. (Viola)   7 Bay
Hosmer, Stewart (Claire)   43 Coventry
House, Miss Alice   16 North Ave.
House, Wm.   55 Coventry
House, John (Hattie E.)   Clyde
House, Edwin   Clyde
Hovey, Miss Marie   27 Second
Howard, Sam (Maggie)   58 Bay St.
Howard, Tom (Susie)   54 Bay St.
Howe, Edward   154 West Main
Howe, Scott (Lillian)   East Main
Hudon, Emile (Eva)   45 Prospect
Hudon, Clarence (Inez)   Mt. Vernon
Humphrey, C. G. (Sarah)   28 North Ave.
Humphrey, Eber (Hilda)   Farrant's Pt.
Humphrey, Elmer   Farrant's Pt.
Humphrey, Adelaide   Farrant's Pt.
Hunt, E. L. (Mrs. E. L.)   602 East Main
Hunt, Thelma   602 East Main
Hunt, E. M. (Lillian)   12 Summer
Hunt, Henry   12 Summer
Hunt, Henrietta   6 Bayview
Hunt, Franz (Edith)   9 Central
  Kenneth, Robert, Helen  
Hunt, Ira (Effie)   Glen Road
  Lydia, Clifton, Herman, Opal, Shirley  
Hunter, Mrs. Ethel   11 Bayview Ave.
Hunter, Charles (Grace)   20 1/2 Pleasant
Hunter, W. D. (Eva)   Mt. Vernon
Hunter, George (Margaret)   46 Autumn
Huntington, Carroll (Edith)   Derby Road
Huntington, Alton   Derby Road
Huntington, Vernon (Freda)   Mt. Vernon
  Carroll, Douglass  
Huntington, E. C. (Ina)   16 Pleasant
  Dean B.  
Huntington, Elsie   4 Court Sq.
Hurley, W. L.   11 Prospect
Hurst, Richard (Alice)   13 Summer
Hurst, Gertrude   13 Summer
Hutchins, Fred   Hoskins
Hutchins, Lyle   18 Coventry
Hutchinson, Chester (Clara)   20 North Ave.
Hutchinson, Seymore (Emily)   56 Bay
  Theodore, Edwin  
Hutchinson, Mrs. Susan   66 Bay
Hynes, Mrs. Elizabeth   39 Coventry
Hynes, J. A.   39 Coventry
Ives, W. N. (Annie)   East Main
  Doris, Esther  
Izor, Joseph (Louise)   Hill
  Josephine, Anthony, Marion  
Izor, Raymond (Ida)   41 Bay
  Calen, Charley, Marion  
Jabour, George   4 Bay
Jabron, George (Melia)   4 Bay
  Elizabeth, Eva  
Jackman, B. F. (Hattie)   634 E. Main
Jacques, Diana   10 Third
Jenkins, Mrs. Nellie   Clyde
Jenne, E. E. (Emma)   9 Pleasant
Jenne, Mrs. Flora   39 Third
Jenne, Ida M.   76 Sunset Terrace
Jenne, L. E.   181 Northern
Jenne, Arthur   84 Main
Jervah, F. A. (Gertrude)   Broadview
Jewett, E. H.   50 Pleasant
Jock, E. E. (Lena)   11 Autumn
Johnson, Hiram (Mrs. H.)   966 E. Main
Johnson, Forest H.   966 East Main
Johnson, Mrs. A. A.   East Main
Johnson, Perley (Mrs. P.)   East Main
Johnson, W. H. (Nellie)   700 East Main
Johnson, J. Gertrude   938 E. Main
Johnson, H. R. (Helen)   47 Main
Johnson, A. H. (Emma)   Mt. Vernon
Johnson, Mrs. Lou   56 Bay
  Nelson, Edith, Clarence, Flora  
Johnson, R. J. (Mary)   36 Central
  Gladys, Beulah, John, Winnie  
Johnson, O. H. (Bessie)   36 Lakeview
  Hazen, Robert  
Johnson, G. R. (Arlene)   Elizabeth Apts.
Johnson, Fred H.   RFD 3
Johnson, E. K.   43 Coventry
Johnston, H. E. (Pearl)   Mt. Vernon
Jones, Vincent N. (Cora B.)   21 Third
Jones, James   207 West Main
Jones, Alfred (Hazel)   12 Coventry
Jones, Mrs. S. A.   Sias Ave.
Jones, A. E. (Lucy B.)   156 Main
Jones, Mrs. Eva   14 Prospect
Jones, Francis   14 Prospect
Joyal, Mrs. Emma   4 Field Ave.
Joyal, Homer   4 Field Ave.
Joyal, Eugene   4 Field Ave.
Joyal, Wilfred   4 Field Ave.
Judkins, Miss Dorcas   92 Main
Kaiser, Don (Clara)   25 Concord
Kay, L. F.   21 Third
Keefe, M. J. (Florence)   Highland Ave.
Keirn, W. W. (Dorothy)   47 Oak
Keith, Mrs. Annie L.   11 School
Keith, John (Eva)   72 Concord
Keith, Harry   72 Concord
Keith, Mildred 72 Concord
Kelley, Fred (Cora)   Clyde
  Bernice, Beulis, Ula, Ethel, Reina, Raymond  
Kelley, Lee (Effie)   Clyde
  Pearl, Gertrude, Harold, Raymond  
Kelley, Arthur (Myrtle)   Field
Kelloway, Albert (Julia)   704 E. Main
Kendall, George M. (Annie)   17 Northern Ave.
Kendall, Milo Norris   17 Northern Ave.
Kendall, Wright (Wilma)   Hill
  Medora, Max, Bessie, Homer, Hurley, Beulah, John  
Kendall, W. J. (Mathilda)   Bluff Road
Kendall, J. L. (Pearl)   46 Oak
  Allen, Katherine  
Kendall, Mahlon (Audrey)   868 E. Main
Kendrew, Robert (Hilmer)   15 Summer
  Beatrice, Margaret  
Kendrew, Gertrude   15 Summer
Kendrick, Jack   11 Bayview St.
Kennedy, Joseph (Marguerite)   39 Third
Kennison, A. I. (Mamie)   62 Spring
Kennison, E. A.   62 Spring
Kennison, Fred H. (Martha)   17 Cross
Kennison, Harold E. (Ina)   17 Cross
Kennison, F. S. (Ethel)   23 Central
Kennison, Homer (Olive)   46 Pleasant
  Jane, Blanche, Beatrice, Gordon  
Kidder, Mrs. O. L.   99 Main
Kilby, J. J. (Nellie)   Highland
Kimball, Martha   28 Cottage
Kimball, F. J. (Annie)   262 Union
Kimball, Mrs. Edna   22 Maple
  Donald, Stewart, Delbert, Cecil  
Kimball, G. G.   82 Indian Pt.
Kimball, Miss Beatrice   82 Indian Pt.
Kimball, Miss Iris   Indian Pt.
King, H. T. (Alice)   145 West Main
Kinney, Hammond (Marion)   Clyde
Kipp, John P. (Madge)   34 Second
Kipp, W. E. (Grace)   8 Summer
Kipp, William   8 Summer
Kirkpatrick, J. R. (Hila)   16 Pleasant
Kiser, Walter (Helen)   Clyde
  Donald, Ruthie, Rodney  
Knapp, Harry (Reina)   Coventry
Knowlton, Mrs. Sophia   43 Northern Ave.
Labare, Mrs. Leah   44 Third
Labare, Ernest   44 Third
LaBarr, Irene   81 Coventry
L'Abbe, Leon (Mary)   Coventry
  Jeanette, Pauline, Dennis, Irene, Dorothy  
L'Abbe, Antoinette   Coventry
L'Abbe, Leonette   Coventry
L'Abbe, Napoleon   Coventry
Labounty, Hiram (Amanda)   293 Union
  Alfred, Arline, Edmond  
Labounty, Julius (Julia)   Glen Road
  Yonia, Erna, Vera, Agnes  
Labounty, George   Glen Road
Labounty, Osmer   Glen Road
Labounty, William (Elizabeth)   Glen Road
Lacasse, A. C. (Minnie)   Field Ave.
Lacasse, Miss Beatrice   Field Ave.
Lachance, Rev. Norbert   Clermont Terrace
Laclaire, Ed. (Isabel)   Coventry Road
  Flora, Gerald, Helen, Margaret, Hazel  
Lacourse, Nelson   46 Pleasant
Lacourse, Irene   46 Pleasant
Lacourse, Agnes   46 Pleasant
Ladue, Peter (Mildred)   152 W. Main
Lafond, Albert (Jane)   8 North Ave.
Lafountain, Ernest (Clementoine)   Glen Road
  Ernest, Alexandra  
Lafountain, Henry (Jennie)   80 Main
LaFrance, W. A. (Ada)   498 E. Main
LaFrance, Mrs. Mary   498 E. Main
Lagauiere, Fred (Mrs. M.)   588 E. Main
Lague, Mrs. Adeline   Farrant
Lague, Miss Gertrude   Farrant
Lague, Isreal (Vivian)   Pleasant
  Thomas, Lucille, Albert, Antoine  
Lahar, Lewis (Elma)   46 Coventry
Lahar, Mrs. Adelia   42 Coventry
Lahar, Miss Lillian   42 Coventry
Lahar, Leo   42 Coventry
Lahar, Joseph (Annie)   65 Bay
  Evelyn, Doris, Muriel, Lula, Austin, Edmund, Emily H., Raymond, Audrine  
Lahar, Benjamin (Grace)   Glen Road
Lahar, Nelson B. (Phoebe)   91 Pleasant
Lahar, William   91 Pleasant
Lahar, Miss Mabel   91 Pleasant
Lahue, Nelson (Mrs. Nelson)   20 Pond
  Maurice, Candice, Agnes, Doris, Amy, Ernest  
Lalime, Abraham (Annie)   Glen Road
Lalime, Edward (Delia)   Glen Road
  Paul, Wendol  
Lalime, Eugene   Glen Road
LeMay, John   Elizabeth Apart.
  Marion, George, Leon, Rita  
LeMay, Peter   Clyde
Lambert, J. F. (Gertrude)   14 Bayview
Lambert, J. E. (Valeda)   Pleasant
  Cecile, Loaer, Rosette, Lucien, Hermenegild  
Lambert, Miss Rose   29 Outlook
Lamere, Lewis   Bluff Road
Lamoreaux, Philip (May Louise)   Aubin
  Gerard, Paul, Roland, Ephraim, Theresa  
Lamoureux, Mrs. Clara   Glen Road
Lamothe, Ernest (Florence)   84 Pleasant
  Roland A., Rudolph  
Lamothe, W. I. (Ada)   2 Bay
  Ulric, Viola  
Lamothe, Albert   2 Bay
Lamothe, Oscar   2 Bay
Lampher, W. W. (Myrtle)   10 Second
  Walter, Kenneth  
Lampher, W. R. (Alice)   10 Second
Lancaster, Mrs. Edith   Glen Road
Lance, Miss Velma   5 Summer
Lance, Crawford   5 Summer
Lance, Philip   5 Summer
Landry, Miss Albertine   Clermont Terrace
Landry, Elzear (Yvonne)   24 Outlook
  Alice, Roselind  
Landry, Mrs. Olivene   29 Outlook
Lane, H. E. (Charlotte)   17 Eastern Ave.
Lang, John S. (Isadore)   Glen Road
Lang, Raymond   Glen Road
Langevin, Frank   34 Concord
Lapiere, Edward (Helen)   48 Coventry
  Arthur, Henry  
Lapiere, William   48 Coventry
Lapiere, Horace (Clara)   9 Coventry
  Francis, Ernest, Anna, Kenneth  
Lapiere, L. F. (Lula)   45 Maple
Laplant, George (Mary)   Aubin
Laplant, Alpiede (Mrs. A.)   Aubin
  Roland, Aneta, Ranie  
Laplant, Albert (Sarah)   22 Outlook
  Arthur, Florence, Gertrude  
Laplant, Hector (Sadie)   Clyde
  Henrietta, George, Bernard, Rosie, Blanche  
Laplant, Mrs. H. M.   Clyde
Laplant, Henry (Armena)   Pleasant
  Rose, Henry  
Lasnier, Arthur (Florence)   Glen Road
Lavasseur, Frank   89 Main
Lawson, P. W. (Grace)   42 Pleasant
  Barbara, Orison  
Lawson, R. C. (Delight)   28 Third
Leach, Leon (Alice)   147 West Main
Leach, Marion   147 West Main
Leach, Robert A. (Edith)   19 Middle
  Robert Jr., Eva  
Leach, Leslie (Gladys)   247 Elm
Leavens, Merle O. (Annette)   191 Elm
  Barbara, Stewart  
Leavens, Mrs. Attie   19 Elm
Leavitt, Elijah (Mae)   Leavitt
Leavitt, Carl (Avis)   Third St.
Leavitt, Dorian   Mt. Vernon
Leavitt, G. C. (Agnes A.)   1034 E. Main
Leavit, Mrs. Jennie   1 Summer Terrace
Leavitt, John L.   25 Concord
Leavitt, Vera   25 Concord
Leberman, Joseph (Dorothy)   Sias Ave.
  Buol F. A.  
Leberman, Jeanette   Sias Ave.
Leblanc, Fred (Eva)   18 Outlook
Lee, F. E. (Ethel)   825 East Main
  Dorine, Robert  
Lee, Preston (Daisy)   783 East Main
Lefevre, J. B. (Marie)   34 Prospect
  Alfred, Homer, Theodore, Armand, Adolph, Romeo, Bertha, Rita, Lucille  
Leith, Mrs. Mabel   22 Third
  Eleanor Perrier, Marjorie Perrier  
Leithead, Mrs. Josie M.   Leavitt
  Archie A., Otis  
Lemoine, Mrs. Florence   38 Third
Lepine, L. F. (Lulu)   45 Maple
Leroux, Ernest (Melvina)   Glen Road
Lesk, John   893 East Main
Lewis, Earl C. (Winsome)   21 Third
Lewis, Harold (Beatrice)   61 Main
Lewis, J. H.   61 Main
Libby, Miss May   9 Summer
Lincourt, Mr.   11 Bayview
Lindsay, Howard (Alice)   82 Lakeview
Lindsay, John P.   82 Lakeview
Lindsay, W. C.   742 East Main
Linquist, Fred A. (Clara)   7 Cottage
Lippens, Alphonse (Alice)   5 Cross
  Blanche, Arline, Rita  
Lippens, Edmond (Marie)   44 Pleasant
  Leonard, Elaine, Madeline  
Lippens, Peter (Bridget)   3 Bay
Lister, Charles W.   10 Prospect
Litchfield, Charles (Franklyn)   69 Concord
Litchfield, F. J. (Inez)   69 Concord
Litchfield, Mildred   69 Concord
Litchfield, Harley (Myrtle)   Aubin
Litchfield, John (Saray)   Aubin
  Milton, Clayton, Reginald, Gordon, Edna, Alma, Kenneth  
Litchfield, Harold (Jessie)   867 East Main
  Hazel, Mary Elizabeth  
Livingston, A. W. (Minnie)   21 Prospect
Livingston, Miss Helen   21 Prospect
Livingston, U. S. (Mary)   12 Pleasant
  George F.  
Lizotte, Albert (Hattie)   177 W. Main
  Doris, Clarence, Laura, Louise  
Lizotte, Evelyn   177 W. Main
Lizotte, Leon   177 W. Main
Locke, Ethel   32 Oak
Lockhart, George W. (Effie)   108 Sias
Lodge, G. F. (Ida)   Lake Road
  Elva M., Frederick G.  
Longe, Dr. B. D. (Carrie)   60 Main
Longeway, George (Mrs. G.)   41 Young
Longeway, I. N. (Etta)   24 Spring
Longeway, Mrs. Mattie   29 Bay St.
Lontine, Francis Sr. (Gertrude)   Glen Road
Lontine, Frank   Glen Road
Lontine, Bertha   Glen Road
Lontine, Charles   Glen Road
Lontine, John Baptiste (Mrs. J.)   Glen Road
Lontine, Joseph H. (Elizabeth)   Clyde
Lontine, Joseph (Phelene)   36 Cottage
Lontine, Leo   36 Cottage
Lontine, Leon (Gertrude)   Glen Road
  Loretta, Floyd  
Lord, Edward   20 Cross
  Robert, Leonard, Hector  
Lord, Auril (Ideal)   59 Bay
Lord, Jean   47 Bay
Lorimer, Archie (Minnie)   49 Bay
Lorimer, Doris   49 Bay
Lothrop, F. B. (Hannah)   South Ave.
Loukx, London (Florence)   Hoskins Ave.
  Nora, Viola, Clayton, London, Elmira, Evelina, Daphne  
Loukx, Albert   Hoskins Ave.
Loukx, Annie   Hoskins Ave.
Lowell, Theodore   246 W. Main
Luxford, Turner   43 Bay
Luxford, Miss Helen   43 Bay
Luxford, L. O. (Mrs. L. O. )   Y.M.I.C
Luxford, Frank (Rose)   8 Middle
  Katherine R.  
Lyford, N. E. (Grace)   28 Central
  Arline, George  
Lyman, G. O. (Julia)   Colfax
Lyman, James   Hurst's
Lynch, T. W. (Pearl)   Orchard
  Flora, Ellen  
Lyon, Ruth   85 Main
Lyonhood, Mrs. Lucy   8 Orchard
  Elizabeth L., Ethel May  
Lyster, Carroll H. (Ruth)   155 W. Main
  Theodore, Priscilla, Alwilder  
MacArthur, G. B. (Nellie)   7 Third
McCaffrey, W. J. (Sadie)   17 Clyde
McCaffrey, Rondelle   17 Clyde
Macdiarmid, George L. (Ida M.)   7 Pleasant
MacDermid, J. L.   West Main
Macey, C. L. (Alice)   987 East Main
Magoon, A. R. (Carrie)   204 W. Main
Magoon, Albert J.   204 W. Main
Magoon, Miss Marjorie   204 W. Main
Magoon, W. R. (Viola)   181 W. Main
Magoon, Mrs. Anna   87 Main
Magoon, A. J. (Medar)   Parker
Magoon, Miss Dorothy   927 E. Main
Magoon, Guy (Mildred)   271 Indian Pt.
  Donald, Lucille  
Magoon, L. A. (Jane)   243 Elm
Magoon, Fred (Edith)   35 Prospect
Maguire, William J. (Mildred)   17 Cross
Mailloux, Arthur   12 Central
Mailloux, Dora   466 East Main
Malaney, Robert   4 Summer
Malcolm, Mrs. Rose   East Main
Maloney, Miss A. O.   91 Main
Maloney, Miss Mabel   91 Main
Maloney, W. E.   91 Main
Manning, Athol (Marion)   Mt. Vernon
  Kathleen, William Athol Jr., Ruth  
Marquis, A. F. (Mamie)   116 Union
  Earl, Gertrude  
Marsh, Charles   Indian Pt.
Marsh, Nina   Indian Pt.
Martin, Ernest (Iola)   2 Exchange Place
Martin, James (Isabel)   159 West Main
Martin, Miss Annie   9 Prospect
Martin, Rupert (Florence)   45 South Ave.
Martin, Mrs. Ida   94 W. Main
Martin, Homer   94 W. Main
Martin, Rev. E. H. (Marjorie)   9 Summer
Marvin, D. R.   33 Autumn
Marvin, Bernice L.   33 Autumn
Mason, S. A. (Emma B.)   21 Third
  Ruth, Stanley  
Mason, V. M. (Mary L.)   208 West Main
Massey, F. J. (Mabel)   7 Third
Maxfield, Raymond (Mina)   1020 East Main
  Wendell, Elsie, Evelyn  
Maynard, Raymond (Hester)   Elizabeth Apart.
Mayo, Mrs. Selina   162 West Main
Mayo, Napoleon   162 West Main
Mayo, William   162 West Main
Mayo, Don (Mary)   9 Clark
  Helena, Reginald  
Mayo, Frank A. (Mabel)   4 Middle
Mayo, David   110 Spring
McAllister, Harriet   44 Third
McAllister, Lyle   44 Third
McCauley, Charles   61 Main
McCauley, Parker C. (Madeline)   20 Concord
  Charles, Marguerite  
McCarten, J. E. (Roxanna)   30 Pleasant
McCarthy, C. E. (Jennie)   89 Young
McCarty, J. G. (Cora)   Glen Road
  Martha, Ira  
McClure, J. C. (Effie)   34 Indian Pt.
McClure, Mrs. Charles   34 Indian Pt.
McClure, Mrs. E. J.   700 East Main
McClellan, S. G. (Jennie)   85 Northern Ave.
  Florence, Sias  
McEwen, J. G. (Laura)   9 Lane Ave.
McGee, Edward   Clyde
McGee, Hattie   Clyde
McGee, Jack   Glen Road
McGowan, Elton D. (Blanche)   Lake
  Juanita L., Frank B.  
McIver, L. H. (Edna)   Lake Road
  Frederick, Emily, Marion  
McKay, Lawrence   7 Bay
McKee, J. C. (Lottie)   Clyde
McKenney, Addie   4 Central
McKinney, Arthur C. (Jeanette)   Bluff Road
McKinney, W. A.   Bluff Road
McKinney, Bernard (Florence)   Glen Road
  Calvin, Doris  
McKinney, George   Glen Road
  Mildred, Earl, Johnnie, Helen, Arnold, Marjorie  
McKenney, Hiram (Melisa)   Glen Road
McKinney, John (Martha)   Glen Road
McKinney, Leon   Glen Road
McLean, Donald (Elizabeth)   125 W. Main
  Ruth, Rita  
McLean, Katherine M.   125 W. Main
McNeal, Hugh   38 Third
McPherson, H. W. (Etta)   50 Main
McPherson, Waldo W.   50 Main
McWilliams, Mrs. Elizabeth   Roeder Farm
Meader, Theron (Marjorie)   Elm
Meecham, Roy H. (Blanche)   Mt. Vernon
Melvin, Russell   Y.M.I.C
Merrill, E. D. (Leolla)   3 Green Place
Merrill, E. J. (Adell)   7 Central
Messer, Mildred   Elizabeth Apart.
Miles, Austin   93 East Main
Miles, Raymond   38 Third
Miles, Rebecca   19 Pleasant
Millard, W. M. (Alice)   10 Eastern Ave.
Miller, E. L. (Hallie)   Eastern Ave.
Miller, Harold (Esther)   815 East Main
  Frances Eileen, William Harold  
Miller, Max M. (Lena)   22 Prospect
  Merrill, Harriet  
Miller, P. O.   111 Main
Miller, Miss Inez   111 Main
Miller, F. C. (Cora)   947 East Main
Miller, Loomis (Blanche)   Glen Road
  Doris, Stewart  
Mills, E. H. (Mamie)   1025 East Main
Mills, Russell   1025 East Main
Mills, Lionel   1031 East Main
Mitchell, Alice   Field Ave.
Mitchell, Mrs. Carrie   645 East Main
Mitchell, John (Aurilla)   Highland Ave.
Mitchell, Hazel   Highland Ave.
Mitchell, Walter   Highland Ave.
Mizo, Mrs. Bertha   61 Main
Moffat, Carl (Winnie)   Glen Road
  Flora, Joseph, Albert, Cecil, Patrick, Alice, Fred, Paul  
Moffat, Blanche   Glen Road
Moffat, Lawrence   Glen Road
Moffat, Oliver   Glen Road
Moffat, William   Glen Road
Moffat, Levi (Eva)   Clyde
  Gladys, Evelyn  
Moffat, James   Clyde
Montgomery, Robert (Esther)   95 Main
Montle, James (Emma)   23 Central
Mooney, Mrs. Agnes   1038 East Main
  Glenna, Gladys  
Mooney, Arthur (Mildred)   34 Indian Pt.
  Arthur Jr.  
Mooney, Chester (Elsie)   5 Bayview
Mooney, Ray   North Ave.
Moore, C. I. (Etta)   2 Green Place
Moore, Mrs. Mary   2 Green Place
Moore, Mrs. Harriett   5 Summer
Moore, Charles (Hattie)   Elizabeth Apart.
Moore, Albert   Elizabeth Apart.
Moore, George   Elizabeth Apart.
Moore, Leonard   East Main
Moore, Porter J. (Ruth K.)   37 Oak
  Barbara, Frank  
Moore, Walter (Reina)   Summer Terrace
Morandolla, Alex (Mary)   Glen Road
  Leo, Eva, Antonio  
Moranville, Mrs. Alice   181 Northern Ave.
Moranville, E. E. (Margaret)   East Main
Moranville, Miss Arline   East Main
Morey, Frederick   Clyde
Morey, George (Daisy)   Glen Road
  Leon, Elnora, Alvin, Milton, Gerald  
Morin, Albert (Eva)   21 Pond
Morin, Raymond (Rose)   Glen Road
  Enos, Maxson, Lily  
Morin, H. R.   Glen Road
Morin, George (Georgina)   Glen Road
Morin, Joseph M. (Blanche)   Glen Road
Morin, Napoleon (Maggie)   Glen Road
  Arthur, George, Albert, Robert  
Morin, Arthur   Glen Road
  Mildred, Hazel  
Morin, Arthur A. (Rose)   Glen Road
  Lucille, Laurette  
Morrill, Mrs. Lillian   Orchard
  Teresa, Joseph, Juliette, Dean  
Morrill, H. B. (Josephine)   831 East Main
Morrill, Edward (Mary)   16 1/2 Second
Morrill, L. S. (Mary)   Sias Ave.
Morrill, Gertrude   Sias Ave.
Morrill, Miss Bessie   115 Main
Morrill, Mrs. Adelaide   79 Pleasant
Morrill, Jacob   79 Pleasant
Morrill, Henry (Maud)   22 Cross
  Earl, Freda, Cecil  
Morrin, Raymond (Rose)   20 Central
  Enos, Marion, Lillian  
Morrison, G. M. (Jennie)   Glen Road
Morrison, John (Florence)   Mt. Vernon
Morrow, John J. (Grace)   6 Raymond Ave.
Morse, Amos   284 Indian Pt.
Morse, Charles (May)   11 Bayview
Morse, H. P.   Union, RFD 3
Morse, Mrs. Maretta   61 Main
Morton, Lloyd   53 Bay
Mosher, H. B. (Alfreda)   186 Elm
  Dean Tremont, Bruce Benjamin, Maurice Dayton  
Mosher, L. R. (Georgia)   Elm
Mosher, Ralph (Theo)   33 Prospect
Mosher, Dora   33 Prospect
Mossa, Augustin (Grace)   52 Coventry
  George, Kenneth, Rudolph  
Mossa, Fred (Maud)   87 Pleasant
Mossa, Fred   Newport House
Mossa, J. C. (Delia)   210 West Main
Mossa, Henry (Doris)   210 West Main
Mossa, Eva   210 West Main
Mossa, Mitchell   210 West Main
Moulton, Alfred (Leona)   Prospect
Moulton, L. A. (Jennie)   153 West Main
Mudgett, Milo (Bertha)   Broadview
Mudgett, Marion   Broadview
Mudgett, Lillian   Broadview
Mulcahy, John (Amanda)   3 Lane Ave.
Miclett, George (Lizzie)   5 Farrant
  Gerrald, Maurice, Cecil, Rudolph  
Mullavey, Mrs. Aurilla   55 Coventry
Mullavey, Miss Grace   55 Coventry
Mullavey, John   55 Coventry
Murphy, Mrs. Lena   Glen Road
  James, Lena  
Murray, William Sr. (Emma)   Glen Road
  Grace, Susan, Doris  
Murray, Bertha   Glen Road
Murray, Daniel   Glen Road
Myres, Leon (Marjorie)   Hurst's
Neal, W. P. (Pearl)   2 Summer Terrace
  James, William  
Nealy, Ralph (Grace)   36 Third
Nelson, Mr.   8 Coventry
Nelson, Carlos (Myrtle)   37 Indian Pt.
  William John, Robert Hugh  
Nelson, Mrs. Elmer   597 East Main
Nelson, L. C. (Ethel)   168 West Main
Newland, Mrs. Florence   5 Prospect
Newman, William (Olive)   5 Parker
  Andra Elaine, Pauline  
Nicholson, Norman (Margaret)   14 Eastern Ave.
  Gertrude E., Raymond E.  
Niles, Mrs. Lyda   47 Oak
Niles, George   47 Oak
Niles, Charles   47 Oak
Niles, Charles D. (May L.)   Clyde
Niles, G. E. (Grace)   2 White Place
Noble, Grace   72 Maple
Normandin, L. J. (Mary)   25 Pleasant
Norris, Harold (Ethelwyn)   Clyde
Norton, Thomas (Margaret)   19 Bay
Norton, William   19 Bay
Norton, Henry   19 Bay
Norton, C. N. (Goldie)   16 Bay
  Edith, Robert, Roderick  
Norton, Daniel   4 Second
Norton, Martin (Mary)   16 Cross
  Martin Jr., Margarite  
Noyes, Ai   55 Coventry
Noyes, C. E. (Sarah)   RFD 3
Noyes, Kenneth   Thomas Restaurant
Nutting, H. B. (Etta)   Sias Ave.
Nutting, Frances   Sias Ave.
Nutting, C. Olin   Sias Ave.
Nye, George   2 Scott Ave.
Oakley, J. C. (Elizabeth)   20 Bayview
Oben, C. J. (Mabel)   3 Prospect
Oben, Floyd   3 Prospect
Odell, William (Byrle)   1046 East Main
Odell, Earl K. (Bernice)   1046 East Main
Odias, Maurice   88 Pleasant
Osborn, Peggy   Newport House
Osgood, F. O. (Ida)   56 Bay
  Nettie, Almeda, Amy  
Osgood, E. O. (Florence)   13 Pond
  Charles, Leona, Edna, Dorothy  
Ouimet, E. G. (Delia)   39 Prospect
  Norman, Lawrence, Shirley  
Ouimet, T. H. (Norma)   Prospect
  Reginald, Shirley  
Ouimet, Henry (Minnie)   Farrant
Quimet, Henry   Fern
Overberry, Mrs. Mary L.   Park Ave.
  Henry, Ruth, Kenneth  
Page, E. C. (Delia)   24 North Ave.
  Marion, Mildred  
Page, Russell (Dell)   RFD 3
  Laura, Duane  
Page, Gordon (Anna)   11 Bayview
Page, Mrs. Emma   Broadview
Page, Mary A.   Orchard
Page, Penn   Hurst's
Paine, H. E. (Marguerite)   336 Union
  Eleanor, Harrison  
Palin, Joseph Lewis (Alma)   Glen Road
  Yvonne, Jennie, Eugene, Cecile  
Palin, Lewis (Vitalene)   Glen Road
Palin, Albert (Olivene)   Glen Road
  Andrew, Rena, Augustine, Paulemile  
Palin, Joseph Glen Road
Palin, Arthur   Glen Road
Palin, Sarah   Glen Road
Papineau, A.   78 Elm
Paquin, Alfred (Nellie)   Glen Road
  Reginald, Anita  
Paquin, Henry (Mary L.)   6 Second
Paquin, Miss Dorothy   6 Second
Paquin, Mrs. Emma   105 Main
Paquin, Arthur   105 Main
Paquin, Alice   105 Main
Paquin, Henry   105 Main
Paradis, Mrs. Ida   148 East Main
Paradis, Philip   18 Coventry
Paradis, Paul   18 Coventry
Parker, Clayton (Veda)   220 West Main
  Frances, Russell, Jessie, George, Gretchen, Phillippa  
Parker, S. D. (Grace)   201 West Main
Parker, Claude B. (Mary)   249 Union
  Lillian G., Viola J.  
Parker, P. N. (Jennie)   Orchard
  Allison, Bernard, Hammond  
Parker, Oliver   Orchard
Parker, Miss Alma   16 Summer
Parker, Miss Arabella   64 Young
Partlow, Miss Natalie   Orchard
Patten, Mrs. C. S.   20 Cross
Patterson, F. L. (Geneva)   10 Prospect
Patton, Gordon L. (Mary)   154 Union
  Frederick, Stewart  
Payette, Euclide (Sadie)   Second
Peabody, George (Mary)   East Main
Peabody, Miss Emily   East Main
Peabody, Dr. H. S. (Lillian)   Mt. Vernon
  Vivian, Sherman, Dorothy, Marguerite  
Peacock, William (Bernice)   283 Sias
Pearson, W. E. (Susie)   Hill
Peavy, Claude E. (Mabel)   83 Northern Ave.
Pelkey, Arthur H. (Annie)   25 Coventry
Pelkey, Edmond   25 Coventry
Pelkey, Joseph (Mrs. J.)   Cliff
Pelkey, Mrs. Lona   29 Indian Pt.
Pelkey, Mrs. Fred   Coventry Road
Pelkey, Rudolph (Ruth)   Elizabeth Apart.
Pelkey, Lewis (Mrs. L.)   466 East Main
Pelkey, Mrs. Jennie   466 East Main
Pelkey, Moses   466 East Main
Penison, William (Sarah)   Glen Road
  Henry, Mabel  
Pepin, Joseph (Rose)   Glen Road
  Joseph, Grace, Eva, Lenora, Louise, Alfred, Arthur, Andrew  
Pepin, Miss Clara A.   85 Pleasant
Percy, Rufus (May)   12 Cross
  Edwina, Viola, Newell R., Ruth  
Percy, Ulysses   3 Farrant
Percy, Irving   3 Orchard
Percy, Will A. (Mary)   46 Coventry
Percy, Carl (Gladys)   Clyde
  Edith, Elsie  
Percy, Mrs. Lila B.   Clyde
Peters, Newton (Ethel)   67 Bay
Petrie, Gerald R. (Elizabeth)   Field Ave.
Pettingill, Lucius   17 Second
Phelps, L. J.   4 Summer Terrace
Phelps, George   4 Summer Terrace
Phoenix, E. A. (Isola)   1036 East Main
Pickel, M. E.   14 Cross
Pickel, F. M. (Edna)   78 Elm
Pickel, Henry F.   78 Elm
Pickel, Cecil (Mrs. Cecil)   34 Concord
Pickel, Mrs. Addie   34 Concord
Pickel, Max   34 Concord
Pierce, H. S. (Marjorie)   40 Oak
  Mary, Barbara, Rosalie  
Pierce, Mrs. Martha A.   75 Main
Pierce, Arthur F. (Ada)   7 Cottage
Pierce, Harold   7 Cottage
Piette, Dr. L. N. (Lea)   8 North Ave.
  Genevieve, Dorothy, Gilbert, Maurice, Vernice  
Piette, Arthur   10 Second
Pilbrow, Lola   819 East Main
Pilbrow, Freda   819 East Main
Pinney, Elmer   Raymond Hotel
Pittcha, Lewis   Glen Road
Place, Irving   Eastern Ave.
Place, Lyle (Mrs. L.)   Autumn
Place, Warren (Rena)   Coventry Road
  Harland, Kenneth  
Place, Harold   44 Third
Ploof, Charles (Flora)   Maple
Ploof, Fred M. (Charlotte)   15 Summer
Ploof, Arthur   15 Summer
Plouffe, Mary E.   45 Prospect
Plouffe, Marie   45 Prospect
Polinghini, Mrs. Irene   Glen Road
Pomeroy, Ben (Margaret)   6 Summer
  Mildred E., Josie K., Louise E., Paul B.  
Pond, Joseph (Blanche)   70 Bay
Ponton, A. E. (Mary)   35 Third
Ponton, Arthur (Louise)   30 Outlook
  Jeanette, Aurore, Romeo, Alice, Clarence, Paul  
Ponton, Eugene (Evelyn)   4 Clark
  Paulette, Armand  
Poole, C. H.   Highland Ave.
Pope, Mrs. S. E.   18 Pleasant
Pope, Miss Marion   18 Pleasant
Porter, Mrs. C. A.   Sias Ave.
Porter, Robert H. (Alice)   246 West Main
Porter, Linas (Laura)   Clyde
Porter, Alton L.   Clyde
Porter, Mary Jane   Clyde
Post, Mrs. A. B.   North Ave.
Potter, Harvey   Mt. Vernon
  Alberta, Alice, Mercedes, Francis  
Powers, B. M. (Alice)   96 Elm
  Geraldine, Evelyn  
Powers, S. W. (Dora)   10 Scott Ave.
Powers, Robert   153 West Main
Powers, Roy   153 West Main
Powers, Merle   153 West Main
Prinn, E. G. (Alice)   62 South Ave.
Proulx, Mrs. Josephine   83 Pleasant
Proulx, Lena   83 Pleasant
Proulx, Arthur   83 Pleasant
Prouty, Mrs. Abbie   28 Pleasant
Prouty, Ward   28 Pleasant
Prouty, J. A. (Kitty)   26 Pleasant
  John Jr., Elsinor  
Prouty, Mrs. Henrietta   115 Main
Prouty, Mrs. Edith   1017 East Main
Prouty, W. R. (Margaret)   30 Second
Prouty, Winston L.   30 Second
Prouty, E. J. (Ellen)   35 Second
Prouty, Burton   35 Second
Prouty, Richard   35 Second
Provencal, Sid   85 Pleasant
Provencher, Lucius (Emma)   Glen Road
  Bernadette, Phillip  
Provencher, Alfred (Eva)   Glen Road
  Hazel, Raymond  
Provencher, Lucius M.   466 East Main
Provisor, Ernest   West Main
Prue, D. C. Jr. (Idea)   31 Outlook
  Donia, Elzear, Fedora, Mary B. Ivan, Yvonne  
Prue, Fred (Olive)   152 Union
  Frederick, Vernon, Madeline, Reginald, Doris  
Prue, D. C. Sr. (Agnes)   40 Pleasant
Prue, Henry (Ella)   62 Bay
Pudvah, George (Mrs. G.)   West End
Putney, Charles (Mattie)   Mt. Vernon
Putney, Miss Mamie   Glen Road
Quackenboss, C. J. (Florence)   55 Main
Ramsdell, C. A.   94 Main
Ramsdell, Ella   94 Main
Ramsdell, Herman (Edith)   22 North Ave.
Ramsdell, Stella   17 North Ave.
Ramsdell, Carrol   17 North Ave.
Ranger, Guy (Pearl)   59 Bay
  Asa, Shepperd  
Rann, W. G. (Annie)   28 Prospect
Rann, James (Jennie M.)   Glen Road
Rann, Harold (Georgia)   Glen Road
Rawson, O. H. (Emma)   Sleeper Place
Raymo, John (Mrs. J.)   Farrant
Raymond, Clayton (Hazel)   Glen Road
Raymond, John (Mabel)   Glen Road
Raymond, Perley (Emma)   Glen Road
Raymond, Thomas E.   10 Prospect
Raymond, Perley (Emma)   52 Bay
Redmond, J. W. (Eva)   37 Third
Reece, E. H. (Margaret)   54 Central
Reece, Mrs. Maria   27 Central
Reed, George (Elizabeth)   573 East Main
Reed, Earl   573 East Main
Reed, Miss Alice   573 East Main
Reed, Grant (Mabel)   58 Union
Reid, C. H. (Martha)   158 Northern Ave.
  Hilda, Geneva, Arnold, Doris, Claire  
Reid, Fred (Mary)   47 Concord
  Marjorie, Jess, Ethel, Shirley, Evelyn  
Reid, Milton (Reina)   47 Main
Renihan, J. E. (Kate)   10 Cottage
Renihan, Burton   10 Cottage
Reynolds, Oscar (Eva)   20 Outlook
Reynolds, Mrs.   511 Sias Ave.
Reynolds, Mrs. Mabel   1176 East Main
Rhoades, Mrs. Eva   14 Cross
Rhoades, C. E.   14 Cross
Rhoades, George H.   14 Cross
Rice, E. LeRoy (May)   82 Main
  Margaret, May, Marjorie  
Rice, Nelson (Mary)   RFD 1
Richard, E. L. (Margaret)   Highland Ave.
Richard, Edmond   Highland Ave.
Richard, Charles   Highland Ave.
Richards, Edgar (Cecille)   Glen Road
Richards, J. C.   Union
Richardson, E. A. (Sarah)   82 Maple
Richardson, Miss Jennie   82 Maple
Richardson, James E. (Myrtie)   188 Indian Pt.
Richardson, Harry (Alice)   188 Indian Pt.
  Norman, Beverly  
Riches, C. P. (Flora)   26 Indian Pt.
  William E., Dorothy L., Charles  
Riches, W. H.   89 Main
Richmond, C. W. (Florence)   Bay
Richmond, Miss Clara   Bay
Richmond, Mrs. Emma   Bay
Rickard, Andrew (Lucy)   Hill
  George, Myrtle, Clarence, Mary  
Rickaby, E. P. (Ella)   43 Prospect
Rickaby, E. H. (Grace)   Mt. Vernon
Rickaby, Arthur   Mt. Vernon
Rivard, T. J. (Rose)   63 Highland Ave.
  Audrey, Loretta, Germain, Annette, Emile, Norman, Gerard, Lorand, Claire  
Rivard, Theodore (Agnes)   Highland Ave.
Rivard, Adolph (Annie)   Pleasant
  Willie, Beatrice, Jane, Leo, Rossire, Roland, Teresa, Audrien  
Rivard, Claude (Ellen)   29 North Ave.
Rivard, Miss Stella   29 North Ave.
Rivard, O. C.   29 North Ave.
Rivard, Emile   105 West Main
Rixford, N. E. (May)   9 Farrant
Rixford, Wallace (Juna)   47 Bay
Roberts, Fred (Alma)   135 West Main
  Irene, Raymond, Roland, Norman  
Roberts, B. R. (Anna)   Glen Road
  Leota, Wayne, Shirley  
Roberts, George   Glen Road
Robert, Miss Melvina   34 Outlook
Robbins, Abbie   Elizabeth Apart.
Robinson, M. J.   927 East Main
Robinson, Shirley G.   927 East Main
Robinson, Miss Kathleen   927 East Main
Robinson, F. L. (Anna N.)   Highland Ave.
Robinson, Mrs. Flora   32 Third
Robinson, Miss Margaret   Elizabeth Apart.
Robinson, Frank H. (Isabel)   161 West Main
Roby, Paul (Odile)   18 Outlook
Roby, Edward   18 Outlook
Rochen, A. (Mrs. A.)   Highland Ave.
Rochleau, G. A. (Noeima)   150 West Main
  Constance, Lewis  
Rochleau, Mrs. Emma   Clyde
Rocque, John (Ina)   472 East Main
Roeder, Albert   Roeder's Farm
Rogers, A. T. (Waitie B.)   Highland Ave.
Rogers, Mrs. Charlotte   20 Middle
Rogers, C. L.   20 Middle
Rogers, Mrs. George   23 Main
Rollins, William (Hazel)   92 West Main
Rollins, B. C.   Indian Pt.
Rollins, Carl   Hurst's
Rollins, W. S. (Lila V.)   257 Indian Pt.
Rollins, Hazel L.   257 Indian Pt.
Rollins, W. F. (Carrie)   47 Spring
Root, G. F. (Mabel)   22 Third
Root, Howard   22 Third
Root, H. S.   87 Main
Root, Morton (Susie)   37 Bay
Ross, Edmond (Melvina)   1 Eastern Ave.
Ross, Homer   Glen Road
Rounds, Russell   4 Summer
Rousseau, E. L. (Gertrude)   38 Pleasant
Rowe, G. W.   296 Indian Pt.
Rowe, Joe A.   28 Cottage
  Roy, Harriet  
Roy, Joseph (Annie)   23 North Ave.
Roy, Julius   12 Second
Roy, Miss Mildred   28 Third
Roy, William (Rose)   Glen Road
  Rose, Albert, Alfred, William, Olive, Donald, Elmer, Mabel, Alice  
Rublee, C. D. (Mildred)   5 School
Rublee, Philip (Ona)   35 Bay
  Alice L.  
Rush, R. N. (Edna)   6 Middle
  Maxwell, H. John, Jeraldine, Dorcas  
Rushlow, J. E. (Elizabeth)   15 Outlook
  Walter, Howard, Hazel, Evangeline, Anita, Linus  
Rushlow, Jeanette   15 Outlook
Rushlow, Marion   15 Outlook
Rushlow, T. J. (Katherine)   Clyde
  David, Nelson, Irene, Lawrence, Lucile  
Russ, Mrs. A. E.   46 Coventry
Ryan, Teresa   46 Coventry
Ryther, W. J. (Mrs. W. J.)   Raymond Ave.
Sabourin, Frank (Anna)   26 Outlook
Salls, Glen   20 Outlook
Sanborn, C. W. (Kate)   85 Main
Sanborn, Joseph E.   26 Indian Pt.
Saucier, Henry (Mrs. H.)   Highland Ave.
Sanders, Robert   46 Central
Sargent, Alice M.   Bluff Road
Sargent, Miss Elizabeth   91 Main
Saunders, A. (Pearl)   4 Sleeper Pl.
Savage, E. W. (Lucretia)   Sias Ave.
  Earl, Frances  
Savage, Reginald   Sias Ave.
Savage, Harry   Sias Ave.
Savage, Bernard (Ruby)   Sias Ave.
Sawyer, Wallace E. (Susie)   9 Green Place
  Richard, Marjorie, Robert  
Sawyer, Bernice   33 Second
Sawyer, Mrs. Rose   70 Main
Sawyer, Ernest   Hurst's
Schayltz, Miss Belle   947 East Main
Schoolcraft, H. A. (Leona)   23 Middle
  Rita, Byril, Lyda  
Schoemaker, Mrs.   9 North Ave.
Schurman, Dr. C. G. (Beatrice)   5 Prospect
Scott, L. S. (Annie)   20 Pleasant
Scott, Nat W.   20 Pleasant
Scott, Mrs. Margaret S.   23 Pleasant
  Elizabeth, Walter, Dorothy  
Scott, Arthur (Minnie)   109 Main
Scott, Miss Mabel   109 West Main
Scott, Ernest (Annie)   103 Main
Scott, E. G. (Ida O.)   158 West Main
Scott, N. T. (Eva)   Bluff Road
  Robert, Kenneth, Richard  
Searles, O. S. (Marjorie)   4 Orchard
  Robert, Ruth, Richard  
Seaver, C. W. (Ethel)   11 Bayview
Seguin, Albert (Floy)   Spring
Seguin, J. E. (Elivirah)   Broadview
  Doris, Herbert  
Sessions, I. O. (Esther)   Highland Ave.
  Ralph, Katherine, Donald  
Sautiere, Miss Isabel   4 Field Ave.
Shannon, J. C.   RFD 4
Shanty, Joseph (Eliza)   Clyde
Shanty, Mrs. Tessie   Clyde
Shanty, Fred   Clyde
Shattuck, Roy V. (Emma)   76 Spring
  Harold, Ruth  
Shattuck, Gladys   76 Spring
Shattuck, Miss Flora   76 Spring
Shaw, Mary E.   50 Main
Shaw, L. J. (Winnie)   Summer
Shaw, H. W. (Vera B.)   Clyde
Shaw, Mary E.   Clyde
Sheehan, Ray G. (Viola)   7 Clark
  Rae G., Robert R.  
Sheehe, Harry J. (Gertrude)   41 1/2 Main
  Gordon, Donald, Frances  
Sheldon, Guy (Hilda)   6 Summer
Sheldon, John (Edna)   29 Prospect
Sheldon, Miss Eleanor   29 Prospect
Sheppard, W. C. (Ruth)   597 East Main
  John W.  
Sheppard, Miss Helen   597 East Main
Sherman, F. M. (Harriet)   28 Second
Sherman, Robert (Emma)   18 Second
Sherwell, F. R. (Glenna)   881 East Main
Shover, Homer (Jennie)   34 Central
Shufelt, Gordon (Margaret)   12 Bayview
Shufelt, Claude (Bertha)   12 Coventry
Sias, Charles (Sarah)   225 Sias
Sias, Edward   1093 East Main
Sias, Mrs. Leona   Glen Road
Sias, Timothy   10 Eastern Ave.
Sias, Leon   10 Eastern Ave.
Sicard, A. J. (Emma)   32 Prospect
  Norman, Marcelle  
Simpson, Hiram (Lillian)   Coventry Road
Simpson, Mrs. Maria M.   8 Orchard
Sister Isabelle de Jesus   Clermont
Sister, Marguerite des Anges   Clermont
Sister Renee of St Joseph   Clermont
Sister Marie de l'Assomption   Clermont
Sister Honorat   Clermont
Sister Saint Gerard   Clermont
Sister Sainte Thecle   Clermont
Sister Elie du Carmel   Clermont
Sister Marie Louise de l'Immaculee   Clermont
Sister Marie Evangeliste   Clermont
Sister Therese du Carmel   Clermont
Sister Marie de la Presentation   Clermont
Sister Agnes de St. Joseph   Clermont
Sister Marie de la Nativite   Clermont
Sister Marie Angele   Clermont
Sister Emile de Ste. Marie   Clermont
Sister Hermenegilde de Marie   Clermont
Sister Therese du St. Esprit   Clermont
Sister Marie de L'Ange Gardien   Clermont
Sister Marguerite de la Charite   Clermont
Sister Joseph de Bethleem   Clermont
Sister Saint Bernard de l'Immacule   Clermont
Sister Beatrice de Jesus   Clermont
Sister Saint Jean Baptiste   Clermont
Sister Marie Madeleine   Clermont
Sisco, R. C. (Lucretia)   Mt. Vernon
Sisco, Henry   Mt. Vernon
Sisco, Mrs. Ruby   Clyde
Sisco, Mrs. L. C.   6 Lane Ave.
Skinner, Roy (Fannie)   8 School
Skinner, Miss Beatrice   8 School
Skinner, Maynard (Gertrude)   93 Main
Skoll, Oscar (Cecilia) Hill
Slack, E. A. (Blanche)   208 Union
  Barbara, Howard  
Slack, S. F. (Fannie)   755 East Main
Slafter, John (Minnie)   West End Ave.
Slapp, Jeanette   41 Main
Slee, Sidney (Sarah)   34 Second
Sleeper, A. C.   113 Main
Sloan, G. D. (Beatrice)   83 Autumn
Smith, Miss Shirley   27 Second
Smith, Mrs. W. V.   4 Central
  Lawrence, Norman, Raymond  
Smith, Mrs. Ruth   46 Young
Smith, G. J. (Mrs. G. J.)   Hurst's
Smith, A. D. (Gertrude)   Glen Road
  Evelyn, Walter, Everett, Helen, Leigh, Edna, William, Robert  
Smith, William (Daisy)   Coventry Road
  Loren, Vera, Elwood, Ena, Margaret  
Smith, B. H. (Maud)   8 Clark
  Ruth, Glenna, Beverly  
Smith, H. J. (Mercedes)   Colfax
Smith, E. J. (Gertrude)   15 Cottage
  Miriam, Frances  
Smith, Donald (Jennie)   9 Coventry
Smith, Mrs. Nellie   5 Third
Smith, Marshall J. (Eva)   Clyde
  Richard A.  
Smith, Earl   Highland Ave.
Smith, Clifton   167 W. Main
Smith, Seth (Kathleen)   171 W. Main
Smith, Mrs. Mamie   91 Main
Smith, Jack   91 Main
Smith, Miss Nellie   27 Outlook
Smith, Harold   27 Outlook
Smith, D. E. (Mildred)   1018 East Main
  Waylan, Raymond  
Smith, A. M.   893 East Main
Snay, Albert (Sarah)   Glen Road
Snay, Fred (Eva)   Glen Road
Snay, Joseph (Edith)   East Main
Snay, Pete   Orchard
Snay, Walter   Glen Road
Snyder, Miss Mamie   Elizabeth Apart.
Sockol, Max (Esther)   Orchard
  Alton, Doherty, Maynard  
Sockol, Morris (Bessie)   34 Concord
Sockol, Saul   34 Concord
Sockol, Annie   34 Concord
Solomon, Herman (Grace)   Eastern Ave.
Somers, Dr. H. E. (Dorcas)   Autumn
  Ruth, Joyce  
Somers, Mrs. Hattie E.   Bluff Road
Somers, Kristine   Bluff Road
Somers, Alec   Bluff Road
Somerville, George (Carrie)   70 Main
Somerville, Miss Edith   70 Main
Somerville, Kenneth   70 Main
Somerville, Raymond (Natalie)   70 Main
Spaulding, Mrs. J. M.   47 Main
Spaulding, Mrs. Lucy I.   22 Pleasant
Spaulding, O. M. (Rose)   15 Bayview
Spaulding, Miss Avis   15 Bayview
Spear, Emma L.   27 Prospect
Spear, R. W. (Margaret)   3 Cottage
Spear, Carlton   3 Cottage
Spencer, J. G. (Nina)   Mt. Vernon
  George, Gordon  
Spencer, Alice   Mt. Vernon
Spencer, Rupert   Mt. Vernon
Spindler, J. E. (Mary)   170 West Main
Spooner, E. A. (Elida)   Lake St.
  Willard, Shirley B.  
Spooner, Mrs. Blanche M.   27 Prospect
Squires, Mrs. Cora   Clyde
Squires, Miss May   64 Main
Stanton, H. B. (Julia)   37 Central
Stanton, Miss Hortense   37 Central
Stark, Herbert (Lula)   511 East Main
Steele, Daniel (Verna)   Indian Pt.
  Lillian, Ralph, Victor, Killeen  
Stenson, Joseph (Claire)   11 Spring
Stephens, John L. (Emily)   290 Elm
  Norman, Frederick, Nellie  
Stetson, D. R. (Myrtie)   43 Coventry
Stevens, T. A. (Hattie)   1208 East Main
Stevens, Mrs. Etta   1208 East Main
Stevens, Martin (Lily)   20 Outlook
  Alberta, Burton, Merle, Reginald  
Stevens, Fred   20 Outlook
Stevens, George (May)   Western Ave.
Stevens, J. A.   Western Ave.
Stevens, Fred B. (Mina)   216 W. Main
  David, Philip  
Stevens, D. C. (Rose E.)   Elizabeth Apart.
Stevens, George   Winter
Stevenson, Fannie   Clyde
St. Germain, Theodore   42 Prospect
St. Germain, Miss Cecile   42 Prospect
St. Germain, Rudolph   42 Prospect
St. Onge, C. E.   Broadview
Storey, Edward   24 Coventry
Storey, Mrs. Harrietta   1017 E. Main
Stowe, Miss Stella   1017 E. Main
St. Peter, L. P. (Alice)   Glen Road
  Ernest, Lillian  
St. Peter, Albert   Glen Road
St. Peter, Perry   Glen Road
St. Peter, Arthur   98 Maple
St. Peter, Floyd   98 Maple
Stride, A. R. (Mrs. A. R.)   Raymond Hotel
Sweeney, W. D. (Mabel)   Orchard
  Maurice, June  
Sweet, Miss P. L.   52 Central
Swett, W. E. (Ida M.)   3 Orchard
Swett, Sidney   Orchard
Swett, Ora (Maude)   4 Court Square
  Margaret, Claire, Sydney, Ora, Grace  
Swett, Alton (Nora)   27 Outlook
  Glen, Mildred, Alton, Marion, Florence  
Sweet, Arthur (Gladys)   Glen Road
  Gerald, Elizabeth, Mary  
Swett, Harold (Nora)   Glen Road
Sylvester, Joseph (Clerinda)   Outlook
  Maurice, Jeanette, Lawrence, Armand  
Talbot, Leon (Jennie)   35 Bay
  Ola M.  
Talbot, R. L. (Jennie)   Middle
  Vernon, Wayne  
Talbot, Miss Alma   Hurst's
Tanner, Edward (Victoria)   Clyde
Tarlton, Charles   73 1/2 Main
Tatro, Leon J. (Carrie)   4 Cross
  Aurora, Olivia  
Tatro, Marion   4 Cross
Tatro, Kenneth   4 Cross
Tatro, James (Mary)   3 Cross
Tatro, Jerry (Amelia)   183 W. Main
Taylor, Mrs. Felix   26 Coventry
Taylor, L. N.   Coventry Road
Taylor, Mrs. Sarah   26 Coventry
Taylor, Joseph (Susie)   1 Farrant
  Arthur, Charlie, Adrienne, Pete, Clement, George,  
  Harley, Flossy, Eva, Ida, Emma, Olive  
Taylor, Mrs. Farmer   867 East Main
Taylor, Charles (Mrs. C.)   14 Pond
Taylor, Charles M. (Della)   22 Pleasant
Taylor, Mrs. Marguerite   1017 East Main
Taylor, Robert (Carrie)   199 W. Main
Taylor, Buzzell (Georgiana)   Hill
Taylor, Leo   Hill
Taylor, Douglass Eastern Ave.
Taylor, Joe (Mrs. J.)   56 Bay
Taylor, C. G. (Bernice)   25 Prospect
  Barbara, Helen  
Taylor, Ben (Edith)   Autumn
  Beatrice, Paul, Robert  
Temple, A. (Mrs. A. )   Hill
Tevyaw, Carmi (Mrs. C.)   42 Maple
  Dorothy, George  
Tevyaw, Miss Emily   Hoskins
Tetreault, Charles (Melvina)   82 Pleasant
Tetreault, Miss Emily   82 Pleasant
Tetreault, Miss Lucy   82 Pleasant
Tetreault, Miss Martha   82 Pleasant
Tetreault, Thomas   82 Pleasant
Tetreault, Joseph (Rose)   6 Central
  Paquette, Adrienne (grandchild)  
Tetreault, Henry   6 Central
Tetreault, Miss Bernadette   6 Central
Thayer, Asa A. (Florence)   12 Pleasant
  Dorothy E.  
Thayer, Clarence   7 Bay
Thomas, Rex (May)   Railroad Square
Thompson, James (Angel)   29 North Ave.
Thompson, Jane   29 North Ave.
Thompson, William   171 Northern Ave.
Thompson, Mrs. Helen S.   31 Second
Thompson, Mrs. A. O.   93 Main
Thornbur, Miss Lena   8 Second
Tibbits, Mrs. Dell   55 Main
Tibbits, Miss May   55 Main
Tiedeman, George (Dora)   72 Indian Pt.
Tiedeman, Walter (Lena)   North Ave.
Tinkham, F. S. (Margaret)   19 Eastern Ave.
Titus, F. E.   Y.M.I.C
Titus, Miss Violet   46 Central
Titus, F. O. (Fannie)   Glen Road
Tower, Inez   Elizabeth Apart.
Towne, E. A. (Emma)   West End Ave.
  Shirley, Edwina, Beverly, Natalie, Priscilla  
Trahan, H. L. (Louise)   33 Third
Trahan, Miss Loretta   33 Third
Traver, Mrs. Edith   5 Prospect
Traver, Miss Audrey   7 Prospect
Tredo, Earl   15 Bayview
Trembly, Joseph (Elma)   94 Highland Ave.
Trembly, Marion   94 Highland Ave.
Trembly, Miss Philomene   94 Highland Ave.
Trill, Rev. R. H. (Dora N.)   9 Second
  Gerard, Hilda, Godfrey, Hubert, Barbara  
Tripp, Roland (Violet)   5 Coventry
Tripp, W. E. (Mrs. W. E.)   59 Autumn
Trudell, George Jr. (Nellie)   28 Cottage
  Ernest, Alfred, Esther  
Trudell, Beatrice   28 Cottage
Trudell, Jeanette   28 Cottage
Trudell, George Sr.   Glen Road
Trudell, Eugene   Glen Road
Trudell, Joseph (Maria)   15 Coventry
True, A. E.   38 1/2 Prospect
True, W. W. (Elizabeth)   29 Third
Turcotte, Edward (Jane)   36 Coventry
Turcotte, Mrs. Lena    
  Howard, Raymond, Fredericka, Wilma  
Turcotte, Ted (Delia)   45 Coventry
  Theodora, Fern, Doris, Roberta  
Turner, E. A. (Ruby)   33 Third
Turner, R.   6 Cross
Turner, W. A. (Lottie)   7 Cross
  Alice, Arline, Shirley  
Tute, Edward   28 Coventry
Tyler, Miss Rose   15 Prospect
Tyler, Mrs. Z.   37 Central
Valley, Henry (Lucia)   Hoskins
  Homer, Max  
Vance, Frank   Lake Road
Vance, Jim   West End Ave.
Vancour, Frank   546 East Main
Vancour, Mrs. Lucy   546 East Main
Vancour, W. E. (Almeda)   36 Winter
Vanier, Albert (Yvonne)   18 Eastern
Vanier, Ovid (Emma)   Clyde
  Helena, Olin, Gilson, Vivian, Madeline, Anita, Geneva, Thelma  
Vanier, Frank (Katherine)   6 Clark
Vanier, Miss Dorothy   6 Clark
Vanier, Alma   26 Coventry
Vanier, Mrs. Cepiere   56 Maple
Varney, Chester   246 West Main
Vickery, H. C. (Mary J.)   Lake St.
Vigneault, Benj. (Emma)   6 Eastern Ave.
Vigneault, Edward (Martha)   7 Parker
Vigneault, Miss Grace   7 Parker
Vigneault, Miss Lillian   7 Parker
Vigeneault, Ernest (Josephine)   West Main
Villeneuve, Eugene (Annie)   8 Middle
  Margaret, Ena, Vernal, Eugene, Samuel  
  Arline, Pauline, Evelyn, Albert, Beatrice  
Vincent, Frank (Helen)   Clyde
  Thelma, Cecile, Frances, Stanley  
Walker, Mrs. Fannie   Elizabeth Apart.
Walker, A. T.   Hurst's
Walker, Earl   Elizabeth Apart.
Walsh, Harry   18 Second
Wallace, Earl (Elsie)   4 Longview
  Wilma, Bernard  
Wallace, Elmer   42 Central
Wallace, Harold   11 Bayview
Ware, Miss Mildred   5 Coventry
Ward, D. G. (Ethel)   209 W. Main
Ward, Guy (Louise)   9 Coventry
Ward, Mrs. Lillis   6 Second
Ward, Helen   6 Second
Waterman, Mrs. Carrie   1022 E. Main
Watkins, Mrs. Ella   61 Main
Watkins, B. G. (Kitty)   98 Main
Watkins, Charles   98 Main
Watkins, Harriett 98 Main
Watson, L. A. (Margaret)   8 Bayview
Watts, W. G. (Jennie)   219 W. Main
  Ethel J.  
Watts, Mrs. Maria   205 W. Main
Webb, Clarence (Lillian)   22 Maple
Webb, George (Laura)   22 Maple
Webb, Miss Nellie   22 Maple
Webb, Miss Dorothy   22 Maple
Webb, Clarence (Alice)   Glen Road
Webb, B. T. (Emma)   16 Bayview
Webb, Charles (Mabel)   349 Sias
Webster, Mrs. Sarah   283 Sias
Webster, H. I. (Agnes)   Union St.
Weeden, Fred (Violet D.)   26 Indian Pt.
  Norman, Dorothy  
Weeks, Edward (Annie)   124 Maple
Weishaar, G. C.   70 Bay
Welch, Irving (Ida)   207 Northern Ave.
Welch, Jessie   Sias Ave.
Welcome, Asa   93 Main
Welcome, Mrs. Ellen   93 Main
Wellman, L. B. (Jennie)   197 West Main
Wellman, Miss Ferol   197 West Main
Wells, Archibald (Hallie)   20 Central
  Barbara, Helen, Ruby, Sybil  
Wells, Miss Rose   30 Pleasant
Wells, Hayden   Union R.D. 3
Wells, George   Union R.D. 3
Wells, Dayton   Union R.D. 3
Wells, C. C. (Della)   1118 E. Main
Wells, Alton (Bessie)   28 South Ave.
  Jean, Richard  
West, Arthur (Pearl)   8 Bayview
  Barbara, Frances  
West, Charles E. (Josephine)   31 Northern Ave.
Westover, Kathleen   43 Third
Whalen, Ed. (Elizabeth)   5 Orchard
Whalen, Miss Blanche   5 Orchard
Whalen, Miss Dorothy   5 Orchard
Wheeler, W. A. (Marie)   66 Bay
  Olive, Irene, Geraldine, Erla, Royden  
Wheeler, Thomas (Goldie)   Hill
  Pearl, Albert, Gladys  
Wheeler, N. G. (Flossie)   152 Elm
Wheeler, Mrs. Melissa   157 Northern Ave.
Wheeler, William B. (Mildred)   Clyde
  John, Mabel, Howard, Gordon  
Wheeler, Frank   520 E. Main
Wheeler, E. H. (Grace)   847 E. Main
  Stewart, Robert  
Wheeler, James   South Ave.
  Francis, Harry J.  
Wheeler, Mrs. Belle   South Ave.
Wheelock, Frank   Glen Road
Whitcher, Maye   Elizabeth Apart.
White, A. J. (Nellie)   783 E. Main
Whitehead, L. E.   16 1/2 Second
Whitehead, Mrs. Bernice   16 1/2 Second
Whitehead, Calvin   16 1/2 Second
Whitehead, Orrin R. (Clara)   41 Coventry
Whitehead, R. N. (Ethel M.)   12 Orchard
Whitehill, L. J. (Florence)   Broadview
Whitehouse, Melvin (Viola)   6 Longview
Whitney, Victor (Edith)   46 Young
Wickham, Mike   58 Bay
Wilcox, T. S. (Gertrude)   6 Cottage
Wilcox, Grenville   6 Cottage
Wilcox, Craig (Elida)   RFD 1
  Nora, Roger  
Wilcox, Mrs. Leora   Orchard
Wilcox, Mrs. Maud   Central St.
Wilder, Ray (Florence)   455 Sias
Wilder, Geo. T. (Mary)   7 Summer
Wilder, Albert (Isabelle)   Mt. Vernon
Wilkey, Ruth   282 Union
Wilkey, Mrs. Isabel   284 Indian Pt.
Wilkie, Emery (Olive)   99 Main
Wilkins, Miss Grace   168 W. Main
Wilkinson, C. D. (Lunette)   Mt. Vernon
Wilks, George   53 Bay
Willey, E. F. (Mrs. E. B.)   Mt. Vernon
Willey, Mrs. Clara   Mt. Vernon
Willey, J. E.   R. D. 3
Willey, Stacey (Clara)   70 Main
Williams, W. N. (Gladys)   Highland
  Charlie, John B.  
Williams, Charles (Mabel)   6 Prospect
Williams, Fred J.   R. D. 3
Williams, F. C. (Frances)   55 Main
Williams, O. E. (Mary W.)   2 Pleasant
Williams, S. C. (Lavinia)   23 Prospect
Williamson, Mrs. Alice   41 Second
Williamson, Clarence (Mrs. C.)   49 Coventry
Williamson, Miss Marjorie   49 Coventry
Willis, J. J. (Luella)   West End Ave.
  Earl, Clyde, Ellsworth, Maud  
Willis, Melvin (Jane)   5 Third
Willis, A. E.   5 Third
Wilson, Smith   Union
Wilson, Curt   Union
Wilson, N. H. (Vera)   Glen Road
Wilson, Mrs. Myrtie   Hill
Wilson, Miss Edna   Prospect St.
Wilson, Freida   1028 East Main
Wilson, John (Gertrude)   Elizabeth Apart.
Wood, H. H.   Pond
Wood, Mrs. Emma   12 Pond
Wood, Myrtle   13 Summer
Wood, Mrs. Florence   33 Third
Wood, Mrs. Celina   Glen Road
  Hector, Edward, Philip, Clara  
Wood, Ernest   Glen Road
Wood, C. A. (Josephine)   Highland
Wood, Miss Dorothy   Highland Ave.
Woods, Ralph   11 School
Woodard, W. H. (Margaret)   Bayview
Woodard, Royal (Dorothy)   Glen Road
  Evelyn, Marjorie, Virginia, Edward, Gertrude  
Woodbury, Frank (Hilda)   West Ave.
  Mildred, George  
Woodbury, Clyde   West Ave.
Woodbury, Floyd   Hurst's
Woodbury, Mrs. J. P.   83 Autumn
Worth, William   511 E. Main
Wosko, C. A. (Evelyn)   9 Central
Wright, Benj. (Katherine)   33 South Ave.
Wright, Stewart   33 South Ave.
Wright, Mrs. Gladys   43 Coventry
Wright, Benjamin (Ruby)   Elizabeth Apart.
Wright, Mrs. Ella   167 W. Main
Wright, Frank (Kathleen)   113 Main
Wright, Mrs. Hortense   Sleeper Place
Wright, Nathan   23 Bay
Wyman, J. W. (Alma)   Colfax
  Emily, Wesley  
Yett, Harry   43 Coventry
Young, W. F. (Mary)   58 Union
Young, Mrs. Mary E.   58 Main
Young, Lynn (Elma)   East Main
  Royal, Marie, Lois  
Young, Lorena   35 Third
Young, Mrs. Ida   20 Young St.
  Hugh, Stanley, Esther M.  
Young, Mrs. Augusta   76 Sunset
Young, Ralph (Bessie)   Clyde
  Eleanor, James, Maynard, Maurice  

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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