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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Name Occupation Residence Spouse & children and other boarders
Abbott, Mrs. Rena clk Am. Clothing Store 31 North Ave.  
Abbott, Miss Stella clk Am. Clothing Store rms 17 Central  
Abbott, Walter clk Canadian Pacific Railroad Freight Office 3 Summer (Lucie H.), Alice K.,
Adams, Mrs. Elizabeth   19 Third St.  
Adams, Dr. Ramson W. physician School St., N. Ctr. (Marie T.), Elizabeth
Akin, Fred A. mgr Town farmer Town farmer, N. RFD 1 (Minnie H.), Percy, Ivan
Akin, John R. merchant 24 Prospect (Bessie A.), Aubrey, Donald, John Robert
Akin, Samuel retired Main St., N. Ctr (Edna J.), Lawrence Squires, Gerald Squires
Alberghini, John clk Police Fruit Store 35 Third (Lula M.), Walter, William, Esther
Aldrich, Mrs. M. A. cook boards out Raymond H.
Alfred, Frank E. lawyer 12 School Ave. (Clara Ives)
Allen, Alec farmer Mansonville Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Lucretia)
Allen, Andrew H. fireman Frost Veneer Seating Co. 6 Cross (Lenora E.), Junior, Howard, Marian
Allen, Mrs. Emily H.   8 Cross  
Allen, Gordon emp C. W. Gardner Lake Rd., N. RFD 1  
Allen, L. B. farmer Mansonville Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Flossie), Jessie
Allen, W. R. emp Dwight Hammond Valley Rd., Newport, RFD 1 (Lena), Marion, Lottie
American Clothing Company   45 Main  
Anair, Leon emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 16 Pond St. (E. Dubey)
Anair, Miss Lula typesetter Express & Standard bds Leon Anair, 16 Pond St.  
Andrews, Arlington emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds E. H. Chaffee, 208 W. Main  
Andrews, Miss Blanche typesetter Express & Standard bds C. A. Tarlton, 73 1/2 Main  
Anger, Carroll farmer So. Newport (Alice), Carrie
Arel, Alexander farmer Burlington Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Mary)
Arel, Mitchell C. asst Supt. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. 7 Summer St. (Hattie H.)
Arlington Pool Room & Bowling Alley prop., Sam Antetomaso Under Searles Jewelry Store, Main St.  
Armstrong, Chancey farmer Jay Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Mary), William Edson, Loretta Lovina, George Lawrence, Howard Chancey, Warren, Evelyn Elizabeth, Edson
Armstrong, George L. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Mary), Guy, Fay
Armstrong, Mrs. Lovina   bds. Geo. L. Armstrong's, N. Ctr  
Armstrong, William N. farmer N. Ctr. Rd. N. Ctr, RFD 1 (Albertie), Hazel
Aubin, John A. bobbin mfgr., Aubin's Bobbin Mill 85 Pleasant St. (Olive), Lauretta, Irene, Beatrice, Theresa
Aubin, Louis P. retired 91 Main St. (Rosina), Alice, Elizabeth, Philip, Blanche
Avery, Mrs. Flora D.   55 Main St.  
Avery, W. J. gent's furnishings 9 Main St.  
Avery, Willard B. retired 95 Main St. [Mary E.]
Aylward, Lester porter Raymond House R. R. Square  
Bacon, Ethan Allen fireman Boston & Maine 49 Main St. [Nellie A.]
Badger, Dr. Fremont D., M.D. physician 3 School Ave. [Mary I.]
Badger, Mrs. Lucy   School St. Ruth
Bailey, Arthur farmer Lake Rd., Newport, RFD 1 [Grace], Florence, Kathlyn, Walter
Bailey, Charles M. customs officer 6 Second St. [Addie], Clara J.
Bailey, Floyd labor N. Ctr., RFD 1 [Viola], Ida, Maurice
Bailey, George A. farmer, road commissioner N. Ctr. Rd. N. Ctr, RFD 1 [Minnie], Sherman (private, Co. L., V.N.G.), Raymond, Gordon, Emmaline
Bailey, Mrs. Lydia   N. Ctr., Pleasant St.  
Bailey's Music Rooms mgr. C. H. McCauley 59 Main St.  
Baird, Miss Minnie emp Mrs. Annie M. Davis 46 Central St.  
Baker, Mrs. A. E.   43 Prospect  
Baker, Edward D. foreman Prouty & Miller 147 Main St. [Mary A.]
Baker, Miss Emily clk F. D. Flint's bds Elmer Currier, 53 Bay St.  
Baker, Frank S. Canadian customs officer 15 B. Summer St. [Goldie M.]
Baker, Herbert L. emp. P. & M. 207 W. Main [May], Ida, Stanley, Leon
Baker, Mrs. Philip E.   bds R. N. Whitehead, 9 Cross St.  
Baker, Robert R. machinist T. & B. Garage 5 Cross St. [Jessie M.], Roy, Blanche, Ethel, Leo
Baldwin, Clayton M. salesman Sewing Machine 32 Cottage St. [Carrie M.], Charles, Alice, Rena, Winston
Bancroft, Charles A. collector of customs, Customs House 79 Main St. [Addie]
Barbin, Octave labor Coventry Rd. [Olive K.], Jane, Blanche
Barbin, Philip G. conductor Boston & Maine Lower Coventry St. (Eva B.), Olevina, Marian, Fay
Barnes, Mrs. Annita   rms C. A. Brown, 64 Main St.  
Barraw, Ernest emp International Mill 3 Farrant St. (Arline), Elsie, Joshua, Aretta
Bartlett, Herbert A. merchant Main St., N. Ctr (Emily R.), Elsie L.
Bartlett's General Store Prop., Herbert G. & Guy C. Bartlett Main St., N. Ctr  
Bartlett, Guy C. merchant, postmaster Main St., N. Ctr (Ruth G.), Ralph
Bartlett, William P. retired bds H. G. Bartlett, Main St., N. Ctr  
Basil, John emp. Frost Veneer Seating Co. 47 Bay St (Sadie), Annie
Bassett, Mrs. Sarah farmer So. Newport  
Bastien, Ernestine   5 Clermont Terrace  
Bastien, Rev. J. M. H. pastor St. Mary's 5 Clermont Terrace  
Bates, Heman L. merchant, School St. Church St., N. Ctr. (Elizabeth)
Bates, Ralph A. bookkeeper Frost Veneer Seating Co. 17 Second St. (Elsie)
Baton, Edward farmer Burlington Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Maude), Arline, Maxwell
Baton, Walter labor bds do., Ctr., RFD 1 Mrs. Collins
Beadle, George A. farmer North Troy Rd., Ctr., RFD 2 (Matty), Velma, Arland, Marvin, Maida, Marian, Roger
Beals, Miss Molly M. stenographer Young & Young 12 Bay View Ave  
Bean, Mrs. Charles T.   25 Eastern Ave. Miss Alice
Bean, David L. farmer Town farmer Rd., N. RFD 1 (Pearl), Rudolph
Bean, George brakeman Boston & Maine 3 Eastern Ave. (Isabelle)
Bean, Mrs. Henry T. farmer Lake Rd., Newport, RFD 1 Arthur, Laura, Doris, Edward, Norman
Bean, Lawrence farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Ionie)
Bean, Mrs. Silas F.   bds Mrs. Fred Waterman, Orchard St.  
Beaulieu, Augustus retired 11 Cottage St. (Amelia)
Beaulieu, Fred electrician, 77 Main St. bds Augustus Beaulieu, 11 Cottage St.  
Beaumont, Mrs. Mabel   12 Central Gordon
Beauregard, Frank carpenter Pleasant St. Ext. (Hattie R.), Albert, Vivian
Beebe, John A. clerk W. J. Avery's bds Mrs. Tenney's, 42 Central St.  
Belanger, Joseph painter 3 Third [Mrs. Joseph], Ernest
Belden, Mrs. Bessie stenographer, J. A. Prouty, Newport Electric Light rms J. B. Moody, 22 Bay View  
Bennett, Charles W. printer, Express & Standard 1 White Place [Josephine A.], Irma R.
Bennett, Perley teamster, F. P. Davis rms Root's Block  
Benoit, Alfred emp. P. & M. 148 W. Main St. [Nellie E.], Pearl, Esther, Harold, Mildred, Lottie, Loraine, Claremont
Benware, Edward emp. P. & M. bds M. Carroll's, Outlook St.  
Benware, Joseph emp. P. & M. 7 Bay St. [Florence], Cecil, Claremont, Doris, Norman
Berard, Joseph E. yardmaster Boston & Maine 11 Summer St. [Jennie R.], Catherine R.
Berard, Napoleon emp Aubin's Bobbin Mill 87 Pleasant St. [Delvina], John, Wilfred, Laura, Raymond
Bernard, Arthur clerk Newport Grocery 9 Cottage St.  
Bernard, Henry W.   9 Cottage St. [Alice], Vivian, Lillian, Ernest, Marian, Gertrude, Mary
Bernard, Rev. W. C. clergyman 9 Second St. [Katherine], Miss Kathleen A., R. Paul
Bernstein, Herman creamery, N. Troy & W. Burke 24 N. Ave. [Minnie], Fay
Berry, Joseph E. farmer Bayview Ave. (Elizabeth), Ida, Ellen, Virginia, Arnold, Emma, Oscar, Albert, Florence, George
Bigelow, Charles F. druggist 90 Main St. (Mabel H.), Rudolf J.
Bigelow's Pharmacy   40 Main St.  
Billings, Herbert S. farmer E. Coventry Rd., Newport, RFD 2 (Corintha S.), Winona J.
Billings, Josiah S.   bds H. S. Billing's, E. Coventry Rd.  
Bisbee, John retired 12 Second St. (Susan M.)
Bishop, A. Allyn photographer, 36 Main St. 12 Prospect St. (Marjorie B.), Rosamond
Bishop, Alfred E. U. S. Customs Inspector 39 Third St. (Katherine), Kendall H.
Bixby, Mrs. Mary bds Asa Lamb, Church St., N. Ctr.  
Black, Harry A. lawyer, office Root's Block Highland Ave. (Jennie G.), Henry, Raymond, Gordon, Gerald, Kenneth
Black, Henry F. Administ'r of Estates & Selectman 12 Coventry St. (Melvina S.)
Blair, Burton J. barber 27 Second St. (Ida E.)
Blaisdell, Frank teamster, Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds Mrs. Fred Waterman, Orchard St.  
Blake, Mrs. May E. hskpr John R. Farrant Farrant St.  
Blake Market, The meat 17 Coventry St.  
Blake, Miss Natalie dressmaker Gilman's rms J. F. Lambert, 14 Bay View  
Blake, Nye retired R. R. St., N. Ctr. (Frances A.)
Blanchard, Adeline cashier Am. Clothing Co. 89 Main  
Blanchard, Edwin C. insurance 20 Second St. (Harriet), Philip C., Doris J., Christine H.
Blanchard, Henry G. retired 33 Second St. (Marie C.)
Blanchard, Dr. J. F. physician 92 Main St. (Carrie), Maurice L.
Blanchard, P. C. & Co. real estate Main St.  
Blanchard, Wallace farmer So. Newport, N. Ctr. RFD 1  
Blay, James W. chauffeur, G. H. Prouty 40 Prospect (Amy), Leonard W., Annie E.
Blays, Mrs. Mina overall shop 29 N. Ave.  
Blodah, Edward S. plumber F. W. Carr 14 Prospect St. (Eleanor E.), Marguerite, Luvia, Harold, Sydney, Donald
Blodgett & Burgess clothing 22 Main St.  
Blodgett, Lemuel baggageman Boston & Maine 40 Central St.  
Blodgett, William W. merchant, Blodgett & Burgess 15 Third St. (Sarah E.), Ruth, William F., Margaret A.
Bly, Joel clerk Huntington's Pharmacy 6 Bay View St. (Anna)
Boidecker, John D. cook Lakeside Restaurant 8 R. R. Square  
Boisvert, Joseph trackman Boston & Maine 42 Pleasant St. (Nellie)
Boivain, Fabian emp Aubin Bobbin Mill Pleasant St., Ext. (Alberta)
Bond, William E. watch maker, 1st Sergeant, Co. L., V. N. G. 61 Main St.  
Bonneau, Joseph merchant 50 Pleasant St.  
Bonneau, Miss Lucina clerk Am. Clothing Co. 50 Pleasant St.  
Booner, Samuel H. retired 24 Eastern Ave. (Rebecca J.)
Borella, Anita C.   15 C. Summer St.  
Borella, Ben V. Co. L., V. N. G. 15 C. Summer St.  
Borella, Eva M.   15 C. Summer St.  
Borella, Victor   15 C. Summer St.  
Bosley, Arthur inmate of Town farmer bds do, Newport RFD 1  
Bosley, George F. Immigration U. S. 2 Summer Terrace (Helen J.) Louise Quentin
Bosley, George H. emp George Bailey Main St., N. Ctr (Carrie) Mildred O., Vivian A., Lucretia, William O., Mabel M.
Boston Clothing Store   32 Main  
Bouffard, Arrestide butcher cor Pleasant & Coventry St. Antoinette, Rose, George, Eugene, Beatrice, Bernette
Boulis, Alma inmate of Town farmer bds do, Newport RFD 1 Henry
Boullis, Chester farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1, South Newport  
Boullis, Henry farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Bourk, Joseph G. emp Richard Hurst 10 Central St. (Mary E.) Gladys
Bourses, Fred carpenter & painter, emp Burbank & Slee Outlook St. (Mary) Frederick
Bovin, Albert W. ship clk, VT Tob. Co., Y.M.I.C. 42 Main St.  
Bowen, Ed. inmate of Town farmer bd do, N. RFD 1  
Bowen, G. Walter foreman A. O. Norris 203 W. Main St. [Eva M.] Sylvia, Howard, Florence, Arthur, Alice, Marjorie
Bowen, Melvin L. frt. checker Boston & Maine 33 Coventry St. [Lena S.] Elsie Anne
Bowen, Raymond emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 8 Cross St. [Martha] Marjorie M.
Bowker, Mrs. Martha dressmaker 15 Coventry St. Isadore E.
Bowley, Bert E. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 4 Green Place [Maybelle L.]
Bowley, Charles E. teamster F. M. Sherman 50 Coventry St. [Mabel] Etta
Bow( ), ( )   71 Main [Mary]
Bowman, R. E. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Cora) Doris, Alden, Baxter, Floyd
Boynton, Jesse O. yd foreman Boston & Maine 6 Third (Elizabeth L.) Carroll L.
Brady, Charles N. real estate 12 Field Ave., Summer Resident  
Bragg, Elfreda stenographer E. C. Blanchard bds E. S. Hallenborg, 12 Summer  
Bradley, Mrs. Addie   4 Second  
Brasseur, Emile farmer N. Ctr., N. RFD 2 (Ida) Antonio, Martina, Oswald, Juliet, Roland, Georgette, Marian, Mariclaire
Briggs, Charles H. farmer N. Ctr., Main (Ella) Charles, Gladys, Harold
Briggs, Fred S. farmer N. Ctr., Summer (Blanche) Leigh, Wayne, Marian
Brigham, Bert L. filer P. & M. Orchard St. (Clara) Lois
Brock, Alfred eng Canadian Pacific Railroad rms S. G. Scott, 17 Central  
Brooks, Miss Hattie M.   bds Dr. Gaines, 79 Main St.  
Brooks, Ernest chauffeur, emp C. J. Oben 5 Prospect  
Brouillette, Fred trucker Boston & Maine frt 2 Bay (Alice) Hilda, Arletta
Bruinell, Miss Blanche emp N. House bds do, 15 Main  
Bruinell, Mrs. emp N. House bds do, 15 Main  
Brunson, Mark labor Valley Rd.  
Bryant, Henry H. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 21 Bay (Louise)
Brown, A. farmer Mansonville Rd., N. RFD (Beulah) Stuart, Muriel
Brown, A. C. mgr J. G. Turnbull Creamery N. Ctr. (Ada) Alma, Blanche, Laura, Norma, Latimer
Brown, Alson retired 85 Main  
Brown, Carroll emp A. Brown Mansonville Rd., N. RFD 2  
Brown, Charles A. gen mgr Pass. Tel. Co. 64 Main (Emma) Pauline, Barbara, Virginia
Brown, Edmond W. farmer N. Ctr. Rd. (Alice) Iza, John, Ira
Brown, Edwin J. sec fore Canadian Pacific Railroad Orchard St. (Frances E.) John, Bertha, Elgin
Brown, Mrs. Fred A.   7 Second Esther
Brown, Mrs. Grace housekeeper, Fred Gardner 3 Farrant St. Cecile, George
Brown, Miss Kathline emp Mrs. D. M. Camp 18 Second  
Brown, Mrs. Mary E. dressmaker 18 Bay View Ave.  
Buchanan, William H. car insp Boston & Maine 20 Coventry (Josephine M.) Roy, Guy, Irene, Charles, Viola, Doris
Buck, Charles farmer So. N., N Ctr, RFD 1 (Flora) Harold, Helen
Buck, Clarence farmer So. N., N Troy, RFD 1 (Matilda), Arthur, Hazel
Buck, Erastus garage & transient stable 13 Second (Louise) Ruth
Buck, Herman farmer So. N., N. Troy, RFD 1 (Rilla) Velma, Helen, Henry, Stella, Gladys
Buck, Homer farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Lucetta) Earl, Claude, Carrol, Madge
Buck, John carpenter 23 Middle (Mary J.)
Buck, Myron clerk True & Blanchard Co. 52 Main  
Buck, Ralph emp E. C. Sherlaw bds do, Burlington Rd., N Ctr RFD 1  
Bufard, Lewis carpenter 79 Pleasant (Matilda)
Bugbee, Clarence L. M. jeweler, 34 Main 94 Main (Mary K.) Mary Mitchell
Bullock, William B. printer, 2 Bay View Ave. res. 9 Green Place (Nellie)
Burbank, Edgar painter, Burbank & Slee rms Mrs. Bradley, 4 Second  
Burbank, George W. painter & decorator, Burbank & Slee 7 Third (Ana)
Burbank & Slee paints, etc 1 Third  
Burbank, Mrs. Samuel   18 Second  
Burgess, Ernest W. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 29 No Ave. (Nettie) Freda Philbro, Lola Philbro, Walter, Elizabeth
Burgess, Henry merchant 32 No. Ave. (Emily E.) Edmund, Colin, Graydon
Burns, Mrs. Angeline L. prop Premier Theatre 8 Pleasant St. Blanche I.
Burns, Frank D. frt agt Boston & Maine 8 Pleasant St.  
Burns, Mrs. Mary E. hairdresser 49 Main St. Reginald
Burroughs, Thomas violinist rms F. S. Kenerson, 23 Central  
Burt, Edwin operator Pass. Tel & Tel Co. 55 Main St. (Altie)
Busi, Vincent clk Newport Fruit Co. 61 Main St.  
Buskey, Albert   bd Augustus Mossa, So. N. N. Ctr (Emiline)
Buskey, Louis emp C. L. Drown 145 Main (Mary) Alphonse, Rudolph, Melvina, Earnest
Buskey, Oliver emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 12 Pond (Mina) Doda, Percy, Mabel, Beatrice, Albert, Lotta
Buzzell, A. E. farmer Mt. Rd., Ctr., RFD 2 (Anna)
Buzzell, Gerald A. clk N. P. T. Highland Ave. (Shirley H.)
Buzzell, H. A. emp A. E. Buzzell Mt. Rd., Ctr., RFD 2  
Buzzell, Miss Lillian H. clk Am. Clothing Co. 10 Second  
Byers, Austin W. checker Boston & Maine 18 Scott Place (Florence M.)
Byers, Edward clk car inspt office, Boston & Maine & Canadian P.R. 40 Third (Kate) Phillis, Kathleen, Charles
Camber, John A. carpenter Boston & Maine 17 Third (Florence) Howard
Cameron, Elwin E.   8 Scott Place  
Cammett, Sherman J. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Hattie) Horace, Sherman, Bertha, Perley, Dell
Camp, Mrs. D. M.   18 Second  
Camp, Tom C. cashier Orleans Trust Co. 16 Second (Florence) David, Edwin
Campbell, Donat farmer Jay Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Campbell, Mrs. Jennie insurance N. Ctr. Irene
Campbell, Ovila farmer Jay Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Campbell, W. condu Canadian Pacific Railroad rms C. A. Bowley, 71 Main  
Cantell, Nelson emp Boston & Maine frt rms C. A. Bowley, 71 Main  
Canton, Arthur emp O. D. Hancock N. Ctr Rd., N RFD 1  
Canty, George E. frt condu Boston & Maine 7 Third (Carrie Belle)
Cardwell, Floyd J. eng Boston & Maine 61 Main St. (Lottie S.)
Carr, Fred W. heating & plumbing 3 North Ave.  
Carr, Lynn D. fire Boston & Maine 15 Bay View (Stella F.)
Carroll, Mike emp town 135 Main (Mary) Elizabeth Fisette, Eva do, Beatrice do, Oscar do (Co. L, VNG)
Carson, John A. eng Canadian Pacific Railroad Outlook St. (Mary) Ida, Kenneth, William, Isabelle, Evelyn, Walter, Beverly
Carter, Clarence A. car insp Highland Ave. (Elizabeth) Ruth A.
Carter, David J. vet dr Highland Ave. (Alice A.)
Carter, Otis S. retired bds D. J. Carter, Highland Ave.  
Carter, Ernest C. eng Boston & Maine 27 Central (Myrtie)
Cavanaugh, James A. clk Canadian Pacific Railroad, dispatch rms J. H. Hagan, 20 Bay View  
Center Garage, The prop Ray E. Griffin N. Ctr.  
Chaffee, Miss Bernice emp I. J. Currier 26 North Ave.  
Chaffee, E. M. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 208 West Main (Marinda)
Chaffee, Edwin W. carpenter 8 Long View Ave. (Ella)
Chaffee, Lyon H. carpenter 8 Long View Ave.  
Chagnon, Joseph clk N. House bds do, 15 Main  
Chaloux, Fred trucker Boston & Maine frt 2 White Place (Adelaide)
Chamberlain, Chauncey labor 165 W. Main (Myrtle)
Chapdebame, Deus farmer Ctr. R., R. D. 2 (Alexina) Eddie, Florina, Irene
Chappel, Merton B. commercial man 5 Main (Florence)
Chapin, Ernest L. photographer & merchant, photograph shop 16 Eastern Ave. (Bessie) Ivy E.
Chaplin, Mrs. Julia A.   bds Ernest L. Chaplin, 16 Eastern Ave.  
Chaput, Edward farmer Mansonville Rd., N. RFD 2 (Emma) Louis, William, Mary
Chaput, Ozther farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Alberta) Beatrice
Chase, Guy B. mail clerk RR bds C. H. Green, 15 Eastern Ave.  
Cheney, Charles C. stone cutter 28 Cottage (Anna) Earl, Nelson, Edna
Chillson, Appleton H. gardener 9 Eastern Ave.  
Chillson, Mary F. dressmaker 9 Eastern Ave.  
Chillson, Nettie emp B. F. Moore's overall factory 9 Eastern Ave.  
Clang, Mrs. Annie emp W. R. Prouty's 30 Second  
Clapper, Mrs. Carrie   54 Bay Jennie, Myron, Leon
Clapper, Mrs. Jacob   Church St., N. Ctr.  
Clapper, Mrs. Susan   60 Bay  
Choquette, Hector emp Aubin's Bobbin Mill Pleasant St. (Edwidge) Ozilda
Choquette, Mrs. Mary   88 Pleasant Charles (gr. son)
Clark, Anson C. U. S. Customs 164 W. Main (Martha) Maurice, Beatrice, Frances
Clark, Miss Edith hd waitress, N. House rms A. S. Gower, 39 1/2 Main  
Clark, Homer   So. Npt., N Ctr., RFD 1  
Clark, Hugh M. mech Prouty & Miller 100 Main (Lelia A.) H. Melbourne
Clark, Mrs. E. Margaret bd h. 81 Coventry James E., John R.
Cleary, Walter E. lawyer, Court House rms L. O. Drew, 38 Third  
Clement, Robert H. clk N. P. O. 123 Main (Nina R.) Howard R.
Clement, Walter em Prouty & Miller bds Robert Clement, 123 Main  
Clifford, Eugene D. contractor 36 Central (Susan H.)
Clough, Mrs. Hattie A.   20 1/2 Pleasant  
Cobb, George W. farmer N. Ctr Rd, N. Ctr. RFD 2 (Carrie) George W.
Cobb, Leon E. plumber, T & B 30 Main (Gladys M.) Lyla F.
Coburn, Fred H. clk N. P. O. 168 West Main (Bernice) Dean
Coburn, Rodney condu Boston & Maine 10 North Ave. (Jennie C.) Mildred, Gertrude, Clare
Coburn, William retired farmer 163 W. Main (Grace L.)
Coderre, Alidor baker, emp R. F. Hamblett 20 Central (Lora)
Coderre, Lewis emp Aubin Bobbin Mill bds Geo. Laplante, Pleasant Ave.
Colby, William E. fire Boston & Maine 20 Scott Place (Lula C.) Raymond, Alice
Cole, Edward   bds Geo Cole, Ctr RFD 1  
Cole, Ervin carpenter, H. O. Smith 157 W. Main Ruby, Clarence, Beulah, Floyd, Etta
Cole, George E. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Clemma)
Cole, Luke J. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 154 West Main Miss Velira
Collins, Ernest F. farmer Railroad St., N. Ctr. (Olive), Dorothy, Katherine, Thelma, Marvin, Reginald
Collins, Edith M. emp G. H. Prouty 115 Main  
Collins, Harley farmer So. N., N. Troy Rd., RFD 1 (Maud)
Collins, Henry farmer So. N., N. Troy Rd., RFD 1 (Maggie)
Collins, Mrs. farmer Ctr., RFD 1  
Collins, Warren L. labor N. Ctr. (Flora) Earnice, Arthur
Colodny, Leon merchant, Am Clothing Co. 103 Main (Sarah) Raymond, Marian
Connal, Edson N. farmer Jay Rd., Ctr. RFD 1 (Julia)
Connal, James farmer Collins Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 1 Clarence, Grace
Connal, William R. farmer Jay Rd., Ctr. RFD 1 (Ada) Velma, Helen, William
Connecticut General Life Insurance O. H. Rawson, gen'l agt, E. A. Wilkie, special agt    
Conley, Edwin switchman Boston & Maine bds B. S. Pomeroy, 6 Summer  
Cooke, Napoleon J. sawyer Frost Veneer Seating Co. 162 Main (Katherine)
Coolbeth, Albert E. emp S. G. Scott 38 Prospect (Eloise)
Coolbeth, Eben farmer bds E. W. Coolbeth, N. Ctr (Ruby)
Coolbeth, Erastus W. retired Main, N. Ctr (Eliza)
Cooley, Walter F. emp H. P. Hood & Sons 31 Third (Lena) Eleanore, Sherrill
Corbeil, Miles A. emp Boston & Maine round house 44 Pleasant (Blanche)
Cordy, Melan emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 41 Bay (Jennie) Martha, Richard, Katherine
Corey, Charles emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 5 Bay (Abbie)
Cota, Miss Victoria emp D. N. Dwinell 26 Second  
Cote, Charles emp Aubin Bobbin Mill bds Geo LaPlante, Pleasant Ave.  
Courser, Mrs. Ellen farmer North Troy Rd.  
Courtney, Charles W. farmer Ctr., RFD 2 (Florence)
Crandall, Clarence E. wheelwright Main, N. Ctr (Edith)
Crandall, Forster   So. Newport  
Crane, Miss Annie clerk Gilman's 95 Main St.  
Crawford, A. farmer N. Troy Rd., Ctr., RFD 1 (Ella)
Crawford, Mrs. Abbie   bds Earl Pettingill, Jay Rd., N Ctr  
Crawford, Charles J. landscape gardener 6 Longview (Abbie L.) Fred B.
Crawford, Clarence W. emp section Boston & Maine 69 Bay (Daisy) Gilman J.
Crawford, John janitor Goodrich Library 68 Bay (Ellen V.)
Crawford, S. G. merchant, gen store Main, N. Ctr (Bertha) George, Vernon
Crawford General Store S. G. Crawford, prop Main St., N. Ctr  
Creaser, Osmond W. eng Boston & Maine 61 Main St. Clyde C.
Creaser, Mrs. Florence hskpr   Elsie Tredo, Earl Tredo
Crowell, Gordon labor W. Heyer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1  
Cummings, E. Floy emp C. C. Davis 22 Second  
Cummings, Tarrant S. retired 247 W. Main Susan
Cunningham, John checker Boston & Maine, frt 1 Summer Terrace (Nettie)
Currier, Alfred G. labor 35 Third (Rosanna) Leonard, Earnest, George, Roy, Rudolph
Currier, Elmer fire Frost Veneer Seating Co. 53 Bay (Olive E.) Edward, Albert, Leo, Evlyn, Arlene
Currier, Elsadie   rms J. Currier, Coventry Rd. RFD 2  
Currier, Frank emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds J. Currier, Coventry Rd. RFD 2  
Currier, Henry D. trucker Boston & Maine frt 67 Bay (Laura L.) Donald, Harold, Norman
Currier, I. J. condu Boston & Maine 26 North Ave. (Jennie S.) Kenneth, Bernard, Walter
Currier, Dr. John M. retired 28 Third [Susan H.]
Currier, Joseph J. labor Coventry Rd., N. RFD 2 [Delia] Bertha
Curtis, Byron S. undertaker & contractor 5 Bay [Augusta] Justin, Jennie
Cushing, Edward labor Main, N. Ctr [Myrtle] Harry Gaylor, Harold Cushing, Marguerite, Evelyn, Milton, Dorcas
Cushing, Homer emp G. A. Bailey N. Ctr Rd., RFD 1 [Winnie] Walter
Cushman, Henry B. county clk, municipal judge 15 Pleasant [Addie I.]
Cushman, John B. clerk municipal court bds E. Hill's, 4 Court Sq.  
Dagenais, Dolphis A. brake Canadian Pacific Railroad Coventry Rd. [Marian] Marian, Clement, Lewis
Dagenais, Wilfred mach Frost Veneer Seating Co. 36 Bay Joseph, Elmer, Alfred
Dale, Mrs. Etta   bds G. D. Norris, 40 Central  
Daley, Elic emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. rms N. W. Newton, 7 Cross  
Daley, John W. clerk Am. Ex. Co. rms Y. M. I. C., 42 Main  
Daley, Miss Mary clerk Pass. Tel & Tel Co. 61 Main St.  
Daley, Patsey merchant, under Am. Cloth. Co. Pleasant Ave. [Dora]
Daley, Roy L. yd condu Boston & Maine 10 Orchard [Nellie] Gladys, Walter
Daley, Selah ship clk, B. F. Moore 52 Central [Lucy] Reginald
Daley, Thomas P. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 66 Bay [Elizabeth]
Dauphin, Henry emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. Farrant St.  
Davio, Bert H. tinsmith T & B 26 1/2 Coventry [Minnie]
Davio, Mrs. Rose bd h. 26 1/2 Coventry Edward (Co. L, VNG) Hattie, Charles, Arthur
Davio, William J. stone cutter, W. Derby 49 Main St. [Lydia]
Davidson, David W. condu Boston & Maine 11 Lane Ave. [Alice]
Davis, Alfred brake Boston & Maine 40 Central  
Davis, Mrs. Annie M. bdrs 46 Central Wayne H. (clk Boston & Maine), Sam P.
Davis, Carroll A. customs 9 Prospect [Helen E.]
Davis, Charles C. retired 22 Second [Nettie] Bradley N., Donald C.
Davis, Charles F. druggist 35 Prospect [Ella]
Davis Coal & Transfer Co. livery & feed stable, gasoline 70 Coventry  
Davis, Miss Cora clk Gilman's rms H. O. Joyal, 4 Field Ave.  
Davis, Edward W. trucker Boston & Maine frt 175 W. Main [Susan] Hattie
Davis, Frederick P. Standard Oil, merchant & livery 13 Prospect [Lucia]
Davis & Livingston druggists 53 Main  
Davis, J. Riley plumber 17 N. Ave. [Gertrude] Royal, Howard
Davis, Robert W. H. coal & cement 13 Prospect [Bertha Irene], Frederick Payson
Davis, Sydney E. cement work Maple, N. Ctr. [Emogene E.]
Davis, Sydney F. U. S. Immigration 52 Main [Josephine]
Day, Maurice emp J. G. Turnbull & Co. School., N. Ctr [Myrtle]
Dearborn, Mrs. Mary E.   8 Second Georgia
Deatte, Edith bkpr H. P. Hood's 20 Central  
Decker, Louis Arthur frt condu Boston & Maine rms Y. M. I. C., 42 Main  
Decoteau, Alfred quartermaster serg, Co L, VNG 1 Eastern Ave. [Marguerite] Charlotte L.
Decoteau, John emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. Pleasant St. [Ellen] Marian, Frank, Arlene, Pearl, Robert
Demers, Wilfred sec fore Canadian Pacific Railroad School., N. Ctr [Delphine] Edith, Beatrice
Demings, John A. stonecutter 23 Bay [Bessie]
Demos, Arvert emp Prouty & Miller 4 Bay [Nellie], Irene, Arvert
Denonville, Miss Antoinette emp H. O. Joyal 4 Field Ave.  
Deuel, Ray E. Agri, Agt Orleans Co. 84 Main [Diana] Day E., Madeline
Deuso, Bernie emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. rms L. E. Shufelt, 193 W. Main  
Dickinson, E. B. merchant & barber Main, N. Ctr (Sarah J.) Lucile
Doane, Clarence S. trucker Boston & Maine frt 45 Main (Pearl)
Doane, George W. retired 45 Main (Elizabeth)
Doane, Harmon farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Wilma)
Doane, J. Bert farmer Jay Rd., Ctr. RFD 1 (Phoebe) Mildred Sisco (gr. dau.)
Dodge, Edward N. condu Boston & Maine 10 School Ave. (Florence) William, Richard
Dolan, William brake Canadian Pacific Railroad bds E. Trucotte, 46 Coventry (Gertrude)
Dorcum, John farmer So. Newport, N. Ctr. RFD 1  
Dore, A. T. farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Malvina) Aime, George, John, Allen, Noel, Peter, Ida, Helen
Dorman, Clifford asst yd master Boston & Maine bds Mrs. Myrtle Thoresen, 9 Coventry  
Dorson, Carroll hskpr Summer, N. Ctr  
Dorson, Earnest sec Canadian Pacific Railroad Summer, N. Ctr  
Doty, Mrs. Emma emp Richard Hurst bds do, 5 Main  
Doucet, Edward clk Canadian Pacific Railroad dispatch rms Y. M. I. C., 42 Main  
Dow, Mrs. George   55 Coventry  
Dow, Mrs. Gilman   197 W. Main  
Dow, William retired farmer Highland Ave. (Addie)
Downey, Lorne upholsterer, N. Ave. 168 W. Main (Mildred) Beva
Dowsell, W. Joseph labor 2 Exchange Place (Jessie)
Doyle, Gilbert E. clerk Raymond H. bds do, R. R. Square (Julia E.)
Doyle, Herbert L. prop Raymond H. R. R. Square  
Dragon, Miss Leah M. dressmaker 95 Main St.  
Drew, Kate saleswoman 4 Summer  
Drew, Lee O. merchant, 46 Main 38 Third (Helena C.) Dorothy H.
Drew's Specialty Shop 46 Main    
Drew, William L. farmer Buck Rd., So. N., Ctr RFD 1 (Alice) Myrtle, Dora, Arline
Drown, Asa R. ex agt 96 Main (Blanche) Nelson S.
Drown, Charles L. real estate, stock & wool dealer 98 Main (Nellie)
Drown, Harry E. ins., Lane's blk 176 W. Main (Ida) Gladys, Goldie
Drown, Hiram retired Main, N. Ctr (Ella)
Drown, Warren B. meat market 96 Main (Ruth) Warren
Dubois, Arthur brake Boston & Maine 23 Coventry (Alberta)
Dubois, Moire farmer N. Troy Rd., Ctr., RFD 2 (Angelina)
Dubray, Clarence F. brake Canadian Pacific Railroad 26 Prospect (Mabel E.) Pauline
Dubuque, Mrs. Albina laundress People's Steam 46 Pleasant Elizabeth
Duchesneau, Edward C. blacksmith Canadian Pacific Railroad 46 Pleasant (Alice) Orien, Eglantine, Leon, Victor, Bertha, Henry
Ducklas, Clarence farmer Collins Rd., So. N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Lora)
Duffy, Frank L. emp Aubin's Bobbin Mill 74 Pleasant (Carrie) Sadie, Lawrence
Dunham, Norman W. retired farmer Pleasant, N. Ctr.  
Dunham, Wallace sec Boston & Maine 56 Coventry (Pearl) Della, Etta, George, Walter
Dunn, Daniel M. farmer Dunn Hill Rd., N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Linda) Era, Maurice, Bernice, Lena
Dunn, T. R. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Sarah J.) Irva, Harold
Durkee, Carl T. emp Intern. Mill 7 Orchard (Rose)
Durkee, Edgar W. retired Pleasant, N. Ctr. (Minnie)
Duval, Charles E. team F. P. Davis 10 E. Ave (Maude) Floyd, Lyla
Dwinell, Dean M. mfr N. Overall Seymour Lane / 26 Second (Ruth) Eleanor
Dwyer, Ernest cutter Frost Veneer Seating Co. Farrant St. (May) Clarence, Marvin, Margaret
Dwyer, Mrs. Margaret 54 Bay  
Eastman, D. K. veterinary 24 Main  
Eaton, George J. agt Am. Ex. Co. rm W. F. Cooley, 31 Third  
Edmonds, Mrs. Sarah   Summer, N. Ctr  
Edwards, Rev. Leland A. clergyman 82 Main (Bertha) Willis
Edwards, Miss Nellie E.   bds E. S. Hallenborg, 12 Summer  
Edwards, Oscar W. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 149 Main (Ethel) Jessie, Arthur, Hazel
Elie, Lucian J. mach Canadian Pacific Railroad 30 Third (Alman)
Elie, Sister of Carmel music teacher Clermont Terrace  
Elkins, Mrs. Mary L.   12 Prospect St.  
Elliott, Ervin C. farmer N. Ctr. Rd., N. RFD 1  
Ellis, Herbert W. em Frost Veneer Seating Co. 20 Cross (Emma J.)
Ellis, Lindsay A. bkkr Pas. Tel. & Tel. Co. 1 Coventry (Mary) Reginald, Dorothy, Burton
Emery, Curtis S. customs broker 15 Prospect (Harriet J.) Doris E.
Emery, C. S. & Co. customs broker 57 1/2 Main  
Emilie, Sister hskpr Clermont Terrace  
Enos, John gardener, emp G. H. Prouty 11 Prospect (Laura)
Erwin, Dr. Charles L. retired cor School & Church, N Ctr. (Ella) Marjorie, Barbara
Erwin, John W. retired R. R. Square Raymond H.
Essen, Charles emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 20 Pond (Theresa) Alice, Isadore
Estelle, A. F. farmer Ctr., RFD 2 (Belle) Gerald, Kenneth, Lyla
Estey, Mrs. Nula domestic nurse bds Hiram Drown, Main, N. Ctr Ella
Eunen, James emp Ice Co. bds Peter Handy, Coventry Rd.  
Express and Standard press, D. W. Hildreth, prop 7 Central  
Fairbrother, Arthur A. Fairbrother & Son 16 Coventry (Cora)
Fairbrother, A. C. & Son paints, paper, blacksmiths 21 Coventry  
Fairbrother, Burns E. fire Boston & Maine Pleasant (Daisy O.) Walter
Fairbrother, Hugh W. automobiles, Fairbrother & Son 16 Coventry (Jessie) Clinton, Dale, Harriet
Faneuf, Hector A. brake Boston & Maine 5 N. Ave. (Bernice) Wilfred, Doris
Faneuf, W. barber, Fred Ponton rms A. G. Goodwin, 44 Central  
Farr, Dana blacksmith W. Derby 48 Coventry (Harriet H.)
Farrant, Miss Emma   Farrant St.  
Farrant, John R. market gardener Raymond St. (Hattie)
Farrant, Miss Susan   Farrant St.  
Farrar, D. U.   N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Estella) Raymond, Mildred
Farrar, Dennison W. retired farmer Summer St., N. Ctr. (Edna M.) Dalton
Farrar, Harry emp Leo C. Wheeler N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Farrell, Mrs. Laura emp R. Hurst house rms Root's Block  
Fernand, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Ficaro, Patsy emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 4 Bay (Beatrice) Frances, Angeline
Fifield, James D. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 10 Second (Edna P.) Rood E.
Findlay, Mrs. Laura   8 Orchard Olive, Harold, Lillian, Elva
Fisette, Jerry labor Coventry Rd (Olive) Earnest
Fish, George W. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 205 W. Main (Lillian E.)
Fisher, Emerson E. brake Boston & Maine 147 Main (Lillian)
Fisher, Miss Goldie M. stitcher Moore's Overall Factory 18 Scott Place  
Fitzgerald, Edward J. fish dealer, N. Fish Market 49 Coventry (Mary)
Fitzpatrick, John J. clk Davis & Livingston 6 Raymond  
Flinn, William R. R. Storekeeper rms S. G. Scott, 17 Central (Mrs. Flinn)
Flint, Albert farmer Burlington Rd., Ctr., RFD  
Flint, Charles M. furniture, 80 Main 78 Main (Mae A.) Lesie M.
Flint, Frank D. dry goods, 26 Main 16 No. Ave. (Minnie H.) Charles
Flint, Mrs. George H. merchant Gilman's 1 Pleasant  
Flint, Gerald G. clk Blair, Derby 26 N. Ave. (Grace)
Flower, Halsey R. merchant 61 Main St.  
Folsom, Joseph H. eng Boston & Maine rms Y. M. I. C., 42 Main  
Folsom, Leon E. condu Boston & Maine 7 Exchange Pl (Emma E.) Perley
Fontain, Alphonse labor, M. O. Brasseur N. Ctr., RFD 2  
Foster, George W. eng Boston & Maine 20 Eastern Ave. (Mabel) Lindsay
Foster, Mrs. Jennie M.   rms R. S. Foster, 8 Eastern Ave.  
Foster, J. Edward merchant, 32 Main 26 Third St. (Sarah P.) Letty, N. Percy
Foster, Ned L. milk distributor 12 Prospect St. (Fannie) Dana Hancock, Helen Foster
Foster, Raymond S. team E. H. Reece 8 Eastern Ave. (Bernice B.) Brenda
Foster, William baggage master Boston & Maine 7 Central (Agnes D.)
Francis, Alfred chef N. House bds do, 15 Main  
Frecralt, William labor Frost Veneer Seating Co. Farrant St. (Felicite)
Frizzell, Herman farmer N. Ctr. RFD 1 (Ida) Mary, Burt
Fuller, Frank E. emp T & B bds W. L. Coburn, 163 Main  
Gage, Henry labor 4 Bay (Margaret), Leon Ragan
Gagner, Edmond emp Bobbin Mill Pleasant (Ellen) Maurice, Eugene, Albert, William, Jeanette
Gagner, John B. emp Aubin Bobbin Mill Pleasant (Emma) Henry, Antoinette
Gagner, Louis P. & M. 68 Coventry (Jennie) Wilfred, Madgelina
Gaines, Dr. John H. physician 79 Main (Abbie E.)
Gale, Thomas C. customs officer U. S. 18 Coventry (Amelia F.) Ivah, Alfred (emp Yale & Town mfg Co., Sanford, CT)
Galle, Joseph clk N. Fruit Store 61 Main St.  
Garde, Mrs. Mabel typesetter Express & Standard bds Mrs. Hattie Story, 15 Coventry George H.
Gardner, Calvin E. labor A. H. Himes Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Alice) Thurland, Allan
Gardner, Claude W. farmer Lake Rd., Newport, RFD 2 (Helen) Carroll D.
Gardner, Ed. farmer N. Ctr. Rd., N. Ctr. RFD 2 (Effie)
Gardner, Fred F. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 3 Farrant St.  
Gardner, Martha L.   bds Geo. A. Goodnough  
Gardner, Wilfred F. fire Boston & Maine Pleasant Ave. (Josephine E.) Evelyn E.
Garrett, Charles J. labor 8 Central (Flora B.) Hazel G.
Gauthier, Miss Felene stitcher B. T. Moore's Overall Factory 46 Coventry  
Gauthier, Mrs. Joseph A. dressmaker 22 Pleasant Ralph, Catherine R., Rita, Nelson, Reginald
Gaylor, Robert E. livery, stable Derby 8 Third (Helen S.)
Geer, Arthur J. farmer 8 Coventry (Bernice N.) Doris M.
Genge, Dr. Victor P. physician cor Main & Third St.  
George, Miss Roxie operator Pass. Tel & Tel Co. bds E. L. Richards, Highland Ave.  
Gerard, Sister hskpr Clermont Terrace  
Gibson, Mrs. Alice   bds Mrs. Julia Rogers, Orchard St.  
Gilbert, Mrs. Cushman 74 Pleasant    
Gilbert, Louis H. foreman Frost Veneer Seating Co. 21 Middle St. (Mary) Lumina, Earnest, Grace
Gilman's Dry Goods   38 Main  
Gingras, Leon J. Asst Station Agent 23 Coventry (Alice) Paul, Beatrice, William
Giroux, Miss Jeanette sten C. J. Oben 19 Bay View  
Giroux, Miss Leah sten C. J. Oben 19 Bay View  
Giroux, Leon   19 Bay View  
Goddard, Charles O. farmer School., N. Ctr (Elsie) (milliner)
Goddard, Miss Flora emp B. F. Moore's overall shop bds P. R. Vignault's, 6 Eastern Ave.  
Godfrey, William D. brake Boston & Maine 222 W. Main (Jennie M.) Viola
Godin, Levi emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 20 Middle (Mabel) Lillian, Eva, Victoria
Gogen, Miss Helen emp Mrs. J. O. Thrasher's 70 Main  
Goodnough, George A. farmer Highland Ave.  
Goodrich, Julian O. civil eng Village of N. 21 Third (Helen) Helen
Goodwin, Alonzo G. clothier, 31 Main 44 Central St. (Lydia) Lucille
Gosselin, Stanislas farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Rose) Lawren, Geo., Leon, Paul, Edonard, Irene, Louis
Goss, Willard J. condu Boston & Maine 105 Main (Beulah) Harriet, Willard
Gould, Dr. O. B. physician, 1 Coventry 5 Third (Mary L.)
Gower, Alfred S. steward Y. M. I. C. 39 1/2 Main (Celia A.)
Gratton, Joseph inspt Swift Co. 155 Main (Jennie) Joseph, Jeanette, Viola, Henry, George, James, Theodore, Margaret, Frances
Grey, Urgel emp M. O. Brasseur N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Leona)
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.   27 Coventry  
Green, Charles H. undertaker 15 Eastern Ave. (Minnie M.)
Green, Edward farmer So. N., Ctr., RFD 1 (Mary) Doris, Gladys, Carroll, Stephen
Green, Mrs. Ellen J.   30 No. Ave. Harriet E.
Green, Hamilton H. clk T. & B. 28 No. Ave. (Clara) Gertrude
Green, Leonard emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds E. H. Chaffee, 208 W. Main  
Greenwood, Alfred E. team F. P. Davis Main, 6 Root's Blk (Mandana B.) Albert
Greenwood, Arthur   29 Pleasant  
Greenwood, Mrs. Dlima   29 Pleasant  
Greenwood, Joseph milk car H. P. Hood off Pleasant (Mrs. Joseph) Lawrence
Griffin, Charles H. farmer Newport Ctr., RFD 1 (Lelia) Lelia
Griffin, Frank C. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Mary J.) Harold, Blanche
Griffin, Ray E. garage Main, N. Ctr (Grace E.)
Griggs, Ara A. deputy sheriff 27 Second St. (Mary E.) Frances
Griggs, Archie H. emp N. Elec. Light Co. 60 Bay (Beatrice) Isabelle
Griggs, John H. yd condu 57 Bay (Ina C.) Lena, Leland
Griggs, Stewart S. car inspt Boston & Maine 9 Pond (Jennie) Leon, Hayden, Clifton, Earl, Ray
Grise, Leo baker 20 Central (Lora) Elmand, Anita, Fernando, Arlene
Grout, Aaron H. lawyer, Lane's blk 24 Second (Edith G. H.) Eleanor, Nancy
Grout & Grout lawyers Lane's blk, Main  
Guimond, Frank emp C. J. Oben bds C. J. Oben's, 5 Prospect  
Guyette, Edmund emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 36 Bay (Emma) Harry (emp Frost Veneer Seating Co.)
Hackett, William E. clk H. R. Flower 13 No. Ave. (Cena), Florence, George, Ruth
Hacon, Charles labor Will Connal N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Mabel) Florence, Sylvia
Hagan, James H. eng Canadian Pacific Railroad 20 Bay View (Margaret A.) Elizabeth
Hager, Burton H. carpenter 199 W. Main (Myrtle)
Hall, Harry D. retired 16 School Ave. (Mary)
Hallenborg, Mrs. Emma S. bding h 12 Summer Charles, Alma
Hamblett, Ralph F. N. bakery rms C. A. Tarleton, 73 1/2 Main (Natalie)
Hamel, Mr. Lewis   88 Pleasant (Dina) Albrec, Frank, Leon, Arthur, Agnes, Antoinette
Hamilton, Earnest A. Supt of Schools, N & vicinity 9 Third (Margaret)
Hamilton, Dr. Harry F. Dentist, 36 Main 1 Third (Lillian G.) Geo W., Reginald, Harris
Hamilton, Mrs. Merrill T.   10 Prospect St. Lee Porter
Hamilton, Samuel W. F. Dentist, Lane's Block 8 Field Ave. (Kate W.) Samuel
Hammond, Charles H. Asst Cashier, Canadian Pacific Railroad Highland Ave. (Jennie) Vivian, Aldaman
Hammond, Dwight farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Molly), John
Hammond, Harlow farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Elve) Earl, Ethel, Esther, Ruby
Hammond, Mrs. John   31 Bay Ruth
Hammond, Miss Myra Lydia bkkr Pas. Tel. & Tel. Co. 12 Bay View  
Hammond, William S. farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Maggie L.) David, Gladys
Hancock, Fred labor, W. Richmond Lake Rd., N. RFD 1  
Hancock, Orville D. farmer N. Ctr. Rd., N. RFD 1 (Bertha) Gladys
Hand, Clarence labor E. J. Joslyn Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Cora) Roscoe
Handy, Gilbert S. emp N. Ice Co. Salem, Coventry (Annie) Rose, Mary, Philip
Handy, Joe sec Boston & Maine 41 Bay (Jennie)
Handy, Peter M. prop N. Ice Co. Coventry (Mamie) Lilly, Tom, Fred
Handy, Joseph sec Boston & Maine 41 Bay (Agnes) Mamie, Anthony, Leona, Sam, Helen, John
Hardy, L. B. farmer N. Ctr. Rd. (Emma) Eva, Blanche, Hallie, Ruth, Jonathan
Hardy, Olin G. L. eng Boston & Maine 4 Pleasant (Mabel P.) Marshall, Roy, Muriel
Harriman, Mrs. D. G.   28 Prospect Miss Mabel A.
Harris, Ulysses A. real estate 156 W. Main (Lucy) Gertrude
Hart, Mrs. Orrin F.   bds A. H. Grout, 24 Second  
Hartshorn, Leslie W. brake Boston & Maine 193 W. Main (Ida M.)
Hartwell, Carroll I. mgr J. G. Turnbull Creamery Summer, N. Ctr (Mary) Leo, Evelyn, Robert
Harvey, Frank eng Prouty & Miller 55 Bay (Lucy)
Harvey, Alvah retired 85 Main  
Harvey, Fred E. barber 4 Second (Emma)
Hauver, Howard clerk Boston & Maine frt Maple St. (Mary)
Hayes, Charles L. condu Boston & Maine 28 Central (Mildred E.)
Hayes, Clyde mechanic Lindsay Garage rms C. L. Hayes, 28 Central  
Hayes, Daniel labor Main, N. Ctr (Iva)
Hayes, George N. N. Groc. Co. 36 Third (Rose) Thelma, Geneva, Dorothy
Heath, Mrs. Hannah   School., N. Ctr  
Heath, Henry M. mech emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 47 Bay  
Herrick, Bert farmer Burlington Rd., Ctr., RFD 1 (Alma W.)
Herrick, Jehial farmer Burlington Rd., RFD 1 (Eva) Geraldine, Byron
Herrick, Seth farmer bds Bert Herrick's, Burlington Rd.  
Heyer, William B.   Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Eva J.) William, Helen, Mildred
Hibbard, Mrs. Angeline P.   17 Second  
Hicks, Mrs. C. W.   10 Second Guy S.
Hickey, Arthur barber rms 23 Central  
Hickey, Daniel J. emp Boston & Maine 8 Third  
Higgins, Mrs. Nancy J.   49 Bay bds @ Miss Mabel Currier (gr. dau.)
Hildreth, D. W. Express & Standard 5 Summer (Etta N.)
Hill, Everett J. sheriff Orleans County 4 Court Sq. (Ada B.)
Hilliker, Doratio   bds Daymon Hyde, N. Ctr, RFD 1  
Himes, A. D. farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Mattie G.)
Himes, Court emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds H. H. Wood, 20 Cross  
Hinman, Mrs. Benjamin   85 Main  
Hinman, Carroll clerk Boston & Maine frt 35 Bay (Blanche M.)
Hinman, Timothy constable 32 Third (Ella R.)
Hisman, Frank H. carpenter Main, N. Ctr (Myrtle M.) Charles, Martha, Rotha, Ward, Myrtle, Frank
Hoag, Harley C. F. wire chief, Pass. Tel. Co. 11 Pleasant (Grace L.)
Hobson, Eugene F. emp T & B 19 Bay View Lucile
Hogaboom, Erton E.   Collin's Mill, So. N.  
Holmes, George labor W. Heyer Lake Rd., N RFD 1 (Ernestine) Cary, Mary
Holt, Mrs. Parley O.   6 Prospect  
Hommel, Mrs. John   bds W. C. Hommel, Outlook  
Hommel, William C. clk Boston & Maine frt Outlook (Emily) Olivett, Lucien, Alice, Albert, Cecile
Honorat, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Hope, E. Vt. Tob. Co., 39 1/2 Main 41 Main  
Hoskins, Albert B. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Hoskins, Mrs. Emily   bds Albert B. Hoskin's, N. Ctr  
Hoskins, Miss Jennie hskpr A. B. Hoskins N. Ctr. RFD 1  
Hosmer, Mrs. Elizabeth   13 Summer  
Howe, Edward H. real estate, Root's Block 154 W. Main  
Howe & Stowe real estate 23 Main  
Htougas, H. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Delya) Ylysse, Aline, Yvette, Yvan, Gerard
Hudson, Carl A. labor W. Richmond Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Edwina M.) Opal, Everett
Hudson, Clarence A. boiler inspt Boston & Maine 36 Central (Inez)
Humphrey, Eber F. merchant 20 Pleasant (Hilda E.) Russell, Ruth, Elmer, Adelaide
Hunt, Everett M. auto dealer T. & B. 9 Summer (Lillian) Henry, Winton
Hunt, Ray E. fire Boston & Maine 31 Coventry (Ethel) Edwin, Florence
Hunter, George fire Boston & Maine 3 Green Pl (Margaret)
Hunter, Rev. Herbert W. clergyman 18 Summer (Elta J.) Marie, Helen, Harry
Huntington, Elijah C. yard master Boston & Maine 16 Pleasant (Ina) Dean
Huntington Pharmacy   33 Main  
Hurst, Richard R. restaurant, 5 Main 13 Summer (Alice) Maude, Gertrude
Huse, Miss Lillian   bds Mrs. E. M. Clark, 81 Coventry  
Hutchins, Mr. Inmate town farmer bds do. N. RFD 1  
Hutchins, Charles L. sec Canadian Pacific Railroad School., N. Ctr (Gladys)
Hyde, Damon E. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Ethel) Ora, Lillian
Hyland, Will farmer Burlington Rd., Ctr., RFD 1 (Lillian) Carl, Mamie
Jabron, George merchant 4 Bay (Amelia) Elizabeth, Eva
Jackman, Henry emp Prouty & Miller bds Luman D. Rice, 148 Main  
Jenne, Elmer E. checker Boston & Maine, frt 9 Pleasant (Emma J.) Harry E.
Jenne, Mrs. Fred   39 Third  
Jenkins, Miss Freda   bds Carl K. Whipple, N. Ctr., RFD  
Jendron, Joseph A. merchant 89 Main (Alice B.)
Jendron, William labor E. Phoenix bds Augustus Mossa, So. N. Ctr. (Ellen)
Jocquith, Mrs. Orrill   bds Frank Miller, Church, N. Ctr  
John of Arc, Sister hskpr Clermont Terrace  
Johnston, Miss Lillian C.   16 Scott Pl.  
Johnson, William Co. L., VNG 3 Farrant St. [Faye] Nelson, Edith
Joly, Joseph emp Prouty & Miller 3 Bay (Marguerite B.) Arthur, Alexandria, Beatrice, Alice Joly
Jones, Mrs. Alma   bds F. H. Coburn, 168 W. Main  
Jones, Edwin V. plumber, F. W. Carr 42 Third (Mabel) Elwin, Edwin
Jones, N. Vincent meat market, 17 Main 5 Bay View (Cora B.) Winsome
Jones, William B. ex. Messenger, Am Ex. Co. 2 Scott Pl (Eva), Francis
Joseph, William merchant 52 Bay (Martha) George, Celia, Mamie, Marian
Joslyn, Miss Alice hskpr, M. Joslyn N. RFD 1  
Joslyn, Mark farmer N. RFD 1  
Joslyn, Everett J. farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Angie) Wesley, Joyce, Mildred
Joslyn, Ida M. emp Frank Libby Lake Rd., N. RFD 1  
Joyal, Dr. Hector O. physician 4 Field Ave. (Emma S.) Omer, Eugene, Wilfred, Hectorine
Kane, Edward L. brake Boston & Maine rm. G. M. Norris, (Cen?)tral (Dora)
Keeler, Mrs. George B. hskpr Leslie J. Phelps 4 Summer Terrace  
Keith, Stephen W. retired 11 School Ave. (Annie) Warner, Leonard Wood
Kelley, Mrs. Alvin   rms A. B. Post, 31 No. Ave.  
Kelley, Elvin G. labor 6 Root's Blk (Jennie) Beulah
Kelley, Harry farmer N. Ctr. RFD 1  
Kendall, Mahlon W. hackman 6 Exchange Pl (Audrich)
Kenerson, Frederick eng Boston & Maine 23 Central (Virgie)
Kennison, A. D. brake Boston & Maine 35 Bay (Mary) Faye
Kennison, Edgar A. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds A. D. Kennison, 35 Bay  
Kennison, Fred H. emp Prouty & Miller 17 Cross (Martha) Harold
Keyser, Harry J. trainman Boston & Maine West End Ave. (Lillis) Audrey, Virginia, Geraldine
Kilby, John B.   Highland Ave., 97 Main [Nellie] William
Kilby's Lumber Mill mfrs, O. L. Kilby, prop Main, N. Ctr  
Kilby, Olin L. mgr Kilby's Mill bds Chas. Olin, Summer, N. Ctr (Persis)
Kimball, William farmer Collin's Rd., So. N Ctr., RFD 1  
King, Henry L. labor bds Mrs. Helen Riley, School., N. Ctr (Alice) James, Martin
Kingsley, Edward J. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds A. J. Magoon, Maple St.  
Kingston Granite Co.   66 Coventry St.  
Kingston, John W. granite cutter 7 Bay View (Annie) Madeline, Catherine, Harold, Vincent, Elizabeth
Kinne, A. B. retired farmer Main, N. Ctr (Melinda) Harry, Erald, Raymond
Kinne, Frank E. foreman Frost Veneer Seating Co. 10 Pond (Wilma) Edson, Hammond
Kipp, John P. tailor 34 Second (Madge) Frederick
Kipp, William E. tailor, 67 Main 8 Summer (Grace A.) Walter, Ruth, William
Kirkland, T. W. farmer N. Ctr RFD 2 (Mabel) Dana, Mahlon
Kirkpatrick, John R. merchant 14 Pleasant (Hyler)
Kittredge, James farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 Walter
Knapp, Harry brake Boston & Maine rms Homer Thrasher's, 70 Main  
LaBarr, Irene   bds Mrs. E. M. Clark, 81 Coventry  
Labbe, Leon G. granite cutter 74 Coventry (Mary) Henri, Edwidge, Albertine, Ambrose, Leonnette, Napoleon, Antoinette, Raymond
LaBlanc, Mrs. Victoria   bds P. B. Vignault, 6 Eastern Ave.  
Labounty, Eugene H. emp Intern. Mill 61 Main St.  
Labounty, Eugene J. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Leona) Evelyn
Labounty, Francis E. labor Fred Davis 20 No. Ave. (Hattie) Mary, Edward, Dorothy
Labounty, George labor round house bds Mike Carroll, Outlook  
Labounty, Miss Isabel emp N. House bds do, 15 Main  
Labounty, Israel farmer So. N., Ctr., RFD 1 (Mrs. Israel) Maurice, Arthur, Marian
Labounty, Miss Mary laundress N. Steam Laundry 82 Pleasant  
Labounty, Mrs. Mary emp Overall Shop 82 Pleasant Anthony, Martha, Bertha, Angelina
Labounty, Maurice sec Canadian Pacific Railroad rms Mrs. Beaumont, 12 Central  
Lacasse, A. C. granite cutter 97 Main (Minnie A.) Beatrice, Ardath
Lacourse, Miss Mary laundress, People's Steam 46 Pleasant  
Lacourse, Nelson E. emp Prouty & Miller 4 Clark (Mary) Arthur, Irene, Agnes, Louise
LaCrosse, Charles labor School., N. Ctr (Hazel) Erline
LaFountain, Henry emp Orleans Bobbin Mill 12 Coventry (Jennie) Merton
Lague, Mrs. Adeline   Farrant St. Joseph (lab Fairbrother) Gertrude
Lague, Israel farmer Lake Rd. (Vivian) Thomas, Lucile
Lahar, Mrs. Frank F.   29 N. Ave.  
Lahar, Mrs. Fred   27 N. Ave.  
Lahar, Henry P. merchant, 42 Coventry 44 Coventry (Adelia) Benjamin, Leo, Lillian, Edna
Lahar, Joseph J. carpenter, A. C. Norris 65 Bay (Anna J.) Evelyn, Doris, Muriel, Lula, Austin, Edmund
Lahar, William gardener Lower Pleasant (Philomene) Joseph, Melvina, Mabel
Lahill, Walter S. carpenter 199 W. Main (Catherine)
Lahue, Bain E. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 18 Cross [Annie C.] Lena
Lakeside Restaurant H. A. Bashaw, Prop 9 R. R. Square  
Lamb, Asa Salesman Agrl. Implements Church, N. Ctr [Izetta]
Lambert, Jerry F. auto mechanic 14 Bay View [Gertrude]
Lambert, Joseph E. telegraph operator 51 Coventry [Veleda P.] Cecile, Lomer
Lamere, Alfred pinsetter, Arlington Bowling Alley rms 61 Main  
Lamere, Elmer L. labor Boston & Maine Frt. 22 No. Ave. [Annie] Beatrice, Mildred, Reginald
Lamere, Sam J. sawyer Frost Veneer Seating Co. 24 Pleasant (Flossie) Eugene
LaMey, John fore Aubin Bobbin Mill bds Geo. Laplant, Pleasant Ave.  
LaMongue, Alfred asst cook Newport H. bds do., 15 Main  
Lamothe, Wilbur checker frt office, Boston & Maine Clermont Terrace (Ada) Yvonne, Ernest, Albert, Harvey, Oscar, Ulric
Landry, Elzear merchant, Daley & Landry Outlook  
Landry, Mrs. Elzear   Outlook Roisas Lambert
Lane, Elisha merchant bds Mrs. Fred A. Brown, 7 Second  
Lane, E & Son general store 18 Main  
Lane, Herbert E. merchant 17 Eastern Ave. (Charlotte B.) Herbert D.
Lane, Mrs. Seymour   26 Second  
Langdeau, Ademard emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 153 W. Main (Maria) Alice, Leonal, Maurice
La Noue, Agenour farmer So. Newport (Mrs. Agenour)
La Noue, Oliver farmer So. N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Annie) Victor, Adrian, Rose, Erman
Lanpher, Miss Cora   bds Earl Pettingill, Jay Rd., N Ctr  
Lanpher, Howard labor George Bailey N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Velma)
Lanpher, Washington I. labor Main, N. Ctr (Abbie) Harold Vance
Lanpher, William R. labor 10 Second (Alice)
Lanpher, W. W. trucker Boston & Maine frt 8 1/2 Second (Myrtle) Walter
Lapier, Edward teamster F. P. Davis 68 Coventry (Ellen) William, Henry, Arthur
LaPlant, Frank S. farmer So. N., Ctr., RFD 1 (Belle) Alice, Cleos, Elmer
LaPlant, George mason Pleasant Ave. (Mary) May, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Johanna
LaPlant, J. Hector news agent Chissom Bros. Pleasant Ave. (Sarah) Henrietta
LaPlant, Henry J. butcher A. Bouffard Pleasant & Coventry (Armina) Marie
LaPorte, Arthur emp Aubin's Bobbin Mill 183 W. Main (Josephine) Clarence
Larabee, George U. S. mail carrier School., N. Ctr (Sarah)
Larabee, G. E. farmer Ctr., RFD 2 (Hattie)
Larabee, Harry farmer Ctr., RFD 2 (Maude) Alvah
Larmon, James frt brake Boston & Maine rms Hurst's, 5 Main  
Lavoea, Joseph emp Prouty & Miller 20 North Ave.  
Lavoie, Joseph farmer N RFD 1 (Adeline) Francois, Hector, Henry, Joe, Rebecca
Lawson, Amos barber Main, N. Ctr (Ella) Ralph, Leon, Carroll, Blanche, Ruth
Lawson, Archie farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Ethel) Lawrence Doyle, Leona Doyle, Evelyn, Mildred
Lawson, Percy W. auto salesman 22 Pleasant (Grace) Barbara, Orison
Lawyer, Calvin trainman Canadian Pacific Railroad 14 Coventry (Ella)
Leach, Leon emp Prouty & Miller Outlook (Alice) Marion
Leach, Robert A. brake Boston & Maine 14 Second (Edith) Eva
Leavens, Mrs. Attie emp N. House bds do, 15 Main  
Leavens, Irving D. fore coal shute Boston & Maine 12 Central (Ethel) Atlanta
Leavitt, Carroll E. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 3 Third (Avis)
Leavitt, Hiram P. labor 1 Summer Terrace (Jane) Lillian
Ledoux, Alphonse J. brake Canadian Pacific Railroad 27 Pleasant (Annie) Alice, Beatrice, Homer
Ledoux, Peter labor 152 W. Main (Lizzie)
Lee, Miss Bertha M. emp J. R. Kirkpatrick 16 Pleasant  
Lee, Hubbard labor, Daniel Rossier Ctr., RFD 1  
Lee, William H. emp Prouty & Miller bds A. J. Magoon, Maple Ave  
LeGendre, Joseph cook Lakeside Restaurant 8 RR Square  
Lemoine, Mrs. Florence   bds L. O. Drew, 38 Third  
LePine, Aime clk American Clothing Co. 49 Main St.  
Leroux, Alfred A. emp Prouty & Miller 40 Pleasant (Mina) Richard, Paul
Lewis, John H. plumber 6 Central (Minnie) J. Harold, Earl
Lewis, Mrs. Mary J.   20 North Ave.  
Libby, Emily J. emp Frank Libby Lake Road, N RFD 1 Sarah
Libby, Frank J. farmer Lake Road, N RFD 1 (Carrie) Arden, Freida
Libby, Miss May L. music teacher 109 Main  
Limongs, Felix emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. Outlook (Caroline) Oliver, Leo
Lindsay, Mrs. Ellen   rms Mrs. C. W. Foster, 20 Eastern  
Lindsay, Howard customs officer 61 Main St. (Alice) Dorothy, Parker
Lindsay, William C. prop Lindsay's Garage, West Derby 61 Main St.  
Linquest, Fred A. switch Boston & Maine 4 Central (Clara M.) Harold
Lippens, Alphonse G. trucker Boston & Maine frt 19 North Ave. (Alice) Blanche, Arlene
Lippens, Philip gardener 3 Bay (Bridget)
Livingston, Ara W. druggist 21 Prospect [Minnie] Urban, Helen
Livingston, Edwin clk T. & B. Co. 21 Prospect  
Lockhart, Mrs. W. M.   rms W. R. Prouty, 30 Second  
Logan, Patrick farmer So. N. [Mary] John Cammet
Longe, Dr. Bert D. physician 60 Main [Carrie]
Longeway, Bert W. supt Frost Veneer Seating Co. 45 Bay [Martha] Doris
Longeway, George watchman flour sheds rms S. G. Scott, 17 Central [Mrs. George]
Longeway, Miss Grace clk Gilman's rms H. O. Joyal, 4 Field Ave.  
Longtine, Edward emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 145 Main [Emma] Irene, Yonnie, Angeline
Longtine, Joseph gardener C. A. Prouty 21 Pond [Virginia]
Lontine, Joseph janitor customs house 36 Cottage [Phelene] Geneva, Alice, Gladys, Leo
Lorimer, Archie L. trucker Boston & Maine frt 16 Scott Pl. [Minnie] Doris, Marion
Lorimer, Mrs. Mary A.   8 Prospect Munroe, Linus
Louks, John farmer S. N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Loukx, William farmer S. N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Louthood, Henry MacGregor druggist Bigelow's Pharmacy 8 Bay View [Ellen J.]
Lowell, Miss Myrtle emp Raymond H. bds do, R. R. Square  
Locas, John L. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 19 Bay [Katherine] Helen, Kenneth, Norton
Lumbray, Miss Reba   bds J. Cammett, Ctr., RFD 1  
Lunna, John W. farmer Ctr RFD 2 [Kate], Kempton, Alice, Henry, Albert, Francis
Lunna, Mrs. Marietta   Pleasant, N. Ctr.  
Lunt, Mrs. Ella emp Dr. Gould 1 Coventry Miss Gertrude
Luxford, Frank emp Prouty & Miller bds H. H. Bryant, 21 Bay  
Luxford, Turner W. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 43 Bay [Helen]
Lyford, Ned E. fire Boston & Maine 28 Central [Grace M.] Arlene, George
Lynch, Thomas W. fore Frost Veneer Seating Co. 5 Maple [Hattie]
MacArthur, George B. foreman B. F. Moore Overall 18 Eastern Ave. (Nellie)
Macdiarmid & Co. grocers 27 Main  
Macdiarmid, George L. merchant 7 Pleasant (Ida)
MacDonald, Miss Gladys emp C. A. Norris 24 Coventry  
MacDonald, John F. labor 30 Cottage (Minnie) Gladys, Grace, Goldie, Vernice, Verna
MacIver, Dr. J. Fraser physician 3 Prospect (Marjorie E.) Jean M.
MacPherson, Mrs. Elizabeth D.   bds H. W. MacPherson, 50 Main  
MacPherson, Herman W. fore car dept Boston & Maine., CPR 50 Main (Etta) Waldo
Magee, Arthur retired 56 Bay (Abbie)
Magoni, Sihio shoe shine parlor bet Newport House & Root's block  
Magoon, Alanson F. farmer 204 W. Main (Carrie) Marjorie, Albert
Magoon, Alfred J. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. Maple Ave. [Meda] Doris
Magoon, Fred eng Boston & Maine 44 Prospect [Edith]
Magoon, Guy A. farmer N. RFD 1 [Esther L.]
Magoon, J. B. labor O. U. Farrar N. Ctr., RFD 2  
Magoon, Millard chef R. Hurst bds do, 5 Main [Mrs. Millard]
Magoon, Will B. fore Frost Veneer Seating Co. 7 Third [Viola]
Maguire, William J. sten Pas. Tel. Co. 17 Cross [Mildred]
Mailloux, Barney trucker Boston & Maine frt 25 Coventry [Phoebe] Barney, Arthur
Mailhot, Miss Mary Louise domestic, Fr. Bastien 5 Clermont Ter  
Mailhot, Miss Rose Ann   5 Clermont Ter  
Malcohm, Joe N. Ice Co. bds Chas. Essen, 20 Pond  
Malcohm, Joseph N. Ice Co. 58 Bay [Mary] Dean, Anthony, Charles, Eva
Maloney, Walter customs h. clk C. S. Emery & Co. bds Raymond H., R. R. Square  
Manuel, Leverton J. inspt Frost Veneer Seating Co. 3 Cross [Lueen]
Marcoux, Maurice emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 1 Bay [Dolorosa]
Marritt, Joshua retired Maple, N. Ctr. [Nellie] Gerald Sargent, Stanley Sargent, Charles Marritt
Marsh, Carmi S. mach Willis Garage 3 Bay View [Maggie] Harris, Doris, Madge, Lynwood
Martel, A. farmer Ctr. RFD 1 [Rose] John
Martel, Joseph woodworker 29 Coventry  
Martell, Frank A. Canadian Pacific Railroad , office rms E. P. Randall, 29 Coventry  
Martin, James H. janitor N. H. S. & Cong'l Church 159 Main [Isabell] Evelyn, Ruth
Martin, James W. car repairer Boston & Maine 20 North Ave. [Ida] Homer
Martin, John farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Martin, Rupert E. frt condu Boston & Maine 37 Central [Florence]
Mary, Alexandria Sister Superior Clermont Terrace  
Mary, Angela, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Mary, Assumption, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Mary, Betharans, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Mary, Good Help, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Mary, of Nativity, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Mason, James L. retired 26 Eastern Ave.  
Mason, Miss Harriet   26 Eastern Ave.  
Mason, Mrs. Margaret   bds T. C. Gale, 18 Coventry  
Mason, Victor labor Collins So. N. (Mary)
Masonic Hall   28 Main  
Massey, J. Frank brake Boston & Maine 16 Eastern Ave. (Mabel)
Matten, Alfred farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Elizabeth)
Matten, Edson A. carpenter Ctr., RFD 1 (Emily) Ara, Levern, John, Gordon, Arnold
Maxfield, Ernest C. farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Margaret) Gerald
Maxfield, Olin H. farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1  
Maxfield, Raymond E. farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Mina)
Maxfield, Walter A. farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Pauline)
Maxime, F. farmer N. Troy Rd. (Eugenie) Eugene
Mayo, Charles A. car inspt. 9 Clark (Gertrude) Clarence, Mildred, Earl
Mayo, Don emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 7 Bay (Mamie) Leo, Charlotte
Mayo, Frank emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 4 Bay (Mabel) Jeannette
Mayo, William farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Mrs. William)
McCaffrey, Joseph prop Lakeside rest. 8 RR Square  
McCarten, James E. cashier Nat'l bank 8 School Ave. (Roxanna)
McDermott, Daniel J. immigration officer 2 Green Place (Freda) Rosiland William, George
McDonald, Norman M. blacksmith bds M. E. Willey, 8 Third (Mrs. Norman)
McEwen, John G. condu Boston & Maine 9 Lane Ave. (Laura), Mary
McFarlane, Mrs. Esther hskpr W. J. MacFarlane N. Ctr.  
McFarlane, Rev. William J. clergyman M. E. Church N. Ctr.  
McIver, Dr. Leo H. optician, 32 Main 5 School (Edna) Frederick, Emily
McIver, John farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2  
McLam, John D. sawyer Frost Veneer Seating Co. Highland Ave. (Harriet E.) Harold
Meacham, Mrs. Lucy   bds Mrs. Hannah Heath, School, NC  
Meacham, Seymour emp Prouty & Miller 14 Pond (Gladys) Mary
Mears, Albert W.   bds Raymond H., R. R. Square (Viola)
Merrill, Edward John eng Boston & Maine 7 Central (Cora)
Merritt, William farmer N. RFD 1 (Leafy)
Metivier, Antoine labor Pleasant Ave. (Josephine)
Mercier, Adele   bds H. T. Mercier, 41 Second  
Mercier, Homer T. painter, Fairbrother & Gale 41 Second (Melina) Lawrence, Beatrice, Christine, George, Irene, Charles, Margerite
Mercier, H. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Albia) Lawrence
Mercier, T. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Albina), Ernest, Leo, Renald
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. Mitchell C. Arel, gen agent, Lane's Block 20 Main  
Miles, Chauncey farmer So. N.  
Miles, Frank E. lawyer, Court House, Main 19 Pleasant (Rebecca)
Miller, Charles E. sales manager 125 Main (Sadie)
Miller, Frank cattle dealer & farmer School, N. Ctr. (Carrie)
Miller, Harold L. emp telephone Co. 9 Green Pl (Mary Esther)
Miller, Miss Katherine emp Raymond H. bds do, RR Square  
Miller, Mrs. L. nurse rms S. G. Scott, 17 Central Vera
Miller, Oscar C. lumber mfgr. 111 Main (Elma M.) Perley, Inez
Miller, Rufus brake Boston & Maine 14 Scott Ave. (Annie) Rufus
Mitson, George labor 31 North Ave.  
Mizo, Elery G. cutter overall shop 58 Coventry (Alberta) Harold
Montgomery, Robert clerk Boston & Maine frt 16 Pleasant (Jessie, cashier F. D. Flint)
Moody, Joseph B. eng Boston & Maine 22 Bay View (Bessie) Catherine
Mooney, Raymond J. labor 7 Cottage (Carrie) Chester, Arthur, Gordon
Moore, Benjamin F. retired mfr overalls 8 Green Pl (Harriet) Velma Lance, Crawford Lance, Philip Lance
Moore, Charles R. boat builder, RR Square 16 Summer (Elizabeth) Walter, Co. L. VNG, Albert
Moore, Chester I. overall mfgr., B. F. Moore & Co. 37 Coventry (Etta) Prescott, Porter
Moore, Miss Myrtle emp Frank Libby Lake Rd., N RFD 1  
Moriarty, Miss Mary   bds Thomas Norton, 19 Bay  
Morrill, Miss Adella   bds Lewis Bufard, 79 Pleasant  
Morrill, Bessie A. emp G. H. Prouty 115 Main  
Morrill, Jacob A. labor bds Lewis Bufard, 79 Pleasant  
Morrill, John H. bkkr. F. M. Sherman & Co. 21 Third (Alice) Olney
Morrison, George A. retired 2 Central (Jennie) Grace E.
Morrison, John C. clk C. M. Flint 93 Main (Annie)
Morrow, John J. fire Boston & Maine 14 Eastern Ave. (Grace)
Morrow, William H. fore Frost Veneer Seating Co. 47 Coventry (Maude) Roy Ellis, Guy Ellis, Violet Ellis, Alberta Morrow, Earle, Freda, Cecil
Morse, Allie R.   bds Jessie W. Powers, Orchard  
Morse, Charles farmer Main, N. Ctr (Nettie) Myron, John, Lilla
Morse, Mrs. Mary E.   15 Coventry  
Morse, Myron harness & shoe repairing Main, N. Ctr  
Moselin, M. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2 Lauret, Beatrice, Belle, Maudice
Mosher, Banjamin H. x (m)essenger Am. Ex. Co. 12 North Ave. (Freda)
Mosher, Ralph L. U. S. (m)ail (c)arrier 33 Prospect (Theo) Dora, Richard
Mossa, James C. condu Canadian Pacific Railroad 210 W. Main Henry, William, Alfred
Mossa, Augustus farmer So. N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Sadie) Augustus
Mossa, Fred C. brake Boston & Maine 10 Scott Ave. (Maude)
Moulton, Charles retired 8 North Ave. (Mattie)
Moulton, Frank A. sawyer Frost Veneer Seating Co. 171 W. Main (Jennie) Bernice
Mowry, Miss Fernie A.   bds E. R. Burt, 55 Main  
Mulcahy, John clk Boston & Maine frt office 4 Second (Am. M., millinery)
Mullavey, Mrs. Mary   55 Coventry Grace M., bkkr Lane's Store
Nadeau, Charles farmer Lake Rd., N RFD 1 (Mathilde) Emile, Antonio, John Flannigan, Mary Flannigan
National Bank of Newport E. Lane, President, J. E. McCarten, cashier 24 Main  
Nault, Hector emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds H. H. Bryant, 21 Bay (Clara)
Nelson, Carlos A. yd clk, Boston & Maine & C P 12 Bay View (Myrtle) William
Nelson, Fred eng Boston & Maine 19 Third (Ethel, sten Prouty & Miller)
Nelson, Miss Marjorie sten Bailey's Music Store rms 46 Main  
Newland, George H., D. D. S.   35 Coventry (Florence) Marian
Newman, William emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. Farrant St. (Olive)
Newport Bakery Ralph F. Hamblett, Prop 73 Main  
Newport Electric Light Co. John A. Prouty, Mgr 28 Main  
Newport Fish Market   5 Coventry  
Newport Fruit Co. John B. Police, Prop 41 Main  
Newport Garage automobile repairs entrances on Main & No. Ave.  
Newport Grocery Co.   75 Main  
Newport House hotel 15 Main  
Newport Ice Co., The   Lower Coventry  
Newport Milk Co.   Coventry & Eastern Ave.  
Newport Overalls, The   4 Eastern Ave.  
Newport Village of Trustees Office   20 Main  
Niles, Avery W. farmer Ctr. RFD 1 Luna Hilliker
Niles, Elmer E. farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Rose) Alice
Niles, Floyd N. repair man Canadian Pacific RR Farrant St. (Bessie L.) Alton, Birdena
Niles, Griffin E. farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Grace M.) Harold
Niles, Hazen G. farmer, retired School, N. Ctr. (Alice)
Niles, Orrin farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Maddie) Irma
Niles, Pearley farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Bertha)
Niles, Ray farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Edna)
Niles, Mrs. Ruby   bds Hazen Niles, School, Ctr.  
Niles, William farmer bds E. E. Niles, Ctr., RFD 1  
Noe, Miss Mary emp N. House bds do, 15 Main  
Normandy, Adelord N. farmer Ctr RFD 1 (Mary) Elphege, Joseph, Alsidase, Rose, Pierre, Beatrice, Cecille, Orore, Rosana, Philippe, Emille, Emila
Normandy, Alphonse labor Oliver LaNoue bds do, So. N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Normandin, Lewis farmer 239 W. Main (May C.)
Norris, Arthur contractor bds 24 Coventry  
Norris, Charles A. contractor 24 Coventry (Inez M.) Grace, Harold, Dorothy, Maxine
Norris, George M. bridge Canadian Pacific RR 40 Central (Maude) Arlene
Norris, George T.   Ctr. RFD 1 (Winnie) Raymond, Harold, Hazel
Norris, Richard B. farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Eliza) Beth, Kenneth, Phillis, Crystal
Norton, Martin H. mach Frost Veneer Seating & Co. 16 Cross (Mary) Henena, Dewey, Martin, Marguerite
Norton, Daniel M. mail carrier 61 Main St.  
Norton, Thomas emp Prouty & Miller 19 Bay (Margaret) Mary Margaret, William Charles, Henry, Annie, Agnes, Adelaide
Norton, William E. farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Lillian)
Norway, Earl V. farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Minnie J.) Floyd, Blanche, Mildred, Earl, Hilda, Muriel
Norway, Will farmer Ctr. RFD 1 (Jessie) Cecile, Lin, Audry
Norway, William W. retired N. Ctr (Betsy)
Noyes, Elmer carpenter, C. A. Norris 8 Third  
Oakley, John C. eng Boston & Maine 20 Bay View (Elizabeth) Mabel, Clifford
Oben, C. J. & Co. real estate, Exchange Blk 35 Main  
Oben, Charles J. real estate 5 Prospect (Mabel) Floyd
Olin, Charles labor Summer, N. Ctr (Cynthia J.) Charles W. Hisman (gr. son)
Nicholson, Norman blacksmith, Fairbrother & Gale 27 Coventry (Margaret) Gertrude, Raymond
Olin, Edward O. labor George Bailey Main, N. Ctr (Lorinda) Bertha, Nora, Henry Cordon
Onesime, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Orcutt, John M. cashier Boston & Maine frt 12 Scott Ave. (Hortense) Dale
Orleans Bobbin Works   Pleasant  
Orleans Motor Co.   19 Coventry  
Orleans Trust Co. C. A. Prouty, Pres, F. S. Tinkham, Treas 39 Main  
Osgood, Edwin O. yd supt. Frost Veneer Seating Co. Farrant St. (Florence) Charles, Leona, Edna
Osgood, Fritz O. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 47 Bay (Ida) Nettie, Almeda, Amy
O'Neil, Miss Mary emp N. House bds do., 15 Main  
O'Neil, Miss Nellie emp N. House bds do., 15 Main  
Ouimet, Henry carpenter 5 Orchard (Jessie)
Ouimet, T. H. brake Boston & Maine 3 Orchard (Nora) Reginald, Walter, William
Page, George painter & paper hanger Main, N. Ctr (Roxana)
Page, Mrs. Roxana   bds Samuel Akin, Main, N. Ctr.  
Palmer, Zalmon C. retired farmer School, N. Ctr. (Susan) Laura, Homer
Paquin, Alac eng H. P. Hood, condenser 36 Coventry (Julia) Lena, Pauline, Jennie, Earl, Arthur
Paquin, Mrs. Albert A.   34 Central Arthur, fore eng h., Fred, Henry, Jane
Paradis, Alphonse emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. Pleasant Ave. (Katherine) Oscar, John
Paradis, Philip hostler, F. Wheeler 43 1/2 Coventry (Ida)
Parker, Miss Alma R. sten. bds Dr. J. H. Gaines, 79 Main  
Parker, Clayton B. labor School, N. Ctr. (Anna) Frances, Russell
Parker, Ira J. retired 197 W. Main (Mary)
Parker, Murton A. mgr J. G. Turnbull's feed mill School, N. Ctr. Russell
Parker, Sam D. construction supt. Pass. Tel. Co. 201 W. Main (Grace) Marian
Parker, Thomas retired bds Edward Ryan, 51 Coventry  
Parker, Walter labor So. N., N. Troy, RFD 1 (Carrie) Eva
Partlow, William E. painter E. E. Scott 7 Clark (Grace) Lois, Natalie
Passumpsic Telephone Co. C. A. Brown, gen. Mgr Exchange Blk, 35 Main  
Patterson, Frank L. selling agt. Monarch Evaporator 10 Prospect St. (Geneva)
Peabody, Louis mail carrier Main, N. Ctr (Gertrude) Iona
Peck, Mrs. Effie   Main, N. Ctr  
Pelky, Albert D. trucker Boston & Maine frt 25 Coventry (Eva) Leon
Pelky, Fred P. shoemaker 56 Coventry (Louise)
Pellerin, George blacksmith & wheelwright 151 Main (Alma) Maurice, Cabriel, Antoinette
People's Steam Laundry R. C. Sisco, prop. 10 R. R. Square  
Pepin, Miss Arthemise emp John A. Aubin 85 Pleasant  
Percy, Ellry D. carpenter 171 W. Main (Rosa)
Percy, E. J.   N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Ida) Alton, Erwin
Percy, Miss Hazel emp G. A. Bailey N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Percy, Lister D. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Myrtle) Hazel, Doris, Elizabeth
Percy, Rufus E. lieut. Co. L, 1st VNG    
Percy, Will frt agt Canadian Pacific RR Main, N. Ctr (Grace) George, Kenneth
Percy, John J. clergyman School, N. Ctr. (Annie) Alice, Dorothy
Perrier, Mrs. Mabel   4 Cross Gordon, Earle, Eleanor, Marjorie
Perry, Silas   bds J. H. Herrick, N. Ctr. RFD 1  
Peters, Allie emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds N. W. Peters, 7 Cross  
Peters, Newton W. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 7 Cross (Ethel) Leota
Pettes, George A. retired 9 Third (Sarah)
Pettengill, Almon retired School, N. Ctr. (Mary) Earnest
Pettengill, Bert teamster Bordman Main, N. Ctr (Jennie) Lillian, Hardy
Pettengill, Don C. farmer N. Ctr., RFD (Ida)
Pettengill, Earl farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Augusta) Lucius, Audrey
Pettengill, Hardy S. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Gertrude) Guy, Gerald, Mildred, Harley, May, Ruth
Pettengill, Harry emp J. G. Turnbull & Co. Railroad, N. Ctr. (Hazel) Alton, Evelyn
Phelps, Leslis J. barber 4 Summer Terrace George Maurice
Phillips, Volney O. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Hattie) Harry, Archie
Phillips, Mrs. Zurie   Main, N. Ctr  
Phoenix, George E. farmer Ctr., RFD 2 (Marie) Marguerite, Joseph, Juliette, Georgette, Armand, Leda, Louis, Marie, Paule, Marie Jane
Photo-Craft Shop   37 Main  
Pierce, Arthur F. eng Boston & Maine 6 Raymond (Ada) Harold, Dorothy
Pierce, Marshall A. fire Boston & Maine 42 Prospect (Mary) Glennice
Pierce, Mrs. Martha   95 Main  
Pinard, Miss Victoria emp C. J. Oben 5 Prospect  
Pinney, Elmer L. mgr Swift Ice Co. bds Raymond H., R. R. Square (Clara)
Place, Mrs. Charlotte   89 Main Florence, stitcher, Overall Shop, Ervin, Boston & Maine chef.
Place, Miss Edith emp M. Sanville N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Place, Elmer cook Boston & Maine RR 5 Maple (Sadie) George
Plant, Zena farmer Ctr. RFD 1  
Pogany, Charles farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Pogany, Edward   N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Celia) Leon, Adolor, Beatrice, Oliver
Police, John B. fruit, 63 Main 15 C. Summer (Mabel) Gasper W.
Pomeroy, Benjamin car inspect Boston & Maine 6 Summer (Majorie) Mildred, Josie
Pond, Joseph H. fore Frost Veneer Seating Co. 70 Bay (Blanche)
Ponton, Alfred E. real estate, P. C. Blanchard & Co. 40 Pleasant (Mary) Lorena Young
Ponton, J. Arthur barber, over Hurst's rest. Outlook (Louise) Jeanette, Curore, Romeo
Pope, Miss Amey emp Raymond H. bds do, RR Square  
Pope, Miss Marian M. nurse 18 Pleasant  
Pope, Mrs. Susie nurse 18 Pleasant  
Porter, Robert M. painter, E. E. Scott 246 W. Main (Alice)
Post, Albert B. retired 31 North Ave. (Georgiana)
Poulin, E. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 Arthur, Harvey, Eva
Poulin, Hector E. emp H. P. Hood's 19 Third (Hattie) Harold
Powers, Frank E. condenser Hood's Cream 19 Third (Mary) Elmore
Powers, Jesse W. carpenter Orchard (Beatrice)
Powers, Stephen W. carpenter Frost Veneer Seating Co. Orchard (Dora) Perle D.
Powers, Thaddeus gardener bds Mrs. Leona Wilcox, Orchard  
Premier Theatre A. L. Burns & Co. 21 Coventry  
Priest, Miss Annette inmate of town farmer N. RFD 1  
Proulx, Harmine painter Burbank & Slee 83 Pleasant (Josephine) Lena, Arthur
Proulx, Oscar G. traveling salesman Vt Tob. Co. 84 Pleasant (Bertha) Rollande, Paul, Oscar
Prouty, Charles A.   32 Pleasant (Abbie)
Prouty, Mrs. Clair S.   25 Pleasant Charles Tyler
Prouty, Edgar J. lumber mfgr. 35 Second (Ellen) Charles Burton, Richard, Eleanor
Prouty, George H. lumber mfgr. 115 Main (Henrietta)
Prouty, John A. mgr. N. Elec. Co. 26 Pleasant (Kitty) John A.
Prouty, Willard R. lumber mfgr. 30 Second (Margaret) Winston, Paul
Prouty & Miller Lumber Mfr   106 Main  
Provencher, Sid labor Coventry Rd.  
Prue, Charles A. brake Boston & Maine 61 Main St. (Josephine)
Prue, David E. truckman Boston & Maine frt. depot Outlook (Agnes) Frederick
Prue, David Jr. brake Boston & Maine Outlook (Idea) Donia, Elzear, Fedora
Prue, Genevieve H. emp Mrs. Clara S. Robinson 9 Prospect  
Prue, Henry J. emp Prouty & Miller 62 Bay (Ella)
Puffer, Edward E. Ins. Agt 4 Longview Ave. (Mabel)
Ramsdell, Charles A. retired 43 Third (Emma) Ella
Ramsdell, Charles A. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Nettie) Victoria
Randall, Clarance W. operator Premier Theatre rms E. P. Ware's, 29 Coventry (Clara)
Randall, Jane H. retired 209 W. Main (Clara)
Randall, Joshua emp Harry Kelley N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Delia) Mildred
Randall, Lunan W. emp George Bailey Main, N. Ctr (Mary) George, James, Grace, Lawrence, Pansy
Rankin, Rev. Henry B. clergyman 11 Third (Mary) Henry Weston
Rawson, Otis H. Ins Agt, 101 Main bds R. H. Clement, 123 Main (Emma) Edward, Co L., VNG
Raymo, Burt   Ctr., RFD 1 (Salena) Bertha, Bessie, Alice, Olive, Blanche, Albert, Leonard
Raymo, Levi farmer bds Carl E. Smith, Ctr., RFD 1  
Raymond House, The H. L. Doyle, prop. RR Square  
Raymond, Edward H. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 17 Bay (Josephine) Sylvia, Edward, Oliver
Recor, Lester A. retired bds A. J. Magoon, Maple Ave.  
Redmond, John W. lawyer, Court House 14 Cottage (Eva) Lois
Reed, Miss emp Pass. Tel. Co. bds Pomeroy's, 6 Summer  
Reed, Miss Ara emp G. F. Root's 22 Third  
Reece, Eddie H. teamster bds E. C. Cass, 27 Central (Margaret)
Reece, Mira   bds E. C. Cass, 27 Central  
Regan, Miss Mary hskpr Wesley Regan Main, N. Ctr (Elizabeth)
Regan, Steven D. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Hattie) Leon
Regan, Wesley carpenter Main, N. Ctr  
Rene, Sister painting teacher Clermont Terrace  
Renihan, Eunice M. clk Renihan's 10 Cottage St.  
Renihan, John E. confectionery, 69 Main 10 Cottage St. (Kate) Bruce, Maynard, Burton
Resca, Tony clk N. Fruit Store 61 Main St.  
Revoir, Mrs. Dennis   7 Maple Nellie
Revoir, Henry H.   20 No. Ave. (Susan)
Revoir, Mrs. Mary   45 Prospect Frank, Sophie
Revoir, Selina emp F. R. Sherman 28 Second  
Revoir, Theodore condu Boston & Maine Highland Ave. (Agnes) George
Revoir, Thomas J. brake Boston & Maine 45 Prospect (Lena) Audria, Lauretta, Germaine, Annette, Emile, Norman
Rexford, George emp Intern. Mill 161 W. Main (Maud) Athia
Rhodes, Cyrus L. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 14 Cross (Eva) George, Gordon
Rice, Luman D. sawyer Frost Veneer Seating Co. 148 Main (Ethel) Wilfred, Lulu, Edna, Maybell, Calvin
Rice, Nelson farmer So. N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Gainy)
Richard, Bond C. brake Canadian Pacific Railroad 210 W. Main (Eva)
Richard, Edmond farmer off from Burlington Rd. (Annie) Dorothy
Richard, Emanuel L. rural mail carrier Highland Ave. (Margaret) Edmond, Charles, William
Richardson, James E. farmer Maple, N. Ctr. (Dora), Gladys
Richie, Catherine R. emp E. J. Prouty 35 Second  
Richie, Sarah F. emp E. J. Prouty 35 Second  
Richmond, Clarence W. farmer Lake Rd., N RFD 1 (Florence) Clara, Willard
Richmond, William farmer Lake Rd., N RFD 1 (Emma)
Richmond, W., & Son Dairy Lake Rd.  
Rickaby, Elwin P. eng Boston & Maine 35 Prospect (Ella) Earl
Riley, Mrs. Helen S.   School, N. Ctr.  
Rivard, Claude brake Boston & Maine Outlook (Helena) Onesime, Stella
Rivard, Mrs. Delos   Pleasant Ext. Clarence, Earnest
Rixford, Archie labor 1 Farrant (Myrtle) Kathleen, Clifford
Rixford, Nelson E. emp Intern. Mill 5 Farrant (May) Mabel Stone, Hazel Stone, Wallace Rixford, Co. L VNG
Rixford, L. Wellington retired Clapper Blk., 1 Farrant (Delia) Bernice
Robbins, George emp A. E. True Highland Ave.  
Robinson, Carl H. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 10 Second  
Robinson, Jasper C. clk Boston & Maine frt office Pleasant (Amy) Leo
Robinson, Mrs. Clara   9 Prospect  
Robinson, Frank H. farmer imple. Highland Ave. (Isabel)
Rocheleau, Jonsazque contractor Prouty & Miller 150 Main (Noemie) Constance, Louis
Rogers, Andrew T. sales B. F. Moore & Co. 12 Bay View (Waitie) Roland
Rogers, Charles L. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Bessie)
Rogers, Miss Ethel emp E. C. Blanchard 20 Second  
Rogers, George W. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Abbie)
Rogers, Mrs. Julia     Charles E., Samuel
Rogers, Nathaniel Ins. Maple, N. Ctr.  
Rogers, William farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Clara)
Rollins, Mrs.   bds Orin Niles, Ctr., RFD 1  
Rollins, Charles H. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Vinnie) Carroll, Irene
Rollins, Frank carpenter Main, N. Ctr (Kate)
Rollins, Mrs. Retta   Pleasant, N. Ctr. George
Root & Blanchard Insurance 19 Main  
Root, George F. merchant 22 Third (Mabel B.) Howard
Root, Henry S. merchant 87 Main (Abbie)
Root, H. S. & Son furniture 21 Main  
Ross, Edwin emp Prouty & Miller 1 Eastern Ave. (Vina)
Rossier, Daniel farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Hazel) Robert, Richard
Roy, William farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Rose) Albert, Alfred, Rose, William, Olive, Donald
Rush, Ray M. emp Pass. Tel. Co. 9 Coventry (Edna)
Russell, Miss Claudia emp E. S. Hallenborg 12 Summer  
Ryan, Edward retired 51 Coventry Elizabeth
Ryther, W. J. eng Boston & Maine Raymond Ave. (Jennie)
Sabourin, Frank fore Frost Veneer Seating Co. Outlook (Anna) Elaine, Clarence, Earnest
Sabourin, Mrs. O.   bds Frank Sabourin, Outlook  
Safford, Mrs. Hattie   bds Joshua Marriett, Maple, N. Ctr  
Sanford, J. B. fore Express & Standard office bds Mrs. E. M. Clark, rms 28 Central  
Santaw, Calvin emp Aubin's Bobbin Mill bds B. E. Lahue, 18 Cross  
Sanville, Moses emp G. A. Bailey N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Lucy)
Sargent, Ervin emp J. G. Turnbull & Co. Maple, N. Ctr.  
Sargent, Fred F. builder & contractor 216 W. Main (Alice)
Sargent, Miss Lizzie M. Librarian 36 Pleasant  
Sawyer, Miss Bernice emp Mrs. Annie M. Davis 46 Central  
Sawyer, Mrs. Rosa M. milliner 45 Main  
Sawyer, William electrician, F. E. Beaulieu 20 Central  
Schayltz, Miss Wilhelmina clk T & B basement bds Ara Griggs, 27 Second  
Scott, Saulivan C. farmer 17 Central (Mary) Roland
Scott, Arthur F. real estate 109 Main (Minnie) Mabel
Scott, Earnest A. mgr Burbank & Slee, paint shop rms YMIC, 42 Main  
Scott, Edward E. painter 158 Main (Ida)
Scott, Laroy S. labor N. Corp bds L. S. Sunderland, Highland Ave. (Annie) Nathaneal, fire Boston & Maine
Scott, Newton T. freight clerk, Boston & Maine 33 Third (Eva) Robert Lockhart
Searles, Mrs. Emma   93 Main  
Searles, George farmer N. RFD 2 (Myrtle)
Searles, Miss Grace clerk Gilman's 93 Main  
Searles, Ona S. jeweler 61 Main St.  
Searles Jewelry Store   67 Main  
Searles, Warren farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2 (Cora)
Sears, Oscar labor A. Bailey Lake Rd., N. RFD 1  
Session, Ira O. inspector Pass. Tel. Co. Highland Ave. (Esther) Ralph, Alfreda
Shanty, Frederick emp Boston & Maine round house bds L. J. Whitehill, 87 Pleasant  
Shanty, William F. fire Boston & Maine 3 Eastern Ave.  
Shaw, Mrs. George F.   177 W. Main Ward, Mary, Naomi, Ruth, John
Sheldon, John H. condu Canadian Pacific Railroad 29 Prospect (Edna) Eleanor
Sherburn, E. F. emp Pass. Tel. Co. rms R. Hurst Rest., 5 Main  
Sherlaw, Earnest farmer, Miles E. Sherlaw N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Mamie)
Sherlaw, Edward C. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Hattie) Floyd, Harry, Doris, Lena, Donald
Sherlaw, Miles E. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Annie)
Sherlaw, Miss Winona M. bank clerk, Orleans Trust Co. 24 Prospect  
Sherman, F. M. & Co. flour, feed, coal 5 RR Square  
Sherman, Frank R. merchant 28 Second (Harriet)
Sherman, Mrs. Mary J.   28 Second  
Shillito, Elizabeth F. emp O. B. Gould 5 Pleasant  
Shorey, Mrs. Ida M. emp H. E. Lane's 17 Eastern Ave.  
Shover, Homer W. engineer Boston & Maine 38 1/2 Central (Jennie)
Shovin, Leo emp Aubin's Bobbin Mill bds Arthur LaPorte, 183 W. Main  
Shufelt, Claude L. prop. Raymond Livery RR Square Gordon W.
Shufelt, Mrs. Hattie   rms L. E. Shufelt, 193 W. Main Harris R.
Shufelt, Leon E. emp Prouty & Miller 193 W. Main (Sophia) Carl, Marjorie, Leonard
Sias, George M. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Grace) George
Sias, Leon E. teamster F. P. Davis 72 Coventry  
Sias, Mrs. Sarah A.   bds Geo. M. Sias, Ctr., RFD 1  
Sias, Timothy T. teamster F. P. Davis 72 Coventry (Lillian) Hallie
Silver, James B. job team 14 Pond (Anna)
Simon, Joseph peddler 4 Bay (Josephine)
Simon, Allison farmer Lake Rd., N. RFD 1 (Winnie) Burton, Kenneth
Sisco, Fred H. prop N. House bds do, 15 Main May M.
Skinner, Roy P. clerk E. Lane & Son 5 Bay View (Frances) Maynard, Beatrice
Slee, Sydney painter & decorator 34 Second (Sarah)
Sleeper, Asa C. probation office O. Co. 113 Main (Harriet)
Sleeper, Mrs. Eliza   bds Dr. C. L. Erwin, School, N. Ctr  
Smith, Mrs.   bds Ed. Green. S. Newport  
Smith, Carl E. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Addie)
Smith, Mrs. Dora labor 58 Bay Nellie, Glenn, Mildred
Smith, Ephraim John lawyer, Court House 15 Cottage (Gertrude) Mary, Frances
Smith, Fred inmate N. town farm bds do, N. RFD 1  
Smith, George P. retired 31 Second  
Smith, George W. chauffeur 22 Cottage (Etta)
Smith, Mrs. Henry L.   Church, N. Ctr.  
Smith, Henry O. carpenter & contractor 200 W. Main (Flora) Isola, Audrey, Florence, Lawrence
Smith, John O. eng. Frost Veneer Seating Co. 167 W. Main (Elizabeth) Loyalist, sten., Clifton
Smith, Mrs. Mamie C. sten. P. C. Blanchard & Co. 15 A. Summer Dorothy A.
Smith, Nancy C.   bds H. E. Drown, 176 W. Main  
Smith, Mrs. Nellie   12 Eastern Ave.  
Smith, Seth   N. Ctr  
Smith, Mrs. W. J.   bds Mrs. Ellen Welcome, 93 Main Jack
Smith, William labor Arthur True 59 Bay (Daisy) Lorn, Vera, Elwood
Somers, Dr. Henry E. physician, Root's Block 23 Main Ruth Elizabeth
Spaulding, Mrs. Bedford O.   22 Pleasant  
Spaulding, Howard K. Hood's Creamery 22 Pleasant (Mattie) Bedford
Spaulding, Miss Claudia emp Pass. Tel. Co. bds E. M. Hallenborg, 12 Summer  
Spaulding, Ora M. eng Boston & Maine 15 Bay (Rose) Avis, Kenneth
Spear, Marcus D. carpenter 27 Prospect (Emma)
Spear, Rufus W. Insurance, Exchange Block, 35 Main 3 Cottage (Margaret) Virda, Dorothy, Louise, Carlton, Marian
Spindler, John E. vet. Inspt. U. S. Bureau of Animal Industry 107 Main (Mary)
Spooner, Mrs. Blanche sten R. W. Spear rms M. D. Spear, 27 Prospect  
Springer, Earland L. signal man Boston & Maine W. End Ave. (Frances) Helen, Ruth, Leslie
Squires, Charles D. farmer Ctr., RFD 2 (Agnes), Charles, Ila
Squires, Miss Mary emp M. W. Kendall 6 Exchange Block  
Stark, Howard painter 34 Prospect (Roseline) Raymond, Isabelle
Stearns, Miss Clara   bds R. E. Gaylor, 8 Third  
Stetson, Daniel R. postmaster 43 Coventry (Myrtle) Gladys
Stevens, Fred W. retired 99 Main  
Stevenson, Harry M. engineer Boston & Maine 4 Raymond Ave. (Mamie) Frederick, Malcohm, Genevieve, Harry
Steward, Miss Helen stitcher, B. F. Moore's bds James H. Martin, 159 W. Main  
St. Germain, Theodore tailor, Central 25 Pleasant (Annie) Cecile, Rudolph, Evelyn
Stickney, Joshua retired School, N. Ctr. (Henrietta) Charles J.
Stokham, Alfred A. labor B. S. Curtis bds do, 5 Bay  
Storey, Mrs. Hattie G.   15 Coventry Edward C., Co. L. VNG
Story, Mrs. Celestia retired 24 Pleasant Walter, fire Boston & Maine
Stowe, Amos P. real estate 12 North Ave. (Edith) Kenneth, Arlene
Stowe, R. farmer Main, N. Ctr (Fidelia) Stella
Strang, Ralph trucker Boston & Maine frt depot 40 Coventry (Effie) Harry, Ralph, Howard
Streeter, Mrs. Tyler P.   10 Bay View Ave.  
Stride, Alfred chef Raymond H. bds do, R R Square (Estella)
St Thecle nurse Clermont Terrace  
Sullivan, James T. trucker Boston & Maine frt depot 34 Coventry (Kate) Ethel
Sullivan, Miss F. Mary nurse rms G. W. Doane, 45 Main  
Sweet, Harvey P. retired Summer, N. Ctr (Eliza)
Sweet, Samuel T. teamster J. G. Turnbull Main, N. Ctr (Ida) Katherine Wright
Swett, Floyd A. clerk E. Lane & Son 99 Main (Wilhelmina J.)
Swett, Sydney D. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 37 Bay (Mary L.) Alton, Harold, Gladys
Swett, William E. labor B. S. Curtis 610 Main (Ruth)
Talbot, Ruston L. carpenter H. O. Smith Orchard (Jennie) Vernon
Tarleton, Charles A. engineer Boston & Maine 73 1/2 Main (Jennie)
Tatro, Jerry emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 2 Clark (Amelia)
Tatro, Leon J. foreman Frost Veneer Seating Co. 12 Cross (Clara) Kenneth, Marian, Aurora, Olivia
Taylor, Arthur farmer So. N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Taylor, Buzzell farmer Ctr., RFD 1  
Taylor, Felix A. shoemaker 26 Coventry (Mrs. Felix, tailoress)
Taylor, Miss Florence sten A. H. Grout rms J. F. Lambert's, 14 Bay View  
Taylor, Harry A. brake Boston & Maine 50 Coventry (Edith) Beatrice, Paul, Jess
Taylor, Lewis L. shoemaker 21 Coventry  
Taylor, Robert A. freight condu., Boston & Maine 7 Third (Carrie)
Temple, Roy car inspect Boston & Maine 4 Summer (May) Barbara
Tenney, Mrs. Jennie L.   42 Central Ila, Alice, Lora
Tetreault, Charles F. retired 82 Pleasant (Malvina) Lucy, Emily, Martha, Thomas
Theresa, Sister school teacher Clermont Terrace  
Thibandeau, L. N. farmer Ctr., RFD 2 (Maria) Frank, Glovie, Feodora, Yvette, Fabiola, Hector, Bertha, Albert, Aime
Thibodeau, Joseph E. emp Prouty & Miller bds Eugene Villeneauve, 8 Bay  
Thompson, Frank W. engineer Boston & Maine 31 Second (Helen)
Thoresen, Mrs. Myrtle bding ho. 9 Coventry Clara
Thrasher & Bonneau clothing 25 Main  
Thrasher, Homer merchant 70 Main (Mrs. J. O., milliner)
Tinkham, Francis S. cashier O. T. Co. 19 Eastern Ave. (Margaret) Marjorie E.
Titrault, Edward emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. Pleasant (Florada)
Tracy, Mrs. Ella hskpr bds Norman W. Dunham, Pleasant  
Tracy, John farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Ella)
Trahan, Hector L. barber 32 Prospect (Louise) Marian, Loretta
True & Blanchard Co. hardware 48 Main  
True, Arthur E. overseer of poor Highland Ave. (Lillian M.) Christine, Bertha
True, Mrs. L. L.   bds A. E. True  
True, William W. merchant 22 Prospect (Elizabeth) Willis
Turcott, Ed. janitor Court House 46 Coventry (Jane) Robert
Turcott, Mrs. Leon washwoman 155 Main Howard, Raymond, Fredricia, Wilma
Turcott, Lewis mason bds E. Turcott, 46 Coventry  
Turcott, Theodore brake Boston & Maine 46 Coventry (Delia) Theodora, Fennie, Doris
Turnbull & Co., J. G. creamery, cheese & butter R. R., N. Ctr.  
Turnbull & Co., J. G. feed store, M. A. Parker, mgt R. R., N. Ctr.  
Turner, William farmer So. N. (Annie)
Turner, William emp Collins Bobbin Mill So. N. (Lothe)
Tute, Edward farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Catherine) Herbert
Tute, Henry O. foreman Boston & Maine 5 Third (Sarah) Elizabeth, Marjorie
Twombly, George farmer Ctr., RFD 2 (Nettie) Lawrence, Beatrice, Wayne
U. S. Bureau of Customs Federal Bldg., Main    
U. S. Bureau of Immigration Federal Bldg., Main    
Valley, Henry farmer, labor W. M. Armstrong bds do., N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Valley, Henry garage 8 Eastern Ave. John Willis
Valley, Henry emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 18 Pond (Lucy) Carmi Tevyaw, Homer Valley, Max
Valliera, Joseph clerk Jones Market 55 Main (Dora)
Vance, U. G. farmer Lake Road (Ella) Helen, Albert, Gordon, Frank, Earl, Raymond, Clara, Clarence, Walter
Vancour, Frank E. garage man 13 Lane Ave. (Victoria) Rudolph, Erwin, Arline
Vancor, Mrs. Lucy E. hskpr 45 Coventry  
Vancor, Willie E. brake Boston & Maine 45 Coventry  
Vanier, Frank mach Prouty & Miller 6 Clark (Katherine) Dorothy
Vermont Tobacco Co.   39 1/2 Main  
Vigneau, Miss hskpr A. Bouffard Pleasant & Coventry  
Vigneault, Edward C. emp Prouty & Miller 15 Bay (Martha) Earnest, Evelyn, Lillian, Grace
Vigneault, John B. barber & harness shop, 13 Coventry 38 Central (Bessie) Lloyd H.
Vigneault, P. B. emp Prouty & Miller 6 Eastern Ave. (Emma)
Villeneauve, Eugene brake Boston & Maine 8 Middle (Annie) Evelyn, Pauline, Albert, Eugene, Samuel, Margaret, Arlene, Enia
Villeneauve, Barney chauffeur, Dr. O. B. Gould 40 Prospect  
Vinson, Frank emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. bds Fred Waterman, Orchard  
Vinten, Leda emp Hyde Damon Ctr., RFD 1  
Wahl, Henry G. agent Canadian Pacific Railroad, N. Ctr. N. Ctr. (Jennie) Gwendolyn
Walker, Harold driver N. Bakery bds Mrs. C. H. Green, 15 Eastern  
Wallace, Elmer L. baggage master Boston & Maine 1 Coventry (Ella) dressmaker, Hallie
Ward, Dennison G. brake Boston & Maine 11 North Ave. (Ethel) Irene, McLeod
Ware, Elmer P. brake Boston & Maine 29 Coventry (Alice)
Warren, Mrs. Albina nurse 171 W. Main  
Waterman, Mrs. Fred   Orchard  
Watkins, Mrs. dressmaker bds Clarence Bowley, 71 Main  
Watkins, Benjamin yard switchman, Boston & Maine 25 Central (Betsie)
Watkins, Burt G. meat dealer Blake Market 170 W. Main (Kittie) Charles, Harriet, Alice
Watson, Edward S. principal N. H. S. 10 Summer (Florence)
Watson, Lawrence A. paymaster Pass. Tel. Co. 23 Prospect (Angie)
Watt, Mrs. William M.   bds G. W. Fish, 205 W. Main  
Watts, William G. labor W. Main (Jennie) Ethel J.
Webb, Bernice T. engineer Boston & Maine 16 Bay View (Emma)
Webster, Arthur E. emp H. P. Hood & Son 42 Prospect (Etta)
Weeks, Herbert G. condu Boston & Maine 16 Second (Catherine)
Welch, Bernard emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 22 North Ave. (Cornelia)
Welch, Horace labor 16 1/2 Second (Agnes) Grace, Elfreda
Welcome, Mrs. Ellen   93 Main  
Welcome, Lewis A. condu Boston & Maine 95 Main (Lottie)
Welcome, Lucius   bds Luman D. Rice, 148 Main  
Wellman, Leigh B. U. S. Customs 44 Third (Jennie) Ferol A.
Wells, Arthur farmer Lake Rd., N RFD 1 (Jennie) George, Clarence, Alton
Wells, Harry S. broker bds H. T. Wells, 5 Cottage  
Wells, Herman T. carpenter 5 Cottage (Julia) Thomas, C. P. eng.
Wells, John R. car inspect Boston & Maine & Canadian Pacific 37 Central (Agnes) Alice, Louise
Wells the Printer Archibald Wells, prop Central  
Wells, Miss Muriel W. E. clerk bds G. B. MacArthur, 18 Eastern  
West, Arthur H. yard condu Boston & Maine & Canadian Pacific 8 Bay View (Pearl) Barbara, Frances
Western Union Telegraph Co. Exchange Block, 35 Main    
Whalen, Ed.   6 Orchard (Nellie) Winnie, Blanche, Dorothy
Wheeler, Benjamin C. seed sales O. J. Barns Main, N. Ctr (Julia) Iris
Wheeler, D. I. labor 48 Coventry  
Wheeler, Frank H. livery, 5 Hotel Square bds N. House, 5 Main  
Wheeler, Mrs. Hattie farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1  
Wheeler, Leo C. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Grace) Iva
Wheeler, Maurice labor Orrin Niles Ctr., RFD 1  
Wheeler, William emp H. P. Hood's 29 N. Ave (Mildred) John
Wheelock, Frank DeLaval separators bds A. J. Geer, 8 Coventry  
Whipple, Carl K. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (May)
Whipple, Charles W. farmer N. Ctr., RFD 1 (Etta) Harry
Whipple, Don W. farm labor W. M. Armstrong Ctr., RFD 1 (Zetta) Helen
Whipple, Eugene   S. N. (Cloy)
Whipple, George S. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Cora) Mark, Doris
White, Carl A. h finishings 99 Main (Nellie) Melbourne
White Shop C. A. White, prop, gen. house finish 3 White Place  
White, Willard mach T & B 28 N. Ave  
Whitehead, Orren R. emp Canadian Pacific Railroad sec. 41 Coventry (Clara)
Whitehead, Richard N. trucker Boston & Maine frt 9 Cross (Ethel)
Whitehill, Leonard J. fire Boston & Maine 87 Pleasant (Florence E.) Clarence
Whybrow, Alfred H. labor C. & P. 20 North Ave. (Olive) Gordon
Wilcox, Azro J. auto driver Orleans Bakery Maple, N. Ctr. (Agnes) Lawrence, Evelyn, Harriet, William
Wilcox, Graig P. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Lyda) Nora
Wilcox, Mrs. Leora H.   Orchard  
Wilcox, Thaddeus S. ticket agent Boston & Maine & Canadian Pacific 1 Cottage (Gertrude) Grenville
Wilder, Carroll D. chauffeur, Howe & Stowe 8 Eastern Ave. (Elsie)
Wilde, George P. U. S. Customs official 3 Sleeper Place (Mary) Elizabeth, Robert
Wilkie, Emery A. insurance 99 Main (Olive) Olive E.
Willard, Mrs. Miles   bds Perley Niles, Ctr., RFD 1  
Willey, Clinton R. teamster F. P. Davis 60 Coventry (Leda) Basil
Willey, John farmer Main, N. Ctr (Clara) Maurice, Vernon, Dircea, Melvin
Willey, May E. school teacher bds C. A. Wood, 2 Court Sq.  
Willey, Myron E. retired 8 Third (Effie)
Willey, William H. retired Main, N. Ctr (Carrie)
Williams, Frank C. bank commissioner of Vt. 43 Prospect (Frances)
Williams, Sam C. insurance 23 Prospect (Lavinia) Merrill F.
Williams & Smith lawyers & insurance Court House, Main  
Willis, Alden E. farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Mary)
Willis, John J. Ford garage, 38 Coventry 40 Coventry (Luella) Harry, Gertrude, Earl, Maude, Clyde, Elsworth
Wilson, Edward N. teamster F. P. Davis Outlook (Lydia) Hattie, Minnie, Gertrude, Walter
Wilson, John R. baggage master Boston & Maine 79 Main (Gertrude)
Wilson, Miss Marianne bkkpr Pass. Tel Co. rms J. B. Moody, 22 Bay View  
Wood, Alvin M. labor School, N. Ctr. (Marian)
Wood, Clinton A. asst postmaster 2 Court Sq. (Josephine) Dorothy, Roger
Wood, Mrs. Florence H. chief operator, Pass. Tel Co. 32 Third  
Wood, Henry H. carpenter 20 Cross (Emma)
Wood, William A. emp Boston & Maine 14 Scott Ave. (Hattie) Harold
Woodruff, Fred E. jeweler, 54 Main rms 6 Prospect  
Wright, David blacksmith N. Ctr. (Mary) Evelyn, Lucy
Wright, Frank R. merchant 113 Main (Kathleen)
Harrison, A. farmer So. N. (Ella) Nellie Hacon
Wright, Ira farmer Ctr., RFD 1 (Anna) Maurice
Wright's Shoe Store   37 Main  
Wright, William farmer N. Troy, RFD 1 (Lena)
Wyman, William H. mech Prouty & Miller 220 W. Main (Addie) Sabia, Hazel, Hiram
Wyther, Walden J. engineer Boston & Maine 5 Raymond (Jennie)
Young, Burr C. clerk E. Lane & Son 54 Central (Jennie)
Young, Charles W. clerk Gilman's 9 N. Ave (Caddie)
Young, Charles W. trucker Boston & Maine frt 7 Maple (Nellie) Edith, Raymond, Lillian
Young, Edgar farmer N. Ctr., RFD 2  
Young, George B. attorney, Montpelier 37 Third (Grace) John, Harold
Young, Harold F. clerk Jendron's 9 No. Ave (Gladys)
Young, Mrs. John   10 Third  
Young, Ray A. emp Frost Veneer Seating Co. 10 Field Ave. (Ida) Thelma, Hugh, Esther
Young, Leo P. asst supt. Frost Veneer Seating Co. 8 Second  
Young, Lynn T. baker Ralph Hamblett Field Ave. (Alma) Royal, Marie, Lois
Young Men's Improvement Club   42 Main  
Young, Volney K. clerk C. F. Bigelow 7 N. Ave. (Grace) clerk Orleans T. Co.

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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