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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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A Magazine published by the students of Barton Academy
Name & Year Graduated Married Name, Job or Deceased Street address & Misc Town & State
Class of 1886      
Dewey, Edith Jones, Mrs. H. V. No. 4 Gay Street Newtonville, MA
Hibbard, William Farmer   Barton, Vt
White, Leon Physician - Boston Cartwright Road Wellesley, MA
Young, Henry Deceased    
Class of 1887      
Currier, Marion     Barton, VT
Smith, George Deceased    
Class of 1888      
Case, Nellie Stannard, Mrs. H. J.   Orleans, VT
Hopkins, Nattie      
Robinson, L. Mae Batchelder, Mrs. J. F. housewife Barton, VT
Class of 1889      
Baxter, Exa Housekeeper   Barton, VT
Dewey, Lena Cheney, Mrs. R. H. Housewife West Burke, VT
Keating, Margaret Powers, Mrs. Harley Housework Gilman, VT
Worthen, Charles Physician   White River Jct., VT
Class of 1890      
Baldwin, Charles Proprietor of Picture Houses   Keene, NH
Keating, William Deceased    
Webster, Elmer E. U.S. Customs Service P.O. Box 734 Quebec, Can
Class of 1891      
Baldwin, Edward      
Currier, Florence Pillsbury, Mrs. F. H. Teacher of Piano Barton, VT
Cook, Oscar Deceased    
Miles, Mabel Thompson, Mrs. F. D.   Barton, VT
Miles, Ida Cutler, Mrs. H. R.   Barton, VT
Nelson, Mabel Morrill, Mrs. Albert Housekeeper Pike, NH
Smith, Nellie Deceased    
Wiggins, Arthur Teacher   Londonderry, NH
No class graduated in 1892      
Class of 1893      
Danforth, Annie Teacher 62 Warren St. W. Medford, MA
Field, Mary Murray, Mrs. Walter   Littleton, NH
Jenkins, Anna Deceased    
Mossman, Gertrude Deceased    
Owen, Julia Garfield, Mrs. J. 9 Webster St. Middleboro, MA
Tower, Florence Moody, Mrs. L. N.   Alexander, Iowa
Class of 1894      
Rand, Nettie O. Miller, Mrs. Pliny   Unknown
Class of 1895      
Bryant, John E. Physician 14 Chestnut St. Haverhill, MA
Cheney, Dwight Farmer   Sutton, VT
Currier, Charles Mfg. Pharmacist 5048 N. Warnock St. Philadelphia, PA
Mossman, Maude Myer, Mrs. J. H.   Fort Logan, Col
Whitney, Flora Austin, Mrs. C. E.   Unknown
Class of 1896      
Austin, Clarence     Unknown
Cass, Mertie Robbins, Mrs. P. A. No. 2317 McGee Ave. Berkeley, CA
Holmes, William Deceased    
Ticehurst, Amos Deceased    
Ticehurst, Allen Farmer   West Glover, VT
Webster, Clarence Treas. Barton Savings Bank   Barton, VT
Wells, Robert Physician   Orleans, VT
Class of 1897      
Abbott, Carl Mfg. Jeweler 7 Beverly St. Providence, RI
Allchurch, Emma Currier, Mrs. L. P.   Unknown
Campbell, Margaret Proof Reader, Rumford Press 45 Warren St. Concord, NH
Campbell, William Portsmouth Navy Yard   Hampden, NH
Gay, Mabel Cook, Mrs. E. R.   Barton, VT
Jenness, Earl Deceased    
Marsh, Cora Erwin, Mrs. C. L. 26 Cherry Hill Bellows Falls, VT
McFarlane, Lena White, Mrs. Arthur   Orleans, VT
Telfer, Nettie     Barton, VT
Webster, Vera Proof Reader      Barton, VT
Webster, Carroll   No. 42 Ledyard St. Springfield, MA
Class of 1898      
Abbott, Lee Deceased    
Buchanan, Roy Prof. Electrical Engineering Hillcrest Road Burlington, VT
Holtham, Jennie      
O'Rourke, Ethel Nye, Mrs. Harlan Teacher Newport, VT
Skinner, Roy Asst. Supt. Frost Veneer Seating Co.   Newport, VT
Class of 1899      
Baker, Howard Deceased    
Bean, Roy Treasurer of Bank   Orleans, VT
Drew, Florence Bean, Mrs. Martin   Unknown
Elliott, Grace Kinsley, Mrs. Lester   Barton, VT
Hubbard, Nathaniel M. Grocer   Barton, VT
Kendall, Wright White Bobbin Mfg.   Newport, VT
Miles, Verne F. Real Estate   Bradenton, FL
Pattee, Edith L. Long, Mrs. Wm. 239 Orchard St. Elizabeth, NJ
Smith, Sadie E. Percival, Mrs. F. J.   Pike, NH
Suitor, Henry A. Deceased    
Vincent, Rollo D. Deceased    
Wright, Annie L. Dressmaker   Barton, VT
Webster, Olin W. Inspector of Customs   St. Albans, VT
Class of 1900      
Aldrich, Edith F. Alexander, Mrs. E. L.   Glover, VT
Graves, Mildred E. Dodge, Mrs. O. A. 451 E. Julian St. Geneva, NY
Kendrick, Alice J. Deceased    
Lyman, Mary E. Borland, Mrs. John   West Glover, VT
McFarlane, Mabelle F. Dummett, Mrs. Adam 580 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA
Powell, Clara M. Burrows, Mrs. Clayton   St Johnsbury, VT
Thorp, Mabel S. Hibbard, Mrs. W. S.   Barton, VT
Ufford, Edna C. Orcutt, Mrs. H. B.   Willoughby, VT
Woodworth, Myrtle L. Dodge, Mrs. Clarence   Barre, VT
Bean, Frank D. Hood Rubber Co. 19 Phillips St. Watertown, MA
Buswell, Arthur W. R. R. Mail Clerk   Barton, VT
Clark, Arthur W. Chemist Experiment Sta. 223 High St. Geneva, NY
Clark, Walter V. Deceased    
Cook, Leo C. Deceased    
Powell, Clare R. Attorney at Law   Island Pond, VT
Pearson, Erwin A. Supt. Employees Whitehall Mfg R.F.D. 2 Lowell, MA
Pierce, Fred D. Pharmacist   Barton, VT
Slack, Elmer A. Merchant   Newport, VT
Class of 1901      
Brooks, Mary B. Carroll, Mrs. J. A.   Island Pond, VT
Dana, Blanche E. Sheaff, Mrs. C. W. 18 Montreal ST. Portland, ME
Graves, John M. Deceased    
Hubbard, Abbie W. Richmond, Mrs. Fred   Barton, VT
Marshall, Ila B. Teacher R.F.D. Orleans ,VT
McFarlane, Flossie P. Stoddard, Mrs. Colby   Orleans, VT
Rand, Ethel M. Miles, Mrs. Verne   Bradenton, FL
Robinson, Lulu B. Deceased    
Sheaff, Charles W. Clerk Acctg Dept M.C.R.R. 18 Montreal St. Portland, ME
Nye, William F. Accountant   N. Ferrisburg, VT
Class of 1902      
Beach, Lennie M. Merriam, Mrs. G. L. Deceased  
Gilmour, Lina B. Eldridge, Mrs. Clyde   Wolcott, VT
Graves, Oney W. Grocer   San Jose, CA
Green, G. Leland Prin. Berry Schools   Rome, GA
Hall, Charles L. Deceased    
Kinsley, Lester M. Salesman   Barton, VT
LaClair, Alice M.     Lowell, VT
McGoff, Edwin C. Electrician   Irasburg, VT
Merriam, Geo. L. Greenfield Buick Co. 2 Main St. Greenfield, MA
Moxley, Roland R. Pres. Moxley Drug Co. 1084 Main St. Fitchburg, MA
Porter, George C. R. R. Mail Clerk   Orleans, VT
Prime, Lucille M. Goode, Mrs. W. P. Deceased  
Randall, James J.     Unknown
Ready, Bessie M.     Unknown
Robinson, C. Hazel Lincoln, Mrs. J. E. 636 Belmont St. Manchester, NH
Sargent, Lola I. Retired Missionary   Glover, VT
Sherburne, Burleigh R. Farmer   Glover, VT
Tower, Willie A. With Auto Sales Co.   Barton, VT
Class of 1903      
Johnson, Eola D. Weeks, Mrs. C. B. R. D. 3 St Johnsbury, VT
Johnson, Marie W. Deceased    
Johnson, Nina M. Holtham, Mrs. C. L. Park Heights & Division Ln Baltimore, MD
May, Fannie T. Deceased    
Dewing, Arthur M. Farmer R. F. D. Glover, VT
Hibbard, Harry E. Deceased    
Wing, Clarence E.     Unknown
Wilkie, Emery A. Life Insurance   Newport, VT
Class of 1904      
Bliss, Della R. Christie, Mrs. J. R.   Glover, VT
Dodge, Mabel C. Deceased    
Humphrey, Flora G. Green, Mrs. G. L.   Rome, GA
Murray, Clinton Bookkeeper 1313 Woodlawn Ave Indianapolis, Ind.
Ticehurst, Vernon B. Lumber Company   St Johnsbury, VT
Baird, Alton G. Farmer   Barton, VT
Dana, Frank H. Banking 16 Armstrong St. W. Springfield, MA
Drown, Earle S. Life Insurance   White River Jct., VT
Johnson, W. C. Jr. Bank Cashier 28 Franklin St. Barre, VT
Tenney, Alice L. Clerk   Portland, ME
Wheeler, Lucy H. Atanasoff, Mrs. D.   Burlington, VT
Class of 1905      
Austin, Irvie M. Faver, Mrs. L. T.   Melbourne, FL
Berry, Ella L. Wildey, Mrs. W. C.   Unknown
Colliston, Mary E. Page, Mrs. K. J.   Barton, VT
Ellis, Ruth D. Telephone Operator 1110 San Julian St. Los Angeles, CA
Folsom, Etta M. Teacher   Barton, VT
Nye, Ina J. Ravey, Mrs. Frank   Bellows Falls, VT
Patterson, L. Bernice England, Mrs. Howard   Lowell, VT
Webster, Grace I. Clark, Mrs. E. F.   West Burke, VT
Butterfield, Edmund S.     Unknown
Comstock, George E. Mining Engineer   Standish, NY
Gilmore, John T. Teacher 144 Seaman Ave. New York City
Patterson, Harry W. Highway Contractor   Hornell, NY
Winslow, J. Raymond Market   Milton, VT
Class of 1906      
Cameron, Doris Vance, Mrs. Clyde S.   West Glover, VT
Chandler, Gertrude E. Secretary 120 Broadway New York City
Davis, Grace B. Dole, Mrs.   Campton, NH
Devereaux, Myrtie E. Deceased    
Dewing, Mabel L. Lincoln, Mrs. J. K. R. D. Barre, MA
Hill, Nettie A. Marshall, Mrs. Nettie R. D. Orleans, VT
Knight, Aldis L. Accounting   Newport, VT
Lewis, Lula M. Baker, Mrs. H. M.   Centervale, VT
Pearson, Clara E. Wylie, Mrs. John H. 198 Suffield St. Agawam, MA
Rowen, Margaret E. Powell, Mrs. C. R.   Island Pond, VT
Smith, Minnie G. Barron, Mrs. H. R.   Barton, VT
Telfer, Mabelle C. Zimmerman, Mrs. V. K.   W. Springfield, MA
Underwood, N. Ray Salesman   Orleans, VT
Warner, Lida J. Bureau of Printing & Engraving   Arlington, VA
Class of 1907      
Arthur, Mary E. Ricker, Mrs. George   Poland Springs, ME
Barrows, W. Parker Merchant   Barton, VT
Barron, H. Roy Merchant   Barton, VT
Corley, Sadie L. Bailey, Mrs. Will R.F.D. Orleans, VT
Conner, Harry R. Pharmacist   Barton, VT
Davis, Gordon E.     Little Rock, Arkansas
Findlay, Mary M. Dewing, Mrs. A. M. R. R. Glover, VT
Hunt, Franz A. Printer & Publisher   Newport, VT
Katen, Gladys R. Patterson, Mrs. H. W.   Hornell, NY
Lang, Mildred A. Miller, Mrs. E. C. Teacher Derby Line, VT
Lee, Bernard J. Prin. High School   Bloomfield, CT
Nye, Helen Mason, Mrs. Lyman   Newport, VT
Redfield, Marion G. Teacher of Voice   Barton, VT
Revoir, Ernest W.     New York City
Salmon, Jennie M. Kendall, Mrs. D. R.   La Junta, Col
Vance, Grace M. Deceased    
Vance, Mabel J. Woodworth, Mrs. Harris   E. Kingston, NH
Williamson, Mary L. King, Mrs. J. C.   Tarpon Springs, FL
Wright, Cora M. Warner, Mrs. C. C.   Arlington, VA
Warner, Clayton C. Electrician   Arlington, VA
Clark, Everett A. R. R. Mail Clerk   Barton, VT
Class of 1908      
Fisk, Alice C. Camp, Mrs. C. C.   Unknown
Hamblet, Bernice A. Bank Clerk   Barton, VT
Jerome, Bessie M. Adams, Mrs. B. H.   Waterbury, VT
LaClair, Agnes E.     Sutton, VT
Paige, Ina M. Missionary Teacher   Mexico City, Mexico
Seaver, A. Clemma Root, Mrs. E. M.   Hardwick, VT
Silver, Zora M. Hall, Mrs. H. H.   Claremont, NH
Class of 1909      
Buchanan, Bruce Boys & Girls Club Work Hillcrest Road Burlington, VT
Campbell, Edith E. B. Hunt, Mrs. Franz   Newport, VT
Cameron, Gladys  Thompson, Mrs. Arthur   Saxtons River, VT
Corley, Frank P. Deceased    
Dow, Howard R.     Berlin, NH
Jewell, Carl Henry Jr. Druggist 23 Felch Ave. Detroit, Mich
Leslie, William U.     Unknown
Morley, Margaret T. Wilkey, Mrs. F. E.  57 Orchard St. N. Cambridge, MA
Page, Cordelia B. Stephens Publish. Co. 319 E. St. S. Boston, MA
Vance, Clyde S. Farmer   West Glover, VT
Wheeler, Isa M. Crowley, Mrs. Owen   Barton, VT
Wright, David E. Deceased    
Class of 1910      
Alexander, Hazel D. Owen, Mrs. A.G. Bank Clerk Barton, VT
Arthur, Grace M. Gaskell, Mrs. Merle   Bethel, VT
Bickford, Marion C. Seaver, Mrs. A. D.   Lyndon Ctr., VT
Buskey, H. D.     Westmore, VT
Christie, Frances Walbridge, Mrs. Geo.   Cabot, VT
Corley, J. D. Cashier   Colebrook, NH
Dennison, David P.   56 Summer St. Hartford, CT
Dewing, Nellie C. Young, Mrs. Lawrence   West Glover, VT
Findlay, Maude E. Shields, Mrs. A. M. Deceased  
Freeman, Ernest G. Mgr. N. E. Bakery 371 Parker St. Ludlow, MA
Freeman, Ruth E. Campbell, Mrs. J. T. 11 Home St. Springfield, MA
Gardyne, Harvey P. Blair Veneer Co.   N. Troy, VT
Gilmour, Walter A. Teacher   Akron, OH
Graham, Harold W. Contractor 3224 Grand Ave. W. Detroit, Mich
Hall, Iva Mae Collins, Mrs. C. E.   Greensboro Bend, VT
Lang, Glendolene M. Lee, Mrs. Allen   Barton, VT
Marsh, Alton R. Grocer 72 Ranney St. Springfield, MA
Mossman, Cora McVicker, Mrs. Louis 2337 Brown Ave. Evanston, Ill
Nye, Ruth E. Blanchard, Mrs. O. J. 349 S. Main St. Manchester, NH
Plunkett, Gerald J. Hardware Store   Barton, VT
Scott, Aftian L. Brooks, Mrs. C. C.   Barton, VT
Seaver, Amory D. Instructor   Lyndon Ctr., VT
Suitor, Pearl E. Deceased    
Urie, Ethel G. Rich, Mrs. I. A. 90 Bow St. Arlington Heights, MA
White, Blanche C. Young, Mrs. Lawrence Deceased  
Willson, Ernestine Utton, Mrs. W. J.   Barton, VT
Class of 1911      
Cameron, Isabelle M. Physician 346 Penn Ave. N. Minneapolis, Minn
Davis, Angie L.     Unknown
Myers, Harriet Fish, Mrs. F. L. 12 Chester Road Belmont, MA
Phillips, Dora M. Lyon, Mrs. Carroll M.   Glover, VT
Wright, Louis H. Veterinary   Augusta, GA
Class of 1912      
Brahana, H. Roy     Urbana, Ill
Brooks, Burton M. Rutland Marble Co.   Rutland, VT
Cassidy, Nellie E. Teacher 3800 Grand Blvd Chicago, Ill
Cooper, Clyde P. Prin. High School 18 Pine St. Windsor, VT
Corley, Theda M. Teacher   Middletown, CT
Davis, Phillip N. Physician 2425 Belleview Ave. St. Louis, MO
Fisk, Earl W. Farmer R. F. D. 1 Barton, VT
Jewell, Robert C. Paige Detroit Motor 873 Fourth Ave. Detroit, MI
McLellan, Hiram J. Geologist Box 612 Corsicana, TX
Phillips, George B. College Instructor 803 State St. Madison, Wisc.
Class of 1913      
Ainsboro, Katherine Murphy, Mrs. John   Lowell, VT
Campbell, John T. Baker 11 Home St. Springfield, MA
Chase, Mildred S. Daniels, Mrs. Wilmer   Springfield, MA
Christie, Gladys E. Sanborn, Mrs. Ernest Deceased  
Cook, G. Tracy Farmer   Glover, VT
Corley, Ruth H. Harris, Mrs. Guy   Daytona, FL
Dexter, Alice L. Miles, Mrs. Ralph   Guildhall, VT
Foster, Maynard E. Westinghouse Mfg. Co. 32 Chatham St. Cambridge, MA
Hubbard, Maud E. Porter, Mrs. Charles   Aberdeen, N.C.
Humphrey, Harry C. Mechanic The Whale Inn Goshen, MA
King, Ralph E. Bank Clerk   Bennington, VT
Lang, A. Slayton Musician 23 Burr St. Jamaica Plains, MA
Leland, Maurice A. Dennison Mfg. Co. Pike St. W. Natick, MA
McFarlane, Edith J. Teacher   Greensboro Bd, VT
McFarlane, Helen A. Rogers, Mrs. R. L.   Greensboro Bd, VT
Phillips, Matie L. Brooks, Mrs. C. C. Deceased  
Scott, Robert D. Wholesale Grocer Marvel Road New Haven, CT
Class of 1914      
Abbott, Varnum Border Patrol Service   Newport, VT
Burdick, Gustavus W. Mgr. A & P Store   Barton, VT
Calkins, Ruby M. Savage, Mrs. B. E.   Newport, VT
Corley, Anna I. Bookkeeper 85 Summer St. St Johnsbury, VT
Comstock, Pearl M. Teacher 24 Park St. Brockton, MA
Curtis, Mildred S. Fairfield, Mrs. Wallace    
Dow, Flora E. Plunkett, Mrs. Gerald   Barton, VT
Hanson, Mary A. Metcalf, Mrs. Earl   Barton, VT
Hawkins, Lois M. Spencer, Mrs. R. E. 54 Clark St. Brattleboro, VT
Heath, Hazel J. Coffey, Mrs. W. E.   Lowell, VT
Jennings, Beatrice M. Naatz, Mrs. C. H.   St Johnsbury, VT
McLellan, Hazel Converse, Mrs. H. E.   Orleans, VT
Orne, Gladys T. Griffin, Mrs. Fletcher   Unknown
Paige, Harland E. Asst. Sec. Ohio St. Bank & Trust 310 Madison Ave. Akron, OH
Robinson, Lillian M. Dietitian   Burlington, VT
Robinson, Pearl M. McShane, Mrs.   W. Burke, VT
Ruggles, Everett H. Dentist 46 Park St. W. Springfield, MA
Sears, Doris M. Alexander, Mrs. M. R.   Irasburg, VT
Sears, Verna E. Priest, Mrs. H. B. 18 Presentation Rd. Brighton, MA
Underwood, Clara A. Deceased    
Walcott, Ray A. Civil Engineer 82 Cass Ave Detroit, MI
Kinsey, Fred C. Salesman & Farmer   Barton, VT
Whitcher, Geneva E. Kinsey, Mrs. F. C.   Barton, VT
Class of 1915      
Cameron, Ione M. Teacher 346 Penn Ave. N. Minneapolis, MI
Carpenter, Orin C. Carpenter   Randolph, VT
Chase, Elsie H. Teacher   Howard, RI
Gleason, Ruth C. Robinson, Mrs. Levi   St Johnsbury, VT
Gott, Nellie C. Teacher   Barton, VT
Hawkins, Lola M. Parker, Mrs. C. A.   Scottsmore, FL
King, Julia E. Byington, Mrs. M. M.   Peacham, VT
Lanou, Emma E. Copeland, Mrs. Edw.   N. Craftsbury, VT
Phillips, Vera A. Hutchins, Mrs. Frank   E. Hardwick, VT
Robinson, Frank E. Mechanic   Barton, VT
Skinner, Isadore L. Anderson, Mrs. E. T.   Glover, VT
Thorp, Hazel A. Postmistress   Eden Mills, VT
Thorp, John A. Teacher   Eden Mills, VT
Urie, Mary E. Bookkeeper   Barton, VT
Wheeler, Leonie J. Burdick, Mrs. G. W.   Barton, VT
Wilkinson, Mary Sheffert, Mrs. C. G. Teacher - 92 Ditmars Blvd Astoria, L.I., NY
Class of 1916      
Carter, Helen M. Paige, Mrs. H. E. 310 Madison Ave. Akron, OH
Cook, Nellie E. Minakuchi, Mrs. Y.   Glover, VT
Miles, Hazel S. Jackson, Mrs. Harold   Groveton, NH
Paddleford, Ruth B. Long, Mrs. James   Center Harbor, NH
Potter, Viva M. Teacher   Agawam, MA
Sears, Harlan A. Bank Clerk 122 Chestnut St. Springfield, MA
Whitcher, Doris E. King, Mrs. W. G.   W. Glover, VT
Wright, Ida A. Leland, Mrs. M. A. Fiske St. W. Natick, MA
Wilson, Sadie E. Leland, Mrs. A. C.   Glover, VT
Eveleth, Esther Instructor of Music   Chicago, IL
Class of 1917      
Barnard, Clara M. Wilkie, Mrs. Leslie   Lyndonville, VT
Barnard, Louella H. Deceased    
Blair, Florence M. Lamothe, Mrs. Ernest   Newport, VT
Brahana, Hazel M. Stenographer   Orleans, VT
Calkins, Rawson H. Creamery Operative   W. Glover, VT
Carpenter, Vera M. Bank Clerk   Barton, VT
Dunham, Clifton R. Farmer   Barton, VT
Dunham, Theda M. Smith, Mrs. Maurice   Barton, VT
Emerson, Lee E. Teacher   Washington, DC
Fisk, Marjorie Florence Metcalf, Mrs. W. W. 135 Church St. Hoosick Falls, NY
Gilmour, Albert D.     Westwood, CA
Lang, Clarence A. Electrician   Richmond, ME
Mason, Iva L. Calkins, Mrs. Rawson   West Glover, VT
Metcalf, Walter W. Mechanical Engineer 135 Church St. Hoosick Falls, NY
Miles, Florence E. Ward, Mrs. Kenneth   Moretown, VT
Owen, Amy R. Fisk, Mrs. E. W. R. F. D. 1 Barton, VT
Parker, Paul W. Bobbin Maker   Glover, VT
Phillips, Gerald C. Accountant 123 Kensington Ave. Springfield, MA
Prue, Georgia H. Mosher, Mrs. L. Teacher Newport, VT
Scott, A. Margaret Knowlton, Mrs.   Springfield, VT
Sherburne, Daisy M. Dopp, Mrs. Jas. L. Jr.   Glover, VT
Sherburne, Rose M. Wilbur, Mrs. John   Sheffield, VT
Wakeman, Alice L. Goss, Mrs. Q. W. Floral Park Long Island, NY
Sinon, Elizabeth V.     W. Glover, VT
Cook, Hazel S. Davis, Mrs. Nurse, Wesson Hosp. Boston, MA
Class of 1918      
Brunning, Esther Z. Ricker, Mrs. B. F. 3-A West Athens Ave. Ardmore, PA
Buck, Clemma M. Hawkins, Mrs. Wm.   Thetford, VT
Buckley, Walter W. U.S. Customs Service   Highgate, VT
Burnham, Ruth A. Stenographer   Springfield, MA
Chase, George E. DuPont Powder Co.   Wilmington, DE
Corley, Marion E.      
Drown, Eva M. Elliott, Mrs. Leslie   Barton, VT
Elliott, Leslie M. Wood Heel Factory   Barton, VT
Emerson, Flora A. Teacher 87 Winthrop Taunton, MA
Gray, Greta M.      
Healey, Cora B.      
Marsh, Arline R. Renihan, Mrs. J. B. 72 Ranney St. Springfield, MA
Rollins, Alfred C. Farmer R.F.D. 1 Glover, VT
Sinon, Bertha H. Teacher R.F.D.  W. Glover, VT
Smith, Maurice D. Machinist   Barton, VT
Smith, Ethel M. Foss, Mrs. W. E.   Barton, VT
Stone, Bessie E. Urie, Mrs. F. J.   W. Glover, VT
Urie, Phyllis A. Stenographer   Albany, NY
Willey, Clarence E.     Barton, VT
Class of 1919      
Blood, Florence L. Burser's Office, Harvard Univ. 3 Concord Ave. Cambridge, MA
Carter, George S. Mayfield-Adams Bond House Chelsea Club Akron, OH
Clough, A. M. Jr. Farmer   Irasburg, VT
Corey, Iva A. Teacher   Newport, VT
Drew, Perley R.     Boston, MA
Eastman, Albert W. Farmer   Lyndonville, VT
Elliott, Hortense M. Leonard, Mrs. Harvey   Barton, VT
Gardiner, Neil M. Contractor's Purchasing Agent Box 734 Melborne, FL
Hinton, Gladys H.      
Johnson, Helen E. Rock, Mrs. Ernest   Glover, VT
King, Marjorie E. Teacher   Swanton, VT
Leland, Vera I. Teacher   Springfield, MA
Longley, Raymond J.     Boston, MA
Metcalf, Olive A.     Irasburg, VT
Nelson, Marjorie E. Kenneson, Mrs.   Brookfield, FL
Owen, Bertha D.     Barton, VT
Salmon, Jean I.     Glover, VT
Shedd, Hala B. Stenographer 110 Sherman St. Hartford, CT
Thorp, Evelyn M. Shatney, Mrs. R. J.   Barton, VT
Watkins, Robert T. Farmer   Lyndonville, VT
Warner, Elgie M. Preston, Mr. R. W.   Lowell, VT
Wright, Ross T. Auto Salesman   Barton, VT
Young, Marion T. Teacher 48 Preston St. Hartford, CT
Class of 1920      
Clapper, Merrill Salesman   St Johnsbury, VT
Dopp, Edith Bickford, Mrs. Earl   St Johnsbury, VT
Drew, Ada Urie, Mrs. Wm. R.F.D. 1 Glover, VT
Hibbard, Elsie Credit Clerk 329 St James Ave Springfield, MA
Huntington, Elsie Teacher   Barton, VT
Martin, Bernice Bickford, Mrs. C. W.   E. Rochester, NH
McGorty, Ralph     Springfield, MA
Ryan, Eleanor Linotype Operator   Newport, NH
Seavey, Marion     Brownington, VT
Shedd, Mary Clerk 69 Summer St. St Johnsbury, VT
Sinon, Hazel Teacher    
Taylor, Floyd      
Willard, Frances Deceased    
Young, Isabelle Cameron, Mrs. Murray   W. Glover, VT
Class of 1921      
Bean, Ava Cady, Mrs. Renfrew   Glover, VT
Bean, Marjorie Walcott, Mrs. Dale   Glover, VT
Buck, Helen Clerk   Barton, VT
Carter, Harold Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 78 N. Adolph Ave. Akron, OH
Comstock, Leigh Clerk   Barton, VT
Cook, Florence     Boston, MA
Drew, Alice     Glover, VT
Drew, Clifton     Glover, VT
Emerson, Dorothy      
Ford, Mildred Stenographer   Barton, VT
Hazen, Clarence Minister   Randolph, VT
Langevin, Mildred     Barton, VT
Kenneson, Mary Lafont, Mrs.   Irasburg, VT
Larabee, Mildred Bookkeeper   Barton, VT
Moulton, Leona Comstock, Mrs. Leigh   Barton, VT
Pudvah, Nellie Davignon, Mrs.   Irasburg, VT
Stone, Mary Alexander, Mrs. Aldrich   Glover, VT
Walcott, Clyde Bank Clerk 72 N. Willard St. Burlington, VT
Class of 1922      
Bean, Lisle     W. Glover, VT
Bowen, Avis Ryder, Mrs. Ray   Adams, MA
Carpenter, Ila Teacher 40 South Ave. Newport, VT
Clough, Charlena Teacher   Irasburg, VT
Jenness, Sylvia Teacher   Newport, VT
King, Bernice Odell, Mrs.   Newport, VT
Langevin, Florence Bowen, Mrs. Harold   Orleans, VT
Magoon, Lois Barry, Mrs. Maurice   Glover, VT
Ray, Bernice Teacher   Barton, VT
Rollins, Grace Salt, Mrs. Rupert   St. Johnsbury, VT
Sears, Marion Stenographer 568 Chapel St. New Haven, CT
Simpson, Gladys Teacher   Sheffield, VT
Tripp, Doris Teacher   Barton, VT
Valley, Roy Drug Clerk   Barton, VT
Whitcher, Ida Music Student   Boston, MA
Class of 1923      
Courser, Esther Teacher   Hardwick, VT
Dyer, Harry   West Coast Inn St. Petersburg, FL
Carpenter, Bertha Teacher   Newport, VT
Hanson, Merrick     Barton, VT
Holbrook, Stanley Factory Work 24 Cottage St. Winsted, CT
Jarvis, Reginald     Springfield, MA
Joslyn, Maryette Maxwell, Mrs. R. H.   Orleans, VT
Kimball, Raymond      
Labor, Beatrice Larocque, Mrs. Donald   Barton, VT
Lewis, Freida Burkewitz, Mrs. John   Irasburg, VT
Macie, Gilbert Farmer   Irasburg, VT
Martin, Dorothy Teacher   Barton, VT
McFarlane, Mildred Bay Path Institute 371 Parker St. Ludlow, MA
Mudgett, Ward     Orleans, VT
Rowell, Edna U.V.M. 81 Buell St. Burlington, VT
Seavey, Amherst Farmer R.F.D. 2 Orleans, VT
Smith, Ray     Greenfield, MA
Webster, Marjorie     New York City
Warner, Orrell Teacher R.F.D. 1 Barton, VT
Smith, Ernest Barton Bakery   Barton, VT
May, Ralph   73 Chestnut St. Providence, RI
May, Raymond   12 Ashland Ave. River Forest, IL
Pudvah, Harold     Barton, VT
Wakeman, Rollo Clerk in Hardware Store   New York  
Class of 1924      
Baldwin, Frederick Student Worcester Poly Tech 21 Lancaster St. Worcester, MA
Chadburn, Gerald Farmer R.F.D. 2 Barton, VT
Clark, Don Farmer   Glover, VT
Moulton, Jessie Student Nurse Mass General Hospital Boston, MA
Kimball, A. Ray Student Bliss Electrical School Washington, DC
Sargent, Geraldine     Springfield, MA
Willey, Floyd     Barton, VT
Class of 1925      
Baldwin, Marion Student, U. V. M. 2 Redstone Burlington, VT
Bean, Reynold Student    Burlington Business Col. Burlington, VT
Browning, Marie Haskins, Mrs. E. E.   Chelsea, VT
Brownlee, Arleen Student Middlebury College Middlebury, VT
Cornish, Amelia Student, Bay Path Inst. 21 Herman St. Springfield, MA
Cornish, Frederick Student, Bay Path Inst. 1064 Worthington St. Springfield, MA
Gilpin, Ruth Student, Middlebury Col. Hillcrest Middlebury, VT
Humphrey, Grace Teachers Training   Lyndon Ctr., VT
Kilgallen, Gertrude Student U.V.M. 103 North Union St. Burlington, VT
Kinsley, Ellen Student Nurse   Waterbury, VT
Knapp, Avis Teachers Training   Lyndon Ctr., VT
Natole, John Student Burlington Business Col. Burlington, VT
Smith, Earle     Barton, VT
Wright, Roger Student Burlington Business Col. Burlington, VT
Issue of June 1928    
Graduating Class of 1928 -- includes pictures and school activities      
Borland, Joyce      
Caron, Bruce      
Clark, Marion      
D'Este, Evelyn      
Gilpin, Esther      
Lyon, Austin      
Merriam, Anna      
Page, Elmer      
Page, Rachel      
Proctor, Fletcher      
Ray, Hilda      
Sicard, Lawrence      
Tower, Marion      
Wakeman, Hallie      
Warner, Alice      
Webster, Winifred      
Lower Class Enrollment
Class of 1928 Class of 1929 Class of 1930 Class of 1931
Borland, Joyce V. Brown, Frederick H. Anderson, Lester W. Allard, Theodore
Caron, Bruce W. Brown, Merriman E. Bates, Evelyn E. Brunning, Genevieve
Clark, Marion A. Burdette, Marcella J. Chappell, Evelyn H. Buswell, Elsinore
D'Este, Evelyn B. Chesley, Ruth J. Clark, Rachel Chappell, Ray
Gilpin, Esther H. Collins, Rena M. Cleveland, Everett P. Clark, Alice
Johnson, Hoyt C. Devereaux, Doris Cook, Stanley D. Clark, Robert
Lyon, Austin A. Hagar, Marion L. Currier, Maynard A. Cole, Richard
Merriam, Anna L. Hawkins, Marjorie A. Drown, Clarence H. Conner, Ralph
Page, Elmer C. Kinsley, Thelma I. Fairbrother, Vera S. Drew, Alson
Page, Rachel A. Longevin, Hilda B. Farman, Helen S. Gay, Hattie
Proctor, Fletcher J. Lewis, Carl W. Friend, Hazel P. Gilmour, Elizabeth
Ray, Hilda F. Peck, Katherine A. Goodfellow, Emily M. Guthrie, Katherine
Richmond, Roaldus F. Prescott, Gertrude M. Guthrie, Mary Hayes, Harriet
Sicard, Lawrence A. Sherburne, Glendola E. Hastings, Dorothy G. Hinton, Esther
Tower, Marion Smith, Euna B. Jarvis, Clifford D. Jenness, Irene
Wakeman, Hallie W.   Jenness, Ruby C. LaClair, Marion
Warner, Alice M.   King, Veda V. Lampman, Dorothy
Webster, Winifred H. Class of 1933 Lewis, Isabel C. Longevin, Evelyn
Wheeler, Royce F. Crowley, Mary Marsh, Kenneth R. Lewis, Glenn
  Devereaux, Lucy Merriam, Dorothy G. Libbey, Flora
  Jenness, Dorothy Page, Eileen E. Lyon, Milford
Class of 1932 Lewis, Helen Pickel, Barbara C. Marsh, Lila
Barron, Ruth LaBounty, Avis Richmond, Kendrick H. Mullaney, Phyllis
Boutwell, Wilbur May, Freda Ryder, Ruth A. Norris, Althea
Cook, Wendell Morse, Esther Ryder, Ora A. Peck, Clara
Demick, Robert Plunkett, Olive Stevens, Murray A. Pudvah, Jeanette
Dyke, Robert Sheldon, Tessie Stone, Francese I. Pudvah, Rachel
Fairbanks, Katherine Sheldon, Grace Webster, Doris I. Revoir, Antoinette
Fairbrother, Pliny Ash, Murray Webster, Willard C. Richmond, Ruth
Gay, Pauline Burnham, George Withers, Pelham B. Rowen, Mason
Hinton, Ruth Clifford, Everett   Roy, Laurette
Hutchinson, Louise Clifford, Ervin   St. Onge, Mary
Knight, Wayland Damon, Leander   St. Onge, Katherine
Leach, Mabel Hinton, Russell   Scheer, Joseph
Little, Ernest Hinton, Theodore   Shaw, Iris
Lyon, Annie Jenness, Richard   Sicard, Irene
Ritchie, William Lahue, Maynard   Sinon, Lena
Rives, Caroline Lewis, Harry   Sinon, Walter
Smith, Elwood Mooney, Clifton   Stiles, Carlton
Smith, Maxwell McRitchie, William   Still, Lynford
Squires, Lawrence Squires, Jerold   Ticehurst, Earl
Wakeman, Enid Tower, Ralph   Tyler, Viola
  Webster, Howard   Utton, Robert

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