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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Senior Class Class Picture
Denise Ann Biancardi "Dab" Priscilla Ann Labounty "Pris" Dean C. Porter "Dean"
Carolyn Elizabeth Brown "Lyn" Francis G. Langmaid "Frankie" Paulette M. Pudvah "Pud"
Elizabeth Shirley Bussiere "Shorty" Renee Alfred Leroux C. Richard Smith "Dick"
Bertha Edith Cloutier "Tessie" Gayland Albert Loomis "Gattle" Mary Anne Squires "Mary Anne"
Sharolyn Ann Cota "Shari" Howard A. Loomis "Spanky" Rowena Louise Stevens "Row"
Jacqueline A. Duquette "Jackie" Louise Mary McKay "Lou" Ruby Prudence Stevens "Ruby"
Lawrence Joel Dwyer Rachel Ann Monette "Rach" Lanny George Thompson "Bag"
Nancy Lea Emerson "Emmabrain" Patricia Elsie Moriarty Patsy" Kenneth Lee Valley "Ken"
Lucille C. Frechette "Lou" Ray H. Niles "Ray" Paulette R. Vezina "Polly"
Michele Margaret Happer "Mike" Bruce Norman Owen "Bruce" Beverly Anne White "Bev"
Edward E. Healy "Eddie" Richard J. Pelletier "Dick" Sandra Shirley Willey "Sandy"
Margaret Mary Healy "Maggie" Claude Christopher Poginy "Ben" Emery Gene Woodard "Em"
Junior Class Class Picture
Brenda Bickford Carl Engelmann Sharon Moquin
Arthur Brown Arland Hall Raymond Paquette
Rachel Bussiere Roger Jenne Linda Perron
Louis Choiniere Colleen Kilby Loretta Pudvah
Royce Conley Anita LeClerc Cecil Sample
Terry Damon Dottie May Janet Simons
Claude Desmarais William May Nelson Stevens
Winslow Elliott   John Urie
Sophmore Class Class Picture
Robert Boisvert Elizabeth Johnson Eleanor Porter
Kay Brooks Sandra Kelley Rachael Rash
Alice Choiniere Norman Kimball Barbara Rodgers
Rodney Conley James Labor Pamela Rives
Linda Cota Richard Leroux Bonnie Sheltra
Raymond Darling Durwood Loomis Susan Sicard
Sandra Dwyer Sandra Masten Hugh Stevens
Anne Elliott Dennis Massey Caroline Urie
Nancy Gathercole Roland Menard Larry Willey
Sandy Hayes Dawn Moriarty Stanley Woodard
Carolyn Hinton Sharon Nye Roy Young
  Ricky Pudvah  
Freshman Class Class Picture
William Boisvert Phyllis Kimball William Owen
Carl Brown Charles Labor Edith Patrick
Georgette Bussiere Theresa LaBounty Velma Peavy
George DeCell Patricia Langmaid Lillian Perron
Norma Fiske Francis Larocque Marlene Perron
Blake Hall Stanley LeBlanc Mary Ella Provencher
Carole Hendy Henry LeClerc Richard Rockwell
Susan Jenne Claire Leroux Grace Simons
Corrine Kennison Sharon Long John Vigario
Dale Kilby Gary Marcotte Lance Woodard
  Patricia Menard  

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