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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Senior Class
Ruth Margaret Allen "Lady" Pauline Loretta Glasson "Polly" Georges Amie St. Onge "George"
Ardell Anderson "Andy" Dean Federick Hanson "Dean" Barbara Jean Smith "Barb"
Wayne Irvin Badger "Curly" Ruth Marjorie Kenneson "Ruthie" Stanley Nathan Sockol "Stan"
Miriam Romaine Clark "Meam" Rene Edward Lamarche "Speedy" Adelord Louis Taylor "Ad"
Rita Lucia Cloutier "Rita" Roy Floyd Montminy "Mo-Mo" Thelma Freda Wakeman "Flash"
Dean Moulton Comstock "Dean" Marilyn Althea Moore "Tootie"  
Milton Walter Corrow "Mike" Theresa Mae Paquette "Tessa"  
Richard William Dane "Dick" Dorothy Maude Pierce "Dot"  
Hazel Myrtha Eldridge "Hazy" Beverly Lorraine Roberson "Bev Lee"  
Harriet Amy Fisk "Jonnie" Rudolph Ernest Royer "Rudy"  
Junior Class
Irene Tibbetts Irene Archambault Kermit Ferrin
Lorraine Nault Elsie Dean Kendall Elliott
Lorraine Warner Arlene Rogers Bill Bickford
Beatrice Dodge Donald Fuller Alton Brooks
Clarice Russell John St. Onge Lionel Perron
Sophomore Class
Alma Kimball Joy Benedict Robert Simons
Phyllis Chapdelaine Robert McIntosh Eugene St. Louis
Lucille LaMadeleine Simeon Renault Bill Rollins
Sherry King Bill Myers Edward Chicoine
Joyce Whitcomb David Crawford Wallice Holbrook
Jacqueline Perron Eldon Griffin Arnold Smith
Beverly Hutchins Mahlon Warner Clarence Libby
Grace Cole Carlton Ticehurst Laurence Valley
Sally Healy Gerard Casavant Donald Grammo
Clair Miller Roger Valley Bob Nadeau
Freshman Class
Dorothy Stevens Barbara Davis Richard Rollins
Beulah Uttin Beverly Basford Victor Cloutier
Brownie Benedict Mona Brooks Richard Jenne
Lorraine Simons Ruel Elliott Joseph Montminy
Alice Leonard James Edwards Arnold Dunn
Arthenia Corliss Frank Foss Alan Urie
Lois Lafont June Thompson Vearon Corliss
Joyce Wakeman Gloria Lamarche Carl Johnson
Antoinette Diette Patricia Chapdelaine Horace Brown
Melba Locke Ida LaMadeleine Vernon Friend
    Dean Elliott
Eighth Grade
Klondalo Gates Helen Davis Jimmie Kennison
Myrtle Ingersoll Albert Wakeman Merton Ashe
Barbara Nix Henry Larocque William Fisk
Ruth Dean Malcolm Ashe Richard Alexander
Erlene Degreenia Lynn Glasson Arthur Miles
Elversa Aiken Helen Ashe Rene Valley
Francina Minakuchi Alberta Ticehurst Walter Libby
Verne Locke   Malcolm Gillis

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