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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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George Matheson MacKenzie Principal
Augustus Parsons Coach
Alverton Alfred Elliot Machine Shop
Pauline Goodrich English and commercial subjects
Aline Sandrin Social studies
Marion Moriarty Home economics
Kendrick Roger Lawrence Science & social studies
Class of 1953:  
Ronald Murray Ashe  
Joyce Pearl Brooks  
Helen Lena Chicoine Secretary
Cass (Caston) Percy Corlis  
Bryce Clark Elliot  
Cynthia Mae Emerson  
Helen Ida Grondin  
Patricia Anne May  
David Richard Owen  
George Joseph Paquette President
Joyce Lorraine Perron  
Richard Elden Roberts Treasurer
Barbara Claire Sicard  
Lorraine Alyce Wilson  
Junior Class  
Beverly Larocque  
Allison Jenne  
Carolyn Woodard  
Fred Barton  
Doris Rollins  
Jean Hendy  
Beverly Pudvah  
Patricia Paquette  
Joan Pickel  
Hubert Simons  
Pauline Bickford  
Richard LaMadeleine  
Grace Thornton  
Robert Kimball  
Hazen Ward  
Andre Cloutier  
Leo Pudvah  
Sophomore Class  
Marlee Rives  
Doreen Simons  
Leo Chapdelaine  
Ronald Cloutier  
Louise Ticehurst  
Dorothy Clark  
Barbara Wilson  
Preston Kittredge  
David Sicard  
Neil Young  
Reginald Stevens  
Dale Hanson  
Clayton Collins  
Robert Owen  
Freshman Class  
Marilyn Davio  
Patricia Gleason  
Dorothy Baird  
Sandra Friend  
Xavior Corlis  
Pauline Monette  
Edwin Taylor  
Patricia LaBounty  
Pauline Menard  
Janet Brown  
Diana Kelley  
Lenore Anderson  
Deanna Liberty  
Marion Darling  
Margaret Ticehurst  
Kate Kittridge  
Jeanette Gile  
Phyllis Pudvah  
George Amyot  
Ernest Fairbrother  
Roger Leroux  
Lance Smith  
Robert Dequette  
Robert Desmarais  
Robert Rollins  
Ronald Leroux  
Michael Sicard  
Richard Moffett  

1953 Barton Academy Year Book
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