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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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St Johnsbury Academy St Johnsbury, Vermont appx 1848 - 1851
Fairbanks, Erastus President  
Fairbanks, Thaddeus Trustee  
Fairbanks, Joseph P. Trustee  
Fairbanks, Horace Trustee  
Bancroft, Jesse P. Trustee  
Colby, James K. Trustee  
Bancroft, J. P. Treasurer  
Colby, Mr. James K. Principal  
Hale, Mr. John G. Assistant Teacher Winter, Spring & Summer Term
Miller, Mr. Edward S. C. Assistant Teacher Full Term
McKeen, Miss Catharine Assistant Teacher Winter & Spring Term
Taylor, Miss Emma Assistant Teacher Spring, & Fall Terms
Students - Males Residence  
Andrews, George St Johnsbury  
Arms, Enos St Johnsbury  
Abbot, Milo J. Bath, NH  
Brackett, Samuel A. St Johnsbury  
Brackett, Francis A. St Johnsbury  
Barney, Levi St Johnsbury  
Barney, George St Johnsbury  
Batchelder, George F. Littleton, NH  
Billings, Francis St Johnsbury  
Bliss, Hiland L. St Johnsbury  
Bidwell, Jason Lisbon, NH  
Burnham, Abner M. Waterford  
Baldwin, George St Johnsbury  
Baldwin, Alvin T. Newbury  
Bowker, Charles A. St Johnsbury  
Burrington, Lindley M. Burke  
Beattie, Robert Ryegate  
Clark, George Lunenburg  
Chadbourne, Henry A. Harrison, ME  
Crosman, Henry N. St Johnsbury  
Chase, Charles Lyndon  
Chapin, William A. Greensboro  
Curtis, Ethan C. St Johnsbury  
Clement, Franklin L. Barnet  
Denison, William Burke  
Denison, Elias B. Burke  
Dean, Nathaniel P. St Johnsbury  
Drew, George R. Danville  
Dolloff, Albert Newport  
Ely, Charles R. St Johnsbury  
Farr, Justin P. Waterford  
Farnham, William St Johnsbury  
Farnham, Evelyn St Johnsbury  
Frost, Jeremiah Shipton, C. E.  
Frost, Irving St Johnsbury  
Fairbanks, William St Johnsbury  
Fairbanks, Edward T. St Johnsbury  
French, Edward St Johnsbury  
Hill, John Lyman, NH  
Fitzgerald, Ai St Johnsbury  
Higgins, John C. St Johnsbury  
Higgins, George J. St Johnsbury  
Hamilton, Irenus K. Lyme, NH  
Hawes, Alexander G. St Johnsbury  
Hastings, Hubbard St Johnsbury  
Hale, Horace R. Wells River  
Harvey, Samuel C. Barnet  
Hutchinson, John St Johnsbury  
Hutchinson, Ira St Johnsbury  
Hutchinson, Joseph St Johnsbury  
Hutchinson, James St Johnsbury  
Hodge, George C. Lisbon, NH  
Howes, William S. St Johnsbury  
Horne, Philemon P. T. St Johnsbury  
Ide, Hiram St Johnsbury  
Howard, Albert St Johnsbury  
Jewett, Edward A. St Johnsbury  
Kimball, Timothy C. Barton  
Kinney, Marcius A. Littleton, NH  
Kelsey, Marshal J. Wheelock  
Knapp, George B. St Johnsbury  
Knapp, Cephas Lyndon  
Keyes, Edward P. Newbury  
Leslie, George Wells River  
Morse, Charles F. Newport  
Marsh, Charles A. J. Craftsbury  
Matthews, Lot W. Concord  
Noble, James Danville  
Paddleford, George H. Littleton, NH  
Paddock, Harvelin St Johnsbury  
Paddock, Charles St Johnsbury  
Powers, Mark Burke  
Pierce, Joseph H. St Johnsbury  
Pierce, Charles St Johnsbury  
Parks, William St Johnsbury  
Parker, William S. St Johnsbury  
Plaisted, Harris M. Jefferson, NH  
Remick, James Barnet  
Richardson, Charles F. Compton, C. E.  
Russell, Francis St Johnsbury  
Ramsay, William W. St Johnsbury  
Ramsay, John W. St Johnsbury  
Stoddard, Josiah W. Waterford  
Sanborn, Hiram St Johnsbury  
Stiles, Lester G. St Johnsbury  
Stevens, Alanson St Johnsbury  
Stevens, Thaddeus St Johnsbury  
Stevens, Xerxes C. Barnet  
Swett, Lucius St Johnsbury  
Swett, Franklin St Johnsbury  
Smith, Jonathan T. Whitefield  
Thompson, Samuel W. Wheelock  
Wells, George Wells River  
Whitney, Albert N. Craftsbury  
Underwood, George Wells River  
Wilson, James M. Derry, NH  
Willey, Franklin Wheelock  
Willey, Danford St Johnsbury  
Woods, Horace J. St Johnsbury  
Works, Barton St Johnsbury  
Students - Females Residence  
Ayer, Mary Jane St Johnsbury  
Ayer, Ann A. St Johnsbury  
Ayer, Armida St Johnsbury  
Armington, Ann E. St Johnsbury  
Armington, Sophronia St Johnsbury  
Brown, Harriet A. Waterford  
Brown, Abba R. Coventry  
Bingham, Edith C. Waterford  
Bingham, Catharine St Johnsbury  
Bachelder, Mary Jane St Johnsbury  
Batchelder, Catharine W. Danville  
Bickford, Laura A. Glover  
Billings, Elizabeth S. Woodstock  
Brooks, Eliza E. Lancaster, NH  
Bacon, Nancy Jane St Johnsbury  
Berry, Susan H. St Johnsbury  
Brackett, C. Adelia Littleton, NH  
Blodget, Mary Ann Lyman, NH  
Crosman, Martha Jane St Johnsbury  
Curtis, Elizabeth St Johnsbury  
Church, Laura M. Waterford  
Chandler, Maria L. Piermont, NH  
Chadwick, Elizabeth M. Concord, NH  
Chapin, Sarah C. Greensboro  
Cogswell, Harriette P. Boscawen, NH  
Carleton, Charlotte G. Marshfield  
Drew, Betsy Danville  
Ely, Caroline St Johnsbury  
Fairbanks, Sarah St Johnsbury  
Fairbanks, Emily St Johnsbury  
Fairbanks, Charlotte St Johnsbury  
Gleason, Mary E. Barnet  
Gibson, Sarah St Johnsbury  
Guy, Lucy H. St Johnsbury  
Green, Eloise Lyndon  
Green, Mary Ann St Johnsbury  
Gates, Eliza G. Lunenburg  
Hawes, Mary St Johnsbury  
Harris, Delia A. St Johnsbury  
Harris, Harriet N. St Johnsbury  
Hallett, Violetta St Johnsbury  
Hutchinson, Clara Nelson, NH  
Hale, Martha Wells River  
Hale, Martha Littleton, NH  
Hibbard, Ellen M. Concord  
Hall, Mary E. Northumberland, NH  
Hawley, Emily D. Barnet  
Hawley, Mary Barnet  
Ide, Martha E. St Johnsbury  
Jones, Amanda Concord  
Johnson, Mary St Johnsbury  
Kittredge, Mary E. St Johnsbury  
Knapp, Catharine St Johnsbury  
Kinney, Lucy M. Littleton, NH  
Kimball, Orinda Barnet  
King, Leuraine A. Bradford  
Lawrence, Orrilla M. Waterford  
Locke, Jane L. St Johnsbury  
Latham, Caroline Lyme, NH  
Ladd, Elizabeth M. Newbury  
Mills, Lucy C. St Johnsbury  
Martin, Sarah St Johnsbury  
Martin, Frances St Johnsbury  
Magoun, Eliza R. Wheelock  
Moore, Maria L. Littleton, NH  
Messer, Ruth Piermont, NH  
Morse, Philinda T.  
Nichols, Maria E. Guildhall  
Owen, Adaline St Johnsbury  
Page, Sarah D. St Johnsbury  
Page, Susan C. St Johnsbury  
Page, Julia A. D. St Johnsbury  
Paddock, Abba St Johnsbury  
Paddock, Orris St Johnsbury  
Parker, Clarissa St Johnsbury  
Parker, Almira B. St Johnsbury  
Parker, Ann E. St Johnsbury  
Parker, Henrietta E. St Johnsbury  
Pierce, Emeline K. Barton  
Peabody, Lucia A. Topsham  
Pearsons, Clara A. Irasburg  
Snell, Aurilla P. St Johnsbury  
Snell, Tirzah W. St Johnsbury  
Smith, Elizabeth  
Smith, Mary Ann St Johnsbury  
Snow, Lurena W. St Johnsbury  
Stevens, Joan H. Littleton, NH  
Stevens, Jane C. Barnet  
Smith, Rebecca Whitefield  
Starks, Eleanor St Johnsbury  
Severance, Roxalana St Johnsbury  
Stoddard, Helen Waterford  
Swett, Lucy F. Craftsbury  
Underwood, Elizabeth Wells River  
Waterbury, Charlotte Lyme, NH  
Woods, Helen G. St Johnsbury  
Woods, Isabella St Johnsbury  
Woods, Sarah M. St Johnsbury  
Warner, Caroline E. St Johnsbury  
Willey, Mary St Johnsbury  
Works, Pescovia St Johnsbury  
Works, Letitia St Johnsbury  
Weeks, Persis T. Lancaster, NH  
Wooster, Fanny Granby  
Wooster, Mary Ann Hardwick  

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