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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Seventy-Ninth Commencement
of the
St. Johnsbury Academy
South Congregational Church
Thursday, June 15, 1922
Processional Stuart Farr, 1923
Prayer Rev. Frederick B. Richards
Salutatory Harriet Elizabeth Elliott
Cradle Song Girls' Glee Club
Commencement Address Col. Joseph Fairbanks
Chorus of the Philistines Girls' Glee Club
Valedictory Katherine Robinson Conant
Presentation of Diplomas Hon. Charles W. Gates, President of the Board of Trustees
Announcement of Class Honors
Presentation of University of Vermont Scholarships
Presentation of Colonial Daughters' Medal
Presentation of Daughters' of the American Revolution Medal
Benediction Rev. A. S. Woodworth
Recessional Stuart Farr, 1923
Class of 1922
Mildred Albisser Harriet Elliott
Robert Blodgett Alice Lord
Dorothy Burns Frances Masse
Katherine Conant Alma Reed
Edna Day Emma Ronan
Mattie Wheaton
Class of 1923
Mildred Allen Mary Chase
Beatrice Bailey Elva Darling
Marion Bell Charles Malam
Christine Braley Margaret Ricker
Priscilla Brooks Dorothy Roy
Beulah Brunelle Florence Wild
Sylvia Burton Paul Willard
Class of 1924
Edward Allen Dorothy Follansby
Rae Astle Harvey Powers
Josephine Barrett Marjorie Powers
Dorothy Baxter James Puffer
Floyd Bennett Sylvia Ricker
Dorothy Carpenter Phyllis Robinson
Leigh Cramer Ethel Simpson
Cleave Earle Harold Smith
Edward Farmer Edwin Wilkins
  James Woods
Class of 1925
Beatrice Beer Thelma Harran
Katherine Berard Josephine Laughton
Lucille Brunelle Rex Palmer
Dorothy Burby Ruth Parks
Evlyn Cummings Helen Randall
Elizabeth Foshey Nathan Ricker
Eleanor Goss Nettie Vitty
GRADUATES of the CLASS of 1922
Evelynn May Adams Merle Kenneth Harvey
Mildred Houghton Albisser Wilma Ina Hemingway
Wendell Wickes Bell Reginald Annis Hovey
Maude Esther Benedict Gladys Jamieson
Lillian Bennett Paul Jethro Lillicrap
Lyla Irene Blodgett Alice Etta Lord
Robert Hoffman Blodgett Lura Genista Alberta Lowrey
Pearl Thelma Bocash William Mcbain
Dorothy Arman Burns Mary Elizabeth Mcgovern
Azelia Mary Carter Hugh Blodgett Mclean
Addine Frances Collins Frances Charlotte Masse
Katherine Robinson Conant Lorene Agnes Mayo
Parker Colby Crandall Jessie Irene Merchant
Mildred Marion Crawford James Arthur Moore
Erma Rhoda Curtis Helen Catherine Powers
Gerald Herbert Daniels Charles Linderman Rathbun
Eleanor Edna Day Alma Leslie Reed
Harry Arlington Drew Frederick Hill Rodliff
Harriet Elizabeth Elliott Emma Marie Ronan
Sophronia Grout Ford Mary Ange Roy
Arline Foster Francis Lila Agnes Sherburne
Robert Adolphus Gadapee Myra Clifford Stanton
Marion Agnes Gaffney Everett William Streeter
Marguerite Alice Gagne Gertrude Elizabeth Tinker
Barbara Ione Gray Florence Loraine Vance
Edward Allen Gray Rose Delima Vermette
Margaret Mildred Hansen Mattie Blanche Wheaton
Anna Rutherford Harvey Mildred Jean Willson
To the girl receiving the highest rank in college preparatory course.
Katherine Robinson Conant
To the boy receiving the highest rank in college preparatory course.
Robert Hoffman Blodgett

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