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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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The St. Johnsbury Academy
77th Commencement
Names extracted from the Caledonian Record newspaper
June 9, 1920 page 1
Ashton, Merton Ellsworth
Beard, Winfred Harris
Beck, Theodore Conrad
Benedict, Lucien Charles
Bowen, Cecil Warren
Brailey, Evelyn Huldah
Brown, Ernestine Mae
Bruce, Mabel Ella
Chaffee, Kathleen Esther
Chamberlain, George Blair
Clough, Maude Ethel
Conant, Barbara Allerton
Coombs, Hazel Mae
Cowles, Dorris Orrel
Cumming, Langdon Sumner
French, Edward Robert
Gaffney, Arthur Robert Jr.
Gilfillan, Sumner Abbott
Gilson, Rhea Cooke
Goss, Ruth Leola
Grant, Arthur Edwin
Greene, Luther Nathaniel
Hall, Maude Estelle
Hallett, Clara May
Hamilton, Edward James
Hunter, James Allan
King, Avis Mae
Lanctot, Kathleen Margaret
Lanpher, Kenneth Babcock
Ling, Roderick James
Livington, Gladys Vivian
Marden, Natalie Lillian
Morris, Wendell Arland
McClary, Olga
McCullough, Mildred Lois
Orton, Mildred Lettie
Perkins, Eleanor Mary
Perrin, Newell Greeley ##
Perrin, Justus Newton 3rd
Pierce, Winthrop Eugene
Prevost, Georges Etienne
Ramage, Marion
Rann, Mildred Keenan
Roberts, Helen Maude
Scott, Amos Jr.
Shaw, Hazel Louise
Spaulding, Lyle Elizabeth
Stanton, Marion Hall
Streeter, Evelyn Agatha
Stuart, Julia Marion
Trankla, Mary Coffield
Underwood, Iris May
Vernon, Harriett ##
Warden, Ralph Bachop
Wheaton, Doris Abbie
These received three-year commercial certificates
Cushman, Helen Virginia
Ranney, Edith May
Richards, Lillian Louise
Stiles, Charlotte Hilda
## = Received scholarships to University of Vermont

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