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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Thaddeus Trustee, President
Fairbanks, Horace Trustee
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry Trustee
Fairbanks, Franklin Trustee
Fuller, Rev. Homer T. Trustee
Ross, Jonathan Trustee
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. Trustee, Secretary & Treasurer
Putney, Charles E., A. M. Teacher of Latin and Greek Principal
Brackett, Solomon H., A. M. Teacher of Natural Science & Higher Mathematics
Morse, Charles H., A. B. Teacher of Latin and Mathematics
Dakin, Franklin A., A. B. Teacher of Latin and Bookkeeping
Colby, Miss L. Jennie Teacher of Latin, French & English Literature
Cummings, Miss Mary E. Teacher of Algebra
Mitchell, Miss Abby F. Teacher of German, History & English
Marie, Madame Emma Teacher of French
Guy, Miss Tirzah M. Teacher of Drawing
Stone, Miss Mary E. Teacher of Instrumental Music
Stafford, Wendall P. Teacher of Elocution
Northrop, Miss Amanda C. Assistant for the year
Miller, David G. Assistant - Spring Term
Blake, Warren Teacher of Penmanship
Students - Post Graduates  
Names Residence Rooms
Bradley, Welcome W. St. Johnsbury G. L. Bradley's
Bartlett, Clara I. St. Johnsbury S. S. Bartlett's
Northrop, Mary M. Fairfield L. B. Hartshorn's
Senior Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Bingham, George H. Littleton, NH C. H. Marshall's
Blakey, J. Mawson Underhill Club House
Brackett, Frank P. St. Johnsbury S. H. Brackett's
Cushman, Henry O. Passumpsic G. F. Cushman's
Dartt, William H. Ascutneyville Club House
Day, B. Clifton Underhill 41 South Hall
Denison, Harry W. St. Louis, MO A. O. Baker's
Dunklee, Harley K. West Burke 53 South Hall
Emerson, Stephen G. Underhill 41 South Hall
Fairbanks, Robert N. St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
Fish, Edwin West Derby 31 South Hall
Frost, George H. St. Johnsbury Selim Frost's
Hutchinson, Charles E. South Pomfret Dr. G. H. Smith's
Keyes, John L. Newbury C. C. Bingham's
Kinney, William C. East Hardwick J. W. Haskell's
Leonard, George L. Bellows Falls Academy
Magoon, Garvin R. Derby Center 25 South Hall
Milliken, Charles D. Littleton, NH W. L. Pearl's
Miner, George E. St. Johnsbury G. F. Miner's
Packard, Elmer C. St. Johnsbury C. Packard's
Porter, John L. Corinth 27 South Hall
Ross, Fred R. St. Johnsbury Henry Ross'
Ross, John C. St. Johnsbury J. Ross'
Skinner, James F. East Windsor Hill, CT E. Hall's
Stoughton, Lemuel East Windsor Hill, CT E. Hall's
Thompson, Philip S. Lyndon J. S. Thompson's
Walker, Arthur F. St. Johnsbury F. Walker's
Wallace, I. Burns Canaan, NH 33 South Hall
Watkins, Harris R. Newbury C. C. Bingham's
Weeks, James S. St. Johnsbury Charles Weeks'
Wild, Edward W. Charlotte 39 South Hall
Willard, Joseph M. Orford, NH W. L. Pearl's
Adgate, Almeria I. East Hardwick H. R. McNeice's
Bailey, Charlotte A. Lyndonville T. Bailey's
Dutton, Hattie E. Norwich 42 South Hall
Eastman, Sadie L. Underhill Mrs. C. B. Hadley's
Emerson, Belle M. St. Johnsbury J. Emerson's
French, Inez N. Barton Landing G. H. Taplin's
Gage, Mary H. North Craftsbury 36 South Hall
Gage, Hattie E. North Craftsbury 36 South Hall
Harriman, Kate S. St. Johnsbury D. E. Harriman's
Hartshorn, Kate E. St. Johnsbury L. B. Hartshorn's
Hazen, Isabel F. Hartford L. G. Spencer's
Hazen, Mary L. St. Johnsbury L. D. Hazen's
Hill, Cora L. West Concord D. H. Hill's
Ide, Kate D. St. Johnsbury E. T. Ide's
McIntire, Anna E. Littleton, NH L. B. Hartshorn's
McIntire, Ardelle A. Littleton, NH L. B. Hartshorn's
Parker, Annette A. Lyndonville W. P. Smith's
Pearl, Ida S. Lyndonville W. L. Pearl's
Robinson, Adelle A. Westford 26 South Hall
Shaw, Helen F. St. Johnsbury W. H. Shaw's
Thomas, Mary R. Hudson, NH Caleb H. Marshall's
Thompson, Martha H. St. Johnsbury J. C. Thompson's
Ward, N. Matie St. Johnsbury Thomas Ward's
Webster, Genevieve L. Barton Landing T. M. Howard's
Wilder, Nellie L. Bethlehem, NH William Bancroft's
Middle Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Abbott, Willie T. Wells River I. H. Frost's
Adams, Louis K. South Charlestown, NH 27 South Hall
Alden, Frank E. Cowansville, P. Q. Horace R. Carpenter's
Allen, John M. St. Johnsbury D. S. Allen's
Andersen, Christian P. St. Johnsbury H. K. Andersen's
Bartlett, Harry A. St. Johnsbury S. S. Bartlett's
Beach, William V. Westford 13 South Hall
Benton, Benjamin Maidstone 57 South Hall
Blakely, Gilbert S. Campton, NH 29 South Hall
Blanchard, Henry W. Pittsburgh, NH Mrs. C. A. Hastings'
Bliss, Charles L. Constantinople, Turkey Club House
Blodgett, Ernest R. St. Johnsbury P. D. Blodgett's
Brooks, George Haverhill, MA J. H. Paddock's
Carpenter, Herbert S. St. Johnsbury F. E. Carpenter's
Carr, Harry H. St. Johnsbury Miss E. F. Carr's
Chamberlain, George R. East Corinth G. H. Taplin's
Cheney, Clinton M. St. Johnsbury H. M. Cheney's
Churchill, Charles H. Mooers, NY J. W. Haskell's
Clifford, Fred W. Newbury D. Morrison's
Kebabian, John Couzu Rodosto, Turkey 45 South Hall
Dartt, Frank P. Ascutneyville Club House
Delchoff, Marin D. Philippopolis, East Roumelia Miss Emma Taylor's
Drew, George M. North Danville 21 South Hall
Gillett, Benjamin B. Hartford Mrs. I. P. Dana's
Glines, George M. Carroll, NH Mrs. C. A. Hastings'
Grandy, Albion L. Lyndonville L. C. Grandy's
Granger, Charles C. Lyndon Mrs. E. P. Granger's
Hallett, Erastus H. St. Johnsbury Center D. T. Hallett's
Hartshorn, J. Ernest St. Johnsbury L. B. Hartshorn's
Hazen, J. Burton Barton O. C. Hazen's
Hyde, William DeF. East Hardwick 23 South Hall
Ide, George P. St. Johnsbury E. T. Ide's
Jewell, Carl H. Barton A. C. Jewell's
Mathewson, Ozias D. Wheelock Mrs. A. B. Mathewson's
Mead, John F. Randolph J. M. Warner's
Miner, Mark L. Richford G. W. Spencer's
Moore, Ellis W. St. Johnsbury George P. Moore's
Morse, William W. McIndoes Falls 17 South Hall
Nelson, Samuel B. Barton B. M. R. Nelson's
Orvis, Joseph E. Massena, NY G. W. Spencer's
Payne, George A. St. Johnsbury J. A. Payne's
Phelps, George H. Albany A. J. Willard's
Phelps, Charles D. St. Johnsbury East F. B. Phelp's
Richardson, Arthur N. Lancaster, NH L. B. Hartshorn's
Robinson, George C. Westford Club House
Robinson, Mortimer C. Westford Club House
Ruiter, Fred A. Holland H. R. Albee's
Sanborn, Irving E. St. Johnsbury Mrs. C. C. Sanborn's
Scott, Orlando L. Newport Mrs. C. C. Sanborn's
Stafford, Albert M. North Walden S. H. Brackett's
Thrasher, Charles D. W. Ascutneyville 25 South Hall
Adams, Emma Derby Thomas Knight's
Bacon, Mary S. (deceased) Chelsea D. Willey's
Bates, Mary F. St. Johnsbury Mrs. S. Jewett's
Brooks, Helen St. Johnsbury Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Burroughs, Bertha I. St. Johnsbury W. C. Lewis'
Buswell, May E. West Burke 36 South Hall
Churchill, Alice G. Lyme, NH H. C. Belden's
Clark, Florence Quechee David Morrison's
Cowles, Myra H. Albany C. H. Marshall's
Davis, Clara E. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. W. Davis'
Dewing, Carrie M. E. Franklin G. H. Smith's
Dudley, Lizzie E. West Concord C. H. Dudley's
Dunklee, Ivah M. Littleton, NH 60 South Hall
Ewing, Mary C. St. Johnsbury Club House
Fairbanks, Lucy St. Johnsbury Rev. H. Fairbank's
Folsom, Mary A. West Concord C. B. Folsom's
French, Laura E. St. Johnsbury Henry French's
Frost, Carrie E. St. Johnsbury I. H. Frost's
Gallup, Lillian R. Barton Landing Luther Brooks'
Gates, Bertha A. St. Johnsbury Rev. M. A. Gates'
Goss, Mary L. Lyndon George Ide's
Grandy, Jessie F. Lyndonville L. C. Grandy's
Hadlock, Ida S. North Troy G. H. Smith's
Harvey, Abbie L. St. Johnsbury N. F. Harvey's
Howe, Della St. Johnsbury B. G. Howe's
Ide, Minnie M. St. Johnsbury Daniel Thompson's
Jewett, Helen B. St. Johnsbury Mrs. E. B. Jewett's
Kennedy, Mary E. Troy D. Willey's
Marshall, Nellie M. St. Johnsbury C. H. Marshall's
Mathewson, Nellie K. St. Johnsbury Mrs. A. B. Mathewson's
Miller, Alice B. South Ryegate Mrs. H. Wise's
Morrison, Ann R. St. Johnsbury James Morrison's
Morrill, Lizzie J. Danville L. Graham's
Nelson, Lizzie G. Barton B. M. R. Nelson's
Paine, Minnie E. Jay R. C. Knight's
Perkins, Isabel E. St. Johnsbury Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Ranney, May Pittsfield R. C. Knight's
Richmond, Clara M. Newport J. O. Hale's
Robinson, Erminnie E. Westford 26 South Hall
Sargent, Carrie B. St. Johnsbury Cyrus Sargent's
Sherburne, May E. Lyndon Center Mrs. B. P. Sherburne's
Shipman, Nellie M. Danville L. Graham's
Stevens, Nettie E. North Danville William Bancroft's
Trull, Roa C. West Burke David Trull's
Webster, Gillian E. St. Johnsbury J. W. Webster's
Willey, Jennie S. St. Johnsbury D. Willey's
Wilmarth, Corinne M. Lyndon Mrs. H. Willmarth's
Wilson, Emma E. Derby Center Thomas Knight's
Woodruff, Carrie S. West Burke E. H. Gaskell's
Woods, Lucy M. Bath, NH I. H. Frost's
Woodward, Lizzie J. Jefferson, NH 24 South Hall
Junior Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Bailey, Charles T. East Hardwick 23 South Hall
Baldwin, George C. Barton J. P. Baldwin's
Blakely, David N. Campton, NH 29 South Hall
Bottome, Frank H. New York City Dr. H. C. Newell's
Brewer, George N. Keesville, NY G. W. Spencer's
Brown, Fred A. Newport C. C. Bingham's
Buck, Heman A. Troy 13 South Hall
Bullard, Harry G. St. Johnsbury Dr. G. B. Bullard's
Carter, Fred G. Lebanon, NH G. W. Spencer's
Case, George B. Woodstock 55 South Hall
Cass, Myron T. St. Johnsbury David Cass'
Chase, Elmer E. Sheffield 23 South Hall
Cheney, Albertus A. Albany Newell Harlow's
Cree, Lucius N. Wheelock George Smith's
Cushman, Charles P. Passumpsic G. F. Cushman's
Danforth, Willie R. North Stratford Mrs. N. M. Shorey's
Darling, Henry M. Sutton John Darling's
Davis, Edward A. Chelsea G. W. Spencer's
Davis, Ozora S. St. Johnsbury A. W. Davis'
Dow, Dexter D. West Glover 33 South Hall
Dowd, Arthur V. Sutton D. Goodell's
Drew, Orrell F. St. Johnsbury J. H. Drew's
Dutton, J. Vernon Hardwick J. H. Drew's
Edmunds, George F. Barton Landing 47 South Hall
Elkins, Fred W. North Troy W. H. Preston's
Fletcher, Frank F. St. Johnsbury F. F. Fletcher's
French, George A. Hollis, NH C. E. Putney's
French, Walter McIndoes Falls Henry French's
Gale, Willie R. Bristol, NH S. Cole's
Gallup, B. Smith Barton Landing C. B. Marshall's
Gorham, Fred Lyndon Club House
Green, Wilbur L. Lower Waterford M. L. Flint's
Harris, Frank E. St. Johnsbury Edwin Harris'
Hawley, Clinton P. Passumpsic A. P. Hawley's
Hazen, Charles D. St. Johnsbury L. D. Hazen's
Hazen, Frank D. Whitefield, NH Dr. H. C. Newell's
Higgins, Albert J. St. Johnsbury William Higgins'
Hovey, Marcus J. St. Johnsbury J. G. Hovey's
Judd, Arthur L. South Stratford J. O. Hale's
Kemp, Henry J. East Corinth Dr. S. T. Brooks'
King, Herbert S. Bridgewater G. H. Taplin's
Lawrence, Theodore Broadwell, IL 25 South Hall
McNoll, Almer Lunenburgh H. A. Noyes'
Merriam, Frank D. St. Johnsbury E. B. Merriam's
Merrill, Edwin W. Barton Landing 47 South Hall
Miller, Frank W. West Westminster C. H. Stevens'
Montgomery, Walter L. East Hardwick J. W. Haskell's
Morris, Edward E. Boston, MA C. E. Putney's
Morrison, Charles H. St. Johnsbury D. Morrison's
Noyes, Wilber C. Bethlehem, NH 25 South Hall
Parker, Julius R. Sutton Corydon Parker's
Powers, George R. Lunenburgh Mrs. H. Hastings'
Preston, Clarence W. St. Johnsbury W. H. Preston's
Remick, Harry H. Tamworth, NH Mrs. Mackey's
Searles, Alvah L. Newport C. C. Bingham's
Simpson, Arthur P. St. Johnsbury A. W. Simpson's
Skelly, Arthur R. Alburgh Springs 35 South Hall
Smith, Fred N. St. Johnsbury A. Smith's
Stebbins, Ernest M. Troy W. H. Smith's
Sweet, Herbert L. Alburgh Springs 35 South Hall
Thompson, John H. St. Johnsbury J. C. Thompson's
Trull, J. Frank West Burke J. Trull's
Ward, Frank G. Grafton M. A. Gates'
Wetherbee, Elmer E. Kirby 23 South Hall
Willard, Herbert J. St. Johnsbury A. J. Willard's
Andersen, Anna M. St. Johnsbury H. K. Andersen's
Bailey, Nellie M. East Hardwick 42 South Hall
Barnette, Alice Lyndonville Mrs. T. E. Parker's
Bartlett, Helen A. St. Johnsbury Center Walter Wright's
Bennett, Flora B. St. Johnsbury O. P. Bennett's
Blanchard, Carrie E. Newport J. O. Hale's
Brown, Minnie A. Kirby N. M. Ward's
Buswell, Ada M. West Burke 36 South Hall
Carr, Nettie I. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. W. Carr's
Case, Abbie M. Woodstock 24 South Hall
Chaffee, Hattie M. St. Johnsbury W. P. Chaffee's
Clark, Mattie Chelsea L. B. Hartshorn's
Clifford, Hattie M. North Danville Mrs. L. M. Bagby's
Cook, Mattie L. West Glover R. M. Flint's
Corser, Lulu G. St. Johnsbury B. G. Corser's
Crawford, Placentia D. Jefferson, NH 28 South Hall
Davison, Manda Craftsbury Emerson Hall's
Dickey, Ardelle M. East Corinth L. Brooks'
Elkins, Mary E. North Troy W. H. Preston's
Fisher, Edith St. Johnsbury Rev. F. S. Fisher's
Fisher, Hattie Danville 24 South Hall
Foss, Eva E. Irasburgh William Bancroft's
Fuller, Etta M. St. Johnsbury Center Solomon Humphrey's
Gale, Jennie A. St. Johnsbury John N. Gale's
Gallagher, Addie M. Alburgh Springs S. H. Brackett's
George, Belle H. East Hardwick H. R. McNeice's
Gilfillan, Emily E. Barnet 52 South Hall
Goss, Anna S. Altoona, PA H. C. Belden's
Green, Carrie A. Lower Waterford A. C. Babbitt's
Haines, Mattie D. Cabot 30 South Hall
Haines, Minnie L. Cabot 30 South Hall
Hall, Alice E. St. Johnsbury Mrs. T. L. Hall's
Hall, Alice E. Lyndon D. P. Hall's
Hall, Marion J. South Ryegate Mrs. Wise's
Hartshorn, Laura M. Lunenburgh 56 South Hall
Harvey, Minnie G. Passumpsic Mrs. H. Thayer's
Hoffman, Jennie C. Wheelock S. H. Brackett's
Hovey, Edith L. St. Johnsbury E. L. Hovey's
Howe, Cora C. St. Johnsbury Center G. T. Stafford's
Howe, Ina M. St. Johnsbury Geo. E. Howe's
Johnson, Mattie S. Post Mills 46 South Hall
Johnson, Ruby A. Post Mills 46 South Hall
Kidder, Katie B. East Hardwick 36 South Hall
Kidder, Mabel E. East Hardwick 36 South Hall
Kingsley, Naomi J. Alburgh R. C. Knight's
Knapp, Belle I. St. Johnsbury Mrs. N. F. Knapp's
Litchfield, Edna M. North Troy G. H. Smith's
Lowell, Matilda A. East Burke A. J. Willard's
Marie, Henrietta St. Johnsbury Louis Marie's
Mason, Netta L. Jefferson, NH 28 South Hall
May, Winnie S. North Troy Mrs. J. A. Hadley's
Mead, Lily H. Metuchen, NJ L. B. Hartshorn's
Merriam, Mary A. St. Johnsbury E. B. Merriam's
Montgomery, Lizzie G. Newport Center L. Graham's
Moore, Emily L. Barnet 40 South Hall
Nelson, Nora C. Woodbury R. C. Knight's
Putney, Emma St. Johnsbury C. E. Putney's
Ranney, Ella L. West Concord S. Ranney's
Robie, Addie St. Johnsbury W. H. Robie's
Rogers, Flora M. Wheelock O. Ward's
Savage, Frances J. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Savage, Louisa B. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Savage, Eleanor L. St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. M. Savage's
Sherry, Ida M. St. Johnsbury Center J. W. Sherry's
Slack, Gertrude M. Norwich 28 South Hall
Smith, Helen M. Lyndonville G. P. Smith's
Smith, Abbie M. St. Johnsbury L. F. Miner's
Smith, Jennie B. East Hardwick 42 South Hall
Smith, Lizzie Richford Mrs. Mary Boles'
Stearnes, Nellie P. St. Johnsbury Mrs. Thayer's
Stevens, Nellie P. St. Johnsbury G. L. Bradley's
Stiles, Abbie St. Johnsbury Center L. D. Stiles'
Thompson, Bessie B. St. Johnsbury Daniel Thompson's
Underwood, Carrie P. St. Johnsbury E. Underwood's
Vance, Hattie C. North Danville 50 South Hall
Wakefield, Alice M. St. Johnsbury H. Wakefield's
Wallace, Edith H. Barnet 40 South Hall
Weeks, Carrie E. Lyndonville G. H. Week's
Whitcher, Cora M. Walden 38 South Hall
White, Mary A. St. Johnsbury 14 South Hall
Worth, Carrie Barnet 52 South Hall
Young, Hattie A. North Troy Geo. H. Smith's
Sub-Junior Class    
Names Residence Rooms
Berry, Henry W. St. Johnsbury J. W. Berry's
Bickford, Frank E. North Danville J. Mudgett's
Clark, Byron Sutton G. Clark's
Clement, Willie Danville William Clement's
Clifford, Carl O. Danville Marshall Clifford's
Cobleigh, W. Irving Maidstone Mrs. N. M. Shorey's
Coffin, Lawrence Nantucket, MA Academy
Corbin, F. Royal Charleston, S. C. Dr. S. T. Brooks'
Davis, Bliss N. Danville Mr. Marshall's
Davison, Frank P. Lunenburgh South Hall
Dolloff, Eugene M. St. Johnsbury J. E. Dolloff's
Fleetwood, Fred A. St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury House
Fletcher, Fred S. St. Johnsbury F. F. Fletcher's
French, Carl D. Barton Landing D. C. French's
Frost, Charles H. New York City Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Goss, Irvine Lower Waterford 41 South Hall
Hale, J. Otis St. Johnsbury J. Otis Hale's
Haviland, Charles F. Danville B. F. Haviland's
Hazelton, Robert H. Barnet S. H. Brackett's
Ingalls, Samuel N. Danville 47 South Hall
Johnson, Herbert N. St. Johnsbury W. B. Johnson's
Johnson, Edwin L. St. Johnsbury W. B. Johnson's
Johnson, Elwin N. St. Johnsbury W. B. Johnson's
Jones, Harry F. St. Johnsbury Rev. H. W. Jones'
Kelsey, Charles A. North Danville 47 South Hall
Ladd, Milo E. Waterford O. Ladd's
Ladd, William W. St. Johnsbury W. W. Ladd's
Lord, Charles H. Andover, MA R. C. Knight's
Marshall, Dwight L. West Burke T. L. Marshall's
McFarland, Willie St. Johnsbury Mrs. M. McFarland's
Moore, George H. St. Johnsbury G. P. Moore's
Morrill, George A. Danville, P. Q. S. Cole's
Mudgett, George H. St. Johnsbury J. Mudgett's
Nelson, Harry A. Ryegate S. H. Brackett's
Packard, George M. St. Johnsbury Charles Packard's
Paddock, Edward W. St. Johnsbury H. Paddock's
Penfield, Thornton B. Montclair, N. J. S. H. Brackett's
Perkins, Carl D. St. Johnsbury Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Pettigrew, Robert Lyndonville R. Pettiegrew's
Raymond, Edward D. Bridgewater G. H. Taplin's
Richey, Irving G. Groveton, NH 35 South Hall
Robertson, Henry H. West Fairlee 39 South Hall
Romer, J. Irving New York City S. H. Brackett's
Rowell, Willie East Albany John Clark's
Russlow, Louis A. North Danville 21 South Hall
Sherry, Wallace M. St. Johnsbury Center J. W. Sherry's
Stanton, Walter P. North Danville 21 South Hall
Stearns, George H. St. Johnsbury 23 South Hall
Stevens, Charles B. North Danville William Bancroft's
Swartz, Lafe J. Barton L. J. Swartz's
Thompson, William A. St. Johnsbury D. Thompson's
Underwood, Allen C. St. Johnsbury Horace Underwood's
Vance, Fred W. North Danville 47 South Hall
Wakefield, Harry North Danville E. D. Hiller's
Wakefield, Daniel K. Danville 47 South Hall
Whitney, Charles N. St. Johnsbury Center A. Whitney's
Wishart, Albert H. West Burke F. Bingham's
Young, Fred L. North Troy Dr. G. H. Smith's
Alger, Susie E. Passumpsic Rev. E. T. Sandford's
Allin, Della Maidstone D. Mackey's
Bowman, Helen I. Lower Waterford George Miner's
Brackett, Mabel S. St. Johnsbury S. H. Brackett's
Bradley, Minnie C. St. Johnsbury Center E. D. Bradley's
Bundy, Jennie M. Sutton 46 South Hall
Burke, Eva C. St. Johnsbury Mrs. O. S. Burke's
Chase, Minerva Kirby T. C. Haynes'
Clark, May Sutton George Clark's
Cox, Addie S. West Fairlee D. Hunter's
Curtis, Oliva Columbia, NH Mrs. Bancroft's
Davis, Helen R. Troy H. C. Belden's
Eastman, Hannah E. St. Johnsbury Rev. H. W. Jones'
Eaton, Mary Craftsbury 50 South Hall
Edmunds, Mabel K. Coventry Falls 48 South Hall
Fisher, Minnie E. Danville 24 South Hall
Fletcher, Carrie S. Holland Charles Clark's
Folsom, Flora M. St. Johnsbury Dr. J. D. Folsom's
Gray, Isabel C. Ryegate H. C. Belden's
Harrington, Inez M. St. Johnsbury C. E. Harrington's
Harrington, Ruth P. St. Johnsbury E. W. Harrington's
Hartshorn, Fannie F. St. Johnsbury L. B. Hartshorn's
Harvey, Jessie C. Columbia, NH Mrs. Bancroft's
Hastings, Jennie R. St. Johnsbury Mrs. H. Hastings'
Hoyt, Hattie Barnet 46 South Hall
Kelsey, Lillian M. North Danville 50 South Hall
Kinney, Olive R. Craftsbury 38 South Hall
Lane, Winnie B. Newport Mrs. Grahams'
McLaren, Mary J. Passumpsic 44 South Hall
Miles, Addie J. Sutton G. Clark's
Noyes, Clara I. South Wheelock 56 South Hall
Paine, Mattie H. St. Johnsbury P. E. Paine's
Pierce, Etta B. St. Johnsbury A. A. Pierce's
Quimby, Nellie S. Lyndon Dr. J. L. Perkins'
Richardson, Lydia A. Lower Waterford George Miner's
Roberts, Helen D. North Danville H. A. Wheeler's
Rowell, Georgie L. St. Johnsbury L. W. Rowell's
Smith, Annie Richford Mrs. M. Boles'
Smith, Mabel Richford Mrs. M. Boles'
Spaulding, Cora E. St. Johnsbury B. B. Spaulding's
Stone, Ella M. St. Johnsbury Center E. H. Stone's
Underwood, Hattie St. Johnsbury S. Underwood's
Vincent, Hattie G. East Concord T. Ward's
Walker, Anna L. St. Johnsbury R. M. Walker's
Warden, L. Annie Passumpsic 44 South Hall
Wheeler, Clara M. St. Johnsbury Center Mrs. Trescott's
Whitney, Inda M. St. Johnsbury Center A. C. Whitney's

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