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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Fairbanks, Thaddeus President
Fairbanks, Hon. Erastus Trustee
Thayer, Rev. William W. Trustee
Fairbanks, Horace Trustee
Fairbanks, Prof. Henry Trustee
Colby, James K. Treasurer & Secretary
Colby, James K. Principal
Redington, Edward D. Assistant Teacher (Fall Term)
Bates, Miss Elizabeth H. Assistant Teacher (Winter, Spring & Fall Term)
Dutton, Miss Mary J. Assistant Teacher (Spring Term)
Frost, Mrs. C. P. Teacher of Drawing
Students - Males Residence
Baxter, Harry St Johnsbury
Bingham, Charles C. St Johnsbury
Blinn, Edward St Johnsbury
Buck, Milton A. Burke
Butler, George C. Haverhill, NH
Buxton, Frank N. Brownington
Bundy, Edward N. Lyndon
Bugbee, Lafayette Waterford
Burt, Samuel St Johnsbury
Chamberlin, Edward C. St Johnsbury
Carpenter, Allen F. Waterford
Carpenter, Horace B. St Johnsbury
Chadwick, Charles K. St Johnsbury
Chase, Henry M. Concord
Chapman, Charles St Johnsbury
Conner, George W. Lancaster, NH
Colby, George H. Lancaster, NH
Cunningham, John Lyndon
Cushman, Frank C. St Johnsbury
Drew, Martin V. B. Danville
Ely, Henry G. St Johnsbury
Ely, William H. St Johnsbury
Eastman, Edwin N. Sutton
Emerson, Roswell S. Hanover, NH
Farnsworth, Robert W. C. Lyndon
Frost, George N. Danville
Galbraith, Thomas Barnet
Gove, Francis M. Whitefield, NH
Grimes, William H. Franconia, NH
Griswold, Charles L. St Johnsbury
Grout, Josiah Concord
Hale, Charles A. Concord
Harlow, Newell St Johnsbury
Hallett, Riley C. St Johnsbury
Harrington, Calvin E. St Johnsbury
Hartshorn, Eldin J. Lunenburg
Hartshorn, Willard J. Lunenburg
Hartshorn, Densmore G. Lunenburg
Hastings, Henry St Johnsbury
Hastings, Albert St Johnsbury
Hastings, Charles St Johnsbury
Hawes, Walter St Johnsbury
Hendrick, Galon E. Concord
Hodgdon, James H. Lancaster, NH
Ide, George H. St Johnsbury
Ide, Henry C. Passumpsic
Jackson, Henry West Boylston, MA
Joslyn, Charles E. Brownington
Kent, Charles N. Lancaster, NH
Kendall, James L. Lamoille, IL
Kelsey, Orville R. Danville
Kittredge, Hamilton St Johnsbury
Lee, Edward P. St Johnsbury
Lee, Oscar St Johnsbury
May, Elisha Concord
Mason, Edward D. Passumpsic
Moore, Josiah Barnet
Newell, Charles D. St Johnsbury
Noyes, Myron B. Sutton
Putnam, Frederick M. Danvers, MA
Rice, Oliver S. Granby
Rhodes, Eldad A. Lancaster, NH
Robinson, Amos H. Parishville, NY
Ross, Harlan P. Waterford
Ross, Aldace W. Waterford
Shattuck, Leonard Danville
Stone, Miles K. Island Pond
Scarry, Joseph P. Richmond, C. E.
Spooner, Charles St Johnsbury
Sherman, William H. St Johnsbury
Sherman, Harry H. St Johnsbury
Tillotson, Edward M. Philadelphia, PA
Tuohy, William Shipton, C. E.
Warner, Edward P. St Johnsbury
Warner, Sidney Hardwick
Warner, Alfred Hardwick
Wilcox, Howard R. St Johnsbury
Willey, Tracy St Johnsbury
Willey, Zeno Sutton
Wright, Darwin J. St Johnsbury
Wright, Theron H. St Johnsbury
Woods, Edwin St Johnsbury
Students - Females Residence
Adams, Cynthia S. Passumpsic
Allin, Luella A. Guildhall
Armington, S. Ellen Passumpsic
Ayer, Ellen S. Boston, MA
Ayer, Jennie St Johnsbury
Babbitt, Julia Greensboro
Barnes, Lucy St Johnsbury
Baxter, Hattie A. St Johnsbury
Barker, Mary J. St Johnsbury
Balch, Emeline M. Lunenburg
Blinn, Julia C. St Johnsbury
Blinn, Kate St Johnsbury
Bishop, Harriet St Johnsbury
Brooks, Laura P. Lunenburg
Brown, Katie K. St Johnsbury
Brown, Diantha S. Waterford
Brown, Josephine H. St Johnsbury
Bundy, Emma J. Burke
Burbank, Fannie St Johnsbury
Butler, Clara A. Haverhill, NH
Carr, Josephine C. St Johnsbury
Carr, Ellen F. St Johnsbury
Carr, Ella F. Waterford
Carpenter, Elizabeth J. St Johnsbury
Carpenter, Mary C. St Johnsbury
Chamberlin, Caroline M. St Johnsbury
Chamberlin, Rosanna H. Waterford
Chamberlin, Harriet M. Waterford
Chaplain, Lucia A. Wells River
Chaplain, Louisa M. Wells River
Caswell, Georgianna A. St Johnsbury
Cheney, Susan J. St Johnsbury
Cheney, Emily H. St Johnsbury
Clement, Mary St Johnsbury
Chubb, Laura A. Orange
Colby, Lucy Jane St Johnsbury
Cobleigh, Alice E. Concord
Coleman, Abby Lunenburg
Cowdery, Alice A. St Johnsbury
Cutting, Ellen P. St Johnsbury
Cutting, Maria Derby
Currier, Sarah J. St Johnsbury
Dearth, Emeline Danville
Eastman, Jennie Littleton, NH
Eaton, Lucy A. Grafton
Emerson, Lizzie Z. St Johnsbury
Fyler, Minerva H. Burke
Flint, Martha St Johnsbury
Folsom, Sarah A. Lunenburg
Gibson, Mary St Johnsbury
Goodall, Ires St Johnsbury
Grout, Sophronia E. Concord
Gorham, Augusta M. St Johnsbury
Hallett, Phila A. St Johnsbury
Harrington, Susan S. St Johnsbury
Hill, Emma A. Hardwick
Holton, Mary E. Lyndon
Hoyt, Abby S. Cabot
Hunt, Julia St Johnsbury
Hurlbutt, Filena St Johnsbury
Huse, Celeste C. Coventry
Johnson, Semantha B. Stratford, NH
Kittredge, Helen St Johnsbury
Kendall, Libby M. Passumpsic
Knapp, Martha M. St Johnsbury
Kinney, Ellen E. Waterford
Lang, Marion St Johnsbury
McDougall, Nellie Laconia, NH
Morse, Martha St Johnsbury
McNiece, Sarah J. Haverhill, NH
Norton, Ann M. St Johnsbury
Parks, Helen M. St Johnsbury
Paddock, Emma J. St Johnsbury
Parker, Climena P. Waterford
Page, Mary E. Cabot
Pettengill, Martha Danville
Redington, Lizzie S. St Johnsbury
Redington, Stella L. Littleton, NH
Rice, Mary Granby
Ross, Martha Waterford
Russell, Jennette Danville
Randall, Clara I. St Johnsbury
Sargent, Abby H. St Johnsbury
Savage, Lucy A. Lancaster, NH
Savage, Sarah Lancaster, NH
Sinclair, Hattie E. South Hardwick
Smith, Rebecca A. Northumberland, NH
Smith, Lizzie St Johnsbury
Snow, Ellen St Johnsbury
Shattuck, Cynthia Wheelock
Spooner, Lydia C. St Johnsbury
Stockwell, Emma M. Lancaster, NH
Sprague, Emily A. Danville
Stone, Mary Lyndon
Trescott, Sarah J. St Johnsbury
Ward, Clara L. Danville
Ward, Cynthia Wheelock
Wheeler, Adelaide A. St Johnsbury
Wilder, Ann M. St Johnsbury
Weeks, Caroline St Johnsbury
Woods, Virginia St Johnsbury
Woods, Verde M. St Johnsbury

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