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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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General Catalog of all students of St Johnsbury Academy
issued for the Semi-Centennial by the Alumni Association. 1892
The original list listed the men before the women . The format of the name was
changed to last name, first name to simplify lookups. The errata has been applied.
 ? Dagger symbol indicates last known address.
1843 1844   1845 1846
1847 1848   1849 1850
1851 1852   1853 1854
1855 1856 1857 1858
1859 1860   1861 1862
1863 1864   1865 1866
1867 1868   1869 1870
1871 1872   1873 1874
1875 1876   1877 1878
1879 1880   1881 1882
1883 1884   1885 1886
1887 1888   1889 1890
1891 1892   Officers  
Addresses - 1843   Addresses - 1844
Ayer, Rev. Franklin D. , D. D. Concord, N.H. Armington, George Deceased
Bellows, Edward Deceased Armington, Willard J. Deceased
Brackett, Augustus L. Roxbury, Mass Bacon, Zadoc M. 51 So. Portland Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Brockway, Charles Deceased Benton, Charles Deceased
Carr, Smith Deceased Brown, Edson Deceased
Clement, Thomas North Danville Burt, Jonathan Lyndonville
Farr, Asahel Kenosha, Wis Carr, Joseph East Cambridge, Conn.
Flint, Austin Deceased Clark, John Deceased
Herrick, Hiram ?St Johnsbury Clifford, John G. San Jose, Cal.
Hutchinson, Erasmus D. ?Colebrook, N.H. Cobleigh, Edwin R., Esq. Deceased
Jackson, Benjamin F. ?St Johnsbury Dickinson, Henry C. Deceased
Pierce, Freeman Deceased Goss, Geo. W. Deceased
Rix, Alfred Deceased Graves, William ? Marshfield
Sawyer, Lucius C. Deceased Haviland, Danford C. Danville
Stevens, James R. St Johnsbury Center Hubbard, Moses Barton
Willis, Aaron ?Waterford Jewett, Fayette Deceased
Woods, Franklin Deceased Moor, James S. Lyman, N.H.
Bellows, Eliza (Mrs. Perkins) Portland, Me Moore, Presbury W. Deceased
Brown, Mary R. ?Waterford Roberts, Lulius Deceased
Burke, Sarah ?Waterford Simonds, Enoch B. Deceased
Farnham, Abigail A. Deceased Stoughton, Wm. Deceased
Farr, Hannah Deceased Woods, Nathan Deceased
Gaskill, Mary H. ?Franconia, N.H. Batchelder, Alma M. ? St Johnsbury
Hazeltine, Louisa W. Deceased Batchelder, Harriet H. (Mrs Magoon) Deceased
Ide, Minerva C. (Mrs. Drew) ?Coventry Beattie, Catherinew M. (Mrs Jarvis Jewett) San Francisco, Cal.
Jewett,Ellen 69 Glen Street, Somerville, Mass Bingham, Ctherine C. (Mrs P. Deming) Wells River
Martin, Ellen ?St Johnsbury Brown, Ruth B. Deceased
McGaffey, Mariah (Mrs. Leonard D. Howard) ?St Johnsbury Bugbee, Clarissa (Mrs Stone) Deceased
Perkins, Mary A. Deceased Burt, Caroline A. Deceased
Swett, Sarah ?Derby Carr, Betsey D. (Mrs A. Livingstone) Deceased
Woods, Melissa A. Passumpsic Chamberlain, Mary J. ? Lyndon
Wood, Miranda Deceased Clark, Mary (Mrs Hartshorn) Lunenburg
Addresses - 1845 Clark, Susan A. (Mrs Fayette Jewett) Deceased
Appleton, Francis G. Deceased Colby, Frances L. (Mrs Alvin J. Chase) Derry, N.H.
Appleton, George A. Damon's Crossing Crosby, Puah S. (Mrs Flavuis French) Deceased
Armington, Horace Deceased Curtis, Ann C. (Mrs Dr Ranney) Deceased
Barker, John Passumpsic Davis, Lucy N. (Mrs Wm. Moore) Brodgead, Wis.
Bingham, Judge Geo. A. Littleton, N.H. Dickenson, Lucy B. (Mrs John Morse) Deceased
Brainard, Francis ? St Albans Flint, Nancy P. (Mrs Parker Warner) New Orleans, La.
Bugbee, Abel G., M.D. Derby Line Frost, Eunice ? Shefford, Canada
Burnside, David A. Deceased ibson, Charlotte N. Deceased
Butler, Beauman St Johnsbury Center Hutchinson, Charlotte (Mrs Wheeler) ? Charlotte
Butler, Mortimer D. Delta, Shasta Co., Cal. Johnson, Julia S. ? Barnet
Camp, Charles H. East Saginaw, Mich. Lamb, Delucia (Mrs Geo. W. Ward) Upton, Mass.
Carpenter, Judge Alonzo P. Concord, N.H. Lamb, Jacintha (Mrs Geo. W. Ward) Deceased
Crosby, John Q. A. Deceased Locke, Betsey M. ? Rochester
Cutler, Rev Dr Ezekiel Deceased Martin, Jane (Mrs J.R. Reding) Portsmouth, N.H.
Davis, Marshall Bath, N.H. Moor, Harriet W. Barnet
Dickerman, Jerry Esq. Newport Moor, Lucy A. East San Jose, Cal.
Downing, Frederick Plummer St Johnsbury Page, Charity W. ? St Johnsbury
Fairbanks, Franklin St Johnsbury Parks, Caroline L. ? Waterford
Gill, George ? Barnet Parks, Caroline P. (Mrs Plumley)         Prophet's Town, Ill.
Goss, Aaron Oshkosh, Wis. Parks, Emily J. Deceased
Hagar, Albert Plantagenet, P.Q. Parks, Tirzah M. Deceased
Hall, Albert C., M.D. Central City, Col. Pierce, Sally B. ? St Johnsbury
Hallett, Henry F. Deceased Richardson, Amelia ? Northumberland, N.H.
Harrington, Calvin B. Deceased Stearns, Philura C. (Mrs Sias Randall) Deceased
Hibbard, Wm. S. ? Lisbon, N.H. Stevens, Sophia C. (Mrs Page) Deceased
Hill,Wm. M. S. ? St Johnsbury Stoughton, Mary K. Deceased
Hoyt, Ephraim A. Lyndon West, Elvira B. ? St Johnsbury
Joslin, Henry A. Barton Weymouth, Emily A. (Mrs Glotfelter) Balaton, Lyon Co., Miss.
Ladd, Orange S. P.O. St Johnsbury Weymouth, Mary Jane (Mrs Narcissus Moeau) P.O. Passumpsic
Morris, Leonard C. St Johnsbury Wheaton, Tirzah Deceased
Peabody, David G. Deceased Addresses - 1846
Pierce, Abel A. St Johnsbury Center Baker, Richard E. Deceased
Reed, George B. 49 Cottage St., Cambridge, Mass. Baker, Samuel D. Cabot
Stevens, Benjamin F. London, Eng Bellows, Frederick L. Deceased
Truax, Leander F. Deceased Bemiss, Blis Deceased
Wilson, Edward ? Lancaster, N.H. Billings, Richard O. Deceased
Wood, William M.D. Cairo, Ill. Boardman, Henry E. J. Marshalltown, Iowa
Woods, Joseph ? St Johnsbury Butler, Geo. W. Portsmouth, N.H.
Woods, Solomon ? Barnet Cahoon, Charles S., M.D. Deceased
Wright, Abner M. Chicago, Ill. Carbee, Ezra W. Deceased
Wright, Holland ? Keene, N.H. Carbee, Wm. P. ? Bath, N.H.
Baker, Julia D. (Mrs Hadley). Missisonary China Clark,Benjamin B. St Johnsbury
Baker, Maria L. Lancaster, N.H. Cleveland, Horatio H. ? Shipton, P.Q.
Bailey, Elizabeth A. Deceased Cook, Austin E. Deceased
Barker, Mary Ann (Mrs Charles Pierce) ? St Johnsbury Denson, Lafayette Deceased
Barney, Maria W. (Mrs Horace Holton) Lancaster, N.H. Farr, Corydon ? Waterford
Burt, Betsey ? Guildhall Hovet, Moseley St Johnsbury
Butler, Sarah R. (Mrs Hiram Weeks) Deceased Howard, James T. Deceased
Carpenter, Eliza A. (Mrs Jonathan Ross) Deceased Howe, Ralph W. H. Northumberland, N.H.
Chesman, Eliza Jane Deceased Huntoon, Horace S. ? St Johnsbury
Cushman, Dorcas ? St Johnsbury Lang, Thomas D. ? Stewartstown, N.H.
Davis, Helen Deceased Moulton, Baron C., Esq. Boston, Mass.
Dickerman, Helen M. Deceased Owen, Adna Deceased
Fairbanks, Julia (Mrs J. H. Paddock) Deceased Ramsey, Charles F. Waitsfield
Farnham, Martha B. Newbury Ryan, Wm. B. Boston, Mass.
Gilson, Clarissa (Mrs H. Shorey) 1792 St Catherine St., Montreal Trull, David H. St Johnsbury
Goss, Colelia (Mrs Hoyte) Barnet Tucker, Edwin ? St Johnsbury
Harvey, Martha Barnet Tucker, George ? St Johnsbury
Hastings, Helen Deceased Wallace, R. R. Deceased
Holmes, Annette Deceased Weeks, Wilard Bath, N.H.
Holmes, Cynthia ? St Johnsbury Wetherbee,, Henry ? St Johnsbury
Holmes, Ellen ? St Johnsbury Woods, Andrew J. Bernardston, N.H.
Hurd, Eliza Deceased Bailey, Emily S. (Mrs Joseph A. Hadley) Deceased
Hutchinson, Susan A. Deceased Baker, Elizabeth D. (Mrs Smith) ? Lancaster, N.H.
Ide, Mary Jane (Mrs Miles) Lyndon Baxter, Ellen M. (Mrs French) Beloit, Wis.
Martin, Sappho (Mrs Charles Browne) Deceased Bishop, Olive (Mrs T. J. Ward) North Danville
Martin, Stella Deceased Bosworth, Lucy D. (Mrs Pearson) Berlin
Mead, Lucy (Mrs Harry Boutwell) Montpelier Brown, Mary A. ? Franconia, N.H.
Mills, Eliza (Mrs Charles Leland) Claremont, N.H. Burnside, Francis P. Deceased
Minor, Electa L. (Mrs Kidder) East Hardwick Coffin, Armena L. Whitefield, N.H.
Minor, Martha (Mrs Nathan Stone) Deceased Cutler, Almira (Mrs A. M. McKinney) Deceased
Morrison, Lydia Ann P.  ? Bethlehem, N.H. Dow, Emeline ? Wheelock
Owen, Delia (Mrs Smith) Deceased Ellis, Caroline M. Deceased
Parker, Coabi C. B. (Mrs Amos Carpenter) West Waterford Ellis, Mary E.  (Mrs Bosworth) Montpelier
Peabody, Hannah G. Carrolton, Ill. Farnham, Flora Deceased
Place, Mary B. (Mrs Dr Tuttle) Deceased Farrington, Martha C. (Mrs O. French) Evanston, Ill.
Putnam, Eliza L. (Mrs S. Powers) St Johnsbury Felch, Sarah C. Deceased
Putnam, Sarah J. ? Franconia, N.H. Freeman, Olive H. Deceased
Ramsey, Euphemia (Mrs W. S. obinson) Deceased Fuller, Elizabeth A.  (Mrs Thos. Hall) St Johnsbury
Reed, Eliza S. (Mrs Alpha C. May) San Jose, Cal. Gage, Ellen M. ? St Johnsbury
Reed, Emily D. (Mrs C. W. Willard) Deceased Gove, Eliza ? Acworth, N.H.
Ross, Emily E. (Mrs C. C  Cadwell) Logan, Iowa Gray, Margaret (Mrs H. F. Slack) Wells River
Smith, Harriet Deceased Green, Elizabeth  (Mrs Chas. Wilder) Deceased
Stoddard, Esther M. (Mrs Humphrey) North Littleton, N.H. Hale, Martha A. Deceased
Stoddard, Josephine M. Sixth Auditor's Office, Washington, D.C. Hall, Lois L.  (Mrs Thos. Hubbard) Deceased
Stone, Priscilla Deceased Harris, Emily Deceased
Thayer, Jane ? Barnet Jenkins, Calista L.  (Mrs Farrington) North Danville
Tuttle, Betsey Deceased Kimball,, Hetta C. ? Haverhill, N.H.
Vincent, H. Jane B. (Mrs J. R. Delano) East Hardwick Lock, Mary ? Lyndon
Wood, Clara A. ? Whitefield, N.H. Lombard, Mary P. Deceased
Addresses - 1847 Lord, Tirzah W. (Mrs Rev. Lyon) Minneapolis, Minn.
Abbott, Ira ? Bath, N.H. Miles, Martha A.  ? Glover
Abbott, Luther J. ? Troy Mobley, Amanda  (Mrs Graham) Deceased
Baker, Thomas ? Glover Moore, Julia A.  (Mrs Edw. Spaulding) Lancaster, N.H.
Ballou, Otis ? Waterford Page, Mary B. Deceased
Barker, Alvin W. ? Concord Page, Sarah P.  (Mrs Houghton) Deceased
Bingham, Norman W. Boston, Mass. Perkins, Meriel ? St Johnsbury
Brown, Addison ? Burke Pierce, Sarah .  (Mrs J. K. Colby) Hanover, N.H.
Brown, Adolphus Deceased Putnam, Eliza L. ? Franconia, N.H.
Brown, John Sullivan Deceased Sargent, Emily S. ? Bradford
Brown, Richard ? St Johnsbury Sherman, Harrriet C. ? Lyndon
Carlton, Sereno E. D. Lancaster, N.H. Smith, Amanda B. ? Cabot
Carpenter, Byron Deceased Taylor, Emma L. Deceased
Carter, Amasa K. ? Littleton Tucker, Elizaabeth ? St Johnsbury
Clark, Joseph San Francisco, Cal. Tuttle, Elizabeth ? Littleton, N.H.
Clark, Richard B. Plymouth, N.H. Walker, Louise M. Deceased
Clark, Wm. Deceased Wallace, Harriet E. Lyndon
Cobleigh, Edwin K., Esq. Deceased Woods, Emily ? Bath, N.H.
Darling, Lucius F. Deceased Wood, Mary A. ? Waterford
Downing, George Deceased Woods, Mary A. ? St Johnsbury
Ellsworth, Charles Deceased Worcester, Ann B.  (Mrs A. B. W. Robertson) Muskogee, Ind. Ty
Elmer, Frabcis ? Cedarville, N.J. Addresses - 1848
Fairbanks, Rev. Henry St Johnsbury Abbott, Milo J. ? Bath, N.H.
Ferguson, George W. ? Lyman, N.H. Batchelder, Geo. P. ? Littleton
Fletcher, Ruel D. ? Brownington Billings, Francis Deceased
French, Henry St Johnsbury Baldwin, Alvin T. Deceased
Gibson, Wm. Seville, Ohio Baldwin, Geo., Esq. Chilton, Wis
Graham, John ? Greensboro Bidwell, Jason ? East Boston, Mass
Grow, Milon W. Deceased Bowker, Charles A. ? St Johnsbury
Hale, Peter H. Deceased Burnham, Abner M. ? Waterford
Hancock, Joseph M. ? Hardwick Burrington, Rev. Lindley M. ? Burke
Harlow, Rev. Reuben S. ? St Johnsbury Chadbourne, Henry A. ? Harrison, Me
Hemenway, Horace D. Deceased Chapin, Wm. A. Deceased
Hill, Merrill J., Esq. St Albans Chase, Charles M. Lyndon
Holt, James N. Deceased Clement, Franklin L. Barnet
Kimball, Rev. E. P. Waterloo, Iowa Dean, Nathaniel P Deceased
Kimball, Wm. J. McIndoe Falls Dennison, Elias B. Portland, Me
Ladd, John J. Deceased Farnham, Wm. Deceased
Mann, A. ? Landaff, N.H. Farr, Justin P. ? Waterford
Newell, Amasa Deceased Fitzgerald, Ai ? St Johnsbury
Pierce, Carlos Deceased French, Edward Deceased
Ray, Rev. Benj. F. Deceased Hale, Horace R. Deceased
Reeves, John Girard National Bank, Philadelphia, Pa Higgins, John C. Deceased
Ross, Judge Jonathan St Johnsbury Horne, Philemon P. T. ? St Johnsbury
Stevenson, Oliver G. Deceased Howard, Albert Deceased
Tenney, Asa A. Deceased Howes, Wm. H. Deceased
Thayer, Emery P. Stickney Ave, Winter Hill, Somerville, Mass Hutchinson, Joseph Waterbury
Tilden, Alphonso p. ? Boston, Mass Kelsey, Marshall J. ? Wheelock
Wallace, Jonathan W. ? Franconia, N.H. Keyes, Edward P. Deceased
Wallace, Robert R. ? Greensboro Kinney, Marcius A. ? Littleton, N.H.
Woods, Horace I.  St Johnsbury Knapp, Cephas Deceased
Bates, Jane ? Troy Marsh, Charles A. J. ? Craftsbury
Blake, Catherine ? Salem Matthews,, Lot W. Deceased
Boardman, Sarah A. Deceased Nable, James ? Danville
Bowman, Eleanor M. ? Littleton, N.H. Paddleford, Geo. H. Deceased
Brown, Mary Ann  (Mrs Frank Praft) Cambridgeport, Mass Parker, Wm. S. Deceased
Bugbee, Ann E. Deceased Plaisted, Harris M. Augusta, Me
Burnham, Elizabeth A. Concord Ramsey, Wm. W. St Johnsbury
Burnham, Martha L. Deceased Stevens, Alanson Deceased
Carleton, Fanny J. ? Whitefield, N.H. Stevens, Thaddeus Deceased
Carpenter, Mary E. ? Randolph Stevens, Xerxes C. Deceased
Carter, Jane L. Deceased Stiles, Lester D. St Johnsbury Center
Clark, Emily (Mrs Ira Brown) Deceased Thompson, Frederick P 283 Madison Ave., New York
Clark, Martha ? Burke Thompson, Samuel W. ? Wheelock
Damon, Nancy S. Cabot Underwood, George R. Deceased
Darling, Abigail A. Deceased Whitney, Albert N. ? Craftsbury
Davis, Lucy N. ? Hardwick Willey, Franklin ? Wheelock
Dean, Madora E. ? St Johnsbury Woods, Horace J. St Johnsbury
Dickinson, Elizabeth A. Portsmouth, N.H. Barton Works St Johnsbury East
Eames, Persis  (Mrs Frederick Bellows) Lancaster, N.H. Armington, Ann lizabeth  (Mrs B. Butler) St Johnsbury Center
Farnham, Augusta ? St Johnsbury Armington, Sophronia  (Mrs J. R. Thompson) Deceased
Farnham, Julia M. Newbury Ayer, Mary J.  (Mrs Harrison Woodman) San Francisco, Cal
Flint, Celinda ? Shipton, P.Q. Batchelder, Catherine W. ? Danville
Flint, Kate M.  (Mrs Kimball) ? St Johnsbury Batchelder, Mary J.  (Mrs Norton) Deceased
May, George ? Burke Berry, Susan H. ? St Johnsbury
Goss, Irene  (Mrs W. H. Hidden) 259 Harv'd St., Cambridgep't, Mass Bickford, Laura A. ? Glover
Gray, Mary  (Mrs James Nelson) Deceased Blodgett, Mary Ann Monroe, N.H.
Haviland, Statira G. ? Danville Brackett, C. Adelia  (Mrs Henry Tilton) Littleton, N.H.
Howard, Sarah E. ? Montpelier Brooks, Eliza R.  (Mrs Gilman Wheeler) Dalton, N.H.
Howes, Harriet S. Deceased Brown, Harriet A. Deceased
Hutchinson, Martha R. Deceased Carleton, Charlotte G. ? Marshfield
Jenkins, Mary ? Kirby Chandler, Maria L. ? Piermont, N.H.
Jenks, Lucy  (Mrs John Nelson) Lyndonville Chapin, Sarah C. ? Greensboro
Kimball, Hetta C.  (Mrs Lyman Southard) North Haverhill, N.H. Farnham, Evelyn Newbury
Labaree, Jane ? Charleston, N.H. Fairbanks, Sarah  (Mrs C. M. Stone) St Johnsbury
Latham, Laura F. ? Lynn, Mass Gates, Eliza G.  (Mrs Vincent) Independence, Mo
Locke, Catherine B.  (Mrs C. B. Truax) Grant's Pass, Oregon Green, Eloise  (Mrs Plattneu) 390 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Marsh, Emily New York City Green, Mary Ann  (Mrs Jackman) Littleton, N.H.
Miller. Sarah  (Mrs Abijah Keith) Chicago, Ill Hale, Martha Deceased
Moulton, Augusta  (Mrs Scott) Deceased Hall, Mary E.  (Mrs John Farr) Littleton, N.H.
Moulton, Paulina Deceased Hawley, Emily D.  (Mrs Miller) ? Barnet
Newton, Ruth A. ? Waterford Hawley, Mary ? Barnet
Nichols, Samantha D. Deceased Hibbard, Ellen M.  (Mrs John L. Richards) Charleston, Mass
Paddleford, Persis Monroe, N.H. Hutchinson, Clara ? Nelson, N.H.
Ramsay, Elizabeth  (Mrs Moulton) ? Concord Johnson, May  (Mrs Solon Robinson) Jacksonville, Fla
Raymond, Eliza F. ? Lunenburg Jones, Amanda ? Concord
Ripley, Juliette P.  (Mrs Willard Armington) Deceased King, Leuraine A. ? Bradford
Rowell, Adaline  (Mrs Bowker) ? Littleton Kinney, Jucy M. Deceased
Shorey, Mary P.  (Mrs Bowker) Deceased Ladd,, Elizabeth M.  (Mrs Childs) Newbury
Stevens, Louisa C.  (Mrs Balch) Deceased Latham, Caroline H.  (Mrs N. B. Safford) W. R. Junction
Stewart, Martha M. Stanstead, P.Q. Locke, Jane L. ? St Johnsbury
Stiles, Mianda  (Mrs Ephraim Stowe) Deceased Magoon, Eliza R. ? Wheelock
Stone, Cynthia  (Mrs J. G. Whitcomb) Norwich Martin, Frances  (Mrs Geo. W. Butler) Deceased
Sumner, Lydiann ? Troy Moore, Maria L. ? Littleton, N.H.
Tenney, Martha Haverhill, Mass Morse, Philinda T. Address Unknown
Thrasher, Mary Jane  (Mrs Dr. Blanchard) Newport Nichols, Maria E. Guildhall
Walbridge,, Chastina Deceased Owen, Adaline  (Mrs Kilburne) Littleton,, N.H.
Wallace, Harriet ? St Johnsbury Parker, Ann E.  (Mrs Orange S. Ladd) P.O. St Johnsbury
Ware, Caroline ? Williamstown Parker, Henrietta E. ? St Johnsbury
Walton, Mary  (Mrs Dewey) 24 Follun St., Cambridge, Mass Peabody, Lucia ? Topsham
Webb, Rebecca H. Deceased Pearsons, Clara A. ? Irasburgh
Woods, Mary .  (Mrs Hunking) Lancaster, N.H. Pierce, Emeline K.  (Mrs E. K. Pearson) Coventry
Woods, Louisa LaMoille, Ill Severance, Roxalana Deceased
Addresses - 1849 Starks, Eleanor  (Mrs Horace Woods) Deceased
Andrews, George P. 421 Fifth Ave., Nw York city Stevens, Jane C.  (Mrs Clement) Deceased
Armington, Joseph K. Deceased Stevens, Joan H.  (Mrs Rand) Deceased
Baker, George P. ? Lancaster, N.H. Stoddard, Helen H. 1A Lawrence St., Boston, Mass
Beattie, Robert Lancaster, N.H. Underwood, Elizabeth  (Mrs B. B. Clazrk) St Johnsbury
Bliss, Hiland L. ? St Johnsbury Weeks, Persis T.  (Mrs W. M. Rice) Dublin, N.H.
Brackett, Samuel A. 20 Woodbine St., Boston, Mass Willey, Mary ? St Johnsbury
Brackett, Francis A. Chicago, Ill Woods, Helen G.  (Mrs R. Abbe) E. Windsor Hill, Ct
Brewster, George B. Deceased Worcester, Mary Ann  (Mrs Isquith) Templeton, Mass
Cahoon, George W., Esq. Deceased Addresses - 1850
Carr, Jasper ? St Johnsbury Barker, Clement ? Chicopee, Mass
Chase, Geo. W. 307 Prospect Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Beattie, Capt. Alexander Lancaster, N.H.
Clark, George Deceased Benton, Reuben C., Esq. Minneapolis, Minn
Denison, Wm. B. Atlantic Bank, Boston, Mass Brickett, Henry W. Concord, N.H.
Dolloff, Albert ? Newport Brooks, Edward P. ? Dalton, N.H.
Drew, George R. North Danville Burbank, Andrew J. ? St Johnsbury
Farrell, Thos. ? Haverhill, N.H. Butler, Jerome C. Portsmouth, N.H.
Fish, Henry D. ? Hardwick, Mass Carbee, Milo Bath, N.H.
French, Vharles Deceased Carleton, Wm. ? Stanstead, P.Q.
Frost, Irving H. St Johnsbury Chapman, Wm. Deceased
Frost, Jeremiah Deceased Churchill, J. Franklin River Sioux, Iowa
Fry, James St James St., Boston, Mass Clark, George Deceased
Gates, Charles C. Deceased Colby, Alonzo San Francisco, Cal
Hale, Harmon Deceased Cook, Ralph P. Wacher, Kansas
Hancock, John M. East Hardwick Crossman, Horace Montreal, Canada
Harvey, Samuel Cambridge, Mass Cutting, Clark T. Lowell, Mass
Hawes, Llewellyn Waterford Fairmon, Erastus P. Hardwick
Hawes, Col. Alexander G. San Francisco, Cal Farnham, Lorenzo D. Deceased
Hodge, George C. ? St Johnsbury Fenton, Francis L. ? St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, Charles ? Colebrook, N.H. Flint, Truman Deceased
Hutchinson, James L. Deceased Foote, Henry L. ? Middlebury
Jenkins, John L. ? Kirby French, George Foster 99 High St., Portland, Me
Jones, Michael P. San Francisco, Cal Gleason, Alfred W. ? Charlestown, N.H.
Joslyn, Azro West Concord Goodell, George W. Deceased
Kimball, Timothy C. Gansevoort B'k, cor. 14th St. & 9th Ave., N.Y. Hall, John ? St Johnsbury
Kimball, William ? Barnet Hallett, Henry ? St Johnsbury
Kingston, Jerry ? Sheffield Hamilton, Irenus K. 3230 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill
Mansfield, Timothy C. Deceased Hawley, Augustin P. Passumpsic
Moore, George C. ? Berlin Hazeltine, Truman W. ? Waterford
Morrill, Charles L. North Danville Hibbard, Wm. B. ? St Johnsbury
Morrill, Stephen S. Deceased Houghton, Geo. F. ? Barnet
Morse, Rev. Charles F. St Johnsbury Ide, Benjamin F. ? Barnet
Morse, Mason ? Stewartstown, N.H. James, Henry ? Waterbury
Paddock, Harylin St Johnsbury Jewett, Geo. D. ? Boston, Mass
Pierce, Harvey St Johnsbury Kelsey, James M. ? Wheelock
Powers, Rev. Mark Deceased Kendall, Cyrus L. ? Barnet
Richardson, Edgar, Esq. ? Lyndon Lang, Alexander Deceased
Ross, Edward Deceased Lang, James Marshalltown, Iowa
Russell, Francis ? St Johnsbury Lawton, Lucius K. Great Falls, N.H.
Smith, Jonathan T. Coventry Lee, Arthur ? St Johnsbury
Wallace, H. M. ? Greensboro Martin, Charles Deceased
Wells, Charles ? Newbury Morrill, Henry D. Deceased
Wells, George Norwalk, N.Y. Morse, Charles H. c/o Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Chicago, Ill
Wilson, James M. (Consul to Bavaria) Deceased Nesmith, George B. Deceased
Allen, Mary ? Charlestown, N.H. Peck, William E. St Johnsbury
Appleton, Nancy M.  (Mrs Richardson) Snowville, Va. Pierce, Jos. H. ? St Johnsbury
Ayer, Martha  (Mrs Clifford) ? St Johnsbury Pike, Nathan Deceased
Barker, Hannah F. ? Concord Pitkin, Elihu ? Marshfield
Billings, Elizabeth F.  (Mrs Allen) Woodstock Ramsay, Ira A. S. Deceased
Bingham, Edith C.  (Mrs Ira Ballou) Deceased Richardson, Chas. F. ? Compton, P.Q.
Bodfish, Ellen ? Salisbury Shattuck, Jos. W. M. ? Wheelock
Brackett, Mary Ann  (Mrs Fayette Jewett) Deceased Smalley, Rodger D. W. ? Lyme, N.H.
Brown, Abigail R.  (Mrs Jona. T. Smith) Coventry Spaulding, Wm. ? Stanstead, P.Q.
Chadwick, Elizabeth M.  (Mrs H. M. Flint) Deceased Speare, Rev. S. Lewis B. 403 Chamber of Commerce, Boston, Mass
Church, Lavina M.  (Mrs Beane) Waterford Stoddard, Josiah W. Lower Waterford
Clark, Cordelia ? St Johnsbury Swett, Franklin St Johnsbury
Cogswell, Harriet F.  (Mrs J. C. Taylor) Deceased Swett, Lucius Deceased
Colton, Martha Deceased Tibbetts, Newell Deceased
Cross, A. S.  (Mrs Dumar) Society Hill, Mason Co., Ala. Tufts, James Middlebury, Conn.
Cutler, Martha A.  (Mrs Edward Ross) Deceased Vermuth, John N. Deceased
Delano, Elizabeth D.  (Mrs Jos. C. Underwood) Menasha, Wis. Warner, George ? Hardwick
Denison, Croline B.  (Mrs Geo. W. Higgins) Passumpsic Waterman, T. H., Esq. San Francisco, Cal
Duncan, Emeline  (Mrs Gasksill) 1395 Harrison Ave., Oakland, Cal. Webb, Charles H. ? St Johnsbury
Farnham, Abarintha  (Mrs I. P. Bates) 34 Ash St., Cambridge, Mass Wilkins, Daniel ? Littleton
Fish, Sarah J. ? Hardwick, Mass Woodbury, Joseph E. Holliston, Mass
Gibson, Sarah  (Mrs H. H. Newton) Aurora, Ill Woods, Joseph ? Barnet
Gleason, Mary E.  (Mrs Isaac Bridgman) Northampton, Mass Woods, Milo J. ? Barnet
Guy, Lucy H.  (Mrs Chauncey S. Walker) Deceased Wyman, Samuel W. ? Stanstead, P.Q.
Hatch, Martha J. Deceased Ayer, Ann  (Mrs O. A. Kenyon) McGregor, Iowa
Hawes, Miranda A. ? Waterford Bacon, Nancy Jane  (Mrs Vaughn) Deceased
Hill, Diantha Deceased Barnes, Adaline A. Deceased
Ide, Tirzah ? St Johnsbury Belknap, Lucy L. ? Windsor
Johnston, Sarah J.  (Mrs Tenney) Irving, Kansas Benton, Aurilla P.  (Mrs Chas. Ramsey) Waitsfield
Jones, Martha B. Deceased Boardman, Mary L. ? Randolph
Kelly, Jucy J. ? St Johnsbury Buffington, Delia A.  (Mrs Lyman) Colebrook,, N.H.
Kimball, Orinda  (Mrs L. D. Hazen) St Johnsbury Bugbee, Ellen H. Deceased
Kinney, Sarah  (Mrs Henry Cooley) Pasadena, Cal Carbee, Sarah Newbury
Lackie, Jeanette ? Barnet Carr, Emily M. Deceased
Larabee, Sarah ? Charlestown, N.H. Chase, Charlotte  (Mrs Chas. Cahoon) Deceased
Lawrence, Orilla M. Deceased Clark, Susan ? St Johnsbury
Matthews, Margaret  (Mrs L. Stone) Deceased Darling, Pamelia Deceased
Macmillan, Sarah S.  (Mrs B. G. Parsons) Derry, N.H. Downing, Calista B. Missionary, Chee Foo, China
Messer, Ruth Deceased Drew, Betsey  (Mrs C. C. Webster) Minneapolis, Minn
Mills, Lucy C.  (Mrs S. T. Brooks) St Johnsbury Duncan, Martha W.  (Mrs Warden) Deceased
Moore, Harriet W. Barnet Fairbanks, Emily  (Mrs C. L. Goodell) "Rochdale,"Roxbury, Mass
Parker, Clarissa  (Mrs Metcalf) Craftsbury French, Ann W. Deceased
Phelps, Ann B. ? Troy Frye, Ann Deceased
Presby, Mary E. ? St Johnsbury Gates, Matilda S. ? St Johnsbury
Richardson, Adaline L. ? Compton, P.Q. George, Sarah S. ? Franconia, N.H.
Ross, Eliza A.  (Mrs H. Arthur) Lowville, N.Y. Hallett, Mary J. ? St Johnsbury
Smith, Huldah E. ? Whitefield, N.H. Hallett, Violetta Deceased
Smith, Rebecca C.  (Mrs H. C. Fletcher) Minneapolis, Minn Hannum, Lucy T.  (Mrs Hannum) Hannibel Ctr., N.Y.
Snow, Lorean W. Deceased Harris, Harriet Deceased
Stoddard, Hannah T. ? Waterford Harvey, Amy  (Mrs Carter) Chicopee, Mass
Waterbury, Charlotte  (Mrs Hamilton) 3230 Mich. Ave., Chicago, Ill Hibbard, Sarah A. ? Bath, N.H.
Webster, Amanda Address Unknown Huntley, Aurilla ? St Johnsbury
Works, Adaline Deceased Jay, Isabella  (Mrs John Dann) St Johnsbury Center
Wright, Ellen S. ? Barton Kelsey, Augusta N.  (Mrs C. Goss) Deceased
Addresses - 1851 Kittridge, Catharine  (Mrs P. D. McMillan) Minneapolis, Minn
Arms, Enos St Johnsbury Kneeland, Iantha C.  (Mrs T. E. Sanger) Littleton, N.H.
Baker, David West Glover Lamb, Hannah P.  (Mrs John Prouty) Deceased
Barker, Alvin W. Deceased Latham, Mary L.  (Mrs James M. Wilson) White River Junction
Barney, George Deceased Lombard, Isabella  (Mrs Dr. Parr) Colebrook, N.H.
Bosworth, Joseph S. Deceased Martin, Sylvia  (Mrs Chas. Vincent) Deceased
Cameron, William G. Deceased Norton, Helen D.  (Mrs Oscar  Brown) St Johnsbury Center
Camp, David M. Newport Paddock, Orvis St Johnsbury
Davis, Theodroe ? Ashburnham, Mass Page, Sarah D.  (Mrs Dr. Houghton) Deceased
Drew, Theophilus North Danville Page, Julia A. Deceased
Bly, Charles R. Champlain, N.Y. Page, Susan C. Deceased
Farrar, Benj. St Albans Parker, Almira B.  (Mrs Caleb H. Marshall) St Johnsbury
Farrar, James W. ? Swanton Parks, Lucinda A. ? Lebanon
Foote, Henry S. ? New Haven Pierce, Harriet A. ? Troy
Frost, David ? Shefford, P.Q. Reed, Gertrude H. Deceased
Frost, Richard ? Granby, P.Q. Sanborn, Lydia A. Deceased
Hackett, Truman ? St Johnsbury Smith, Elizabeth  (Mrs Barker) Oshkosh, Wis
Hayward, J. Freeman Deceased Snell, Aurilla  (Mrs M. J. Morrill) Brooklyn, N.Y.
Hazen, Rev. Austin Richmond Snow, Harriet  (Mrs Danford Willey) St Johnsbury Center
Higgins, George West Concord Swett, Jane ? St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, Ira Deceased Tibbetts, Mary Stewartstown, N.H.
Jennings, George ? Hartland Warner, Caroline B.  (Mrs T. J. Tull) Deceased
Kelsey, Homer C. Deceased Whipple, Mary J.  (Mrs Geo. B. Walker) ? Lyndon
Kimball, Benj. S. Deceased Willey, Louisa  (Mrs Geo. Williams) St Johnsbury East
Lamb, James Deceased Woods, Isabella  (Mrs James Hutchinson) West Somerville, Mass
Marsh, Samuel ? St Johnsbury Woods, Tirzah B. Deceased
Remick, James K. Deceased Works, Letitia  (Mrs Chas. Morrill) North Danville
Robinson, Charles Sycamore, Ill Worcester, Ellen M.  (Mrs Thompson) West Burke
Scott, Cyrus W. Deceased Worcester, Fannie R.  (mrs Geo. Appleton) Damon's Crossing
Shaw, George R. ? Syracuse, N.Y. Worthington, Lucy A. ? Irasburgh
Soper, Benj. H. Oshkosh, Wis Addresses - 1852
Webster, Warren ? Gilmanton, N.H. Barker, Horace F. Deceased
Wells, Noah ? St Albans Barney, Levi W. Montreal, P.Q.
Wheeler, Horace H. Deceased Bailey, Henry W. Newbury
Wright, Arthur S. C. Mobine, Ill Bean, Charles S. 119 Bridge St., Lowell, Mass
Armington, Olive A.  (Mrs Daniel Thompson) St Johnsbury Blaisdell, Timothy ? Boston, Mass
Belden, Lucia  (Mrs Julius A. Humphrey) E. Burke Brainard, Erastus P. St Albans
Cameron, Elizabeth ? Ryegate Butler, Lafayette S. Deceased
Camp, Frances H. ? Derby Carpenter, John ? Granby
Colby, Evaline R. ? Corinth Conant, Alonso Z. ? Boston, Mass
Colton, Martha Deceased Crump, Christopher ? Wheelock
Dolloff, Eliza ? Newport Cummings, Anderson ? Crown Point, N.Y.
Dolloff, Melissa ? Burke Curtis, Ethan C. Winona, Kan
Fairbanks, Charlotte  (Mrs Dr. Webster) Deceased Fisher, Sewall So. Framingham, Mass
Fisk, Ann ? St Johnsbury Glazier, Lewis Ashburnham, Mass
Goss, Eliza F.  (Mrs John Hancock) East Hardwick Goss, Rev. Zenas, Missionary to Turkey Deceased
Green, Sarah A. ? Barnet Hallett, Charles Deceased
Hall, Eliza E.  (Mrs D. Clark) Albany, Me Hallett, Ephraim St Johnsbury
Hawkins, Abby M.  (Mrs L. D.. Stiles) St Johnsbury Center Hamilton, Charles ? Lyme, N.H.
Heath, Julia ? Barton Hamilton, Woodman C. Fond du Lac, Wis
Henry, Marcella Chicago, Ill Hammond, Thomas ? Crown Point, N.Y.
Houghton, Calista  (Mrs Wm. Hill) Deceased Henry, Oramel S. Chicago, Ill
Ide, Martha  (Mrs Town) Washington, D.C. Hill, John ? St Johnsbury
Ide, Sarah J.  (Mrs Robert Turner) Paris, France Holt, Geo. ? Newbury
Kingsbury, Jerusha ? Derby Hovey, Jacob St Johnsbury
Lawrence,  Harriet P. Passumpsic Howard, Ephraim P. Deceased
Merrill, Mary A. ? St Johnsbury Hubbard, Henry ? Stanstead, P.Q.
Montieth, Margaret ? Barnet Hyde, W. H. Deceased
Page, Emily ? Bradford Kelley, Francis W., M.D. Deceased
Russell, Mary J. ? Waterford Kimball, Hazen Deceased
Sankee, Nancy Ann ? St Johnsbury Kimball, Rev. John San Francisco, Cal
Scott, E. ? Montypelier Knapp, Arthur M. Public Library, Boston, Mass
Snell, Tirzah W.  (Mrs Dean) Deceased Kneeland, Samuel P. ? Barnet
Spencer, Lucy Deceased Ladd, Geo. ? Danville
Stiles, Almeda St Johnsbury Center Leslie, Geo. Wells River
Wallace, Harriet  (Mrs Geo. Grant) St Johnsbury Little, Geo. A. ? Irasburgh
Wheeler, Lucy W.  (Mrs Morris) Deceased Mason, Wm. ? Littleton, N.H.
Wilcox, Emily B. ? St Johnsbury McKnight, Lucius Deceased
Addresses - 1853 Morris, Edwin L. Deceased
Atkinson, Wm. H. Newbury Nichols, Sayles ? Burlington
Barker, RinaLdo ? Glover Pike, Luther M. Danbury, Conn
Bartlett, Silas S. 108 Orms St., Providence, R.I. Ramsay, John W. Deceased
Beckwith, Truman ? Sutton Randall, Andrew J. Deceased
Belden, Samuel ? Burke Rand, Geo. D. 28 School St., Boston, Mass
Bell, Alpha W. Deceased Reed, Jonas G. ? Kirby
Brown, Dan M. 147 W. 105 St., New York city Reed, Wm. J. Deceased
Chandler, Oliver W. Piermont, N.H. Renne, Charles ? Crown Point, N.Y.
Chapman, Wm. A. Deceased Ross, Henry Deceased
Chase, John State Bank, Syracuse, N.Y. Ross, Royal M. Lower Waterford
Clapp, Henry L. Island of Malta, Mediterranean Sanborn, Hiram A. Peacham
Clark, Edwin Melrose, Minn Sanborn, John Lower Waterford
Cobb, Ellis A. Bennington Sanger, Thaddeus E., M.D. Littleton, N.H.
Cummings, Jothan ? Morgan Spaulding, Portus P. ? Hardwick
Cutting, Hiram Deceased Stevens, Samuel ? St Johnsbury
Daggett, Oscar F. ? St Johnsbury True, Joseph S. Deceased
Eaton, Cyrus W. Deceased Warriner, Geo. P. 9 Franklin St., New York, N.Y.
Fairbanks, Rev. Edward T. St Johnsbury Wood, Hiram D. 209 E. 27th St., Minneapolis, Minn
Fish, Willis R. Chicago,Ill Ayer, Armida  (Mrs John Vestrus) Deceased
Fuller, Moses W. ? Charleston Ayer, Achsah A.  (Mrs T. W. Worthen) Hardwick
Gilchrist, John ? Barnet Balch, Almira Deceased
Gleason, Wm. McIndoes Barrett, Marcia Deceased
Goss, Levi B. Deceased Batchelder, May K. ? Bath, N.H.
Goss, Story N., M.D. Chelsea Brickett, Elizabeth P. Deceased
Griffith, Hiram ? Tunbridge Brown, Martha A. Deceased
Grout, Gen. Wm. W., M.C. East St Johnsbury Buffington, Adela T.  (Mrs D. A. Osgood) Colebrook, N.H.
Hadley, Henry  E. ? New York city Camp, Emeline P.O. Department, Washington, D.C.
Hale, Robert W. ? St Johnsbury Carr, Jane C.  (Mrs Warren McIntyre) Deceased
Hallett, Chas. Deceased Carter, Eliza S. Deceased
Harvey, Oscar F., Esq, West Concord Childs, Lucy J.  (Mrs Charles Hartshorn) 320 W. Chester Pk., Boston
Hastings, Hubbard Deceased Colby, Annah .  (Mrs Wm. Reynolds) E. Derry, N.H.
Hutchinson, Wm. F. County Court House, Joliet, Ill Cooper, M. Louise  (Mrs York) Wyandotte, Kansas
Keith, Cyrus K. ? Shelburne Crossman, Elmira L.  (Mrs C. P. Stone) Seattle, Wash
Knapp, George B. 29 Beacon St., Boston, Mass Crossman, Martha J.  (Mrs George D. Rand) 28 School St., Boston
Martin, Franklin ? Stanbridge, P.Q. Damon, Emily C.  (Mrs Haines) Cabot
Morse, James Passumpsic Dickerman, May J.  (Mrs Read) ? St Johnsbury
Nesmith, Arthur S. ? Franklin, N.H. Farrington, Sarah B. ? Waterford
Page, Henry F. Deceased Fling, Alice  (Mrs Ossian Ray) Deceased
Page, Moses S. ? Haverhill, N.H. Folsom, Sarah  (Mrs N. B. Waters) Stratford Hollow
Parker, John S. Deceased Gilkerson, Julia ? Barnet
Parks, Levi P. Deceased Gilkerson, Sarah J.  (Mrs Miller) Marshalltown, Iowa
Parks, Wm. Hartford, Conn Goss, Amanda M. Breath Boulder, Col
Pierce, Chas. ? St Johnsbury Goss, Olive  (Mrs Bradley Phillips) Deceased
Pike, Charles B. Deceased Harris, Emily ? New York
Reed, Charles A. 5409 Jefferson Ave., Chicago, Ill Harvey, Helen M. Deceased
Ross, Edwin C. Deceased Henry, Charlotte Chicago, Ill
Sutherland, Donald Canada Hovey, Arvilla Deceased
Stodder, James C. ? Boston, Mass Lord, Harriet  (Mrs Hiram Weeks) Deceased
Varney, Moses P. Deceased Mason, Mary J.  (Mrs Randall) Passumpsic
Viele, Eugene ? Hinesburgh Merrill, Hetta W. ? Plymouth, N.H.
Wallace, Andrew ? St Johnsbury Mitchell, Jane ? St Johnsbury
Wilson, Henry M. ? Hinesburgh Page, Adelia H.  (Mrs L. P. Poland) Deceased
Adams, Althea M. H. ? St Johnsbury Page, Julia D. Deceased
Allen, Mary ? Ryegate Peabody, Harriet A. ? Littleton, N.H.
Armington, Sarah A. Deceased Pierce, Louisa C.  (Mrs Wm. R. Fish) Chicago, Ill
Baker, Sarah W.  (Mrs Henry French) St Johnsbury Presby, Emily W. ? St Johnsbury
Barker, Eliza B.  (Mrs Silsby) Holliston, Mass Richardson, Julia A. Deceased
Benton, Almira P.  (Mrs Robinson) Derby Line Ross, Lucy S.  (Mrs A. B. Goss) Lower Waterford
Brown, Emily H.  (Mrs J. Frye) Spokane Falls, Wash. Russ, Lucy M. Deceased
Camp, Mary  (Mrs Dickinson) Reynolds, Dak Sawyer, Julia  (Mrs Pierce) Cedar Falls, Iowa
Carbee, Marcia R.  (Mrs Wm. Russlow) North Danville Sawyer, Mary A. Deceased
Carter, Eliza A.  (Mrs Horatio Arthur) Lawsville, N. Y. Sherman, Almira  (Mrs Geo. Stearns) Barre
Caswell, Julia A.  (Mrs A. Burt) St Johnsbury Smith, Mary ? Barton
Caswell, Rosanna ? St Johnsbury Stevens, Martha Deceased
Chamberlin, Elizabeth Deceased Stiles, Phila ? St Johnsbury
Chase, Mary S. ? Claremont, N.H Swett, Lucy J.  (Mrs Root) Benson
Clark, Lydia B ? St Johnsbury Thayer, Catherine St Johnsbury
Clarke, Martha A. ? Burke Turner, Laura ? Lyman, N.H.
Colby, Adelia ? Sutton Walter, Caroline A. ? St Johnsbury
Cowdery, Cordelia  (Mrs H. Dusey) 900 Sycamore St., Creston, Ia West, Mary Ann Derby Line
Cowdery, Eliza M.  (Mrs Edwin Kitteridge) West Bethel Wheaton, Lucy G. ? St Johnsbury
Craig, Phila N.  (Mrs Stephen Sherman) Deceased Wheeler, Lucy M. ? St Johnsbury
Cummings, Alice ? Morgan Woods, Lucy M.  (Mrs H. B. Davis) Lyndonville
Curtis, Elizabeth C.  (Mrs Geo. Chandler) 263 Ontario St., Chicago Wooster, Mary Ann ? Hardwick
Fish, Ann B.  (Mrs Thos. Kennedy) 201 So. Second St., Rockford, Ill Addresses - 1854
Floyd, Eliabeth R. ? North Danville Ayer, Horace North Danville
Frye, Hariet A.  (Mrs Waters) Deceased Baxter, Wm. W. Deceased
Guerney, E. M. ? St Johnsbury Bean, John ? Haverhill, N.H.
Hadfley, Mary A. Holyoke, Mass Carleton, Van Buren Bath, N.H.
Harvey, Welthen ? Bradley Vale Cummings, Charles C. ? Morgan
Hamilton, Ellen Passumpsic Dewey, Hiram C. Barton
Hawkins, Clara A. Deceased Ellsworth, Chas. Deceased
Hough, Priscilla ? Lebanon, N.H. Evans, Houghton S. ? St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, Clara  (Mrs N. Meloon) Portsmouth, N.H. Gould, Dwight Passumpsic
Jones, Elizabeth  (Mrs Ingalls) ? St Johnsbury Hadley, Clement ? New York city
Jones, Martha A. ? St Johnsbury Hadley, Edward W. ? New York city
Kittredge, Martha A. ? Dexter, Me Hall, Horace Boston, Mass
Lerned, Elizabeth ? St Johnsbury Hamilton, Sendol ? Troy
Martin, Sarah  (Mrs H. S. Browne) Deceased Hamlin, David ? Acworth, N.H.
Meigs, Patience  (Mrs Reuben Sears) Marshalltown, Iowa Holt, Henry ? Bath, N.H.
Morrill, Emily E.  (Mrs Moses Merritt) Grinnell, Iowa Hood, Wm. P. ? Chelsea
Newhall, Laura  (Mrs B. Works) St Johnsbury East Houghton, Darwin ? St Johnsbury
Paine, Emily Deceased Hutchinson, Rev. Merrill N. 178 Prospect St., Burlington
Parker, Jerusha  (Mrs Bard) Walpole, N.H. Ide, Francis B. ? Barnet
Parks, Ellen M. ? Barnet Kelsey, Rev. Hiram L. Westerly, R.I.
Risley, Achsah East St Johnsbury Keyes, Edward F. Deceased
Roberts, Calista D.  (Mrs J. W. Varney) San Francisco, Cal Morrill, Amos B. Bangor, Me
Shorey, Loretta Deceased Parker, Ezra B. 74 Chauncey St., Boston, Mass
Snow, Julia  (Mrs S. A. Ellis) Lawrence, Mass Pierce, George A. ? Milford,, Mass
Soper, Almira M. ? Coventry Perkins, Portus B. ? Montreal, P.Q.
Spaulding, Martha J. ? Waterford Pierce, George H. Canada
Starks, Sarah R.  (Mrs Whitney) St Johnsbury Center Pierce, Henry H. 128 Lincoln Ave., Newark, N.J.
Stone, Charlotte  (Mrs Foster) Chicago, Ill Severance, Franklin ? St Johnsbury
Stone, Mary P. ? St Johnsbury Stone, Corliss P. Seattle, Wash
Stuart, Marion D. ? Barnet Sumner, Clark F. ? Milford, Mass
Swett, Aarilla ? Danville Towne, Francis L. Walla Walla, Wash
Tennant, Henrietta  (Mrs Joseph Crane) Goffstown, N.H. Vaughn, Roswell C. Deceased
Wellman, Lucy  (Mrs J. Wyman) Cornish, N.H. Wilcox, Edwin A. E. Somerville, Mass
Wells, Rosamond A.  (Mrs J. A. Stanton) Norrth Danville Wilcox, Henry R. ? St Johnsbury
Wheeler, Sarah D.  (Mrs Harrington) Pawtucket, R.I. Willard, Geo. P. ? Stowe
Wood, Hannah   (Mrs Celley) Canaan, N.H. Worcester, Leonard Leadville, Col
Works, Prescovia  (Mrs arthur Leer) Plainfield, Iowa Young, David H. ? St Johnsbury
Addresses - 1855 Aldrich, Maria C. ? St Johnsbury
Aiken, Frederickk A., Esq. Washington, D.C. Ames, Ellen L. Lancaster, N.H.
Alden, Charles H. Lebanon, N.H. Balch, Susan L. ? St Johnsbury
Alden, Henry P. ? St Johnsbury Baldwin, Elizabeth Canada
Barker, Ezra K. Deceased Barker, Francis H. ? Concord
Barnes, Chas. S. ? St Johnsbury Bean, Ellen ? Haverhill, N.H.
Baxter, Jedediah H., Surgeon-Gen. U.S.A. Deceased Bell, Jane East Hardwck
Beckwith, Henry H. ? Sutton Bell, Jennie D. Deceased
Bemis, Ira W. Deceased Blodgett, Harriet I.  (Mrs Rev. Bennett) Crete, Neb
Billings, Edward ? St Johnsbury Bowman, Sarah A. ? Littleton
Blake, R. H. Salem, Mass Brown, Rosabel A.  (Mrs Asel Kibling) West Lebanon, N.H.
Burnham, Abner ? Waterford Bundy, Eliza M. ? Colebrook, N.H.
Carpenter, Chas. L. St Johnsbury Carpenter, Celia J. ? St Johnsbury
Chamberlain, John V. 1 Brighton St., Worcester, Mass Cook, Betsy Deceased
Cherry, Wm. Deceased Cutler, Betsy B. Deceased
Cook, John P. Greensboro Dickerman, Nancy E. Deceased
Evans, Chas. H. ? St Johnsbury Ely, Caroline W.  (Mrs Dr. Eastman) Topeka, Kansas
Freeman, Edward I. ? St Johnsbury Farley, Josephine L. ? Compton, P.Q.
Frizzell, Samuel B. ? Barford, P.Q. Felch, Ellen J.  (Mrs Livingstone) P. O. Passumpsic
Gale, Thomas ? Bradford, N.H. Frye, Jane L.  (Mrs Ira Smith) East St Johnsbury
Goss, Hiram St Johnsbury Gilson, Sarah M. Deceased
Harris, Edward Deceased Goss, Jane  (Mrs Richard Ball) Virden, Ill
Haywood, Francis Deceased Green, Martha S. St Johnsbury
Hibbard, David Lyman, N.H. Hawes, Mary L.  (Mrs Harvlin Pddock) St Johnsbury
Higgins, Wm. St Johnsbury Hill, Emily A. ? St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, John H. Portsmouth, N.H. Hoadley, Jennie S. ? Victory
Jewett, Edward A. Care Pullman Car Co., Chicago, Ill Howard, Rosamond E. Deceased
Johnson, James D. ? St Johnsbury Huntley, Jane H.  (Mrs Hill) ? St Johnsbury
Kent, Edward H. Lancaster, N.H. Kelsey, Betsy ? Wheelock
Kent, Orson Burlington, Kansas Kittredge, Mary B.  (Mrs Franklin D. Ayer) Deceased
Lee, Daniel S. Deceased Knapp, Catherine B. 52 Montgomery St., Boston, Mass
Lincoln, Albert Deceased Lawrence, Ellen M. ? St Johnsbury
Mack, Frederick ? Windham Leslie, Kate N.  (Mrs Whitcomb) Wells River
Monroe, James ? New York city Lombard, Eliza C. ? Colebrook, N.H.
Parker, Rev. Edwin W. Lucknow, India Parker, Ellen M.  (Mrs Lang) Newbury
Peck, Robert L. Deceased Peabody, Elvira A. ? Lyman, N.H.
Pierce, Edward G. Deceased Shaw, Emma . ? Rome, N.Y.
Pierce, Jotham B. Deceased Spooner, Susan C.  (Mrs H. C. Dodge) 406 W. 57th St., N.Y.
Randall, Thomas L. ? St Johnsbury Stevens, Roancy St Johnsbury
Ranney, Scotto Kirby Stoughton, Malvina  (Mrs Brown) Deceased
Rhodes, Freedom M. Deceased Taylor, Julia A.  (Mrs Bartlett) W. Charleston
Roberts, Lyman Deceased Underwood, Ellen M.  (Mrs Dr. Hickok) Malone, N.Y.
Rowell, Geo. P. 10 Spruce St., New York Weeks, Catherine E. Deceased
Sawyer, Geo. A. Newbury White, Clara  (Mrs Marsten) Woodsville, N.H.
Severance, Henry East St Johnsbury Williamson, Philura J. Deceased
Shorey, Moses B. Deceased Wright, Ellen ? Barton Landing
Sinclair, John C. ? St Johnsbury Young, Eliza J. ? St Johnsbury
Small, Horatio W., M.D. Deceased Addresses - 1856
Smith, Cephas Deceased Adams, Moses Modesto, Cal
Spaulding, Stephen F., Lieut. Deceased Baker, Francis O. ? St Johnsbury
Stone, Chas. M. Deceased Bartlett, Samuel N. ? St Johnsbury
Swasey, Chas. D. Deceased Bartlett, Silas A. Providence, R.I.
Swett, Hiram K. 400½ Haight St., San Francisco, Cal Carleton, Charles P. Whitefield, N.H.
Watts, Franklin B. ? St Johnsbury Chamberlin, Geo. B., Col Deceased
Wright, Horace G. ? St Johnsbury Chase, Geo. W., Lieut Deceased
Austin, Sarah M. Deceased Cheney, Wm. M. ? St Johnsbury
Barker, Martha H.  (Mrs Joseph Woodbury) ? Concord Church, Allen J. Littleton, N.H.
Billings, Laura L.  (Mrs Osborne) Oshkosh, Wis Curtis, John B. ? St Johnsbury
Camp, Josephine  (Mrs Theron Bailey) Milwaukee, Wis Cushman, Henry R. Deceased
Carr, Celia S.  (Mrs Azro Stark) St Johnsbury Center Cutler, John ? St Johnsbury
Clement, Abby St Johnsbury Drew, Jerome B. Minneapolis, Minn
Cook, Harriet M. ? Portland, Me Ely, Geo. B. Deceased
Crossman, Adaline Deceased Goss, Francis B. Deceased
Daggett, Helen A.  (Mrs Judge Ross) St Johnsbury Griswold, Henry F. St Johnsbury East
Drown, Helen M. ? St Johnsbury Hale, John O. St Johnsbury
Drown, Sarah E. ? St Johnsbury Hall, Samuel W. St Johnsbury
Emerson, Fannie A.  (Mrs Edwin Harris) St Johnsbury Hill, Albert F. Albion, Iowa
Evans, Helen Deceased Holt, John H. ? Bath, N.H.
Gould, Lora H. Deceased Hutchins, Rev. Chas. S. Concord, Mass
Hale, Ann ? St Johnsbury Hutchinson, Ezra I. ? St Johnsbury
Hale, Ellen J. ? St Johnsbury Hyde, Chas. Deceased
Hale, Sarah ? St Johnsbury Kent, Edward R. Lancaster, N.H.
Hastings, Mary Deceased Kent, Lorin ? Lancaster, N.H.
Harris, Delia A.  (Mrs Forrest) West Burke Lang, Alexander S. Deceased
Hawkins, Frinda  (Mrs Emerson) Deceased Lee, Arthur W. Plainfield, Iowa
Hill, Ellen A. ? St Johnsbury Lee, Horace S. Brockton, Mass
Hopkins, Harriet ? St Johnsbury Miles, Elbert St Johnsbury
Jones, James Deceased Montgomery, Rev. Giles F. Deceased
Kimball, Martha  (Mrs Rufus Edmonds) Coventry Newell, Henry C., M.D. St Johnsbury
Knapp, Mary Deceased Paddock, Halsey R. Deceased
Lawrence, Cordelia Deceased Rogers, Jesse B. Newark, N.J.
Lee, Lois S.  (Mrs Edwin W. Parker), Missionary Lucknow, India Ropes, Julius ? St Johnsbury
Martin, Luthera  (Mrs Averill) Deceased Sanborn, Isaac W. Lyndon
Morrill, Martha ? St Johnsbury Savage, Joseph ? Berlin
Morse, Delina  (Mrs D. M. Morse) 355 Adams St., Dorchester, Mass Shattuck, Hartley M. ? St Johnsbury
Morse, Elizabeth M.  (Mrs S.C. Poole) Groveton, N.H. Shaw, John . ? Rome, N.Y.
Nichols, Melonia N.  (Mrs Chas. Ingalls) Danville Warner, Edward P. Arlington
Nye, Lucy A.  (Mrs Henry Howard) East Coventry Waterman, Geo. ? St Johnsbury Center
Paddock, Abby L.  (Mrs Dnnis) 488 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Whitcomb, Cyrus Deceased
Page, Anna ? Stanstead, P.Q. Wilcox, Martin Howard St Johnsbury
Pierce, Mary C. ? St Johnsbury Wilkins, Geo. A, ? Newburyport, Mass
Rich, Eliza P. ? Lunenburgh Young, S. G. ? St Johnsbury
Russ, Mary L.  (Mrs O. B. Hendrick) Deceased Batchelder, J. ? St Johnsbury
Sanborn, Augusta S.  (Mrs Royal Cummings) White River Junction Brown, Harriet N. Salt Lake City, Utah
Sanborn, Elvira G. ? St Johnsbury Camp, Fannie A.  (Mrs Chapman) Milwaukee, Wis
Sawyer, Susan Deceased Chamberlin, Emily S. Deceased
Sheldon, Elizabeth ? Detroit, Mich Chapman, Sophronia M.  (Mrs C. Severance) Lyndonville
Sinclair, Nancy M.  (Mrs John Morse) East Barnet Chesley, Betsey S.  (Mrs Geo. Hartwell) Hillhurst, P.Q.
Smith, Mary A. ? St Johnsbury Clark, Josephine ? Noth Hartland
Ward, Susan N. Deceased Clement, Ellen A. 11 Essex St., Newburyport, Mass
Webb, Mary P. ? Lunenburgh Crossman, Julia F. Deceased
Webber, Ellen  (Mrs H. S. Blanchard) Waterville, Me Elkins, Jane  (Mrs John Hayes) St Johnsbury
Weymouth, Laura R.  (Mrs Downey) Atlanta, Ill Flint, Josephine  (Mrs Oscar Clark) Deceased
Whitcomb, Sarah L.  (Mrs P. H. Ward) Savannah,, Ga Freeman, Elizabeth ? St Johnsbury
White, Ella A.  (Mrs A. H. Barton) Woodsville, N.H. Gilbert, Cynthia T.  (Mrs Albert Caswell) ? St Johnsbury
Wilkins, Arabella ? St Johnsbury Greenbank, May E. ? Gaysville
Woods, Helen C.  (Mrs R. J. Abbe) East Windsor Hill, Conn Hadley, Helen ? Waterford
Wright, Annette B. Deceased Hastings, Eleanor Deceased
Wright, Corilla B.  (Mrs Geo. Woodhouse) Rutland Hastings, Harriet M. Deceased
Addresses - 1857 Hastings, Jane E.  (Mrs J. B. Rogers) Broad St., Newrk, N.J.
Bacon, Jerome C. St Johnsbury Center Hazeltine, Antoinette  (Mrs Wm. Peck) Deceased
Baker, Rev. John W. H. Farmington Falls, Me Hulburt, Malone  (Mrs Wheeler) St Johnsbury
Baxter, Myron Leslie, M.D. Derby Line Hyde, Diana Deceased
Blynn, Albert A. Deceased Kibling, Lucy  (Mrs Wm. Reynolds) ? Strafford
Brackett, Geo. Charleston Lathrop, Mary E.  (Mrs Geo. W. Goss) ? Saranac Lake, N.Y.
Buchanan, John E. ? Barnet Moore, Jennie M.  (Mrs Chamberlin) Sharon
Carpenter, Capt. Joseph W. D. Deceased Morrill, Charlotte Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Chamberlin, Chas. P. ? Burlington Morrison, Clara ? St Johnsbury Center
Church, Albert ? Waterford Morse, Cordelia Deceased
Dow, Franklin E. Deceased Moulton, Alzina V. Chicago, Ill
Drew, Holman R. Minneapolis, Minn Norris, Julia A. North Danville
Cowles, Elijah J. Deceased Parker, Celestia Deceased
Fairbanks, Wm. P. Murray Hill, New York city Pierce, Ellen M.  Missionary Aintab, Turkey
Flanders, Hosea B. ? Haverhill, N.H. Powers, Fidelia Deceased
Fletcher, Chas. H. Sherbrooke, P.Q. Quimby, Esther M.  (Mrs Eugene Clement) St Johnsbury Center
Goodall, Frank W. Bennington Rand, Susan E.  (Mrs C. V. Gray) Deceased
Gordon, Geo H. ? Sherbrooke, P.Q. Sanborn, Martha  (Mrs J. W. Copeland) Lyndonville
Hallett, Alfred R. Stockbridge,, Mass Shaw, Caroline F. Rome, N.Y.
Jones, Delos D. Binghamton, N.Y. Shaw, May ? Haverhill, Mass
Lee, John R. Kansas City, Mo Stanton, Emeline L.  (Mrs Wm. Brown) Barton
Miller, Geo. ? Williston Stiles, Harriet B. ? Danville
Morse, Wareham A. Deceased Stone, Jane E.  (Mrs Swift) Olivet, Mich
Packer, Eli E. Whitehall, N.Y. Wheeler, Emily  (Mrs Daniel Bailey) Findlay, O
Perry, Adolphus Deceased Wilkins, Susan H,\. 79 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Perry, Chas. H. Deceased Addresses - 1858
Poland, Martin L. Deceased Adams, Caspar ? Hanover, N.H.
Redington, Edward D. Evanston, Ill Baxter, Henry C. Deceased
Sanborn, Francis Piqua, O Beede, James Marblehead, Mass
Sanborn, Jubal M., M.D. Deceased Brown, Edward T. Deceased
Stone, Silas ? St Johnsbury Centre Chesman, Nelson 41 Park Row, New York city
Waed, Chester W. Deceased Crossman, Henry Deceased
Ward, Earl J. Grafton Eastman, Jas. S. Deceased
Wood, Oscar C. Davenport, Iowa Emerson, Hiram W. Deceased
Bacon, Arzelle  (Mrs Gibbs) Deceased Felch, Albert F. Deceased
Baker, Martha L.  (Mrs W. W. Park) Montpelier Goodall, Geo. E. St Johnsbury East
Carpenter, Julia M.  (Mrs B. D. Harlow) St Johnsbury Goss, Chas. W. North Tunbridge
Eastman, Sarah  (Mrs Rowell( Lancaster, N.H. Gould, Jos. D. Barnet
Felch, Mandama M.  (Mrs Oscar Daggett) Deceased Grant, Frank C. Whitefied, N.H.
Godding, Diantha D. Deceased Hale, Milo W. St Johnsbury East
Goodnough, Martha J. Deceased Hawes, Wm. H. 768 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago
Goss, Triphena M.  (Mrs Brock) Iowa Jackson, Wm. L. Deceased
Guy, Tirzah M. 38 Silver St., Dover, N.H. Kennedy, Ronald C. ? Plymouth, N.H.
Hawes, Elizabeth St Johnsbury Kimball, Austin 187 West St., New York city
Hoyt, Susanna ? Cabot Mathews, Geo. ? Akron, O
Kenney, Charlotte ? Wasterford Mattocks, Wm. Deceased
Libby, Martha A.  (Mrs Harlow Foss) Irasburgh Newcomb, Albert D. Deceased
Parker, Helen A.  (Mrs Horace Carpenter) St Johnsbury Newcomb, Herbert D. Deceased
Partridge, Lelia E. Deceased Paddock, Chas. Bridgeport. Conn
Phinney, Esther W.  (Mrs W. B. Smith) Worcester, Mass Palmer, Henry O. ? Passmpsic
Porter, Sarah . ? Wheelock Powers, Stephen Lunenburgh
Richardson, Emeline Deceased Pressey, M. D. Hampstead, N..
Ryan, Abby S. Deceased Shattuck, Samuel Deceased
Spooner, Ellen M.  (Mrs E. A. Walker) Pasadena, Cal Stickney, Chas. S. ? Littleton,. N.H.
Stanton, Alice M.  (Mrs Well) ? Danville Strain, Chas. B. Littleton,. N.H.
Stevens, Lydia F. ? North Danville Wilkins, Geo. C. ? Littleton,. N.H.
Stone, Cynthia P.  (Mrs A. Whitcomb) Deceased Willey, Riley J. Sioux City, Iowa
Tarbell, Charlotte S. Montpelier Abbott, Araminta A. ? Compton, P.Q.
Ward, Susan M. Deceased Armington, Eunice J.  (Mrs Edward Ide) Deceased
Webber, Eliza C. Deceased Baldwin, Elvira ? Coaticook, P.Q.
Woodbury, Eliza  (Mrs J. S. Adams) Passumpsic Barron, Helen A. Deceased
Addresses - 1859 Baxter, Caroline E.  (Mrs N. T. Ayres) 205W. 57th St., N. Y. city
Aldrich, Harvey B. Colorado Springs, Col Bishop, Laura J. Deceased
Allen, Chas. J. Deceased Carleton, Sarah ? Sutton
Allen, Edward P. St Johnsbury Center Carter, Ellen M.  (Mrs Armstrong) Chelsea, Mass
Allen, Wm. ? Hartford, Ct Chamberlain, Ellen M.  (Mrs Dr Goodwin) Chicago
Ayer, Albert J. Deceased Chapin, Jane B.  Missionary Pekin, China
Blanchard, John ? Croydon, N.H. Crossman, Catherine K. Deceased
Blinn, Hiram C. Frelighsburg, P.Q. Daggett, Mary C.  (Mrs Albert Blynn) Piqua, Ohio
Bond, Thomas S., M.D. Evanston, Ill Davis, Emily L. Danville
Bond, Wm. A. Chicago, Ill Felch, Isabella E. Deceased
Brown, Daniel ? Waterford Felch, Lydia H. Deceased
Carpenter, Frederick B. St Johnsbury French, Helen M.  (Mrs Helen F. Carpenter) St Johnsbury
Carter, Horace W. ? St Johnsbury Glines, Ann W.  (Mrs Adam Darling) Denver, Col
Church, Lyman B. Lower Waterford Hale, Eliza R.  (Mrs Parker) Concord
Colburne, Chas. White River Junction Harvey, Emily F. Deceased
Crossman, Edward ? St Johnsbury Hinman, Helen M.  (Mrs Geo. N. Dale) Island Pond
Corliss, John ? Bradford Hinman, Jane E.  (Mrs Lewis W. Bisbee) Chicago, Ill
Drew, Erastus North Danville Hungerford, Emily ? Rouse's Point, N.Y.
Duhigg, Dennis Deceased Judevine, Luthern Deceased
Eddy, Geo. P. ? Boston, Mass Kilby, Amelia S. ? Burke
Eddy, John Deceased Lang, Eliza B.  (Mrs Clark) Marshalltown, Iowa
Emerson, Jonathan P. Danville Lee, Catherine  (Mrs Jackson) Foxcroft, Me
Fairbanks, Wm. R. Lacon, Ill Learned, Helen M. St Johnsbury Center
Farrar, Chas. H. ? St Albans Mattock, Elizabeth B.  (Mrs Dr Nichols) Deceased
Felch, Carleton St Johnsbury Packer, Helen  (Mrs A. M. Evans) Worcester, Mass
Fletcher, Isaac Minneapolis, Minn Prouty, Mary A.  (Mrs C. T. A. Humphrey) Deceased
Foster, Renselaer H. ? Albany, Me Randall, Althea  (Mrs Chas Thayer) St Johnsbury
French, Samuel G. ? Chicago Scales, Mary D. ? Lyndon
Frye, John A. Danville Shorey, Sarah A. Deceased
Gilchrist, W. Henry McIndoes Falls Smith, Sarah S. Sutton
Hallett, Geo. W. Kansas City, Mo Thompson, Susan ? St Johnsbury
Harris, Albert St Johnsbury Walker, Louisa N. ? Brownington
Hazen, Chas. D. Olcott Falls Ward,, Mary E. Deceased
Hovey, Edwin L. St Johnsbury Wheaton, Lucy S. ? St Johnsbury
Houghton, Geo. ? St Johnsbury Wilson, Ellen  (Mrs Alonso Ladd) St Johnsbury
Hutchins, Geo. S. Deceased Wilkins, Elizabeth H.  (Mrs Melville Atherton) Waterford
Hutchins, Wm. ? Bath, N.H. Addresses - 1860
Ide, Elmore T. St Johnsbury Arnold, Lyndon St Johnsbury
Ide, Hiram R. Philadelphia, Pa Benton, Henry C., Esq. Deceased
Jewett, Rev. Henry Erastus Vacaville, Cal Bickord, Nathan ? Milan, N.H.
Kinne, Chas. ? Littleton, N.H. Brackett, Elmore P., D.D.S. 20 Woodbine St., Boston, Mass
Kittredge, Chandler Deceased Burnside, Dan W. Portland, Oregon
Lang, Thomas ? Barnet Clough, Geo. P. 90 South Main St., Concord, N.H.
Lee, Richard St Johnsbury Dalton, Flavius J. Deceased
Locke, Myron J. Deceased Eaton, Chas. Newport
Magoon, Orville  J. ? Wheelock Fletcher, Henry B. Minneapolis, Minn
McNab, Chas. Deceased Flint, Jerome C. Derby Line
Mattocks, Samuel S. Lyndon Goss, Abel Melbourne, Wash
Morrill, Julius A, 600 Main St., Springfield, Mass Gorham, Florez S. Deceased
Moulton, Barron O. Deceased Green, John Deceased
Murdock, John C. ? St Johnsbury Gregory, Daniel Deceased
Newell, Elam W. Deceased Harris, Edwin St Johnsbury
Owen, Chas. W. St Johnsbury East Harvey, Chas. D. San Francisco, Cal
Penn, Geo. R. Deceased Harvey, Silas Seattle, Wash
Pollard, John B. ? Ludlow Holder, James St Johnsbury
Powers, Addison A. Croydon, N.H. Ide, Horace K. St Johnsbury
Pratt, Francis O. Deceased Jackson, Wm. D. Deceased
Preston, Wm. H. St Johnsbury Lang, Wm. Passumpsic
Quimby,Abel B. Deceased Lee, Wm.. H. St Johnsbury
Richardson, Franklin Syracuse, N.Y. Luce, Geo. D. ? Danville
Ross, Chas. Lower Waterford Macrea, Murray Deceased
Ryan, Geo. P. ? Passumpsic Mahan, Chas. B. Deceased
Smith, Portus H. 1026 Second Ave., So. Minneapolis. Minn Moore, Bernice R. ? Lyman, N.H.
Stanton, Frederick G. North Danville Moore, Horace B. ? Danville
Stark, Nathan B. Leominster, Mass Morgan, Roswell H. ? St Johnsbury
Stevens, Richard H. ? Barnet Paddock, Albert J. St Johnsbury
Titus, Joseph P. ? Lyman, N.H. Page, Rev. Chas. B. Fergus Falls, Minn
White, Wm. ? Georgia (state) Page, Hiram P. Deceased
Worcester, John O. Deceased Patterson, Chas. H. Deceased
Wright, Geo. ? St Johnsbury Porter, Robert Perry West Burke
Wright, Darwin Deceased Randall, Sias St Johnsbury
Adams, Hannah A.  (Mrs  Mary Hudson) St Johnsbury Richardson, Isaac ? Waterford
Alden, Delia  (Mrs A. D. Rowell) Deceased Ropes, Arthur Montpelier
Ayer, Caroline H.  (Mrs Ludwig) 3800 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa Smith, John P. ? Newark
Barker, Ellen A.  (Mrs D. Ponda) Albany Stanton, Henry M. San Diego, Cal
Barker, Mary A.  (Mrs Chas. Pierce) St Johnsbury Steele, Hiram Roswell, Esq. 40 Wall St., New York city
Bartlett, Ellen A.  (Mrs Hodgkins) Deceased Warner, Chas. ? Hardwick
Bartlett, Mary Jane ? Sutton Welch, Selim N., M.D. Chicopee, Mass
Bemis, Mary P. ? Lyndon West, Geo. Deceased
Bishop, Mary C.  (Mrs C. C. Miller) Brooklyn, N.Y. Whitcomb, George Mansonille, P.Q.
Bond, Virginia G.  (Mrs J. G. Hill) Lowell, Mass Wood, John Lamoille, Ill
Buck, Amanda K.  (Mrs Frank C. Albee) W. Littleton, N.H. Woods, Albert Deceased
Bugbee, Jane E.  (Mrs H. Johnson) Southampton, Mass Aldrich, Luella H.  (Mrs Selden Freeman) Guildhall
Chamberlin, Emma  (Mrs Goodrich) ? East Burke Allen, Josie P. Deceased
Chamberlin, Mary J.  (Mrs E. D. Redington) Deceased Bartlett, Ellen M. ? Buxton, Me
Cheney, Emily Boston Bell, Carrie M. Deceased
Child, Catherine L. ? Derby Bundy, Sarah A.  (Mrs Samuel Hall) Deceased
Crosman, Kate R.  (Mrs Monroe) Deceased Buck, Mary J.  (Mrs H. Hunt) Burke
Cushing, Kate Deceased Carpenter, Ellen E.  (Mrs E. E. Phillips) 52 W. 56th St., New York
Dearborn, Sarah J. ? Lowell, Mass Carpenter, Elvira J.  (Mrs Tomison) Hull Prairie, Ohio
Dennison, Frances M. ? Guildhall Chaplin, Lucia A.  (Mrs L. B. Cross) Montpelier
Drew, Augusta A.  (Mrs K. H. Goodwin) Manchester, Iowa Dartling, Frances Deceased
Eaton, Elizabeth ? St Johnsbury Dimmick, Jane ? Fairlee
Felker, Laura J. ? Wells River Dutton,, Ada L. ? Brownington
Flint, Maria R. ? Sutton Eldridge, Augusta San Francisco, Cal
Flint, Martietta W.  (Mrs Dalton) Danbury, Conn Eastman, Mattie A. Littleton, N..
Flint, Mary S. ? St Johnsbury Eastman, Martha A. Littleton, N..
Fuller, Emma H.  (Mrs M. L. Orcutt) Chicopee, Mass Frye, Emeline  (Mrs Warren C. Lewis) St Johnsbury
Gibson, Mary H. (Mrs O. Putnam) Omaha, Neb Frost, Charlotte   (Mrs Moses Shorey) St Johnsbury Center
Gilmore, Helen S. ? St Johnsbury Gates, Margaret ? Lunenburgh
Hadley, S. Jane  (Mrs Martin Somers) Lowell, Mass Goss, Victoria M. 32 Hanson St., Boston, Mass
Hall, Orlana A.  (Mrs Wesley Sargent) St Johnsbury Center Gould, Mary J. ? Coventry
Hancock, Letitia  (Mrs A. Worthen) 10 Cherry St., Melrose, Mass Hastings, Mary Deceased
Hastings, Abbie  (Mrs Whitelaw) Deceased Hadley, Etta S. ? Waterford
Hastings, Julia L.  (Mrs Geo. Colby) Lancaster, N.H. Hardy, Lucy ? Wheelock
Heath, Clara P. ? Guildhall Hill, Maria  (Mrs A. R. Hawley) Passumpsic
Heywood, Isabella Lancaster, N.H. Hurlbutt, Elvira  (Mrs Robinson) 534 Ave. B East, Hutchinson, Kan
Hibbard, Lura K.  (Mrs L. N. Watson) Rue d'Alençon 3, Paris, France Howard, Alma  (Mrs S. H. Kent) St Johnsbury
Hopkins, Mary C. ? Guildhall Hoyt, Sarah R.  (Mrs Austin Bean) Lyndon
Hutchins, Helen L.  (Mrs J. K. Cilley) 322 W. 57th St., New York city Joslin, Emeline  (Mrs Keith) Guildhall
Hutchinson, Amanda ? St Johnsbury Kilby, Amelia S.  (Mrs Moses Varney) Spring Valley, Minn
Ide, Emily  (Mrs David Emmons) Paris, Me Kidder, Helen E.  (Mrs D. A. Alden) 238 Wholley Ave., New Haven, Ct
Ide, Mary Deceased Libbey, Caroline  (Mrs Fred Benoit) Chicago, Ill
Keach, Lydia  (Mrs R. S. Day) Bethlehem, N.H. Libbey, Martha A.  (Mrs Harlow Foss) Irasburgh
Kidder, Catherine B. St Johnsbury Libbey, Mary E,  (Mrs Jane Blunt) Deceased
Lang, Agnes S.  (Mrs P. I. Nelson) Passumpsic Moor, Nancy F. East San Jose, Cal
Lang, Louisa M. Passumpsic Morse, Hattie E. Deceased
Lynn, Lucy  (Mrs A. L. Bailey) St Johnsbury Newell, Ellen A.  (Mrs Geo. Bradford) Sherbrooke, P.Q.
Magoon, Julia J. ? St Johnsbury Nichols, Calista D.  (Mrs L. B. Cross) North Danville
Masten, Mary E.  (Mrs O. Ingalls) Deceased Norris, L. F. Deceased
Packer, Mary Deceased Norris, Martha H. North Danville
Perry, Helen  (Mrs Geo. Crow) South Ryegate Perley, Jennie S. Deceased
Pike, Rebecca  (Mrs Wm. P. Fairbanks) St Johnsbury Scales, Emily J.  (Mrs Bartlett) Rochdale, Roxbury, Mass
Pratt, Mary B.  (Mrs Richmond) Deceased Severens, Lydia  (Mrs Gay) West Derby
Prouty, Minerva A.  (Mrs Rowley) Deceased Spencer, Ellen A.  (Mrs Allen Collins) Rochester, N.H.
Quimby, Nancy Union Village Sprague, Emily L.  (Mrs Lyndon Arnold) St Johnsbury
Randall, Dorothy B.  (Mrs M. M. Batchelder) North Danville Stanton, Aurora G.  (Mrs Thos. Blodgett) North Danville
Roberts, Maria D. Deceased Stanton, Calista P. (Mrs Harry Roberts) North Danville
Roby, Jane A. ? Lancaster Stevens, Mary ? Grenada, Miss
Sulloway, Alice L. ? Enfield, N.H. Stone, Luella S. P. ? Cabot
Wheeler, Lefie P.  (Mrs Dr. G. B. Bullard) Deceased Stone, Srah A.  (Mrs W. H. Ward) St Johnsbury
Wheeler, Sarah  (Mrs E. Harrington) Providence, R.I. Stoddard, Kate L.  (Mrs Fred B. Carpenter St Johnsbury
Williams, Grace  (Mrs Hopkins) St Johnsbury Taplin, Emma C.  (Mrs Edward T. Fairbanks) St Johnsbury
Witt, Mary ? St Johnsbury Thayer, Ruth W.  (Mrs Twombley) Barton
Addresses - 1861 Varney, Carrie S.  (Mrs Eastman) Lyndonville
Buck, Milton A. ? Burke Varney, Helen M. Deceased
Bugbee, Lafayette Deceased Wilder, Mary Ann St Johnsbury
Bundy, Edward N. ? Lyndon Addresses - 1862
Butler, Geo. C. Portsmouth, N.H. Ball, Corydon ? Sutton
Burt, Samuel ? St Johnsbury Barney, Chas. Deceased
Buxton, Frank N. ? Brownington Baxter, Harry Deceased
Chamberlain, Edward C. 3119 Lucas Ave., St Louis Bickford, Henry P. Berlin Falls, N.H.
Chapman, Chas. Deceased Carpenter, Allen F. East Somerville, Mass
Conner, Geo. W. Deceased Carpenter, Horace B. Deceased
Colby, Geo., H. Lancaster, N.H. Cunningham, Ira W. St Johnsbury
Cunningham, John T. Lyndonville Bly, Wm. H. Hoosick Falls, N.Y.
Cushman, Frank C. David City, Neb Emerson, Roswell S. Deceased
Drew, Martin V. B., Esq. Marshall, Lyon Co., Minn Farnswort, Chas. ? St Johnsbury
Eastman, Edwin N. ? Sutton Farnsworth, Robert W. C. ? Lyndon
Ely, Henry g. St Johnsbury Hartshorn, Elden J. Emmettsburg, Iowa
Frost, Geo. N. ? Danville Hendricks, Albert H. 13 Howe Court, Lynn, Mass
Goor, Francis M. Deceased Hutchinson, Geo. ? Sutton
Grimes, Wm. H. ? Franconia, N.H. Jackson, Henry Deceased
Griswold, Chas. L. Deceased Kendall, James L. Deceased
Grout, Josiah, Esq. Derby Kent, Chas. N. 10 Spruce St., New York city
Hale, Chas. A. Deceased Kittredge, Hamilton Deceased
Hallett, Riley C. Chicao, Ill Lee, Oscar R. Deceased
Harrington, Rev. Calvin B. Middleton, Conn Meigs, Geo. W. ? St Johnsbury
Hartsboro, Densmore G. ? Lunenburgh Mussey, Smauel B. Deceased
Hartshorn, Willard J. Clinton, Wisconsin Richardson, Bradford M. ? Sutton
Hastings, Chas. S. St Johnsbury Risley, Russell East St Johnsbury
Hastings, Henry C. Elk River, Minn Spooner, Chas. E. Deceased
Hendricks, Galon C. Deceased Tillotson, Edward M. Peoria, Ill
Hodgdon, James H. Deceased Wilcox, Martin Howard St Johnsbury
Ide, Rev. Geo. H. 211 17th St., Milwaukee, Wis Woods, Edwin Deceased
Joslyn, Chas. E. ? Brownington Wright, Fremont Deceased
Lee, Rev. Edward P. Boston, Mass Adams, Laura ? Danville
Moore, Josiah ? Barnet Aldrich, Mary S.  (Mrs . T. Gleason) Lyndonville
Noyes, Myron B. ? Sutton Armington, Ellen S.  (Mrs Daniel Thompson) Deceased
Putnam, Frederick M. ? Danvers, Mass Barnes, Lucy M. ? St Johnsbury
Rhodes, Eldad A. Claremont, N.H. Batchelder, Calista E.  (Mrs Bailey) East Hardwick
Rice, Oliver S. Scotts, N.H. Baxter, Hattie A. 205 West 57th St., N.Y. city
Robinson, Amos H. ? Parishville, N.Y. Bradley, Laura ? St Johnsbury
Ross, Harlan P. Deceased Burbank, Fannie  (Mrs Dent) Deceased
Sherman, Harry Middletown, Conn Carr, Ellen F. Deceased
Sherman, Wm. H. Deceased Carr, Ella F.  (Mrs E. L. Hovey) Deceased
Tuohy, Wm. T. Canada Carr, Josephine C. Deceased
Warner, Alfred Deceased Chaplin, Louise M.  (Mrs E. Ewers) Union City, Mich
Warner, Sidney Deceased Cummings, Hattie Lisbon, N.H.
Willey, Tracy B. St Johnsbury Center Currier, Lizzie ? Barre
Willey, Zeno B. Deceased Cutting, Ellen P.  (Mrs O. C. Dow) Deceased
Wright, Darwin J. Deceased Davis, Caroline ? Barnston, P.Q.
Wright, Theron H. Deceased Ellis, Martha J. ? Danville
Adams, Cynthia S.  (Mrs E. T. Ide) St Johnsbury Flint, Martha  (Mrs M. T. Fenno) Chicago, Ill
Allin, Luella A.  (Mrs . E. Wilder) Bethlehem, N.H. Frye, Ellen  (Mrs Solon Gould) Deceased
Ayer, Ellen S.  (Mrs E. Goodall) Brattleboro Gibson, May M.  (Mrs O. H. Patterson) ? St Johnsbury
Ayer, Jennie ? St Johnsbury Goss, Frances M. Deceased
Babbitt, Julia E.  (Mrs J. A. Hunt) East Hardwick Hallett, Phila L.  (Mrs Chas.. Pierce) Worcester, Mass
Balch, Emeline E. Deceased Hill, Louisa J.  (Mrs Miles) St Johnsbury
Barker, Mary J. ? St Johnsbury Holbrook, Emily B.  (Mrs Dennis May) St Johnsbury
Bishop, Harriet ? St Johnsbury Hunt, Julia  (Mrs Eben Carr) Manchester, N.H.
Blinn, Julia C.  (Mrs Wm. Higgins) St Johnsbury Huse, Celeste C.  (Mrs Bigelow) ? Coventry
Brooks, Laura P.  (Mrs Mitchell Bowker) Whitefield, N.H. Ide, Lizzie  (Mrs J. C. Welch) Lyndonville
Brown, Diantha S.  (Mrs L. D. Freeman) Lower Waterford Johnson, Laura A. Columbs Vity, Iowa
Butler, Clara A. ? Haverhill, N.H. Jones, Sarah L.  (Mrs Charles Ingalls) Lyndonville
Carpenter, Mary C. Deceased Kittridge, Helen M. 827 6th St., S. E. Minneapolis, Minn
Caswell, Georgiana St Johnsbury Lee, Phoebe  (Mrs Wm. Cass) Beloit, Wis
Chamberlain, Rosanna H.  (Mrs P. O. Pratt) Deceased McNiece, Sarah J. ? Haverhill, N.H.
Cheney, Susan J. ? St Johnsbury Meigs, Celia ? St Johnsbury
Chubb, Laura A. ? Orange Meigs, Emeline ? St Johnsbury
Cobleigh, Alice E.  (Mrs Geo. W. Newell) California Parker, Mary M. Littleton, N.H.
Coleman, Abbie  (Mrs Chas. Hazen) Olcutt Powers, Addie Deceased
Cutting, Maria ? Derby Powers, Lucy A.  (Mrs Albert Harris) St Johnsbury
Dearth, Emeline Deceased Putnam, Lucy M. ? Danvers, Mass
Eastman, Jennie ? Littleton, N.H. Roberts, Calista D.  (Mrs J. W. Varney) San Francisco, Cal
Eaton, Lucy A. ? Grafton Ross, Martha  (Mrs J. B. Dorman) Independence, Ia
Folsom, Sarah A.  (Mrs Noah B. Waters) Stratford Hollow, N.H. Shattuck, Cynthis  (Mrs E. Warner) Arlington
Grout, Sophronia E.  (Mrs G. C. Ford) Kirby Stevens, Sarah Deceased
Harington, Susan S. Bradford, Pa Tyler, Minerva H.  (Mrs T. E. Parker) Deceased
Hill, Emma A. ? Hardwick Webster, Almira ? Passumpsic
Holton, Mary E.  (Mrs Dr. L. W. Hubbard) Lyndonville Wheeler, May St Johnsbury
Hoyt, Abbie S.  Mrs Carpenter) Cameron, Me Wilson, Jeanette  (Mrs F. W. Goodall) Brownington
Hurlbutt, Filena  (Mrs Colby) 578 Broadway, So. Boston, Mass Wilson, Mary G. Greensboro
Johnson, Samantha P. Stratford, N.H. Addresses - 1864
Kendall, Libby M. St Johnsbury Ainsworth, Frederick Address Unknown
Kinney, Ellen E.  (Mrs Wade) Coventry Atkinson, Edward Newbury
Knapp, Martha M. ? St Johnsbury Bailey, Geo. A. Address Unknown
McDougall,, Nettie M. ? Laconia, N.H. Chamberlain, John, Esq. Deceased
Morse, Martha  (Mrs Thomas Keyes) Newbury Chase, Albert Georgetown, Col
Page, Mary E.  (Mrs Byron J Lance) Cabot Coleman, Wm. O. Address Unknown
Parker, Climena P. Upham St., Melrose, Mass Denison, Adelbert S. 36 Chauncey St., Boston, Mass
Parks, Helen M.  (Mrs Henry Steele) 8 Howe St., Somerville, Mass Drew, Ora N. North Danville
Pettingill, Martha ? Danville Ely, Frederick L. Deceased
Redington, Elizabeth S. Deceased Emerson, Edwin B. Northampton, Mass
Russell, Janette ? Danville Emery, Chas. W. Canterbury, N.H.
Savage, Lucy A. ? Lancaster,  N.H. Fairbanks, Geo. S. Deceased
Savage, Sarah  (Mrs Alden Lewis) Lancaster,  N.H. Farnsworth, ------- Address Unknown
Snow, Ellen Deceased Fay, ------- Hardwick
Stockwell, Emma D.  (Mrs D. Pinkham) Lancaster, N.H. Fuller, Myron H. Deceased
Stone, Mary Lyndonville Graham, Robert S. New York city
Ward, Cynthia Deceased Lawrence, Silas T. West Waterford
Weeks, Caroline ? St Johnsbury Lawrence, Victor Waterford
Wheeler, Adelaide A. Deceased Moulton, B. P. St Johnsbury
Woods, Virginia  (Mrs D. P. Celley) St Johnsbury Randall, Judkins Deceased
Addresses - 1863 Rowell, Geo. B., M.D. Irasburgh
Barker, Chas. A. Deceased Scarry, Joseph P. Montreal, Can
Barnard, John H. West Charleston Smith, Henry C. Winona, Kan
Blinn, Edward D. Lincoln, Ill Steele, Henry, Esq. 68 Green Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Carpenter, Harlan P. Deceased Walbridge, John West Concord
Chase, Henry M. Deceased Wilson, Edward P. ? Cabot
Cleveland, Chas. 100 Federal St., Boston, Mass Adams, M. A. Deceased
Cummings, Langdon J. Clinton, Ia Barrett, Emma L. Address Unknown
Farr, Chas. W. St Johnsbury Barry,, E. P. Address Unknown
Hall, Elbridge . Wombago City, Minn Blinn, Kate Deceased
Hastings, Benj. L St Johnsbury Brackett, Mary Lancaster, N.H.
Hovey, Marcus A. Deceased Bradley, Mary Sherbrooke,, P.Q.
Lawrence, Chas. H. Chicago, Ill Brown, Addie Address Unknown
Leitch, Wm. B. ? Ryegate Bundy, Emma J.  (Mrs S. A. Nelson) St Johnsbury
Leslie, Harry A. 117 Poster St., Melrose, Mass Colburn, M. C. Concord
Loomis, Luther ? Burlington Davison, Leandia  (Mrs L. B. Church) Waterford
May, Elisha St Johnsbury Foster, Louisa L. Derby Line
Newell, Chas. D. Deceased Frost, Emily P. 91 W. Springfield St., Boston, Mass
Randall, Geo. W. Deceased Gilbert, Calista D. Address Unknown
Randall, Adoniram Judson R. Deceased Gleason, K. Address Unknown
Ross, Aldace W. Deceased Graves, Manda  (Mrs Langdon Welch) East Lyndon
Ruggles, Halsey R. Lyndonville Harvey, Emily J.  (Mrs B. K. Hall) Barnet
Shattuck, Leonard Deceased Ide, Mary  Mrs Graves) Deceased
Ward, Samuel North Danville Jones, G. Address Unknown
Warner, Edward P. Arlington Marsh, Ella Address Unknown
Wells, James P. Ipswich, Mass Merrill, Kate R.  (Mrs L. D. Redington) New York city
Barker, Charlotte  (Mrs Stevens) Deceased Monteith, Mary ? McIndoes
Blake, Alice M. ? Sutton Newell, Addie E.  (Mrs H. G. Ely) St Johnsbury
Brown, Amanda L.  (Mrs Ensminger) Lower Waterford Norton, Annn M.  (Mrs Wm. Bentley) Redlands, Cal
Brown, Catherine K.  (Mrs T. C. Fletcher) Deceased Outwater, Ellen J. ? Brooklyn
Brown, Josephine H. Deceased Paddock, E. J.  (Mrs J. B. Taylor) St Johnsbury
Burnside, Olive J.  (Mrs Murray) Coos, N.H. Parker, S. H.  (Mrs A. L. Streeter) 365 Washington Ave., Chelsea, Mass
Burroughs, Luella M.  (Mrs J. Lewis) Concvord Perkins, Hannah E. Address Unknown
Carleton, Sarah Deceased Randall, Alice A.  (Mrs Morse) North Danville
Chamberlin, Caroline M.  (Mrs Lutz) Lincoln, Ill Rice, Addie A.  (Mrs Frank Bell) Deceased
Chamberlin, Harriet M.  (Mrs Elmore Brackett) Deceased Rice, Ellen S.  (Mrs Josiah Closson) ? Granby
Cheney, Emily H. St Johnsbury Shattuck, A. A. ? North Danville
Church, Celia A.  (Mrs S. B. Horr) Lower Waterford Smith, Lizzie  (Mrs Barker) Address Unknown
Clement, Mary  (Mrs Wm. Hutchinson) Chicago, Ill Spooner, Lydia C.  (Mrs W. H. Nelson) Pasadena, Cal
Colby, Ella Deceased Woods, Verde M.  (Mrs Frank Cushman) Deceased
Cowdery, Alice A. St Johnsbury Center Addresses - 1866
Cummings, Mary J. Deceased Aldrich, Clinton St Johnsbury
Currier, Sarah J.  (Mrs A. W. Roberts) St Johnsbury Bacon, Delos M. St Johnsbury Center
Goodall, Inez St Johnsbury Cowles, James E. Deceased
Goss, Ellen M.  (Mrs J. W. Remmick) North Monroe, N.H. Dana, Israel Putnam, sq. 1720 Summit St., Kansa City, Mo
Gould, Catherine W. ? Littleton, N.H. Darling, Elmer Fifth Ave. Hotel, New York city
Hall, Emma H. ? Burke Felch, Chas. Passumpsic
Hall, Nellie H. ? Concord Foster, Seth H. Address Unknown
Harvey, Melvina E.  (Mrs Chase) ? Concord Flint, Alvin W. St Johnsbury
Hill, Mary E.  (Mrs Palmer) West Comcord Guild, Philander Barton Landing
Hurlburt, Delia Lebanon, N.H. Hale, Orrin H. Barre
Lang, Marion Marshalltown, Ia Harrington, Leland Deceased
Lawrence, Charlotte E.  (Mrs Hayden) Canton, N.Y. Hastings, Lemuel S. Nashua, N.H.
Merrill, Harriet L. ? Waterford Hazen, Henry A. Washington, D.C.
Paine, Emily A. ? Montpelier Hazxen, Wm. Deceased
Pettingill, Martha ? Danville Houghton, Harry Lyndonville
Poland, Mary F. Deceased Houghton, S. H. Deceased
Proctor, A. M.  (Mrs W. P. Chaffee) St Johnsbury Hutchinson, Herbert M. Deceased
Quimby, Leona A. Pasadena, Cal Jones, C. H. Barton Landing
Randall, Clara I.  (Mrs P. J. Noyes) Lancaster, N.H. Kelsey, Orville Deceased
Randall, Georgiana F.  (Mrs Wallaqce) Lyndonville Knapp, Harrison M. East St Johnsbury
Redington, Stella L.  (Mrs Clay) Deceased Magoon, Geo. A. ? Boston
Rice, Mary N.  (Mrs Parker) Vershire Moore, John A. St Johnsbury
Ross, Abbie  (Mrs Lucius Nye) DEceased Stanton, Lucien North Danville
Sargeant, Abby H.  (Mrs Geo. May) Newton, Mass Stevens, F. G. St Johnsbury
Sinclair, Harriet E.  (Mrs D. D. Patterson) St Johnsbury Wilder, Arthur St Johnsbury
Smith, Rebecca A.  (Mrs Henry Fletcher) Minneapolis, Minn Wright, Geo. A, St Johnsbury
Somers, Hattie ? Barnet Aldrich, Mary (Mrs J. T. Gleason) Lyndonville
Sprague, Emily A.  (Mrs Arnold) North Danville Babcock, A.  (Mrs John Gray) Salem, Oregon
Stanley, Margaret Maidstone Baldwin, H. I.  (Mrs Harvey) 52 Meacham St., W. Somerville, Mass
Stiles, Louisa M.  (Mrs Geo. Stoddard) Peacham Bowker, Chalotte Ann  (Mrs John Stevens) Deceased
Stocker, Flora J. ? Danville Carpenter, Sarah C.  (Mrs Beckwith) Pasadena, Cal
Swett, Martha E.  (Mrs Heath) Deceased Carr, Mary  (Mrs Heman Steady) St Johnsbury
Titus, Ellen E. Deceased Corey, Sarah L. Address Unknown
Titus, Emily A. Bath, N.H. Flint, Kate St Johnsbury
Ward, Carrie  (Mrs Randall) North Danville Gilmore, Lizzie ? St Johnsbury
Ward, Clara Deceased Gilmore, Lizzie S. ? St Johnsbury
Ward, Ella  (Mrs Pierce) St Johnsbury Hale, Sophronia ? Waterford
Ward, Emma D. North Danville Harrington, Celia Deceased
Ward, Mary E. Deceased Hill, Katie  (Mrs J. A. Moore) St Johnsbury
Webster, Ada  (Mrs L. C. Kinney) Pine Bluff, Wyoming Hinman, Mary West Derby
Weeks, Adele I.  (Mrs L. B. Partridge) 592 Benson St., Camden, N.J. Hoyt, Viola I.  (Mrs Smalley) Lyndonville
Wells, Abbie E. Deceased Moore, Jane  (Mrs Chas. Joy) St. Paul, Minn
Wells, Ellen B. Deceased Morrill, E.  (Mrs Chapman) St Johnsbury
White, Emma A.  (Mrs W. W. Young) Greensboro Moore, Estelle M.  (Mrs C. W. Dodge) Lunenburgh
Wilder, Ann M. St Johnsbury Parker, Alice B. ? Lisbon
Woods, Luella C. Deceased Scott, Christina Address Unknown
Wright, Eluvia  (Mrs Geo. West) Newport Severance, Eliza J.  (Mrs Marshall Knapp) Deceased
Addresses - 1865 Stevens, Josie Deceased
Allin, B. ? Guildhall Stevens, M. J.  (Mrs C. H. Smith) Winona, Kan
Bingham, Charles C. St Johnsbury True, E. R. Address Unknown
Chadwick, Charles K. Normal, Ky Wright, A. ? St Johnsbury
Chandler, Charles C. Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio Wright, Addie  (Mrs N. P. Lovering) St Johnsbury
Coleman, R. Address Unknown Addresses - 1867
Cross, Charles A. Fitchburg, Mass Bishop, Ora McIndoes
Foster, Merrill San Francisco, Cal Burroughs, ------- ? Plymouth, N.H.
Gilmore, John Boston, Mass Burrows, Dan W. West Concord
Goss, Frederick B. Deceased Dickinson,, Eddie Deceased
Harlow, Newell St Johnsbury Ely, Fred Deceased
Hastings, Albert Minneapolis, Minn Hall, Albert C. New York city
Hawes, Walter 768 Jackson St., Chicago, Ill Mason, Rev. Edward D. Passumpsic
Hinman, Chas. Boston, Mass Mason, Francis W. Passumpsic
Martin, Thomas McIndoes Ranney, George St Johnsbury
Morrison, Geo. D. Lyndonville Rice, Oliver Granby
Phelps, fred Address Unknown Varney, Charles North Danville
Russell, C. M. ? West Concord Ward, George St Johnsbury
Sanborn, M. Address Unknown Woodruff, Chas. A. 36 New Montgomery Ave., San Francisco, Cal
Adams, A. ? Barnet Brown, Sarah L. Boston, Mass
Allin, L.  (Mrs R. E. Wilder) Bethlehem, N.H. Chamberlain, Maggie  (Mrs H. K. Ide) St Johnsbury
Babcock, Mamie ? Danville Gorham, Augusta A. St Johnsbury
Brooks, B. Address Unknown Gray, Sarah ? Coventry
Buzzell, Abbie  (Mrs Henry C. Hall) Burlington Hancock, Emma Deceased
Buzzell, E.   (Mrs Dr. Smith) Deceased Higgins, Belle  (Mrs Ceylon Houghton) St Johnsbury
Carpenter, A. ? Waterford Jones, Lucy A.  (Mrs Alonzo Ingalls) Lyndon
Carpenter, E. ? Waterford Mann, Ella L. Address Unknown
Carpenter, Elizabeth I.  (Mrs C. P. Carpenter) St Johnsbury Morrill, Ida E.  (Mrs McCurdy) Andover, Mass
Carrrick, R. A. (Mrs C. H. Bagley) St Johnsbury Parker, Mary A.  (Mrs Woodworth) Concord, N.H.
Colby, L. Jennie Hanover, N.H. Stanton, Mattie B. North Danville
Coleman, Abbie  (Mrs Chas. Hazen) Olcutt Towne, Sarah D.  (Mrs Alex Dunnett) Deceased
Coleman, M. Address Unknown Ward, Nellie  (Mrs Geo. Spooner) Deceased
Cross, C. Address Unknown Whittlesey, Ella W.  (Mrs Leander Curdy) Deceased
Cross, E. E. The "Durston,"Syracuse, N.Y. Woodward, Lizzie Address Unknown
Emerson, E. Belle  (Mrs Steady) Deceased Addresses - 1868
Emerson, Lizzie Z. Deceased Batchelder, Edwin North Danville
French, Mary A. Deceased Benoit, Fred Address Unknown
Gilson, S. P.  (Mrs Gibbs Clark) Island Pond Colby, James F. Hanover,, N.H.
Gould, Abby E.  (Mrs Loren Woods) Winona, Kan Drew, Wm. A. ? North Danville
Harrington, Edith  (Mrs Edith Barnhart) Canton, Ill Drew, Warren N. North Danville
Harrington, Edith Deceased Fletcher, Geo. F. Address Unknown
Harrington, Marion Deceased Fletcher, Geo. H., Esq. 170 Broadway, New York city
Harvey, M. H.  (Mrs Phelps) St Johnsbury East Frost, Albert E., Western University of Pennsylvania Allegheny, Pa
Houghton, C. R. Deceased Galbraith, Rev. G. T. Liberty, N.Y.
Hoyt, Sarah Deceased Galbraith, James R. Passumpsic
Jones, N. Address Unknown Galbraith, W. H. Santa Cruz, Cal
King, Laura  (Mrs Huckins) Plymouth, N.H. Gordon, L. D. ? Newark
Kiney, Susan S.  (Mrs Hall) West Concord Hale, Harlan H. ? St Johnsbury
Mason, Ellen  (Mrs Hazen Hyde) Passumpsic Hall, A. Address Unknown
Moore, J. D. Deceased Hastings, Geo. H. 146 Tremont St., Boston, Mass
Moore, M.  St Johnsbury Hastings, Stephen J. Passumpsic
Morris, Julia M.  St Johnsbury Hill, H. C. St Johnsbury
Morrison, A.  St Johnsbury Hobson, Frank W. Address Unknown
Morrison, Ida R.  (Mrs Delos Jones) Binghamton, N.Y. Jenks, John N. Barnston, P.Q.
Peabody, Helen E.  (Mrs J. W. Putnam) Louisville, Ky Knapp, Charles W. Minneapolis, Minn
Poland, Isabella E.  (Mrs H. O. Cushman) Boston, Mass Knapp, H. H. Deceased
Richardson, Mary  (Mrs Sherburne Moore) Barnet Lang, Herbert M. ? St Johnsbury
Richardson, Minnie  (Mrs M. A. Potts) 1220 Locust St., Kansas City Lee, Nathan ? Waterford
Russell, C. M. ? West Concord Magoon, Horace B. Address Unknown
Shattuck, Mamie North Danville McNeil, Lorenzo Deceased
Scott, J. ? St Johnsbury Morse, James Waterford
Stanley, Ellen  (Mrs H. C. Haskins) 181 So. 7th St., Newark, N.J. Parker, Edwin Lyndon
Stanley, Hattie Address Unknown Parks, Chas. E. 150 School St., Somerville, Mass
Trescott, Sarah J.  (Mrs Taplin) Burlington Peck, Simon ? St Johnsbury
Willey, E. Address Unknown Richardson, Fayette S. St Johnsbury
Woodbury, E. U. ? Concord Robinson, Willis Address Unknown
Woods, B. ? St Johnsbury Sprague, Silas N. ? North Danville
Woodward, Emma ? Concord Stevens, Charles H. St Johnsbury
Addresses - 1869 Stevens, Geo. D. Crete, Neb
Armington, W. N. Water Village, N.H. Trask, Frederick M., M.D. Chicago, Ill
Bean, W. W. South Wheelock Ward, E. A. ? North Danville
Bede, Albert H. ? Tamworth, N.H. Ward, Nathaniel M. St Johnsbury
Belford, John ? West Waterford Wood, Samuel L. Address Unknown
Bishop, Geo. W. Address Unknown Woodruff, Oscar C. Newark
Carr, W. H. Waterford Ayer, Celia Address Unknown
Carpenter, Rev. Chas. M. Tyngsboro, Mass Barker, Mary B. St Johnsbury
Crayne, Wm. Address Unknown Batchelder, Alice C.  (Mrs Miles) Deceased
Flint, Wm. G. Danbury, Conn Bickford, Laura A.  (Mrs Franklin) West Derby
Ford, Chas. W. ? Granby Blakeslee, Clymena ? Littleton
Gates, Rev. Geo. A. President Grinnell College, Iowa Blakeslee, Eliza ? Concord
Grout, Theophilus Newport Burrows, Emma F. Address Unknown
Harris, Henry R. Address Unknown Campbell, Clara ? Sutton
Huse, Edson M. ? East St Johnsbury Campbell, Viola  (Mrs J. P. Otis) Clay Center, Kan
Kelsey, Harvey B. North Danville Chamberlin, Emma A. Deceased
Kenney, Palmer Passumpsic Clark, Hattie B. Address Unknown
Ketchum, Edward H.  Cincinnati, Ohio Clement, Ellen F. ? Barnet
Lane, Gilbert Littleton, N.H. Cushing, Emma ? Barnston, P.Q.
McCurdy, Matthew S. Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass Decker, Louisa R. Address Unknown
McMillan, A. Lewis Minneapolis, Minn Drew, Helen H.  (Mrs Forsythe) Barre
Morse, Rev. Edgar L. Port Atkinson, Wis Edson, Lucy Address Unknown
Newton, Wm. Address Unknown Emerson, Mary Deceased
Page, Luman H. Olcutt Falls Kinney, Hattie E. ? Passumpsic
Perkins, Martin ? St Johnsbury East Matthews, Kate O.  (Mrs H. C. Kinney) Grant'sPass, Oregon
Phelps, Henry J. ? Concord Miner, Laura Address Unknown
Powers, Harley N. West Burke Moreau, Emma  (Mrs Shepherd) Passumpsic
Putnam, Marcellus C. Address Unknown Newell, Matie  (Mrs Robert Mackinnon) St Johnsbury
Richardson, Herbert Address Unknown Sargent, Ellen F.  (Mrs E. P. Griswold) Deceased
Russell, Frank E. ? St Johnsbury East Stanton, Abbie  (Mrs Henry Varnum) Deceased
Shea, Wm. ? St Johnsbury Stanton, Emma F.  (Mrs Oram Stevens) Deceased
Silsby, Fred Lunenburgh Stevens, Emily C. Address Unknown
Stuart, Leslie A. Deceased Stiles, Emma ? St Johnsbury Center
Varney, Fred H. Cor. Market and Madison Sts., Chicago, Ill Walcott, Esther ? St Johnsbury
Way, Martin A. Deceased Ward, Lydia S. Deceased
Wells, Henry A. ? North Danville Ward, Miriam C.  (Mrs Geo. Clark) Danville
Blakeslee, Nellie M.  (Mrs Ladd) St Johnsbury Ward, Nettie E. ? North Danville
Bowker, Libbie M. Deceased Wheeler, -------  ? St Johnsbury Centeer
Brooks, Maria M. 707 W. Monroe St., Chicago, Ill Young, Clara D. Address Unknown
Bruce, Althea A. ? St Johnsbury Addresses - 1870
Carpenter, Carrie B.  (Mrs L. J. Cummings) Deceased Balch, Wm. E. Lunenburgh
Chadwick, Mattie  (Mrs W. J. Connell) Omaha, Neb Brown, Frank N. St Johnsbury
Chandler, Vrances Address Unknown Burnham, Chas. H. San Jose, Cal
Cutler, Sarah L. Address Unknown Chadwick, Payson M., M.D. Omaha, Neb
Eastman, Addie M. ? Peacham Chandler, Edward D. Rockford, Ill
Grout, Susie M/ ? West Concord Chandler, Elwyn W. Rockford, Ill
Grout, Victoria West Concord Farr, Edward A. St Johnsbury
Hale, Abbie ? Lower Waterford Foss, Fayette I. ? Lyndon
Hale, Abbie M. ? Waterford Galbraith, Milo D. Tarentum, Pa
Hale, Emily A. Denver, Col Hale, James B. Newbury
Hall, Fannie L. Address Unknown Hale, Thomas L. New York city
Harris, Ellie M. Address Unknown Harlow, Robert St Johnsbury
Hastings, Gazil N.  (Mrs Chas. Sias) 123 Wash. Ave., Chelsea, Mass Hopkins, Geo.. W. San Francisco, Cal
Hill, Mary B  (Mrs Palmer0 West Concord Jenkins, Arthur D. Deceased
Huse, Emma H. ? St Johnsbury Jenkins, Jason D. East Haven
Johnson, Lilla C. Deceased Knappen, Henry L. ? St Johnsbury
Jones, Dorna Address Unknown Ladd, Lafayette J. St Johnsbury
Jones, Georgia Deceased Lawrence, Frederick R. Deceased
Kittredge, Carrie I.  (Mrs Albert Hastings) Minneapolis, Minn Moore, William M., M.D. Provincetown, Mass
McCurdy, Melissa F. ? East St Johnsbury Parks, Fred B. ? Waterford
McKenzie, Clara M. Address Unknown Peabody, Richard E. ? St Johnsbury
Pearl, Mary A. Address Unknown Potter, Ellen P. St Johnsbury East
Percival, Elvira  (Mrs Allen) 27 Grove St., Lowell, Mass Rogers, Alvah Deceased
Perkins, Helen M. Address Unknown Sheldon, Heza. P. ? North Danville
Peterson, Flavia M.  (Mrs Frank Folsom) St Albans Spooner, Rev. Thomas Lawrence, Mass
Rowell, Carrie L. Craftsbury Stanton, Wm. Lyndonville
Sherburne, Almira L. Lyndon Center Stanton, Heza. ? North Danville
Stanton, Mary B.  (Mrs Geo. Hidden) Deceased Stiles, Chas. M. ? St Johnsbury
Stevens, Ella A. Portland, Oregon Underwood, Timothy H. St Johnsbury
Weatherbee, Alma Address Unknown Varnum, Harvey W. Danville
Weeks, Helen L.  (Mrs H. L.Streeter) Lyndon Center Ward, Geo. W. C. ? North Danville
Wells, Addie Deceased Weeks, Chas. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Wells, Jean  (Mrs Wilson) Granby Willey, Frank N. Lawrence, Mass
Addresses - 1871 Young, Emerson ? St Johnsbury East
Bingham, Hnry M.e Deceased Appleton, Flora L.  (Mrs D. C. Smith) Deceased
Bowman, Chas. P., Esq. 210 12th St., Sioux City, Ia Bartlett, Lucy A. Washington, D.C.
Brown, J. N. Address Unknown Blodgett,, Anna L.  (Mrs R. B. Peabody) St Johnsbury
Brown, Thomas J. ? St Johnsbury Burnham, Josie E.  (Mrs G. A. Dow West Glover
Caldwell, Elmore R., Esq. Logan, Iowa Buzzell, Maria  (Mrs Smith) St Albans
Cassino, Samuel B. 832 Exchange Building, Boston, Mass Charlton, Jennie E.  (Mrs Ezekial Cutler) Deceased
Devany, James A. Inverness, P.Q. Carpenter, Lillian  (Mrs S. F. Streeter) Concord, N.H.
Green, Chas. St Johnsbury Chapman,, Julia A.  (Mrs Geo. Stevens) Deceased
Hawes, George Chicago, Ill Chase, Cynthia H.  (Mrs John Wallbridge) West Concord
Hoskins, B. B. Lisbon, N.H. Clark, Carrie E. 75 Stampers St., Providence, R.I.
Ide, Henry C., M.D. Deceased Dexter, Mabel ? Passumpsic
Magoon, Charles H. Muskegon, Mich Drew, Helen F.  (Mrs Cuyler Forsyth) Barre
Maston, Henry J. Address Unknown French, Ella M. ? Bath, N.H.
Morrison, Alonzo J. ? Barnet Gibson, Hattie M. Address Unknown
Morrison, John A. Barnet Gilfillan, Annette Deceased
Page, Adelbert C. East Burke Greene, Mary E. ? Waterford
Peterson, Arthur Stoneham, Mass Hale, Wilma F. ? Waterford
Prouty, Charles A., Esq. Newport Hallett, Carrie  (Mrs John Danforth) St Johnsbury Center
Rocheleau, Wm. F. ? North Danville Hastings, Nancy G. ? St Johnsbury
Weeks, Wm. M. Lyndonville Hosmer, Mary L.  (Mrs Daniel Bridgman) Deceased
Wheeler, Wm. Holland 420 Beach St., Manchester, N.H. Kelsey, Hattie  (Mrs Wm. Batchelder) Newport
Brown, Kate L.  (Mrs T. C. Fletcher) Deceased Kendall, Llewella  (Mrs Henry Linney) Deceased
Burnham, Edna L. Deceased Page, Emma J. ? St Johnsbury
Buzzell, Lizzie M.  (Mrs J. A. Grant) Antigo, Wis Parks, Eva 93 Pembroke St., Boston, Mass
Carr, Isabelle M.  (Mrs D. B. Cross) Deceased Parks, Hattie  (Mrs Chas. Evans) Holborn Terrace, Roxbury, Mass
Cassino, Florence M. Peabody, Mass Ranney, Belle C.  (Mrs C. H. Stevens) St Johnsbury
Foster, Mary A.  (Mrs M. F. Bowman) St Johnsbury Ranney, Olive E.  (Mrs Freeman A. Pierce) St Johnsbury Center
Gilmore, Mary W. Deceased Service, Jennie  (Mrs Geo. T. Galbraith) Liberty, N.Y.
Greene, Martha W. Deceased Shorey, Ella B. Deceased
Hall, Lizzie Deceased Smith, Jennie  (Mrs Brock) West Barnet
Harrington, Emma G.  (Mrs T. J. Connelly) Galva, Ill Smythe, Elizabeth ? Passumpsic
Ide, Emma A.  (Mrs John Cruzan) Honolulu, Sandwich Islands Soper, Ella M.  (Mrs Fayette E. Richardson) St Johnsbury
Knappen, Ida M.  (Mrs J.. W. Miller) ? St Johnsbury Stanton, Lizzie  (Mrs Wm. Stanton) North Danville
Miller, Hattie C.  (Mrs Geo. McKinnon) West Farhham, P.Q. Stanton, Mattie L. North Danville
Page, Addie P.  (Mrs W. H. Lockwood) Greenfield Hill, Conn Stewart, Martha J.  (Mrs Haskell) Derby Line
Sargent, Genie Deceased Varney, Katie D.  (Mrs Chas. Greene) St Johnsbury
Stanton, Clara M.  (Mrs Ora N. Drew) North Danville Ward, Clara L. Deceased
Tower, Belle C.  (Mrs Duff) Vacaville, Cal Wark, Jennie D. Deceased
Wells, Lucy  (Mrs F.A. Morse) West Rutland Wells, Mattie J. Deceased
Wheeler, Lucia C.  (Mrs N. A. Gilman) St Johnsbury Wheeler, Matilda L. (Mrs Chas. Heyer) St Johnsbury
Addresses - 1873 Wood, Mary W. St Johnsbury East
Graduates   Wright, Georgia A. Deceased
Boynton, William S. St Johnsbury Addresses - 1872
Balch, Albert F. Marshalltown, Iowa Armstrong, Wm. P. St Johnsbury
Carpenter, Philip S. 38 Park Row, New York city Bailey, Geo. D. ? St Johnsbury
Leslie, Charles E. Hillsboro, N.D. Bailey, Geo. W. Hardwick
Searle,Alonzo T., Esq. Honesdale, Pa Barnes, Edson C. Deceased
Service, Rev. Robert J. 49 Lincoln Ave., Detroit, Mich Batchelder, Albert J. St Johnsbury
Chamberlain, Ellen E.  (Mrs Blair) 138 Norfolk St., Dorchester, Mass Brown, Edward D, 127 Clifton Ave., Minneapolis, Minn
Dana, Abbie H.  (Mrs John Loomis) Paint Rock, Texas Brown, Elisha Lower Waterford
Ross, Carrie C. St Johnsbury Brown, Frank C. ? St Johnsbury
Non-Graduates   Caldwell, Clement S. Washington (State)
Bogie, Jas. E. ? Coventry Chadwick, Albert M. Deceased
Bowman, Thomas H. Ontario, Cal Child, Chas. B. Northampton, Mass
Brainard, Ira D. Deceased Faulkner, Frederick A. Keene, N.H.
Carleton, Frank H. Lancaster, N.H. Field, Chas. H. Denver, Colo
Dwinnell, Dwight J. St Johnsbury Field, Oscar L. ? W. Derby
Gibbs, Judson L. Deceased Gilfillan, Geo. C. Minneapolis, Minn
Grout, James A. ? Kirby Gorham, Wm. H. Deceased
Hitchcock, A. Edward ? Westfield Gray, James R. Ayer, Mass
Hovey, Chas. A. ? East St Johnsbury Hale, Frank D., Esq. Lunenburgh
Leath, Henry W. Memphis, Tenn Hale, Thomas S. West Waterford
Lee, Howard J., M.D. 341 Prospect St., Cleveland, Ohio Harris, Chas. B. East Burke
Lonergan, James B. ? St Johnsbury Hastings, Winfield Waterford
Miles, Frank H. Washington, D.C. Hobson, Frank W. ? Island Pond
Pierce, Edwin C. ? St Johnsbury Center Hodsdon, Edward T. Thetford
Potts, Henry Lynn,, Mass Humphrey, Edward G. Somerville, Mass
Prescott, Geo. C. ? Gilmanton, N.H. Ide, Judson Haverhill, Mass
Ranney, Fremont St Johnsbury Judge, Hilliard, Esq. Butaw, Alabama
Richardson, Fayette E. St Johnsbury Knapp, Chas. W. Deceased
Rogers, Albert C. ? Walden Little, Edward B. Deceased
Stocker, Frank D. Danville Lindsay,, Peter Jr Leadville, Col
Streeter, Wm. S. Minneapolis, Minn Mason, Geo. H. San Francisco, Cal
Stevens, Edward St. Paul, Minn Moreau, Geo. ? Passumpsic
Truax, Clarence C. Deceased Parker, Harlan L. Lyndonville
Whitaker. John T. ? New Orleans, La Renfrew, Oscr H. Deceased
Barnard, Isabella H.  (Mrs I. J. Robinson) St Johnsbury Center Richmond, Frank Deceased
Barron, Mary A. ? West Concord Rogers, Frank S. Troy
Brown, Esther P. San Diego, Cal Stone, Geo. W. Santa Cruz, Cal
Conant, Hattie B., M.D. Minneapolis, Minn Stimpson, Lorenzo L.. Esq. Boston, Mass
Connell, Lilia M.  (Mrs Tenney) Westfield Willard, Chas A. Minneapolis, Minn
Doe, Lucia J.  (Mrs J. Darling) 103 Lambert Ave., Cambridge, Mass Willard, William J. Somerville, Mass
Follensby, Fidelia H.  (Mrs Chas. Sawin) Southboro, Mass Wilson, Chas. H. 296 Washington St., Boston, Mass
Gilfillan, Minnie L. ? East Barnet Woodruff, John B. ? West Burke
Green, Emma M. Waterford Woods, Chas. H. Passumpsic
Hitchcock, Emma C. ? Westfield Adams, Nellie Lunenburgh
Holton, Alice E. ? East Thetford Boles, May H.  (Mrs Fred McGaffey) Santa Anna, al
Houston, Minnie ? St Johnsbury Brown, Abbie A.  (Mrs Henry A. White) Washington, D.C.
James, Luella A. ? Westfield Clark, Flora E.  (Mrs A. D. Rowell) St Johnsbury
Lang, Ruby D. ? Barnet Copp, Abbie J. ? East St Johnsbury
Lucas, Mary E. St Johnsbury Dailey, Jennie W.  (Mrs C. C. Bowles) ? Coventry
Mason, Martha J. Waterford Dea, Emma J. ? St Granby
McDowell, Deborah E. Brooklyn, N.Y. Eastman, Mary W.  (Mrs James Weeks) Lancaster, N.H.
Mooney, Alice I.  (Mrs Frank Wallace) Rochester, N.H. Farwell, Julia H. Garden City, Long Island
Morrison, Callie Z. ? Barnet Gammell, Mary M.  (Mrs McGill) East Barnet
Morris, Ellen J. (Mrs Edward Spaulding) St Johnsbury Gilbert, Florence ? West Concord
Morse, Lucy M. ? St Johnsbury Hale, Susie  (Mrs James F. McElroy) 307 Clinton Ave., Albany, N.Y.
Robinson, Calista D. ? West Concvord Hawkins, Abbie M.  (Mrs McNeil) St Johnsbury
Russell, Emma M. ? St Johnsbury Hinman, Belle B.  (Mrs G. F. Wellman) 61 Dana St., Cambridge, Mass
Smith, Nettie Deceased Hubbard, Emma A. ? Lyndon
Somers, Lizzie M. ? Barnet Kinney, Louisa ? Craftsbury
Wheeler, Carrie E. ? St Johnsbury Liddell, Mary J. ? St Johnsbury
Wood, Mary L. ? East St Johnsbury Lougee, Emma Deceased
Wright, Georgie Deceased Mason, Ellen  (Mrs Hazen Hyde) Passumpsic
Addresses - 1875 Morse, Emma D. Deceased
Graduates   Newell, Etta M. St Johnsbury
Boynton, Henry C. St Johnsbury Silsby, Cynthia ? Lunenburgh
Brooks, Lyman H. Sheridan, Wy Trescott, Laura  (Mrs Geo. W. Haskill) Brown's Valley, Minn
Dunbar, Joseph H. White River Junction Ward, Miriam ? Danville
Harrington, Herbert J., M.D. Deceased Addresses - 1874
Hastings, Frank W. West Waterford Graduates  
Humphrey, Horace B, ? Chicago, Ill Carpenter, A. H. Waterford
Jones, Charles P. Johnson Harvey, George I. Shawneetown, I.T.
Townsend, Clark, M.D. 979 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, O Galbraith, Alma L. Box 32, Oaklnad, Cal
Walter, Edward H. Bradford Galbraith, Mary E.  (Mrs Masters) San Francisco, Cal
Willard, Ashton R;, Esq. 340 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Mason, Susie A.  (Mrs Curtis Harvey) Passumpsic
Abell, Carrie A. Deceased Parks, Emily C.  (Mrs R. B. Eastman) Brooklyn, N.Y.
Alvord, Lucia M. Deceased Prouty, Nellie B.  (Mrs Palmer) South Framingham, Mass
Arven, Gertrude L. ? Hanover, N.H. Savage, Hattie B. Stowe
Clark, Carrie E. 75 Stampers St., Providence, R.I. Holbrook, Susan A.  (Mrs W. P. Smith) St Johnsbury
Clark, Emma L. St Johnsbury Leath, Mattie F.  (Mrs . S. opkins) 5207 Kimbark Ave., Chicago
Clement, B. Belle  (Mrs W. W. Waldo) Marshalltown, Ia Prouty, Nellie B.  (Mrs Palmer) Framingham, Mass
Gilfillan, Lura M. 62 Concord St., South Framingham, Mass Non-Graduates  
Gorham, Annie L. St Johnsbury Abbott, Harry P. Alstead, N.H.
Hall, Mattie J. St Johnsbury Beck, Joseph H. St Johnsbury
Norris, Emily W.  (Mrs E. C. Bosworth) Rochester, N.Y. Beman, Geo. W. ? Chateaugay, N.Y.
Ross, Lizzie M. St Johnsbury Brooks, Frederic Sheffield
Waters, Charlotte L. Deceased Brown, Wendell P. ? Lisbon, N.H.
Non-Graduates   Burns, Robert, M.D. Plymouth, N.H.
Abbott, William H. Olema, Point Regis, Cal Carpenter, Wm. ? Chelsea
Adams, Chas. H. ? St Johnsbury Cheney, Geo. P. St Johnsbury
Appleton, Rev. Fayette G. South Dakota Coakeley, Frank G. ? Danville, P.Q.
Badger, David N. St Johnsbury Dickey, George A. Bradford
Ball, Robert D. L. 89 East Washington St., Chicago, Ill Dodge, Irving M. Albuquerque, N.M.
Barber, Frank W. Springfield, Mass Eames, Seth J. Deceased
Barton, Chas V. Times Office, Denver, Col Gallagher, Arthur H. ? St Johnsbury
Brown, Oscar J. Nashville, Tenn Gibson, Martin H. Ryegate
Brown, Rollin J. ? Northumbrland, N.H. Goodrich, A. M. St Johnsbury
Carr, Garvin A. ? West Glover Hastings, Loren B. Fort Townshend, Wash
Clement, Frank H. St Johnsbury Center Hewitt, Elisha New Haven, Conn
Clifford, Murray E. Somerville, Mass Houghton, Harry H. Charlestown, Mass
Cook, Edgar R. ? Glover Hovey, Fillie M. Pasadena, Cal
Craigie, Henry ? St Johnsbury Hoyt, Fred Marshalltown, Iowa
Cushing, Chas. E. ? East Burke Hunt, Alonzo B. ? St Johnsbury
Danforth, Fred A. ? St Johnsbury Kent, Harvey H. Passumpsic
Dimick, Geo. H. ? Lancaster, N.H. Lang, Henry M. ? Bath, N.H.
Eames, D. Byron ? Groveton, N.H. Lawrence, Silas T. ? East St Johnsbury
Elkins, Frank S. ? North Troy Manchester, Chas. W. ? McIndoes
Follensby, Curtis C. St Johnsbury Matthews, Charles W. Granby
Flint, Geo. A. St Johnsbury McAnn, Isaac H. Deceased
Flint, Charles G. St Johnsbury McGill, Wm. J. East Barnet
Gibson, Benj. A. ? Alstead, N.H. McIntire, Henry H. West Superior, Wis
Gilbert, Geo. N. San Diego, Cal Miller, J. Martin Ryegate
Goss, Herbert I. Berlin Falls, N.H. Moore, Herbert St Johnsbury
Gould, Wm. N. St Johnsbury Center Morrill, Henry A. ? Strafford
Graves, Herbert H. ? West Concord Morse, Wm. E. ? Groveton, N.H.
Gregory, Wm. C. ? West Waterford Nelson, Fremont S. Ryegate
Griffin, Willis L. ? Burke Nelson, John H. Ryegate
Grout, George S. Bellows Falls Page, Chas. P. Haverhill, N.H.
Guthrie, David L. L. ? Peacham Perrigo, Frank St Johnsbury
Hale, Joseph F. Lower Waterford Randall, Frank J. ? Barnet
Hanson, Wm. ? St Johnsbury Richards, Oliver S. West Concord
Hart, Geo. W. ? St Johnsbury Richey, Edwin H. ? Groveton, N.H.
Harvey, Walter C. ? East St Johnsbury Rogers, Edwin L. Wells River
Hazen, James W. ? Woodstock Rogers, Henry T. ? Rochester
Hill, Frank D. St Johnsbury Sargent, Frank St Johnsbury
Houghton, Edmund K. Lexington,, Mass Seaver, Jay W. ? East Craftsbury
Hovey, Fred M. St Johnsbury Smith, Chas D. ? Lancaster, N.H.
Howe, Arthur B. North Thetford Smith, Irving W. St Johnsbury
Hutchinson, Warner J. ? Thetford Somers, Clarence E. ? Barnet
Kinne, Harvey C. Littleton, N.H. Spencer, Chas. W. ? Hinsdale, N.H.
Lindsey, B. Abbott, M.D. New York city Stanley, Frederic Plymouth, N.H.
Lindsey, Chas. I. Parker House, Boston Stevens, Geo. D. Minneapolis, Minn
Locke, John R. ? East St Johnsbury Stiles, Charles E. ? Salem, Mass
McLaughlin, John C. Bolton, P.Q. Stiles, Wallace G. East St Johnsbury
McLaren, Robert H. ? San Francisco, Call Streeter, Fred W. Lancaster, N.H.
Merrill, John F. St Paul, Minn Streeter, Frank C. Deceased
Miner, Ethan A. ? St Johnsbury Sylvester, Levi Waltham, Mass
Minot, Jonas ? Bath, N.H. Thompson, John A. ? Lower Waterford
Nesmith, Edward M. ? Reed's Perry, N.H. Wells, Chas. V. Dummerston
Nelson, Horace ? East Barnet White, Emory A. ? Wells River
Peck, Azro M. St Johnsbury Williams, James R. ? Albany
Prescott, Chas. H. Keeseville, N.Y. Barnard, Jessie P. ? St Johnsbury
Ranney, Charles S. Danville Barnes, Katie ? St Johnsbury
Robinson, Arthur S. Topeka, Kan Brown, Nellie M. Minneapolis, Minn
Robinson, Chas. F. Lowell, Mass Chase, Lucy J. Rochester, N.H.
Scott, Wallace C., M.D. East Andover, Mass Chamberlin, Mary E. ? Bath, N.H.
Scoville, Chas. B. Chicago, Ill Cutler, Hattie E. ? Greensboro
Silsby, Elwin A. St Johnsbury Flint, Lucy M. Boston, Mass
Smith, Chas. H. Deceased Ford, Lettie ? Granby
Somers, Edward D. East Peacham Frost, Emma B.  (Mrs Dr. Cleveland) Burlington, Kan
Sprague, Silas I. Meredith Village, N.H. Goss, Carrie M.  (Mrs Osterhout) Hull Prairie, Ohio
Stanton, Isaac W. Deceased Hadley, Sarah C. ? East Barnet
Stanton, Jerry B. Danville Hallett, Carrie  (Mrs Harry McWilliams) Kansas City, Mo
Stevens, Edward P. St Albans Hill, Nellie E. ? St Johnsbury
Stiles, Justin E. Newport Centre Jackman, Eloise E. ? Bath, N.H.
Stowell, Charles W. ? West Concord Matthews, Mary A. ? St Johnsbury
Sullivan, Michael E., Esq. Boston, Mass Peck, Mary J.  (Mrs M. J. Wheeler) Lyndonville
Tracy, Edson S. ? Brownington Centre Randall, Clara A, ? Craftsbury
Treadrea, John M. ? North Danville Ramsey, Lillian A.  (Mrs Graves) St Johnsbury
Walter, Edward H. Providence, R.I. Ranney, Sarah J.  (Mrs Geo. H. Morrill) ? St Johnsbury Center
Ward, William A. ? St Johnsbury Rockwood, Lizzie M. ? St Johnsbury
Warden, Milo J. ? Passumpsic Scott, Mary A. ? Craftsbury
Webster, Geo. D. Lamoille, Ill Shattuck, L. Jennie ? Danville, P.Q.
Weeks, Frank D. ? North Danville Spencer, Ella St Johnsbury
Weeks, Gordon C. St Johnsbury Stanley, Carrie L.  (Mrs W. F. Kelley) Lynn, Mass
Wells, Joseph L. Granby Stiles, Adele C.  (Mrs Babcock) ? St Albans
West, Samuel B. ? Norwich Tinkham, L. Mabel Deceased
Westgate, Geo. H. ? Haverhill, N.H. Townsend, Katie L. Cleveland, Ohio
Wilson, Geo. H. ? North Troy Webster, Ettie S. ? Sheldon
Woodbury, Clarence B. Peacham Whitcher, Lottie E. Walden
Adgate, Hattie w.  (Mrs Nelson B. Conant) Deceased Addresses - 1876
Abbott, P. Ella  (Mrs Walter Johnson) Barnet Graduates  
Abbott, Fannie S.  (Mrs Roberts) Deceased Allen, Rev. Edward P. Sanford, Me
Babcock, Lucretia  (Mrs Silas Lawrence) Enosburgh Falls Benton, Charles A. Deceased
Babcock, Nellie A.  (Mrs Albert Paddock) St Johnsbury Colby, Edward A. Lock Box 313, Newark, n.j.
Buckminster,  Marianne E.  (Mrs Follensby) Southboro, Mass Crossfield, Amasa S. ? Abbotsford, P.Q.
Carr, Carrie E.  (Mrs F. G. Ellison) Springfield. Mass Dutton, Rev. George A. Deceased
Coolidge, Kate A. ? Albany Foster, David J., Esq. Burlington
Couch, M. Lizzie  (Mrs J. E. Moore) St Johnsbury Gaines, Alvin D. Alexandria, Minn
Currier, Ella M. ? South Danvbille Hall, Walter L., M.D. St Johnsbury
Dean, Ella F.  (Mrs C. Randall) St Johnsbury Hubbard, Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Mass
Dibble, May E. ? North Danville Manchester, George E. Burlington, Kan
Fairbrother, Emma C. St Johnsbury Marsh, Arthur W. ? Cabot
Freeman, Alice M.  (Mrs J. S. Meigs) St Johnsbury Meigs, John S. St Johnsbury
Grant, Abbie E.  (Mrs T. Underwood) St Johnsbury Morse, Rev. Charles H. Brookfield
Graves, Helen S. St Johnsbury Center Patterson, Rev. George Willis Hamilton, N.Y.
Hosmer, Mary L.  (Mrs Bridgman) Deceased Service, Rev. William A. Howell, Mich
Hunter, Almedie D.  (Mrs E.. G. Humphrey) Somerville, Mass Warden, Albert W. ? Barnet
Hawkins, Katie M.  (Mrs S. D. Stone) South Framingham, Mass Wheeler, William G. New York city
Knight, Nettie J. ? Franconia, N.H. Wheeler, Wilmot H. Grinnell, Iowa
Mansfield, Nettie C. ? St Johnsbury Baker, Minnie P.  (Mrs P. F. Hazen) St Johnsbury
Morse, Adelia E.  (Mrs Frank Stocker) Danville Brown, Flora  (Mrs B. K. Houghton) Lexington, Mass
Nichols, Alice J. ? St Johnsbury Center Colby, Zoe B.  (Mrs Walter) 98 Franklin St., Nw York city
Nichols, Julia A.  (Mrs Powers) St Johnsbury Center Frost, Florence 311 Craig St., Pittsburg, Pa
Owen, Belle A.  (Mrs Harris) Deceased Hibbard, Hortense B. 200 West 52nd St., New York city
Owen, Inez E. ? Craftsbury Howard, Carrie L.  (Mrs S. H. Kent) St Johnsbury
Parker, Lizzie M. ? St Johnsbury Knappen, Cora E. Deceased
Parlin, Ella ? West Charleston Stuart, Edna A. Wells River
Persons, Winnie S. Bethlehem, N.H. Ward, Ida J. Deceased
Pierce, Ella F.  (Mrs Page) Newtonville, Mass Weeks, Nellie J. Lowell, Mass
Russlow, Katie W.  (Mrs Paul Walker) Norwood, N.Y. Wells, Hettie Granby
Shattuck, Ida B. ? Danville Wetherbee, Mianda  (Mrs A. D. True) St Johnsbury
Stearns, Nellie E. ? St Johnsbury Willard, Carrie B.  (Mrs Lepage) St Johnsbury
Stribling, Lola R.  (Mrs O. Newell) San Antonio, Tex Willard, Mary 68 Marlboro St., Boston, Mass
Underwood, Florence J. ? St Johnsbury Williams, Etta N. Deceased
Ward, Carrie A.  (Mrs Asa Randall) Danville Williams, Ida L.  (Mrs Jerry Marston) Glover
Warden, Alice E. Deceased Wright, Jennie F. Pepperill, Mass
Addresses - 1877 Non-Graduates  
Graduates   Alger, Bertrand A. ? Eaton Corner
Balch, Phineas S. Marshalltown, Iowa Banfill, Preston O. Cabot
Blodgett, Pearl F. St Johnsbury Batchelder, Eddie J. St Johnsbury
Elliott, Andrew R. 26 Marlboro St., Newport, R.I. Bedell, Hazen Jr ? Colebrook, N.H.
Howe, Frank H. Port Townshend, Wash Bishop, Edward E. ? Littleton, N.H.
Keyes, Herbert W. Keene, N.H. Brown, Miley A. New York city
Lowe, Harry N. ? Columbia, S.C. Butler, Clarence A. Deceased
Maynard, Herbert B. Washington, O Carr, John L. ? Barton
Magoon, Edward D. Grand Rapids, Mich Chadwick, Geo. P. ? Boscawen, N.H.
Page, Charles P. Haverhill, N.H. Clifford, Hrbert M. ? Danville
Porter, Edward F. ? Stowe Coe, William W. Burke
Taylor, Bertrand B. 28 School St., Boston, Mass Connal, Edson N. ? Newport Center
Ward, Charles S. Grand Rapids, Mich Cook, Edwin A. ? Glover
Wheatley, Hannibal P., M.D. Farmington, N.H. Courtney, John J. ? Danville
Adgate, Hattie W. Deceased Davis, Charles C. ? West Derby
Bagby, Sarah E.  (Mrs McDonald) Danville Dawes, Fred S. ? St Johnsbury
Carlton, Mary F. ? Lancaster, N.H. Dow, Frank S. ? East Barnet
Cheney, Cora C.  (Mrs G. F. Adams) West Derby Durlam, Frank B. ? East Concord
Conant, Helen  (Mrs F. B. Wright) Minneapolis, Minn Dwinell, Fred E. ? Glover
Hancock, Alice M. East Hardwick Evans, Elmoe E. St Johnsbury
Hovey, Lucy N.  (Mrs Frank Spooner) Lancaster, N.H. Field, Edwin D. Hanover, N.H.
Hoyt, Hittie E. ? Lyndon Fitzgerald, Henry E. Island Pond
Little, Cora A. Box 317, Lawrence, Mass Gaines, Wilman E. ? North Troy
Ross, Helen M. Deceased Gordon, Fred F. Muskegon, Mich
Savage, Clara E. ? Lancaster, N.H. Graves, Bertie B. St Johnsbury East
Williams, Minnie L. Glover Groat, John H. Jr ? Boston, Mass
Non-Graduates   Harrington, Claude W. ? East St Johnsbury
Bartholomew, Ernest J. ? Hartford Harvey, James G. ? Royalton
Bartholomew, Walter H. ? Hartford Hatch, Frederic H. ? Groveton, N.H.
Beattie, James G. Lancaster, N.H. Holyoke, Frank D. ? Brooklyn, N.Y.
Bogue, Herbert B. ? Irasburgh Houghton, Julius H. 544 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass
Burke, Thomas Jr ? Barton Houghton, Pliny D. 544 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass
Brainard, Ira D. Deceased Hovey, Frank A. ? East St Johnsbury
Cook, Walter G. San Francisco, Cal Howard, Harry E. ? East Concord
Dearborn, Richard H. ? West Fairlee Huse, Horace B. Deceased
Fuller, Elmer W. St Johnsbury Jackman, Chas. W. Bath, N.H.
Gallup, George ? Northfield Jenness, Duer W. St Johnsbury Center
Hale, Everett E. Lower Waterford Kittredge, Fred L. ? St Johnsbury
Hayes, Wm. H. ? St Johnsbury Laird, Fred L. ? St Johnsbury
Heath, James A. North Troy Larabee, Oscar S. Newport Center
Hill, Minot W. Waterford Lyman, Edward A. Boston, Mass
Hooker, Frank B. St Johnsbury Marshall, Edwin P., M.D. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Ingalls, Edward B. St Johnsbury Martin, Henry H. ? Barton
Kyle, Thomas B. Dayton, Ohio Moore, Frankk L. ? St Johnsbury
Lane, Robert C. Chicago, Ill Morrill, Eben ? St Johnsbury
Leith, Geo. E. ? Haverhill, N.H. Morse, Clarence S. 46 Bowdoin St., Boston, Mass
McFarland, Leon D. ? North Danville Nelson, Chas. E. ? Derby Line
Morse, Geo. H. ? Danville Nelson, Wilbur East Barnet
Morse, Geo. W. Plymouth, N.H. Perry, Dana D. ? Mansfield, Mass
Morse, Stephen O. ? Danville Pierce, Edward C. Olcutt Falls
Newcomb, Wm. D. ? Chicago, Ill Powers, Alby A. ? Lunenburgh
Nutt, Hiram L. ? Norwich Quincy, Josiah H. Boston, Mass
Nutting, Wallace H. St Johnsbury Russell, Eugene H. ? West Danville
Parker, Henry H. Gloversville, N.Y. Sanborn, John H. Minneapolis, Minn
Peck, Geo. W. St Johnsbury Scott, Amos W. St Johnsbury
Prescott, Prentice P. St Johnsbury Center Scott, Frank A. St Johnsbury
Randall, Edson N. St Johnsbury Service, Samuel L. ? Barnet
Rice, Wm. H. ? Westford Shattuck, William Danville
Robinson, Frederic A. Detroit,, Mich Sias, Wm. A. Deceased
Rogers, James B. ? Cabot Simmons, Wm. H. ? Quechee
Sargeant, Frank B. ? St Johnsbury Simpson, James G. ? East Craftsbury
Silver, Edward V. Brooklyn, N.Y. Smith, Edward E. Deceased
Silver, Lewis M. Brooklyn, N.Y. Smith, Emory A. ? East Concord
Simmons, Frederic B. Quechee Smith, Frederic S. ? Arlington, Mass
Smith, Charles D. ? Brunswick Stockwell, Richard J. ? West Concord
Stanton, Jere B. ? Danville Stone, Edward J. Boston, Mass
Stanton, Geo. H. ? North Danville Toombs, Arthur P. ? Providence, R.I.
Stevens, James D. ? Danville Wheatley, Geo. O. ? Brookfield
Stone, Frederic B. Chicago, Ill Wheeler, Edward L. ? Brookfield
Swett, Murray  E. Lyndon Corner Wheeler, Elwyn M. ? Danville
True, Rev. Robert F. 7 Tremont Place, Boston, Mass Woods, Harry ? Bath, N.H.
Varnum, Byron ? Danville Wright, Albert ? Santa Cruz, Cal
Walter, Frederic W. Auburndale, Mass Abbott, Susie M. Los Angeles, Cal
Warden, Charles S. Passumpsic Appleton, Lilla B. Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
West, Samuel B. ? Hartford Ayer, Ame;ia J. ? St Johnsbury Centre
Wheeler, Charles D. ? Littleton, N.H. Beck, Daisy  (Mrs George Grout) Bellows Falls
Wheeler, Edward O. ? Littleton, N.H. Bickford, Laura M.  (Mrs Franklin) North Danville
Woods, Willis F. Passumpsic Blodgett, Maria E. ? Lisbon, N.H.
Barker, Etta F. Passumpsic Brooks, Maria M.  (Mrs E. J. Stone) Bosto, Mass
Beman, Jessie B. ? Chateaugay, N.Y. Brummer, Lora R. ? Lisbon, N.H.
Brown, S. Ellen ? Norwich Chapman, Ella M.  (Mrs C. T. Peck) 279 Pearl St., Manchester, N.H.
Cowling, Belle W. ? St Johnsbury Chapman, Jennie J.  (Mrs George D. Stevens) Crete, Neb
Darling, Lucy B.  (Mrs J. Darling) West Concord Cheney, Belle M.  (Mrs E. E. Smith) St Johnsbury
Gates, Isora A. ? East St Johnsbury Chesley, Emma O. ? North Greensboro
Goss, Mary E. 142 Pleasant St., Boston, Mass Chickering, Addie M. ? Westmoreland, N.H.
Gould, Mabel A. ? West Concord Collier, Minnie E. ? Greensboro
Greene, Nellie A.  (Mrs Ladd) St Johnsbury Cutler, Edna L. Deceased
Hale, Wilma F. Denver, Col Darling, Jennie L.  (Mrs H. E. Folsom) Lyndonville
Hall, Jennie C. Deceased Dea, Carrie A.  (Mrs A. M.. Goodrich) St Johnsbury
Harvey, Adelle ? East St Johnsbury Eaton, Emma A. South Framingham, Mass
Hurlburt, Rose N.  (Mrs Jesse Gage) St Johnsbury Center Fairbanks, Isabel  (Mrs A. L. Farwell) Deceased
Jewett, Jennie M. San Francisco, Cal Follensby, Amberzine  (Mrs C. E. Woodbury) Holliston, Mass
Kinney, Elma R. ? Craftsbury Ford, Patie M.  (Mrs M. E. McClary) Malone, N.Y.
Knight, Mattie L. ? St Johnsbury Gibson, Alice A. Ryegate
Lee, Alice E.  (Mrs Stephen Mahood) Lorimer, N.D. Gilfillan, Mary B,  (Mrs McLellan) ? Passumpsic
McLam, Sophia M.  (Mrs Charles Taplin) Topsham Hall, Emma L. ? Barton
Morrison, Callie F.  (Mrs C. A. Norton) Rockland, Me Hall, Jennie S. ? Barton
Ranney, Nellie M. West Concord Harvey, Alice R. ? Royalton
Richmond, Carrie W. ? New York city Harvey, Emily L.  Misssionary Cawnpore, N. W. Provinces, India
Russell, Clara M. ? West Danville Harvey, Flora B. Shawneetown, Indian Ty
Russell, Susie S. ? West Danville Harvey, Helen M.  (Mrs F. B. Phelps) ? West Waterford
Sanborn, Jennie L.  (Mrs Y. Williams) West Concord Hawes, Alice N.  (Mrs I. M. Hatch) Honolulu, Sandwich Islands
Shattuck, Nellie L.  (Mrs Wallace Nutting) St Johnsbury Henderson, Virginia J.  (Mrs John Nelson) Ryegate
Silsby, Mettie S. Irasburgh Hill, Ada R. Deceased
Silsby, Nellie J.  (Mrs M. D. Bowker) Lunenburgh Jenness, Martha A. St Johnsbury
Smith, Rosa C.  (Mrs W. A. Somers) St Johnsbury Kenison, Adelia A. St Johnsbury
Stevens, Jessie F.  Mrs C. W. Farr)  St Johnsbury Kinne, Eliza C.  (Mrs Elisha Brown) Lower Waterford
Thompson, Olive A.  (Mrs E. N. Randall) St Johnsbury Kinney, Helen C.  (Mrs Judge Thompson) Irasburgh
Tilton, Jennie C.  (Mrs J. C. Mooney) St Johnsbury Leitch, Mattie W.  Missionary Jaffna, Ceylon
Underwood, Persis E. ? St Johnsbury Leitch, Mary  Missionary Jaffna, Ceylon
Warden, Cora H.  (Mrs Horace Clement) Centralville, Lowell, Mass Lynch, Nellie M. Deceased
Webster, Lizzie A. ? Passumpsic McLaren, Irena J. ? Passumpsic
Wilkinson, Jennie C. West Glover Newton, Carrie M. Hartford
Williams, Nellie M.  (Mrs Fred Daniels) St Johnsbury Norris, Mary B.  (Mrs Frank Potts) Minneapolis, Minn
Woodward, Marcia M. ? West Concord Persons, Evelyn L. East Barnet
Addresses - 1879 Richardson, Minnie H.  (Mrs Geo. Leith) Tallapoosa, Ga
Graduates   Roberts, Mertie B. Deceased
Andersen, Jens K. Deceased Shattuck, Isabelle B. ? North Danville
Baldwin, Deo D. ? Sharon Simpson, Jennie O. Deceased
Barstow, Rev. John Glastonbury, Conn Streeter, Carrie C.  (Mrs Jesse Nadeau) Minneapolis, Minn
Bigelow, William H. ? St Johnsbury Tilton, Hattie L.  (Mrs Miles Gray) Colebrook, N.H.
Blake, G. Frank ? Athol, Mass Towle, Annie L. ? Kingston, N.H.
Bryant, Frank D. 751 Essex Street, Lawrence, Mass Underwood, Lizzie L. (Mrs Batchelder) Waltham,, Mass
Denio, Herbert W. First Nat. Bank, Port Henry, N.Y. Warden, Abbie A. ? Barnet
Dodge, Willis E. Dakota Whipple, Etta A. Sutton
Drew, Holman A. ? Colebrook, N.H. Williams, Mary L. East St Johnsbury
Gates, Rev. Owen H. Oberlin, O Addresses - 1878
Griswold, Charles S. Claremont, N.H. Graduates ? St Johnsbury
Gulick, Rev. Edward L. Groton, Mass Adams, Robert N., M.D. Portland, Me
Ham, Judson B. Lyndon Centre Dame, Arthur K, Esq. Fremont, Neb
Jewett, George A. Deceased Dean, George E. Chicago, Ill
Ray, Edward Lancaster, N.H. Farwell, Albert L. St Johnsbury
Robertson, Samuel W. Gilmanton, N.H. Hale, Rev. Edson D. Clayton, Cal
Stiles, William M. New York city Huntington, Bela S. Olympia, Wash
Ward, Rev. Hiram Q. Canaan Four Corners, N.Y. Johnson, Perley A. Newport, N.H.
Watson, Alfred E. Hartford Lines, Edward H., M.D. 263 West 45th St., New York city
Winch, George Langdon, N.H. Mathewson, Charles F. , Esq. 45 Williams St., New York city
Baker, Alida  (Mrs Spaulding) Fargo, N.D. Morse, Clarence S. Care Hovey & Co., Boston, Mass
Bickford, Laura M. ? North Danville Norton. James H. Ravenswood, Ill
Brooks, Laura L.  (Mrs W. C. Tyler) St Johnsbury Puffer, William M. ? St Johnsbury
Clark, Susie E. St Johnsbury Parker, Edward T. Derry, N.H.
Darling, Mary R. Lancaster, N.H. Prouty, Harley H. Barker House, East Portland, Oregon
Evans, Mary E. ? St Johnsbury Sargent, William H. St Johnsbury
Folsom, Nellie J.  (Mrs F. G. Bundy) St Johnsbury Tyler, William C. St Johnsbury
Hancock, Ellen S. East Hardwick Wells, J. Henry ? Sugar Hill, N.H.
Johnston, Elizabeth J.  (Mrs Charles A. Stanley) St Johnsbury Wright, Fred B. 426 Newton Ave., North, Minneapolis, Minn
Morse, Anna S. St Johnsbury Clarke, Ellen W. Norwich
Nelson, Lizzie B. St Johnsbury Crossman, Addie R. 5 Fairmount Ave., Wakefield, Mass
Porter, Mary G. ? Neenah, Wis Davis, Ellen L. ? Springfield
Preston, Willametta A. Danville Fairbanks, Agnes (Mrs Willard) 340 Com'w'th Ave., Boston, Mass
Ross, Julia  (Mrs A. C. Aldrich) 329 Broadway, Somerville, Mass Fairbanks, Mary F.  (Mrs Herrick) 684 State St., Springfield, Mass
Thomas, Laura C. Stowe Houghton, Emily E,  (Mrs F, W, Hastings) West Waterford
    Ingalls, Florence M.  (Mrs Soule) Burlington
Non-Graduates   Kinney, Helen  (Mrs L. H. Thompson) Irasburgh
Alden, R.Seabury ? Lyme, N.H. Mason, Martha J. Passumpsic
Andrus, Geo. B. ? South Strafford Moulton, Julia E.  (Mrs H. J. Goodrich) ?  St Johnsbury
Austin, Herbert J. ? St Johnsbury Page, Flora R. ? Springfield
Barber, William M. ? Montpelier Parker, Mary M. Deceased
Batchelder, Wm. J. Cabot Potter, Lizzie A, Worcester, Mass
Bishop, Leslie I. South Lunenburgh Randall, Bettie E.  (Mrs Charles S. Ward) Grand Rapids, Mich
Bishop, Willard C. ? St Johnsbury Stone, Mary E. ?  St Johnsbury
Brown, George N. St Johnsbury Center Trull, Addie I.  (Mrs B. B. Cushman) Newport, N.H.
Bugbee, Eugene M. Wallingford, Conn Non-Graduates  
Buswell, Henry C. ? Dannville Armstrong, Arthur E. ? West Berkshire
Dearborn, Alonzo ? Nashua, N.H. Bach, George A. Lunenburgh
Drew, Wm. L. ? North Danville Barnard, John Sherbrooke, P.Q.
Fuller, Irving J. ? St Johnsbury Barrett, Wm. E. St Johnsbury
Gray, Fred S. Troy Batchelder, James E. St Johnsbury
Hale, Perley G. 307 13th St., New York Beattie, Wm. W. ? Lawrence, Mass
Hamel, Edward P. Deceased Brewer, Frederic A. West Concord
Hancock, John B. East Hardwick Brown, Dwight R. Deceased
Hatch, Fred M. ? East Berkshire Carpenter, Arthur H. Chicago, Ill
Hedding, Melvin E. ? Chazy, N.Y. Carrick, Bruce ?  Barnet
Hood, Frank C. ? Topsham Caswell, Chas. S. Upper Waterford
Hovey, Wm. C. ? East St Johnsbury Chapman, Herman C. ?  St Johnsbury
Kinney, Wm. L. St Johnsbury Clark, Charles H. ?  South Cabot
Knapp, Chas. H. Minneapolis, Minn Clark, Laureston L. ?  South Cabot
Lane, Homer G. Chicago, Ill Clarke, George R., M.D. Boston, Mass
Martin, Chas. L. ? Montgomery Center Coe, Orlo A. ?  East Burke
Morrill, Curtis ? Strafford Curtis, Clarence E. Deceased
Nourse, Arthur W ? Bethlehem, N.H. Cutler, Harry R. Barton
O'Halloran, Geo., F. ? Cowansville, P.Q. Dana, Charles H. Jr ?  West Lebanon, N.H.
Page, Child L. ? Woodsville, N. H. Dewey, Frank O. ?  New York city
Patterson, Fred W. Deceased Dickey, J. Freeman Acworth, N.H.
Peck, Chas. E. St Johnsbury Drew, Amie St Johnsbury
Perkins, Isaac W. ? North Centreville, N.B. Dutton, Walter A. ?  South Walden
Pierce, Chas. S. St Paul, Minn Dutton, Worthen B. ?  South Walden
Pierce, Geo. H. Santa Cruz, Cal Farnham, Herbert H. ? Greensboro
Remick, James W. ? Colebrook, N.H. Felch, Bert M. ?  St Johnsbury
Richards, John B. ? St Johnsbury Foster, Harry H. ?  Cabot
Seaver, Harley T. ? North Troy Gaines, John H. ?  North Troy
Skiff, Lewis A. Minneapolis, Minn Gilfillan, Charles J. Passumpsic
Stanton, Edwin M. ? North Danville Harvey, Richard S. New York city
Stevens, Truman E. Blair, Neb Hazleton, Lucius C. ?  Stratford
Tenney, Edward H. Claremont, N.H. Holmes, Wm. H. Boston, Mass
Thayer, John F. ? St Johnsbury Hovey, Edward E. ?  East St Johnsbury
Thresher, Bennett M. Barton Hudson, Henry B. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Truax, Harry L. Grant's Pass, Ore Kibling, Geo. H. ?  South Stratford
Underwood, Clarence ? St Johnsbury Kimball, Frank B. ?  Newbury
Upton, Warren H. ? Bakersfield Lund, Henry W. ?  Granby
West, Chas. H. St Johnsbury Morrill, Charles A, Kearney, Neb
Woodward, Ellsworth C. Danville Morrill, Corliss W. North Danville
Adams, Annie P. Deceased Page, Frederic W. ?  Haverhill, N.H.
Austin, Nellie ? St Johnsbury Parmenter, Charles N. ?  Pittsfield
Bagley, Mary B. ? St Johnsbury Patterson, Thomas N. ?  South Albany
Conant, Alice T.  (Mrs Simpson) Craftsbury Peck, Clarence G. ?  Danville
Crosby, Addie E.  (Mrs Addie Comstock) St Johnsbury Pike, Charles D. Chicago, Ill
Drew, Katie A. Newport Porter, Wm. G. ?  Thetford Center
Dwinell, Myra L. ? St Johnsbury Powers, Wm. E. Merchants Row, Boston, Mass
Eastman, Amanda Grand Hven, Mich Rand, Frank H. Third National Bank, Boston, Mass
Flint, Ella M. St Johnsbury Randall, Frank L. ?  St Johnsbury
Gates, Libbie R. Franklin Sargent, Fred J. ?  Enosburgh
Gilman, Carrie V. ? Morrisville Shedd, Geo. A. ?  St Johnsbury
Gould, Emma H. ? St Johnsbury Smith, Charles O. ?  Sandwich, N.H.
Hallett, Carrie M.  (Mrs Harry McWilliams) Kansas City, Mo Smith, Emerson H. ?  North Tunbridge
Harlow. Eva M. St Johnsbury Smith, Homer W. ?  St Johnsbury
Harvey, Carrie A. Deceased Streeter, Edward K. Clyde, Cloud County, Kan
Howe, Jennie M. North Thetford Warden, Henry N. Passumpsic
Hoyt, Emma E. ? Victory Whitcher, Lewis B. ?  Wentworth, N.H.
Hubbard, Alice M. ? Sharon White, Wm. C. ?  Westmoreland. N.H.
Huse, Maria A. ? East St Johnsbury Woodward, Wm. A. ?  West Concord
Johnson, Lily M.  (Mrs Chas. Kirk) St Johnsbury Young, Wm. F. ?  North Troy
Kilburn, E. Addie  (Mrs B. P. Robinson) Littleton, N.H. Ayer, Nettie A. ?  St Johnsbury Centre
Kingsbury, Ella S. ? Lyme, N.H. Baker, Clara B.  (Mrs Lewis) Fargo, Da
Maplesden, Mary A. ? Morgan Bemis, Mabel C.  (Mrs Walter Ranger) Lyndon Centre
Nelson, Laura Lancaster, N.H. Bevan, Mary ?  East St Johnsbury
Pearl, Alice E. ? St Johnsbury Bickford, Emma F. North Danville
Pierce, Sadie s.  (Mrs Hamlin Calder) Newtonville, Mass Carpenter, Edith  (Mrs Bond Valentine Thomas) Millville,, N.J.
Powers, Jessie M. ? West Burke Chapman,, Minnie R. Deceased
Rounds, Ella D. ? Chester Clark, Carrie S. ?  Danville
Samson, Abbie A. ? East Berkshire Clarke, Kathie W. ?  West Charleston
Smith, Jennie ? East St Johnsbury Clifford, Nellie M. ?  Danville
Smith, Nellie G. ? Brunswick Cone, Hattie A.  (Mrs Wm. Hall) Worcester, Mass
Stanton, Mabel A.  (Mrs Charles G. Flint) St Johnsbury Corley, Jennie A. ?  Irasburgh
Stevens, Abbie C.  (Mrs E. W. Allen) West Charleston Currier, Katie ?  St Johnsbury
Stevens, Corilla A. ? Danville Dean, Carrie M. ?  St Johnsbury
Turner, Bessie I. ? White Oak Springs, Ala Denio, Ellen A. Deceased
Turner, Mary C. White Oak Springs, Ala Denio, Lizzie A.  (Mrs Lake) Saxtons River
Underwood, Flora I. ? St Johnsbury Felch, Ida O. ?  St Johnsbury
Vaughan, Mary B.  (Mrs Dunklee) 3346 Lorimer St., Denver, Col Foss, Nellie B.  (Mrs Colby) Lyndonville
Ward, Dora A. ? St Johnsbury Foster, Rebecca W.  (Mrs Frankk Somers) Passumpsic
Waters, Kate M. ? Albany Gage, Clara M.  (Mrs Plummer) Laconia, N.H.
Watson, Pliver R, Hartford Gibson, Emma J. ?  Barnet
Webley, Annie  (Mrs Maxwell) ? Northampton, Mass Gibson, Eva L. ?  Barnet
Weeks, Clara M. ? North Danville Hale, Abbie M. Deceased
Wheeler. Nettie M. St Johnsbury Hale, Carrie B.  (Mrs M. A. Henkle) Winter Park, Fla
Wilcox, Emily ? St Johnsbury Hall, E. Jennie ?  St Johnsbury
Willey, Hattie P.  (Mrs W. M. Hanna) Winchester, Mass Hartshorn, Cora L.  (Mrs Ed. Lowell) Lewiston, Me
Willey. Nettie M. ? North Monroe, N.H. Haskell, Clara s. Deceased
Addresses - 1880 Henderson, Capitola K. Deceased
Graduates   Hibbard, Adelina P. New York city
Billings, Parmly Deceased Houghton, ,Francses ?  Fredonia, N.Y.
Bliss, William G. Bible House, Constantinople, Turkey Ide, Katie D.  (Mrs Geo. M. Gray) St Johnsbury
Carpenter, William Andover, Dak Kidder, Alice L. ?  Bethlehem, N.H.
Dearborn, Frank A. ? Nashua, N.H. Knapp, Alice R. ?  St Johnsbury
Gates, Charles W. Franklin Knight, Ella G.  (Mrs Smith) Irasburgh
Goss, Herbert I. Berlin Falls, N.H. Knight, Grace E.  (Mrs Samuel Robertson) Gilmanton,, N.H.
Hale, Edwin E. Orfordville, N.H. Leach, Julia A. ?  Irasburgh
Herrick, Joseph T.,  M.D. Springfield.. Mass Longee, Mary B. ? North Danville
Hinman, Jacob 111 Broadway, New York city Magoon, Hattie  (Mrs Albey) Muskegon, Mich
Hulbert, Homer B. Zanesville, Ohio Marsh, Cornelia ?  Littleton, N.H.
Lane, Herbert B. West Derby Mason, Emily E. Deceased
Lovell, Aldis H. Drewsville, N.H. Miner, Carie M.  (Mrs Edward Bisjop) Bethlehem, N.H.
Marden, A. Erdman, M.D. Allentown, Pa Montgomery, Sara H. ?  Halifax, N.S.
Miller, David G. Taunton, Mass Murray, Dora G. ?  Lyndonville
Morse, Jenner B. East Saginaw, Mich Peck, Emma A. ?  Danville
Morse, Joseph F. Denmark, Iowa Powers, Emily M. Deceased
Noyes, Rev. William H. Maibaishi, Japan Root, Lucia A. ?  North Craftsbury
Shurtleff, Fremont B. Concord, N.H. Russell, Mary E. ?  St Johnsbury
Spencer, Carl M. St Johnsbury Sly, Lilla V. ?  Boltonville
Stafford, W. P., Esq. St Johnsbury Spear, Mary L. ?  Boston, Mass
Symonds, Irving P. Westport, N.Y. Stanton, Carrie E.  (Mrs F. B. Stocker) Danville
Trask, Leland New York city Stockwell, Irene A.  (Mrs Thomas Ellis) Lancaster, N.H.
Turner, Arthur R. Place de la Concorde, Paris, France Streeter, Caroline H. Upper Waterford
Wheatley, Irving W. 913 Insurance Exchange Building, Chicago, Ill Sylvester, Nellie A. Deceased
Willard, Stephen R., Esq. Minneapolis, Minn Webster, Lora A. ?  Lunenburgh
Wilson, Homer C. Lyndonville Weeks, Belle C.  (Mrs Truman Stevens) Blair, Neb
Brown,Abbie P.  (Mrs . R. Brooks) Olcutt Woodbury, Sarah B. ?  West Concord
Gates, Flora L.   (Mrs Gilbert) 526 Wash.n Boulevard, Chicago, Ill Addresses - 1881
Gordon, Mary M. Minneapolis, Minn Graduates  
Goss, Florence G.  (Mrs W. P. Staffford) St Johnsbury Andersen, Hans P. Asheville, N.C.
Hall, Agnes H. St Johnsbury Appleton, John A. Deceased
Hallett, Sarah P.  (Mrs C. P. Rice) 15 Britton St., Worcester, Mass Bacon, John L. White River Junction
Higgins, Alice M.  (Mrs James Ritchie) St Johnsbury Bayley, Edwin A. 614-618 Exchange Building, Boston
Ross, Helen E.  (Mrs Brazelton) Chicago, Ill Blodgett, Rev. L. M. American Episcopal Church, Nice, France
Rowe, Mary L. ? Springfield Burnham, William E. St Johnsbury
Root, Carrie A.  (Mrs Royal Moodie) North Craftsbury Forbush, Frank D. Grand Rapids, Mich
Thompson, Jennie R. North Stratford, N.H. Higgins, Charles H. Passumpsic
Wilkinson, Jennie C. ? West Glover Hopkins, Fred E. ? Montgomery Centre
    Hulbert, Rev. J. Munsell Loomis Ave. P.O., Chicago, Ill
Non-Graduates   Ide, George R. 913 F. St., Washington, D.C.
Adams, Chas. D. ? St Johnsbury Phelps, Frederick W. Verdugo, Cal
Adams, Chas. S. St Johnsbury Putney, Charles North Troy
Appleton, Geo. S. Helena, Mont Russell, Charles B. "Herald", New York city
Bartlett, Samuel C. Hanover, N.H. Stokes, Warren S. ? East Charleston
Beattie, John J. Stuart, Iowa Stone, Arthur F. St Johnsbury
Butler, George Portsmouth, N.H. Gates, Elizabeth R.  (Mrs C. W. Powell) Franklin
Carpenter, Ora M. West Charleston Gibson, Clara F. ? Ryegate
Chamberlin, Wm. G. Chicago, Ill Ham, Clara L. ? Lyndon Centre
Conant, Wm. P. ? Greensbooro Knapp, Alice R. ? St Johnsbury
Dole, Charles S. Danville Knight, Ella S. ? Irasburgh
Dudley, Sydney A. ? St Johnsbury Knight, Grace B.  (Mrs S. W. Robertson) Gilmanton, N.H.
Gibson, Wm. A. ? South Ryegate Mathewson, Lillie B. Lyndon Centre
Gilfillan, Lycurgus McLerans May, Jennie P.  (Mrs J. C. Brown) 939 P St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
Hale, Henry ? Waterford Noyes, Mary F. 37 Highland Ave., Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O
Holbrook, Henry C. West Fairlee Ross, Martha H. St Johnsbury
Hovey, Elmer A. Deceased Stiles, Lois  (Mrs C.. J. Berry) 19 Hancock St., Worcester, Mass
Moore, Alfred K. ? Ryegate Taplin, Carie L. St Johnsbury
Morrill, Elbert A. ? Danville Thompson, Edith B. North Stratford, N.H.
Nelson, George C. Ryegate    
Ramsey, Allan J. ? Colebrook, N.H. Non-Graduates  
Ramsey, Sherburn K. M. ? Colebrook, N.H. Allen, Herbert W. St Johnsbury
Richardson, Geo. A Barnet Baker, Alvah S. ? Lowell, Mass
Stimpson, Herman P. Sheffield Baldwin, Ralph Deceased
Steele, Wm. P. Passumpsic Bates, Alvan B. ? Barton Landing
Stoddard, Frank J. Lower Waterford Bates, Wm. A. ? Barton Landing
Strong, Harry B. ? St Johnsbury Bennett, Clarence A. St Johnsbury
Walker, Ferdinand L. Worcester, Mass Bickford, Selden F. ? Barton Landing
Waterman, Chas. W. ? Franklin Blanchard, Edwin C. Newport
Barnard, Maggie Boston, Mass Brooks, Alfred H. Minneapolis, Minn
Bennett, Mary E. ? West Waterford Brooks, Arthur R. Olcutt Falls
Benton, Hattie M.  (Mrs Geo. Balch) Lunenburgh Carr, Chas. . ? St Johnsbury
Berry, Abbie J. ? Sutton Chedel, Chas. A. Deceased
Bishop, Lillia ? Littleton, N.H. Chamberlain, Edward ? Sharon
Bundy, Annie J. ? North Stratford, N.H. Conant, Chas. S. Concord, N.H.
Chaffee, Abbie C, ? St Johnsbury Cushing, Alvin M. Jr Deceased
Clement, Emma L. ? Danville Eastman, NoaH Troy, N.Y.
Colburn, Alice R, ? North Pomfret Estabrooks, Fred St Johnsbury
Deming, Katie B.  (Mrs Wm. Lee) ? Wells River Gage, Josiah St Johnsbury
Dole, Katie C. ? Danvbille George, James H. East Hardwick
Eastman, Ora A. ? St Johnsbury Hovey, Fred E. ? West Waterford
Fairman, Jennie E. Wolcott Howe, Wm. A. ? St Johnsbury Centre
Glidden, Addie M. ? St Johnsbury Ingalls, Wm. S. ? Greensboro
Goss, Eliza M.  (Mrs Chas. James) Bennington Kinne, Nathan ? Waterford
Goss, Helen A,  (Mrs Harrison White) Williamstown, Mass LeGro, James D. ? Columbia, N.H.
Hodgdon, Ella ? North Troy Locke, O. Willey ? Barton Landing
Joslin, Ella E. West Concord Lombard, Darwin ? Colebrook, N.H.
Joslin, Susie A. Concord Lord, Edwin G. ? Union Village
Ladd, Hattie A.  (Mrs Frank Weeks) St Johnsbury Mattocks, Samuel J. Hastings, Neb
Ladd, Mary E.  (Mrs Adams) ? Waterford Montgomery, Arthur R. ? East Hardwick
Laird, Lizzie Deceased Newcomb, Luther ? Montpelier
Lee, Carrie B. ? St Johnsbury Nelson, Geo. A. East Barnet
Mackintosh, Georgia B.  (Mrs Josiah Gage) St Johnsbury Penniman, Ira F.  Concord, Mass
Morrill, Margaret E. ? Danville Prouty, Geo. H. Newport
Murray, Lizzie A.  (Mrs Parker) Carbondale, Kan Putnam, Graham F. ? St Johnsbury
Nelson, Sarah J. Ryegate Ranney, Nathan H. ? West Concord
Norris, Ida M. ? Montpelier Simpson, George A. Boston, Mass
Otis, Carrie M. ? Sheffield Shattuck, Henry B. ? Bridgewater
Parker, Clara E. ? Danville Spencer, Alden I. ? Crescent City, Fla
Peck, Cora E. ? Danville Stanley, Herbert A. St Johnsbury
Ranney, Jennie P. East St Johnsbury Walker, Wilbur S. Richmond
Smith, Fida H. ? Sutton Ward, Chester L. ? St Johnsbury
Story, Ellen L.  (Mrs Stanley) Victory Ward, Wesley ? Danville
Story, Hattie J. Deceased Webber, Frederick F. New Haven, Conn
Wakefield, Addie E.  (Mrs McElvey) West Concord Webster, Eugene B. ? Lunenburgh
Webber, Lucy Northampton, Mass Webster, Henry S. Barton Landing
Worcester, Emma S.  (Mrs Carl Peterson) Deceased Wilcox, Edwin H. St Johnsbury
Wright, Nellie M.  (Mrs H. Tilton) West Concord de Ycaza, James ? Panama, U.S.C.
Young, Addie E. ? East St Johnsbury Alger, Ellen L. ? Johnville, P.Q.
Addresses - 1882 Alger, Minnie J.  (Mrs Ed. Fields) Bellows Falls
Graduates   Badger, Florence E.  (Mrs Underwood) St Johnsbury
Abbott, Wallace  C. Woodstock Baldwin, Clara D. ? Coos, N.H.
Alvord, George R. Deceased Bartlett, Phebe R. Barton Landing
Blodgett, Herbert W. St Johnsbury Berry, Alice J. ? Sutton
Bradley, Welcome W. 123 W. 15th St., Minneapolis, Minn Brooks, Ida M. ? West Concord
Bridgman, Burt N., M.D. Adams, Natal, So. Africa Brown, Julia A. St Johnsbury
Chamberlain,, Harry B. Fairlee Carpenter, May C.  (Mrs L. Cummings) Clinton, Iowa
Darling, Edward L. ? South Wheelock Carr, Flora J. 75 Monroe St., Burlington
Fairbanks, Rev. Arthur Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Conn Coe, Alice M.  (Mrs Orvilla Smith) St Johnsbury
French, John 33 W. 42nd St., New York city Coe, Katie S.  (Mrs Perley Johnson) Newport, N.H.
Goodwin, Karl H. 86 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill Cole, Adella P. Deceased
Gray, George M. St Johnsbury Damon, Julia H. ? Cabot
Hatch, F. M. Esq. Schuyler, Neb Eaton, Jennie B. ? Sutton
Hovey, Erastus G. Chattanooga, Tenn Emerson, Belle M.  (Mrs Alvin Steady) Lowell, Mass
Hovey, Harley M. ? Waterford French, Lucy N. ? Barton Landing
Ladd, George W. ? St Johnsbury Hale, Carrie E. ? Passumpsic
Lloyd, Alfred H. 43 So. Ingalls St., Ann Arbor, Mich Hastings, Clara A.  (Mrs A. M. McIntire) Jefferson, N.H.
Lloyd, Arthur D. ? 64 Bloomfield Ave., Montclaire, N.J. Herrick, Florence C. Deceased
Loveland, Frank O., Esq. Chamber of Commerce Building, Cinn., O Hibbard, Dora Deceased
Marden, Wm. B. ? Piermont, N.H. Hinman, Jennie E.  (Mrs Charles Weld) Roslindale, Mass
McGaffey, Lucius K. Albuquerque, N.M. Ingalls, Harriet M. ? Sheffield
Morse, Charles M. ? Wolcott Kidder, Addie L. Deceased
Quimby, William L. Esq. St Johnsbury Locke, Jennie M. ? St Barton Landing
Redmond, John W. St Johnsbury McDonald, Margaret ? St Johnsbury
Richardson,, Rev. Henry M. Spearfish, N.D. Morse, Flora L. ? West Concord
Richardson, Rev. John L. Deceased Morse, Lila J.  (Mrs Pliny Cowles) Richford
Ross, Edward H., M.D. St Johnsbury Peck, Ida E. Danville
Silver, C. Alba Greensboro Bend Peck, Ida M. St Johnsbury
Thompson, Phillip S. Los Angeles, Cal Perkins, Hattie F. ? Marlow, N.H.
Vaughn, Frank T. ? Claremont, N.H. Perkins, Mary E. ? South Royalton
Waterman, Frank H. 629 Eighth St., So. Minneapolis, Minn Ritchie, Jennie B. ? Topsham
Browne, Helen L.  (Mrs H. J. Emerson) Albuquerque, N.M. Shorey, Agnes H.  (Mrs Nichols) ? St Johnsbury Center
Fairbanks, Almira T.  (Mrs H. W. Blodgett) St Johnsbury Silsby, Jennie A. Lunenbuurgh
Rust, Abby O.  Mrs C. E. Russell) New York city Skinner, Mary ? Barton Landing
Bartlett, Clara I. ? St Johnsbury Centre Smith, Callie R.  (Mrs Will Somers) St Johnsbury
Blodgett, Harriet E.  (Mrs S. E. Belknap) Minneapolis, Minn Stevens, Mary P. ? St Johnsbury
Chamberlin, Marion B. ? Bath, Me Thayer, Susie H.  (Mrs Orvilla Smith) St Johnsbury
Clark, Alice G. ? St Johnsbury Vredenburgh, Bessie Kingston, N.Y.
Davis, Lizzie  (Mrs J. L. Bacon) White River Junction Addresses - 1883
Dixon, Clara C.  (Mrs P. P. Blodgett) St Johnsbury Graduates  
Eastman, Bessie M. California Bingham, George H. Littleton, N.H.
Hale, Addie D. Deceased Blakey, J. M. Nashua, N.H.
Hale, Mary G. Redlands, Cal Brackett, Frank P. Pomona, Cal
Hayden, Mary B.  (Mrs C. W. Gates) Franklin Cushman, Henry O. 53 State St., Boston, Mass
Hulbert, Gertrude  (Mrs Edgar Wylie) Summerdale, Chicago,Ill Dartt, William H. Schuykill Haven, Pa
Ingram, Jeanie D. Lyndonville Day, B. Clifton 256 West 22d St., New York city
Northrop, Amanda C. St Johnsbury Dunklee, Harley K. ? West Burke
Northrop, Mary M.  (Mrs A. McArthur) ? Fairfield Emerson, Stephen G. Oberlin, O
Whipple, Etta A. ? Sutton Fish, Edwin ? West Derby
    Frost, George .  St Johnsbury
Non-Graduates   Hutchinson, Charles B. South Pomfret
Alger, John L. Brown University, Providence, R.I. Keyes, John L. Pierre, S.D.
Badger, Geo. F. Barre Kinney, William C. Nassau St., New York city
Bailey, Harry P. ? Colebrook, N.H. Leonard, George L. ? Bellows Falls
Baldwin, Chas. W. ? Norwich Magoon, Garvin R. ? Derby Centre
Blanchard, James F. Deceased Miliken, Rev. Charles D. ? Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Conn
Bowen, Lawrence P. ? East Albany Miner, George B. 38 Park Row, New York city
Boynton,, Stannard J. ? Stowe Packard, Elmer C. Port Townsend, Wash
Brainerd, Fred E. Deceased Porter, John L. Littleton, N.H.
Bundy, Oscar E. ? Sutton Ross, John C. 38 Park Row, New York city
Carlton, Ernest G. ? Ambulla, N.I. Skinner, James P. East Windsor Hill, Conn
Chaplin, Wm. A. ? Lyndonville Thompson, Philip S. ? Lyndon
Chase, Frederick M. ? Concord Walker, Arthur F. St Johnsbury
Clark, Wm. S. ? Holly Springs, Miss Wallace, I. Burns 344 W. 57th St., Cooper Institute, New York city
Cole, Edwin P. Lunenburgh Watkins, Harris R. Newbury
Davison, Wm. S. Clinton, Wis Weeks, James S. St Johnsbury
Dodge, Fred W. Norwood, Mass Wild, Edward W. "Free Press", Burlington
Doud, Arthur V. ? Sutton Willard, Joseph M. Derry, N.H.
Dow, Nelson L. ? Irasburgh Adgate, Almeria I.  (Mrs C. P. Bailey) Newport News, Va
Fuller, Harry W. ? St Johnsbury Bailey, Charlotte A. ? Lyndonville
Gage, Edward E. ? East Lyndon Dutton, Hattie E. ? Norwich
Gallagher, James ? North Craftsbury Eastman, Sadie L. ? Underhill
Gates, Elmer S. ? Peacham Emerson, Belle M.  (Mrs Alvin Steady) Lowell, Mass
Gilmore, Alex. H. Boston, Mass French, Inez N. Barton Landing
Goodell, Oliver F. St Louis, Mo Gage, Mary H. Deceased
Grandy, Merton C. Newport Gage, Hattie E. ? North Craftsbury
Haines, Chas. Lower Cabot Harriman, Kate S. 1024 Van Buren St., Topeka, Kan
Harrington, Luther J. ? Randolph Hartshorn, Kate E.  (Mrs M. L. Miner) Haverhill, Mass
Hazen, Lucius K. St Johnsbury Hazen, Isabel F.  (Mrs McElwin) Holyoke, Mass
Houghton, Wallace W. Lyndon Hazen, Mary L. St Johnsbury
Kimball, William E. ? Albany Hill, Cora L.  (Mrs Jas. George) East Hardwick
King, Chas. C. Rockford, Ill Ide, Kate D.  (Mrs Geo. M. Gray) St Johnsbury
Locke, Chas. C. St Johnsbury McIntire, Annie E. Littleton, N.H.
Lougee, Herbert A. St Johnsbury Center Parker, Annette A.  (Mrs William Silsby) Littleton, N.H.
Manchester, Forest C. Boston, Mass Pearl, Ida S. Lyndonville
Manuel, Wm. S. ? North Troy Robinson, Adelia A. Underhill
Mattocks, Wm. D. Franklin ST., Boston, Mass Shaw, Helen F. St Johnsbury
McFarland, Elden E. ? Lunenburgh Thomas, Mary R. 20 Park St., Nashua, N.H.
Merriam, Frederick B. Topeka, Kan Thompson, Martha H.  (Mrs Leach) Newtonville, Mass
Watkins, Harry R. ? Newbury Ward, N. Mattie  (Mrs Fuller) St Johnsbury
Wells, Frederick M. ? Victory Webster, Genevieve L. Deceased
Whipple, Harvey M. ? Lyndon Center Wilder, Nellie L.  (Mrs H. L. Parker) Lyndonville
Wilcox, Edward G. C. ? Charleston    
Woodbury, Fred L. St Johnsbury Non-Graduates  
Wright, Guy C. St Johnsbury Bartlett, Harry A. St Johnsbury
Wright, Herbert A. ? St Johnsbury Center Benton, Benjamin ? Maidstone
Montgomery, Charles McIndoes Chase, Elmer E. ? Sheffield
Nichols, Wm. G. 24 High ST., Woonsocket, R.I. Cheney, Albertus A. ? Albany
Nelson, Charles T. ? Barton Churchill, Charles H. ? Mooers, N.Y.
Palmer, William M. ? North Danville Clark, Byron ? Sutton
Perkins, Henry M. A. ? South Royalton Clifford, Fred W. ? Newbury
Ranney, Wm. R. ? West Comcord Cree, Lucius N. ? Wheelock
Russell, Walter S. ? Kirby Cushman, Chas. P. Cor. 63d and Yale Sts., Chicago, Ill
Sherrill, Edmund A. ? Lisbon, Ill Darling, Henry M. ? Sutton
Silver, Fayette O. ? Coos, N.H. Denison, Harrry W. ? St. Louis, Mo
Spaulding, Frederick D. Lunenburgh Drew, George M. North Danville
Stevens, Henry C. ? East Hardwick Drew, Orrell F. ? St Johnsbury
Stoddard, Willard J. ? Lower Waterford Dutton, J. Vernon Hardwick
Strong, Harry ? Eureka, Kan French, George A. 813 Exchange Building, Boston, Mass
Taplin, Arthur St Johnsbury French, Walter St Johnsbury
Towne, Wavelie J. ? Cabot Gale,Wm. R. ? Bristol, N.H.
Turner, Charles C. Boston, Mass Gallup, B. Smith ? Barton Landing
Vaughn, George H. ? Westford Gorham, Fred ? Lyndon
Allen, Mary B. ? Lancasteer, N.H. Granger, Chas. ? Lyndon
Ayer, Nettie A. ? St Johnsbury Center Green, Wilbur L. ? Lower Waterford
Barnard, Lotie A. Lunenburgh Hawley, Clinton P. Redlands, Cal
Bowker, Alice M.  (Mrs W. H. Thompson) Deceased Hazen, J. Burton ? Barton Landing
Campbell, Carrie C.  (Mrs Fred Winslow) Lyndon Hovey, Marcus J. St Johnsbury
Cheney, Etta M. ? Lunenburgh Hyde, Wm. De F. East Hardwick
Currier, Alice ? Island Pond Jewett, Carl H. St. Louis, Mo
Dean, Anna H.  (Mrs H. M. Pearl) Lyndonville Judd, Arthur L. ? South Stratford
Elliott, Edna N. Orford, N.H. Ladd, Milo E. ? Waterford
Estabrooks, Kate L. ? Danville Ladd, Wm. W. ? St Johnsbury
Freeman, Lizzie B.  (Mrs Bryant) Lawrence, Mass Lawrence, Theodore ? Broadwell, Ill
Haines, Julia M. ? Lower Cabot Lord, Charles H. ? Andover, Mass
Harvey, Susie A. ? West Concord Marshall, Dwight L. Worcester, Mass
How, Dora F.  (Mrs Fred Ferguson) McIndoes Mathewson, Ozias D. ? Wheelock
Hutchins, Persis ? Lancaster, N.H. McNoll, Almer ? Lunenburgh
Jenkins, Clara G. ? Brownington Mead, John F. ? Randolph
Lyon, Ada E. ? North Craftsbury Merrill, Edwin W. ? Barton Landing
Peck, Carrie E. ? Danville Miller, Frank W. West Westminster
Powers, Katie M. ? Lunenburgh Montgomery, Walter L. Deceased
Ranney, Almira F. ? West Concord Morris, Edward E. New Haven, Conn
Silsby, Emma B.  (Mrs Ed. Frost) Lyndonvillle Morrison, Charles H. ? St Johnsbury
Taylor, Alice B.  (Mrs Cutting) St Johnsbury Morrill, George A. Spokane, Wash
Thompson, Hattie W.  (Mrs  Chas. LeBourveau) Lyndonville Nelson, Harry A. ? Ryegate
Tucker, Lila A. ? West Glover Noyes, Wilbur C. ? Bethlehem, N.H.
Underwood, Etta W. ? St Johnsbury Packard, George M. Pasadena, Cal
Vinton, Hattie A. ? Lyndon Center) Paddock, Edward W. Deceased
Waters, Jennie F. ? Stratford, N.H. Parker, Julius R. ? Sutton
Wilder, Belle M. Deceased Pettigrew, Robert Lyndonville
Wilder, Josie F. Bethlehem, N.H. Phelps, George H. Fargo, North Dakota
Willey, Nora L. ? Glover Powers, Geo. R. ? Lunenburgh
Williams, Hattie E. ? East St Johnsbury Remick, Harry H. ? Tamworth, N.H.
Williams, Ina B. ? East St Johnsbury Richardson, Arthur N. ? Lancaster, N.H.
Winter, Helen L. Deceased Richey, Irving G. ? Groveton, N.H.
Addresses - 1884 Robertson, Henry H. West Fairlee
Graduates   Robinson, Mortimer C. Chicago, Ill
Adams, Louis H. Springfield, Mass Rowell, William ? East Albany
Alden, Frank E. Plymouth, N.H. Ruiter, Fred A. Deceased
Allen, John M.  M.D. St Johnsbury Shelby, Arthur R. Alburgh Springs
Beach, William V. Westford