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Caledonia County Orleans County
Barnet Albany
Barnet Center Cemetery  Hovey Cemetery
Village Cemetery
Old Cemetery Records Barton
Burke Hollow - Howland Cemetery Heath Cemetery
North Cemetery
Danville St. Paul's Cemetery
Crow Hill Cemetery South Cemetery
Danville Green Cemetery Welcome O.Brown Cemetery
Dole Cemetery
Sextons records for various cemeteries Brownington
Pope Cemetery East Brownington Cemetery 
Ward Cemetery
Drew - Kesley Cemetery Craftsbury
Massey Cemetery Craftsbury Common Cemetery
Stanton Cemetery Craftsbury Village Cemetery
Craftsbury Branch Cemetery
Hardwick East Craftsbury Cemetery
Norris & Jacob Paine Cemeteries
West Hill Cemetery Derby
Derby Line Cemetery
Kirby Darling Hill Cemetery
North & South Kirby Cemeteries Records Kelsey - Morrill Cemetery
South Kirby Cemetery Pine Hill Cemetery
St. Edward's Cemetery
Lyndon Salem Cemetery
Lyndon Center Cemetery Mitchell-Derusha Cemetery
St. Elizabeth's Cemetery
Newark Andersonville Cemetery
Town Cemetery Keene Corners Cemetery
Cemetery Records 1919 Westlook Cemetery
West Glover Cemetery
Peacham Village Cemetery (aka Peacham Corner) Irasburg
Irasburg Cemetery
Ryegate Saint John Vienny Catholic Cemetery
Cemetery Records Irasburg Cemetery Plots 
Blue Mountain Cemetery Irasburg Early Cemetery Records
St. Johnsbury Morgan
Ayer-Hawkins Cemetery ( aka Goss Hollow ) Cargill Cemetery
Mt. Calvary Cemetery Center Cemetery
Mt. St. Joseph Cemetery Clark Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Gore Cemetery
St. Johnsbury Center Cemetery Judd / Wilcox Cemetery
Grove Cemetery
Sutton Holbrook / Lake Rd Cemetery
Sutton Cemetery Records Newport Center Cemetery
Sutton Village Cemetery Wright Cemetery
Sutton East Ridge Cemetery East Main St. Cemetery
Sutton North Ridge Cemetery St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
Sutton South Ridge Cemetery
Waterford Old Catholic Cemetery
Stiles Cemetery Mountain View Cemetery
Lower Waterford Cemetery
Passumpsic Cemetery Orleans
Maple Street Cemetery
St. Theresa Cemetery
Pleasant View Cemetery
from Sexton's records
from Tombstone inscriptions
Essex County Evergreen Cemetery
Old Purrington Cemetery
Concord - Concord Village Cemetery Troy Cemetery
East Concord - Overlook Cemetery North Troy Cemetery
Island Pond - Old Catholic Cemetery Notre Dame Cemetery
Brighton - Cemetery Records 1919
Guildhall - Cemetery Records 1919 Westfield
Lunenburg - Cemetery Records 1919 Westfield Association Cemetery
Westfield North Hill Cemetery
Willoughby Lakeview Cemetery
Cemeteries outside the Northeast Kingdom
Quebec Quebec
Brock Memorial Park Cemetery (Glen Sutton) Duboyce Cemetery (West Bolton)
Brome Anglican Cemetery (Brome) Glen Farnham Cemetery (East Farnham)
Old Abercorn Cemetery (Albercorn) Knowlton Cemetery (Knowlton)
Pleasant Valley Cemetery (Albercorn) Leadville Cemetery (Potton Township)
Ruiter Settlement Cemetery (Dunkin, Potton Township) Mansonville Cemetery (Brome Co)
S. Sweet Cemetery (Sutton Junction) St John Cemetery (Bromont)
Stone Church Cemetery (Brome) Union Cemetery (Iron Hill)
Sweet Cemetery (Brome) Waterloo Cemetery (Waterloo)
Westover Cemetery (Sutton Junction) Holy Trinity Cemetery (Iron Hill)
Williams Cemetery (Frost Village) Iron Hill Cemetery (Brome Co.)
Fulford Cemetery (Fulford) Mudgett Cemetery (Sutton)
Hillhouse Cemetery (Foster) Frost Village Cemetery (Waterloo)
Hayes Family Cemetery (Bromont, Shefford Co.) Fuller Cemetery (Brome)
Pettes Cemetery (Brome)
Shefford Mountain Cemetery (Knowlton)
Addison County Washington County
Grandview Cemetery (Addison)
Saint Augustine - (Montpelier)
Central Cemetery (Bridport) Clark Family Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Pine Hill Cemetery (Bridport) Bennentt Monument Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Wells Cemetery (Bridport) Gould Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Townline Cemetery (Bridport) Gray Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Dillon Farm - Hatch Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Mt. St. Joseph Cemetery (Bristol) Peck Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Person Family Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Fair Cemetery (Cornwall) Pike Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Quaker Cemetery - (Montpelier)
North Hollow Cemetery (Granville) Tinkham Cemetery - (Montpelier)
South Hollow Cemetery (Granville) Doty Family Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Wheeler Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Bushey Cemetery (Middlebury) White Family Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Middlebury Cemetery (Middlebury) Bassett Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Foote Street Cemetery (Middlebury) Grove Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Seeley Cemetery (Middlebury) Pardon Cemetery - (Montpelier)
St. Mary's Cemetery (Middlebury) Plainmont Cemetery - (East Montpelier)
Washington St. Cemetery (Middlebury) Willard Cutler Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Case Street Cemetery (Middlebury) Cate Cemetery - (Montpelier)
East Montpelier Village Cemetery
West Cemetery (New Haven) Elm St. Cemetery - (Montpelier)
Cushman Cemetery (Ripton) Pike Cemetery - (Marshfield)
Kirby Cemetery (Ripton) Hudson Cemetery - (Marshfield)
New Discovery Cemetery - (Marshfield)
Holman Cemetery (Salisbury) Marshfield Village Cemetery ( aka Wooster Cemetery )
West Salisbury Cemetery (West Salisbury) Dwinell or Beaver Meadow Cemetery - (Marshfield)
Eaton Cemetery - (Marshfield)
All Saints Cemetery (Shoreham) Hollister - Rich Cemetery - (Marshfield)
Ames-Wright Cemetery (Shoreham)
Atwood Cemetery (Shoreham) Poplar Hill Cemetery (Calais, Washington Co.)
Callender Cemetery (Shoreham)
East Shoreham Cemetery (Shoreham) Middlesex Village Cemetery - (Middlesex)
Jenison Cemetery (Shoreham) Middlesex Center Cemetery - (Middlesex)
Lakeview Cemetery (Shoreham)
St. Genevieve Cemetery (Shoreham)
Village Cemetery (Shoreham) Other
Russell Yard Cemetery (Shoreham) James Cemetery - (Swanton, Franklin Co.)
Prospect Cemetery (Vergennes) Laporte Cemetery - (Morrisville, Lamoille Co.)
Riverside Cemetery - (Morrisville, Lamoille Co.)
Gooseneck Bend Road Cemetery (Weybridge) Cady's Falls - Lakeview Cemetery -
(Morrisville, Lamoille Co.)
Chittenden County Old Yard - Center Cemetery - (Stowe, Lamoille Co.)
Champlain - (Colchester) Mt. View Cemetery - (Morristown, Lamoille Co.)
Methodist Cemetery - (Colchester) Randolph - Herrick Cemetery - (Morristown, Lamoille Co.)
Holy Cross Cemetery - (Colchester) West Branch Cemetery - (Stowe, Lamoille Co.)
Malletts Bay Cemetery (Colchester) Riverbank Cemetery - (Stowe, Lamoille Co.)
Merrill Cemetery (Colchester) 4 Small Cemeteries (Stowe, Lamoille Co.)
Munson Cemetery (Colchester)
Stone Family Cemetery (Peru, Bennington Co.)
Essex Common Burial / Center - (Essex)
Fairview Cemetery - (Essex Jct) Fletcher Cemetery - (Townshend, Windham Co.)
Village Cemetery - (Essex Jct)
Holy Family Cemetery - (Essex Jct) Woodward Cemetery - (Killington, Rutland Co.)
Mt. View Cemetery - (Essex)

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